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YESSOR NEW DOOR UPDATE:www.roblox.com/games/65161417...
roblox doors update

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27 Oca 2023




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Linxy C:
Linxy C: Aylar önce
LETS GO NEW UPDATE (woke up at 3 am bruh)
Nate Gün önce
Dupe Scare the SHIT Out of me when I went to the bathroom I'm I'm like he's real
CallumKT 13 gün önce
​@EirensVlogs Same also I got to rooms and found A-90
T0xicfvcksy0u Aylar önce
@ultrahydra dude its not free you need to beat 50 and go to 52 and youll see the shop and it needs 250 leftover coins-
CHOW JIA HAO Moe Aylar önce
@𝙂𝘿_𝘼𝙥𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨 𝙛𝙪𝙧𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙣 𝙢𝙨𝙢(𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙡𝙚 yes
CHOW JIA HAO Moe Aylar önce
The room before Room 50 is not a bug but a thing.
Dennis Phoenix178
Dennis Phoenix178 Aylar önce
I didn't know room 100 would be this confusing and difficult now
Replacement 21 gün önce
Bro I started playing when the update came out
Mr_Monk3 28 gün önce
@TheUpgradedGamer it’s probably hard for them cause of the mini game but other than that it’s easy
TheUpgradedGamer 29 gün önce
@Mr_Monk3 yea, I've beat it about 20 times, and it only gets easier every time
Mr_Monk3 29 gün önce
Honestly once you think about it the room 100 isn’t that bad
Louis1 Aylar önce
Same i dont get it how top so it
StarMisura Aylar önce
Absolutely loving the new cutscenes, especially the ending. Now the player actually looks alive instead of *just standing there menacingly* and Figure also act more natural (also someone’s been watching Naruto). Also Seek’s cutscene actually make him looks like he’s emerging from the goop, and damn that perspective bro, he also runs like a marathon runner instead of a broken NPC Also they added Jeff I FRICKIN LOVE JEFF
SuperJman1111 Aylar önce
@EddTheGamer No, he ALWAYS sells a crucifix and a skeleton key, and then 2 random items
EddTheGamer Aylar önce
@SuperJman1111 not all the time he usually sells different items and not crucfix kinda annoying :/
SuperJman1111 Aylar önce
@Projectorsoreas No Jeff shall be allowed to stand IRL
Projectorsoreas Aylar önce
Bro used my real life name
Orange Aylar önce
SliceAndDice CODM
SliceAndDice CODM Aylar önce
Tips: you need to always look at the number sign of room to prevent getting on the wrong room. But if you saw a 2 door and never pay attention on what door you just enter you might choose any door 1 of them cause if you try to go back again on the "number sign". The number was erase. I hope this helps 😃
Itami Aylar önce
Duped door has half the auto open range so come from the side slowly and locked doors thr key has the right door number on it
clayton mak
clayton mak Aylar önce
extra tip again:the real door will open if your on its right or left just be little far😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓🤓🤓
clayton mak
clayton mak Aylar önce
extra tip the fake door will not open if your not on the right or left just be a little far than the door and it won't open 😎🤓🤓😎
clayton mak
clayton mak Aylar önce
@nothxxs ik
SonicDML Aylar önce
@LaserFoxPro Fake doors can actually be below the door you're on, so it's not much better. Just pay attention to what door your on, and remember Dupe only removes the number after a bit of time has passed.
GigaNigga Aylar önce
To avoid dupe, keep the door number in your head. The dupe door number will be one number above or below the regular number. Hope this helps!
gamingpotato Aylar önce
You can also hear low grumbling behind the duped door.
Shilpa Khadela
Shilpa Khadela Aylar önce
Btw, that red entity in the doors is called Dupe. It hides behind fake doors with numbers, which makes your memory of which door you’re on a problem
Shilpa Khadela
Shilpa Khadela Aylar önce
There are 3 ways to bypass Dupe 1. Dupe makes a subtle rumbling noise, so brace against the wall next to the door. If you hear the noise, Dupe is hiding inside, if you don't, then that is the real door. 2. When your enter a Dupe room, there will be a few seconds before the door number of the door you just walked though burns away. Before the door number splatters, you can quickly get back and see the door number, which makes the successor of that number the real door. 3. This tip is actually the most helpful... ... ACTUALLY REMEMBER THE DOOR NUMBER AS TO NOT STRUGGLE!
