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Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful (Official Video)

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15 Oct 2018

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Nadycardoso Gomes
Nadycardoso Gomes Saatler önce
Te amor camila bazzi😎😍😍😍😍😍😍
kawthar rizki
kawthar rizki 2 saatler önce
he sounds like zayn
chase donicht 1239
chase donicht 1239 2 saatler önce
best song ever
atistik creative studios
atistik creative studios 2 saatler önce
lyrics is what stopped this music from being more
—— 2 saatler önce
Who else keeps replaying the Camila Cabello part over and over again? Like if you are
Larissa Lima
Larissa Lima 2 saatler önce
Cadê os brs? 🇧🇷❤️
Fooqata 2 saatler önce
Nikhi Patel
Nikhi Patel 3 saatler önce
sorry that your mom found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(everyone's, sexy line)
Séphora Ziegler
Séphora Ziegler 3 saatler önce
Mon petit coup de cœur 😍 il s'associe bien tout les deux beau son 👍
Valentine Kern
Valentine Kern 3 saatler önce
i sent this to my boyfriend and he said « ok and then? »
HOSLANAMAM 4 saatler önce
Güzel güzel güzel güzel Melek
Isabel Franjoso
Isabel Franjoso 4 saatler önce
😻😻😻😻😻😻the song is beautiful 😻😻😻😻😻😻
Mark angelo Tabunda
Mark angelo Tabunda 4 saatler önce
Ilove this song💋
Kiroku Jin
Kiroku Jin 4 saatler önce
Seriously tho... when I walk around town while listening to this song, everyone seems angelic and beautiful 😂 weird haha
Kristopher Anderson
Kristopher Anderson 4 saatler önce
White version of the weeknd - the weird shit
YOunnngg BeE
YOunnngg BeE 5 saatler önce
bazzi X camila
まるSirius 5 saatler önce
foxy little thing
foxy little thing 5 saatler önce
Poor angle disappeared
free fire bora jogar
free fire bora jogar 6 saatler önce
Beautful beautful beautful
Aam Rahmawati
Aam Rahmawati 6 saatler önce
That voice same like Zayn Malik 😀
EV 1
EV 1 6 saatler önce
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 7 saatler önce
01:58 OMG... goosebumps...
Laís Oliveira
Laís Oliveira 7 saatler önce
Linda 😍🇧🇷
fecsilluka22 7 saatler önce
looove it :)
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo 7 saatler önce
11/21/2018 TOP 6 LAST: 6 PEAK: 2 DAYS: 17
Probha Mahanta Kalita
Probha Mahanta Kalita 8 saatler önce
Bazzi's *mine*
Mss 8 saatler önce
مريم meryame فهميfahmi
I love this song🙂❤️
Raychan Devilliers
Raychan Devilliers 9 saatler önce
love you Camila cabello
Kanoksorn Pradit
Kanoksorn Pradit 9 saatler önce
I can't stop sing this song
Chris Paredes
Chris Paredes 9 saatler önce
This song reminds me when Gwen Stacy from amazing Spider-Man 2 when Gwen dies sorry the ppl who haven’t seen the movie
ruby 10 saatler önce
2:58 that yeah at the end just ruined it
Sandy Latorre
Sandy Latorre 11 saatler önce
Ang ganda naman nang kanta toh!
Sandy Latorre
Sandy Latorre 11 saatler önce
I love this song and i play it many times :)
Sharu Aaneysh
Sharu Aaneysh 11 saatler önce
Love this song 😘😘
fuad adeks channel
fuad adeks channel 11 saatler önce
I put this song on playlist and repeat it again and again and again. 😅😅😅
Ash Kaur
Ash Kaur 12 saatler önce
I would cry if someone sang this to me :)
Alsu Alieva
Alsu Alieva 12 saatler önce
1k likes and I dedicate this song to my crush
Πενυ Ζικα
Πενυ Ζικα 12 saatler önce
amazing voice and song.I can't stop listen
Avigail C.
Avigail C. 12 saatler önce
Am I the only person getting creeped out seeing Camila with those wings?
Ahmed Seina
Ahmed Seina 13 saatler önce
Camilla..cam glad U ... U necked.... Buty song ... Good luck 4u
Lesedi Precious
Lesedi Precious 13 saatler önce
Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful angel
Okay Ness
Okay Ness 14 saatler önce
Just when I thought this song couldn’t get any better, Camilla adds a whole other level to this 💖🙀
Nisha Malik
Nisha Malik 14 saatler önce
Camila is so beautiful😍😍
Angela Martiniello
Angela Martiniello 14 saatler önce
Renard Bigaga
Renard Bigaga 14 saatler önce
This song is so fucking beautiful beautiful beautiful that I can't help but play it on loop every day
Julissa Nova
Julissa Nova 14 saatler önce
This is Cool YAAAAAAASS!!!!! ❤🎶🎶
Julissa Nova
Julissa Nova 14 saatler önce
Bazzi 😍😍😍
Julissa Nova
Julissa Nova 15 saatler önce
Camila ❤❤❤❤
audrey santos
audrey santos 15 saatler önce
him and charlie puth need to collab ! their voices & just their overall sound would go so amazing together. petition to make this happen?
