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Purto thinks he's doing the right thing when he steps in to help with an STIU investigation when a violent inmate gets angry, but he quickly learns he needs to start using his head in this clip from Season 2 Episode 6, "Mind Games".#BehindBars
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"Behind Bars: Rookie Year" follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they're cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?
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15 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 3 aylar önce
Like Behind Bars: Rookie Year? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Aynan Khan .j
Aynan Khan .j Aylar önce
Well there is no sects in islam there was a fight between muslim people for power which is known as karbalah from there muslim get divided into categories while Allah said in quran that there is no division in islam so thats it...whoever say i am sunni shia wahabi etc etc those are idiots they don’t know the reality about quran thats it
Aynan Khan .j
Aynan Khan .j Aylar önce
Well in dhaka Bangladesh who are enemies to me from intelligence or whatever most of them affected by dengue mosquito and lots of people are dying its a warning to those leaders who work for them
Seshions 2 saatler önce
Porto seems like an absolute tool
Gmoney 1302
Gmoney 1302 12 saatler önce
David Sastre
David Sastre Gün önce
Sounds like he wanted to be a real cop
James Bolger
James Bolger 2 gün önce
the little midget thinks hes a tank
yagirlkaylee 2 gün önce
Looks like purto is on drugs look how big his pupils are mdma?
These cops are so rude
I am Bionic Steve’s mum
He deserves a hit to be taken out on him
Matthew Terry
Matthew Terry 4 gün önce
60 days in is the fakest show
Ryan Hillier
Ryan Hillier 11 gün önce
Dude look like Logan Paul @ 1:32
Isaac Reyes
Isaac Reyes 11 gün önce
Anyone know what type of sunglasses the Rookie wearing?🕶
Paul Muzik
Paul Muzik 12 gün önce
He walks around like a toy solider
SSheichman Sir
SSheichman Sir 17 gün önce
This vato😂
xFukOuttaHerexx 19 gün önce
He said he a dropout with pride lmao
victor L
victor L 20 gün önce
3:25 when Purto sees you trying to finish up last nights homework in class 🤣😆🤣😆
Gary Harnden
Gary Harnden 20 gün önce
The look on purtos face looked like someone stole his lunch
Gary Harnden
Gary Harnden 20 gün önce
Fire wall45
Fire wall45 20 gün önce
wil401prov 24 gün önce
I wonder if Purto be reading these comments 🤣🤣
Breacher 25 gün önce
Homie looking like that zombie dude from I am legend
Mr Heidelberg
Mr Heidelberg 18 gün önce
That's funny.
swede1775 27 gün önce
Why does this channel keep the clips so short on both this show & Live: PD? Can't you do as "Cops" do and have at least a half an hour long show???
RedbeardOSRS 29 gün önce
gnome child.
nate borunda
nate borunda Aylar önce
Is that a trident that the interviewing officer was wearing? If so, so gangster in that entire jail facility can put fear into a seal.
Dr SirJ
Dr SirJ Aylar önce
I think the protein is going to his head, how tall is this little man😂🤦‍♂️
Isaiah Hodge
Isaiah Hodge Aylar önce
Seth Jimerson
Seth Jimerson Aylar önce
3:23 I'm all for Law Enforcement but this Purto dude is....... I dont even know my guy 😂
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Aylar önce
At some point I think you really have to judge officers on their physical appearance. This job is too demanding and dangerous to let people the inmates wont respect work there.
Jack Volland
Jack Volland Aylar önce
suggerman1988 Aylar önce
I've had hits on my life as a security officer in Chicago and a close attempt..toughen up
MrJakeJimmy Aylar önce
Pand3miC SK
Pand3miC SK Aylar önce
Yep now I know why
Infinite Powers
Infinite Powers Aylar önce
The rookie cop obviously got picked on way too much growing up lol at least they let him work as a CO and not as a mall cop. 🤣😂💁‍♂️
blackandwhite Aylar önce
Jon Favreau?
Holly Warehouse
Holly Warehouse Aylar önce
WTF-he told on his mentor? Then calls him BRO! 👍🏼
aureliusVA Aylar önce
Purto's left arm is still hurt. Weakpoint.