Shilpa Khadela
Shilpa Khadela Aylar önce
sorry, autocorrect. i said 'smoker' but i meant smiler
Nathaniel Pina
Nathaniel Pina Aylar önce
@Shilpa Khadela actually you can hear a noise if you go near it, go to the other door, and you can also count the door number before entering.
Shilpa Khadela
Shilpa Khadela Aylar önce
@Maxing78 you’re welcome
Shilpa Khadela
Shilpa Khadela Aylar önce
@Nathaniel Pina actually, if Dupe spawns, the door number signs from the doors behind get smudged
leãorosa Aylar önce
A tip that i have for Dupe(2 or 3 doors in the room) is that the doors have kind of a sensor thing, so when we get close to it, it opens. So, to see if the door is real or fake, you can just get close to it, but not too close bc he can get you. Maybe go backwards after checking if it has the sensor or not. It was more obvious that they had a sensor before because we had that light over/on top (idk) the door, but it has been removed now.
Mature [GD]
Mature [GD] Aylar önce
The new cutscenes for figure make sense since he IS blind. In the previous cutscenes figure acted like he knew the way around. Like in the previous update at door 100 figure made that large jump without even knowing the next platform was there and got on it. But now the cutscenes add INSANELY good movements for Figure. Also there used to be a safe spot at door 50 which was between the wall on the left and the blocked stairs. But now with the new update that isn't the case. Also upstairs on the left side of the code there is a couch which you could hide behind to avoid The Figure. But now because the top of his arms clip through things, he can get you even if you're hiding behind the couch. Also does anyone have problems with the shapes on door 50? For me they're very pixelated. The same thing is with Rush and with the Robux icon when I'm buying a revive. Also 1 last thing: Ambush was ALREADY hard enough with the speed and rebounds, but now he appears EVERY run at door 60 and his rebounds are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid. This can be a problem for newer players but I've found a solution: The closets aren't touching the walls. Just like the 'In plain sigh'' badge you can hide behind the closets and Ambush won't get you (Or at least I think so). Edit: I saw the comments and apparently Ambush also spawns in other rooms. For me it spawns at door 60 most of the times.
Mature [GD]
Mature [GD] Aylar önce
@Someone that probably gay Nah you didn't encounter glitch you encountered rush and ambush
Mature [GD]
Mature [GD] Aylar önce
@e_rl Well what if I get ambush on door 88?
e_rl Aylar önce
pro tip: get rid of your skill issue. it isnt even that hard, just enter the closet, wait until ambush passes by 2 times, get out of the closet, get in immediately (no, hide isnt that fast enough to kick you out), repeat. done, its that easy
Hwasa Mari
Hwasa Mari Aylar önce
@Someone that probably gay yeah this is a lie. no rush or ambush can spawn before door 4
Jeff Ron
Jeff Ron Aylar önce
i once got halt in door 7
Th4tL05tC4r! (Full Hybrid)
"I hear players running up past me on what I think are stairs every single time I make that large jump. *THIS time, I'LL take the stairs.* "
Not_Camera Aylar önce
@Jljokster nah figure would get his brother to make the large jump and figure going down the stairs
Jljokster Aylar önce
@S B na figure would just rage quit
Build a tutorial
Build a tutorial Aylar önce
@Not_Camera LMAO
SuperJman1111 Aylar önce
@Not_Camera Hackers actually doing that:
S B Aylar önce
@Not_Camera Figure: *huh*
K A Y Z O [EDITZ] Aylar önce
for me, the way seek runs is actually better he looks like he's bloodlusted, runs with only the intent to kill
Morseful Aylar önce
@AwesomeCoolGamer400 figure is the one that burns lol
Hwasa Mari
Hwasa Mari Aylar önce
@AwesomeCoolGamer400 ? thats figure
exept for the goofy run when hes burning lol
ZahidPG_Official Aylar önce
true, true
DoggoPlays Aylar önce
Btw here's a good tip to avoid Dupe: Go beside the door (preferably not in front) and if it opens it's the right one, if it doesn't open don't go through
DarealFloppacat Aylar önce
If you hear growling from there, dupe is in there
𝙲𝚢𝚗𝚝𝚎 𝚘 𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚟𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚛
the crucifix just surprised all of us. with normal entities, rush as example, the crucifix don't let the entities appear on the run anymore. But with "bosses" like seek and the figure, it can't kill them, it just gives you a small time to scape, which is something that should be expected, else it would be too easy to beat the game.
