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Her hunger is insatiable.

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Bel'Veth - Champion Spotlight

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Bel'Veth - Abilities Rundown Page

"All That Will Ever Be" Cinematic

Bel'Veth - Champion Theme

"Bel'Veth's Promise" Champion Teaser

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Bel'Veth - Champion Page

"Pinwheel" Short Story




22 May 2022




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ninjack11 Aylar önce
Man for how scary they were teasing her they really hit her with the goofiest attack animation
Tony Y
Tony Y 20 gün önce
now imagine building attack speed and that animation playing at 3 times the speed
Corporate Turtle
Corporate Turtle 27 gün önce
@Crowmaster Non human monster champs don't sell well in Riot's new owner's country: China. So not happening.
Hi I'm Joe
Hi I'm Joe 27 gün önce
Tbh she doesn't really give off a ruler of the void vibe but instead like idk rules a certain area of the void. if we ever get a Void King on the other I hope he is much scarier and bigger
1Greninja WolfBossDeath
@Hanyuu Ah. I think they were talking about the fact that Riot promised a monster champ in the future and everyone thought it would be Bel'veth and that is why people are disappointed. The want a new champ with no human face. There are already, as you said, proper monster champs like Cho'gath and Rek'sai and Vel'koz
Hanyuu 28 gün önce
@1Greninja WolfBossDeath That guy said that "the proper monster champion" will be released later, but it has already been released 12 years ago.
OhhTreeFourWan Aylar önce
The disconnect between all the art vs gameplay in this company is unreal. Art nothing but bangers. Gameplay team gives us this goofy nonsense with I'm sure a balanced kit.
Drakoo the Rat
Drakoo the Rat 25 gün önce
Balanced kit akr
Rajarshi Basu
Rajarshi Basu Aylar önce
That attack speed looked "balanced" to you?
TyloThorn Aylar önce
She gonna be so broken. When she attacks ppl they gonna laugh so hard they cant concentrate.
LM Aylar önce
@Robert Tucker He said gameplay, not models my dude. There are a million other ways to translate concept into gameplay other than making a 4k model.
Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker Aylar önce
models in elague have never been as good as the art. and for a good reason. i prefer to actually be able to play my game instead of a huge lag fest with super detailed in depth models
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Aylar önce
How much dashes do you want to have? Bel'Veth: *Y E S*
X D 20 gün önce
Vex love this
khue dinh van
khue dinh van 24 gün önce
Tan San
Tan San 28 gün önce
the company still reeling from season 2 meta. there are no ranged champions when all the champions can dash!
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 28 gün önce
bich nguyen
bich nguyen Aylar önce
촤빵 Aylar önce
What I expected: The Overwhelming Queen with her minions like Kerrigan with her swarm from Starcraft What actually came out: Flapping stingray
tram nguyen duy
tram nguyen duy 27 gün önce
Celeste Orchid
Celeste Orchid 28 gün önce
But... she slaps. Ok ill see myself out
huong thi
huong thi Aylar önce
jack sheldon
jack sheldon Aylar önce
she actually have minions too. when she kills minions while in her true form she can spawn her own voidlings.
LordWaterbird Aylar önce
What I expected: "ALL KNEEL BEFORE HER GRACE" What I got: "keep my wifes name out ya faccin mouth"
Maria de-flower me now
I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh how with all the build up to play as the “Void Queen,” her main method of attack is slapping her opponents to death. Yeah, those slaps hurt, but it almost makes me wish her crits would be the queen backslapping as if to indicate this fight is beneath her.
Deven Therriault
Deven Therriault 8 gün önce
@Nuts from Berserk Technically her ult does that.
Jiado 28 gün önce
The slapping joke is overblown. It's looks more like she's slicing and piercing people rapidly with spines attached to her arms. The silhouette seems reminiscent of an action flick or film in olden Japan, where someone in a billowing robe or kimono is extending a hidden blade from their sleeve.
