BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)

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Top Upcoming Movies 2021 & 2022 (New Trailers)

Films Included :

00:00 Best Upcoming Movies 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)
00:06 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
02:34 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
04:34 Eternals
06:43 Dune
10:11 Top Gun 2 Maverick
12:29 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage
15:02 Morbius
17:40 Black Adam
18:42 The Batman
21:08 Minions 2 The Rise of Gru
24:01 After We Fell
25:43 Turning Red
27:35 What If
29:53 Encanto
31:24 The Addams Family 2
33:48 Hotel Transylvania 4
36:19 Clifford the Big Red Dog
38:25 Halloween Kills
40:56 Sing 2
44:35 DC League of Super Pets
45:00 Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods
45:17 Reminiscence
48:04 The Kissing Booth 3

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Which Movie Are You Most Excited For? 00:06 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife 02:34 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 04:34 Eternals 06:43 Dune 10:11 Top Gun 2 Maverick 12:29 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage 15:02 Morbius 17:40 Black Adam 18:42 The Batman 21:08 Minions 2 The Rise of Gru 24:01 After We Fell 25:43 Turning Red 27:35 What If 29:53 Encanto 31:24 The Addams Family 2 33:48 Hotel Transylvania 4 36:19 Clifford the Big Red Dog 38:25 Halloween Kills 40:56 Sing 2 44:35 DC League of Super Pets 45:00 Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods 45:17 Reminiscence 48:04 The Kissing Booth 3
Janae Wallace
Janae Wallace Gün önce
Michael Alphonso
Michael Alphonso 2 gün önce
N in nbbiniinn nun I I’m just tired 🥱 and so why
Michael Alphonso
Michael Alphonso 2 gün önce
In no Nino
S丨P丨A丨C丨E 3 gün önce
Does anyone know the intro song?
NeonXXP 3 gün önce
heazy87 3 dakika önce
who the fuck is shang chi
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat Saatler önce
When I first heard that Robert Pattison was going to play the Batman in the new movie, I was skeptical. Now, after seeing him John Wick-style beat the fuck out of a dude, I am definitely buying a ticket and seeing the movie. Can't wait!!
wex 3 saatler önce
2022 downhill
Anthony Wandowicz
Anthony Wandowicz 5 saatler önce
Wow ghost busters is about the plasma apocalypse
MUZAN KIBUTSUJI 5 saatler önce
17:03 vampires are'nt supposed to be alive in sunlight wait is it it kars
chuyện của BIN
chuyện của BIN 5 saatler önce
what nbi vu
bastian rydho
bastian rydho 6 saatler önce
what trailer is in the thumbnail?
MrZeroX710 7 saatler önce
I'll give the new Batman a chance
Ajax Ignition
Ajax Ignition 8 saatler önce
plot twist: Clifford has only grown so big because he has elephantiasis and only has around a week left
Andre Vigours
Andre Vigours 9 saatler önce
Imagination with movies it's what we all need because our everyday reality is no longer an escape only living,we have forgotten that being ALIVE far outways just living,thank you to the wonderful people who jolt our senses of escapism and may movies take us to our special place where ever that may be.
Angela Andreasen
Angela Andreasen 9 saatler önce
This looks good.
bluefire 13 saatler önce
Is it just me or 17:30 can anyone see on the wall a hint of spiderman no way home Cause the grafiti on spiderman say murderer
Max Otto
Max Otto 14 saatler önce
I'm just here for DUNE
jay street
jay street 14 saatler önce
I hate covid for delaying all these movies .
Thomas H
Thomas H 15 saatler önce
Disney really focus to get the Chinese Communists customers to the cinema. They dont care what kind of terror government China is. Disney and their managers are scums
iDeAs Born
iDeAs Born 16 saatler önce
Ghostbusters looks off the chain… and Dune…Morbius… Batman…
DZ 17 saatler önce
So much crap...
Alan Jones
Alan Jones 18 saatler önce
Easy to be negative and a sour face but there is far to much CGI and little substance People end up watching old films over and over because these films lack substance
Slovamir 21 saatler önce
DUNE's cast🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
AHM-B-ANCE 21 saatler önce
i think its really sad that due to the hate that leslie got in the first new ghost busters they legit had to go and make a new one with an all white cast god i hate amerikkka
nuggistrike 22 saatler önce
ok that was a cool intro to halloween hu even cares nomber !
hr cams
hr cams 22 saatler önce
since i was a kid im inlove with salma hayek :)
nuggistrike 23 saatler önce
hu les is going to watch top gun ??? think this is 1 of the few times a sequel after dedcates will be awsom !
nuggistrike 23 saatler önce
2:12 please tell me this ant slimer !!!! worst version of slimer so fare ! but rest look good !
el Derlis de Cuba
if these are the BEST UPCOMING MOVIES, I'd better stay home!
