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League of Legends season 12 Bel'Veth Gameplay!
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23 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Venos Hazard
Venos Hazard Yıl önce
Riot: Bel'veth has too much attack speed. To balance this, we'll nerf Aurelion Sol.
b Yıl önce
guess we'll remake ryze too while we're at it.
Tonkwas Yıl önce
We’ll take 6 more movement speed away from Irelia 🤪
Seung Kim
Seung Kim Yıl önce
Nerf zoe Q from 6.25 to 6.5 cuz we have 200 years of collective experience
Arcath Yıl önce
Better nerf Irelia.
Cyclone Pr1me
Cyclone Pr1me Yıl önce
And the newest gangplank remake where we took the current gangplank but took away half his damage.
JJ Godbey
JJ Godbey Yıl önce
Considering how they did Viego ult, I am 100% absolutely, completely surprised she does not become untargetable while consuming Void Coral
It’s Me, David D
It’s a non fun interaction to deal with. Doubt they add more untargetable and undamageable statuses more.
Just Me Inting
Just Me Inting Yıl önce
Guess that’s riot showing they are learning? But just kinda lol
Phlogosis Yıl önce
It instead deals more damage as true damage. I bet you Viego R was like this originally but it wasn’t balanced with True Damage and Ranged Blink. You ever notice it doesn’t feel like an Ult unless you build AP or count the transformation reset? This? This is a ~fucking~ ult.
Floor Daoc
Floor Daoc Yıl önce
Riot: "There is too much damage in the game. We're doing a toughness patch." Also Riot: *Releases Bel'veth*
Graine Yıl önce
I looked up MF, same account name on NA is literally bronze 4 with 38% winrate. This youtuber is plat. I doubt thsi is representative of anything ballance.
ObiWanShinobi Yıl önce
@Graine Zwag has hit Chally multiple times actually
Kyle Yıl önce
her damage is just similar scaling to like a veigar. it'll be really low early on and very easily abusable. but if she gets a lot of stacks and hits 4-6 items, then she starts going to do a lot of damage.
Coule Yıl önce
@Graine Even after the game, under victory, you can see the game is custom, he plays with viewers during stream, no matter the rank, he gives his viewers a chance to play with or against him, which means content is pretty much for fun, no show off lol :) As for Zwag, he hit challenger multiple times, and if you watch his old videos you will hear him say he does not want to hit challenger anymore, as he feels like he "completed" the game, as there is no higher rank anymore, his account is plat/diamond only for video purposes (in case he does not play with viewers), as its a good elo to make videos in (players are not noobs, but also not pros) as most of his builds are troll or just for fun :))
Frostbane Aärvid
Frostbane Aärvid 10 gün önce
@Graine using elo to judge ability is dumb i saw even gm do stupid stuff
Sethevere Yıl önce
At 23:40 - you were trying to consume the Kat's daggers 😂😂 Looks like the counter to Bel'veth is going to be skin choice!
Alexandru Stanciu
Lol :)))))))
Luis Gerardo Bujanda López
Padmasri Chaturvedula
LMAO I was thinking that why he was unable to consume any of that 2 corals until I read your comment XD.
Leming Tai
Leming Tai Yıl önce
Also you should have a purple ward skin and place down wards in teamfight
Nikolay Nedev
Nikolay Nedev Yıl önce
Kamalama 63
Kamalama 63 Yıl önce
I love that even though she attacks fast its not broken because her damage is low but watching you attack the Mundo just made me think of senator Armstrongs nanomachines
Cryactinos Van Drachmes
Standing here, I realize : you're completely true ! And thus, the meme lives on.
anonyme Yıl önce
AndrE Krzyżowiec
Nanomashines SON! They harden in response to physical trauma!
Nano Yıl önce
ah yes, parrot trending meme.
Sam Broekstra
Sam Broekstra Yıl önce
A true gamer's soul, son. It becomes incredibly happy in response to nostalgic trauma
Nate Peterson
Nate Peterson Yıl önce
I feel like they will have to balance the attack speed a bit, they seems a bit too much, but her overall damage output does not seem that crazy. Any form of hard cc and she will pop like a balloon. I would not be surprised i they tune down the passive a little or maybe make attack speed from items like 75 percent effective of something.
Renno Yıl önce
They just need to balance the attack speed with the true damage.
Walker Gates
Walker Gates Yıl önce
Bel'Veth getting into a slapfight with Bel'Veth makes me feel like I should be calling the supermarket secret security.
