Beating the most terrifying game I've ever played

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I'm afraid of the deep. I will beat it though.
Subnautica is fun :)

You should watch me live:

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22 May 2022




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TikaratheMew Aylar önce
Hey hey, I'm the one behind the Fish are Friends capsule! I made that as a test when time capsules were first being implemented and playtested, and it's always a treat to see people react to them and what they do with the fish. Glad you enjoyed them!
Wryytard57 3 gün önce
Yeah enjoyed
Dr.Light64 6 gün önce
@RemGremlin i have goofed.
RemGremlin 6 gün önce
@Dr.Light64 you done goofed, he said he made the fish are friends capsule, not the first capsule
YoloYester 17 gün önce
Mmmmm! Delicious!
Sybildisabledcontent 26 gün önce
L fish
cason5 Aylar önce
He literally goes right up to a crabsquid, "oh, these things seem chill." nothing happens. When I went there they sent out a freaking emp, broke my seamoth, and killed me
Conner James
Conner James Gün önce
I was trying to get nickel and I tried going out that way rn I have my game off with my prawn suit at 0% battery 500 meters down
tsunami_nine 9 gün önce
i dont get why everyone is so afraid of them, they do like 2% of the prawn and seamoth’s hp on a single attack and the emp lasts for like 3 seconds
Parker Wright
Parker Wright 28 gün önce
turn your lights off
Tune 28 gün önce
maybe the chillsquid did not like you?
Joshua Norton
Joshua Norton Aylar önce
Just don't shine lights at them, and if they do turn aggressive, get out and hit them once with your knife and they'll run away
GrasTube Aylar önce
Players when starting subnautica: "oh noes, it's getting dark, better hide to my pod and cry till morning" players at the end of subnautica: *spidermanning off reaper leviathans*
thi tran
thi tran 23 gün önce
Krystian Kątny
Krystian Kątny 27 gün önce
Rodeo on a dragon leviathan is the best bro
ludo phok
ludo phok 28 gün önce
@Draw nothing is faster than exploding gas bubbles you should try it it's pretty fun, get a lot of exploding gas bubbles and go to whatever you wanna see dead, stasis it and go up to it's head (from behind cause I think hitbox is still active even while in stasis) drop all the bubbles and back off they will explode while the thing is stopped and kill it right away
DrBleh Aylar önce
Its literally a rodeo trying to attack leviathan while latches onto it
Caleb Moore
Caleb Moore Aylar önce
JFJ has joined the chat
The_Bowman Aylar önce
I dont care what you say this is probably one of the most terrifying games ever made. While also being one of the chillest games
AleDrGaze SPD
AleDrGaze SPD 26 gün önce
@Pixel why are u lying to yourself lol
AleDrGaze SPD
AleDrGaze SPD 26 gün önce
@The Knightikins stop lying to yourself lol
Benicio Bonilla
Benicio Bonilla 28 gün önce
@MrSkme This. It's one of the only games where I felt an actual fear of my character dying when I first went exploring because I felt like I WAS the character, and everything else around me seemed like such a genuinely real world.
MrSkme Aylar önce
Also one of the most atmospheric games ever
Teh Aylar önce
the funny thing is that Subnautica was never meant to be scary, it just so happened that the setting of the game ended up being terrifying for players due to the atmosphere and unintentional design.
Samarex Aylar önce
No matter how many times I’ve seen a leviathan they still always scare the crap out of me.
thoa tran
thoa tran 19 gün önce
cheo a
cheo a 21 gün önce
Kiper 24 gün önce
just get a seamoth perimeter defense
Stacie Kelly
Stacie Kelly 29 gün önce
That reaper scared me so bad it still does
Boyman45 29 gün önce
I completely agree
Jakob Guzman
Jakob Guzman Aylar önce
Ant: Is serious but also scared in the game (12:54) Also Ant: “Dragon deez-“
NubPlaisGaims Aylar önce
Also him eating the fish. I almost started laughing out loud, especially when I saw the comment of the guy who made it.
