BEES FIGHT - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

Black Plasma Studios
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Alex and Steve discover a village inhabited by Villagers and Bees living in harmony. A Witch raids the village with their mob army to steal the honey. The pair must work together to retrieve the honey and save the village.




Matt 476




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1 Ağu 2020




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Diego Hiram Guido Garcia
Fighter and Bombardier bees? Wow never tought about the possibility of weaponizing something so small... Altough in Minecraft they are totally gigantic un comparison to real world sizes but my point stands, i am so enthralled by the creativity, detail and overall care this animation has behind every movement. 100/10
AMRUZZMA 2 gün önce
Shadow for you
Ritchell Nabuya
Ritchell Nabuya 4 gün önce
Gokdeniz Cankaya
Gokdeniz Cankaya 4 gün önce
German Bomber Airplanes,1943,colorized.
Ruth Redding
Ruth Redding Aylar önce
This has to be one of my favorite of all the Steve & Alex Life video. I'm a beekeeper, and I think it would be so cool to be able to train my bees to protect my home, and my chickens. 🗡🐝 Also, I love how Alex saves Steve, as normally it's the other way around.
Bonnie Dykstra
Bonnie Dykstra Aylar önce
Even the beginning fight is unreal the level of effort these videos must take is nuts and they always turn out amazingly
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 13 gün önce
I like how they made every movement smooth and realistic except for the lava LOL
Lego Minecraft Studios
Minecraft 1.17 update: -Bees carry tnt and red stone torches -Bees pick up arrows for dispensers -Bees pick up dispensers -Bees fight mobs -Bees have aimbot -Bees push over buckets of lava -villagers fight mobs -A witch can turn a zombie into a giant one -Witches have incredible fighting and dodging skills -Zombies, skeletons, and creepers raid villages just for bees/honey -New type of witch hunt -New village called: Beevillage -Lava and water buckets can be placed -Almost all players and mobs spin around while fighting -Punching and kicking are added welp turns out Mojang had other plans for Minecraft 1.17 :/
No botplay required
No botplay required 7 gün önce
And physics
Kik Poop
Kik Poop 22 gün önce
Davi RKPLAYS 22 gün önce
Rendezvous Aylar önce
Also Fire whiplashing weapons 5:06
Nengboi Doungul
Nengboi Doungul Aylar önce
Adrian Demetrio
Adrian Demetrio 14 gün önce
Omeleto is one of my favorite animators and has created one the most amazing stories and fight scenes.
TheBetterRose Aylar önce
Does anyone know what the sound track is called that starts at 4:40? Also amazing animation! I love bps's work!
samuraishiba :}
samuraishiba :} 19 gün önce
Truce no more is the name
Kamala Muniswamy
Kamala Muniswamy 20 gün önce
Daniel T. Tapley
Daniel T. Tapley 12 gün önce
1:33 you know it's bad when the golem flees lol Anyways I love this one!
Kac Pie
Kac Pie 2 aylar önce
LiamsAircraft and Lego
This shows how hard fighting a witch in Minecraft is
อับดุลมาเล็ก มามะ
@Neon Razel Sucgang ທຳອະໄຮຍູ່
Siti Kholifah
Siti Kholifah 12 gün önce
Hahahahahahaha 🤣
Joseph Dsouza
Joseph Dsouza Aylar önce
if it was herobrine then witch and that zombie would have died instantly Absolutely No Doubt
lvana  Neyland
lvana Neyland 3 aylar önce
Agnieszka Michalak Sękowska
Superowe odcinek oby więcej takich
GreenBean 20 gün önce
I love how at 3:16 the bees teabag the armor stand
stepan mansilya
stepan mansilya 2 aylar önce
The creators of this are total pros, this animation is very cool. I wish you could put dispensers on bees like that.
Logan&DaddyPanda 2 aylar önce
You can with mods
BZCraft Gaming
BZCraft Gaming 2 aylar önce
I love how Omeleto, the animator, used the same soundtrack as the blocking dead animation in 11:59
Philaug 2 yıl önce
So, everyone is just gonna ignore the fact that all of this happened just because the witch wanted honey?