Asaro Aylar önce
she's ap i think, so no crit animation
Nuts from Berserk
Nuts from Berserk Aylar önce
Nah I wish her playstyle revolves around suppression and mauling/feasting on her prey and after she successfully devours them she gets upgrade of some kind.
Arceus used splash
Arceus used splash Aylar önce
I love that backslapping idea
kiet anh
kiet anh Aylar önce
In trailer: Wow, she looks like a badass villain Gameplay: ...Is she a ray that can slap others champions to death?
Lev Jerraz
Lev Jerraz Aylar önce
0:56 that yellow colored transform makes worse, more fishy
Bwah Aylar önce
Zigeal⛧Faust Aylar önce
@EclipsedWo1f It will always be too soon. *Australian National Anthem starts playing in the distance*
EclipsedWo1f Aylar önce
@Zigeal⛧Faust Too soon.
Zigeal⛧Faust Aylar önce
Klemens Vestner
Klemens Vestner Aylar önce
after the grace and horror she was emanating in the cinematic trailer this is just ridiculous.
thi kim
thi kim 20 gün önce
hieu hoang thanh
hieu hoang thanh Aylar önce
Gonzalo Cortés Rivera
Yes! Dashes, stuns, invulnerability... Everything that LoL neededn't!
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong 25 gün önce
SkyHigh9 27 gün önce
@BlackViper59 The r is ehhh
Brian Abalos
Brian Abalos Aylar önce
@Wizard Cat This is also what I'm thinking back then and ever since. Then again, since that this is a F2P game, they need money ey ey ey ey ey ey Seriously though, Tencent being it's parent company, they won't stop releasing new champs. Hats off to RIOT and Valve though. E-Sports alive and well. Lastly, they need a large team to address upgrading the old ones
ItsJoeBro Aylar önce
Keep in mind it's not a stunt. It's a knock up which is worst because tenacity doesn't apply to it xD
D00MP4N1C Aylar önce
@Aki Wait who
YasuoZ Aylar önce
I like Lore events a lot. Spirit Blossom was a huge success so I really do not get why Riot decided to do the same thing for Ruination but executed more poorly. A Void lore event is really exciting knowing we have no big updates on the region since maybe Vel'Koz's release since, let's be honest, Kai'sa was not a true void monster.
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Aylar önce
Too many facts in one comment
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Just what League needs
Chathumi Kaveesha
Chathumi Kaveesha 20 gün önce
Kishun gamer
Kishun gamer 21 gün önce
Nice video
Abdul rehman
Abdul rehman 21 gün önce
Love that game
MOUNIKA POLOJU 29 gün önce
Jember 2
Jember 2 Aylar önce
All your live Amazing
Spheal In A Jar
Spheal In A Jar Aylar önce
The trailer and the teasers up to this were so good. That art style, getting a new void champ after forever. Looks so unique and promising. So disappointing that they just had to feed their addiction into making a mobile champion after not being able to with Renata Glasc. It seemed like her kit would be unique with the teasers we got with Vel and Mal. being able to corrupt or do something with void "magic". Instead her gameplay is inspired by Dawid Zalewski, the slap fighting champion.
butter boy
butter boy Aylar önce
FACTS this is such a let down
Mathias Kristensen
Mathias Kristensen Aylar önce
She's just gonna win every match cause the enemy team won't be able to stop laughing at these animations 😂
Sunnyeggu Aylar önce
I feel like claw hands wouldve been a good addition to her looking from the way she attacks. A viscous monster in disguise of a beautiful lady should totally have a great weapon to destroy her enemies with.
FBI_Cheez Nutz
FBI_Cheez Nutz Aylar önce
The Peak of League, unlimited dashes for a champion. Finally, a champion that surpasses Riven's 1 million dashes. Thank you riot, that's what we need!