Ozzie64 Aylar önce
same applies to 23:04
Bad Boyorange
Bad Boyorange Aylar önce
Never has any piece of media so accurately captured the utter dread of thalassophobia as well as subnautica. The scariest part about being alone is finding out that you're not.
creb guy
creb guy 15 gün önce
@ruhen shamraaj i was citing a direct quote from the pda, but i didn’t actually know there were 2, thanks for sharing!
Gothic Butterfly
Gothic Butterfly Aylar önce
@ruhen shamraaj no, he was referring to the fact that, lore-wise at least, reaper leviathan roars double as sonar, so that was a literal statement. (In terms of gameplay though it doesn't function like that. I dont recall if the reason was they couldnt get it to work properly, or because they COULD get it to work and decided it would be unfair)
Matt H
Matt H Aylar önce
“God save you if you heard something wandering nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you”
ruhen shamraaj
ruhen shamraaj Aylar önce
@creb guy There are actually two roars. One it does normally and another, slightly different one once it sees you.
mr skulliousis
mr skulliousis Aylar önce
"if you cant hear them, fear even more"
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Great editing
Rahul Kumar Manjhi
Rahul Kumar Manjhi 19 gün önce
Electronic 20 gün önce
Manuel Da Silva
Manuel Da Silva 23 gün önce
Very good. Excellent game. Thanks.
Tutun Chanda
Tutun Chanda 24 gün önce
Not found this task.
mL iSLam
mL iSLam 27 gün önce
Just Marrow
Just Marrow Aylar önce
22 gün önce
@Regular Goat I know
Regular Goat
Regular Goat 22 gün önce
@か you’re the one who corrected me lol
Tuna 27 gün önce
i love how literally everyone is paying respect to you
28 gün önce
@Regular Goat yea sorry. Btw relax
edward mikiji
edward mikiji 28 gün önce
@Yohan nope, he actually made it
Patrick Seelye
Patrick Seelye Aylar önce
that 2-second sand edit at 5:07 was underrated. Such a cool touch but so easy to overlook
ToxHydre Aylar önce
I noticed and even asked myself if it was not an edit but a game feature
Weeaboo Trank
Weeaboo Trank Aylar önce
for real it was so smooth came looking for this comment
dork triogamer
dork triogamer Aylar önce
IK RIGHT also 29:55
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
“What is a wave without the ocean? A beginning without an end. They are different but they go together. Now you go among the stars, and I fall among the sand. We are different but we go together.” Hearing that ending gives me absolute chills to this day. This game is a masterpiece.
ZeFirePotato 18 gün önce
@Headass Incorrect, it simply means a work of outstanding quality, it has nothing to do with perfection
Australian v1nce cuh
Australian v1nce cuh 26 gün önce
Small ant played the first one but what about below zero?
GTPOISON 27 gün önce
Tune 28 gün önce
i get no chills i just cry like the fu*kin baby i am to be honest i dont think anybody survived the ending without crying even a little
Oner Xowns
Oner Xowns 28 gün önce
By mom 🥺😢😭🖐️
SemiHypercube Aylar önce
Never played Subnautica, but seeing SmallAnt play this game is great, especially since he is clearly scared easily by it
Mshojat 28 gün önce
I doubt that he's being scared easily by this game at all. By that I mean any average gamer will get very scared. Seems like he actually is _less scared_ than many other people I've seen play this game. One person I saw had a crippling fear preventing her from even progressing (which I think she did get over though).
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry Aylar önce
@Jhonny Oval Head 8-bitryan's playthrough introduced me to this game, so it will always have special significance to me.
