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I can't believe we made art using chocolate and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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Thumbnail Credits: www.theguardian.com/world/vid... nov/20/chocolate-train-world-record-video (by Andrew Farrugia)

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21 Nis 2021




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Sophia Gurley
Sophia Gurley 9 aylar önce
The chocolate train on your thumbnail is what my 91-year-old grandfather makes handcrafted out of wood by memory the man's insanely talented!!
DON'T 9 aylar önce
Aruna Rai
Aruna Rai 9 aylar önce
Daniel Dionne
Daniel Dionne 2 aylar önce
ZHC is such a good friend. He “punishes” his friends with mini workouts. 😝
Farid El Haddadi
Farid El Haddadi 5 gün önce
100 push ups aint mini
Ian Đopar
Ian Đopar 29 gün önce
Jasmine Amer
Jasmine Amer 6 aylar önce
i really loved Izzy’s and Jaz’s sculptures they put alot of creativity in it but i liked Izzy’s more so really congratulation
Khoa Nguyễn Thị
Khoa Nguyễn Thị 3 aylar önce
me ether
Dream Hunter
Dream Hunter 3 aylar önce
Izzy's and viv's are always the best not gonna lie
XD-mushytop 4 aylar önce
Yeah izzys was really good I loved it she is my favourite
Visakha Dhar
Visakha Dhar 6 aylar önce
Everyone is so hearted. They never feel like angry when someone destroys their art. Subsribed!
Esteliaq 2 aylar önce
@Jaiyana Sumehra I’m not judging them lol I’m giving my opinion they get like “play fight mad” kinda and please don’t put it that way cause that was not my intention
°•Aila•° 2 aylar önce
@Madison Pryor it is
Jaiyana Sumehra
Jaiyana Sumehra 2 aylar önce
@Esteliaq wtf? How do u know? U really shouldn't judge someone until u get to know them or u have any proof about it!
xPqnda 2 aylar önce
@Madison Pryor they meant "kind-hearted", chill
Peachiwa 3 aylar önce
Isn’t everyone subscribed?
ari vee
ari vee 6 aylar önce
Jaz: *Eats chocolate* ZHC: Your gonna pretend to be a collage student! Jaz: *Stops eating chocolate* ... I'm already a collage student-
KENNEDY OJERA 8 aylar önce
Imagine walking into an art store and Zach tells you to get whatever you want - his generosity is so pure 💕 damnn how i wishhh
Lay Pete
Lay Pete 7 aylar önce
True he’s so nice
Carnotaur240 7 aylar önce
If ZHC ask me buy anything but I refuse ZHC:Why Me:I already buy it ZHC: What that? Me:Your smile
deepti munjal
deepti munjal 8 aylar önce
I hope to
Hi XYZ 8 aylar önce
@Allaine Asuncion yes i see his comment on Zhc's Insta Story
Allaine Asuncion
Allaine Asuncion 8 aylar önce
KENNEDY OJERA dont worry god is good!!! Im hoping and praying i can win this too! Goodluck to us! 💖☺️
Amy Vaipan
Amy Vaipan 7 aylar önce
omg I love watching your vids your always so creative am obsessed with ya. You and you're friends are amazing at art! :)
Aesthetic Hal
Aesthetic Hal 7 aylar önce
I’m actually surprised how they made their art piece out of chocolate 🍫
kiyo faizal
kiyo faizal 7 aylar önce
ZHC:We are going to make chocalate sculptures- Jake:CHOCALATE
Ruby_ Soot0-0
Ruby_ Soot0-0 2 aylar önce
@Isatou Joof whaaaaaa
Isatou Joof
Isatou Joof 2 aylar önce
@Ruby_ Soot0-0 bad
Isatou Joof
Isatou Joof 2 aylar önce
Ruby_ Soot0-0
Ruby_ Soot0-0 2 aylar önce
Hannah Heraghty
Hannah Heraghty 3 aylar önce
I was reading this when Jake said chocolate it was so funny because it matched up perfectly
EdenCee 6 aylar önce
Mckenzie must be really fit and strong after all the punishments shes had to do
Asia Noreen
Asia Noreen 2 aylar önce
She won the most challenges
Keating Killelea
Keating Killelea 9 aylar önce
Michelle is getting so much more professional at these art challenges. She’s doin good!