Mevil Aylar önce
Actually, crucifixed entities still appear in the game. One crucifix is just to stop one encounter.
emyr boy
emyr boy Aylar önce
HOLD UP HOLD UP Not appear on the run anymore? This is just like the death coin from FNAF Ultimate Custom Night
Ai kitty
Ai kitty Aylar önce
Good way to avoid dupe (besides reading the number of the door before you enter it) is to go near it and see if it makes sounds such as scratching and breathing, if the door is making those sounds it’s dupe you can also tell if the door is locked, the key will always say the correct number
Irfan 123
Irfan 123 Aylar önce
We Cant Use That Speedrun Technique On Door 100 Now 💀
MeronZx Aylar önce
Yes😭😭 but i liked this new update
IGNITED_25 Aylar önce
@🌸• Emsie (Emma) •🌸 if its hard for you you can just wach someone play it instead.
lllblack Aylar önce
speed running Will be harder
🌸• Emsie (Emma) •🌸
@Jem but it’s harder
@holytofu now figure became an aristocrat-
Caroline Shoden
Caroline Shoden Aylar önce
I have a tip for those duplicated doors. If you go in front of it and listen and don’t hear anything it’s probably that door. BUT if you stand a little bit closer to the door and it doesn’t open it probably means it’s the Dupe door. Just in case , you might need/ end rot try the other door in case especially if your at low health.
Jana Eggermont
Jana Eggermont Aylar önce
I think crucifix will just hold the figure and seek for a time so u can run away from it, not let it disappear
Harlyn Veitch
Harlyn Veitch Aylar önce
Update came early if y’all didn’t know! It came 28 also, on a table at u idk which door it’s at but there is a candle use that at door 90 and when the candle goes out hide the candle tells you when rich is coming hope that helped!😊
tandris108 Aylar önce
I get it, door 100 was too easy, but this is next level...
Jem Aylar önce
@felix I’m still trying to learn, so I’m unsure if I would like to show. I could give u tips or answer some questions u might have?
berrywerry Aylar önce
help me beat it pls
⭑ It’s Jewel’s! ◡̈
I did it 10 times
Jem Aylar önce
@felix show u how what?
Chi Aylar önce
@felix u need help?
gamingpotato Aylar önce
Hey man, I like your editing style! Also, thank you for showing me what it looks like to use the crucifix on Figure! It looked awesome!
JN Aylar önce
The difficulty has definitely increased
Tip! If you enter a room with fake doors (more than 1 door) then go up to a random door, but don’t open it. If Dupe is I’m that door there will be little noises that basically sound like a demon. If you go to a door and there’s no noises that means that’s the real door! I do this all the time, hope it helped!
FireFox Aylar önce
Honestly, I love the new Update. The New Entity Dupe makes it a lot harder to progress, And I Love the 2 New Items And overall I just love it. :D
Chigiigun Aylar önce
New animations looking sick 😮 I like the fact that when you get in the elevator you sit down relax i love it❤ old one is just like stand like a bot very cool 10/9 update
•|𝙸𝚔๑ Aylar önce
Trice Aylar önce
7:42 jeez man, i was stuck on that dark room for a good 10 minutes searching for that damn switch. i didn’t even need to use the key though.
RandomArtistGuy Aylar önce
The reason it didnt worked on figure is because unlike the other, figure itself is not a demon and instead some sort of a person getting himself bliggiti blaggata by a mad scientist Source: trust me
AveryCello Aylar önce
Btw, for the trick doors that say like 20 and 21 in one room just stand to the side when going near them, if it opens without you walking into the door, thats your door, if its a locked door, flip a coin and pray.
