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Best Movie Trailers 2021 (JUNE)

Films Included :

00:00 Best Upcoming Movies 2021 (Trailers)
00:06 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
01:07 Hotel Transylvania 4
03:38 Dune
07:08 Encanto
08:36 Free Guy
09:06 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
11:35 What If
13:59 After We Fell
15:43 The Addams Family 2
18:10 The King's Man
20:15 The Last Duel
22:42 Turning Red
24:33 The Suicide Squad
25:32 No Time To Die
26:03 Paw Patrol The Movie
27:37 Rising Wolf
29:00 Sweet Girl
31:34 The Kissing Booth 3
34:12 Vacation Friends
35:43 Army of Thieves
36:43 Chucky
39:27 King Richard
42:07 Habit
44:31 Jackass Forever
46:50 Malignant
49:16 Naked Singularity

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3 Ağu 2021




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Yuo Tuo
Yuo Tuo 18 saatler önce
Frankkey 3 gün önce
39:28 Hell yeah, Will Smith fronting for the Williams sisters... Hell yeah I say...
Lvka Kvlt
Lvka Kvlt 3 gün önce
Even more insulting trying to copy the airport scene, you can't ever match Catherine O'Hara's great performance. it's like Disney wanted to shit on every cherished moment we had from an iconic Christmas classic
wasp spw
wasp spw 6 gün önce
all matrix all sf all ufo crap
郭展維 9 gün önce
K R 10 gün önce
dune is a boring and weak story for a movie , ive seen the 3/4 of the movie and i was done with spices ... so riddiculous
OWO TWJack 14 gün önce
有的幾乎都看了 只差還沒有 上市的
조안나 17 gün önce
중국인 여러분 한국 거리를 메우는 마스크 행렬 그게 무엇을 뜻하는지 아십니까. 당신들 부모형제 자매가 얼마나 많이 죽었는지 그걸 말 해 주는 증거입니다.......
GItaelia 21 gün önce
Finally - a Dune that can can live up to the promise of the book.
Polina Chernova
Polina Chernova 9 gün önce
Не осуждайте чужое прошлое; вы не знаете своё будущее.
Ironman Jakarta
Ironman Jakarta 21 gün önce
Didnt know South Africa made superhero cartoons.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 17 gün önce
which one
Stephen Cornelius
Stephen Cornelius 23 gün önce
No Time to watch an IP that's so far off its rails that it's not only not fun anymore, it's also not good anymore. Pierce Brosnan was the last James Bond, period.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 17 gün önce
ooooooook boomer calm down old head ass
Stephen Cornelius
Stephen Cornelius 23 gün önce
In jeopardy style: The multi-award-winning star of a film about your character which is padded with machismo to justify giving the two supporting actors get top billing. Who is Jodie Comer?
Serengeti Sos
Serengeti Sos 23 gün önce
DUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!! Finally get to see my boy Duncan Idaho LIVE AND BREATHE!!!
slawomir slyk
slawomir slyk 25 gün önce
51 minutes of trailers and only Dune is worth to see it. What about rest of them? Every day I hear about climate crisis, global warming, climate changes and so on but some people wasted so much energy and resources to create such a crap.
A House
A House 25 gün önce
They didn't learn from the Last Ghost Busters so here comes another try... Good luck with that..
Arl Tratlo
Arl Tratlo 25 gün önce
i wonder when they have a German voice actor the first time in Hollywood???
Danute Muzika
Danute Muzika 26 gün önce
Emerin Ahmetasevic
Emerin Ahmetasevic 27 gün önce
i love will smith !!! such a great actor !!!!! love his movies-
Maya Collins
Maya Collins 27 gün önce
The witty zoology probably coil because alphabet outstandingly attach behind a alleged drizzle. real, languid price
Samuel Tan
Samuel Tan 29 gün önce
After We Fell should be called toxic af
Ben Quinney, III
Ben Quinney, III 29 gün önce
Type 89 grenade discharger
Jason Aylar önce
These revivals are stale and cringe, come up with something new hollywood 🥱
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 17 gün önce
people like you are the same people who complain when hollywood releases original material and instead comment "why dont they make films like they used to...." like just stfu already dam
Fire Storm
Fire Storm Aylar önce
Only in theatres !! A dying Hollywood gasping for breath......
Vighnesh M. Productions
*About the thumbnail* in case you are wondering the blue Iron man like character is Bloodsport from Suicide Squad 2 played by Idris Elba, There is still some confusion if Elba will play Deadshot in this movie or Bloodsport, Will Smith played Deadshot in the first movie. But declined returning to the film due to scheduling conflicts with Warners Bros. Director of the movie James Gunn immediately sought after to find a suitable replacement.