Zarala2010 Yıl önce
Riot devs must be fans of Ice Age for remaking the mother of all slapfights.
Danmajor555 Yıl önce
They were inspired by old DBZ episodes lol
Joseph Wolfe
Joseph Wolfe Yıl önce
Bel’veth vs Bel’veth be like Ora Ora Ora Muda Muda Muda
izeaaa Yıl önce
i knew i wasn’t the only one who thought bel’veth gives karen vibes
WurmOnAString 4 aylar önce
@izeaaa it feels like she'd call me a slur and ask me to get my manager, then play victim like i wasn't just flayed alive by words
Hippie Dude
Hippie Dude Yıl önce
She scales aspd and true damage with a built in life steal. Maybe a riftmaker would be decent as it ramps up damage, has a native 7% omnivamp, and gives legendaries 2% omnivamp and 8ap. Not to mention the ap, cdr, and hp. Slot in a nashors second for 50% aspd and extra magic damage on hit. Litchbane third for the spell blade, cdr, and bit of ms to help engage. Fill out the rest of the build with aspd/on hit items. The idea here is to dash, auto, E, auto if you can, repeat to rain down the onhit while proccing sheen as often as possible. If you want to be cheesy as possible it might be worth it to take the rune that gives a %bonus to all movespeed enhancements as well as the jungle movespeed rune to help get you in dash range.
Federico Del Giudice
Nah Bro uncapped attack speed + navori quick blade, at the end swag had 5 uncapped attack speed, the passive from R was like for every consecutive hit toward a champion u get +25 true damage, and it scales ad and stacks, so it means first AA is ad+25 true second AA is ad +50 and so on, at 10 AA you do +250 true damage , now imagine full crit, every AA with navori reduces ur current basic ability CD of 20% so it means 100% 80% 66% 53% 43% in one second, u reduced the CD of all ur basic abilities EVERY SECOND U AA SOMEONE OF 57%. the next second u AA it goes to 35% 28% 23% 19% 15% CD so you knock up AAx5 E for health AAx3 you already have knockup again in 3 sec total basically and wait there's more, ur R Passive as stacked up so u did 900 true damage for 8 AA + kranken 360 true damage
Slashen00 Yıl önce
So, If I'm reading this right, it's basically AP Kayle Builds 2.0?
Nikoraasu Yıl önce
AP builds are gonna be shit on her
Hippie Dude
Hippie Dude Yıl önce
@Nikoraasu yup, but it was mentioned in the video hence the comment.
Kickless Yıl önce
32:07 Relentless monstrosity, repeatedly stabbing nexus even after death
Hunter Lund
Hunter Lund 11 aylar önce
As someone who hasn’t played in years and watched T B Skyden’s video on her yesterday, her kit is pretty flavorful with her character. Stacking attack speed into a late game monster is mechanically like her plan to consume existence, like the inevitability of the void. And consuming dead champs and beasts to build the lavender sea. It’s also easier to see her for her true form when the “human” head is so small and you mostly see mana ray silhouette. Very cool!
AoPhoenix Yıl önce
Here's alternative runes you can also use if you don't want to use what Zwag did: -Conqueror for the extra stacking damage since you'll get AS regardless while building up your power -Sudden Impact to power up your damage by using her Q dash to gain lethality burst damage on her [or magic pen if you go AP Veth] -Eyeball Collection to gain extra AD power in the longrun to stack onto the damage she already has
Paul H
Paul H Yıl önce
She has a really cool design. It’s cool that it’s a jungle champion that has some lane pushing utility (Love the ZZROTS! 😊) BV is kind of the top side counterpart to Shyvanna… no mana and incentives to favor a certain objective
A Possibly Heretical Alpha Legionnaire
Shyvanas are encouraged to get all dragons, Bel'veths are encouraged to get both heralds and barons, makes sense
Kevin Frias
Kevin Frias Yıl önce
Shyvana needs a rework maybe each time you get a drag you become more like one an depending on which one you consume you'd get it's attribute and it would allow for alot of different build like I get all wind drags it's a attack speed build u could go an a fire drag for ap you know something like that would be cool to see
David Ekpo
David Ekpo Yıl önce
@Kevin Frias I love this idea
Kevin Frias
Kevin Frias Yıl önce
@David Ekpo thx g
Pex Rox
Pex Rox Yıl önce
@Kevin Frias kind of like wild rift shyvana then
Kevin Frias
Kevin Frias Yıl önce
@Pex Rox oh what's the rifts like I've never played it
Sieg fried
Sieg fried Yıl önce
Time will tell if she ends up being completely overpowered, but I think her passive really sells the "being everything the void has consumed" aspect of her lore.