Big dued
Big dued Aylar önce
Seek is the same speed, he starts off running super fast in the cutscene, but when the chase starts he gives a bit of a head start and just sits there and screams, before actually starting
Leonard Mulvaney
Leonard Mulvaney Aylar önce
Linxy there is a secret reference to rooms. Some rooms are destroyed and in door 60-62 you will get a guaranteed dark basement room. If u look behind some stuff in door 60 you could find a secret hole in the wall. If u want to find a secret achievement you need 2 lockpicks and a Skeleton key and I will let you do the rest.
Anonymous Aylar önce
Player Aylar önce
To avoid that thing check the door number and go through the “right” door
Darisha Aylar önce
honestly, i liked the old sound when u opened a door more then the new one :(
Crimsun Aylar önce
In order to be able to tell the difference between dupe and a real door. Get close to a door and wait for a bit until you hear a grumbling like noise and if you hear that, that’s dupe
Albert-Jan Meijer
Albert-Jan Meijer Aylar önce
Yoooooo! Thats so cool that the crusifix is glowing red before the figure escapes. And that final part after the garden even looks harder then the battle against figure. Cuze i hate dark rooms. The new doors should be a fun challenge to beat
HE4RTS4ME Aylar önce
Everybody: Finishes seek run and immediately goes to the next door Linxy: Stops to look at seek's 'goofy' run
Roblox edits and more
I’m happy that they added the curfix back:)
Meeyow5 Aylar önce
15:11 that picklock spin was a really nice detail
A-60 Aylar önce
13:17 this beats so hard!
⚡ A s h t o r e t h ⚡
My personal theory of figure not being caught by the crucifix is well, if you remember before, figure is quite literally capable to ripping off someone's head with ease despite being blind, so imagine applying that to figure's strength and will to come after you.
e_rl Aylar önce
as matpat said, figure is made out of flesh and bones, rush and the other non-boss entities are basically spirit like demons. the crucifix is meant to be used against spirit like demons, and figure is not one of these. just like seek
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
he is meat not some demon
Zlaugh Aylar önce
Ok but the power of christ compels you Also realistically it’s to prevent floor 100 from being a crucifix check
Dominik Koncz
Dominik Koncz Aylar önce
Before doors was updated I beat the game 16 times. and now i cant even get to door 100 and i always die on door 95 or 94. Linxy gave me really good tips so now i can use them to beat the game. This game got 3x harder Than it was before
ilove_fnaf 20 gün önce
what did they change since before the update?
You don't need to use crucifix at door 100, you just need to make him lose you Also you don't need to hide too, just hide if he is near enough.
Soroban1234 Aylar önce
Bro managed to beat doors so fast💀
unrealistic_life Aylar önce
I like how if you can't balance your breath and heartbeat it still doesn't kill you and it gives you a sec chance
Danubking_vietnam Aylar önce
seems like seek finally practiced running before the update edit: before the doors' update "hotel+", seek running animation looks like he didnt put any effort to catch the players. after the update, seek looks like he actually wants to catch the players.
White Aylar önce
@TwizzShorts there is? Because I still don't know who i am and how i got there
TwizzShorts Aylar önce
@White I’m quite sure there is lore
White Aylar önce
I've been thinking Why couldn't they add lore to our character Like the basic horror genres do Like I don't know Who i am Where i am And how I knew all these
NeverID 02
NeverID 02 Aylar önce
pro tip (maybe): you can right click at the numbers in door 50 to make them go backwards, like 9,8,7 instead of going up from 1
Mateo rttrtrtrt
Mateo rttrtrtrt Aylar önce
damn this update is amazing it makes the game like 2 times more realistic than before and i love the new animations
Ety Ert
Ety Ert Aylar önce
for the dupe rooms you can actually hear dupe if you just go to the wall, you can hear some sounds so thats when dupe is there
TRBLshooter Aylar önce
Before the update I wished to be one of the first people to play this new update but my exams ruined it. Guess I will play after February 11. Also why the cutscenes are good because they got a budget and they hired way better animators They made it hard because lots of people were saying it's too easy and can beat it all the time As a fact the music on door 100 is not a new music btw it was a cancelled soundtrack but I think they decided to add it again. The name of the music is: Figure Enraged
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight Aylar önce
Doors just became 2x harder o.o
🌸• Emsie (Emma) •🌸
It’s harder than my life
prozki837 Aylar önce
I know right? Doors isn't gonna be boring anymore.
