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You know Lucy and Ricky. Now it's time to meet Lucille and Desi. Here’s a special teaser from Being the Ricardos, in theaters December 10 and on Prime Video December 21.

Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) are threatened by shocking personal accusations, a political smear and cultural taboos in Academy Award®-winning writer and director Aaron Sorkin’s behind-the-scenes drama Being the Ricardos. A revealing glimpse of the couple’s complex romantic and professional relationship, the film takes audiences into the writers’ room, onto the soundstage and behind closed doors with Ball and Arnaz during one critical production week of their groundbreaking sitcom “I Love Lucy.”

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Being the Ricardos: Official Teaser | Prime Video

Prime Video




19 Eki 2021




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ListenTo Luucy
ListenTo Luucy 3 gün önce
My idol!!!
Joseph E
Joseph E 4 gün önce
I think Nicole nailed the voice for the most part. Nope I did not see the resemblance in the least. Lucille Ball was a drop dead gorgeous actress and was known for that. NK played her, but her features were too harsh and just did not have the look. They would of been better off in my opinion with another actress. Regarding Javier, I would agree with some about his age, however he did have more or less a similar look. Javier is from Spain. and although Desi was from Cuba he was obviously of Spanish heritage, so I think they nailed that and some of the acting. Their voices were good. I am sure many will think the movie was great. The NK Lucy look..not the greatest :( but that is my opinion.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 4 gün önce
Should be a very fun movie to watch.
Saralo Ha
Saralo Ha 5 gün önce
The way you all keep hating on Nicole is the reason the movie is outperforming the expectation and may actually end up getting more award love than it should. Debra Messing being forced to address her with respect on Twitter, that too was fun.
Mr. Peevy Show
Mr. Peevy Show 5 gün önce
NK doesn't look nothing like Lucy. Her face looks plastic and her eyes are too. There was an actress who was close to looking like Lucy her name was Frances Fischer. She played Lucy in a TV movie years ago.
Willy Aguilar
Willy Aguilar 5 gün önce
why am i obsessed w this arrangement i need it on spotify
Ernie F.
Ernie F. 10 gün önce
Nicole Kidman is Talented & Iconic.. But, I believe Amy Adams would've been a better Lucille Ball. She looks more like Lucy
gipsy 12 gün önce
No me gusta Nicole como Lucy. Punto.
Noah Flores
Noah Flores 12 gün önce
Words cannot express how excited I am for this
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen 14 gün önce
Can we get a gilligans island remake? Lol asking for a friend! I loved Lucy as a kid, still do. Glad to see this happening.
Melissa Nava
Melissa Nava 14 gün önce
Danny Pino was incredible as Desi and Rachel York was OUTSTANDING as Lucy in "LUCY" (which is currently on Amazon Prime as well) I, too, am a HUGE Lucy fan and it's very well done. It's kind of ironic how well they played their role, and their true lives were so different that what was portrayed... REALLY made it all the more tragic ;(
Marvel.Habits 14 gün önce
I’m about to turn 16 and I remember my uncle used to stay at our house and he showed me all about I love Lucy , Bewitched, I dream of Jennie and a lot of other sitcoms and I have to say that I loved all of them from the beginning and I wish more shows were like that now, so I really hope this is amazing and really represents their story❤️.
bob saleh
bob saleh 16 gün önce
this doesn't look good
Joslyn Nisvis
Joslyn Nisvis 17 gün önce
Looking forward to it hopefully it’s good cause there will never be a Lucy! ♥️
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
They should got another actor ms kidman is beautiful but no lucy. Major lucy fan. I collect her stuff.
Heidi 18 gün önce
Yikes, this looks terrible! I wish they picked an unknown actress and not Nicole Kidman its so distracting and aggravating even hearing her talk- because she just sounds (and looks) like Nicole Kidman failing to render anything close to Lucille Ball.
Send Congress Flowers
Send Congress Flowers 19 gün önce
Everything Sorkin touches turns to gold.