Volatile Streams
Volatile Streams Yıl önce
I feel like a Q into E max would be more beneficial as you get more damage reduction and overall ability damage with you as scaling. Also, lords dom would’ve been slightly better that phantom dancer. I also think if she builds something like death’s dance of Maw she would excel in extended team fights!
Dillon Meyer
Dillon Meyer Yıl önce
The damage reduction is actually 70% at all ranks of E. What goes up is the lifesteal and damage. DD is a great item for her. She gets a lot of base health, and on top of her R, not a lot of champions will have more HP even with a damage build so Dominiks is not a good choice. Just speaking from experience. :)
Lazaro Reyes
Lazaro Reyes Yıl önce
@Dillon Meyer you’re totally right. I mentioned lord dom due to having champions like mundo or chogath/nasus that build health but it’ll only be a situational item for sure
Vanta Blue
Vanta Blue Yıl önce
It's rare, but the end of this fight had me giggling. That was amazing and utterly mental. I love this, and look forward to her breaking everything. I wish I could upvote this video twice.
Cameron Grant
Cameron Grant Yıl önce
That attack speed is unreal, I would love to see a full adc build or a crazy life steal build
Dillon Meyer
Dillon Meyer Yıl önce
I've found the most success with Bel'Veth outside of the jungle role. Primarily Top lane. The reason is champion kills, assists, and coral gives her far more stacks than you'll get killing camps, as well in top lane you have priority in getting to herald/baron and the scuttle. Every kill is worth two camp clears, and after 6, three if you eat coral. Corals close to eachother are all absorbed together, granting all the stacks; a pentakill grants you potentially 15 camps worth of stacks to put it into perspective, is more than the entire jungle in both sides and both scuttles. I run First Strike with a crit based build on her as the Q not only applies onhits, but also can critically strike, which is like if Gangplank could fire his Q four times in quick succession and also be mobile at the same time.
jv parungao
jv parungao Yıl önce
What runes do u go and what do u usually build? I wanted to pick her up for top lane but it seems like her E would target minions instead of champs if they’re lower than the enemy champ health
ahmed elrasheedy
ahmed elrasheedy Yıl önce
Hi, zwag I'm from Egypt, last June I was enrolled in obligatory army service and I just finished it a week ago. Your videos helped me push through this hard year, whenever I was free I would watch your videos and just relax. I would love to sincerely thank you for your videos
Mustafa Ramadan
Mustafa Ramadan Yıl önce
+1 الجيش الرجالة يا صاحبي ❤️
The Lord of the lost luncheon
I solute you
Dazai kun
Dazai kun Yıl önce
تحية لك يا صاحبي
Zampzazz Yıl önce
how was it
ahmed elrasheedy
ahmed elrasheedy Yıl önce
@The Lord of the lost luncheon ❤
a a
a a Yıl önce
That was INSANE omg the attack speed! Also a nice game overall with some cool funny interactions in the chat, loved it!
Leon Sixt
Leon Sixt Yıl önce
Now I got it, I wanted more with the minions and I think it would be cool if her e when killing minions and maybe also monsters would create minions, might be to broken on monsters also her clear is already very good hm, remove q dmg maybe idk. Heard some people who wanted her to do more with spawning stuff and less with slapping
Trilamul Yıl önce
Zwag at 10 min (pre first item): I don't think this champ is busted. Zwag at late game with 7 something attackspeed: This is crazy!
DJ Dave
DJ Dave Yıl önce
This champion is brilliant! i wish to see more like this in the future. it's unique, only OP when fed (or i shall say balanced) and looks cool on its own. finally riot finally! honor riot
HusaneFata1 Yıl önce
I think building her tanky on hit would probably work great. Go like Sunfire, Titanic, Wit's End/Bork all the bonus sunfire burns would be a lot and diving into the middle of the enemy team wouldn't result in insta death
Neo Spacian Sushi Roll
When her animations were revealed she looked goofy as hell and I thought she was going to be stupid dumb fun, and this video proves it. I had a blast at the end watching her flappers slapping at the speed of sound.
