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28 Kas 2022




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Juliannajames Yıl önce
The whole vibe of this show takes me back to childhood lol
Daniel Hallford
Daniel Hallford Aylar önce
Wild and crazy kids
Timothy Zakaria
Timothy Zakaria 3 aylar önce
@Alvex Ok M&M's and gummies are great and so darn addictive. Can't stand cavities I know sugar is bad in the long run too. Dark Chocolate is really good for our brain
Junglizm 5 aylar önce
It's takes you back because you see the legend that is Marc Summers . Dude was important in my childhood with Double dare :)
Juliannajames 6 aylar önce
@Repent or you will likewise perish. i dont believe in god so nope
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭7:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Lindsey Yıl önce
Am I the only one absolutely amazed by the engineering put into the machinery? Like the precision is insane
Kyler Swamp
Kyler Swamp 2 aylar önce
Yes! I think that every time I see any inside manufacturing. Ingenious for real
kolby purdum
kolby purdum 3 aylar önce
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭7:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Bill The Tractor Man
Bill The Tractor Man 6 aylar önce
I worked for a company in Carlos, MN called Brenton Engineering. We made some very unique and perplexing machinery to handle and package products. Projects I worked on were for example a machine that packaged seasoned popcorn kernals into the microwave bags, than into boxes, and into the cases that were stacked on pallets for shipping to stores. I also worked on a machine that Wrapped braided bread into plastic pouches, than into boxes of two. It often took a year to two years of engineering, building, and testing before these huge multi processed machines made were sent to the place where the products were made.
Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown 6 aylar önce
I loved watching Unwrapped as a kid!! 😍😊
yep yepp
yep yepp Yıl önce
This always brings me back to my childhood staying at my grandparents during the summer & watching this before dinner time. Good times. ☺️
Arwen E. M. P.
Arwen E. M. P. Yıl önce
“The gummies, never touch a mold.” **shows a cornstarch mold that the gummies are about to be put in**
shell morton
shell morton Aylar önce
@Thot police good one 👍
Thot police
Thot police Aylar önce
@shell morton when I say so
shell morton
shell morton Aylar önce
@Thot police what DOES make something a mold?
Thot police
Thot police Aylar önce
@shell morton what
shell morton
shell morton Aylar önce
@Thot police when what does?
PollyPocketFan 78
PollyPocketFan 78 8 aylar önce
For the M&Ms they should've shown how they make the peanut ones too.
rebecca lazzell
rebecca lazzell Yıl önce
"Can i buy these?" "Yea sure!" Rings them up Walks away without paying.."thanks!"
Rachel Hanna
Rachel Hanna 6 aylar önce
Yeah because watching a guy pay his bill is really engaging television lol
Jon S.
Jon S. 9 aylar önce
Yeah, the show producer will pony up for it off camera! Hahaha!
rebecca lazzell
rebecca lazzell Yıl önce
@𝐀𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 lol mkay stay mad bout it then
𝐀𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭
yeah we saw it. no need for u to point it out
Arthur Yıl önce
*stares uncumftorably at 90's register screen*
SergeTheBlerge 22 gün önce
Mega Warheads were definitely a big part of my childhood. It's funny because as a 41 year old, Warheads aren't really that sour, but as a kid they were almost unbearable! Prob because my tastebuds are wearing out at my old age and I don't even notice it. Lol
tolitsaso Yıl önce
I used to watch this on our cable tv subscription as a kid, when there's nothing to watch on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or HBO
Von Schweringen
Von Schweringen 4 aylar önce
@Lanell H spiderman and his amazing friends was what I would get up for on Saturdays:) Yeah we had an old Curtis Mathis TV with the dial too. Plus my Atari 2600... those were truly great times.
Bēowülf 10 aylar önce
@Anton Miguel hahaha bro said the barefoot contessa 💀💀💀
Eccense Smith
Eccense Smith 10 aylar önce
Don’t forget bizarre eats
The New IHasEars Channel!