Curtis Michael
Curtis Michael 19 gün önce
You already know the acting is going to be top-notch. Kidman and Bardem in the leading roles...That would be a yes for me!
cell pat
cell pat 19 gün önce
for one thing, Nicole sounds a bit like Lucy did. they don't show much here but seeing that Lucy Jr. gave it a big thumb up, I can't really argue with that. I hope Javier is as good too.
Enrique Huevos
Enrique Huevos 20 gün önce
I hope this will be bad, as both Nicole & Javier are SO MISCAST. not believable for one second. Nicole's comedic timing is not her forte. Debra Messing would have been perfect..
john brown
john brown 20 gün önce
Bardem, really. I kinda starting to believe Kidman may pull this off. But bardem, cmon guys
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov 20 gün önce
The f is this
Agentmg17 20 gün önce
Notice how we can't see the dislike ratio...
Paul DeLane
Paul DeLane 21 gün önce
Bewitched, YES, LUCY, NOOOOOO!!! She don't look or Sound like LUCY! You can even hear Nicoles austrailien accent at times!!!! This is not gonna be good! I love ya Nicole, but this is more than you can chew, sorry. LUCY is too special!
Cynthia Abbott
Cynthia Abbott 21 gün önce
That was a disappointing trailer. 👎
Kayla Bear
Kayla Bear 21 gün önce
I love Lucy and I love Nicole, but I’m not sure if I love Nicole as Lucy. Prove me wrong, Nicole! I would love to see Debra Messing play her, though.
Joshua Preston
Joshua Preston 21 gün önce
Javier Bardem & Nicole Kidman. I am completely sold. I wonder if the movie will include the birth of their son.
Leon Darko
Leon Darko 21 gün önce
I cannot fucking wait to see this
Brittany Victoria
Brittany Victoria 21 gün önce
I've never been more excited in my life
Tharuka Epaarachchi
Tharuka Epaarachchi 22 gün önce
Agent Coulson!
RT BARNES 22 gün önce
Holy hell!!! Cannot WAiT!...
I Am Tenderhearted
I Am Tenderhearted 22 gün önce
WOW!! Nicole Kidman absolutely NAILED Lucille Ball’s Voice!!😊❤️
Nero 23 gün önce
J. K. Simmons as William Frawley/Fred Mertz just fits
chinangelika 23 gün önce
Debra Messing and Jaime Camil would have been great though...
Insane One
Insane One 24 gün önce
Johnny Depp will always be my first choice to play Desi.
dobazajr 24 gün önce
I believe in Aaron Sorkin. This must be good.
Nasson 24 gün önce
Okay. Here’s the problem trying to tackle this project. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are so iconic and held in the highest regards. You could have the biggest budget ever and the best of the best acting in it and it still won’t measure up. I’m excited to see this as a massive fan and one who still watches I Love Lucy to this day on a semi regular basis but I think at best it’ll be just “okay”. I really want/hope it does better but I just can see that happening.
hsd287 24 gün önce
Great job by the cast and Nicole nailed the Lucille Ball look ❤️👍🏻
Ace Blanks
Ace Blanks 24 gün önce
Omg and I literally been binging I Love Lucy like crazy this week!!!!! It’s literally my favorite sitcom of all time!!!!!! And to think she was the first woman to really star in her own tv show like this. I caaaaant wait!!!! So glad I have prime!!!!!!
TheDoctorwho747 25 gün önce
There was no other show like I Love Lucy, just about every big Hollywood star at the time guest starred on that show.
Martina Cold
Martina Cold 25 gün önce
They had to get permission from the Pope to film a baby seen 😤 it was deemed very risque.
Ray Holdridge
Ray Holdridge 26 gün önce
I can't wait to see this! Fantastic trailer. Theme song ftw.
wegan merner
wegan merner 26 gün önce
What the fck is this..my idol has always been Lucille ball but it was because her and Desi worked well together... This is my biggest heartbreak since the Conners
Greg Cohen
Greg Cohen 26 gün önce
As a massive fan of I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Here's Lucy - as well as many other things Lucille Ball did - and as a massive fan of Nicole Kidman & Aaron Sorkin... I can not get over how bad of a choice she was. Debra Messing would have been perfect. This is not, and it's distracting the entire time. I'm disappointed, knowing this could have been better.
mike stang
mike stang 26 gün önce
Don't try it, they can not be replicated, it's a waste of time and money, I will not watch, water downed faux Ricardo's......