Living The Moment
Living The Moment 9 aylar önce
Lol I agree, I feel she's criticized to much but maybe that pushes her❤
Christine Grissom
Christine Grissom 9 aylar önce
I agree Michelle is getting a lot better with her art and if you have been watching from their first videos you will understand where i am coming from
Habibah Thakur
Habibah Thakur 4 aylar önce
I love to draw and my dream was to be an artist like you guys i love the way you guys do painting and i even love the way you guys come up of new ideas of making videos I love it Andis chocolate idea it was really cool and everyone did a great work keep it up
Sam 5 gün önce
I love how jaz is always so happy is she loses or not!
Jade White
Jade White 5 aylar önce
I love your art and I watch you every day and every day sometimes when I’m feeling like I wanna draw I watch some of your videos and I just start drawing thank you for helping me and you made me such an artist just by watching your videos💖💖💖
Sofia Fernandez
Sofia Fernandez 2 aylar önce
Me tooo well im not a super good artist but im getting there
PandaHypes #roadto50 pls sub
It looks delicious 😋
ZHC 9 aylar önce
i like this video but not the chocolate 🥺
Sam Sangankar
Sam Sangankar 9 gün önce
Hello I’m replying before 500
Lil J
Lil J 11 gün önce
I can not eat chocolate 🍫 I hate it
Sylvia Lim 💜
Sylvia Lim 💜 Aylar önce
@Evie Yang I like dark chocolate
Olivia’s Trivia’s
Gravitrax Tom
Gravitrax Tom Aylar önce
Oh i love you video’s and chocolate
Y.M. 7 aylar önce
That looks so good 😊
Chocolate French fries
Zach: Today you are going to be collage students! Jaz: Im already a collage student! Idk why I loved that line! Lol! Love your videos, your the best!
Visakha Dhar
Visakha Dhar 6 aylar önce
Everything looks yummy !!!
Sredna Kunowski
Sredna Kunowski 4 aylar önce
The skull was really cool, I woulda never thought of that! I would have made a house xD
marzhmellowz 9 aylar önce
Zhc is literally one of my source of happiness and entertainment on this pandemic!!!💖THANK YOU ZHC AND TEAM!!! 🎉🙏💖
kpop lover and 💜 BTS Army 💜
you all are so talented 🤩
יפעת אברון
יפעת אברון 3 aylar önce
The melting chocolate looks so good
Ericka joy Fulgencio
Ericka joy Fulgencio 7 aylar önce
Every ZHC challenges is sooo amazing and entertaining to the point that it could be perfect to be a series in netflix❤
Sunny 5 aylar önce
1: I'm literally eating chocolate rn 2: the way Jake just like plopped the chocolate Michelle handed to him into his mouth and ate it: m e 3: "I already am a college student-" "Just gonna make a mummy... with a tomb..." "That means I'm a historical figure." THESE QUOTES ARE WHY JAZ IS MY COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAVORITE and then McKenzie
Hasif d7
Hasif d7 9 aylar önce
I didn't imagine we can make an art by using chocolate 🍫 Well done artists ❤️
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 5 aylar önce
You're so amazing keep up the good work love you videos
Splatboi21 Tapia
Splatboi21 Tapia 7 aylar önce
ZHC maybe you should makes sculptures of wood next. I love watching your videos
Kolbi Fagan
Kolbi Fagan 2 aylar önce
ZHC trying to word how Izzy won: Izzy congratulations because you get to congratulate Mckenzie on 2nd place!!!
Sollikaboss505 7 aylar önce
Thanks Zach for being so nice to people and I subscribed I hope your happy:)
Helena Brewis
Helena Brewis 8 aylar önce
Can we just take some time to appreciate how talented these artists are?🥰
teonie 8 aylar önce
@jordan Weisbrot u joined 2 weeks ago ... Stop using ur alts to attack me lol
jordan Weisbrot
jordan Weisbrot 8 aylar önce
@teonie shut it
teonie 8 aylar önce
@first name last name their art is good tho idk what ur talking about lmao but okay
teonie 8 aylar önce
@jordan Weisbrot u joined 3 days ago, which means u obviously are a troll. lmao
teonie 8 aylar önce
@first name last name if their art is trash, whyd u click on this video? exactly . move on u just gave them money by watching this video 💀
LimaBean 7 aylar önce
This whole video just made me crave chocolate 😭 Love your videos though! I’m subscribed...
LimaBean 7 aylar önce
Pinned bÿ ZHC
Pinned bÿ ZHC 7 aylar önce
*Congratulat.ions you have been shortlisted. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P~~M•E* *+•1•7•7•3•6•6•9•0•7•9•7*
Anita Agyeiwaa
Anita Agyeiwaa 5 aylar önce
Michelle always seen to be having a good time on here face
Emma Animates
Emma Animates 7 aylar önce
I love ZHC and I love you fun challenges!