LucyUwU 20 gün önce
@Gabriel Mayans he right, cringe champ
agon behrami
agon behrami Aylar önce
More like kat
Gabriel Mayans
Gabriel Mayans Aylar önce
Cryo about it
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
If a slapping competition was a game mode in League, she’d be SS tier for sure.
llll lllllllll
llll lllllllll 21 gün önce
you forgot Wel'Smeth? 🤔
Блудный Сын
Блудный Сын 29 gün önce
hah XD
Ronnie Panlilio
Ronnie Panlilio Aylar önce
Samonaz z
Samonaz z Aylar önce
yeah stealing the title that belonged to Kayle for decades.
Harmonixs Aylar önce
She ain't got nothing on Will Smith though.
Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I just notice that her legs never disappear when she goes monster mode, it kind of reminds me of Berserk where the apostles had their faces in a part of the demon body, but with the legs instead.
Gregory T
Gregory T Aylar önce
Sinner repent..
will williamson
will williamson Aylar önce
circle ability! line ability!! circle ability! wow so amazing! same sparkle effect as every other ability in the game! incredible.
DeltaMagna Aylar önce
Yes! Give us more monster designs please!!!!
Rubinshki Aylar önce
I can't wait to see Bel'Veth being the first champiob being rework at her release
CharismaSTICC Aylar önce
she's like old galio but instead of throwing spells, she throws her wings at you
light 15 gün önce
@Chunky Style huh
BlueMio Aylar önce
100% literally got the old Galio ult as well lol
light Aylar önce
@John Paul Jones is a badass what's cringe about him?
John Paul Jones is a badass
@light says the guy who has the aphelios pfp
Gucci Cactus
Gucci Cactus Aylar önce
Q Aylar önce
After seeing her animations i think riot is joking, how can you give the empress of the void slaping animations? Like wtf she is the Void and should be elegant like in the trailer and all and a Monstee in her true form, the Queen of the Void does NOT slap and neither is the monster that she truly is slaping, wtf riot
emu_enjoyer 23 gün önce
She's nice and all, thoroughly disappointed, they gave her an amazing teaser and cinematic just to hit her with the goofiest attack animation, I thought her kit would be just summoning her little voidlings but I mean I have nothing to say
Xkore1 Aylar önce
The geamplay team had a vastly different idea of how she was supposed to work in game vs in the lore
I Die Alone
I Die Alone Aylar önce
I don’t think people just don’t like her autoattacks(I am one of them I’m sorry), I believe people want her to be her, she is an intelligent and self-proclaimed empress, a royal creature. Giving her a slapping autoattack makes her also less royal. When you see her moving and autoattacking you don’t feel royal at all but just a void creature like the others who seeks only for violence. What I believe is that she can slap and fly like that but only after a certain level like idk maybe after level 16 when she leave all her royalty to reach what she really wants with all his power. Level 16 is perfect because if you go that late with an empress it means she is struggling, at that point she leaves all the royalty to get what she claims with all his power, before lvl 16 is royalty and intellect. It would fit even better considering both sides not just removing one with another
ProjectJamesify Aylar önce
Bel'Veth: Empress of the Void Also Bel'Veth: Slaps everyone silly
Bwah Aylar önce
blip blop
blip blop Aylar önce
So, she is vel'koz mom or what..?
李宗頤 Aylar önce
but its slap from the void empress
Sebastian Aylar önce
And I'm here for it
SimplicityMarx Aylar önce
*"I'm gonna smack the goofy out ya"*
Seby Gaming YT
Seby Gaming YT Aylar önce
So her transformation from semi human to monster comes from her consuming the things her enemies drop,her main mobility comes from her dash that can stack 4 times I might add,she has a darkin Kayne knock up,a skill that makes her immobile but has more attack speed,and she can make more spawns than yorick can.... Yeah they said that the kits of their champion aren't that overloaded....
noobbones Aylar önce
When you cc her but her ability still goes through: "HOW CAN SHE SLAP!?"