Foxite Aylar önce
nice allay
Maddy Aylar önce
@Joey Gonzales Yeah I agree lol
Etherkree Aylar önce
@Jhonny Oval Head oh I actually started looking into buying it, I think I'll wait to experience it myself. Thanks for the suggestions tho
TheAdvertisement Aylar önce
Seeing SmallAnt freak out and scream so much is so weird. Even in stressful challenge he's usually cold and calculated, at most shouting with joy or getting serious. Never have I seen this much fear in his face until this game.
homeless man
homeless man Aylar önce
@TheAdvertisement yeah but not as stressful as being attacked by a reaper leviathan
Starbit Observatory
Lmao same. Seeing smug, over-confident Smallant screech in fear because of some big scary fish or something is immensely funny to me
TheAdvertisement Aylar önce
@I forgot Well yeah but that doesn't mean he hasn't been in stressful situations with those happy games.
I forgot
I forgot Aylar önce
Theres a difference between a cute and happy mario game and a sci fi, horror, exploration, and survival game
AleKO Aylar önce
Subnautica has its own type of horror, at best humbling
The Simic Combine
The Simic Combine Aylar önce
This game actually goes from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat, its jarring and your constantly in anticipation of it. The potential this game has to produce severe anxiety is amazing, no other game, even the sequel, is able to do such.
Celeste Banks
Celeste Banks Aylar önce
it makes you think how much time do you think they put in the map and graphics ALONE.
Ben Munn
Ben Munn Aylar önce
@Issou Lachancla not as good as the first but it's still one of the best story games out there
Underpantswher Aylar önce
@Issou Lachancla Its focused more on the story rather than survival, that doesnt make it bad. I agree its not as good as the first, but its still a good game.
Issou Lachancla
Issou Lachancla Aylar önce
the sequel is trash because you don't feel alone, it's more like an action game
Ben Munn
Ben Munn Aylar önce
He should play the sequel tho
Back Gaming and Intros!
Suspense and the alienated nature of the sea life is what makes it so terrifying. Still get those chills.
Don Occo
Don Occo Aylar önce
As someone studying to become a marine biologist, I can tell you the stuff that's swimming down in the deep sea of our own planet is sometimes equally if not more alien looking. There might not be any fire spitting or telepathic squid-crustaceans, but we do have giant squid that grows up to 2-13 m (39-43 ft)
Splundlz Aylar önce
"Detecting multiple leviathan-class lifeforms in the area. Are you sure whatever you're doing is worth it?"
Sam harpers
Sam harpers Aylar önce
This video has shown me the 5 stages of Smallant's screams: 1. The Wimper 2. The Scream 3. The Scream, but louder 4. The Jumpscare 5. The Jumpscare, but higher
Lilya Aylar önce
Five words that strike terror into the hearts of any Subnautica fan: Warning: Entering Ecological Dead Zone.
day dreams
day dreams 7 gün önce
@WeirdFlex the ecological dead zone is filled with ghost leviathans. and it's just a dark empty abyss. pretty creepy if you've played the game lol
The Dog Gamer
The Dog Gamer 29 gün önce
@WeirdFlex Bit of a spoiler here The message is something like "warning, detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in this area, are you sure whatever you're doing is worth it?" The dunes biome is filled with Reaper Leviathans
WeirdFlex 29 gün önce
I forget why, please explain. I haven't played the game.
The Dog Gamer
The Dog Gamer Aylar önce
The message you get when entering the dunes probably causes even more terror
I'mNotGiving MyName
I wish he had taken the cyclops down through the lost river. That was my favorite part of the game, really getting to use silent running, emergency speed, and the decoy torpedoes to full effect, and getting to experience some of the damage states of the cyclops where it fills with water. So many cool details in this game.