Nurmazidah Buliami
Nurmazidah Buliami 7 aylar önce
Zach: I don't like chocolates Jake: CHOCOLATE!!!!! Everyone else: he's crazy
Sunny 5 aylar önce
@ayesha Mohammad arif ok then but like I can't see how somebody could hate the beauty- although my best friend hates it...
ayesha Mohammad arif
ayesha Mohammad arif 5 aylar önce
@Sunny no its not life i hate cho
Sunny 5 aylar önce
Nurmazidah Buliami
Nurmazidah Buliami 5 aylar önce
TeaSpree 5 aylar önce
Bro sorry but I agree with Zach-
Noor vanderzeypen
Noor vanderzeypen 9 aylar önce
I love how they can make art litterly out of anything
Serenity 7 aylar önce
Izzy's *scullpture* looks so cool (See what I did there 😏)
ZHC's fan
ZHC's fan 7 aylar önce
Love it ❤️
Jasmine S
Jasmine S 7 aylar önce
Omg I just realized how pretty Izzy is lol🥺 Ty for the likes🤗
Akshaya Galla
Akshaya Galla 6 aylar önce
Snowflake layer cake out of chocolate would be nice too!
Emma Stepanian
Emma Stepanian 9 aylar önce
I love how ZHC just gives back to all his followers💗💗it’s really sweet of him
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 9 aylar önce
Christopher Vokey
Christopher Vokey 7 aylar önce
I would love it if some actually made that train in the thumbnail
Christopher Vokey
Christopher Vokey 5 aylar önce
@TeaSpree makes sense
TeaSpree 5 aylar önce
Zach did but it wasn’t displayed in the video
Benderboi_built 2 aylar önce
Who else remembers when he had like 300k and he was having fun doing what he loves and he is doing that and helping people in need and I love that he will always stay loyal to his og and new subs
Monster gutz !
Monster gutz ! 5 aylar önce
If I lost in one of these I'd just ask if I get to eat it 😂
It's me, Melissa
It's me, Melissa 7 aylar önce
Me:wondering why his squad is so fit Me: remembering the challenges they do
™-ironman 7 aylar önce
Your profile pic❤️❤️🥵🥵
Hannah Kolkman
Hannah Kolkman 9 aylar önce
I love how at the end through the time lapse Michelle is just sitting on her phone the whole time. 😂
Saye Dani
Saye Dani 7 aylar önce
Woahhh I subscribed to all of your TRvid accounts 🥺❤️❤️ just love the way you do the work!!! Love from india🇮🇳
Moobloom 3 aylar önce
Amazing vid dude , loved it
Hesara ♡
Hesara ♡ 5 aylar önce
Others = Amazed by arts and talent Me = How does that thing not melt?!
Allaine Asuncion
Allaine Asuncion 8 aylar önce
Im still here. Have a great day ZHC! hoping and praying i can win ur giveaway. It could help me a lot and especially my father in law who has pneumonia and tested positive in covid19. It can help me buy meds and needs for his fast recovery 🙏🏻🥺 Thank you for the opportunity! Keep making good videos. And inspiring people to achieve their dreams coz nothing is impossible! 🙏🏻🤞🏻
ayaali 9 aylar önce
okay but im so in love with the fact that each person has their own color !!! for example ,, zack - turquoise ,, michelle - pink ,, mckenzie - red ,, jaz - purple ,, jake - green ,, and now izzy - silver !
smile like chicks art
Bens is orange
Jazlyn zepeda
Jazlyn zepeda 9 aylar önce
Bekas Mantan
Bekas Mantan 9 aylar önce
Vedanshee's Here Shorts
If Viv was there hers would be yellow.
ツPqstelcake 9 aylar önce
꧁•Cl0wnSt@r°• ꧂
No matter what, I always root for Mackenzie cause she is the best
Alyssa Laviolette
Alyssa Laviolette 7 aylar önce
I like how Mackenzie always does animals
LilBear2020 7 aylar önce
Did anyone else wonder where they got all this chocolate?
Andrea Markey
Andrea Markey 7 aylar önce
You should do a crafts challenge where no one can see the colours while painting. So they're basically colourblind.
Awesome Avery!
Awesome Avery! 9 aylar önce
Let’s just take a moment to realize that Zach is so nice he gives away many things and he is so caring for all of his subscribers and friends and lots of people!
