Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!

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9 Eki 2020




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Nugget Hut
Nugget Hut Yıl önce
After watching this, I realized how much Mojang must hate speed runners
Smorn 3 gün önce
You mean Moyan
Long Strong_528
Long Strong_528 6 gün önce
Speed runners don’t follow the game how Mojang wants them to
Ok not to flex but..i always spawn by nether fortresses
Samy 9 gün önce
Every game developer hates speed runners because they want you to enjoy the game and experience all there especially story games so you don’t get it over with and then just never touch it again
jazzah49 10 gün önce
yeh true
Djnate 107
Djnate 107 15 gün önce
There needs to be more youtubers like this guy, his comedy is subtle, but funny, and his videos are well edited and entertaining. Great video man, wish you uploaded more.
SuGmA HaWg
SuGmA HaWg 11 gün önce
ninjaboi875 boi
ninjaboi875 boi 3 gün önce
When going to the nether it isn't recommended to make bridges because you can easily fall off so you must use an elytra or ender pearls to travel. Walking is also not an option because again you can die by falling in lava or stepping in fire and magma
Yanhua Zhou
Yanhua Zhou Gün önce
@so se yeah thats the joke
ninjaboi875 boi
ninjaboi875 boi Gün önce
@so se thats the joke
so se
so se Gün önce
you cant get the elytra before beating the dragon.
ItzMeDB Aylar önce
7:38 as he placed the last pearl, my doorbell rang at the exact same time, and it was glorious.
Hel1 Yeah
Hel1 Yeah Aylar önce
Jeb adding polar bears bc of his wife is absolutely adorable
Hel1 Yeah
Hel1 Yeah 2 gün önce
@FearDa King idk about you fam but me personally, doing something sweet, nice, etc for your significant other shouldn't be seen as a simp move to me, idk, man. It's sorta weird that people see nice actions as being a simp anyway lol. Like how should people treat their significant other? It would be different if she wasn't something that close
Hel1 Yeah
Hel1 Yeah 2 gün önce
@FearDa King No but what does my family have to do with Jeb adding something his wife likes to this game? Lol
FearDa King
FearDa King 2 gün önce
Alr well he didn't but you get what I mean.
FearDa King
FearDa King 2 gün önce
@Hel1 Yeah my perspective is that its a joke because he added it due to his wife, and that's a simp move, now yeah I don't know who your family are, but its a question, haven't you seen your parents love each other, simple yes or no. You're making me confused with this, ayo hold up we're arguing over a minecraft video, WAIT DIDNT HE SAY IT WAS A SIMP MOVE????
Hel1 Yeah
Hel1 Yeah 2 gün önce
@FearDa King anyways, what's your perspective? Because that reply was sorta hard to understand
ItsTheBluSpy Yıl önce
The only reason why he won was because of the dirt pillar at spawn. If he didn't have that dirt pillar at spawn he would have been screwed.
Phoebe li
Phoebe li 3 gün önce
Yes definitely
Person.                                 slay day
Person. slay day 7 gün önce
LET ME GET 100K subs with no vids
yes. you are "right" lol
JB Gamer
JB Gamer 13 gün önce
you do for space to see you more render don't you and want if a zombie was nearby
Some Pynk Fool
Some Pynk Fool Aylar önce
Man I actually can't stop watching this video, this guy is pretty hilarious, can't wait for more similar videos like these :^)
Augustin Vacaru
Augustin Vacaru 5 gün önce
Before fighting the ender dragon, crafting some golden apples wouldn' t be a bad idea
Marta Zagrocka
Marta Zagrocka 14 gün önce
Having gold boots only is more likeley to urvive in the nether because you have less mobs after you
koli Aylar önce
"Turn mama sheep into a twin size mattress" That sent me into orbit
Wavefire_ Yıl önce
I like how he just casually uses obsidian as a building block.
Kanaii 🦀
Kanaii 🦀 8 gün önce
@Nightmare shame on you
slurp 20 gün önce
sjsjsjsj hi
Kids Shaw
Kids Shaw Aylar önce
Same lmao
Marwan Sherif
Marwan Sherif Aylar önce
yes 8 gün önce
Good amount of cursed gameplay, easy and funny jokes and literally straight to the point....yep i like this video
Deeztructive Gaming
So much effort was put into this video.. well done!