JaredpRo2021 11 gün önce
Maybe the witch wanted honey for a potion…
Maria Catherine Dobles
Why you!!
I am a fnaf fan
I am a fnaf fan Aylar önce
Ikr I kept questioning why did they need honey
Manto Manto
Manto Manto 2 aylar önce
Emelita Balanga
Emelita Balanga 3 aylar önce
The witch is ravaging the village by spawning wretched mobs to get a sh*t load of honey for making a f*ck ton splash potions of madness.
Josaiah Nevin San Jose
New 1.18 plans suggestions: New walk and sprint! Added katanas and quivers Added firearms Added new bombs Added smelling salts
Fabri247GatoMC 10 gün önce
The blue player that appears at minute 1:00 totally made me fall in love, I even wanted to make a plush with his skin
ItsCrazy 2 aylar önce
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen Keep up the good work, you never let your fans down with great entertainment 😎
Suigin Migasuto
Suigin Migasuto Aylar önce
@Luqmaan Jama If that is a bot. Then we need more like this one.
Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar Aylar önce
Жасулан Умирбек
@Luqmaan Jama кенесары?е нм?ы??ңғ
Luqmaan Jama
Luqmaan Jama Aylar önce
Even thought ur a bot. That was nice
TSJ 2 aylar önce
you did an amazing job! The story line was great, beautiful animation too.
Singh's Arena Official®
Restu Ramadhan Restu
Restu Ramadhan Restu 2 aylar önce
Ayman Sata
Ayman Sata Yıl önce
5:21 I love how the zombies just watching there friends getting burn to death
jussepi lozada
jussepi lozada 2 aylar önce
hermosa animación e historia
Dirkie Drinkwater
Dirkie Drinkwater Aylar önce
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G effort put into this, I love the story, really remarkable!!
Giigins Good yyy
Giigins Good yyy 7 saatler önce
4:54 I love this part
Aluph Shorts
Aluph Shorts 2 aylar önce
Can't we agree whenever he uploads it makes our day better?
Lucas Harvey
Lucas Harvey Aylar önce
It was never in question.
red .291
red .291 Yıl önce
Witch: *touches one drop of honey* Every bee in a 10 mile radius: *grabs the TNT and redstone torches*
frostwolf! 7 gün önce
I really like this animations its been 7 months when i watch this and its still kicking in
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️,,,
M,yufis Yufis
M,yufis Yufis Aylar önce
@Villain Mig yang jbl bisa ykckkbl
Moh Kusnan
Moh Kusnan Aylar önce
Maxi? Eeeeeeeee
Maxi? Eeeeeeeee Aylar önce
@Villain Mig lol haha
Villain Mig
Villain Mig Aylar önce
Broo.. your literaly a robot you can't feel any emotion
stupid Droid
stupid Droid 2 aylar önce
123Coolio321 Epic
123Coolio321 Epic 2 aylar önce
Omelets is a good animator, putting him to the black plasma studios team was a good idea!