Afterlyte Yıl önce
I love that with larger amounts of attack speed it almost looks like a flurry of stabs rather than slaps, it kinda looks cool
Scott Scottsen
Scott Scottsen Yıl önce
muda muda muda muda muda
fizz ma man
fizz ma man Yıl önce
She is a straight up Jojo reference
Khael Lavellan
Khael Lavellan Yıl önce
DreadlordZolias Yıl önce
Imagine her building both Death's Dance and Force of Nature... along with Kraken, Zerker's, BORK, and Ravenous... holy crap, I don't think I'll be playing much league after she is released (until nerfed)
The Pagewalker
The Pagewalker Yıl önce
Love this character design. Your game play makes me think On Hit builds would be killer. Great video!
Brian Hency
Brian Hency Yıl önce
That was some DBZ attack speed. You make me want to pick up this champ even though I hardly play. Nice game! Tanky Veigar, but after another Bel'Veth game for sure.
Mary Coffelt
Mary Coffelt Yıl önce
Belveth is insane!!! I'm betting this will be a big feast or famine champ, especially after potential nerf
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Yıl önce
I'm actually crazy excited for this champ. She might get me back into jungling tbh.
Nitross Yıl önce
zwag: bel'veth is like viego + master yi me: "uninstalling game"
Benni Finger
Benni Finger Yıl önce
Absolutely bro. Instead of reworking all the trash champs they bring out a new one every 2 months now. Always broken for few months till they get nerfed into the dust. Fk this tbh
Rosalliinda Yıl önce
I was literally thinking the same thing😭
Rosalliinda Yıl önce
@Benni Finger i feel like it’s intentional at this point. To make people talk about the game.
The Shadowed Mochi
@Benni Finger it's called the counter strategy. Instead of reworking old ones a and keeping the game repetitive but less annoying they give you a wider range of champs to choose to destroy the originals making it even less repetitive due to more possible team comps
Dawayne Clay
Dawayne Clay Yıl önce
Just uninstalled lmao
Bruiser might be nice on her because you'll still have a lot of attack speed but also be tanky
VerySpookySoup Yıl önce
As a jungler main who reeeeally enjoys really goofy attack speed builds (on-hit nocturne, warwick, vi, etc.), this champion was clearly made for me.
Rachel Yıl önce
OMG that late game attack speed actually makes her a nightmarish creature straight out of a horror movie... Can you imagine that thing coming at you? Terrifying.
Origin WZ Clips
Origin WZ Clips Yıl önce
I need to see a life steal build with this... you should never lose health with that attack speed
denus klausen
denus klausen Yıl önce
Bel'veth hitting Mundo with 6 atk spd is like watching raiden trying to beat up senator armstrong
Botond Szilágyi
Botond Szilágyi Yıl önce
This is so accurate
Luiz Carlos Lemos
I was hoping to see someone typing... STANDING HERE I REALIZE
jefferson rubia
jefferson rubia Yıl önce
The thing is, Mundo didn't even built a thornmail. If he built around Belveth, like Thornmail and Frozen Heart. I'm sure he could've killed Zwag
Yuelia Yıl önce
@jefferson rubia But thornmail is cringe though
Lawrence Trinidad
Amellia Kober
Amellia Kober Yıl önce
with the reduced damage she does and the stacking true damage i believe a collector would be a good idea
Dave Marin
Dave Marin Yıl önce
Wits end should actually be REALLY good on her since onhit, speed, and most her abilities benefit from it. Also her true damage autoa will increase alot
Guillermo Rodriguez Percussion
What about an item like Hydra? Since she doesn’t have so much life, it could save her some times, and with the AoE damage she can clean even faster or fight multiple enemies… maybe it works
Earl Soriano
Earl Soriano Yıl önce
Just imagine a build with hullbreaker and the infinite scaling attack speed
JanPan Yıl önce
this champion feels like a counter to the durability update
SirAskalon Yıl önce
This champ is literally the embodiment of "death by a thousand cuts". Absolutely terrifying and I am excited to have her soon grace the rift.
aquacelot Yıl önce
gwen has been replaced. all the 200 years champs have been outdone
Zarala2010 Yıl önce
I'm more shocked by just the sheer amount of damage coming out of bruiser Mundo. Dude complained about 1500 true damage from an execute ult, but didn't acknowledge he only took that much because he already had 5000+ hp :D
Vaunt Yıl önce
She ought to be easier for Rammus to deal with then Gwen at least.
