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League of Legends season 12 Bel'Veth Gameplay!
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23 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Venos Hazard
Venos Hazard Aylar önce
Riot: Bel'veth has too much attack speed. To balance this, we'll nerf Aurelion Sol.
Mario Naccarato
Mario Naccarato 16 gün önce
We'll also Buff Darius...
sharkbate63 -
sharkbate63 - 25 gün önce
Rito: Bel'Veth attack speed problems? NOT A PROBLEM! Now for 950 LP, you can have a nocturne skin. And we made it so master yi's Q executes champions beneath 70% health regardless of the amount of strikes that land? NOT BALANCED ENOUGH YOU SAY?! We've given Tahm Kench a bigger shield and ap scaling with his health. Oh, and we're leaving irelias damage unchanged with the durability patch.
regin hansen
regin hansen 27 gün önce
gotta nerf yasuo's armor from 42 to 41
Ivanoxito 28 gün önce
Nah just nerf akali
Main Account
Main Account 29 gün önce
I see ppl are still salty bout aurelion lol
JJ Godbey
JJ Godbey Aylar önce
Considering how they did Viego ult, I am 100% absolutely, completely surprised she does not become untargetable while consuming Void Coral
Phlogosis Aylar önce
It instead deals more damage as true damage. I bet you Viego R was like this originally but it wasn’t balanced with True Damage and Ranged Blink. You ever notice it doesn’t feel like an Ult unless you build AP or count the transformation reset? This? This is a ~fucking~ ult.
Just Me Inting
Just Me Inting Aylar önce
Guess that’s riot showing they are learning? But just kinda lol
It’s Me, David D
It’s Me, David D Aylar önce
It’s a non fun interaction to deal with. Doubt they add more untargetable and undamageable statuses more.
Sethevere Aylar önce
At 23:40 - you were trying to consume the Kat's daggers 😂😂 Looks like the counter to Bel'veth is going to be skin choice!
Nikolay Nedev
Nikolay Nedev 24 gün önce
Leming Tai
Leming Tai Aylar önce
Also you should have a purple ward skin and place down wards in teamfight
Padmasri Chaturvedula
LMAO I was thinking that why he was unable to consume any of that 2 corals until I read your comment XD.
Luis Gerardo Bujanda López
Alexandru Stanciu
Alexandru Stanciu Aylar önce
Lol :)))))))
Floor Daoc
Floor Daoc Aylar önce
Riot: "There is too much damage in the game. We're doing a toughness patch." Also Riot: *Releases Bel'veth*
Coule Aylar önce
@Graine Even after the game, under victory, you can see the game is custom, he plays with viewers during stream, no matter the rank, he gives his viewers a chance to play with or against him, which means content is pretty much for fun, no show off lol :) As for Zwag, he hit challenger multiple times, and if you watch his old videos you will hear him say he does not want to hit challenger anymore, as he feels like he "completed" the game, as there is no higher rank anymore, his account is plat/diamond only for video purposes (in case he does not play with viewers), as its a good elo to make videos in (players are not noobs, but also not pros) as most of his builds are troll or just for fun :))
Kyle Aylar önce
her damage is just similar scaling to like a veigar. it'll be really low early on and very easily abusable. but if she gets a lot of stacks and hits 4-6 items, then she starts going to do a lot of damage.
ObiWanShinobi Aylar önce
@Graine Zwag has hit Chally multiple times actually
Graine Aylar önce
I looked up MF, same account name on NA is literally bronze 4 with 38% winrate. This youtuber is plat. I doubt thsi is representative of anything ballance.
