Before or after? # hairsalon  

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21 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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yutaユウタ Aylar önce
bro made him a prison inmate
mi3helle707 26 gün önce
Mamba Beatz swaag
Mamba Beatz swaag 25 gün önce
😂😂😂😂😂 I can't 😂😂😂
Huawei Gdjd
Huawei Gdjd 24 gün önce
Наскй йсбар мА машаш йс кймн наскй йс барма йс кймн наскй йс барма йс кймн наскй йс
أحمد علي
أحمد علي 23 gün önce
‏​ﻋِز ٩9 .
‏​ﻋِز ٩9 . 22 gün önce
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 15 gün önce
That smile in the end 💁🏻‍♂️
Miggi HD
Miggi HD 15 gün önce
Man is holding back tears
Emir Kılıç
Emir Kılıç 5 gün önce
Xifily 27 gün önce
Bro went from handsome to homeless in seconds 💀
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins 25 gün önce
Yeh 😂🤣😂🤣😂
hairstyledz 24 gün önce
Simzo 24 gün önce
Sail and Music
Sail and Music 23 gün önce
😂😂😂😂😂 almost died😂😂😂😂
Victor 14 gün önce
I am a barber but to be honest if my client choose wrong haircut I always advise them to choose haircut suits them more, this haircut wasn’t right choice for him
Calvin M.
Calvin M. 17 gün önce
This is probably one of the most heartbreaking stories 😭😭
Suzy Salama
Suzy Salama 14 gün önce
Meme Massar
Meme Massar 4 gün önce
Better him to leaving not cutting his hair 🤦‍♂️🤣
James Bono
James Bono Aylar önce
Bro looks like he died inside and is holding back tears at the end.
b d
b d Aylar önce
Dnyanu Aylar önce
😂😂 he's be like :- wtf
Leandro praxton
Leandro praxton Aylar önce
Killme😐. 😂😂😂
John Wesley
John Wesley Aylar önce
Barbara Barton
Barbara Barton Aylar önce
Елена Иванова
И с волосами был хорош и без волос тоже, красоту ничем не испортишь🎉🎉🎉
Deadshot4227 11 gün önce
Bro got done dirty 💀
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger Aylar önce
Before, bro. Don't let these barbers mess with your hair
look anime? jeje
If You Disagree With Me Then FÜCK YOU
Don’t get a haircut then
Yuri MC5
Yuri MC5 Aylar önce
Cara ficou calvo, acabou com o cabelo kkkkkk
Kathy Nash
Kathy Nash 29 gün önce
Kathy Nash
Kathy Nash 29 gün önce
Those barbers use people for videos
əlinovruzov Gün önce
Rozegolden 17 gün önce
This barber is a damn criminal
CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson 20 gün önce
Im glad im not the only one who knew how beautiful he was with the longer hair😭 bro desecrated those locks
Аида Шамхалова
Очень красиво постригся, ему очень идёт😊🎉🎉🎉
Jacob 15 gün önce
Every dad in the World would approve this
Ahmad Zada official
Must admit he is a very good person in his work.
Num Lock LLC
Num Lock LLC 4 gün önce
Now he has to go back in time to find his hairline.😢
word warrior
word warrior 17 gün önce
I need to sit my teenage grandson in your chair. He's starting to look like an English sheep dog. I love him regardless.
Андрей Сафронов
Damian E
Damian E Aylar önce
That smile at the end was a cry for help.
Mohammad Usman
Mohammad Usman Aylar önce
Seriously Brother 😊😢
Teo Nesterov
Teo Nesterov Aylar önce
Yeah but it paid for the cut :-)
Berlian Triana
Berlian Triana Aylar önce
Nomadic Nath
Nomadic Nath Aylar önce
Vikash yadav( Pintu)
tomwroc 12 gün önce
Bro is praying for another 2020 lockdown!
Val Fernandes Val
Val Fernandes Val 13 gün önce
Amei!Simplesmente perfeito!❤
Mom2BabyGKaTeraD Aylar önce
That’s top notch quality right there.. Effortless for this barber💈. Great job!