Vighnesh M. Productions
@Omy Ominer Thumbnails usually are, in this video it is relevant, because the trailer is shown. Some video's use random clickbait thumbnails without the still being present in the video itself. That's misleading and you can report that via the report button.
Omy Ominer
Omy Ominer 8 gün önce
So it's a clickbait ?
Vighnesh M. Productions
@Anthony Leong Ah yes I can imagine, glad I could help :-)
Anthony Leong
Anthony Leong 19 gün önce
Thanks for the clarification. I almost had a freaking heart attack as at first glance I thought they used the hideous new Power Rangers reboot concept on the awesome legendary Captain Power...it had blue and gold and I was horrified for the worst...thank goodness it isn't. Hollywood is out of ideas and now hoping to use nostalgia as a factor to draw in the crowds with their reboots and remakes...exception of DUNE which seems phenomenal.
Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan Aylar önce
Dunes preferred pronoun is now "Hill" so pay attention or you will miss it...I mean miss her ...him Aaaagh
GixxerDrei Aylar önce
35:45 makes sense, the world is overrun by Zombies and idiots want to steal money... gonna be good to wipe your ass or burn it for warmth
That uncanny
That uncanny Aylar önce
so we have aquaman, mary jane , thanos and drax what a crossover
Keith DABEAR Aylar önce
man woke woke and more woke movies
Connor Savage
Connor Savage Aylar önce
It's amazing how good a ghost busters looks when not being politically focused. I'll actually go see this one.
TenaciousCoder Aylar önce
Disappointing when otherwise great quality movies / shows are tainted with terrible rap music.
nefni yulo
nefni yulo Aylar önce
SHEEEEEEEEEESH dune is on another level!
nefni yulo
nefni yulo Aylar önce
ok so on dune you got Thanos, Drax, MJ, and Aquaman?!! looking forward to it!!
Fredrik Thörnberg
Fredrik Thörnberg Aylar önce
Rising wolf real name Ascendant
nope! Aylar önce
69rbetogt Aylar önce
69rbetogt Aylar önce
69rbetogt Aylar önce
WTF is the premise of "Paw Patrol"?
69rbetogt Aylar önce
I love Captain Carter!
dpawc568 Aylar önce
OK then...
April May Ramos
April May Ramos Aylar önce
Will we lose our voices?
Rob M
Rob M Aylar önce
omgah, when dune?!
Worsin Aylar önce
Now that is what I call a Ghostbusters reboot.
necarum Aylar önce
No one cares about 10 Chinese rings
Digital Nomad On FIRE
Marvel is dead. Cheap chynese money grab.
Jeffrey Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor Aylar önce
2:45 song name?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Aylar önce
You should've called it "Top toxic anti-male anti-white pro-diversity pro-lgbt pro-feminism propaganda" :D
Diego Mazzola
Diego Mazzola Aylar önce
I think DUNE is on another level than the others. I can't wait to see it!
uwu 25 gün önce
@deagleninja it’s super good. Better than my existence!!!!!
deagleninja Aylar önce
I keep hearing its suuuuper boring
Mark Chevalier
Mark Chevalier Aylar önce
@Scott McElhiney yeah I wish they would have addressed the other books in the series. But maybe they plan on doing that, who knows. There’s a lot of books, including many by Frank Herbert’s son, Brian, most of which I haven’t read.
Scott McElhiney
Scott McElhiney Aylar önce
@Mark Chevalier I'm kinda amazed that they keep trying again with movie versions and they all seem to rehash the original book rather than using them as a taking off point. Best version I think I've seen was the cable one that was a mini series. The first Dune movie just tried to cram way too much into a single movie. Acting was good, special effect and costumes were amazing, but it was just way way too long.
Mark Chevalier
Mark Chevalier Aylar önce
It looks more faithful to the faithful to the book than previous versions
Chun Ming Ho
Chun Ming Ho Aylar önce
The coherent grenade namely employ because religion practically reflect of a closed underclothes. prickly, hospitable love
Daniel Moreira
Daniel Moreira Aylar önce
Really?? A somewhat pre-quel to army of the dead? That movie was trash, don't beat a dead horse.
Papa Mac
Papa Mac Aylar önce
Really hope they come through with Dune!
sclogse1 26 gün önce
Are you properly prepped? You can't just go in untrained.
NKA23 Aylar önce
Yeah, if they messed this up, I am gonna be so disappointed.
The Fattest Hagrid
The Fattest Hagrid Aylar önce
7:08 - Holy shit, I just puked all over myself...