이아영 15 saatler önce
노래 넘모 좋아여❣
Nikki Donin
Nikki Donin 15 saatler önce
Camila and Ariana should collaborate 1 day it would be epic
Dan Shadden
Dan Shadden 16 saatler önce
LOVE IT ❤❤❤❤🍸
Karen Kinlocke
Karen Kinlocke 16 saatler önce
That caught me off guard, didnt see that it was a feature. Im not a fan. I like when its only him
gustavo arantes
gustavo arantes 16 saatler önce
Aquii emilly caralho
idecided28 16 saatler önce
ok no shade but i had to turn on closed captions to understand her part. love the lyrics even more now. so good
Charlotte Burgess
Charlotte Burgess 17 saatler önce
I thought she just swooped in and ruin the song but dang this video is good
ema souza
ema souza 17 saatler önce
Amo essa música 😍 não sou muito fã de Camila Cabelo 😐 mas amei essa participação dela😍
Zero Control
Zero Control 17 saatler önce
Nice ..
ioanna rivas
ioanna rivas 17 saatler önce
This song is really really the most BEAUTIFUL (love)
Vijay N
Vijay N 17 saatler önce
Sorry, no insult.. Lyrical Video is way better than this official video.. trvid.com/video/video-nQh1qgygFNY.html
Adam Hennen
Adam Hennen 17 saatler önce
Why is there no CD?
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban 17 saatler önce
Fisrt i thought its Zayn voice 😂 who else?
Nash All
Nash All 17 saatler önce
1996 fishtank scene in Romeo & Juliet!
taufiQ Mustaffa
taufiQ Mustaffa 18 saatler önce
I miss my beautiful wife😢
Jah mxul
Jah mxul 18 saatler önce
Normani's voice would of killed it
ABHIRAM MC 18 saatler önce
*The way that Gucci look on you, Amazing! But nothing can compare when you're naked*
I K1NG N3RD l 18 saatler önce
Brasileiros aqui?
esbehidy irineo
esbehidy irineo 19 saatler önce
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful song💗
Sherry Hoard
Sherry Hoard 19 saatler önce
OMG bazzi I love this song and I love love love your voice ps love your song so so so much
tres soy lunitas lunitas
tres soy lunitas lunitas 19 saatler önce
para que volteaste che se fue al nena 3:00
2010ohmygoodness 20 saatler önce
Bazzi's voice is Amazing!!! I love this song : )
DEEMMMON [NK] 20 saatler önce
How doesn't this song have 100 million views already?
Fabiana Valadares
Fabiana Valadares 21 saatler önce
💘 o amo estar em toda parte ate demonio e anjo se aipaxona
kat playss
kat playss 21 saatler önce
jihyung kim
jihyung kim 21 saatler önce
MariaElaine C4
MariaElaine C4 21 saatler önce
Go camilla!! She's SO GREAT 🤔😃
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 22 saatler önce
Te amo Camila tu é incrível ♥♥
Blake Uckerman
Blake Uckerman 22 saatler önce
this is a tribute to the movie Romeo and Juliet by Leo Dicaprio, I loved it! 😍
Amanda Dezirae Aragon
Amanda Dezirae Aragon 22 saatler önce
I wish someone would look at me the same way he looks at Camila at 2:55 :(
S S 23 saatler önce
he sounds amazing
Genesis Lara
Genesis Lara 23 saatler önce
The ending gives me Cinderella vibes for som reason
Leilani Nita
Leilani Nita 23 saatler önce
Eh they copied the Romeo and Juliet movie......copycats cough cough 😂
This songs just makes me cry bc I wish that was me in the video
Lord Gafjyi
Lord Gafjyi Gün önce
Khalid+Trey Songz= Bazzi
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins Gün önce
1:26, Camila!
Katie Hawkridge
Katie Hawkridge Gün önce
1:29 fav bits 2:23 hes gorgeous 2:59 time 2 go 3:02 an angewl
Arhum Akhund
Arhum Akhund Gün önce
shawn mendes and camila no bazzy bees
Shaheryar Mahmood
Camila has unique voice...♥️
Anity C
Anity C Gün önce
Romeo and Juliet (1996) REMAKE ??
Alexandra Birladeanu
I love music ......😘😍😍
Mami Khawlhring
Mami Khawlhring Gün önce
bazzi l love you somuch.
Nadia Arthur
Nadia Arthur Gün önce
Camila are you sure you are not an angel cause u sure do look like one.😇😘😇
Nadia Arthur
Nadia Arthur Gün önce
Yo,yes you scrolling down the comments are beautiful angels😇😘😇
Leonor :3
Leonor :3 Gün önce
This Music Is So Perfect💕 I Can't Stop Listing
Armel Rael
Armel Rael Gün önce
Alejandro Daily
Alejandro Daily Gün önce
Is he saying coochie 😐 😂😂😭 or Gucci
Ihza Ghani
Ihza Ghani Gün önce
Im hypnotized
The NightMare
The NightMare Gün önce
Frumos in romania means frumos
C Smers
C Smers Gün önce
Love the Romeo and Juliet intro!!