The Corn Dealer
The Corn Dealer Aylar önce
He didn’t even get to experience the best song in the game when your cyclops is in the process of sinking
E Murray
E Murray Aylar önce
Damm yeah its amazing he got the cyclops into the lava zone without going through the river. Definetly something possible and theres definetly not footage of him taking the cyclops through the river in the video
Mayo Mayo
Mayo Mayo Aylar önce
Wait till he starts modding the game. You can add the gargantuan fossil back into the game as the gargantuan leviathan. I won’t say anymore, but the only way I can describe it is monolith.
missingno miner
missingno miner 7 gün önce
@day dreams As I recall, the full sized ones already spawn there, detracting from its status as the empty ocean left behind by a super-deadly virus that nearly killed everything on the planet.
day dreams
day dreams 7 gün önce
@missingno miner yeah, that's true. i don't know much about the mod but maybe if they had it spawn in the dead zone it might work? a lot of open empty space so it doesn't clip through walls and stuff, probably will still be buggy but. the lore still won't make sense but oh well lol
missingno miner
missingno miner Aylar önce
@ROBIN nothing about its size works in the game, not only is it big to the point of being buggy, it also doesn't work from a lore perspective since it's extinct and most of the super-sized prey it would have eaten when it was around are also extinct or almost extinct, with what prey is still around being restricted to small areas it can't enter.
purplpasta Aylar önce
Tbf once you install a mod you know what you're in for, takes away from the surprise factor and the unknown
ROBIN Aylar önce
i don't know, i love the idea they have for the mod, but they make it TOO big. it gets to the point where it's really unwieldy and buggy (which ruins immersion), and it loses some of the fear when you just see a mile of body and no face. the perspective almost gets ruined.
Ben Daly
Ben Daly Aylar önce
You know Tanner is Canadian when he says thanks anytime the Prawnsuit welcomes him aboard
CatWasTaken2 Aylar önce
The edits for these videos are wild. Lots of little details that just make the experience a whole lot better, from the little accessibility things like making the dialog boxes or other small details more noticeable to gags like the sand blocks when he crafts glass. Props to the editors as always
Slime Privilege
Slime Privilege Aylar önce
honestly one of the best games of the decade. i never did get around to playing the sequel, but the original is in a league of it's own. an amazing and unique experience through and through, i always love watching people experience what it has to offer for the first time and i know it's one of those gems of a game that will keep giving to new players forever and ever.
Levi Lilnoir
Levi Lilnoir 7 gün önce
@day dreams i did love it. Wish it were longer tho, i beat it in roughly a week and a half.
day dreams
day dreams 7 gün önce
@Levi Lilnoir you're going to love it. one of my favorite gaming experiences and although the game isn't very replayable, that first playthrough was worth it entirely.
Paul Elderson
Paul Elderson Aylar önce
The sequel is more like a large DLC. It uses the exact same basegame but you're playing on another map.
Levi Lilnoir
Levi Lilnoir Aylar önce
@Lee Alabaster thanks. Im sold. It’s only like 30$ too. Gonna buy it.
Lee Alabaster
Lee Alabaster Aylar önce
@Levi Lilnoir most people prefer the first one and i would recommend the first aswell. It allows for greater exploration because in the sequel it feeks like you are being told what to do whereas in the first game you have to explore to find things, with hints being given throughout
SHMOUSEY86 Aylar önce
The Cyclops might be the coolest/most interesting I've ever piloted in a video game.
Kikicatmeow Aylar önce
@GiantAlaskanWorm tbf the cyclops would get stuck in 90% of the biomes and would only be viable in the Arctic, Tree Spires and Lilypads honestly Like the seatruck is infinitely smaller and it’ll still get caught on absolutely everything It would’ve been cool to have but it makes sense why it isn’t around
GiantAlaskanWorm Aylar önce
ikr, yet they took it off from below zero and we got seatruck instead, which is way less cooler than cyclops ://
Got Spooked
Got Spooked Aylar önce
5:07 Something about the added detail of the sand getting squashed and stretched is great.
Griffin Sheilds
Griffin Sheilds Aylar önce
For anyone who hasn't played subnautica and thinks Smant's overreacting it is the most terrifying thing ever the game makes you feel apart of it when your playing and everything's scary I highly recommend it .