Goryo Banua
Goryo Banua Aylar önce
vacation friends !
Marielee Kaye Tecson
The girl from Ghostbuster 3 looks the same with the girl from Encanto
david crew
david crew Aylar önce
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Watkins Richardson
Watkins Richardson Aylar önce
Fuvk dis cartoon bs
Sherry Romero
Sherry Romero Aylar önce
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Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith Aylar önce
Spoiler below for "The Last Duel" @20:20 . . . . . . . . . . If they keep true to the history/legend of this story then, the husband(Matt Damon) wins the fight and with that, he wins his honor and that of his wifes honor back(not that his wifes honor honestly mattered to him though).
ten Aylar önce
Free guy looks fun but that wig is too ridiculous
Robert Portz
Robert Portz Aylar önce
Wow, Dune was the best free movie I've ever seen
Rango pistacho
Rango pistacho Aylar önce
why does there need to be a 4th Transylvania film? i think three is enough
MadalinZh Aylar önce
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VoiD Aylar önce
I still consider Gozer the greatest villain in Ghostbuster, she's just too scary and her voice is just frightening.
John Durrett
John Durrett Aylar önce
Title change "Habit" to "Bad Habit"
NOEL BRAND Aylar önce
DUUUNNNNEEEE at long last!!!!!
they show that bus scene so much, you begin to think that's the best part of the movie, think it's going to suck
channels suck
channels suck Aylar önce
sweet girl has the worst trash plot
DeadPoolDab Aylar önce
Marah Shalabi
Marah Shalabi Aylar önce
0:04 the name of move please ????
Geoff Speedie
Geoff Speedie Aylar önce
legit thoght that was THEO VON IN the last duel
Geoff Speedie
Geoff Speedie Aylar önce
kingsman is the new 007
Geoff Speedie
Geoff Speedie Aylar önce
who is seeing the addams family. seriously. and why is so much rap shoehorned into it? wtf
Skill Cosby
Skill Cosby Aylar önce
this ghostbusters movie looks promising.
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Aylar önce
So chunky is a good guy standing up for a kid that Gets picked on? Awful….
Downtown Ranger5
Downtown Ranger5 Aylar önce
WoW..I didn't see anything good, do you have another list of movies?
OhioHeat Smith
OhioHeat Smith Aylar önce
Seriously, who thought having kim the kowdashin aka bj queen in a kids movies ? no money from this household will be spent on that movie.
Doris J Roy
Doris J Roy Aylar önce
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Yuli My Way
Yuli My Way Aylar önce
kirain ahok maen pilem 😁
Andreas Azul Ramalhao
Hollywood bowing to the CCP.......
Joker UA
Joker UA Aylar önce
Vetry Nice Films
Andy Aylar önce
oscar award for William Smith
Marla Wood
Marla Wood Aylar önce
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William Huang
William Huang Aylar önce
Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , over 30 years experience , robot gear reducer
Namisi Mathias
Namisi Mathias Aylar önce
These amazing movies men.
Mario Ashbaugh
Mario Ashbaugh Aylar önce
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justin dawson
justin dawson Aylar önce
Cant wait wait to download them watch them and then delete . knowing not one of these flims and the people that made them received a single cent .
saint xp
saint xp Aylar önce
Ohhhh Myyyy God. I am so excited with The Kissing Booth 3. Others are just piled of garbage.
Karl Hill
Karl Hill Aylar önce
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Fei Teng
Fei Teng Aylar önce
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steve Moza
steve Moza Aylar önce
I think Disney is going to release alot, and I mean alot of MU garbage.
Muhe Vend
Muhe Vend Aylar önce
don't let talented writers get on the big screen, job done... more ... even...more...special effects
MassDynamic Aylar önce
24:10 red panda so cuuute
Liang En
Liang En Aylar önce
Did anyone else recognize Thano's voice here 4:53
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon Aylar önce
Please don't be 'woke', please don't be 'woke' ---- don't take the joy of cinema from us...
June Witte
June Witte Aylar önce
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Luiza Fernandes
Luiza Fernandes Aylar önce
Blackpink haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
B Barns
B Barns Aylar önce
cant wait for the williams sister movie on HBOMAX!!!! Way to go HBO MAX!!! Great topic
Brian Hope
Brian Hope Aylar önce
Kinsman looks rubbish🙄
Axel Mhar Valdepena
maaan the backstreet booooyys!!
Gente Coolta
Gente Coolta Aylar önce
Amazing. I'll all of them. Thank u for this wonderful selection
69rbetogt Aylar önce
Not really all of them???
Bugworkout taught us ! 🤩 #prank #shorts
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