Kamalama 63
Kamalama 63 Aylar önce
I love that even though she attacks fast its not broken because her damage is low but watching you attack the Mundo just made me think of senator Armstrongs nanomachines
João Pedro FM
João Pedro FM 17 gün önce
@anonyme but in the end it has to be this way
anonyme Aylar önce
@Timothy Boseman Than Violence breed violence
Timothy Boseman
Timothy Boseman Aylar önce
@anonyme when our guard is down, I think we’ll both agree!
anonyme Aylar önce
HeavyMeduza Aylar önce
Walker Gates
Walker Gates Aylar önce
Bel'Veth getting into a slapfight with Bel'Veth makes me feel like I should be calling the supermarket secret security.
izeaaa Aylar önce
i knew i wasn’t the only one who thought bel’veth gives karen vibes
Joseph Wolfe
Joseph Wolfe Aylar önce
Bel’veth vs Bel’veth be like Ora Ora Ora Muda Muda Muda
Danmajor555 Aylar önce
They were inspired by old DBZ episodes lol
Zarala2010 Aylar önce
Riot devs must be fans of Ice Age for remaking the mother of all slapfights.
Kickless Aylar önce
32:07 Relentless monstrosity, repeatedly stabbing nexus even after death
Nate Peterson
Nate Peterson Aylar önce
I feel like they will have to balance the attack speed a bit, they seems a bit too much, but her overall damage output does not seem that crazy. Any form of hard cc and she will pop like a balloon. I would not be surprised i they tune down the passive a little or maybe make attack speed from items like 75 percent effective of something.
Wild Doggo
Wild Doggo Aylar önce
They just need to balance the attack speed with the true damage.
Hearthstoned Aylar önce
Zwag constantly getting confused by the other Bel’s little totem things was hilarious
Hippie Dude
Hippie Dude Aylar önce
She scales aspd and true damage with a built in life steal. Maybe a riftmaker would be decent as it ramps up damage, has a native 7% omnivamp, and gives legendaries 2% omnivamp and 8ap. Not to mention the ap, cdr, and hp. Slot in a nashors second for 50% aspd and extra magic damage on hit. Litchbane third for the spell blade, cdr, and bit of ms to help engage. Fill out the rest of the build with aspd/on hit items. The idea here is to dash, auto, E, auto if you can, repeat to rain down the onhit while proccing sheen as often as possible. If you want to be cheesy as possible it might be worth it to take the rune that gives a %bonus to all movespeed enhancements as well as the jungle movespeed rune to help get you in dash range.
Hippie Dude
Hippie Dude Aylar önce
@Nikoraasu yup, but it was mentioned in the video hence the comment.
Nikoraasu Aylar önce
AP builds are gonna be shit on her
Slashen00 Aylar önce
So, If I'm reading this right, it's basically AP Kayle Builds 2.0?
Federico Del Giudice
Nah Bro uncapped attack speed + navori quick blade, at the end swag had 5 uncapped attack speed, the passive from R was like for every consecutive hit toward a champion u get +25 true damage, and it scales ad and stacks, so it means first AA is ad+25 true second AA is ad +50 and so on, at 10 AA you do +250 true damage , now imagine full crit, every AA with navori reduces ur current basic ability CD of 20% so it means 100% 80% 66% 53% 43% in one second, u reduced the CD of all ur basic abilities EVERY SECOND U AA SOMEONE OF 57%. the next second u AA it goes to 35% 28% 23% 19% 15% CD so you knock up AAx5 E for health AAx3 you already have knockup again in 3 sec total basically and wait there's more, ur R Passive as stacked up so u did 900 true damage for 8 AA + kranken 360 true damage
A Possibly Heretical Alpha Legionnaire
Shyvanas are encouraged to get all dragons, Bel'veths are encouraged to get both heralds and barons, makes sense
Daagon the Befeler
Daagon the Befeler 28 gün önce
@Sparks all she gets on pc is 5 armor and 5 mr per dragon, and she does an additional 25% damagr to dragons, and people wonder why she shes not very good and get carried by items
Sparks 28 gün önce
@GJK Audio Library they should definitely talk to the wild rift team about that. it doesn’t make shyv that much better, she’s still like A or B tier jungle, but she’s definitely more interesting to play around
GJK Audio Library
GJK Audio Library 28 gün önce
@Sparks Nope, we get nothing of that, sadly. Only thing we get is the normal buffs from having the dragons, but nothing *specifically* for shyvana.
