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Purto thinks he's doing the right thing when he steps in to help with an STIU investigation when a violent inmate gets angry, but he quickly learns he needs to start using his head in this clip from Season 2 Episode 6, "Mind Games".#BehindBars
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"Behind Bars: Rookie Year" follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they're cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?
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15 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 6 aylar önce
Stay up to date on all of A&E's latest premieres at aetv.com/schedule
Naz 3 gün önce
He acts like he never received love from his father and no one respected him growing up
stick jr.
stick jr. 14 gün önce
He's a d bag. You don't even have to be an inmate to not like this guy.
m m
m m 15 gün önce
Evan his own dont like him
Mirullzz Official
Mirullzz Official 19 gün önce
someone remind me in a few years to come back to see if the midget cop gets stabbed
Isaac H
Isaac H 29 gün önce
This dude is tripping. Calm down man wtf
Get On My Level
Get On My Level Aylar önce
3:30 at the Moment he knew he had to turn into Super Hero Cop and save the world
bruh immonkey
bruh immonkey Aylar önce
If an inmate dont like you it means you dont treat the with respect and fairly
Upward Gaming
Upward Gaming Aylar önce
Little man syndrome for sureeee
mattie pekel
mattie pekel Aylar önce
they put out a statement. there in prison hit them or kill them
Jim Aylar önce
"Super Cop" officers like this have one of three things happen. 1. Quit. 2. Get an inmate hurt. 3. Get himself or another officer or staff member hurt. It is a fine tuned balancing act. Throw him in the mix and temperaments become elevated. An otherwise calm pod, cell house and/or unit becomes heated and harder to control. Already 40 to 80+ inmates to one officer. He's been there all day and the officer coming in to relieve him, is in for rough ride of a shift. Using this analogy, " kick a dog all day, eventually he bites".
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic Aylar önce
He is what we call in the uk a ‘full kit wanker’
Johnny savage Juicy J
Johnny savage Juicy J 2 aylar önce
You know why she became a prison officer
Guilty Almaraz
Guilty Almaraz 2 aylar önce
Purtos the most dumbest co ive seen
King Boo
King Boo 2 aylar önce
Nick 2 aylar önce
This show seems abit set up compared the usual prison shows.... he could hear them laughing... why would he ask for an officer when he’s cuffed and he’s outside the door..
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 3 aylar önce
Harry Blox
Harry Blox 3 aylar önce
Why does he stack his shoulder and walk around as if hes the hulk? The guys a control freak
Ultimate dragon Blogs games
i think this rookie is doing great and is just trying to keep the saftey of everyone
Dago Saenz
Dago Saenz 3 aylar önce
This dude is funny, acting tough and then snitches, why does he walk like hes ripped hes not.
Kk 23
Kk 23 3 aylar önce
“I had a hit on my life” *surprised pikachu face*
Flacko 3 aylar önce
I see why they put a hit on him
Raf M
Raf M 4 aylar önce
This dude has the most disproportionate body I’ve ever seen, huge block head, small shoulders and baby arms,
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 4 aylar önce
Just gas all prisons with the guard locked in there too Worthless bunch all of them
joe smith
joe smith 4 aylar önce
Purto said hes not happy,and i was thinking ,well which one is he 🤔
k p
k p 4 aylar önce
CO in there laughing "SArGe hEs acTiNG AggReSsIVe"
TheAub2012 4 aylar önce
He's Getting too ahead of himself, cockiness will get him hurt... glasses off becomes Super Cop but looks like a human Humpty Dumpty 🍳
Dopey Esquibel Esquibel
3:35 "sarge this fkn vatos acting aggressive" 😂 Ain't nothing changed since I left the PNM! Our slang rubs off on the COs and they try talking like us 😅💯
Dopey Esquibel Esquibel
@Anthony who's Pedro?
Anthony 4 aylar önce
chill out pedro
Reagan Anderson
Reagan Anderson 4 aylar önce
I salute you Purto. God bless you.
Reagan Anderson
Reagan Anderson 4 aylar önce
Purto isn’t a CO. He’s a peace officer. All he’s trying to do is make peace.
fmxmyway 4 aylar önce
The FTO seemed like a really good cop. The small guy super cop mentality is not respectful or cool.
Jay Contreras
Jay Contreras 4 aylar önce
Is This is the dude that got the fastest promotion ever ?
ryan48888 4 aylar önce
Yo purto. Imma catch you. Probably when your taking a dump after a hard day of work
MRBEEFY 4 aylar önce
“If an inmate likes you, you’re not doing your job” why do people equate likeness and popularity with effectiveness and efficiency? By that logic politicians are doing well then. That’s such a warped way way of thinking. Lol it’s always the short stocky ones
Teja 4 aylar önce
That look of absolute joy on his face when he hears something he can snitch about
Grizzly Poota
Grizzly Poota 4 aylar önce
See kids, rap music is AWESOME !!!!
Searb reath
Searb reath 5 aylar önce
hes got that 3rd class syndrome... got a little taste of power It's a hammer and now everything is a nail.