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
I really didn't expect her kit to be like this and Idk how to feel about it lol
BGniktou Aylar önce
That's the actual matter with new champs since 2 years, it's soooooo funny to play them because they're broken af but playing against give massive frustration...The effect on the community will be hardcore again :v Well on a cool note, I really like the character tho, it will bring litteral fear in the game
Musealie Aylar önce
"You crave SLAP." "I will SLAP this world clean." "I SLAP everything." *void-like shriek* "So hungry!" *SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP* "All life will be re-slapped." "The SLAP will live!"
Rajarshi Basu
Rajarshi Basu Aylar önce
LokiReaper Aylar önce
Hahahahahaa yessss
Bou Aylar önce
Filipe Mateus
Filipe Mateus Aylar önce
Leo Ciresi
Leo Ciresi Aylar önce
In the Back Rooms, She would simply be known as the Slapper
Andrew B
Andrew B Aylar önce
Cinematic was amazing. Cosmic horror is a tough genre to nail but they seemed to be heading in the right direction. This, unfortunately, ruins it. Way too silly.
Tenseiken Aylar önce
Riot: We want to make an effort to make all champs more tanky, slightly. Also Riot: Bel'Veth
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 3 gün önce
Really wanted more dash :D thx for this amazing new playstyle !
Facundo Veliz
Facundo Veliz Aylar önce
0:45 apart from the attack animation, in that fight she dashed *6* times… *ono*
Demon 27 gün önce
love the sound effects on her ults :)
Matt Aylar önce
I like the design, we were long overdue for a new monster champion
Dean Montague
Dean Montague Aylar önce
i've just never been less excited about a new release
SadBoy 28 gün önce
Really wish she was a skirmisher version of Elise. "Human Form" relying on short-range spells and sending fishes to fight. "Monster Form" relying on melee combat with dashes.
Dean Montague
Dean Montague Aylar önce
had she been a summoner mage or something now that would be a different story... but that flappy manta ray form... smh
吾朗真島 Aylar önce
That feeling when even Cho'Gath abilitites look more interesting than whatever this slap and dash fiesta is.
Under_Games Aylar önce
I want a small glimmer of hope that there'll be a PvE, and we can have Bel'veth, other void champs, and the minions Bel'veth creates to be the ones we're fighting.
OrPoBu Aylar önce
@Amanda Slough TFT being the money maker? More like they have no way to monetize a pve event that is temporary and Rito doesn't like that XD. + Riot just said recently that legit 90% of the TFT player base doesn't spend money at all, with the other 10% being only whalers... And they said that is normal as TFT is still "exploring monetization methods"... 3 years after being released btw.
Amanda Slough
Amanda Slough Aylar önce
@errorusernamenotfound Please, the only reason they don't do them now is because they take resources and they can't make money off of them. Notice how most of the employees that used to do rotational gamemodes now work for TFT, the gamemode that makes money? They even sneakily encouraged it in events over Twisted Treeline so they could warrant finally removing that too. They easily could make a full pve game and find ways to let us use the Little Legends, or buy new campaigns and such with it. It just requires some creativity to make it monetizable.
biggus dickus
biggus dickus Aylar önce
the star gaurdian one was sweet
thunderdrae Aylar önce
I mean Bel'veth is fighting against basically every single Void Champion except Malzahar and maybe Kai'sa assuming she's taken control of her.