Sparks 28 gün önce
Wait? Pc league shyv doesn’t get ability buffs based on dragons secured? No wonder all the shyvanas I’ve seen are shit at prioritizing dragons
exiledrabbit Aylar önce
The shyvana buff for a dragon is pathetic
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 29 gün önce
That was INSANE omg the attack speed! Also a nice game overall with some cool funny interactions in the chat, loved it!
Dillon Meyer
Dillon Meyer 26 gün önce
I've found the most success with Bel'Veth outside of the jungle role. Primarily Top lane. The reason is champion kills, assists, and coral gives her far more stacks than you'll get killing camps, as well in top lane you have priority in getting to herald/baron and the scuttle. Every kill is worth two camp clears, and after 6, three if you eat coral. Corals close to eachother are all absorbed together, granting all the stacks; a pentakill grants you potentially 15 camps worth of stacks to put it into perspective, is more than the entire jungle in both sides and both scuttles. I run First Strike with a crit based build on her as the Q not only applies onhits, but also can critically strike, which is like if Gangplank could fire his Q four times in quick succession and also be mobile at the same time.
jv parungao
jv parungao 20 gün önce
What runes do u go and what do u usually build? I wanted to pick her up for top lane but it seems like her E would target minions instead of champs if they’re lower than the enemy champ health
Vanta Blue
Vanta Blue Aylar önce
It's rare, but the end of this fight had me giggling. That was amazing and utterly mental. I love this, and look forward to her breaking everything. I wish I could upvote this video twice.
Volatile Streams
Volatile Streams 29 gün önce
I feel like a Q into E max would be more beneficial as you get more damage reduction and overall ability damage with you as scaling. Also, lords dom would’ve been slightly better that phantom dancer. I also think if she builds something like death’s dance of Maw she would excel in extended team fights!
Lazaro Reyes
Lazaro Reyes 23 gün önce
@Dillon Meyer you’re totally right. I mentioned lord dom due to having champions like mundo or chogath/nasus that build health but it’ll only be a situational item for sure
Dillon Meyer
Dillon Meyer 26 gün önce
The damage reduction is actually 70% at all ranks of E. What goes up is the lifesteal and damage. DD is a great item for her. She gets a lot of base health, and on top of her R, not a lot of champions will have more HP even with a damage build so Dominiks is not a good choice. Just speaking from experience. :)
Nitross Aylar önce
zwag: bel'veth is like viego + master yi me: "uninstalling game"
Claudio Vieira
Claudio Vieira Aylar önce
@Benni Finger new champ means more people trying to get them with cash 🤑
μπαρμπα Χάμος
At least shes doesnt get invulnerability. Viego ult is cancer, its basically a how-to go on a kill streak as a noob.
Madhav Manocha
Madhav Manocha Aylar önce
This terrifies me. As a yi main. Maybe its time to main a new champ.
Leą Aylar önce
+ yasuo bc dash
Hunter Lund
Hunter Lund 8 gün önce
As someone who hasn’t played in years and watched T B Skyden’s video on her yesterday, her kit is pretty flavorful with her character. Stacking attack speed into a late game monster is mechanically like her plan to consume existence, like the inevitability of the void. And consuming dead champs and beasts to build the lavender sea. It’s also easier to see her for her true form when the “human” head is so small and you mostly see mana ray silhouette. Very cool!
der Skipp
der Skipp 18 gün önce
I love how Belveth just keeps attacking the Nexus after its already destroyed xD
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Aylar önce
I love seeing them scale a new stat like this, absolutely amazing to watch
a a
a a Aylar önce
That was INSANE omg the attack speed! Also a nice game overall with some cool funny interactions in the chat, loved it!
Neo Spacian Sushi Roll
When her animations were revealed she looked goofy as hell and I thought she was going to be stupid dumb fun, and this video proves it. I had a blast at the end watching her flappers slapping at the speed of sound.