Oscar Salas
Oscar Salas 27 gün önce
I CANNOT FUCKING WAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dirkbogarde44 29 gün önce
Was watching her in an old b-movie on youtube last night...she was an excellent straight actress too.
lvhvogue 29 gün önce
Generic Name Here
Generic Name Here Aylar önce
They couldn’t find a CUBAN actor to play the CUBAN Desi Arnaz? Nicole Kidman is great but I think Debra Messing would’ve been a better fit
Rayarena Aylar önce
​@Generic Name Here Actually, having a Spaniard play a Cuban of Spanish ancestry is "representation" as you put it. There is nothing wrong with that, especially when said Cuban was very proud of his Spanish heritage and would boast of his colonizing ancestors who were given land grants by Queen Isabella of Spain to settle California before it became an American state. But using your word, "ignorance," ignorance allows opinionated people like you to think otherwise. That said, please explain how on earth my comments about Bardem playing Desi [a white man playing a white man] leads you to think that I agree with black face? How is Bardem playing Desi in anyway compatible to a white actor in black face? Oh, and none of the Cuban actors around now look anything like Desi. To name a few, waspy looking Eddie Cibrian doesn't look like Desi, neither does blue eyed Raul Esparza, Andy Garcia doesn't look like Desi, though we're getting closer with him, but he's already in his 60s. Bobby Cannavale might look a bit more like Desi, but looks are not the only thing that casting agents look for when hiring a performer, they, also, look for skills and Bardem is an incredible actor. Perhaps they thought that he had the gravitas to play Arnaz whereas the other actors didn't try out for the part, weren't interested or did try out for the part, but were not thought to be able to play the part. In the end, Lucie Arnaz is delighted with Bardem playing Desi, so who are you to complain? Is she also a "Trumpf " who agrees with black face?
Generic Name Here
Generic Name Here Aylar önce
@Rayarena Representation matters, and Desi was born in Santiago, Cuba and later became an American citizen so having a Cuban American actor portraying this legend would’ve been appropriate. But ignorance allows this to happen. You prob agree with black face from the past bc the GQP led by that con man Trumpf dictates you to think that way. It’s sad. At least they picked an American born actress to portray an American legend, even if they only chose both leads based on their current status in Hollywood. There were many current Cuban American actors working today who would’ve been excellent to play Desi
Generic Name Here
Generic Name Here Aylar önce
@Rayarena actually Ms Kidman was born in Hawaii, so she was born an American.
Rayarena Aylar önce
What does it matter that Javier Bardem is not Cuban? Desi was of Spanish ancestry, so Javier and Desi are ethnically the same. That said, Kidman is Australian. Why does it not bother you that an Australian is doing the part of an American?
Nancy Fasolino
Nancy Fasolino Aylar önce
Not sure if I want to see this yet, because I love the show so much now more than ever I don’t want to know what really happened behind the scenes it might ruin the magic for me
Carol M
Carol M Aylar önce
can't wait!!!!
TheHoodGuru Aylar önce
When this trailer first came out, I thought she had the voice almost perfect. I was surprised that people was saying otherwise in some of the comments.
tori2dles 27 gün önce
It’s very good. I hear a tinge of Aussie in a few spots, but very slight.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Aylar önce
OMG the actor you got to play Desi the dude looks like 1980"s Desi that's what always gets me about anyone who does anything about Lucy they always do everything to give her some kind of justice while given no justice to the people that was around her. You could of at least approached someone like Jaime Camil someone else that has a Desi Arnaz type vibe. They should both at least favor Desi & Lucy Looks more to me you all was thinking Fred & Ethel. Thumbs down for me!