Elon Aylar önce
I like how he just casually uses obsidian as a building block.
l4d2fan2021 29 gün önce
I like the idea of the nether safe rooms.
AttackCow Yıl önce
“We’re finally ready to go to the nether, Mojang recommends first a full set of Netherite Armor”
Nomster Dude
Nomster Dude 29 gün önce
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes Aylar önce
@Butterberri exactly bruh
toast king
toast king 2 aylar önce
@Butterberri is a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you r6
Dark Dragon X Killer YT
Very accurate very very very accurate
Nina Andrew
Nina Andrew 7 aylar önce
@Butterberri YOUR A GENIUS
Pineapple Pen
Pineapple Pen 12 saatler önce
When I was playing Minecraft for the first time- I almost killed the ender dragon but died. Why? Because as a genshin player I thought I could glide and leaped off the pillar to my sad end 😩
Cobus van der Linde
Crazy simple mining navigation trick. always place torches on the left wall as you go. that way, to return home you just turn so the torches are on the right hand wall and follow them home. This system has some flaws, you can mess up - if the cave loops you can end up with a tunnel that will lead you further away from home if you follow it as above, but generally speaking with some sense you should be immune to getting lost.
Frankie Stein
Frankie Stein Aylar önce
I’m sad he hasn’t uploaded in a minute, I just found his channel and I love his style. I hope he comes back!!
Frankie Stein
Frankie Stein Aylar önce
Subscribed and turned on the bell!!
Lex Slate
Lex Slate Aylar önce
I favour securing a village, illuminating it and fencing it off to minimize monster attacks, and trading with the village people to get diamond gear.
Oh Why
Oh Why Yıl önce
I like how Mojang knows how to beat their own game worse than most players. Edit: jeez so many people don't get I'm joking. Ik Mojang is spelled with a j (though I didn't know it was actually pronounced as a y) I see it every time I load up an instance of Minecraft.
cattle 7 gün önce
@Erikkson it's not the rest of the world. Indo-European languages that use the latin alphabet and the letter J are split on its pronunciation, while the rest of the world doesn't care because they don't use either.
Korben Stoner
Korben Stoner Aylar önce
bruh I don't believe its called moyang even though its spelled mojang
Ręśtärt_wöłf Aylar önce
Julieana Boyd
Julieana Boyd 4 aylar önce
ReadOnNow 8 aylar önce
Do Polar Bears reproduce in Minecraft?
Mensaff 13 gün önce
"The witherskeleton is the scariest mob in minecraft, and u cant change my mind" Warden: Are you sure about that.
Rhettorical 4 gün önce
"Iron can be found below sea level" So they had no intention of the guide remaining relevant. Oh and then the Nether thing... what a stupid cash grab.
Jimothy tim Unicorn the 4th jr.
Finally someone we can rely on to beat the world record
hailey villegas
hailey villegas 8 gün önce
mannn you should definitely make more videos, i really enjoyed this one
DillyzThe1 Yıl önce
inaccurate, you weren't supposed to die according to the book.
Spoopy_Spaghetti Gün önce
@DillyzThe1 same dude, nice to see you again
DillyzThe1 Gün önce
@Spoopy_Spaghetti i'm honestly surprised you even remember this
Spoopy_Spaghetti Gün önce
i did not just get nostalgia from a yt argument bruh💀
—Weeb— Yıl önce
@Spoopy_Spaghetti THE ULTRA NERD 💀 I wheezed at your comment.
SiozTRG1 Yıl önce
BackHDLP 10 gün önce
To be fair, some of these tricks are useful. For example, securing the area around your nether portal or setting a respawn point with backup gear before going to the end.