Super3vil 17 gün önce
Bro should be able to sue💀
Eczotiic 13 gün önce
Pushed his shit back and turned him into Jordan Poole
Paul Oyenuga
Paul Oyenuga Aylar önce
Legend say that was the last time bro had an air cut
Converse 5 gün önce
The skill required for this!! This was absolutely stunning! ❤
Holy Maria
Holy Maria 11 gün önce
Nice haircut 💇🏼‍♂️😊😊
TENJIKU 21 gün önce
When a barber is your dad☠️
kachu kezzy
kachu kezzy 14 gün önce
The moment is neither before nor after, Its always in between when you are with a barber😢
David Fanous
David Fanous 14 gün önce
Bro went from being an Hispanic with the Yeager cut to the cartel member cut
xpmertsa Aylar önce
Legends say he never saw the barber again
matthiis martinez
matthiis martinez 15 gün önce
whoever had this at our school would get bullied so hard
Welly Beatz
Welly Beatz 9 gün önce
Bro looks like he’s about to force three moms to smuggle his drugs.
Probablynotplevi 2 aylar önce
Legends has it he's still crying at home
18 Naked Cowboys
18 Naked Cowboys Gün önce
He went from “Hey baby girl” to “sup homes?”
Riki RotuaN
Riki RotuaN 9 gün önce
Nice cuting hair bro❤
Fish World
Fish World 2 aylar önce
Haircut that every parents expect 😂
Grace Enogela
Grace Enogela 10 gün önce
The after work looks so cute 🥰
Robbie B
Robbie B 13 gün önce
God awful... if you're gonna hack off his hair, trim his brows too. That fade had so many flaws.
ali badduu
ali badduu 28 gün önce
When parents decide ur haircut🤣👌🏾
RANJAN 23 gün önce
جبار ابو الشربت
RRQ BDG 21 gün önce
True bro in Indonesia same
Арам Карапетян
So he got a good haircut, i like it
PLZEN 16 gün önce
Oml that is so true, i can choose my cut now tho
Evelin Tahara
Evelin Tahara 11 gün önce
when all the bald people wants to grow the hairline, this guy is cutting the hairline 😭😭
Ramesh devendar
Ramesh devendar 11 gün önce
very nice your style I like it
[ Tom ]
[ Tom ] 2 aylar önce
Man was holding back tears
DEADBODY 14 gün önce
Man Of Culture.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez Gün önce
Pushed his hair line back to slave days
Tartag. 11 gün önce
Dégradé bien maîtrisé, bravo au coiffeur.
bouche caldwell
bouche caldwell 16 gün önce
Dont listen to them bro, Sage look ready for a mission😅
Trishala Wankhede
Trishala Wankhede 2 aylar önce
Bro looks completely traumatized after this 💀💀👍🏻
Praduman Bengaluru city
Very good
Swahina Fathima
Swahina Fathima 13 gün önce
I think 1st look was awesome
man life
man life 28 gün önce
That feeling in the end was like... "I will tell God everything"🤣🤣
Made in Nagaland
Made in Nagaland 18 gün önce
Аделина Любимова
Ajeyakrushna Sandh
Ajeyakrushna Sandh 12 gün önce
Amazing now he got something to play Tic Tac Toe on 💀
Виктория Абдуллаева
Yvonne Khan
Yvonne Khan 2 aylar önce
He looks so sweet and innocent
Muthia Astutik
Muthia Astutik 15 gün önce
Dia sangat tampan dengan rambut panjang, butuh waktu 😢 untuk mengembalikan rambutnya seperti dulu 😢
Kevin L
Kevin L 19 saatler önce
Brilliant cut design if you're a barber! That's gonna need to be touched up every 4-5 days 🤣
account.mp4 2 aylar önce
Bro was holding back tears 💀
afnan gaming
afnan gaming 2 aylar önce
그냥그렇다고 2 aylar önce
Pristine Vibes..
