Being Attacked by a Fully Trained Bodyguard Dog

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Dog's are incredibly intelligent creatures that can be trained to guard your life. We learn about this process and experience what it feels like to have a dog attack us up close and personal.
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19 Feb 2020




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Lunawolf 58
Lunawolf 58 48 dakika önce
When mark said to always keep your dog on a leash and that just because your dog is nice and friendly that doesn't mean the other person's is I have a dog who I would love to take out on walks but I'm afraid other people will let there dogs come run up to her and shes a very reactive dog.
mxpd09 Saatler önce
I want to feel the power of just saying "Attack" and the dog just bolts right out of my hand and goes in on an attacker. Eefn felt that power. Until he had to be attacked.
Mae 12 saatler önce
the training is great but the dogs bite needs work, regripping during a bite is usually seen as poor bite etiquette
VIOLET WOODLEY 13 saatler önce
me coming to the video looking for some memes to help me to procrastinate: ethan: *i think this is a good time to point this out. if you are out in public, unless you have specific permission from the owner, and you see a dog with a vest on, do not go up and pet it, don't distract it, you know it could be looking for people having a heart attack, or something like that. This is a lesson that all of you should just keep in mind because i always see people petting dogs with service vests on without any explicit permission and-*
#vegetagirl2007 17 saatler önce
I wish I lived there so my dog could get trained to be obedient
LUDOCRIOUS78 20 saatler önce
panda 20 saatler önce
He looks like a Russian version of Mark
Honey Mustard
Honey Mustard 23 saatler önce
y’all wanna know what’s extra wild? these dogs aren’t even the top of the line working Protection dogs
Rosey Chan
Rosey Chan 23 saatler önce
Mark acting like staff is so funny
Sage Belle
Sage Belle Gün önce
12:50 the pure look of joy on Amy’s face as the Russian man was being bitten by the dog is terrifying me
Carlos Franco
Carlos Franco Gün önce
Ok but is it just me or does the guy look like a Mexican version in mark
Cursed Gün önce
good boi
GreenDultra64 Gün önce
I loved the enthuseasm that mark had w the mic
*itz_lumi* Gün önce
This is my birthday vid *I am not dissatisfied tho-*
Not Harlzz
Not Harlzz Gün önce
I love alcagol
Samruddhi L
Samruddhi L Gün önce
*"It's never, uh, an old, you can teach an old dog, uh you can't, you can't teach, you can?"* -Ethan 2020
ThiccDaddy Joker
ThiccDaddy Joker Gün önce
His accent thoo
LozzaKawi Chichii
ThE bItE oF 87
Chyanne Cook
Chyanne Cook Gün önce
It is actually illegal to distract a servace dog and EXTREMELY dangerous for the owner to do so.🦮🐕‍🦺I am legally blind have anxiety depression and PTSD . I plan on getting a servace dog although I can’t get one at t this time due to financial and housing stability issues. I still like to educate about them and really appreciate the psa. Also bringing a pet in to a non pet friendlY place is also dangerous. If a servace dog gets hurt or even scared enough the dog could stop wanting to work or worse. 💙💜💛💚
Cbjmac M
Cbjmac M 2 gün önce
That dog is very big brain I’m commenting on the old unus annus videos
Kikokun 2 gün önce
Does anyone know where Ethan’s Shirt is from?? I want one so bad 😂
Lazy Coffee Bean
Lazy Coffee Bean 2 gün önce
I love that one guys accent it is wonderful
Candida Journeay
Candida Journeay 2 gün önce
Mark: I’m here too Everyone else: no one cares this is Ethan’s time to shine ✨
roses are red violets are blue ethan got kicked near the shoe edit: ankle didnt rhyme
Aurora Bjørkavåg
Aurora Bjørkavåg 2 gün önce
honestly a bit scared of dogs from this lol ,,, I know they’re also protecting but I can’t help but imagine I’m the one being attacked
Aurora Bjørkavåg
Aurora Bjørkavåg 2 gün önce
the barking is scary :’))
Aмrita Sharma
Aмrita Sharma 2 gün önce
How do the dogs get corrected?
Victor Jackson
Victor Jackson 2 gün önce
13:11 now they've both passed the dogs they must face the final boss: that guard cat behind the door.
putri erra
putri erra 2 gün önce
"I'm bag guy" a russian accent? I'm convinced.
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
Being Attacked by a Trained Bodyguard Dog I got largely bit in the left hand by my own dog and I got a rabid shot in the Animal Bite Treatment Center. I've seen how K9 units work as well in the Philippines because we're in still in the midst of a drug war here, so dogs are the key in finding them. Highly, no, extremely recommended even in this quarantine. My 2 idiot dogs need obedience and personal protection training, because they're being a core mess in the house, especially when the house is empty. Memento mori. We'll see you tomorrow Unus Annus. Doggus Annus.