Darc Gün önce
What If... was never going to be a movie. shouldn't have been in this list
Vegan GuacamoLei
Vegan GuacamoLei Gün önce
Where and what is the movie from the thumbnail??
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Gün önce
Dunes music was INTENSE
yunsik Gün önce
i skipped to clifford the big red dog
xiaohu wang
xiaohu wang Gün önce
Thank you DC!
Juan V-Tech
Juan V-Tech Gün önce
And theaters say they don't know why less people go watch movies..... maybe around 2 or 3 of these movies look decent at the very least.
LoopDeDoop Gün önce
Honestly, none. They're either remakes of remakes, boring or ANOTHER FREAKING DC OR MARVEL MOVIE! The only exceptions are Red and Encanto but there's not enough on them yet to make me want to rush to the theaters or pay $20 for a 24 hour online pass to either.
Christian 8 saatler önce
@LoopDeDoop Ima that I didn‘t like Lynch‘s Dune as a movie. There have been too many restrictions by the company and some ideas just look ridiculous (body shields). The set design however looks stunning and this movie somehow has a „trashy charme“ to it. Have you seen the documentary about Jodirowsky‘s Dune? I enjoyed the concepts and it seems like they have used Moebius Concept Art in the new movie, aswell.
LoopDeDoop 10 saatler önce
@Christian I've seen the original 1984 Dune and its director's cut. I honestly don't think anything can ever compare to the original. This version of Dune looks like it's attempting to compete with the Star Wars universe and Riddick.
Christian 10 saatler önce
Also I am not happy how PIXAR turns more and more into generic Disney Animation Movies. :/ The movies have been going downwards for years now.
Christian 10 saatler önce
This video should be called: „most generic movies 2021/ 2022“ There are so many good movies coming up. Personally I am looking forward to seeing French Dispatch. DUNE seems well-made, though. I like Villeneuve Movies, however, not sure if I will like it.
Weldon Grisham
Weldon Grisham Gün önce
All I hear during that Top Gun preview is the Taco Bell... bell.
Mike Wright
Mike Wright Gün önce
Javsco Gün önce
OK, so what was the thumbnail?
Vegan GuacamoLei
Vegan GuacamoLei Gün önce
Big Stanky
Big Stanky Gün önce
just stop with the gostbuster movies please they’re not good anymore
DagelijkSGameS Gün önce
what is the trailer in the thumbnail picture?
Prabhat Kumar
Prabhat Kumar Gün önce
Every movie in this list i can agree to watch except the sequel that no one asked for kissing booth
Nicolas Badenhorst
Nicolas Badenhorst 2 gün önce
More sequals and spin-offs.. How disappointing!!
ChristianEnzo 2 gün önce
Why watch movies when you could be actively helping other people often freely?
channell 365
channell 365 2 gün önce
robin baby
robin baby 2 gün önce
The thumbnail?
alex gimeno
alex gimeno 2 gün önce
marvels studio,new character,new hereos,new Avengers
Rc8 Rone
Rc8 Rone 2 gün önce
AAhhhh Just hate Chinees Karate BS garbage movies
Richard Alfaro
Richard Alfaro 2 gün önce
How many times are they going to murder the ghost busters ... It's just sad ..
Muhammed Shafi
Muhammed Shafi 2 gün önce
Impressive sire.
Ken McLean
Ken McLean 2 gün önce
no adams has ever gone? person who wrote this clearly failed english.
FakedStick 2 gün önce
Poor Adams Family, lost theme song and all go rap
David McCoin
David McCoin 2 gün önce
hasan farache
hasan farache 2 gün önce
*people seeing a large square coming * , Someone : Hey Jake did you order a super large pizza again ? Jake : that was a one time thing, * looks up* holy sh*t I swear that wasn't me
Harpoon2theRescue 2 gün önce
Marvel and it's ongoing diversity bullshit. No of these are remotely interesting,
Ilijana Ana
Ilijana Ana 2 gün önce
Having HSV is not the end of life, I was cured from HSV after taking the herbal supplements from Dr okosun on TRvid, an African herbalist and today I'm 100% herpes free, thanks doc and God bless 🙏
Seven 2 gün önce
Can someone please tell me what movie the thumbnail is.
lizzfrmhon 2 gün önce
20+ movies and only about 5% original concepts.
lizzfrmhon 2 gün önce
I hate when Hollywood makes one thing successful and then they make a million more of the same. Enough with the super hero movies.