Pristine Vibes.. 2 aylar önce
Alto Musinspr
Alto Musinspr 2 aylar önce
Pen and Paper Classes
Pen and Paper Classes 2 aylar önce
Laughed for 5 minutes straight 🤣
Med Altair
Med Altair 12 gün önce
The box hairline shape up is not for everyone and barbers should start to understand that
Ayyubxon Abdusalomov
Ayyubxon Abdusalomov 11 gün önce
It is very perfect
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim Aylar önce
Bro has some great eyebrows 🤩.
Vergil Aylar önce
Bushy brow
Birgette Casas
Birgette Casas 11 gün önce
Xd bX
Xd bX 15 gün önce
His Hair is wonderful
LeeDoesn'tKnow 21 gün önce
The only thing that needed a trim where his eyebrows. His hair was perfectly fine 😭
J 19 gün önce
No it wasn't. STOP IT.
LeeDoesn'tKnow 18 gün önce
@J chill-
Elnur 17 gün önce
He got pretty nice eyebrows
Paula C
Paula C 14 gün önce
YESS, that!!!
james halliburton
james halliburton 17 gün önce
That must be yo dad for you not to whoop his a$$ for messin up your hairline bro 😂
alpak 15 gün önce
какая милая улыбка
UK07 R.22
UK07 R.22 2 aylar önce
He was so good before the hair cut 🥺🥺
Amey Kulkarni
Amey Kulkarni 2 aylar önce
Longneck 2 aylar önce
He was looking like a teen. New he looks like a man. Long hair looks good until 14 years, only.
UK07 R.22
UK07 R.22 2 aylar önce
@Longneck it's not important to that only a teen can have long hairs if it suits to a 40 years old man then he can also have it........ It only depends upon your thinking style..........
ashok mishra
ashok mishra 2 aylar önce
Grifo Cold
Grifo Cold 2 aylar önce
@Longneck no, before he looked like a young man in need of a trim down. His facial hair is too dense. Having so very little and thinned head hair in comparison gives the illusion of being bald. But he has a youthful face. In the end it looks like the Photoshop some children do to try to impress someone- masking their face on someone else's body. I half expected fake abs to pop through his shirt. If he'd been left with a little more on top Or thinned and sharpened his facial hair including eyebrows, either would have balanced his face and removed the wonky end. ... This result is a little like how some girls in videos will put make up on half of their face to show stark contrast. There's nothing wrong with the untouched side it just looks off next to the curated side.
Eliana Varella
Eliana Varella 6 gün önce
Ficou lindo....❤😍😘
Кристина Пронина
После, однозначно:) Усики бы тоже не помешало убрать совсем)
Udubeats Aylar önce
It's ok. Hair grows back.
\•\•\BassBoosted 秉/•/•/
If the hair can't grow back? ☠️
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins 25 gün önce
​@\•\•\BassBoosted 秉/•/•/ get a cap 🧢
Syaredza Ashrafi
Syaredza Ashrafi 25 gün önce
​@Seven Deadly Sins be Johnny deadly sins
Jïmâ •‿•
Jïmâ •‿• 24 gün önce
Except mine🫠
How 23 gün önce
I envy him. My hair doesn't grow back lol (hair loss)
RAJA BABU 6 gün önce
Nice Hair style 👍
Kim Chu nin
Kim Chu nin 16 gün önce
He’s ready to join the army!
m r psycho
m r psycho Aylar önce
when his dad take him to barber shop 😂
Василий Яблочкин
It is Black Star timati?
ASHU :) 29 gün önce
So relatable 😂
Black shadow Blackmen
Black shadow Blackmen 14 gün önce
Super 🎉
BlendVibes 13 gün önce
He got all the girls in his town pregnant after this haircut.
gaming is emotion
gaming is emotion Aylar önce
Villains aren't born they are made 😢
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia 12 gün önce
Muy bello ❣️
Eka Andi
Eka Andi 2 gün önce
Penampilan lelaki harus praktis 👍, Skill luar biasa
Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar Aylar önce
Brothers don't let these barbers fuck with your hairline . Idk why you all let em do that .