Dante Dragonaura
Dante Dragonaura Aylar önce
fizz ma man
fizz ma man Aylar önce
She is a straight up Jojo reference
Scott Scottsen
Scott Scottsen Aylar önce
muda muda muda muda muda
Afterlyte Aylar önce
I love that with larger amounts of attack speed it almost looks like a flurry of stabs rather than slaps, it kinda looks cool
Mary Coffelt
Mary Coffelt Aylar önce
Belveth is insane!!! I'm betting this will be a big feast or famine champ, especially after potential nerf
Derrick Chan
Derrick Chan 23 gün önce
LOVE IT TILL THE END! This is one of the most enjoyable gameplay!
Brian Hency
Brian Hency Aylar önce
That was some DBZ attack speed. You make me want to pick up this champ even though I hardly play. Nice game! Tanky Veigar, but after another Bel'Veth game for sure.
HusaneFata1 Aylar önce
I think building her tanky on hit would probably work great. Go like Sunfire, Titanic, Wit's End/Bork all the bonus sunfire burns would be a lot and diving into the middle of the enemy team wouldn't result in insta death
ahmed elrasheedy
ahmed elrasheedy Aylar önce
Hi, zwag I'm from Egypt, last June I was enrolled in obligatory army service and I just finished it a week ago. Your videos helped me push through this hard year, whenever I was free I would watch your videos and just relax. I would love to sincerely thank you for your videos
thereal nynetynyne
thereal nynetynyne Aylar önce
Stay safe
MaxPowerChannel Aylar önce
Egypt is a beautiful country, i was there once as a child. Best greetings from germany!
MaxPowerChannel Aylar önce
im glad that ur done and fine!
Twistie Man
Twistie Man Aylar önce
@Delusion Of illusion you are deluded.
Dávid Domokos
Dávid Domokos Aylar önce
This champion is brilliant! i wish to see more like this in the future. it's unique, only OP when fed (or i shall say balanced) and looks cool on its own. finally riot finally! honor riot
Project: MANGA
Project: MANGA Aylar önce
Love this character design. Your game play makes me think On Hit builds would be killer. Great video!
Dave Marin
Dave Marin Aylar önce
Wits end should actually be REALLY good on her since onhit, speed, and most her abilities benefit from it. Also her true damage autoa will increase alot
NunezBobby1 Aylar önce
That was insane. At the beginning it was cool seeing her abilities and figuring out how they work along side you. When mid to late game happened, it felt like I was watching a Jojo episode or something.
Leon Sixt
Leon Sixt Aylar önce
Now I got it, I wanted more with the minions and I think it would be cool if her e when killing minions and maybe also monsters would create minions, might be to broken on monsters also her clear is already very good hm, remove q dmg maybe idk. Heard some people who wanted her to do more with spawning stuff and less with slapping
Colten Ross
Colten Ross Aylar önce
Me at the beginning of the video: Okay she seems really cool, nice clear, good ganking potential, nice jungler. Me at the end of the Video: WTF IS THAT ATTACK SPEED?! THATS FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!
Ookami Da Boi1da
Ookami Da Boi1da Aylar önce
At a certain amf of attk speed i can 100% say belveth should be soloing barons for her team. Shes more than capable.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 28 gün önce
I'm actually crazy excited for this champ. She might get me back into jungling tbh.
David Frigon
David Frigon Aylar önce
I'm actually crazy excited for this champ. She might get me back into jungling tbh.