Joshua Dai
Joshua Dai Aylar önce
I'm still heartbroken about the fish that Smant ate. They were innocent, and their lives were ruthlessly taken.
xF7z4869 3 gün önce
Ya know that the capsules are randomly placed in everyone’s world, I bet more than 10k of them are eaten
Officerbt3 Aylar önce
From watching LetsPlayers, Speedrunners, and playing it myself I don’t really find it scary anymore. Oh but if you show me a reaper slowly fading into view through the muck I might as well have never been there in the first place
CLUM TV Aylar önce
“‘Why is it a dead zone?’ Probably because that thing ate everything!” Is my favorite line ever.
The Knightikins
The Knightikins Aylar önce
Watching him learn about Stalkers stealing his camera’s is so funny.
CallumIsOK Aylar önce
I'm yet to find a game more utterly terrifying than subnautica, even though it's not classed as horror
Sir Pand
Sir Pand 28 gün önce
Alien: "thanks for the help, but you got everything done right?" Smant: "oh no I forgor to make moon orbit!" Alien: "seems like a you problem so I'mjust gonna leave."
Tiny Aylar önce
12:16 Thank you, chat member whose name I cannot read because my internet is garbage, for the message “it finna eat you” Truly inspiring words
Drew Mast
Drew Mast Aylar önce
The luck this man had while playing this is INSANE.
Drew Mast
Drew Mast Aylar önce
@kosmos he found everything very early, like the floating island, and the blueprints he got were found quickly for a beginner.
kosmos Aylar önce
What made him lucky?
Abdullah Bin JS
Abdullah Bin JS Aylar önce
Great editing, dude. Devine is adding so much to the experience.
Jynxime Aylar önce
Driving into every creature I see is among my favourite things to do (reapers not included lmao)
DuskDaUmbreon Aylar önce
Leviathans fully included. You just need to drive into them a bit differently
RainyyDayy Aylar önce
This game is the perfect example of a game truly eliciting fears. It's also one of the best games ever made. Loved getting to watch you play this on stream and seeing the highlights here.
SHMOUSEY86 Aylar önce
I have extreme thalassophobia and started playing this game after your last video on it. I really enjoyed Below Zero. Weirdly less terrifying to me for some reason.
JakesFavorites Aylar önce
Yeah that's because Below Zero was like ankle deep.
SHMOUSEY86 Aylar önce
@Ipoxis that's not it
Ipoxis Aylar önce
I think the reason as to why below zero was less terrifying is because you had the precursor guy with you. Which lended it to being less of an “alone” game
SHMOUSEY86 Aylar önce
@MojoNojo06 it actually has nothing to do with the story. I think it's got something to do with the map layouts of the two games. In the original you can't see anything around you minus the Aurora and some weird clouds, and the biomes are generally a lot flatter. In BZ, you can't even always see above water, and when you can you'll always be able to see some sort of land nearby. I think the more vertical design of BZ also factors into it.
Kikicatmeow Aylar önce
@The101 Gamer yeah there’s the Chelicerates, Shadow Leviathans and Ice Worms. But yeah the Ice Worms being on land makes it feel like there’s less, same with the Snowfox vehicle. I wish they would’ve added one more ocean vehicle and one more ocean leviathan
xCyniical Aylar önce
14:03 is actually the edge of the map, it drops down to about 8000 meters. The PDA says its an ecological dead zone, but it's incorrect for obvious reasons. The leviathan is actually there to deter you from going any farther.
Mournlied 26 gün önce
@WeirdFlex I found this on the subnautica wiki "If the player stays in the Crater Edge for 30 seconds, a second Ghost Leviathan will spawn. Staying in the area for another 30 seconds will spawn a third and final Ghost Leviathan. They will pursue the player until they return to the playable area, upon which all Ghost Leviathans retreat."
tylerchase7 29 gün önce
@WeirdFlex it's the edge of the map, you cant explore 8000 meters down without cheating and even if you do it's a featureless plane
WeirdFlex 29 gün önce
Is there anything else or just the leviathan? What if you were to explore down there?