Valeria Beatriz Calvet
me encanto eso si que es amistad😍🙂
Kean 2 yıl önce
Everybody here talking about bees and puns, but I'm here just amazed at how this scene 10:34 was choreographed :O :O :O
Kitty Shenanigans
Kitty Shenanigans 2 aylar önce
I had to slow it down to register how Steve got to the second flpor
Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima 4 aylar önce
Free Free
Free Free 4 aylar önce
@Gia Huy ផល
Mmm Aaa
Mmm Aaa 5 aylar önce
@Gia Huy ض
Moon????? 6 aylar önce
@Rizkia Jelek :v lol what
Rabitta Pereira
Rabitta Pereira 2 aylar önce
me encanta este video favorito 🥰😇❤️💙💚💛🧡
Matthew Fontanez
Matthew Fontanez 10 saatler önce
This is the coolest animation I have ever seen
Village : *Lives peacefully* Witch : let us introduce ourselfs
Eda Öztürk
Eda Öztürk 17 gün önce
Bees are soo cute :)
Chopsticks Studios
Chopsticks Studios 2 yıl önce
Plot twist: The witch is really a villager pulling a prank on them
Robert Enescu
Robert Enescu 7 aylar önce
Giselle 11 aylar önce
YOYODADA 2 yıl önce
thats not a prank, thats griefing
Marilyn Cartagenas
Marilyn Cartagenas 2 yıl önce
maybe the villager just stung by a bee and struck by a lightning and turn into witch, thats why he got revenge from the bee
LONG HUYNH 2 yıl önce
But if he’s a villager how can he fight
Let G
Let G 2 aylar önce
Wow its nice that the bees only put 3 arrows on the hopper but it duplicates to many. Nice minecraft logic also 5:51 has an attack on titan reference
Jugal Hazarika
Jugal Hazarika 22 gün önce
When witch hat is gone I can't stop laughing
Talita Caroline
Talita Caroline Aylar önce
Ameiiiii essa animação parabéns para qm criou
GT Minecraft Animation
the part when ive actually see tubers smile makes the video alot better even tho it was already GODLIKE
Bobux Man
Bobux Man 2 yıl önce
Everybody's gangsta until bees shoot fireballs like ghasts
JayBee Lucas
JayBee Lucas Yıl önce
Lorxon Yıl önce
@Arya Mirpuri lmao
Trí Gamer
Trí Gamer 2 aylar önce
This is the best video I've ever seen I LOVE IT
Yosuke Shirotori
Yosuke Shirotori 9 gün önce
danielle elizabeth
danielle elizabeth 19 gün önce
This feels like every action and add this feels like an action movie I don’t know why but I feel like if my car was this realistic it be the most popular game of the universeGreat job by the way
Ma.Cristina Galula Clavel
This is the best Minecraft animation I've ever seen👌🤌😫😍
Umaruchan 2 yıl önce
Why the witch needed honey.: Her home was in a swamp and doesn't like kind stuff. Then she found a village with honey. And drank a potion that can make her control the mobs to have the honey. That's all I can say
D. LGND 2 yıl önce
Ery Arceo how do you know Witches aren’t females?
Strawberry cake
Strawberry cake 2 yıl önce
Sheman was just craving honey cuz they were on thier period
Shadow 2 yıl önce
@Stephen Barton just sad thats its not an opinion but a fact, and im not going to discuss with your agressive opinions any further. Have a good day.
Stephen Barton
Stephen Barton 2 yıl önce
@Shadow is there a right answer though NO! So your opinion is void!
Shadow 2 yıl önce
@Stephen Barton what is your problem lol I'm not insulting anyone im just mentioning he doesn't answer the question
Jayden talks
Jayden talks Aylar önce
Love your videos. Good job
Jayden talks
Jayden talks Aylar önce
Love your videos. Good job
Jayden talks
Jayden talks Aylar önce
Love your videos. Good job
Jayden talks
Jayden talks Aylar önce
Love your videos. Good job
Tuấn Minh Trần
Tuấn Minh Trần 2 yıl önce
A random zombie: /becomes bigger/ Derp: allow me to introduce myself...
Susie Yıl önce
*D E R B Z I L L A*
WarlordSquerk 2 yıl önce
@K Cabrera Better yet. giant derp vs giant zombie
⁹⁰s Lightning
⁹⁰s Lightning 2 yıl önce
Gohan yusepi Perez garcia
Haga más videos de estos cuando atacan a los monstruos del end
Richard Kim
Richard Kim 12 gün önce
The wall and the giant zombie reminds me of Attack On Titan lol
ASTR0 24 gün önce
Me who just realized this is a aot reference😂😂😂
Edwin camilo Morales Cardona
Los felicito sigan asi 😊muy bien maicraft gracias ati alex
MerryinGacha Yıl önce
Ahhh yes.... Steve and alex have been iconic since the day they came... The animation have improved
MerryinGacha 11 gün önce
The heck 😂 how did you guys get that here
I'ts Miku OwO
I'ts Miku OwO 27 gün önce
Maria Catherine Dobles
@Ingrid Honório - Mãe de dois I wanna play Minecrft again!