Gaikie Alterado
Gaikie Alterado Aylar önce
hey swag ive been always a huge fan! great content man! love to see Bel'Veth in the rift soon!
eduardo minare krutsch higa
7.07 attack speed at the end, seems kinda 200 years. I can't wait for the ap version of her build.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Aylar önce
I'm actually crazy excited for this champ. She might get me back into jungling tbh.
denus klausen
denus klausen Aylar önce
Bel'veth hitting Mundo with 6 atk spd is like watching raiden trying to beat up senator armstrong
Adrian A
Adrian A Aylar önce
He used to play college ball, you know
Berke Melih Malkoç
Jeremy Bree
Jeremy Bree Aylar önce
@Luiz Carlos Lemos YOU WERE JUST LIKE ME
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel Aylar önce
Tired Admiral
Tired Admiral Aylar önce
i heard in a comment section that lethal tempo caps belveths attack speed at 10 however she can stack past 10 herself without it
Earl Soriano
Earl Soriano Aylar önce
Just imagine a build with hullbreaker and the infinite scaling attack speed
Jani Aartti
Jani Aartti Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, I was kinda cringing at first when I saw the clips of her just slowly slapping away with her wings(?). But after witnessing this video and how absolutely great it looks once you get some real attack speed going, I'm 100% sold. Great content as always!
Nate Tomaszewski
Nate Tomaszewski Aylar önce
26:24 I've been crossing my fingers hoping to see the Wit's End on Bel'Veth. Everyone is building the Master Yi on hit build (Kraken, Rageblade, BORK) but I wanted to see the Wit's. Congrats on the Pentakill first I've seen on this new champ. That ought to get a couple hundred thousand views :D
I am Channel Two
I am Channel Two Aylar önce
This champ is literally the embodiment of "death by a thousand cuts". Absolutely terrifying and I am excited to have her soon grace the rift.
Natsuk 29 gün önce
@Vaunt who win will depends on who start the fight first
Vaunt Aylar önce
She ought to be easier for Rammus to deal with then Gwen at least.
Zarala2010 Aylar önce
I'm more shocked by just the sheer amount of damage coming out of bruiser Mundo. Dude complained about 1500 true damage from an execute ult, but didn't acknowledge he only took that much because he already had 5000+ hp :D
Aquacelot Aylar önce
gwen has been replaced. all the 200 years champs have been outdone
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox Aylar önce
I think you miss play by using her E early, it seems like something you use when the enemy turns on you. It reduces damage you take, and it requires the enemy to be on top of you to get full benefit out of it. Also that moment Zwag sees a Kat dagger and goes "WHY CAN'T I ULT?!" XD
Amellia Kober
Amellia Kober Aylar önce
with the reduced damage she does and the stacking true damage i believe a collector would be a good idea
JanPan Aylar önce
this champion feels like a counter to the durability update
Luís F
Luís F Aylar önce
tbh with her inate attack speed scaling, you hit diminishing returns extremely quickly. After kraken and Botrk for the on-hit effects that are broken, I'd probably just build AD items for a different source of multipliers if I was going full damage. Thinks like Bloodthirster or the hydra items, perhaps even IE.
DMWilhelm Aylar önce
Two Bel'Veths going ham on each other is the Jojo fight I've always wanted to see in this game.
Cobi Fennell
Cobi Fennell Aylar önce
We're gonna need a stand spinoff skin line
Duke Adrian Adriano
Or One For All sounds like a Slap Club
maiwei Aylar önce
markos50100 Aylar önce
Zoren Maniego
Zoren Maniego Aylar önce
Timo Faust
Timo Faust Aylar önce
This champ might bring me back to playing league after a 7 year break. I like that riot nowadays makes champs that are more complex than smack smash stat boost ;)
Jared Depew
Jared Depew 27 gün önce
I like building her a bit like nocturne with bruiser items cause she has other attack speed enhancers and it helps with the survivability
Candlejack Aylar önce
Bel'veth scaling to the point of near infinite attack speed Vs Jax spinning a lamppost
G!rl 0n Ca📸 L!ve
She scales aspd and true damage with a built in life steal. Maybe a riftmaker would be decent as it ramps up damage, has a native 7% omnivamp, and gives legendaries 2% omnivamp and 8ap. Not to mention the ap, cdr, and hp. Slot in a nashors second for 50% aspd and extra magic damage on hit. Litchbane third for the spell blade, cdr, and bit of ms to help engage. Fill out the rest of the build with aspd/on hit items. The idea here is to dash, auto, E, auto if you can, repeat to rain down the onhit while proccing sheen as often as possible. If you want to be cheesy as possible it might be worth it to take the rune that gives a %bonus to all movespeed enhancements as well as the jungle movespeed rune to help get you in dash range.