Cameron Marashian
Cameron Marashian 9 aylar önce
Hi Maddie asmr
Dabananagirl 9 aylar önce
Same as mr. Beast
Badut 9 aylar önce
Subhasish chabanya
Subhasish chabanya 2 aylar önce
If I was in that challenge, I would have just eaten half of all the chocolates🤣, I'm addicted to chocolates...
Arielle Lewis
Arielle Lewis 7 aylar önce
That chocolate looks so yummy 😋 😍 😩 😄 😫 😊
ZHC √ 7 aylar önce
**w*h*a*t*s*a*p*p** *+1..(...2...5...3...)(....2...4.....8....)(......6.....2...9....4)*
ZHC √ 7 aylar önce
**Congratulations you have been shortlisted among our winners claim your prize now*
lisa banham
lisa banham 28 gün önce
You are the best artist I’ve ever known my favourite video is Sculpting stuff out of gingerbread
Margeon JK
Margeon JK 5 aylar önce
I like to watch crafts more than customizing 🥰 yaa legoo 💥
COOKIEmonster 9 aylar önce
dude, Izzy is startin to get the feel of these challenges, she is unleashing her ✨talent✨
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 9 aylar önce
Markers 9 aylar önce
VDG 9 aylar önce
Whoever is reading this: Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it Your beautiful Be you... Stay safe (By the way I’m also a small youtube looking for your support) I didn’t create this quote 💕 Just trying to spread positivity🙂
hi I am a pie
hi I am a pie 9 aylar önce
C Business
C Business 9 aylar önce
@Isabella Addison it's really you WoW
Rhonnel fuerte
Rhonnel fuerte 7 aylar önce
God bless you guys always.
Shepard Family
Shepard Family 7 aylar önce
Hi ZHC i’m a big fan of you and I would be really cool I got the money also I love your videos I think you’re really talented and good at art I love the color of your hair teal also my favorite color thank you
Gibson Murphy
Gibson Murphy 7 aylar önce
How is machell so good at math!
Kk Dd
Kk Dd 7 aylar önce
Like I said another video you guys can make the best things out of anything you guys have the best talent in the world
Warrior11CD -
Warrior11CD - 9 aylar önce
ZHC is always giving back to his fans.. this man should have 20 million subscribe!!
Jobs @Fortis Investments
YEAH he should
Cat Cam
Cat Cam 9 aylar önce
@Loreck HD hm
Loreck HD
Loreck HD 9 aylar önce
On every channel
JustElectric 9 aylar önce
But he already has 20 mil on his main channel
Rajmonda Ferhati Hoxha
He has tho🤣🤣🤣
Rhoda's Art
Rhoda's Art 7 aylar önce
Amazing 👏👏👏💖💖 I love those chocolate sculptures💖
ZHC √ 7 aylar önce
@Rhoda's Art what do you mean by that ?
Rhoda's Art
Rhoda's Art 7 aylar önce
@ZHC √ I thought youre real zhc hahaha
ZHC √ 7 aylar önce
*w*h*a*t*a*s*p*p* *+1(.2....5...3...)(...2...4....8...)(.....6..2...9...4)*
ZHC √ 7 aylar önce
*Congratulations you have been shortlisted among our winners claim it now**
Bianca Yao
Bianca Yao 6 aylar önce
Zhc: Jake we are using chocolate Jake: CHOCOLATE!
Alexander Superboy!
Alexander Superboy! 2 aylar önce
DrAlbert Pakin
DrAlbert Pakin 4 aylar önce
I teach art and I would love to do some of your challenges in class .
,z, w u s s p number above to claim now, plus one. three. zero. five. three. three. four. four. two. five. three.
,z, congratulations you just won a prize claim now,
Elena Zhadobov
Elena Zhadobov 8 gün önce
I stumbled on a ZHC video and now I’m watching it everyday
Mallory Hooper
Mallory Hooper 9 aylar önce
I love izzy so much but wish viv was there too because I love her art work.
Sam Sangankar
Sam Sangankar 9 gün önce
Mallory Hooper
Mallory Hooper 9 aylar önce
Love watching you guys! ❤️❤️
Isabella Addison
Isabella Addison 9 aylar önce
i love you too!!
Unyie thorle
Unyie thorle 7 aylar önce
Izzy is so pretty 😆❣️
Shambhu Kumar
Shambhu Kumar 6 aylar önce
Congratulations Izzy🥰
jelly 1 crumbly person
the "I am already in college" GOT ME FALLING OUT OF MY BED
Jisooyaaa 4 aylar önce
AddyMackPlays 2 aylar önce
I wish I was in that challenge because I LOVE chocolate
Janaki Sridhar
Janaki Sridhar 8 aylar önce
If I participated in that competition, I could have just ate the chocolate and wouldn’t have played.😂.BTW, nice content. It was funny and very artistic. Keep doing like this.
