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I can't believe we made art using chocolate and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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Thumbnail Credits: www.theguardian.com/world/vid... nov/20/chocolate-train-world-record-video (by Andrew Farrugia)

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21 Nis 2021




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Sophia Gurley
Sophia Gurley Yıl önce
The chocolate train on your thumbnail is what my 91-year-old grandfather makes handcrafted out of wood by memory the man's insanely talented!!
DON'T Yıl önce
Aruna Rai
Aruna Rai Yıl önce
Amy Vaipan
Amy Vaipan Yıl önce
omg I love watching your vids your always so creative am obsessed with ya. You and you're friends are amazing at art! :)
Aesthetic Hal
Aesthetic Hal Yıl önce
I’m actually surprised how they made their art piece out of chocolate 🍫
BlueVibes (restarting a new channel)
It looks delicious 😋
Daniel Dionne
Daniel Dionne 9 aylar önce
ZHC is such a good friend. He “punishes” his friends with mini workouts. 😝
Fallout 18 gün önce
@Hals The first part of exercising is KNOWLEDGE. Look up proper formations, and proper dieting, otherwise your body doesn't have the required fuel in needs to build muscle, and endurance. You don't have to do insane amounts of exercise, unless you actually want results you're looking for. But, you DO need a good diet, and especially to do the exercises correctly, or you're not engaging your muscles like you need to
Hals 18 gün önce
@Fallout I exorcise everyday and workout, but I can't even do one pushup. Just because you're a crazy gym fanatic doesn't mean everyone is made of steal. K?
Fallout Aylar önce
@Sunshine BTW, no one said you have to do them all at once. Sometimes when I play games and die, I'll do 20 situps and pushups, and repeat every time I die in game. It's great exercise, all while enjoying gaming
Fallout Aylar önce
@Sunshine Yes it is! Do you not know what circuit training is, or reps/sets? People will do 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 burpees, 1 minute planks, etc. And do it multiple times, aka sets. If you think 100 push ups is difficult, then you clearly don't exercise..
LJ Gerongco
LJ Gerongco Yıl önce
It's mindblowing how you guys can turn your imagination into reality❤️
Sarah Yıl önce
Izzy's *scullpture* looks so cool (See what I did there 😏)
Visakha Dhar
Visakha Dhar Yıl önce
Everything looks yummy !!!
The5PatingPans 3 aylar önce
I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to come join you (I love art btw)
Y.M. Yıl önce
That looks so good 😊
Keating Killelea
Keating Killelea Yıl önce
Michelle is getting so much more professional at these art challenges. She’s doin good!
Living The Moment
Lol I agree, I feel she's criticized to much but maybe that pushes her❤
Christine Grissom
I agree Michelle is getting a lot better with her art and if you have been watching from their first videos you will understand where i am coming from
Jasmine Amer
Jasmine Amer Yıl önce
i really loved Izzy’s and Jaz’s sculptures they put alot of creativity in it but i liked Izzy’s more so really congratulation
Tobyz 10 aylar önce
me ether
Dream Hunter
Dream Hunter 10 aylar önce
Izzy's and viv's are always the best not gonna lie
X3_mushys 11 aylar önce
Yeah izzys was really good I loved it she is my favourite
kpop lover and 💜 BTS Army 💜
you all are so talented 🤩
Habibah Thakur
Habibah Thakur 10 aylar önce
I love to draw and my dream was to be an artist like you guys i love the way you guys do painting and i even love the way you guys come up of new ideas of making videos I love it Andis chocolate idea it was really cool and everyone did a great work keep it up
Jade White
Jade White Yıl önce
I love your art and I watch you every day and every day sometimes when I’m feeling like I wanna draw I watch some of your videos and I just start drawing thank you for helping me and you made me such an artist just by watching your videos💖💖💖
Sofia Fernandez
Sofia Fernandez 9 aylar önce
Me tooo well im not a super good artist but im getting there
Hasif d7
Hasif d7 Yıl önce
I didn't imagine we can make an art by using chocolate 🍫 Well done artists ❤️
beluga 15 gün önce
You guys make me started loving art and doing art!
Sredna Kunowski Art
Sredna Kunowski Art 11 aylar önce
The skull was really cool, I woulda never thought of that! I would have made a house xD
EdenCee Yıl önce
Mckenzie must be really fit and strong after all the punishments shes had to do
Fallout 4 aylar önce
@Asia Noreen Yeah but there's challenges throughout the videos that have exercise
Asia Noreen
Asia Noreen 8 aylar önce
She won the most challenges
Nisha Sood
Nisha Sood 4 aylar önce
I love your videos your always so kind donate, customise and help people in need!. your an awesome person don't let anyone discourage you and continue doing what you do. also I wanted to say a thank's to your amazing team that helps you in your videos.I love you all keep up the NOT good NOT awesome NOT amazing NOT even CLOSE TO GOOD OBSESSED AWSOME!!!