Natsuk Yıl önce
@Vaunt who win will depends on who start the fight first
Mia Mesa
Mia Mesa Yıl önce
My question is... How invincible are you with Navori? Since you attack so fast, you should have your E up every few seconds in a teamfight... That could be fun to try
Peek O'Boo
Peek O'Boo Yıl önce
Riot: “We need a jungler with immense attack speed and can deal true damage.” Bel’Veth: “Yes.”
skillethead15 Yıl önce
Master Yi
Jani Aartti
Jani Aartti Yıl önce
Not gonna lie, I was kinda cringing at first when I saw the clips of her just slowly slapping away with her wings(?). But after witnessing this video and how absolutely great it looks once you get some real attack speed going, I'm 100% sold. Great content as always!
rian froelich
rian froelich Yıl önce
Bel'veth is insane OMG! Love the content, keep up the good work man.
Binho Yıl önce
Maybe a bruiser build would be nice, what do you guys think? Trinity Force with wits and Titanic Hidra. Could be cool. (7.0 attack speed is kinda nuts)
DMWilhelm Yıl önce
Two Bel'Veths going ham on each other is the Jojo fight I've always wanted to see in this game.
Pokemon master
Pokemon master Yıl önce
Oi Dio
Zoren Maniego
Zoren Maniego Yıl önce
markos50100 Yıl önce
maiwei Yıl önce
Dukieeee Yıl önce
Or One For All sounds like a Slap Club
KxxXk Yıl önce
Just imagine. Your team gets a baron and you, a belveth, grab a coral and you all go push with buffed voidlings (baron buffs them too). Every minion that dies near you becomes a voidling. It's literally impossible to stop that push.
Ouroborus Yıl önce
Pro play she farms on lane teleports to the opposite farme the other lane and ylu ahve two of thes waves plus the voildings crashing hell yeah sivir gonna be op just for that scenario.
Remochii Yıl önce
beautiful ending, Bel'veth manages to make other champions look insignificant and small!
g00b3r guts
g00b3r guts Yıl önce
I wonder about Grasp instead of Lethal Tempo... she'd be able to proc it off cooldown forever, then you infinitely scale on-hit, health, *and* attack speed
Khalid Hasan
Khalid Hasan Yıl önce
Zwag! Your vids are awesome keepem coming! Do you think triforce would work well on Bel' Veth over kraken? I feel like it has more sustain for a jungler
_vycenka _
_vycenka _ Yıl önce
You should try this champ as a pushing toplaner with hullbreaker, I think it should be fun cuz of all the attack speed
MattP Yıl önce
Riot: Upcoming durability patch to reduce damage being done Also Riot: Releases infinite scaling attack speed on hit true damage champion.
Sieg fried
Sieg fried Yıl önce
Imagine tank Bel'veth just shredding people with the On-hit effect of Sunfire
Justin Grigor
Justin Grigor Yıl önce
You should try her with a deaths dance, that mixed with the E would make her unkillable
Gaikie Alterado
Gaikie Alterado Yıl önce
hey swag ive been always a huge fan! great content man! love to see Bel'Veth in the rift soon!
tomaszen Yıl önce
26:24 I've been crossing my fingers hoping to see the Wit's End on Bel'Veth. Everyone is building the Master Yi on hit build (Kraken, Rageblade, BORK) but I wanted to see the Wit's. Congrats on the Pentakill first I've seen on this new champ. That ought to get a couple hundred thousand views :D
John Farmer
John Farmer Yıl önce
You should do Bel'Vath, Yorick, Heimerdinger, Malzahar and Zayra in the Swag and Heiz (with Ioki) channel! The spawn comp!
God Yıl önce
19:57 she actually does consume both corals at once, you can see the stacks jump from 59 to 61 afterwards!
Peter Korinek
Peter Korinek Yıl önce
But one coral gived you two stacks no? At least from champions
Marcos Mathison
Marcos Mathison Yıl önce
@Peter Korinek 2 from killing champions and +1 per coral
leo cintra
leo cintra Yıl önce
@Peter Korinek The Void Coral gives 1 Lavender stack. Takedowns on champions gives 2 Lavender stacks and monster takedowns gives 1 stack.
