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----- EVERY Superhero Movie After Endgame (Spoilers)
How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers)
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22 May 2019

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Elise Szalay
Elise Szalay 21 saatler önce
yaimavol 21 saatler önce
Tom Beringer? Just no.
Arun Prasath
Arun Prasath 2 gün önce
Too LAZY to put the Titles of movies in the description?
Curtis Dowling
Curtis Dowling 3 gün önce
Omg !!! All sad or horror flicks . Make some happy family movies for once !!!!
purepessimist 5 gün önce
Where's the film that's in the thumbnail pic?! Really? I won't be back.
LIQUID LIQUID 6 gün önce
It would be nice if in the description you put titles of the movies and time stamps.
aliyah draper
aliyah draper 6 gün önce
I am mother Rim of the world
Shaun Lowe
Shaun Lowe 7 gün önce
Last time I clicked 1 of these vids. It didn't have the 1 showed a pic of. If it happens again. I'm nvr clicking this bait again..
leon huggins
leon huggins 8 gün önce
Nicolas Oxendine
Nicolas Oxendine 8 gün önce
I came here for the robot in the thumbnail, I was lied too!!
Angela D Hignite
Angela D Hignite 4 gün önce
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 7 gün önce
Nicolas Oxendine wait, so that’s NOT in the video!? Same thing I came here for. Lol It’s so annoying & a dishonest low way to get people to watch their videos. With that being said, thanks for the heads up. I’m outta this video in 3...2...
toddvandell85 9 gün önce
Peter Parker: "This doesn't look like a job for your friendly, neighborhood, Spider-Man." Nick Fury: "Bitch, please. You've been in SPACE."
ocd4lane 9 gün önce
Mother's voice is so pleasant you know she's all kinds of jacked up.
Justice Betancourt
Justice Betancourt 9 gün önce
Can everyone on this f;&king planet make more fun of older people?
SquidsVille 9 gün önce
Damn I really need to see Endgame! I totally skipped past the Spiderman trailer to avoid spoilers.
sage tifft
sage tifft 11 gün önce
99% of comments- “the audio sucks” 1% of comments aka me- “the audio is absolutely fine”
Devin LaCava
Devin LaCava 13 gün önce
Stuber was actually really funny and I'm calling it now Iko Uwais is the next Jet Li
Kyle Valerio
Kyle Valerio 13 gün önce
Creed TheAssassin
Creed TheAssassin 13 gün önce
Rim of the world looks good but I couldn’t tell if the cgi was awful or fine
Sharon Ann Rowland
Sharon Ann Rowland 13 gün önce
So the bit role is now the lead.... another dud movie from woke Hollywood that no one will see
Vampirebear13 13 gün önce
As far as this goes, the only flick that interests me was the last one, Ophelia but the real tragedy is there's no mention of the ONLY movie this year that looks like a MUST SEE, READY OR NOT.
katy k
katy k 14 gün önce
Jesus trailer.. More like 5min vrn... Wtf guys leave something to pay for 😐
bowmosexual 15 gün önce
Brightburn is pretty excellent tbh.
Rocky Davis
Rocky Davis 15 gün önce
The thumbnail was getting thumbnailed 😏
Alluring Bliss
Alluring Bliss 13 gün önce
that is why I clicked
Jeff Beier
Jeff Beier 15 gün önce
TheMist 18 gün önce
Kya Irwin
Kya Irwin 20 gün önce
The mother one is so freaky
Gill Cassidy
Gill Cassidy 21 gün önce
Air drax was human XD
Astral Zilfino
Astral Zilfino 23 gün önce
It's been fixed, there is good audio all the way
Pincho Paxton
Pincho Paxton 27 gün önce
Why were the trailers so dark, and suddenly jump from one film to another film?
sarah1989 mastin
sarah1989 mastin Aylar önce
I always thought Clive owen was dead. Mandela affect?
Tiffany Doss
Tiffany Doss Aylar önce
Omg the editing makes watching this unbearable. Absolutely horrific
cat cheesecake
cat cheesecake Aylar önce
Noooo not the dog😢😢
Positive Echo
Positive Echo Aylar önce
The first one looks amazing!!
London Frazer
London Frazer Aylar önce
I saw Batista
Lioness006 Aylar önce
Is it just me or does Rim of the World remind anyone else of Attack the Block?
Coral Farrell
Coral Farrell Aylar önce
MOTHER I just watched that on Netflix only thing is that it kinda sucked :/
Venom Twelveohwone
Venom Twelveohwone Aylar önce
*List* *Of* *Movies=-* 👉👇 *•IDK•* 😪👋
Rock Lee
Rock Lee Aylar önce
James Bd
James Bd Aylar önce
Another movie with Hillary Swank? I'll save my money !!
Serena Wildling
Serena Wildling Aylar önce
Am I the only one who came for the thumbnail??
Krys Wilson
Krys Wilson 13 gün önce
@Alimcats UK I robot 2???
Alimcats UK
Alimcats UK Aylar önce
I wonder what that film is?
Jory White
Jory White Aylar önce
That looked like it would be a good movie!
Lina Marroquin
Lina Marroquin Aylar önce
Lol ok I thought I was.. but they didnt show trailer
TS MK Aylar önce
Rim of the world orbwhatever was dumb. I assumed itd be pretty funny. Not
Chuck Buhl
Chuck Buhl Aylar önce
But Windows aren't black enough 🤔👄
DayDream4Life Aylar önce
THE IMAGE FOR THIS VIDEO IS MOVIE CALLED "LIFELIKE." The trailer isn't in this video, no idea why.