Dreamy25 Aylar önce
I agreed that
Bhuvan Aylar önce
Nah it became 10x harder
Honestly i love that it’s harder bc at first i could beat it easily and it got boring lmao
Jaden El
Jaden El Aylar önce
Damn from figure doing epic monke swing to running down the stairs, rip
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
hey atleast he fell like a cartoon figure
Utahraptor5000 Aylar önce
It should be much more dramatic for Figure escaping the Crucifix. Maybe like Figure fighting back the chains, eventually breaking free with a victorious roar
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
he is blind and has never seen th- I MEANT been trapped like this before
Aizoo Ashraf
Aizoo Ashraf Aylar önce
Fun fact you can use the crucfix against dupe just open the fake door with the crucfix in your hand.
CatJard Aylar önce
Tip if you dont wanna get wrong door: always hearing behind the door first if you dont wanna get caught. The fake door will make a weird sound behind it. Also this is the most *Satisfactory* video
RSBC Bowling
RSBC Bowling Aylar önce
"And what is your occupation sir?" "I play roblox doors for a living." "You're hired"
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero Aylar önce
Fun fact : in door 60 behind a closet is A-000 you have to make some things for encounter him when you open his door you will die
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero Aylar önce
@Mohd Salleh sometimes
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero Aylar önce
@RizeliMessi yep your right
RizeliMessi Aylar önce
If you open that room you teleport to "rooms".
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
@Jaime Romero oh ok
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero Aylar önce
@Mohd Salleh in doors no but in rooms yes in A-060
Ziggucrab Aylar önce
Let’s Go! I have more of a reason to end the game at door 50 most times!
Amro saif
Amro saif Aylar önce
Wow door 100 is super hard now , thank God I beat the game before this update cuz it's impossible now 😅 I can't even reach level 50 without dieing , the new ai of figure is smarter and can get you easly
EZS Gaming
EZS Gaming Aylar önce
update details: new in-hotel shop with yellow-gold coins door 52-53 crucifix ambush is way faster and comes back up to 6-7 times new seek cinematic skeleton key and door dupe doors door 49 remade figure revamped (5% faster, different run, better hearing) new herb that regens your health door 100 buffed I think thats it
EdgarTheSadCat Aylar önce
You forgot rooms easter egg and the 2 secrets items
Noah Park
Noah Park Aylar önce
The new tricky thing is that when ambush comes the lights don’t flicker so you gotta hear very well
SilverIncrypted Aylar önce
Ah yes, doors is now a counting game were you count how many doors you went.
player whos in the elevator
I did that before
• Visible Ghost •
Doors is getting more and more difficult. Although i still have the rock bottom badge :)
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
me too
idk Aylar önce
kit Aylar önce
tip for dupe: stand at the side of a door, if you hear some weird noises. it’s dupe. also if you get close the door will open if its it’s not dupe. you have to walk directly at dupe to get the door open.v
ICE SMACHER9 Aylar önce
Honestly when I started to play doors not knowing there was an update I thought it was a glitch when I saw 2 doors. So I walked in the wrong one and the monster made me jump out of my chair and my leg into the fricking bin. Now I think I feel seeks pain about the ‘goofy run’
Tim3less._Tae Aylar önce
So basically according to what I've seen or heard, The reason figure doesn't get pulled down is because his determination to kill you is stronger than the guiding light's determination to save you so that's cool
Tim3less._Tae Aylar önce
@anis2021 sans True... But also, figure is a living entity, and probably havent eaten in years so that can be another thing
Mevil Aylar önce
@anis2021 sans I don't get the random monster part and that's not what they meant with the guiding light part.