Nifty Aylar önce
a void pve event is also something they can rotate permanently instead of an event since such things as the void has been fairly crucial for the lore of the game for like 6+ years but might be a bit ofa stretch
LegacyKiwi Aylar önce
Riot, are you able to give Bel'Veths w a passive where every minute or so (lower the higher level), whenever it is cast and hits something, it spawns one of the voidlings depending on if the champion (Such as kayn's orbs with ranged and melee champions) and jungle camps. Also w makes the voidlings attack the target?
omedan 28 gün önce
Finally a good content again. I always appreciated champion trailers. I remember when Blood Lord Vladimir or Demonblade Tryndamere trailer came out... Oh god that hype :D It's kinda the same. WP
weasley009 Aylar önce
Man I miss actual monster champs
Korelain 21 gün önce
Imagine how it will look if you make the maximum attack speed on her XD
Yu Cao Xi Mi
Yu Cao Xi Mi Aylar önce
Bel’veth in lore: legit entity of the void, an empress that can control void swamp and corrupt the whole city. Bel’veth gameplay: goofy manta rays floating and slapping around like a mindless creature.
Marisirosaurus Aylar önce
But the t-posing is kinda intimidating, don't you think? Hahahaha
IronManiac Xd
IronManiac Xd Aylar önce
@theNimboo true
Crunchy Soup
Crunchy Soup Aylar önce
Malzahar has more Psychological assault-themed abilities than bel'veth.
theNimboo Aylar önce
Seriously. Both Velkoz and Malzahar, and even khazix are far more powerful than she is. It's kinda sad
Triston Schwarz
Triston Schwarz Aylar önce
I was hoping they would've given her a cool ability (similar to Warwick's ability to fear) that would utilize her head. that would've been pretty cool. but we got slappy fins instead.. which should be fun to slap towers really fast in urf lol. im kinda excited for this champ but it looks even more complex and overworked than the champs before it. looks kinda like a Fiora/Kai'sa/Kha'zix/Viego abomination. so we'll see how they work this champ in lol.
Triston Schwarz
Triston Schwarz Aylar önce
She has a Dash like Renekton, she has a passive like Fiora's, her knockup is like Kayns red form W, and some kind of self turret ability like Nunu's E and her ult is like Shyvana and Viego combined in that you consume dead bodies but instead of turning into the champ you turn into a creature and evolve like Kaisa in a way. seems very overworked.
NuKeRGG Aylar önce
Can't wait for someone to make a full attack speed build
Kha Bảo
Kha Bảo 9 gün önce
Here I come back to say: congratulations Riot on successfully betraying everyone’s expectations, Bel’Veth is an absolute failure!
SadBoy 7 gün önce
lol if you read the Riot's recent interview, they praised the marketing team for subverting expectation.
Razori Aylar önce
Remember how old champs used to be? Good times.
girl 10 gün önce
This epic void queen... Is an auto attack champion with the goofiest AA animation ever. And she can get slapped around by a wolf on drugs or an ice troll
SAMURAI Aylar önce
I already can feel how broken this champ will be….
Tyrell Campbell
Tyrell Campbell Aylar önce
I love her voice
Sekilas Gajelas
Sekilas Gajelas Aylar önce
Imagine when i'm in the junggle, then she ambush without warning, i might run, that's very terrifying
Adolf Filius Gatara
After watching her cinematic, this feels like an anime betrayal
Janter Cyrano
Janter Cyrano Aylar önce
Goes in line with the last like 17 anime crappy champions they've released
Omar Mahmoud Elkady
seeing the teaser I expected something insane like never seen before. and then we get flappy birds here dashing and slapping
Stilus Veho
Stilus Veho Aylar önce
I kinda wish she was humanoid to start, and as she got more kills and became more powerful she gradually became more monstrous, Imagine how cool that would be
shani yan
shani yan Aylar önce
More dashes and knock ups is exactly what we've all been missing in League... =/
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 28 gün önce
everything surrounding bel'veth hypes me more than bel'veth.