Felice Miceli
Felice Miceli Aylar önce
This was pretty amazing 🤩
Nathan's Sandbox
Nathan's Sandbox 10 gün önce
"I could really use a panic shelter right now." 😂
xD Studios
xD Studios Gün önce
I have once made a automatic tnt dispenser. It was shooting tnt very fast. When i came to the hole to check out what the tnt did, i saw a stronghold. I must be the luckiest guy in the world lol
ccc310 Yıl önce
The guide be like: Step 1: Gather max enchanted netherrite armor and tools Step 2: Get wood
Temmie Ton
Temmie Ton 5 aylar önce
@Derin with a Q (technically you don't need wood lol you need diamonds and sticks that's it you can get wood *planks* from another source)
Wojciech Niemirski
Wojciech Niemirski 5 aylar önce
tbf, if you're judging by teenager/adult standards yes, but if you're a kid form elementary shool (target demographic for those books), being overprepared is a pretty good advice
G Perm
G Perm 7 aylar önce
@Shirley McArthur if you were a speedrunner you would have gotten a wr
Sage - gaming
Sage - gaming 8 aylar önce
PAINK: your portal is broken Calm: you have the items to fix the portal PAINK: you wasted the blocks and dropped your flint and steel in lava
Zaydaan Plays
Zaydaan Plays 8 aylar önce
@Sojourner y
Kiota Lumos
Kiota Lumos Aylar önce
I love how he kills the sheep for wool, even after making shears.
CloudiiAshley 11 gün önce
“Wither skeletons are the scariest mob, change my mind.” Me: alright…. Cave spiders when they suddenly fall on top of you and scare the 💩 outta you.
@r0b@s€ YT
@r0b@s€ YT Aylar önce
5:08 this part killed me of laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Vibes 89
Vibes 89 Aylar önce
2:57 I actually usually do use 14 blocks, unless I'm making it fancy with crying obsidian or some other interesting blocks.
Tolumnia 5 aylar önce
I’ve always wondered what goes through people’s mind when they craft a full set of wooden tools. I guess they studied the official guides before playing.
Hisuian Zoroark
Hisuian Zoroark 28 gün önce
@Tester Wulf :3 And yes, you're correct, too. I only need a wooden pickaxe xd
Hisuian Zoroark
Hisuian Zoroark 28 gün önce
@Minecraft Axolotl Um, actually, yes, but the wooden tools are used to make Charcoal, which is useful if you hate mining Coal. -🤓
thegiantjj roblox
thegiantjj roblox 29 gün önce
i craft full woden tools burh
MUSTARD Aylar önce
I’m a noob and that’s what I do 🤷‍♂️ you never know and can always upgrade
tiagotavaresttv06 Aylar önce
I only do a pickaxe
Pigeonお前 Aylar önce
Mojang:testing if he added fall dmg Also Mojang:adds that to "how to beat Minecraft"
Leotheboss Aylar önce
How much obsidian does this guy have?!? Guide: grab more obsidian then there is in the end dimension to show superiority over the ender dragon
EnchantedPencil Comics
The guide can't be that bad if it recommends beds for the dragon. That's a legit speedrunning tactic.
DeckedKey86 Aylar önce
Not even joking I got the first question right. As soon as I spawn in I grab four blocks and mark my spawn.
real4kGaming 4 aylar önce
You should've gotten full netherite before you went to the nether to be safe. Also, the End fight is easier with elytra, so get that too
real4kGaming 11 saatler önce
@MyUsernames_Tig the replies aren't tbh
MyUsernames_Tig 11 saatler önce
Lmao this comment and replies are so funny
Kimberly edwan
Kimberly edwan 13 saatler önce
Naw he need lapis lazui armor you trippin'
real4kGaming 16 saatler önce
@Scratch and More finally a comment that isn't either "um actually you can bridge out 1000 blocks and get elytra without killing dragon" or "naw bruh you need [insert random block] armor" Congratulations, you are actually original
Scratch and More
Scratch and More 18 saatler önce
Youtube TV
Youtube TV Aylar önce
MysteryOre needs to come back to TRvid… something about his content just stands out to me idk why
Someone_Aft0n Aylar önce
“do I need to put looting on my snowballs?” Killed me
just Kitsune
just Kitsune Aylar önce
I love the editing in this one
CoolGiraffe_BS 29 gün önce
You should make the ender pearls into eyes of ender 1 at a time so you dont waste any eyes of ender
DiamondDepth YT
DiamondDepth YT Yıl önce
When he was dying to endermen in the End, I was screaming "USE THE WATER BUCKER. USE. THE. WATER. BUCKET!"