Let’s build a porn store
They are not officers... they are glorified babysitters
Nick LaCour
Nick LaCour Aylar önce
This dude a CO and still ratted
michael wilcox
michael wilcox Aylar önce
Seems to think big muscles and swagger will have an effect on inmates. He’s in for a rude awakening. He isn’t s team player either. That wasn’t his interview, and he has ZERO experience working inmates and gaining a rapport.
JOE RUSSH Gün önce
Right, it's about respect..you respect then inmates respect.
Fab Elger
Fab Elger Aylar önce
,,the way i see it if an inmate likes you. You dont your job correctly!" ?????????? ...i dont say that EVER...but IN YOUR CASE...i hope THE SURENOS win...
seri katil
seri katil Aylar önce
There's a young amateur cop that uses his muscles more than his brain. He won't succeed or possibly live log working in a prison with that mentality
rabbit ravioli
rabbit ravioli Aylar önce
I didn’t know this show was still on. Yay!
awe Ruby
awe Ruby Aylar önce
I used to work in one of these places high seg max security red onion had inmates threatening to rap me all day long i went to collage and im a defense attorney now so glad i dont have to do this kind of a job anymore it was terrifying
BIGONEX3 Aylar önce
I hope they smoke that fool
Critical Moisture
Critical Moisture Aylar önce
He was so shocked haha
Eggbert08 Aylar önce
This was about as anti-climactic as it gets
ellisteben Aylar önce
"If the inmates like you than you're not doing your job" I feel like this is what's wrong with prison systems
LaughTooHard Aylar önce
I can't imagine what it must be like working in one of these places.
Brandon Hutchins
Brandon Hutchins Aylar önce
You can tell he doesn’t understand gang life and street life. He’s always gonna have issue everywhere he goes. You see other rookies like Magin and he has no little problems compared to Puerto. All because of how he acts. Chest pumped out and acts like he’s above everyone no street smarts at all.
Marshall Morales
Marshall Morales Aylar önce
Wedo Better keep that Head On Swivel.
cameron knight
cameron knight Aylar önce
When your joking with your friend and head teacher walks in
just for me
just for me Aylar önce
Now that I think about it. Purto deals with these criminals the right way. You want to be treated with courtesy, respect, politeness?Avoid going to prisons and stay away from self destructive behavior, illegal activities, and criminals. When you're in prison, the rights you had as a law abiding citizen is taken away. What are we telling people, you go to prison and its just like the outside world?
StevieDee Aylar önce
That’s not the job for this dude he has no StreetSmarts whatsoever no wonder there’s a hit on him!
snoopy dubnation
snoopy dubnation Aylar önce
If someone really put a green light on him he would've at least transferred if not I bet a lifer would stick him
xHosko Aylar önce
Why not be a state trooper instead of being super trooper correctional officer?
Infinite Powers
Infinite Powers Aylar önce
xHosko uhhh no. Could you imagine being pulled over by him? Let the inmates have him.
Mac Neoh
Mac Neoh Aylar önce
How desperate do you have to be to want this job? You are like mall security only less respected.
smoking tooka
smoking tooka 26 gün önce
Because they get to thinking their real police officers
Mac Neoh
Mac Neoh Aylar önce
@Legendary Aaron R I have a city job. There's worse jobs out there, but there's no way I could put up with this BS.
Legendary Aaron R
Legendary Aaron R Aylar önce
Mac Neoh pretty much any city job is a good job
Sureno Lord
Sureno Lord Aylar önce
ZSTRODE. Aylar önce
Purto is at home beating his wife and kid right now!
Kody Choates
Kody Choates Aylar önce
This guy got picked on his whole life as a kid lol now he wants to be super prison cop and even his co-workers don't like him lol
luis palomo
luis palomo Aylar önce
Lil dude
VOLA Aylar önce
Ariel is the equivalent of getting a useless substitute teacher at school.
VOLA Aylar önce
Hate purto, reckons he's a unit.
john jj
john jj Aylar önce
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