NECRO Aylar önce
Hope they release more villain type characters
Alex G
Alex G 17 gün önce
@Don't read profile photo oh you silly lad
emanuel stornello
emanuel stornello Aylar önce
@Zinful Dreams he's actually a pretty great leader and shurima flourished under him so he would be a really good emperor, he honestly just wants to take the splendor of shurima to the whole world, why would that make him a villain?
emanuel stornello
emanuel stornello Aylar önce
@Panna first. You don't know what he plans to do as it was not yet explained. Second. It may have been a facade to no incur in the same death of his father, jarvan is not stupid. Third. He's not genocidal as he was not the one who made the rule and it's technically not genocide since mageseekers don't actively kill mages, they imprison them. Fourth. No, he does not have daddy issues, his father was murdered, MURDERED. I get you might have problems with your father but not everyone does. So what? He's evil because he's authoritarian? None of your reasons make sense and up to this point you don't know what's the motive behind his actions so for now you can't call him a villain just yet, maybe in the future, but for now j4 is NOT. A. VILLAIN. Deal with it.
Katu-kun Christian-Castillo
I like how her kit is similar to new irelia. dashes, absorb, atk spd.
bssni touir
bssni touir Aylar önce
I really didn't expect her kit to be like this and Idk how to feel about it lol
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 29 gün önce
She looks like Vaatu from Korra
weibo coiu
weibo coiu 26 gün önce
To be frank, a goofy auto-attacker is not what I expected from this supposed powerful being from the void.
Smily771 Aylar önce
So what happens if you also have a Viego on your team? Bel"s passive and Viego's are kinda alike
Saladman Aylar önce
Edit 2: Due to the attention this is getting, I highly reccomend you guys check out the monster Wraith from Evolve Stage 2, I think wraith is a good example of how to make a Bel'veth look scary when attacking fast rather than a little goofy! Very cool concept and looks fun, but her attacks look too goofy for an empress of the void. I feel like she was supposed to look ravenous but instead looks slappy and silly. Edit: another thing is that her fiddlesticks drain looks more like a seizure, I think fiddle's drain captures the idea of a demon soul in a frail form barely holding itself together. I think the movements could be a bit more bubble in shape and slower to make it look more voidy rather than a muscle spasm Also, she seems to have a very interesting fiora like mechanic with that indicator next to her that disappears when you dodge in the corresponding direction. That'll be interesting to master
That Dude Be Like...
@Don't read profile photo ok fine.
Saladman Aylar önce
@RpiesSPIES I am still so sad it's gone
Chubby Aylar önce
@In Ur Face There’s a discord that exists that still hosts the games I believe using some method
RpiesSPIES Aylar önce
Holy f*, someone that actually remembers Evolve. I miss it...
Saladman Aylar önce
@In Ur Face Yeah deadass
RandomBruhNoise Aylar önce
"These wings are rated E for Everybody" -Bel'veth probably
Undomaranel Aylar önce
Malzahar is her prophet. She is his deity. Malzahar casts void in spells. She slaps. Malzahar can stun and silence and brainwash. She can gobble. Malzahar can summon entities that fight for him. So can she under specific circumstances. Either she gave Mal all of her abilities and is left fighting like a far lesser creature, or she prefers being a beast. Are we to believe the watchers are really incapable of preventing this villain, when she acts little more than a beast? Even Rek'Sai and Cho'Gath have void projectiles and manipulate the map. Yet she melee dashes and slashes. Not impressed, and far more let down than I was with Viego wearing a Danny Phantom cosplay instead of the Tolkien/ Lovecraftian horror he was built up to be. Here's hoping I'm wrong and she's actually fun to play.
RanO RanOvaT
RanO RanOvaT Aylar önce
Genuinely feels unfinished
Filipe Pinho
Filipe Pinho Aylar önce
yet another champion with more dashes.... when I think on my favorite champs no way to dash, no way to counter this much mobility plus get 1 shot without a way to fight back :D :D :D this is getting more and more "balanced"
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
I kinda wish she moved around similar to how Lissandra moves, very fluid and elegantly, and maybe only does her slappy slap as a manta ray during ult or something. It does look really strange
Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
I kinda wish she moved around similar to how Lissandra moves, very fluid and elegantly, and maybe only does her slappy slap as a manta ray during ult or something. It does look really strange
TheGreat Hunter
TheGreat Hunter Aylar önce
A dash, a knock up, oh and invulnerability. Riot games champ design at it's finest, just keep putting the balance team in a deeper hole.