Tina Belair
Tina Belair Aylar önce
Can’t wait
Elle Jay
Elle Jay Aylar önce
Hmm. We'll see.
Tracy Sorensen
Tracy Sorensen Aylar önce
Lucy Arnez previewed in the last week. She ave it 5's saying portrayals were incredibly well done and overall an endearing reviews. She was gobsmacked. Can't wait to see it.
RamadaArtist Aylar önce
I grew up on I Love Lucy reruns, like, legitimately made me a better person. I had no idea this was happening, and I can't wait for it.
Black cats Lives matter!
I liked the movie they made with the travel trailer. Lol. Probably the only person who saw that movie and loved it lol
William Myers
William Myers Aylar önce
When is the boys season 3 trailer coming out
Carl Frano
Carl Frano Aylar önce
I think we will all be overwhelmed by amazing performances all around. I think the casting was genius.
Lori Aylar önce
I'm looking forward to this. I've been watching I Love Lucy for 48 years and it still makes me laugh. ❤
Tom Moncrieff
Tom Moncrieff Aylar önce
The genius idea the Ricardos had was to shoot I Love Lucy on film AND in front of a live audience. They were both - especially Lucille - used to movie sets and since they were also producers they wanted maximum comfort with production technique but also the live audience to get the atmos and timing. The result was that their shows could run globally for decades, while the production values of live broadcasts and taped shows from that early period dated so quickly they didn’t really survive.
William Stuller
William Stuller Aylar önce
Their daughter Lucy loves it, said no need to look exactly alike, Nicole captured her mother's soul.
Cheryl Fayder
Cheryl Fayder Aylar önce
I just set a reminder in my calendar. So looking forward to this. We all know Lucy was brilliant. But I'm hoping they give Desi the credit he deserves for making this show the success that it was. For example using 3 cameras before a live audience on film rather than video (unheard of back then) which is why more than 60 years later the show still looks pristine. And putting shows in the can that they could air when Lucy was too pregnant to work.
V. 1954
V. 1954 Aylar önce
Lucie Arnaz has given the finished product a huge endorsement and praised all Nicole and Javier. She said they really captured the essence of her parents. Like millions of others, I can recite the dialogue to every episode; I can't wait to see this film.
Nadia M
Nadia M 26 gün önce
You are definitely right about reciting the dialog to every episode 👍🏽 And I'm so glad Lucie gave her stamp of approval. I was wondering if their kids was gonna have something to do with it or like it.
Felix Lizarraga
Felix Lizarraga Aylar önce
IMHO, Kidman and Bardem are great actors, but too old for these roles. Lucy and Desy were in their 30s when they started making I Love Lucy. Oh well.
Carol Kelly
Carol Kelly 17 gün önce
Desi was in his 30's, Lucille was in her 40's. BTW Messing is too old also if you want to go there with age. She and Nicole's ages are only 9 months apart.
Putins Cat
Putins Cat Aylar önce
I think Fred was heftier.
anita balan
anita balan Aylar önce
This movie is NOT about Lucille and Desi RICARDOS… It’s behind the scenes look at the marriage of Lucille and Desi Arnaz, the actors, and what they experienced in one week of production of one of the I Love Lucy episodes from Monday rehearsal through Friday live tape .. about Arnaz experiencing racism as a Cuban. A scandalous tabloid headline about him and about HUAC’s investigation of Lucille Arnaz
Gisselle Echavarría
Ohhhh I can't wait... 😳🎉
cybernaut_ev Aylar önce
Instead of Nicole Kidman, they should have cast Nicole Sullivan.
Garsons2059 Aylar önce
Well that was a disappointment. It looks like every other show or movie about historical characters. Particularly this movie has the look and sound of Ryan Murphy's trashy and grossly inaccurate Feud series. I feel bad that those portrayed aren't alive to defend themselves or had had the foresight like Fred Astaire did to stipulate that their lives could not be portrayed (if that is indeed possible).
Peek-a-Boo Aylar önce
Already mad at whoever the stylist is for this film. Lucy did not wear her hair that long or loose. Was there a shortage of Aqua-net on the set?