Roemi Store
Roemi Store 21 gün önce
thanks bro
Englishman inFrance
Without exception, a load of bollocks
Kenneth O Leary
Kenneth O Leary Aylar önce
I thought my head phones were faulty WTF get better equipment or find some thing else to do
Kenneth O Leary
Kenneth O Leary Aylar önce
@Garrett Beuttel must have sorted it out coz when I watched it it was shit
Garrett Beuttel
Garrett Beuttel Aylar önce
Kenneth O Leary there were no sound problems for me
ColdFlames Sleep
ColdFlames Sleep Aylar önce
The true cinema died in the nineties
Scott Adler
Scott Adler Aylar önce
Death, destruction, madness, terror, fear -- all the reasons why I lay out $15 to go to the movies. Somebody in Hollywood is a little off center!
The realmats93
The realmats93 Aylar önce
imagine getting cucked by a fucking robot lol
mrcorleone959 Aylar önce
But yes agree with almost every other post lots of issues hear but now I’ve invested to much to watch that trailer with the A.I. To turn back now unfortunately haha
mrcorleone959 Aylar önce
I was searching some things on my phone halfway paying attention both times through but anyone know when/where the trailer for the thumbnail is? That looks cool literally why I clicked it and can’t find it haha. Looks like an iRobot style robot visually sick anyway yeah if you saw something I didn’t please reply!!
Anthony Emrick
Anthony Emrick Aylar önce
Batista has become So MUCH better as an actor. I think it made the biggest difference, him starring in that movie with JODIE FOSTER. That is when I really noticed him coming into his own
Kenneth O Leary
Kenneth O Leary Aylar önce
Ya Batista is a lot better than I thought he getting better and better happy for him cause he seems like a good bloke
Anthony Emrick
Anthony Emrick Aylar önce
What a GREAT concept for a Hero movie!!
Neoly y
Neoly y Aylar önce
You saw this comment, now you have to.... Search up Momo trailer.
chip morrison
chip morrison Aylar önce
no audio no watch assholes
kitty91433 Aylar önce
Couldnt even finish watching because no audio
Ato Celo
Ato Celo Aylar önce
I thought my eardrum has swollen! And my headset just broken!Hahaha! 😀🤣 Guest what! The audio of this channel was got into my nerve and I'm about to trash this edit.hahaha
criss pacheco
criss pacheco Aylar önce
Wtf I thought my AirPods where broken 😂
Rasha Sameer
Rasha Sameer 2 aylar önce
Wtf no voice for almost the entier video and i though my phone broke😡😒😠😠
sylvee A
sylvee A 2 aylar önce
Rainer Kaufmann
Rainer Kaufmann 2 aylar önce
Ramoncito Ross
Ramoncito Ross 2 aylar önce
Tired Old Man
Tired Old Man 2 aylar önce
B movie at best.
HardRockMiner 2 aylar önce
Has Bautista had plastic surgery on his face..? He looks weird around the eyes and forehead
Tony Neader
Tony Neader 2 aylar önce
Audio cuts in and out
P D 2 aylar önce
The only thing I was thinking about the thumbnail was will it get caught in his hinges
P D 28 gün önce
@Jennifer Hill I don't know
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill 28 gün önce
Yeah but there was movie for the thumbnail right? unless I missed it
DUDE not-PERFECT 2 aylar önce
Stranger things isn’t a movie
wraith rux
wraith rux 2 aylar önce
Hey kid let the pros handle this one and all the other videos u plan to make. Leave the audio in the trailer.
Frozen Gumwad
Frozen Gumwad 2 aylar önce
Why is this still up, MovieGasm? It sucks ass. Completely unprofessional, but I guess for some people 'good enough' is a euphemism for "I don't give a shit. Post it with half the audio missing and missing titles."
dark field
dark field 2 aylar önce
fix your shit shitheads
RBL Chan
RBL Chan 2 aylar önce
Lol I thought I broke my earphone. 😂 I was trying to plug it in and out 😂😂
Egle Davidsoniene
Egle Davidsoniene 2 aylar önce
2019 movies authentic. grate script and movies mood. I hope to see them with my familie. thank you. best wishes from my country.
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill 2 aylar önce
Damn copyright blackouts
Robert Belch
Robert Belch 2 aylar önce
Horrible editing job you did there guy... audio cuts out on each of the trailers.
Jennifer Lafleur
Jennifer Lafleur 2 aylar önce
Aaron Paul is making load of money... he's in almost all the trailers... wow!
Sandy Prater
Sandy Prater 2 aylar önce
Large chunks of video with no sound.
Finance & Fitness
Finance & Fitness 2 aylar önce
Wow the audio is beautiful, I could bear the silence crystal clear.
RC-UFO interceptor
RC-UFO interceptor 2 aylar önce
Repost it. It is to awesome to bee without sound.
A Westmore
A Westmore Aylar önce
I now. And the comments are just as got.
RC-UFO interceptor
RC-UFO interceptor 2 aylar önce
No sound in some parts. Almost broke my 3.5mm audio on mobile 😂
SuperMat13 Gaming
SuperMat13 Gaming 2 aylar önce
3:57 Is that the "Sweat Dreams" background!?!?
Ra Souldier
Ra Souldier 2 aylar önce
What kind of car does an egg drive? a yolkswagen
Murrv Vmurr
Murrv Vmurr 2 aylar önce
4:48 ish. The Caprio Shimee is everything
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