She scales aspd and true damage with a built in life steal. Maybe a riftmaker would be decent as it ramps up damage, has a native 7% omnivamp, and gives legendaries 2% omnivamp and 8ap. Not to mention the ap, cdr, and hp. Slot in a nashors second for 50% aspd and extra magic damage on hit. Litchbane third for the spell blade, cdr, and bit of ms to help engage. Fill out the rest of the build with aspd/on hit items. The idea here is to dash, auto, E, auto if you can, repeat to rain down the onhit while proccing sheen as often as possible. If you want to be cheesy as possible it might be worth it to take the rune that gives a %bonus to all movespeed enhancements as well as the jungle movespeed rune to help get you in dash range.
davidcraftftw55 Aylar önce
23:43 Zwag mistaking Katarina dagger for Bel'Veth's coral 😂😂😂
Domasis 28 gün önce
Real talk, theoretically, you should be able to get ungodly DPS with lethality/arm pen given her insane upper limit on AS
HOTRAMEN Aylar önce
Bruiser might be nice on her because you'll still have a lot of attack speed but also be tanky
Matt P
Matt P Aylar önce
Riot: Upcoming durability patch to reduce damage being done Also Riot: Releases infinite scaling attack speed on hit true damage champion.
HakitoVR Aylar önce
I feel this champ when release and will get rework after feel years like old aatrox, old aatrax have massive damage and healing and pretty damn good at attack speed, bel'veth have crazy attack speed damage and good amount of healing so i assume she will get hard rework in future same as aatrox
Francis Forcier
Francis Forcier Aylar önce
great champion! so balanced! i can finally get my first kill in ranked!!
Origin WZ Clips
Origin WZ Clips Aylar önce
I need to see a life steal build with this... you should never lose health with that attack speed
Young Lando
Young Lando Aylar önce
fun thought Zwag but if you build Anathemas chains, couldnt you make a specific champion do 0 damage to you while using E?
God Aylar önce
19:57 she actually does consume both corals at once, you can see the stacks jump from 59 to 61 afterwards!
Peter Korinek
Peter Korinek Aylar önce
@leo cintra oh I see. So simply killing them also gives stacks. Somehow I missed that
leo cintra
leo cintra Aylar önce
@Peter Korinek The Void Coral gives 1 Lavender stack. Takedowns on champions gives 2 Lavender stacks and monster takedowns gives 1 stack.
Marcos Mathison
Marcos Mathison Aylar önce
@Peter Korinek 2 from killing champions and +1 per coral
Peter Korinek
Peter Korinek Aylar önce
But one coral gived you two stacks no? At least from champions
TheLastAatroxMain Aylar önce
Riot: Old Aatrox auto attacking is bad. Also riot: Bel'velth auto attacking is good.
Никита Медведев
Yi: "I have the highest AS in the game!" Bel'Veth: "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!!"
Muffin Aylar önce
Riot: We need to do Durability Update, more armor and stuff. Also Riot: True Damage go bzzzzzzz
Mia Mesa
Mia Mesa Aylar önce
My question is... How invincible are you with Navori? Since you attack so fast, you should have your E up every few seconds in a teamfight... That could be fun to try
Guillermo Rodriguez Percussion
What about an item like Hydra? Since she doesn’t have so much life, it could save her some times, and with the AoE damage she can clean even faster or fight multiple enemies… maybe it works
Caleb Hayden
Caleb Hayden Aylar önce
Seems like the most balanced champ rito had released in a WHILE
R3pTiLe HuntZz
R3pTiLe HuntZz Aylar önce
She is damn amazing. She isnt really op because she IS squishy even if she heals she can be done with really quick as we saw MF doing lots of damage there. I think, in my opinion, she aint busted like broken op because its a stacking champ and without her stacks she is basically easy to get away from or kill her before she kills you
Peek O'Boo
Peek O'Boo Aylar önce
Riot: “We need a jungler with immense attack speed and can deal true damage.” Bel’Veth: “Yes.”