StopFear 2 gün önce
I like the Dune book (first 3) but this movie looks like it’ll fail similar to previous Dune films. Reminds me too much of The Last Airbender made by that idiot M Night Shyamalan
T Mo T
T Mo T 2 gün önce
So Mike from Stranger Things slowly being typcasted into dude from the 80s-90s?
Robin Butterfield
Robin Butterfield 2 gün önce
Well those suckd
Voltrono 2 gün önce
Reminiscence sucked
Voltrono 2 gün önce
Who the hell gives the green light for some of this? Venom sucked.. why is there a sequel?!?!
Pink Kay
Pink Kay 3 gün önce
Okay twilight I think you might be a good Batman .
secret voice
secret voice 3 gün önce
Mitsotaki gamiese
Abhinav Mishra
Abhinav Mishra 3 gün önce
shang chi is best
Omar89 3 gün önce
Thank You for this list
Antoine Liles
Antoine Liles 3 gün önce
They better make a Hey Arnold, Dexter's Laboratory, Arthur, Bearinstein Bears, Dragon Tales, etc, etc
S丨P丨A丨C丨E 3 gün önce
does anyone know the song in the intro?
Tom van Herzeele
Tom van Herzeele 3 gün önce
no one else confused how Bucky is an eternal???
woofielove1970 3 gün önce
Wow Shang Chi looks unbearably predictable..nah Im good
HakaiXP 3 gün önce
So Halloween kills definitely is bringing the stereotype up more smh. :| Iykyk
Kazuma Kato
Kazuma Kato 3 gün önce
Too many superhero movies. I'm tired of them.
iHateeeMarmite 3 gün önce
Are all films just bloody comic book movies nowadays ? So boring
Gareth Sutherland
Gareth Sutherland 3 gün önce
4:24 Hold up! Abomination?? Or not, movement even looks similar..
Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner 3 gün önce
Rob Stark and Jon Snow together again...Rob: You know nothing Jon Snow Jon: I stayed on years after the Red Wedding
Jason Riff
Jason Riff 3 gün önce
Keanu better be the same puppy from John Wick is all I have to say!
Sir Pomegranate
Sir Pomegranate 4 gün önce
Wow I totally can’t wait for Kissing Booth 3
Sean Payne
Sean Payne 4 gün önce
“we’re closed” made me cry.
II Hassler
II Hassler 4 gün önce
06:43 Dune Was the best movie eve seen in 2021 so far
Viva El Gato
Viva El Gato 4 gün önce
Why does all this stuff look the same anymore?
SIRA063 4 gün önce
everyone knows it was actually a black transgender witchdoctor who advised the Russians on what to do about Chernobyl, with his anti white supremacy knowledge.
fifty moore
fifty moore 4 gün önce
who cares about the rock, i want to see JOHN CENA!!!!!
fifty moore
fifty moore 4 gün önce
i can't wait not to give ghostbusters ANY of my money. i really look forward to it. member berries of not giving 2016 any money lol
Egbert McFliesterheimer
The Batman looks stupid...too many remakes.
Al Hamilton
Al Hamilton 4 gün önce
Let’s see what they do with these franchises a few changes but stop good
HSimon1981 4 gün önce
I wouldn't mind seeing Clifford the trailer looks pretty cool
race city patriot
race city patriot 4 gün önce
I'm too busy watch this real life movie.
Inazuma Marquez
Inazuma Marquez 4 gün önce
I hope there'd be a zootopia 2
david p
david p 4 gün önce
I am upset to see they aren't releasing Dune as one 6 hour movie epic, why you they need to hurt the pacing and "The Hobbit" another paper to film adaptation? I just hope the first movie is 110 minutes of tedious world building so I can get wrapped in the true Dune experience.
David Marip
David Marip 4 gün önce
how many times they gotta make batman
Ernie Z
Ernie Z 4 gün önce
Correction: Top Gun moved to May 22’
Brian Harman
Brian Harman 4 gün önce
LOL at first I heard the voice of Dwayne Johnson and I thought "damn take a break dude" then it turned out to be a DC movie so I wasn't gonna watch it anyway =D
Zero Matsuri
Zero Matsuri 4 gün önce
wtf how to hek did they choose those movies as " the best" .-.
Dude Mandango
Dude Mandango 4 gün önce
Had to thumbs down. How can Kissing Booth 3 be on a list with "best" in the title?!
Eric Martin
Eric Martin 5 gün önce
que tu "déja vu " tout ca !! sans doute a cause du covid !? mais trop de remake !! tue les remakes !!
Honor Jehovanisi
Honor Jehovanisi 5 gün önce
black adam: i swear no one will stop me shazam: you're not that guy pal, trust me, you're not that guy
The S Word
The S Word 5 gün önce
Lazy Syah
Lazy Syah 5 gün önce
Yall wheres avatar...
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