cinema lazare
cinema lazare 2 aylar önce
and i was saying "USE YOUR AXEEE"
unnutisable 2 aylar önce
@sadboiwanker bro he said the end
Koffindancer 2 aylar önce
He was in dragons breath, he was safe from the enderman in the end, just killed by the breath
R-jay Palma
R-jay Palma 2 aylar önce
MecFury 2 aylar önce
Mohsen Darwish
Mohsen Darwish 7 gün önce
Actually the snowballs are pretty smart for end crystals
Eashen Venkat
Eashen Venkat Aylar önce
this is probobly one of my favorite vids on TRvid. its hillarious
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 26 gün önce
Wow, watching those hives dissolve every day until they disappear is definitely appeasing, I went with what I commented about and after 20 or so days the urticaria’s history, I simply go'ogled the latest by Shane Zormander and now my skin is as smooth and healthy as it has ever been!
Sing and dance with Kashvi
It is commendable how this man gained 700,000 subscribers with just 5 videos on his channel. 👍👍
F M Yıl önce
"Mojang, how can I beat your game?" "Lets start with a tower of dirt..."
LZXStudios 7 aylar önce
See, even Captain Jack Sparrow knew this. “I’ve got a jar of dirrt. I’ve got a jar of dirrt, and guess what’s inside it?” - The first step to beating Minecraft.
Pustota7254 7 aylar önce
@miso2271 your comment got liked 69 times.
YaBoiA.Y.M.S 8 aylar önce
It's actually used to remember coordinates and find spawn incase
Shaza f
Shaza f 8 aylar önce
@Vincent @Budaelolya. He stayed Mohang
REVENG3 8 aylar önce
9999 likes now 10000
imagine dragons
imagine dragons 2 gün önce
"do you build your nether portal with 10 blocks of obsidian, or 14? cause personally i build mine with 50." that one made me laugh so hard🤣🤣
Sus Aylar önce
"I'm going to get as much wool as I can to make beds" *Proceeds to ignore his shears*
Lyxie 7 gün önce
I’m still wandering why he didn’t use his water bucket when he was attacked by endermans. Endermans can’t reach you and take damage, why refuse this?
Aj Bronson
Aj Bronson Aylar önce
Dream speed runs times would be cut in half if he followed this handbook
Miquelsomething Yıl önce
Me: starts a new survival world and gather wood first Minecraft: that isnt how you supposed to play the game
Ambili Nair
Ambili Nair Aylar önce
19000th liker and 73rd replier BuT wHo CaReS
Blind Light
Blind Light 4 aylar önce
The first thing I do is walk
Azzaroth 4 aylar önce
@WEARY ♪ 294 Quintillion 927 Quadrillion 913 trillion 610 billion 916 million 678 thousand 926th like and NaNth replier NaN = Not a Number
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza 4 aylar önce
19K like WhO CARES
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 4 aylar önce
@I'm a Pizza I dig a hole to live the night first thing lol
Guy in the tie
Guy in the tie 13 gün önce
Is it just me or when I looked at the blaze rods in his inventory he had 2 but he was able to make 15 eyes of ender
The Life of Finley
Mojang recommends Full protection 4 thorns 3 mending and unbraking 3 and a Sharpness 5 Looting 3 Fire Aspect 2 unbraking 3 mending Diamond sword
Daniel Rossy Explica
Daniel Rossy Explica 28 gün önce
I discovered the "torch trail" technique while playing the game. I didn't know that it was an official Mojang recomendation.
Fidough Lover
Fidough Lover 25 gün önce
MDLegendPlayz_ 10 gün önce
8:37 you could've just used the water bucked which is right in the 4th slot of your inventory... the endermen are scared of water, hydrophobic yk
Andres Felipe Rojas Salazar
5:34 I love how the box he made to protect the portal served the sole purpose of not letting him in
Fredrick Farouk
Fredrick Farouk Aylar önce
Hassan Zahraoui
Hassan Zahraoui Aylar önce
@DON'T im reading diesel road dhar mann syrup
the air is a magician
@DON'T ok
worm man
worm man 3 aylar önce
​@Shade Brando it's a bot, don't reply, just report as spam and move on.