Ascending Aylar önce
@anis2021 sans 🤓
anis2021 sans
anis2021 sans Aylar önce
sorry to break to to you but thats wrong if you use the point of view for figure ur just a ramdom monster chillin until a player disturbs ur piece and u want to kill them guiding light gives you a detail on evrey single entity
MrBeggo Aylar önce
4:35 fun fact: during the cutscene where you hear light breaking look to where he ran and you will see guiding light because figure was gonna get you when you opened the door but you can’t see it because the camera wasn’t facing the right direction
207 Aylar önce
you can avoid being yeted by dupe, just get close enough to the door and if it doesn't open it's him
Egor Khutoramskiy
Egor Khutoramskiy Aylar önce
The update made the game even harder and annoying, cause in some rooms with 2 doors you can't read the number of the previous door, also you can't buy new items in the pre-run shop, door 100 got that complicated that I don't think I can complete this in my entire life Edit: omg 75 likes thank you so much
• Vzy •
• Vzy • Aylar önce
At least, it's not boring anymore. The new update making it harder was the best thing ever.
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
@Willberto yes you do just google the definition of skill and for the 2nd reply yes you are right
Willberto Aylar önce
@Mohd Salleh well yeah sometimes adding many new things to a game isn't a good idea
Willberto Aylar önce
@Mohd Salleh wym dawg, in door 50 all u have to do is search for the books avoid the figure and type in the code bruh you don't need any skill to beat that shit
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
@Willberto about the skill thing i dont get what youre saying you do need skill like look at the mimic theres a boss which you need skill to beat and doors door 50 and 100
TG27 Aylar önce
the room at door 61 will ALWAYS be dark, its supposed to be like that, it also unlocks a room at door 60, hidden behind somewhere..
Your Local Lawn Chair
fun fact, the crucifix cant be used manually, you have to be attacked to use it
memer or something
memer or something Aylar önce
That really hard room unlocks a secret. if you go behind a certain closet in the past room, you will uncover a maze. That maze has another secret, which is the special “no title” painting. Also in that secret room, there is a gate with a yellow light coming from what is just out of sight. That light is coming from the new A-000 door, an Easter egg referencing nicorock555’s rooms. To get in, you’ve gotta have the skull key, and 2 lockpicks. Once you’ve obtained these, press the lever in the really hard room to get past the gate then use the 2 lockpicks on the door then the skull key on the door THEN open the door by holding E. Once it kills you or whatever it does to get to the screen, press continue run. Boom! Now you’re in the doors version of nicorock555’s rooms!
memer or something
memer or something Aylar önce
I cannot edit the comment since I’m on phone but if you reach A-1000 you get the ??? achievement
Luigigamingsm Aylar önce
Here's a tip: that creature is dupe if you stop at a certain position at the door. Either it will or won't open
Mari 🌺
Mari 🌺 Aylar önce
Does he just, go through figure like, with no fear at all?
POG monke37
POG monke37 Aylar önce
tip for dupe: literally just look at the number on the door before you open it (the door before the room with dupe)
POG monke37
POG monke37 Aylar önce
@Ascending can no one read i said before you open the door
Ascending Aylar önce
@POG monke37 bro the number before the current duped room will be erased
POG monke37
POG monke37 Aylar önce
@Noah the sk ok another method but im still using mine just think its easier
Noah the sk
Noah the sk Aylar önce
just get near enough to the door but not enough to open it and you can hear noises so that’s how you can tell it’s fake
ThundeRxSage Aylar önce
Honestly I was expecting an update where you had to complete till 100 like usual but then it gives you an option to do 101-200 (if you have done the original 100 first obviously) welp idk maybe in the next updates
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
thats next update this is the hotel+ aka more rooms and monsters update
Lumalstime Aylar önce
It's surprisingly very good that he has not got any special room after door 50
Isaka Aylar önce
MadGuy2187 Aylar önce
New door 100 is like library with books replaced with a storage facility and switches
Yoriichi tsukikuni
Yoriichi tsukikuni Aylar önce
Thanks for telling a very useful trick to beat 100 door :D
Diego Alejandro Mendoza Avila
This new update gives me the binding of isaac vibes,idk why,probable cause theres secret doors,easter eggs and the fact u can buy items and interact with 2 characters in jeffs shop.