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
11:51 Purple guy, are you seeing this? Next time, you're getting a bite in the ass.
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
10:18 Anime commanding be like...
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
4:43 Darts gone wrong be like...
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
2:05 Unus became the dog and bit his nooties. "Hit me!"
Aries Melendez
Aries Melendez 2 gün önce
chica vicious
SteelReign55 2 gün önce
"Ohh this is T H I C C...which is good!" - Unus 2020
Noldor 2 gün önce
Chica is stronger than all those dogs combined
justin schumacher
justin schumacher 2 gün önce
I loved this video! you have my subscribe! I thought you were just a gamer. Fuck no. you got ideas
justin schumacher
justin schumacher 2 gün önce
I love how the dog came to greet you all. "hey guys! imma fuck you up!"
Jam_lee 2 gün önce
What about royal cat academy
MLGpug 7
MLGpug 7 3 gün önce
Everyone else: wow such a cool dog Me: 10:11 he’s so good at CHAIR KWON DO
T&A Gaxha
T&A Gaxha 3 gün önce
Mark: says is this the bite of 87 Me: I like your funny words magic man
Professor Slick
Professor Slick 3 gün önce
Ethan: *It's never, uh, an old, you can teach an old dog, uh, you can't you can't teach, you can?*
Lucian Thomson
Lucian Thomson 3 gün önce
was that a nerf gun i saw 0:17
Mary Joy Spohrer
Mary Joy Spohrer 3 gün önce
I love Ethan when he uses his serious voice! I also love that they both made VERY good points about interacting with other peoples pets. ESPECIALLY service animals. When you see a dog in a special harness or vest they are WORKING. I add my voice to theirs, PLEASE respect the service animals when they are on the job.
Sweet tea
Sweet tea 3 gün önce
This is one the videos I’ll miss the most because of how interesting and information it is :(
Jaiven is a Alien
Jaiven is a Alien 3 gün önce
Hunter Taylor
Hunter Taylor 3 gün önce
honestly, i've been bitten in the face 3 times by dogs as a child, and once needed stitches? but i can't find it in myself to be scared of dogs. i'm more cautious and attentive to their signals now, but the time i needed stitches, that was my own dog lucy, and we still have her to this day! she's a cuddly baby, just very protective of the socks she steals from the laundry. if a dog charged me, i don't think i'd even try to fight back.
mariah_ therat3
mariah_ therat3 3 gün önce
When the dog jumped up after the toy the first thing that went through my mind was: ✨HAHA✨ dog go 🔥b o u n c e🔥👁👄👁
justaperson 3 gün önce
The sound effects are amazing haha
Maru-chan 4 gün önce
Lmso when ethan "attack" so calmly and the dog was like "say no more my guy" Had me laughing for some reason
Claire 4 gün önce
8:20 - 9:22 PREACH!!!! As someone who has lived with a rescue dog, owned another, caught several strays, I couldn’t have said it better myself. People don’t usually run up to my dog to pet her, because she tends to bark, but those fuckers will STARE AT HER. Shit like that drives me up the wall !!!
coolcat Ali
coolcat Ali 4 gün önce
seeing a dog in the street gives me really high anxiety.
Zach Goff
Zach Goff 4 gün önce
All the 13-year-old girls in the comments are gushing about Russian guy, but I don't think he was a very good teacher.
Kay 4 gün önce
russian mark makes me feel things
Ivory Valdo ayala
Ivory Valdo ayala 4 gün önce
At 10:32 omg I had milk in my mouth and it was so funny now I have to clean my counter 😂😅
harrald schmitt
harrald schmitt 4 gün önce
at 4:57. XD im so dead
Skyler Blount
Skyler Blount 4 gün önce
Guy:pats dog 3 times Also guy:GoOdBoY
Skyler Blount
Skyler Blount 4 gün önce
I tried petting a palmaranian and it almost bit me then I learned my lesson and I have 2 Esa dogs
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 5 gün önce
This Russian(???) guy deserves his own show.
Полина Александрова
Max's accent is too Russian even for my Russian ear lol like straight up hardbass material I also find amusement in fact that half of his commands are in Russian - like if he could hijack any dog he trained if it was needed
Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor 5 gün önce
I don’t want this to end
Crusader 5 gün önce
Ethan: watching the guy do jujitsu with a chair The guy: spins it like a sign Ethan: ThReAt AtTaCk!!!
Lee 5 gün önce
amy just always looks so happy :D
Argh 5 gün önce
12:20 Mark me is me on PE lesson
Alex Greb
Alex Greb 5 gün önce
Never thought I'd see a Russian dude teach Markiplier how to be a bad guy, but here I am.