yamizureyx Aylar önce
The sound design here is excellent
Kaminari House
Kaminari House Aylar önce
Character? Fantastic and unique. Theme? Eerie and brilliant. Gameplay? The Slap™
TOMTOM CHAN Aylar önce
Garen: spin to win Bel'Veth: slap to win
Rextle Aylar önce
It's like watching that one dude that doesn't know how a gun works and starts using like a bat. That's the feeling I get watching her gameplay
Alhossne Minalang
Alhossne Minalang Aylar önce
the design was a random sting ray that can slap left to right while in the trailer was a badass queen with a serious anger management
Mosh Head
Mosh Head Aylar önce
One of the first reveals I saw of her. It starts off with the zoom in the purple eye. I remember I was so excited to finally see her. And then the gameplay shown is just her autoing a turret with her goofy looking wings. It honestly felt like a joke going from that level of atmosphere to a slapstick comedy
SadBoy 7 gün önce
@Lilybun Looking back, the leaked ability sounds more interesting. Gather swarm stacks from Jungle and invade a lane to unleash all of them.
Dtoodlez Aylar önce
nailed it.
Lilybun Aylar önce
I saw an alleged leak of her gameplay a week ago but thought it was clearly some fan hoax mod where they made velkoz into a bat because it looked so 2011...
Puck Aylar önce
I think that SLAPstick comedy is extremely accurate yea XD
Taylor H
Taylor H Aylar önce
i can't believe I convinced myself that her wonky auto animations were just a playtest thing and that they'd get polished up before going live 😔
Orbital Potato
Orbital Potato Aylar önce
After seeing that attack animation, im for sure building Lethal Tempo.
Double Adventures
Double Adventures Aylar önce
We don't think Bel'Veth has an overloaded kit overall
Ines Aylar önce
I am sry I don‘t like the LOL game but I absolutly love their songs❤️😂
tZuc Wizard
tZuc Wizard Aylar önce
2 weeks after global release: "We feel she dashes through the ranks too quick, so we're toning down the number of times she can dash"
Nathan Naps
Nathan Naps Aylar önce
@TheRandomYoYo Though the arrows aren't pointless(I think they are a good indicator to know if she has a dash to start with or not), I will say maybe they will limit the dashes if they often come back.
Yeng Thao
Yeng Thao Aylar önce
Just play poppy
Carlos Magtibay
Carlos Magtibay Aylar önce
Alec Goodrich
Alec Goodrich Aylar önce
Looks like her dash gets reset when she autos someone in the direction of those arrows (kinda like urgots passive but it resets her dash)
Luccas Aylar önce
@Dimas Ramdhani that purple* bar under her health seems to go down whenever she does those flurries of auto attacks, not when she dashes
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
The disconnect between all the art vs gameplay in this company is unreal. Art nothing but bangers. Gameplay team gives us this goofy nonsense with I'm sure a balanced kit.
Gabriel Nedev
Gabriel Nedev Aylar önce
Ray Rayz
Ray Rayz 29 gün önce
Wana ruin your day? It's actually SPANKING. o.o
Ma Stephen Jit Chi
Ma Stephen Jit Chi Aylar önce
Her Attack speed animation is too funny. 🤣
Buster Koala
Buster Koala Aylar önce
There's no way you got this all the way through to release and not a single person laughed at the attack animation
Ben Ras
Ben Ras 27 gün önce
glad alot of people have same impression. I feel like been lead to the impression shes a dark sinister mage who sends swarms and traps people with the cinematics. not some fighter with slapstick goofy atks
weibo coiu
weibo coiu 26 gün önce
flick or film in olden Japan, where someone in a billowing robe or kimono is extending a hidden blade from their sleeve.