Peter Korinek
Peter Korinek Yıl önce
@leo cintra oh I see. So simply killing them also gives stacks. Somehow I missed that
Julianus Apostata
If burndamage works on the e, you could do a tank+double burn -build. Tanking your whole team with e and burning it
Kyle Dollenberg
Kyle Dollenberg Yıl önce
Holy crap. She's going to be one jgl champ that'll be very difficult to go up against. Damn. Things just got a whole lot more interesting
Mace Yıl önce
I feel like she could be a monster in the top lane. With a bruiser/attack speed build with hullbreaker. Imagine split pushing with all those minions. Could do a similar build to what gnar builds (Trinity + other bruiser items and hullbreaker)
Hapz Yıl önce
Welp, she only had minions if she had Rift or Baron buffs.
Timmy DOLLA Yıl önce
She wont get any attack speed since it only scales off large monsters and champ kills. She is basically forced into jungle
Mace Yıl önce
Ahhh never mind that sucks
Timmy DOLLA Yıl önce
@Mace Yeah, I wanted to try her toplane as well. Big sadge
Ookami Da Boi1da
Ookami Da Boi1da Yıl önce
At a certain amf of attk speed i can 100% say belveth should be soloing barons for her team. Shes more than capable.
Luís F
Luís F Yıl önce
tbh with her inate attack speed scaling, you hit diminishing returns extremely quickly. After kraken and Botrk for the on-hit effects that are broken, I'd probably just build AD items for a different source of multipliers if I was going full damage. Thinks like Bloodthirster or the hydra items, perhaps even IE.
Zuccy101 Yıl önce
as you can see in the purple bar, you can stack up to 6 empowered autos so dont waste them early game when spamming abilities on camps! pretty much like taric passive also the E is used best defensively since it reduces 70% damage and roots you kinda like a irelia W
Candlejack Yıl önce
Bel'veth scaling to the point of near infinite attack speed Vs Jax spinning a lamppost
Riot: Old Aatrox auto attacking is bad. Also riot: Bel'velth auto attacking is good.
Im Reliq
Im Reliq Yıl önce
Shes insane. But for better damage since AS stacks anyway, I'd consider a full crit build too.
Angelos Ritter
Angelos Ritter Yıl önce
She is damn amazing. She isnt really op because she IS squishy even if she heals she can be done with really quick as we saw MF doing lots of damage there. I think, in my opinion, she aint busted like broken op because its a stacking champ and without her stacks she is basically easy to get away from or kill her before she kills you
Colten Ross
Colten Ross Yıl önce
Me at the beginning of the video: Okay she seems really cool, nice clear, good ganking potential, nice jungler. Me at the end of the Video: WTF IS THAT ATTACK SPEED?! THATS FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!
ThatBlokeGlenn Yıl önce
"So looks like it will be a Q max, then either W or E" Yes. Those are the only other options, Zwag. Well done. XD
Was thinking the same lol
BUTTER Yıl önce
Haha tough audience
Dude Bro
Dude Bro Yıl önce
? I max R first.
Skipp Yıl önce
I love how Belveth just keeps attacking the Nexus after its already destroyed xD
Makoto-Samaru Yıl önce
She's a late game champ. She seems fun, if i was still playing the game, i would play her for sure.
scout Yıl önce
I really like it when content creators are well informed of what the champion does. Instead of just not knowing whats going on. Despite the kit being complex Zwag does a good job of explaining it
Tsino Yıl önce
The Mundo vs Bel' Veth matchup just turned into Armstrong vs Raiden in late game. 🤣
Corey Gamble
Corey Gamble Yıl önce
Just going max lethality is probably the move. She naturally gets attack speed so just going full damage with the build, eventually you’ll out scale any comp
Grubby Grub
Grubby Grub Yıl önce
I like that her dashes are in specific directions and not just wherever she wants to go. Interested to see what becomes the standard build for her.
braden polley
braden polley Yıl önce
You can stay in ultimate form for so long, wtf. Lol At least she's squishy. They did a good job with the void theme and Kai'Sa connection - her movements and sound effects make me think of Kai'Sa a lot
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox Yıl önce
I think you miss play by using her E early, it seems like something you use when the enemy turns on you. It reduces damage you take, and it requires the enemy to be on top of you to get full benefit out of it. Also that moment Zwag sees a Kat dagger and goes "WHY CAN'T I ULT?!" XD
Matias Rivera
Matias Rivera Yıl önce
She attack She stack But most importantly, she slap
Defalt Yıl önce
Legend says Bel'veth is still hitting that nexus
Louis Padua
Louis Padua Yıl önce
For the AP build you should try kayle’s ap build. Nashors tooth first item atk spd boots then riftmaker
Keith Miller
Keith Miller Yıl önce
With how the true dmg stacks indefinitely I can see bruiser/tank being really good, especially with new update. Staying in fights would let you stack that and increase possibility of picking up multiple coral. I don't know, I guess we will see once the meta forms around her.
nfzeta Yıl önce
yea a more bruiser build probably is more stable gameplay as you still stack AS just clearing and killing champs and you probably only need one or two AS items on her anyway. A triforce + bork/witts + DD prob sounds nice for core.