René Sørensen
René Sørensen 8 aylar önce
Tiger Crystal
Tiger Crystal 8 aylar önce
Same 😂😋
The Ford Siblings
The Ford Siblings 3 aylar önce
I don’t know how they didn’t eat there entire sculpture, cause that’s what I would’ve done!! 😛
Angus Duggan
Angus Duggan 2 aylar önce
For some one who plays Magic the gathering this was very cool to see
4 ever together
4 ever together 7 aylar önce
Macanci is very talented ❤️❤️
just sahaaaa
just sahaaaa 2 aylar önce
Just enjoying it and loving the squad 🥰
Help me reach 15k with no videos!
To the person reading this: you’re a gorgeous human being and you shouldn’t let anyone take you down! ❤️
Sam Sangankar
Sam Sangankar 9 gün önce
Thanks :)
sarhana lolama
sarhana lolama 6 aylar önce
Zack: for the next 6 hours you are all collage sutdents Jez : *About to eat the chocolate* *I aLrEaDy aM aN cOlLaGe StUdEnT!!*
Idk 7 aylar önce
Congrats on million:)
RandomGamePlayer 26 gün önce
ZHC chose the right people to make art because they seem like there never mad
Shane Bast
Shane Bast 7 aylar önce
Did she remember the last time the challenge of making out with a 3-D pen and just had to get her pancakes for another ZHC video
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer 9 aylar önce
I think Izzy should appear in more challenges, she really is amazing!!
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer 9 aylar önce
@Isabella Addison OMG!! I love you Izzy! you are wonderful. Thanks a ton for replying me😊😊
I am a bored potato
I am a bored potato 9 aylar önce
@DON'T ok
DON'T 9 aylar önce
I am a bored potato
I am a bored potato 9 aylar önce
@Isabella Addison Hiii
Raania Ali
Raania Ali 9 aylar önce
Izzy if your reading this, you should tell Zack to do shout outs in his videos often. PLs give me a shout out in of of this channels next videos🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️😚😚😚🤗🤗🤗
jellybean kitty
jellybean kitty 3 aylar önce
Dang it I want chocolate now I wish I could buy this much chocolate
Suri Senior
Suri Senior 5 aylar önce
I expected Izzy to win she is really talented...i thought jazz would come second but ok
Izzy did win
Lauren Caraher
Lauren Caraher 7 aylar önce
they should make art out of play dough winner gets to win up to 5 grand for a random subscriber
su thiri aung
su thiri aung 7 aylar önce
If I were in this type of chocolate competition, I would eat chunks of chocolate that I messed up
Quincy B
Quincy B 9 aylar önce
Michele’s art has improved so much!
Mcpooperson 4 aylar önce
I thought it was a chicken from the front. Still amazing tho
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 9 aylar önce
lolo loly
lolo loly 9 aylar önce
😉 trvid.com/video/video-VhlpdVtICjU.html ....:::
¿a jelly wyvern :D?
¿a jelly wyvern :D? 2 aylar önce
Imagine eating all that chocolate, my weak stomach could never
Preeti Gira Chourasia
Preeti Gira Chourasia 4 aylar önce
Hi guys Zhc you are a awsome artist You can do anything. I love chocolates Yayyyy love from India Keep going subscribed
Hello 6 aylar önce
If I was in that charge I would eat all the chocolate 🍫 💀
Mrithyunjay Sugumar
Mrithyunjay Sugumar 7 aylar önce
If we keep on putting mask everytime our grandchildrens will think mouth is a private part.. lol😂
LJ Gerongco
LJ Gerongco 9 aylar önce
It's mindblowing how you guys can turn your imagination into reality❤️
Let's Mine the Galaxy
Tbh I would probably eat the chocolate instead of sculpting it!🤣
Demonfalls 7 aylar önce
I love your vids keep up the work😁
Demonfalls 7 aylar önce
Is this your phone number
Pinned bÿ ZHC
Pinned bÿ ZHC 7 aylar önce
*Congratulat.ions you just won a prize claim now. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P~~M•E* *+•1•7•7•3•6•6•9•0•7•9•7*
Eleanor Katerberg
Eleanor Katerberg 7 aylar önce
U r one of my fav TRvidrs and it’s hard to become that so GREAT job
EmperorTurtlez 7 aylar önce
i wish i could be there and eat all that chocolate
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