Nisha Sood
Nisha Sood 4 aylar önce
forgot to add it my mom was calling meh
Nisha Sood
Nisha Sood 4 aylar önce
marzhmellowz Yıl önce
Zhc is literally one of my source of happiness and entertainment on this pandemic!!!💖THANK YOU ZHC AND TEAM!!! 🎉🙏💖
Splatboi21 Tapia
Splatboi21 Tapia Yıl önce
ZHC maybe you should makes sculptures of wood next. I love watching your videos
Visakha Dhar
Visakha Dhar Yıl önce
Everyone is so hearted. They never feel like angry when someone destroys their art. Subsribed!
Esteliaq 8 aylar önce
@Jaiyana Sumehra I’m not judging them lol I’m giving my opinion they get like “play fight mad” kinda and please don’t put it that way cause that was not my intention
°•Aila•° 8 aylar önce
@Madison Pryor it is
Jaiyana Sumehra
Jaiyana Sumehra 8 aylar önce
@Esteliaq wtf? How do u know? U really shouldn't judge someone until u get to know them or u have any proof about it!
xPqnda 9 aylar önce
@Madison Pryor they meant "kind-hearted", chill
Peachiwa 9 aylar önce
Isn’t everyone subscribed?
יפעת אברון
יפעת אברון 10 aylar önce
The melting chocolate looks so good
Sam 6 aylar önce
I love how jaz is always so happy is she loses or not!
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer Yıl önce
I think Izzy should appear in more challenges, she really is amazing!!
bilalsala 11 gün önce
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer Yıl önce
@Isabella Addison OMG!! I love you Izzy! you are wonderful. Thanks a ton for replying me😊😊
I am a bored potato
@DON'T ok
DON'T Yıl önce
I am a bored potato
@Isabella Addison Hiii
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 11 aylar önce
You're so amazing keep up the good work love you videos
LimaBean Yıl önce
This whole video just made me crave chocolate 😭 Love your videos though! I’m subscribed...
LimaBean Yıl önce
Kolbi Fagan
Kolbi Fagan 9 aylar önce
ZHC trying to word how Izzy won: Izzy congratulations because you get to congratulate Mckenzie on 2nd place!!!
ari vee
ari vee Yıl önce
Jaz: *Eats chocolate* ZHC: Your gonna pretend to be a college student! Jaz: *Stops eating chocolate* ... I'm already a college student-
BunnyEdits! 2 aylar önce
@Allison Zak it’s fine :)
Allison Zak
Allison Zak 2 aylar önce
@BunnyEdits! oh srry
BunnyEdits! 2 aylar önce
@Allison Zak they edited it, it says edited
Allison Zak
Allison Zak 2 aylar önce
@Farooq Hyder they spelled it right
Farooq Hyder
Farooq Hyder 2 aylar önce
Noor vanderzeypen
I love how they can make art litterly out of anything
the real fairy 🧚‍♀️
I love how at the begging Michelle was the only one who believed in herself that she would win 💗💗💗💗
Anita Agyeiwaa
Anita Agyeiwaa Yıl önce
Michelle always seen to be having a good time on here face
Jasmine S
Jasmine S Yıl önce
Omg I just realized how pretty Izzy is lol🥺 Ty for the likes🤗
Yt_ErrorPlayz Gün önce
hi ZCH great work on the content im love the content
Hannah Kolkman
Hannah Kolkman Yıl önce
I love how at the end through the time lapse Michelle is just sitting on her phone the whole time. 😂
tictacfun 3 aylar önce
I would start just carving with my mouth, like you are you not tempted to eat it all!😋
ZHC's fan
ZHC's fan Yıl önce
Love it ❤️
E Yıl önce
I love your vids keep up the work😁
E Yıl önce
Is this your phone number
Ava Cathcart
Ava Cathcart 3 aylar önce
i felt like jaz should'ved won. But all of them did so good though. 😍
Emma Stepanian
Emma Stepanian Yıl önce
I love how ZHC just gives back to all his followers💗💗it’s really sweet of him
Benderboi_built 9 aylar önce
Who else remembers when he had like 300k and he was having fun doing what he loves and he is doing that and helping people in need and I love that he will always stay loyal to his og and new subs
lisa banham
lisa banham 7 aylar önce
You are the best artist I’ve ever known my favourite video is Sculpting stuff out of gingerbread
Moobloom 9 aylar önce
Amazing vid dude , loved it
chaesluxv_editz Yıl önce
Others = Amazed by arts and talent Me = How does that thing not melt?!