@Anton Miguel and how its made
Lanell H
Lanell H Yıl önce
I had to wait until Saturday morning to watch cartoons, from 1 of 3 channels, that you had to get to by manually turning the TV dial. The TV set was bigger than me! No VCRs to record. Get up or miss them for a week. Life back then was wonderful!
Prince_ CosplayExpro
Watching this stuff takes me back when I use to watch it with my mom and my sister when I was younger and we would love it 😊
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams 2 aylar önce
This is very interesting looking at all the famous candy and seeing how it's really made especially with the gummy worms
Graeme Guthrie
Graeme Guthrie Yıl önce
This show is pure nostalgia!
Taryn Wallace
Taryn Wallace 4 aylar önce
Charlotte Dixon
Charlotte Dixon Yıl önce
Loved this show.❤.Interesting to watch how the yummys, are made..🙂
Mob 6 aylar önce
I could literally eat a whole bag of Twizzlers in like 10 min, I love them so much
DiamondStudded PunchingBag
My mouth was hurting all during the warheads part...one of my all time favorites since I was a kid!!
LS SWAP PAPI 5 aylar önce
God I miss being a kid binge watching these shows I miss you marc summers
Kennedy Yıl önce
I eat M&M’s in a certain order: Brown Orange Yellow Green Blue Red I’m 74, and I have done it this way as long as I can remember. M&M’s have always been my fave! ❤️
TheSusan11233 Aylar önce
Me too and my chips by size and other weird things lol
Kennedy 2 aylar önce
@Terry Jaster 🤣👍🏻
Terry Jaster
Terry Jaster 2 aylar önce
LucyVanPelt - I don't eat the blue ones. Don't ask why cause I don't know. Saved them and gave them to my grandson. LOL
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭7:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hi
Jon Rosario
Jon Rosario 6 aylar önce
You have obsessive compulsive disorder my friend
Laurel Cook
Laurel Cook Yıl önce
My sister once dared me to eat a whole bag of warheads. I blistered my tongue from the acid in it & couldn’t eat solid food for like a week without my tongue bleeding.
Kilo Pax
Kilo Pax 6 aylar önce
I use to watch this late night as a kid so happy TRvid suggested this video for me. Unlocked a memory I didn’t remember I had.
janice bolosan
janice bolosan Yıl önce
I miss watching Unwrapped! I remember Marc Summers in his Nickelodeon days! My niece made me watch his shows😆
Matt Blake
Matt Blake Yıl önce
The "pucker power" is just pure Citric acid, which is a dry powder you can buy at the store... It's also an excellent toilet cleaner.
Jaden Yıl önce
Used to watch food network religiously when I was growing up and this show followed by Alton brown's show hit different
Charlene Jo
Charlene Jo 3 aylar önce
I miss watching Unwrapped on TV. This was interesting, thank you.
Elizabeth Purr
Elizabeth Purr Yıl önce
Dude I bet it smells so freakin good in that m&m factory wow! 😻yum
Annette Ambrose
Annette Ambrose 4 aylar önce
I liked the show it's was great to see how things are made
Toni Roberts
Toni Roberts Yıl önce
I love redvines licorice, but I’ve never cared for twizzlers. To me they taste like flavored wax. I love warheads. I love super sour candy. Just tastes good. I often over sour lots of my candy myself by adding sugar and citrus acid to a bag of sour candy. Yum. Can’t do it often or my mouth gets raw lol.
Bobby G.
Bobby G. 8 aylar önce
Well that’s a first…..
jenna thesingingdraghagdiva
Thank you! I could not agree more! I love Real Licorice, but Twizzlers taste like strawberry plastic LOL. Your comment is spot on!
Kari2025 10 aylar önce
Also nerd ropes are the greatest invention ever. I can eat those all day. Yuuuum
Pamela Ashley
Pamela Ashley Yıl önce
I wish this show would come back to tv.🤓
Shannon Carter
Shannon Carter Yıl önce
I loved this show. I used to watch this all the time
Melissa A
Melissa A 6 aylar önce
I wish they would make the show again with the same host. We used to love watching it!