jether a
jether a 2 aylar önce
how aboit giant alex can you beat this creepypasta
jether a
jether a 2 aylar önce
and also how did you comment soo fast your telling me that alex is stronger than you bruh do you even have a sword or a trident or bow or a spear or a blad or a chainsaw throws all the paper 📃 nope 📔 nope dont need this aha found it 📑 hmm it says that you are not stronger and also im good at shooting from far my brain checks the range and where to lands and the cokulations if i spelled to wrong please send of a reply that said that i spelled to wrong
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️,,,
Roger Dolorido
Roger Dolorido Aylar önce
Roger Dolorido
Roger Dolorido Aylar önce
Osita Cornelio
Osita Cornelio Aylar önce
Que hermoso animasion
SORA Aylar önce
Crash 2 aylar önce
I thought the throwing poison potion could be blocked with a shield, apparently not
Enson 2 yıl önce
When Villagers And Bees Have Had Enough:
Riyanto Muhammad
Riyanto Muhammad Aylar önce
Margarida Maria Maciel
Game Animate
Game Animate Yıl önce
That fight scene when Steve and Alex were going up to fight the witch was the coolest animation scene you ever have done. You need to try and do that again
APP01O 5 gün önce
Did any one noticed in the beginning there was a sign said "beellage"
Hana_chan🍄🌿 Aylar önce
This is so cool oh my God😎✨
Raymund Pastor
Raymund Pastor 24 gün önce
i love fact how derp weapon always his fish
Starstone 2 aylar önce
Oh, using pistons for an Instant Wall is a good idea, I might use that.
I'ts Miku OwO
I'ts Miku OwO 27 gün önce
Henker 2 yıl önce
Dan: *Cant beat cave spiders* Steve and Alex: Can defeat a giant zombie* I never thought Steve and Alex are so strong man
Kaiser Raul
Kaiser Raul Yıl önce
They're pretty much like Adam and Eve
NEGOxFF Aylar önce
Melhor coisa foi as abelhas mn amei
BTS ARMY Aylar önce
Que épico 😭
Charmaine Tang
Charmaine Tang 26 gün önce
I LOVE THIS ANIMATION SO MUCH!!!! You make great videos!
Elton Abela
Elton Abela Aylar önce
The bees are so cute
Henllo 2 yıl önce
2010: Bears destroyed hive just to get honey 2020: an army of mobs destroying a whole village just to get honey
TheMobHunter100 Aylar önce
@moses 2040: the entire universe armies and governments destroying each other just to get a glass of honey
Reilley liam Dela Rosa
Why does the whole mob get the whole honey weird
ยม อัศว
ยม อัศว 3 aylar önce
4090:universe colliding with our universe just to get 1 drop of honey
معتز 5 aylar önce
Kent Bacolod
Kent Bacolod 5 aylar önce
Wowowow eyeyeye
Dan McReynolds
Dan McReynolds Aylar önce
I loved the bees with the TNT.
Gina Suhler
Gina Suhler Aylar önce
I love how you make iron golem as powerful as hulk buster
Natalie Escobar
Natalie Escobar Aylar önce
Did anyone notice after the village got raided the bee nocliped in to soil.
luhsousa Sousa
luhsousa Sousa 2 aylar önce
Gaspard Jehannin
Gaspard Jehannin 2 yıl önce
0:28 *villager separates his arms* Every single Minecrafter: WaIT! tHat'S iLleGal
AS RM Yıl önce
0:55 and witch separates his arms
Chanvira TEA
Chanvira TEA Yıl önce
Lolz, btw, why everyone keep saying lol!!
DÅNK BĒAR_ 2 yıl önce
Well not all of us right??
Aestem EXE
Aestem EXE 2 yıl önce
Phionex SC pls
K Cabrera
K Cabrera 2 yıl önce
Thats wat i thought too lol
Catgamer43 2 aylar önce
That Witch Really Likes Honey
Enderman Aylar önce
This animation is sick!!!