Angelica Gallardo
Izzy really did a cool job with the skull, I'm a fan of watching shows like Zumbo's Just Desserts and it's hard to temper chocolates
j Yıl önce
They are so funny and chill I love them 💜 Also I like Jake's shirt lol
Pavlos Psomas
Pavlos Psomas 3 aylar önce
I believe Izzy's sculpture was the best👍
Margeon JK
Margeon JK Yıl önce
I like to watch crafts more than customizing 🥰 yaa legoo 💥
Sunny Yıl önce
1: I'm literally eating chocolate rn 2: the way Jake just like plopped the chocolate Michelle handed to him into his mouth and ate it: m e 3: "I already am a college student-" "Just gonna make a mummy... with a tomb..." "That means I'm a historical figure." THESE QUOTES ARE WHY JAZ IS MY COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAVORITE and then McKenzie
Clash of Talents
Clash of Talents Yıl önce
Let's just appreciate how often ZHC uploads
Akshaya Galla
Akshaya Galla Yıl önce
Snowflake layer cake out of chocolate would be nice too!
just sahaaaa
just sahaaaa 9 aylar önce
Just enjoying it and loving the squad 🥰
DrAlbert Pakin
DrAlbert Pakin 11 aylar önce
I teach art and I would love to do some of your challenges in class .
,z, congratulations you just won a prize claim now,
It's me, Melissa
It's me, Melissa Yıl önce
Me:wondering why his squad is so fit Me: remembering the challenges they do
™-ironman Yıl önce
Your profile pic❤️❤️🥵🥵
Kerys The Karrot
Kerys The Karrot Yıl önce
Om gawd the skill that comes into making chocolate art is indredible
Shambhu Kumar
Shambhu Kumar Yıl önce
Congratulations Izzy🥰
Rhonnel fuerte
Rhonnel fuerte Yıl önce
God bless you guys always.
BTS_ARMY 3 aylar önce
i subscribed!!! i love how makcenzie and jake always choose eachother to punish XD
꧁ Cl0wnSt@r ꧂
No matter what, I always root for Mackenzie cause she is the best
Reem Du
Reem Du Yıl önce
I’m always excited to see what crazy challenge idea they’re gonna do next💀✌🏻
Subhasish chabanya
Subhasish chabanya 8 aylar önce
If I was in that challenge, I would have just eaten half of all the chocolates🤣, I'm addicted to chocolates...
Nurmazidah Buliami
Zach: I don't like chocolates Jake: CHOCOLATE!!!!! Everyone else: he's crazy
Sunny Yıl önce
@halima arif ok then but like I can't see how somebody could hate the beauty- although my best friend hates it...
Sunny Yıl önce
Nurmazidah Buliami
luvvxgabs Yıl önce
Bro sorry but I agree with Zach-
AddyMackPlays 8 aylar önce
I wish I was in that challenge because I LOVE chocolate
Jaynilyn 4 aylar önce
i love the lights behind the artists. and its the same color as their color
yt_ ya dad
yt_ ya dad Yıl önce
No matter what the artists can make a master piece out of everything 🙌 ❤
Neeta niranjan
Neeta niranjan Yıl önce
Andrea Markey
Andrea Markey Yıl önce
You should do a crafts challenge where no one can see the colours while painting. So they're basically colourblind.
iMpReZa120 6 aylar önce
ZHC you and your crew or friends are my heroes
4 ever together
4 ever together Yıl önce
Macanci is very talented ❤️❤️
Shepard Family
Shepard Family Yıl önce
Hi ZHC i’m a big fan of you and I would be really cool I got the money also I love your videos I think you’re really talented and good at art I love the color of your hair teal also my favorite color thank you
Raymond A. Ople
Raymond A. Ople Yıl önce
I love all of the things that you guys make! I specifically love viv's portraits
Shane Bast
Shane Bast Yıl önce
Did she remember the last time the challenge of making out with a 3-D pen and just had to get her pancakes for another ZHC video
Angus Duggan
Angus Duggan 8 aylar önce
For some one who plays Magic the gathering this was very cool to see
Let's Mine the Galaxy
Let's Mine the Galaxy 6 aylar önce
Tbh I would probably eat the chocolate instead of sculpting it!🤣
Eleanor Katerberg
U r one of my fav TRvidrs and it’s hard to become that so GREAT job
Quincy B
Quincy B Yıl önce
Michele’s art has improved so much!