James Forsythe
James Forsythe 3 aylar önce
I have always been a big fan of European candy especially candy from the U.K but I do love our classics
Chít Chít Shop
Chít Chít Shop 11 aylar önce
this channel is very good, i hope everyday they will have new episodes
tinfoilhat Yıl önce
did you know there is purple twizlers? i never knew until i accidently found a store that sold them, they are grape flavored.. man, WAY better than the red and black!
Brenda Paduch
Brenda Paduch 4 aylar önce
Alexander Corvenus
Alexander Corvenus Aylar önce
I used to watch these with my mom when I was growing up every Halloween or Christmas this would be on and we would always watch them even if I had school next day.
favoloso_mama 1
favoloso_mama 1 10 aylar önce
Lol. In the warheads one he's like "I'd like to purchase these" then walks away with out paying. Could've left that out 🤣
Marléna Louise
Marléna Louise 6 aylar önce
I swear I watched every episode of this show growing up! ☺️☺️
jess Yıl önce
when i see the warheads being made, my mouth gets the spit and feeling it does when i actually have a warhead. and i havent had one in like 15 years. wild
James Lovell
James Lovell Yıl önce
Behind the scenes at top 5 candy factories: We mix up some corn syrup, flour and cornstarch. The rest is a secret.
Michelle Cheatum
Michelle Cheatum Yıl önce
I absolutely LOVE that nerd rope. The nerd clusters are great, too.
NishaLaurenWest 11 aylar önce
Messing up the mold with his hand got me so upset 😂
eva Scott
eva Scott Yıl önce
Me encantan esos dulces 😋
Casa de Freedom
Casa de Freedom Yıl önce
I used to love this show. I wonder why it's no longer on. I like Flay and Fieri but they have taken over the Food Network.
The Algonquin
The Algonquin 5 aylar önce
Twizzlers were actually started in Moline, Illinois at the Y & S factory on the east side of downtown. Just 3 blocks from where Jolly Ranchers were started.
Rena M
Rena M 7 aylar önce
I use to Love watching this show! I Wish they would bring it back!! ☹️
Peace LivesHere
Peace LivesHere Yıl önce
I use to LOVE this show ....still do! ❤️🍭
Alex Yıl önce
Oh my god, do yall remember when TV shoes like this used to have the background music SO LOUD?! I forgot about it but ALL of the 90s-early 2000s shows were like this, where the dialogue could just baaaarely be heard over the classic midi-drums/turntable scratching in the background. It was something really unique to this era I suppose, because it hit me with a flashback to that time like a brick.
eth3realdivine3 Yıl önce
Was this anybody else's comfort show as a child? lol & Still is to this day 💯
youthe Yıl önce
i always find it incredibly hilarious when someone tells me warheads are really sour
Kari2025 10 aylar önce
The fact that you don’t have The Hershey’s chocolate factory OR the Reese’s factory on this list is appalling.
AwPhooey2U Yıl önce
We need a new unwrapped . That we do.
Jessica Gutierrez
As an adult, it seems so weird to me that over half of these processes are secret and cant be told... just that "they get their sugar coating, and food additive."
Diana D
Diana D 4 aylar önce
Really? Think about it, if they actually explained their actual process and ingredients, then their competition would have that information. That type of info is considered a company's intellectual property. It would be like KFC actually listing out the ingredients of their herbs/spices that makes their chicken their own. It would be naive for us to think that any company would actually disclose anything other than the basics, but what makes them different from their competition they have to keep to themselves, that's business 101.
Krohnos 6 aylar önce
Warheads are the best. I love the polo shirts in the factory lol, those are awesome.
Janina Ackerman
Janina Ackerman 6 aylar önce
Marc Summers was the voice of my childhood. I preferred Unwrapped to some of the cartoons lol
Jane Lacher
Jane Lacher Yıl önce
I loved Unwrapped and Marc! Wonder where he is now.