Twallis10 Aylar önce
There is a secret at Door 60 and its always Door 60 and Door 60 and 61 will always be the same because there is a secret where if you go into level 61 and grab the key while pressing the lever, if you go back to Door 60 and look behind the closet, there will be a little secret passage way. If you go through that passage way then you will get to a room with a few chairs and closets with a painting with no name. There is also a gate over there and the lever in Door 61 opens it and behind that gate has a door that says A-000 and it requires the key or you can use two lockpicks but the door also requires a skeleton key. Once your in The Rooms you can grab a Gummy Flashlight which is always going to be on and if you press left click then the battery on the gummy flashlight goes up a little bit, also the gummy flashlight's battery is really short. The entities in The Rooms are A-60, A-90 and A-200. A-60 is basically just a faster Rush, A-90 has a chance to appear when opening a door and when you get A-90 you have to stop and don't move until it goes away (its on your screen for like a second) but if you move than you will lose almost all of your health and there are no band-aids in The Rooms. A-200 is like A-60 but instead he comes from the rooms ahead of you.
Trace Moonlight
Trace Moonlight Aylar önce
a-90 is like cease from doors hardmode
TH3C0LD3ST Aylar önce
I can time rush so perfectly, that the moment I get in, Rush would pass the closet right after I got in.
Sam Aylar önce
Tip: seek a figure can avoid the crucifix because are strongen than the crucifix i think Anyway so if you have the crucifix and use to seek Seek will stand to avoid the power of the crucifix and will chase you to kill you (useful to if you get lost and useful when figure is getting closer)
Fai Aylar önce
never watched your videos before but i gotta say i love the subtitles you put cause i can finally watch gaming videos on mute without missing out on commentary :)
Avxryl Aylar önce
when i used the crucifix on figure at door 100 idk what happened but i think he glitched and suddenly despawned from the map
Shadow Void
Shadow Void Aylar önce
because of dupe the game is now at least some what a challenge, and the new rooms add some cool atmosphere into the game
Mohd Salleh
Mohd Salleh Aylar önce
@LooeyG 365 nah i think its good for it to stay like that
LooeyG 365
LooeyG 365 Aylar önce
I personally think dupe shouldn’t take away as much health as he does
the run animations and smth like that have rlly changed its now so difficult
Nina Blair
Nina Blair Aylar önce
Wow, this looks so good. my first saw it was so different.
Yourguytrollage Aylar önce
This is more difficult then I expected
LEGOMAN Aylar önce
Sometimes you cannot hear rush come,and then only when you are on the half of the room you hear HIM.
Glitchy_UseR-37 Aylar önce
When i was playing roblox I noticed it was updated but the funny part was that they didn’t announce it for a bit that the update was out.
TheRealNDGD Aylar önce
I like the update! Good job.
May Aylar önce
I once like you got this glitch on the 100th floor with my friend, when the two of us hide, suddenly the voice of the figure disappeared, and when we checked the figure was nowhere to be found.
goofy goober
goofy goober Aylar önce
room 100 used to be the easiest but now its the hardest part
•|𝙸𝚔๑ Aylar önce
xFaResKniGhtx Aylar önce
9:36 dang he walked through you
The Annoying One
The Annoying One Aylar önce
I think you could listen for behind the door whether Dupe is behind it or not.
PikaPaff Aylar önce
2:28 that was incredible
Laser Eyeball
Laser Eyeball Aylar önce
13:17 That sounds amazing sped up.
TishiFishi Aylar önce
mikasfriendships Aylar önce
Same bro
MayaTimes14 Aylar önce
Just so you know, to beat dupe you have to look at the previous door number and if you go through the door which is the same number, you’ll get duped. For example, (Last door 86) The doors: 86, 87, 86 Go through 87 bc it’s the next door, PIN THIS FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW (you don’t have to)
random guy on the internet
the elevator,seek and figure animations are sick now
Gamersoul2002 Aylar önce
I'm so happy its here.. After my patience has drained away.. It finally came!
Not_Camera Aylar önce
they are terrible at trhe release date i kinda hate it
EXYZT Aylar önce
Just so were clear, those aren't bear traps. That is a new, plant-like entity called snare. The GL will tell you if you get killed by rush while ensnared.
Frost spirit
Frost spirit Aylar önce
Fun fact: i think ambush can apear more common and at any time now, i was playing with my friend and ambush came randomly multiple times
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If Doors monsters had a discord server
Cult of the Lamb: Doom & Shroom
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