sykotek Aylar önce
can't wait to see how stupidly op she is and riot thinking that it's perfectly normal and that she is a balanced and fair champ with plenty of counter play
Ethan Styant
Ethan Styant Aylar önce
This whole comment section was so hyped for her release and then we get this... Mixed feelings to say the least
Jéhache Aylar önce
never forget to give her 10 dashes riot, we all love overly mobile champions
Duds Aylar önce
I really didn't expect her kit to be like this and Idk how to feel about it lol
Lance Alcala
Lance Alcala Aylar önce
@Ethan Styant the manta ray is attack speed reliant and true damage dealer with ult, thats effing op
Dallas Meeker
Dallas Meeker Aylar önce
@I'm Me if you think Yone has a more challenging kit than Bel'veth, then it was mistake asking.
I'm Me
I'm Me Aylar önce
@Dallas Meeker "expectaction" We didn't expect Aphelios to be the first champiom to break the 200-year mark. Now we got used to him and the likes of Qiyana, Yone and such with a ton of things in their kit, we expect the same level of challenging gameplay from Bel'Veth too. So our minds are made up.
Dallas Meeker
Dallas Meeker Aylar önce
@I'm Me so what is it you people want? You complain about overloaded and hard to understand kits, but then when they tone it down you complain that its too simple. Make up your minds.
Krashevil Aylar önce
@I'm Me I think that holds true to her character of a devourer, consuming abilities to become this void frankenstein. She could use an animation overhaul tho
KoedbyDragons Aylar önce
I’m glad Davie504 is getting the recognition he deserves. Lets climb, SLAPPERS!
Rin Serra
Rin Serra Aylar önce
Everyone: "oh she slaps for an attack" Me: "Oh she really do have feet, that's explains the thighs in the splash art ..."
Ezreal Frostfire
Ezreal Frostfire Aylar önce
We need unique champ , not just a dash and airborne
JuniorSmily Aylar önce
Multiple dashes and resets? Just what i did expect from a new league champ
PatadaNaBoca Aylar önce
i was expecting more for one of the most stronger characters of the lore ;-; her special power is punching in a mudamuda style
Kywu Aylar önce
@sk1ger He's a dragon he just throw cosmic breath to you
sk1ger Aylar önce
@Matyáš Petrák He has Tyranosaur hands, so can´t slap with those.
Matyáš Petrák
Matyáš Petrák Aylar önce
Well, we know what happened to Aurelion who definitely does NOT slap
BioWBE Aylar önce
Did the attack pattern already set in stone before they actually design champs? Bcuz if this were early Bel'veth, as in a human clad in mantray-esque void cape, the cape slapping would made more sense, because the human part could still swing elegantly. But that doesnt work with a whole mantaray slapping people.
niopi 13
niopi 13 Aylar önce
MonsterCardo Aylar önce
i do love the theme
Big Fat Seal
Big Fat Seal Aylar önce
Lore: Empress of the void, powerful and intelligent beyond mortals understanding, manifested with a twisted narcissistic personality, she craves for never ending conquest, destruction and chaos. who will never stop consuming until there is nothing left. In Game: SLAPPITY SLAP SLAP
Konky Aylar önce
yeah I dont know what I think about her. Would've thought she would fit more as a mage, sending swarms of fish drones to aid her in chasing enemies down and so on. I am not a huge fan of her attack speed style.
This Guy
This Guy Aylar önce
I'm glad how she turned out, A BEAST
Rory Aylar önce
me neither, i was hoping she would be more malzahar adjacent with some minions
Alucard NoLifeKing
Alucard NoLifeKing Aylar önce
@Kizma Asu right, seems like a riftmaker into nashors rush, into bork or another flat ap item.
Kizma Asu
Kizma Asu Aylar önce
@Smokey Joe not really. Seems like her kit is designed for AS/onhit builds
Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe Aylar önce
she is designed to be anything
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