Joyce Van Ballegooij
wow dude you melted their whole team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done on the items and runes to !
Rae Car
Rae Car Yıl önce
That moment when swag died trying to ult when they're were clearly arrows pointing to his coral 🤣 🤣 🤣
Martin Drouin
Martin Drouin Yıl önce
I'm excited but scared, i guess she's the kind of jungler that we need to invade like a kindred or a yi and we put her in the no comeback zone if we're able to
L. Peebles
L. Peebles Yıl önce
Can’t wait to see more gameplay of this champ
Peter Billings
Peter Billings Yıl önce
Omg that end game penta was hilarious and scary. He killed the first 3, then Mundo goes, "MY TURN!" And he almost got 'em too! *almost* XD
Geoff Richardson
Geoff Richardson Yıl önce
I'd like to see a tanky Bel'Veth with sunfire and titanic hydra. Kinda like how tank yi works.
Daisy Yıl önce
i went against one my first game as bel'veth and i can tell you it is terrifying
Daisy Yıl önce
@Pardus she passively does true dmg, having titanic and building tank still makes her very good
Pardus Yıl önce
@Daisy master yi deals 200-+ true damage per hit bel'veth's true damage scales on hit at the start she deals only 10 dmg enemy will not let you stack it up you need as, at least guinsoo
Daisy Yıl önce
@Pardus thats all cool but just trust me dude tank works ive seen it with my own eyes
SpaceCat Yıl önce
You could also build her full tank and make a become literally a Battle Boss
GuardianGorilla Yıl önce
I think if she gets stone-walled by some OP champ early, she wont be as good late game. going 0/5/0 early would hurt her a lot because she lacks built in scaling like most champs
Spookypug Yıl önce
Finally a champ that I actually think I'll like playing after zoe
eduardo minare krutsch higa
7.07 attack speed at the end, seems kinda 200 years. I can't wait for the ap version of her build.
Tairongo Yıl önce
Those final 3 minutes were actually insane. I guess she's like kayle or veigar. Early is slow but late you're literally god
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton Yıl önce
that attack speed is ridiculous lol would be interesting to see a bruiser/tank build in the top lane!
DerGrimmigeZwerg Yıl önce
Sunderer instead of Kraken sounds abolutely horrifying
I jUsT wAnT
I jUsT wAnT Yıl önce
But she can only get attack speed from jugle creep and champion
KokoDoritos Yıl önce
@I jUsT wAnT I mean top laners can do herald which gives the buff with the babies
Czarek Karabasz
Czarek Karabasz Yıl önce
How funny it was when Zwag tried to collect Katarina's daggers with his ult 🤣 i think she's kinda balanced, fact is that enemy team had no Hard CC. Only zilean that struggled to send those bombs on her. She's pretty squishy, and needs to get really close to smack enemies therefore hard cc Will threaten her from getting close, although her ult seems Soo good. When it comes to nerfs they should have keep the heal from ult but reduce AS bonus after collecting 'cuz she went from 4.40 to 7.0 for few seconds. Next video take a closer look at her Critical Hit scaling, maybe it's worth to consider building it if scale's worth it.
Malia Rocks
Malia Rocks Yıl önce
She is a mix of Irelia and Shyvana. I like attack speed champions, so i like her playstyle.
WhackDatTower Yıl önce
Super high attack speed, but mind you her autos do reduced damage and are practically wet noodle slaps against turrets. Her E is a channel, so CC can interrupt it. Your W is a good way against enemy Bel'Veth E. Her R true damage stacks, so each consecutive second AA deals additively more true damage than the previous one, so damage is there, but you need some survivability. Should have built a blood thirster or Death's Dance.
if u know u know
if u know u know Yıl önce
i think a tanky build with sunfire would suit her very good🤔