Gayle Bynum Cardosa
Gayle Bynum Cardosa 11 aylar önce
@peps I don't have to know him to know he's not deceased Einstein.
peps 11 aylar önce
@Gayle Bynum Cardosa you don't know him, GAYle
Gayle Bynum Cardosa
Gayle Bynum Cardosa 11 aylar önce
@peps 🙄 Don't be stupid. He's not dead.
Vert Yıl önce
He’s at your mothers house.
jessy 76
jessy 76 Yıl önce
@Geraldine Braun I'm 44 lol I loved double dare .nose picking for that flag was my favorite!!!
Jessie Ray
Jessie Ray 7 aylar önce
A time when TV was actually interesting
xls 10 aylar önce
How do I land the kushy job of being the color expert 😂😂😂. “Yeah, this year our studies show blue, red, green & yellow are the go to colors for children”
Hellish Wolf
Hellish Wolf Yıl önce
I miss watching this as a kid with my family.
Nicky Mcnuer
Nicky Mcnuer 6 aylar önce
I always loved watching this show
Terry Jaster
Terry Jaster 2 aylar önce
I was told by a reliable source ( my 10 years old niece ) that twizzlers can be used as straws
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays Yıl önce
Back when Food Network was really about food.
Sports Pie
Sports Pie Yıl önce
I wish they bring back this very interesting show
Shannon Louise H.
Shannon Louise H. 6 aylar önce
Miss good ole Mark hosting this . New ones just aren't the same.
Will Van Rooy
Will Van Rooy 19 gün önce
Marc Summers, candy, and jazz funk hip-hop background music? YES please! :D
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray Yıl önce
“Never touches a mold”-----“as they’re being filled into the mold”….make it make sense…
Business Chicken
Business Chicken Yıl önce
The literal second half of the same sentence you cut-off explained it: "The mixture never touches a mold, ....." was then followed by "....., as it actually isn't being poured into a mold made of plastic or metal at all, but in fact is being poured into a batch of cornstarch that is pressed with a metal mold to create the shape of the gummy worms;....."; it's sort of self-explanatory, I'm not sure how they could have made the explanation any simpler for the eight or nine of you that decided to pause the video halfway through the same sentence at the same timestamp in the first section:l XDD No offense, just had to point that out while scrolling through the comments.
Se7enthson 5 aylar önce
Best way to eat M&Ms is to put some in a bowl and in the microwave for like 25 seconds than the inside is completely warm and liquid chocolate while the shell is still intact. Thanks Grandma!
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Yıl önce
3:41 When I was growing up in the 70's, I feel like m&m's had a lot less colors... I KNOW their wasn't blue.
Andrea D
Andrea D 6 aylar önce
You are correct. No blue. When I was a kid, the colors were brown, tan, orange, yellow, green. My parents told me there were red M&Ms in the 1950s and 60s. They were discontinued because of red food dye being connected to cancer. Then red made a come-back when red dye was improved.
Michael Downs
Michael Downs Yıl önce
Man....Food Network was the ONE channel that kept me subscribed to cable... Once Food network took away the GOOD shows like Unwrapped ..Roker on the road...the secret life of...etc and went to all Contest based nonsense... I dumped cable for good... Like being able to see these gems on TRvid still at least ..
Drifting Fox
Drifting Fox Yıl önce
I second that. I dumped cable almost 10 years ago because it kept pulling educational shows and replacing them with trash reality TV. Never looked back.
Beanqween Yıl önce
I literally started salivating just anticipating the gummy worms during the video, lol.
Billy Coleslaw
Billy Coleslaw 10 aylar önce
I loved watching this show on tv when I was a kid
Kaylah Mcmanus
Kaylah Mcmanus 6 aylar önce
I want the wonka hard hat at the end. I grew up watching that movie and eating all the candy this this video. It brings back so many halloween memories
Alvex Ok
Alvex Ok Yıl önce
They wouldn't tell us how they make the M&Ms shells, they want to keep that top secret, why?