Michael Smith A.K.A. Mr.Dragon
The guy who told you to take care of his fish is gonna be REALLY sad if he watches this video, I hope your happy with yourself. 😤
Relys Smith
Relys Smith Aylar önce
@Jade Kaiser As I went throught my logs I see that I got infected on Day 5, it progressed on Day 25, another update on 69. On day 91 I got "Bacterial infection has spread to the skin and pulmonary system". My logs of exploring island starts on day 107. I managed to get cured at Day 156. I am sure that creatures may get infected by each other (observed it in the fish tank). About me fricking over eating raw fish, my paranoic brain remembered it as connected. I thought green fish looked ugly so I always would catch and eat them so they won't swim around. I saw logs 2 days before infection about fabricator being crucial for correctly preparring food for safe human consumpction so I happened to eat raw fish (probably green one) and than I got infected so I linked those two together
Jade Kaiser
Jade Kaiser Aylar önce
@Relys Smith I don't believe you, as there are known triggers you can look up and that is not one of them. Perhaps you just remembered things wrong, perhaps you're making things up. I don't know, but you are wrong either way. Creatures don't start showing infection more as time passes, either. From the very start of the game, some show signs, and some don't.
Relys Smith
Relys Smith Aylar önce
@Jade Kaiser And I believe eating raw fish progress infection story line. I remember eating raw fish by accident in the first 1h of the playthrough and the voice teling me something like "You should have prepared food before eating it. It makes it less likely to couse harm. Self scan is recommended" and thus my infection was revealed to me before even leaving shallow water. I remember how annoyed I was even considering starting over, but I didn't because I just finished collecting a lot of resources into boxes and did small research online if reset is needed, but thankfully I learned this is inevitable. I started this storyline so early and didn't visit island for so long (because of leviatan near) that at some point most creatures was covered in green just like my hands showing late stage of infection
Michael Smith A.K.A. Mr.Dragon
@ToyKeeper I saw it but when I saw that comment I already had posted mine
ToyKeeper Aylar önce
The fish capsule person watched this and seemed entertained by it. It sounded like the same time capsule has been present in a bunch of different playthroughs, so losing one for dinner isn't such a bad thing. The comment is by TikaratheMew, and is currently pinned.
Moist Aylar önce
*wholesome time capsule about how much the fish means to this person* Ant: 16:21
mr skulliousis
mr skulliousis Aylar önce
@Amplify nah they are the same words like bigger and uh i forgot what it was?
Amplify Aylar önce
@mr skulliousis There's a slight difference between the meaning of those two words.
mr skulliousis
mr skulliousis Aylar önce
@Amplify yeah stasis
Amplify Aylar önce
@mr skulliousis "No results found for Racist Rifle Subnautica, do you perhaps mean Stasis Rifle Subnautica?"
mr skulliousis
mr skulliousis Aylar önce
@Amplify yeah i think thats the name
TiffSnickle97 Aylar önce
"crabsquid. these things seem chill" *internally screaming*
Ryan Hacker
Ryan Hacker Aylar önce
Love chat calling the Eidolon Wyrm a "ghosty boy", true calamity enjoyers know it as Jared
AMTerraria 27 gün önce
Holy crap is that a hectique reference??
Luna Aylar önce
Gotta love the editor(s) in this one. So many details! That dream sequence was just gold 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Reet Aylar önce
I get you dude, even going to the beach on a calm day is terrifying, just seeing and feeling how quickly the ground drops off and seeing how far the water goes on for.
ImJustSomeGuy Aylar önce
What I love about this game is how even after exploring everywhere I go, I still feel the same fear of what is around every corner (even though there are very few areas where there are enemies that actually can do damage/attack you)
Dazcar Aylar önce
that dream just shows that smallant must stay as a small ant to keep the world intact
Graymoon Aylar önce
I like how not many people play subnatica yet whenever someone does it’s reaches trending within the first few hours
10G Aylar önce
Imagine being excited someone found your time capsule, only for them to eat your friends in front of thousands of viewers
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 28 gün önce
Five words that strike terror into the hearts of any Subnautica fan: Warning: Entering Ecological Dead Zone.
iiTzSpectreZ 26 gün önce
God I have never felt so relatable to someone before. I'm so damn terrified of going underwater in Video Games for no reason!