Button Pusher
Button Pusher 5 aylar önce
It's the way he walks like he's a super jacked alpha that I find most funny about him.
beerthug 4 aylar önce
Super jacked with the size XXS shirt.
iM2iLL- 5 aylar önce
His short so he his lol
Tere Cee
Tere Cee 5 aylar önce
He has the makings of a good CO, he just needs to learn to treat the inmates as humans. As the saying goes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
Idk Sia
Idk Sia 5 aylar önce
super cop is working 24 hrs looking over his shoulder
cultcity 5 aylar önce
“if the inmates like you then you’re not doing your job right” and i wonder why y’all don’t get no respect lmao
peng 5 aylar önce
Purto is the adult equivalent to a little boy who says “your disrespecting a future US army vet”
Terminology! Aylar önce
@Reagan Anderson I respect you, in the future. 😂😂😂
Just Chris
Just Chris Aylar önce
Reagan Anderson alright marine. Well see how that statement holds up at drill.... semper fi.
watchdealer11 3 aylar önce
Reagan Anderson
Reagan Anderson 4 aylar önce
I’m a future Marine. And I don’t take ANY bull from nobody.
martinezandy15 5 aylar önce
Army soldier not vet
David 5 aylar önce
"If an inmate likes you, then you're not doing your job." I'm not surprised the gang put a hit out on him. If you're respectful to the inmates and consistent in how you enforce the rules, you can have a mutual respect with each other.
Creature 4 aylar önce
Right? These guys act like they're not people
Matthew Meditz
Matthew Meditz 5 aylar önce
Short stocky guy syndrome
JEKYLL2020 5 aylar önce
I had inmates that liked me. I utilized them as informants in the Pod. There’s a difference between them liking you and having a mutual agreement. His mentality won’t get him far. Corrections was interesting so glad I made the switch to Patrol.
SIMPLYAMAZING 5 aylar önce
Inmate kills a officer, but they must check if hes fit enough to return to General Population lol
Venus Snow
Venus Snow 5 aylar önce
He kinda looks like Joe from family guy
lozanosarahi 6 aylar önce
He reminds me so much of American dad cartoon version
M. K.
M. K. 6 aylar önce
Purto the type of CO to do a front somersault while responding to a fight.
Paige •
Paige • 6 aylar önce
“ he killed a transporter” “He KiLlEd An OfFiCeR!!” 🤣
The Barber
The Barber 6 aylar önce
Super Cop lol this show is busting everyone out
Scott Bobo
Scott Bobo 6 aylar önce
On the next episode of Robo Cop the show
Enzo k V o
Enzo k V o 6 aylar önce
How kind of look like furishos feat
Ashley Honeycutt
Ashley Honeycutt 6 aylar önce
Officer doofy
Erik S
Erik S 6 aylar önce
The guy is just arrogant and he likes to show off. Thinks he is some kind of special forces guy. Whilst he isnt. I wouldnt want to be his colleague. Backstabbing S N I T C H
Isaac Zambrano
Isaac Zambrano 6 aylar önce
I'm glad this guys not a cop
Linamar 6 aylar önce
true crime
true crime 6 aylar önce
isn’t there job to make sure the inmates don’t get out..not provoke them and make them even more angry than they already are
Adam Fun
Adam Fun 6 aylar önce
this dude was definitely bullied in school! he is a cop wanna be ! he should not be doing this job !!
Mariah Martinez
Mariah Martinez 6 aylar önce
Hes doing his job the right way but ok
Breeze Smith
Breeze Smith 6 aylar önce
These "inmates" that will NEVER be able to go back into any society, they are not a standard human... why don't we just gas them like we do dangerous dogs? Done!
GaBori gvink
GaBori gvink 6 aylar önce
I am glad he’s a C.O and not a Police Officer. He looks like they type to abuse his power.
Fic9 2 aylar önce
Reagan Anderson You sound like you admire this punk
Reagan Anderson
Reagan Anderson 4 aylar önce
He’s not a CO. He’s a peace officer.
Akayy !
Akayy ! 6 aylar önce
He's probably a C. O because he failed at trying to be a cop!! He is a punk
ToastedRamen 6 aylar önce
He shouldn’t be either
Teddy 6 aylar önce
he walks around like he is 100kg of muscle, he looks about 5'5 60kg.
Cody S
Cody S 3 aylar önce
Teddy he’s 56 weight 200
Kid Freeza Da God
Kid Freeza Da God 6 aylar önce
Johnny football in 2019
Kid Freeza Da God
Kid Freeza Da God 6 aylar önce
Johnny Manziel if he became a CO
niglet izzy
niglet izzy 7 aylar önce
I'm sorry but why he built like inspector gadget
En Win
En Win 7 aylar önce
Why would you identify Purto on TRvid? I call BS on this.
R D 7 aylar önce
..... Purto I Havnt been able to do my job at all today cause of you 😂 oh Purto 😂
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle 7 aylar önce
Short Man syndrome!! What a looser! " If they like me, I'm not doing my job" - Says WHO!!!?? If u want Respect u need to EARN it!!! And that is 10 Million times more.true w inmates!!
Broke Nibba
Broke Nibba 7 aylar önce
I dont understand this, why do american tv censor curse-words, but they show when they shoot and stab? Does anyone have the time to explain?
Boero 7 aylar önce
4:28 , clear case of the tiny guy syndrome. What a pancake..
BE GREAT 4 aylar önce
Seriously, dudes a pleb.
Colin Lush
Colin Lush 7 aylar önce
his torso looked faked its so small
MEXICAN MEXICAN 7 aylar önce
Miguelito Inguanti
Miguelito Inguanti 7 aylar önce
You guards need to treat people as human beings
Geoff Barkley
Geoff Barkley 7 aylar önce
Super nerd
Anna Miller
Anna Miller 7 aylar önce
Ariel looks like a rookie too. How is she in charge of the unit?
Jahmimi 7 aylar önce
she does her job the right way
Tanam Panor
Tanam Panor 7 aylar önce
Why they treat those murderers as a normal stealing or theft prisoners,,,they still got no fears & respect towards them cops..sad to see
Max Giza
Max Giza 7 aylar önce
he’s kinda ock tho
kingdeem3 7 aylar önce
He gonna get clapped lol
T.H.C Mcgee
T.H.C Mcgee 7 aylar önce
There's a reason Purto isn't a police officer! hahah
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