Mcpooperson 11 aylar önce
I thought it was a chicken from the front. Still amazing tho
jellybean kitty
jellybean kitty 10 aylar önce
Dang it I want chocolate now I wish I could buy this much chocolate
Unyie thorle
Unyie thorle Yıl önce
Izzy is so pretty 😆❣️
cancelkumu HAHA
cancelkumu HAHA Yıl önce
done watching! ♥ I want to experienced receiving giveaways too
Bianca Yao
Bianca Yao Yıl önce
Zhc: Jake we are using chocolate Jake: CHOCOLATE!
Alexander Superboy!
Alexander Superboy! 9 aylar önce
DD H Yıl önce
Jaz's smile is so contagious 💜
DD H Yıl önce
@Jazlyn Zepeda omg u replied 😢💜💜
Jazlyn Zepeda
Jazlyn Zepeda Yıl önce
@yoyouoyoyoyo1 Hii! ❤️
yoyouoyoyoyo1 Yıl önce
Hi jaz
Jazlyn Zepeda
Jazlyn Zepeda Yıl önce
Aw! Thank you
Preeti Gira Chourasia
Preeti Gira Chourasia 11 aylar önce
Hi guys Zhc you are a awsome artist You can do anything. I love chocolates Yayyyy love from India Keep going subscribed
Arielle Lewis
Arielle Lewis Yıl önce
That chocolate looks so yummy 😋 😍 😩 😄 😫 😊
Aiden gaming YT
Aiden gaming YT Yıl önce
Love the video as always
Elena Zhadobov
Elena Zhadobov 6 aylar önce
I stumbled on a ZHC video and now I’m watching it everyday
Help me reach 15k with no videos!
To the person reading this: you’re a gorgeous human being and you shouldn’t let anyone take you down! ❤️
Sam Sangankar
Sam Sangankar 6 aylar önce
Thanks :)
jaddi 8 aylar önce
You are my favourite TRvidr I just don’t know how you and your team do it!
Hello Yıl önce
If I was in that charge I would eat all the chocolate 🍫 💀
Bread Genie
Bread Genie 7 aylar önce
9:47 I feel like he is kind of going to hard on Michelle compared to the others. She has been eliminated first a lot of times :( She is still very talented though :D
💛Your local winged beast💛
Imagine eating all that chocolate, my weak stomach could never
Imagine walking into an art store and Zach tells you to get whatever you want - his generosity is so pure 💕 damnn how i wishhh
Lay Pete
Lay Pete Yıl önce
True he’s so nice
Dinosaur Yıl önce
If ZHC ask me buy anything but I refuse ZHC:Why Me:I already buy it ZHC: What that? Me:Your smile
deepti munjal
deepti munjal Yıl önce
I hope to
Hi XYZ Yıl önce
@Allaine Asuncion yes i see his comment on Zhc's Insta Story
Allaine Asuncion
Allaine Asuncion Yıl önce
KENNEDY OJERA dont worry god is good!!! Im hoping and praying i can win this too! Goodluck to us! 💖☺️
Louise Kok
Louise Kok 4 aylar önce
I did the strixhaven college test and i got Prismari the same as Jake!
Zloxer89 7 aylar önce
ZHC chose the right people to make art because they seem like there never mad
Nikita Samuels
Nikita Samuels Yıl önce
omg im a big fan mckenzie and you are very good at art
Surya Gowda
Surya Gowda Yıl önce
Yummy chocolate :D!!
Janaki Sridhar
Janaki Sridhar Yıl önce
If I participated in that competition, I could have just ate the chocolate and wouldn’t have played.😂.BTW, nice content. It was funny and very artistic. Keep doing like this.
René Sørensen
René Sørensen Yıl önce
Tiger Crystal
Tiger Crystal Yıl önce
Same 😂😋
Tshifhiwa Mamathuba
Tshifhiwa Mamathuba 10 aylar önce
I’m a huge fan I love all of you and your videos
Paul Nichol
Paul Nichol Yıl önce
I love Your Videos never STOP posting
Addison Nicole Wilson
Addison Nicole Wilson 5 aylar önce
What do you do after you're done doing all of your crafts videos?
sarooo poop
sarooo poop Yıl önce
Zack: for the next 6 hours you are all collage sutdents Jez : *About to eat the chocolate* *I aLrEaDy aM aN cOlLaGe StUdEnT!!*
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