Tralfazz74 Aylar önce
this editor is a master of subtlety, only adding small gags that build on the ongoing conversation without distracting from the streamer. Excellenté
The KaiserWarriors
The KaiserWarriors Aylar önce
Subnautica is fantastic and will always be the game that made me feel lonely, despite playing next to my girlfriend
Maddy Aylar önce
Finally, I was waiting for this! I never get to see SmallAnt since I don't really watch Twitch anymore, so this is all I've got for Smant playing the game! Also I love when the edit follows the creature that flies across the screen and smant reacts to it, it makes it so much funnier
pingidjit Aylar önce
Now that I watched you complete the game I don't have to. Thank goodness. I couldn't survive 3 in game days. My fear of the ocean was all too real while playing.
Flamesty Aylar önce
I love how he went from terrified of everything to then riding around a reaper like a cowboy
tj neumann
tj neumann Aylar önce
We gotta get Salvner to teach Smant to speedrun the game now that he's beaten it.
Paul Elderson
Paul Elderson Aylar önce
He just has to put his foot down
LP14 Aylar önce
you know it's a good day when Smant uploads. The effort you put into these videos clearly shows, keep up the great work!
Elliot Aylar önce
Got to say, really loving this editing style. Feels really smooth and natural.
UltmateRagnarok Aylar önce
"See me dragon th-" _-SmallAnt, each and every time_
Z Man Vader
Z Man Vader Aylar önce
15:26 Message: Hello! I can't take my friends with me in the ship so could you care for them? Here is there names and what they eat. Smallant: LMAO! Let me add some soy sauce to this!
Crest Aylar önce
12:54 that cutoff is absolutely perfect your editors are insane
Rich Humphrey
Rich Humphrey 29 gün önce
I love this game so much, so glad you got to experience it. Watching people play it for the first time is always such a treat.
Philipp Aylar önce
great editing, especially with the sand crafting and the Neptune rocket montage!
Chunkle Aylar önce
I love how everyone always has the same reaction to learning that the ghost leviathan is a juvenile
well, shit
well, shit Aylar önce
I was so surprised by how far he got in the dead zone without even dying tbh
Jae bob
Jae bob Aylar önce
17:56 Smant was literally trying to out-scream the reaper
Bradlee Palmer
Bradlee Palmer Aylar önce
The minor edits make this video that much better 😊 very entertaining as always Smant!!
Dragonomicon Aylar önce
I suffered through every moment of this with you. I have the same fear as you, but my goodness I praise your bravery. I've tried this three times now, and only once got the seamoth. Great job, much better than I will ever do.
Joel Hawthorn
Joel Hawthorn Aylar önce
This is definitely my all time favourite game!! Glad to see Smant playing it and enjoying it (as well as being terrified lol)
survivGUY Aylar önce
Great vid Smant! You never fail to entertain us!
Dru Ebio
Dru Ebio Aylar önce
When small ant went to the crabsquid. I immediately thought how lucky he was to be so unaware about the dangers that lil squid could do and I was laughing my bum off when it did nothing.
The Archivist
The Archivist 29 gün önce
I had to beat this game without the beacons, even after dedicating three hours (mid-game) to finding the other half of the blueprint. Couldn't find the compass until after finding the Inactive Lava Zone... And it was actually still pretty fun.
The Knightikins
The Knightikins Aylar önce
Subnautica is one of my favorite games of all time. I’m not really afraid of the ocean, I just find it beautiful.
Tom Aylar önce
As someone who doesnt have the time to watch your full streams i just wanted to thank you for the perfect editing of these videos.