Shade Brando
Shade Brando 3 aylar önce
@DON'T it’s so fucking pixelated I literally can’t read it
fries Aylar önce
you have no idea how hard i was screaming at him to place his water down when fighting endermen
Virginia Parker
Virginia Parker 10 gün önce
Thanks to the author, great video.
BruceTheEpic 5 gün önce
We’re ready to go to the nether. We reccomend a set of planitum protection CI full set of armor.
Ana Clara Nogueira
Ana Clara Nogueira Aylar önce
you know the video is good, when you come back to see it for the third time.
emtfg 2 aylar önce
Imagine he finds ancient debris and is like “oh the book doesn’t say to do anything with this, I think it’s best not to mind it.”
Rafał Zaguła
Rafał Zaguła 4 gün önce
Crystal Krytenberg
Crystal Krytenberg 7 gün önce
I’m pretty sure it’s mine not mind
Rafał Zaguła
Rafał Zaguła 7 gün önce
On bio
NatureGirl Gaming
NatureGirl Gaming 8 gün önce
''Oh, you need golden armor to trade with piglins, best not to mind it''
xX_TheGamer_Xx Aylar önce
4:27 - "Wither Skeletons are one of the scariest mobs, change my mind" update 1.19 - "I'll Change your mind"
Innesale Aylar önce
I have literally watched this video more than 5 times and they are just as exciting as at first
Jocsur Manigbas
Jocsur Manigbas Gün önce
im surprised beds are in the intended way for defeating the ender dragon
Muhammad Syahridwan
u just need only 2 ender eye to find stronghold (if u using coordinat) place ender eye from different position, and do math linier solve
Feistycat16 Yıl önce
Ever noticed how satisfying it is to listen to hundreds of blocks being broken at a really fast speed?
Random Girl
Random Girl Yıl önce
And especially dirt block?
Sp1ritTheGreat Yıl önce
The Potato Rat
The Potato Rat Yıl önce
*A L W A Y S H A S B E E N*
SomeGuy Yıl önce
yeah it's weird
DaDerpy Aylar önce
you guys dont only use wooden gear? the stuff is so good, oh and i build my nether portal 1x1 you only use 4 obsidian then, its way easier
That Lol Guy
That Lol Guy Aylar önce
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Burgr2 12 gün önce
eucalyptus smell
a mapper
a mapper Aylar önce
eucalyptus smell
Tri-Healthy CBD
Tri-Healthy CBD Aylar önce
great video keep it up
Kamara Duncan
Kamara Duncan Aylar önce
I have defeated the ender dragon on my own but I was in creative mode so I guess I kind of cheated
Error Facility
Error Facility 9 aylar önce
“I’m going to get as much wool as I can” *slaughters the sheep completely ignoring the shears he crafted earlier*
Sanjeevaniscool∆ 5 aylar önce
N's NOOK 5 aylar önce
@lol 1:57, if you look closely, you can see the red shears on the stone
Pooki Films
Pooki Films 5 aylar önce
Cheeseburgergtrill 5 aylar önce
The man behind the sheep slaughter
nooow we're talking!
nooow we're talking! 5 aylar önce
Funky Fox
Funky Fox Aylar önce
here's a tip regarding end crystals (and minecraft explosions in general as far as i remember): your feet take the damage. if your feet don't see the explosion, you take no damage
Silent K BG
Silent K BG 7 gün önce
You broke one rule Mojang never intended, Never Dig Straight Down
Mika_MDF Aylar önce
MysteryOre: Never beat the Ender Dragon Also MysteryOre: Yea lemme one cycle her and kill her with beds
DJLNR #djlnr
DJLNR #djlnr 16 gün önce
3:00 me too, i saw that one coming.. 😂 You got my full attention right there. Let's go my brother.. 🙂
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