skillethead15 Aylar önce
Master Yi
Geoff Richardson
Geoff Richardson Aylar önce
I'd like to see a tanky Bel'Veth with sunfire and titanic hydra. Kinda like how tank yi works.
Pardus Aylar önce
also sry for my engrish im not native headphone
Pardus Aylar önce
@Daisy bruh "Every second attack against the marked target deals 4.5 / 6 / 7.5 (+ 9% bonus AD)bonus true damage" concept is cool but in real fight you'll hit enemy like 3 times and then get cc'ed if you're lucky 6 so, mathematically 20-80 true damage that's suck i think building her meta and THEN(with 100-150 p stacks) selling all your shit for tank items in late game is pretty fucking good 125%as passive+90%as lethal tempo will make it work !!!
sabbel babbel
sabbel babbel Aylar önce
No go frostfire, and buy the tank elixir, so she gets maximum size
TriskaiX Aylar önce
The best on hit is aoe
smashmusique Aylar önce
does her minions scale on bonus hp too?
Steven Wentz
Steven Wentz Aylar önce
The infinitely scaling true damage seems like way too much. On the other hand with that much attack speed she could take a lot of damage from thornmail maybe?
Zselim Eğmen
Zselim Eğmen Aylar önce
I want to see reaction
g00b3r guts
g00b3r guts Aylar önce
I wonder about Grasp instead of Lethal Tempo... she'd be able to proc it off cooldown forever, then you infinitely scale on-hit, health, *and* attack speed
VerySpookySoup Aylar önce
As a jungler main who reeeeally enjoys really goofy attack speed builds (on-hit nocturne, warwick, vi, etc.), this champion was clearly made for me.
Ab Q8
Ab Q8 Aylar önce
Plz do this build for Zac i promise it will shock you : frostfire and the rest is all Ap/health items and enjoy
While this looked fun and pretty cool to see, but the burning question I had in the back of my mind was if Mundo bought Thornmail, would you delete yourself from your auto's alone?
Nolan Chapman
Nolan Chapman Aylar önce
@Afterlyte yes but there’s a cap on it
Afterlyte Aylar önce
@ZYK736521 wait doesn't jax stun damage increased based on how many autos he blocks???
Cryactinos Van Drachmes
@dikroN Official Cause of Rammus' W, it reflects auto-attack damage
Brian Hency
Brian Hency Aylar önce
@ZYK736521 lol dodge spam - Pantheon's kit might work well on her too.
dikroN Official
dikroN Official Aylar önce
@ZYK736521 but she does true damage, so the armor is a little bit useless
Makoto-Samaru Aylar önce
She's a late game champ. She seems fun, if i was still playing the game, i would play her for sure.
Ka3sahn Aylar önce
Would be interesting to see Rift Maker + Nashors instead of her normal core items, since she scales well with attack speed and AP and seems to handle long fights pretty well, kinda like Gwen come to think of it.