Salty9000 4 aylar önce
They say that we're doomed to repeat history unless we learn from it. It seems we finally learned from it with twizzlers... and nerds. Shame really... with the nerds at least.
provokedRobin 60
provokedRobin 60 6 aylar önce
Food network, please bring this show back
Actual Turtle
Actual Turtle 6 aylar önce
To answer the warheads question, they use malic acid to get them that sour.
Drew Aylar önce
Ro G
Ro G Yıl önce
Kids would see how long they could keep it in their mouths. 😳 And it's everything you could do to keep it in your mouth. 😬
Michelle Yıl önce
I’d like to see how they made liquorish pardon my spelling 🤣) was made prior to machinery.
mackenzie bailey
mackenzie bailey 6 aylar önce
i used to watch this as a kid with my grandpa, the best days
Lady Tsusami
Lady Tsusami Yıl önce
I can tell everyone that there is no warheads candy factory in Roswell NM. I have lived there for well over 20 years and no one has ever seen or heard about it.
possums 11 aylar önce
I wish she would’ve said “the twist of the twizzle makes the twizzler.”
ps4progress Yıl önce
When he said "cluster " ..... "of flavour " was not my next choice of words 😂
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers 6 aylar önce
That was a good show summers does good stuff
Business Chicken
Business Chicken Yıl önce
Am I the only one who was directed here immediately after watching the video showing just the sour gummy Glo-Worms section by itself? Anyone else?
Eric M
Eric M 7 aylar önce
If the Twizzler nozzle is patented, then it isn't secret, it is published in the patent Office.
Shanecho Yıl önce
The powder for warheads is ground citrus salt, or citrus acid.
Shane Witters Hicks
How many "twist" puns can be made about Twizzlers? Marc Summers: Challenge accepted!
David Jessop
David Jessop Yıl önce
M&M is in the Guinness World Records for the speed eating record with chopsticks(obviously its M&M is the food that is being consumed with chopsticks... Thinking otherwise would just be idiocy)
Analia Hedley
Analia Hedley Yıl önce
That's amazing. How does an M&M hold chopsticks?
Vile Vindicator
Vile Vindicator Yıl önce
Always loved warheads, but man toxic waste makes it look like a baby candy!
Meg Arnerich
Meg Arnerich 6 aylar önce
Yum I want some candy 🍭
Jen Yıl önce
I always enjoyed this show
Vencedor Uberstar
Vencedor Uberstar 5 aylar önce
Red licorice is "Strawberry"?! Uh I always thought it tasted more like Cherry. 🙄
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Yıl önce
Now I want a gummy hand.
C-Virus 10 aylar önce
I remember one of these specifically about Zours. And I desperately want to find it.
"never touched a mold!" Shows it poured into a mold. Sienna next minute just talking about the mold
Sober Ketovore
Sober Ketovore 6 aylar önce
When he said all gummy worms have the same flavor, I had to reevaluate my entire life.
Blipblop Aylar önce
I hope it’s just that brand- otherwise Ive wasted so many in my childhood 😭
S L 6 aylar önce
Maybe that brand, but I'm not buying all gummy worms have the same flavor with some other brands. At least I sure hope not or my whole life is a lie.
Bink7100 Yıl önce
I used to love this show as a kid
Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping
(spoiler) how every candy is made: sugar, syrup, starch, gelatin, color, flavor, machines and secrets
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Yıl önce
I must have stayed under twelve because I’ll take a sour gummy worm over chocolate!
Stan D'eve
Stan D'eve 7 aylar önce
The warheads: "can I buy these?" "Sure" Rings it up without being paid.
Adora Gonzalez
Adora Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
An M&M Color specialist?! Oh no! lol..I could have gotten paid a lot to create colors that are unique! :(..Why cant someone open a restaurant of candies. Serving on a glass cups a fun place to enjoy sweets for the family! Adding tajin and chamoy also...that sour mexican season. all kinds of candies from different cultures
Foxerrr 6 aylar önce
Just makes me want to watch Double Dare 🤷🏻‍♀️
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