Ava Dickson
Ava Dickson Aylar önce
Love it especially how the animation it’s awesome 🤩
Geneline Manansala
Geneline Manansala 2 aylar önce
Thank you for adding jordan im big fan of him
Sava Edgar
Sava Edgar 2 yıl önce
9:55 "Bees... assemble !!" *Avengers theme starts playing*
Ashley Polanco
Ashley Polanco Yıl önce
@Clarick Ombeng pppppp
Kennjake 2 yıl önce
Exactly! Im getting avengers vibes from the big fights
Tribbles the Unfortunate
LOL i was thinking the exact same thing. was going to put the comment too but you beat me to it so well done mate
Rebel_Boi 2 yıl önce
*Endgame theme earrape intestifies*
Clarick Ombeng
Clarick Ombeng 2 yıl önce
Zion Cairo Del Rosario
I Love your Videos
Arfanhashif Hashif
Arfanhashif Hashif 2 aylar önce
keren banget bang bikin part 2 nya dong ya plisssss
Krzysztof Pawlaczyk
Krzysztof Pawlaczyk 11 gün önce
Na początku jest smutne a potem batdzo odwarzne
Abdur Camara
Abdur Camara 19 gün önce
11:09 I didn't realise Steve was spider man in disguise
iMajinnn Yıl önce
Pillager Raid : im bout to end this village’s career
santosh singh
santosh singh 2 aylar önce
Alex and Steve has true friendship
Vedansh 6 gün önce
The villagers are so cute
EatsFruit4Breakfast 2 aylar önce
I’ll be honest the bees holding flamethrowers got me lol
s1cnarf 2 aylar önce
What flamethrowers?
Julian Camilo Sanchez Triana
the witch activated ultra instinct
SkeppyMagma 2 yıl önce
Imagine there a mobs raid like this.that would be so cool
Paula Freitas
Paula Freitas 8 gün önce
HMGameload 10 aylar önce
yesh it nice
Allyn Playz_YT
Allyn Playz_YT 2 yıl önce
And the you like Some bee and the Bees is like this yow yow That so Cool bro btw when steve Close the entrance or something The Sound when appear all of his teamate in that time the sound its look like a avengers
Just A Guy With A Mask
@Kal Widorn the immortal captain. i downloaded it but it says there is no app, what app do i need i have minecraft
stepan mansilya
stepan mansilya 2 aylar önce
9:37 Witch: “oh yeah?”
Daniel Sitorus01
Daniel Sitorus01 2 aylar önce
I really like Steve and Alex's life movie
John Boyle
John Boyle Aylar önce
Where did Alex and Steve learn those moves?!
Angela Fabián Franco
Angela Fabián Franco 2 aylar önce
Muy Bonita la historia
NCS Yıl önce
I thought creeper and iron golem are friends Thanks for the likes❤️
C Cyber Solider
C Cyber Solider 10 aylar önce
Only if it’s not made by a witch
Josh Juatan
Josh Juatan Yıl önce
Me to lol
SilentGamer Yıl önce
Rageelexir playing mobile legends haha
Rubiah Awang
Rubiah Awang Yıl önce
Rubiah Awang
Rubiah Awang Yıl önce
sharon McCain
sharon McCain 2 aylar önce
I love your videos there so cool and the epic fight seens I just love it
|•Foxy and Starry
|•Foxy and Starry 16 gün önce
It was funny when the iron golem put the flower on his head
Barbie dream world
Barbie dream world 2 aylar önce
The best animations
Anamie Balasbas
Anamie Balasbas 2 aylar önce
Dude this animation is sick
Jade Dela torre
Jade Dela torre 2 yıl önce
Its almost like atack on titans when the zombie grows😊
ZaikoReborn 12 gün önce
there was a how to train your dragon 2 reference in there also
Nataly Mora Madrigal
@Marva Abyu qsi
LocalPlatypus Yıl önce
And tears down the wall.
Kafasız Zombi - Tek Part #shorts
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