Ewan Hill
Ewan Hill Aylar önce
Small ant thank you for making amazing content that never fails to make me laugh You have kept me going through quarantine for a while now and I wanna thank you for being one of the greatest youtubers out there. Also when is terraria calamity coming?
Lukas99g Aylar önce
i was so excited to see your reaction to the cyclops and man i was not dissapointed great content as always
Zzues Aylar önce
I love Subnautica so much, even all these years later I still enjoy watching folks play it for the first time. Very few games have had as much impact on me as Subnautica.
Keagan Collins
Keagan Collins Aylar önce
This game is the best I’ve played, maybe ever. Great to watch someone else play it
Boopernaut Ap'adams
Man i can't wait to see how well he does in calamity
Apr1l-81 Aylar önce
beautiful editing! you made 40 minutes feel like 3 hours (which is a good thing)
Erik Martin
Erik Martin Aylar önce
The part where the Minecraft sand was animated in the crafting style of Subnautica was so well done wtf
Galzra Void
Galzra Void 29 gün önce
16:20 I wanna know if anyone ever found my time cap I left a picture of Karl my pet reaper in. long story short I ended up with a reaper around my base in the safe shallows during a combat encounter very far away from my main base. the reaper sticks around always trying to eat the fish inside my base + he eats stalkers that swim to close to the base so I keep him around
Joe Goddard
Joe Goddard Aylar önce
I love how everyone has the same progression in Subnautica, we all start off absolutely terrified and barely want to explore, to using the Prawn Suit to combat Leviathans that we're no longer scared of
Moon Cake
Moon Cake Aylar önce
I am so happy you played this! Sure you freaked out at times, but it was worth it! You should totally try the DLC, its super fun and totally not scary or creepy in any way!
NovelGalaxy Does Stuff
You can actually get ion-based batteries into the time capsules if they are in a piece of equipment.
DarkBuilder Aylar önce
What a wonderful game, I hope whoever gets your time capsule enjoys the game as much as you did.
MojoNojo06 Aylar önce
@mr skulliousis I think the devs manually approve them. I also think I heard they're not adding in any more, so no Smant capsule 😔
mr skulliousis
mr skulliousis Aylar önce
bro its weird i never found a time capsule with slurs
Brennan Aylar önce
I love watching you play subnautica, it’s so nostalgic for me. It’s an older game but still my favorite I’ve ever played. Also I’m pretty sure subnautica 3 is coming out this year
Uncool Loser
Uncool Loser Aylar önce
I like how you play Subnautica just as I get back into it lol. It’s a very fun game and your commentary makes it very fun to watch as well!
Rohan Gore (Bismuth75)
Editing was pristine! Keep up the good work Smallant!
Shiver Aylar önce
I love how he thanks the Prawn Suit whenever it says "Welcome aboard, Captain." It really brings out the Canadian lol
MetroidMan Aylar önce
Oh hey, I'm playing through this too. I've gotten to the point where I'm trying to fight almost everything with the Prawn's grappling and drill arms.
Baushey Aylar önce
Finally, I’ve been waiting for this video! Can’t wait to see if he plays below zero
Snowstorm Aylar önce
Imagine playing this in VR 👀
Blokyk Aylar önce
The amount of detail in this video (as well as the other Subnautica videos) is 👌 Like the sand going into the crafter at 5:07 is so seamless I was genuinely confused why that sprite was in the game for a second lol
Angel Chakku
Angel Chakku Aylar önce
I'm gonna go on a limb here and say without watching the video. He does beat the most terrifying game.
Momazboy Aylar önce
Keep up the great content Ant, I can’t wait to see your stream highlights here
AJ Abrevaya
AJ Abrevaya Aylar önce
Most creative streamer in the business. Love a good upload!
EpicPlayz Aylar önce
I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛
Daniel Hale
Daniel Hale Aylar önce
One of the best games ever made. I strongly recommend the sequel too!
Pokefish Aylar önce
When he named the lockers I was laughing so much
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