TRITANT Aylar önce
Tomas Aylar önce
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford Aylar önce
I think Kristen Wiig would have been a better fit. Maybe I'm wrong.
SW Game
SW Game Aylar önce
swampzoid Aylar önce
Lucie Arnaz stated that they captured the essence of her parents and gave the movie a big thumbs up.
Jennifer Jacobs
Jennifer Jacobs Aylar önce
I cried when I heard the theme music...I love Lucy was such a huge part of my childhood. Can't to see this film. It looks amazing.
stephanie Mejia
stephanie Mejia 18 gün önce
I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried. For me, it’s like seeing my grandma alive again. The voice though was 99% Lucille.
K Miller
K Miller Aylar önce
I don't think Nicole Kidman has the physical comedy skills to pull off the Lucy role, and Aaron Sorkin doesn't do comedy writing well. I hope it beats my low expectations though because I love I Love Lucy.
gym princess
gym princess Aylar önce
Can't wait!
Jazzy Jimmy V
Jazzy Jimmy V Aylar önce
LLLLLUUUUUCCCCYYYYY!!! SPLAIN!! Big I Love Lucy fan, have all the DVD's!! Can't wait to see this movie! I'm Cuban so chic-chica-boom, chic-chica-boom!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
Well, I've got to admire Kidman for even attempting to pull this off.
Rodolfo Calderon
Rodolfo Calderon Aylar önce
Nicole just barely passes for Lucy, but Javier Bardem as Desi is just wrong and almost insulting. Let's say for the sake of the argument that Javier is a good looking man, he might be in a rugged masculine man sort of way. The opposite is true with Desi, he is a goo looking man in the baby face sort of way. Just horrible casting in my opinion. I guess there were no other Spanish speaking actors out there, lol!
Tmanaz480 Aylar önce
How nice to hear the theme performed in stereo high fidelity.
Tmanaz480 Aylar önce
Lucy Arnaz just gave it a thumbs up.
Tmanaz480 7 gün önce
@bocoy noiu huh??
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
call it being the Ricardos??
I'm old enough to remember the first run of the show. I remember my mom telling me that in the 50s, our local grammar school had to change the night of the PTA meetings because no one showed up (They were home watching I love Lucy!)
Mary Jo Cisco
Mary Jo Cisco 16 gün önce
I love this story....
UrkibanGaming 25 gün önce
How old are you
Lucas Vigor
Lucas Vigor Aylar önce
It looks amazing , from what little I saw.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
in Big Little Lies speak volumes to her ability to capture the character's essence, who else could have received such praises with all those accent slip ups?
FatherSun_76 Aylar önce
Lucy Arnaz just saw this film and gave it more than a thumbs up so I want to see it.
xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure
Who is Aaron sorkin and why are the comments full of brown nosers?
D. Shannon
D. Shannon Aylar önce
The most well known and beloved television show for multiple generations. There is no other show like it. 😍 It was cool to grow up watching it as a latchkey kid. 😎
xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure
Lucy pronounced Desi with an s sound not a z.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
this looks so good can hardly wait to watch Nicole Kidman is such a great actress
Desi WN
Desi WN Aylar önce
Gonna be interesting
jLopez Aylar önce
Really? Nicole Kidman. No one is asking for a body double but Lucy was powerhouse of a woman. Kidman just doesn’t hold up to the boss, brass, larger than life Lucy. The voice alone is so wrong.
Ben Parks
Ben Parks Aylar önce
Give her chance. Watch the movie first and then you can judge.
cherylb2008 Aylar önce
Can’t wait!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
She is a legend.
Servant 13
Servant 13 Aylar önce
I'd watch Nicole Kidman do anything! She is stellar!
Cody Aylar önce
I want to talk to the casting director, I just want to talk…
j v
j v Aylar önce
B G Aylar önce
Kidman is very talented, but not sure about this- she did not do very playing Samantha in the movie version of Bewitched. They keep saying it is not about the TV show, so why call it being the Ricardos??
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