Guts Aylar önce
maybe because they wanted to cut their hair?😒
Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar Aylar önce
@Guts that's not cutting hair that's fuckin up hair . Ask guys who are suffering from receding hairline problems.
Kaszana Aylar önce
@Bharat Kumar this barber made very good job with the hareline here
Mister T
Mister T Aylar önce
​@Kaszana unless you're getting a baldy you never go front to back with the machine. Always go back to front. That right there messes up your hairline.
The Must Facts
The Must Facts 16 gün önce
Em Shqipe TV
Em Shqipe TV 18 gün önce
Kids will alsway say thats not the best cut but this cut is one of the best
CHEMICAL ICEY 🥶 Aylar önce
As an Indian if I get this haircut my parents won't accept me 💀
Itzlectroix Aylar önce
soo true XD
TheMegaPuh Aylar önce
А ты из какой касты, друг мой?
Itzlectroix Aylar önce
im an hindu @themegapuh
hehe Aylar önce
Chhapri XD
First name Last name
​@TheMegaPuh aryan
chiranjeevi kinthada
chiranjeevi kinthada 10 gün önce
Yuki Yuemo
Yuki Yuemo 10 gün önce
It was obvious that he hurt his heart for his hair 😂
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz Aylar önce
I feel your pain bro
Joaquin Sanz Olivo
Joaquin Sanz Olivo 15 gün önce
Ahora... A por las cejas!! 💪
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez 8 gün önce
Before 100% ☝🏼 i need this barber
sillenitus ✌️
sillenitus ✌️ 2 aylar önce
I just saw his soul shatter to pieces when he smiled at the end lol
sachin RM
sachin RM 14 gün önce
Perfectionist ❤
Molly Mik
Molly Mik 13 gün önce
Стрижка огонь!
#srini 21 gün önce
Natural front hair line is better than the front box cut, he looks great in that.
Rohan Krishnapillai
Rohan Krishnapillai 13 gün önce
No Way bro
RIGHT..he tampered with top front line to much..
Tariqul Islam
Tariqul Islam 9 gün önce
Very nice❤❤❤❤
Matty 22 gün önce
This is proof that barbers don't know when to stop cutting they just do what they want, savages.
Um cara aleatório
Um cara aleatório 15 gün önce
That's why I learned to cut my own hair
سعيد الصروخ💯
Komi Agboka
Komi Agboka 12 gün önce
For real bro many people got their hair messed till today now because they were bald but just because they have Been messed up …
Bleib Locker
Bleib Locker 12 gün önce
Wtf this is no proof 😂😂😂 kid maybe just wanted a complete type change.
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 10 gün önce
​@Bleib LockerGet the fking joke bruh
Kleysson 3KBM
Kleysson 3KBM 16 gün önce
Fui tapeado!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Abdulrehman kharadi
Abdulrehman kharadi 2 aylar önce
Bro holding back tears 💀💀
Бутко Елена
Отлично, но через 2 неделе надо это все повторить, иначе будет не красиво.
Vanda Siqueira De Jesus
Parece ser um rapaz tímido. O cabelo ficou lindo! Qq cousa é só deixar crescer.
AZ 21 gün önce
Some people should never have their hairlines touched. I’m one of them. I still remember the time I went to a rather ghetto barber. Waited like an hour just to get my hair cut. Dude barely spoke English. Once I felt the trimmer touch my hairline I knew I was fucked. He spun me around in the chair and my confidence was shot! Forehead looking like it’s missing a damn puzzle piece. I went home and shaved my head with a razor.
HablandoLaRealTV 12 gün önce
ButteryAssNigga 16 gün önce
Man went from George to Jorge
black hat
black hat 2 aylar önce
i swear, he was looking great before !!!
Maruf Billa
Maruf Billa Aylar önce
Aneesh M
Aneesh M 18 gün önce
Vera level 🎉