Temax B
Temax B 5 gün önce
Is this the bite of 87? Yes, the bite of 87.
Tamami Chan
Tamami Chan 6 gün önce
1:14 it's me or ethan sounded like the pufferfish meme
Cyndal Banana
Cyndal Banana 6 gün önce
Why does nobody ever mention Henry:(
He’s the middle child lol
doublestarKirby 6 gün önce
oops forgot to record
Okay ?
Okay ? 6 gün önce
4:39 when you get 25k a week for doing this the worker's
Quinton- -from-The-Quniverse
I just realized this is my birthday video lol
Hamza Tanvir
Hamza Tanvir 6 gün önce
That dog is TERRIFYING
Funtime Freddy & Bon-Bon
I heard you say "bite of 87", are you taking about my friends?
Ugnius Pocius
Ugnius Pocius 6 gün önce
One of the trainers sound like he is from the motherland (russia)
Ugnius Pocius
Ugnius Pocius 4 gün önce
@Полина Александрова yeah i coud hear them and understand some of them because since im from Lithuania and its one of the most known outside languages
Полина Александрова
Half of his commands are in Russian, so he most likely is Russian or some of Eastern Slavs who speak Russian too
Jacquelinewithac 7 gün önce
Watching how powerful and smart that German Shepard is doing math and easily taking someone down and then immediately looking up and seeing my chihuahua/corgi mix furiously chase his own tail until he falls off my bed is a surreal expirence like...how are these the same species....
michael playz1234
michael playz1234 7 gün önce
I can imagine wearing those suits to work and say "I Am Inevitable!!!!"
Kim Hickling
Kim Hickling 7 gün önce
I'm sorry, but Ethan PETTING THE DOG WHEN IT WAS HANGING OFF THE GUYS ARM was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time
MikeJHensley 7 gün önce
I’ve been bitten by a dog half this size. I promise you they’ll fuck u up
tash eve
tash eve 7 gün önce
i’ve just realised this is my birthday video!! ayeeee
Poison peppermint
Poison peppermint 7 gün önce
that's a nice shirt Eefs wearing
Blade The Slayer
Blade The Slayer 7 gün önce
the intelligence of dogs are incredible. not only are they emotionally infested they also manifest knowledge. and they know the situation and serroundings so well its amazing.
Aurora Hill
Aurora Hill 7 gün önce
Hash Gamer
Hash Gamer 7 gün önce
I like when he got kicked
• syd •
• syd • 7 gün önce
I was looking out my window in my living room and I saw a dog that was unleashed and my dog was outside aswell, I was really worried because I thought my dog was gonna get hurt. I let my dog inside and the dog outside literally came up to the porch and was scratching the window, The owner's of the dog just stared and did NOTHING at all to get their dog back. Worst experience ever with a dog for sure
Noah Strachan
Noah Strachan 7 gün önce
Oh yea? I almost got injured by a dog big train dog
Egg Dog
Egg Dog 7 gün önce
since no one is gonna say it- the service dog community is super grateful for you guys saying not to pet or distract working dogs because they have a job!! we get so many people putting us at risk because they think they can distract our dogs
Maksim Sarchevski
Maksim Sarchevski 7 gün önce
12:50 I just love how Amy is enjoying their suffering
Alana t
Alana t 8 gün önce
Pap-yt3 here we go again d
HOLY SHIT, i speak some Russian and the Russian dude when he said yukrianaia, (ukraine) the dog barked that bitch gnna march on ukriane just like Russia
Senpai Came
Senpai Came 8 gün önce
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong 8 gün önce
Bruh that dog understands russian and english what the hell
Chaninzard674 8 gün önce
The Old Saying: “It’s never, uh, an old, you can teach an old dog, uh, you can’t, you can’t teach, you can?”
Raymond Cao
Raymond Cao 8 gün önce
nearilt there yaaayyyy
avery rennie
avery rennie 8 gün önce
I love when you say ¨ ATTACK ´´
Ody W
Ody W 9 gün önce
he got russian accent. is that right?
Emma Smith
Emma Smith 9 gün önce
So I’m confused what is the timer for in the intro?
Alana t
Alana t 8 gün önce
How much time is left for the channel :’)
Indie the Service Pup
Thank you for telling people not to pet or distract service dogs!! I have had people let their kids run over and touch my dog and she has missed alerts before. It’s very important even if they look like they are sleeping or resting do not pet them!!
Cyborgstar 9 gün önce
I kinda wish my dog behaved that well... minus the attacking.
Cyborgstar 9 gün önce
The accent is perfect.
Kofja 9 gün önce
10:31 I find that when anyone adds the sound effects for slapping and stuff like here, it is so funny to me XD
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