if u know u know
if u know u know Aylar önce
i think a tanky build with sunfire would suit her very good🤔
scout Aylar önce
I really like it when content creators are well informed of what the champion does. Instead of just not knowing whats going on. Despite the kit being complex Zwag does a good job of explaining it
Zuccy101 Aylar önce
as you can see in the purple bar, you can stack up to 6 empowered autos so dont waste them early game when spamming abilities on camps! pretty much like taric passive also the E is used best defensively since it reduces 70% damage and roots you kinda like a irelia W
davidcraftftw55 Aylar önce
Bel'Veth still attacking the nexus after the victory 🤣🤣🤣
Spookypug Aylar önce
Finally a champ that I actually think I'll like playing after zoe
_vycenka _
_vycenka _ Aylar önce
You should try this champ as a pushing toplaner with hullbreaker, I think it should be fun cuz of all the attack speed
keep_grindin Aylar önce
I think with the amount of AS you get from stacks going bruiser could be pretty good
ThatBlokeGlenn Aylar önce
"So looks like it will be a Q max, then either W or E" Yes. Those are the only other options, Zwag. Well done. XD
joel wooldridge
joel wooldridge Aylar önce
how about 2 then 2 or 3 then 3? doesn't have to be max and max
Dude Bro
Dude Bro Aylar önce
? I max R first.
BUTTER Aylar önce
Haha tough audience
Was thinking the same lol
Cylva Aylar önce
I was soo unsure about her after the gameplay reveal, but oh my god that last fight!! She's ridiculous, but I love it!!!!
Nihon YAMAZAKURA Aylar önce
hey ZWAG that E is like Irelia's W stance, you can reduce incoming damage
Latawiec Latający
Latawiec Latający Aylar önce
I absolutely love the fact that shes got AoE viego-passive-like garen ult scaling with 100% AP
Stelios Karaoglanis
Game ends, Belveth keeps slapping 🤣
remmy567 Aylar önce
32:13 still slapping when the game is over, we stan the queen
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
@Mashiho'd PotatoeTM YES
Dante kiwi
Dante kiwi Aylar önce
@Mashiho'd PotatoeTM no
Mashiho'd PotatoeTM
@Hmna Tref wAIFU*
Hmna Tref
Hmna Tref Aylar önce
Martin Höchsmann
Martin Höchsmann Aylar önce
Zwag, i watching you long time but its first time i coment your video =) That was damn hilarious, please make another one with this champ and lets try to utilize to maximum. I believe itll be insane watch *-*
Trilamul Aylar önce
Zwag at 10 min (pre first item): I don't think this champ is busted. Zwag at late game with 7 something attackspeed: This is crazy!
Peter Billings
Peter Billings Aylar önce
Omg that end game penta was hilarious and scary. He killed the first 3, then Mundo goes, "MY TURN!" And he almost got 'em too! *almost* XD
Das_me_daveed Aylar önce
I love that she was still whaling on the nexus even tho it already exploded
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton Aylar önce
that attack speed is ridiculous lol would be interesting to see a bruiser/tank build in the top lane!
KokoDoritos Aylar önce
@I jUsT wAnT I mean top laners can do herald which gives the buff with the babies
I jUsT wAnT
I jUsT wAnT Aylar önce
But she can only get attack speed from jugle creep and champion
DerGrimmigeZwerg Aylar önce
Sunderer instead of Kraken sounds abolutely horrifying
Czarek Karabasz
Czarek Karabasz Aylar önce
How funny it was when Zwag tried to collect Katarina's daggers with his ult 🤣 i think she's kinda balanced, fact is that enemy team had no Hard CC. Only zilean that struggled to send those bombs on her. She's pretty squishy, and needs to get really close to smack enemies therefore hard cc Will threaten her from getting close, although her ult seems Soo good. When it comes to nerfs they should have keep the heal from ult but reduce AS bonus after collecting 'cuz she went from 4.40 to 7.0 for few seconds. Next video take a closer look at her Critical Hit scaling, maybe it's worth to consider building it if scale's worth it.
WhackDatTower Aylar önce
Super high attack speed, but mind you her autos do reduced damage and are practically wet noodle slaps against turrets. Her E is a channel, so CC can interrupt it. Your W is a good way against enemy Bel'Veth E. Her R true damage stacks, so each consecutive second AA deals additively more true damage than the previous one, so damage is there, but you need some survivability. Should have built a blood thirster or Death's Dance.
Vinx 16 gün önce
that late game atk speed and healing was insane! incoming nerf
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