beginning the greatest pokémon game ever made

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pokemon legends arceus is the best pokemon game.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus just came out and i am LOVING this game! I have been livestreaming my experience of this game, so if you want to join along make sure to hit the Subscribe button! If you are LOVING Pokemon Legends Arceus, let me know in the comments!

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31 Oca 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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I absolutely love how Calaba says you BULLIED Kleavor as if you weren't running for your life during that fight. like sorry I don't think anyone can bully Kleavor lmao
I can’t deny, Jack’s reaction to Zisu was basically mine. My jaw legit dropped.
“Arceus had Taco Bell last night”
Nisseman 3
Love to have a series of this. I am not really into watching streams and barely any youtubers a watch are doing lets play style of this game. :D
Jed Fretts Howard
Jack looking at the type chart: I’m not learning that
I admit, hearing of this game, I was a little skeptical. Playing it though, I am having SO much fun. And I was JUST playing Ultra sun shortly before this for the first time. This game clears up so many issues I had playing the 3ds game. It's faster, more engaging and there's a LOT of subsequent stuff you can do. I hope this game is Game Freak's BOTW, where it sells so well and does so well commercially, that EVERY subsequent game, they decide to make like this.
Danny DangGang
Someone let me know when Jack learns that Volo isn't a mommy
Cynthia's entire bloodline is simp-worthy.
They mention that you fell out of the sky every five seconds. In all the other Pokemon games everyone is so friendly, in this game you are hated by absolutely everyone.
Marrk Ravenn
Months have passed, and I still get great joy every time I find someone recorded their first play through.
Alex Iannone
I already failed a shiny in this game while I was doing a mass outbreak hunt a shiny golbat appeared and then the day night cycle kicked on and the golbat ascended to a different astral plane
Purplecliffe's editors are amazing at their jobs.
Your shut an underrated TRvidr, your edits and your humour is hilarious!
That was a great stream! Lookung foward to watching your streams <3
Brian T
Whoever your editor is, they got mad skills. Those sound effects and post production graphics are 10/10 in every video
This was such a FUN stream :)
I think I died of laughter. Your channel brings me so much joy. 😂 Thank you so much for your videos.
Joe The Turtle
I finally played the game, I can now watch every legend Arceus video I missed out on
If I Laugh, a Pokémon Dies
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Catching EVERY Pokémon in Legends: Arceus
Last to Leave the Pokémon Discord WINS.