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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

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Mete 15 dakika önce
Who came here after the game's delay news?
BF2 Saatler önce
Kickstart my heart is in this
นาย ซัน เดย์
Good job
Cabnbeeschurgr 3 saatler önce
I had a moment exactly like 1:28 in bf4 the other day and it was awesome. I don't even mind getting executed cause it feels so cool
Cabnbeeschurgr 3 saatler önce
And I'm back for the billionth time
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 4 saatler önce
Another future war fps ZzZzZz snooze alert, I guess stick to playing the classics until they do something new with a fps .
Muslim Rofiqi
Muslim Rofiqi 5 saatler önce
EA missed something... tbagging 🤣🤣🤣
Nathan Rencher
Nathan Rencher 6 saatler önce
They shouldve just played that real song. I love motley crue.
Leonardo Maia
Leonardo Maia 10 saatler önce
Eu tô emocionado.
Cameron Gear
Cameron Gear 7 saatler önce
só brincando, quero vir hoje à noite
Cameron Gear
Cameron Gear 7 saatler önce
JD1020 12 saatler önce
It’s kinda weird to think that these soldiers shown in this trailer are mostly Gen Alpha
simo 12 saatler önce
one of the best trailers iv ever seen
Dante Minaker
Dante Minaker 14 saatler önce
Ion even know how many times I watched this trailer bro’s 🤙🏽. Haven’t even watched vanguard ONCE.
Даниил Гарипов
Same bro
ASG VXR 15 saatler önce
Player Paralelo
Player Paralelo 16 saatler önce
Pq vai sair só em 2042?
Imperial One
Imperial One 18 saatler önce
1:15 the mans safety is on lol
Delta 20 saatler önce
boys it's been delayed until november 19th
Jack Blyat
Jack Blyat 21 saatler önce
I’d be fine with the game not having a campaign only if they make a show of it
Keith Hainzl
Keith Hainzl 21 saatler önce
If Christopher Nolan would make a game trailer 😂👍
Lukasz Patryn
Lukasz Patryn 23 saatler önce
Delayed till November 2021:((
Storm 232
Storm 232 23 saatler önce
I like how this trailer durated 5 minute prefecly
Comrade Catbug
Comrade Catbug Gün önce
OMG I never thought I'd hear Kickstart My Heart (or any other Mötley Crüe song) in a game trailer
Firestorm123 Gün önce
For some unknown reason, this game has been delayed until November.
Firestorm123 20 saatler önce
@Striker Echo let's hope this is not another cyberbug game
Striker Echo
Striker Echo 22 saatler önce
It’s mainly to do with the fact that the developers are working from home and trying to make sure the game runs well on all platforms
Leon Payne
Leon Payne Gün önce
I see you’re here after seeing they delayed it….
Julius Gün önce
Why do they always makes the game so futuristic or ultra retro. I mean come on. Havn’t we seen soldiers climbing walls, using exo and so on. Havn’t we seen soldiers fighting with old tanks, old guns and ridning horses. Come on guys, lets get a game based on the present, or the 9/11 time. With real weapons, grenades etc. The other stuff is simply just getting boring to fast, I really miss the battlefield 3 vibes. Bring it back!
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 20 saatler önce
@Striker Echo yeah lol
Striker Echo
Striker Echo 22 saatler önce
You do realise you could just play Battlefield Portal and use the BF3 assets
KiwiTekeDiver Gün önce
Man this trailer makes me pitch a tent.
Blex Kwarante
Blex Kwarante Gün önce
And here we are with the delay announcement. I don't mind it as long as the players will experience smooth gameplay in the release, take your time DICE!
Hayden Lavarias
Hayden Lavarias Gün önce
Btw can i know the anime name(sauce) on your profile picture
Hayden Lavarias
Hayden Lavarias Gün önce
Yes Or else this game will going to be like cyberpunk
Ein Mensch
Ein Mensch Gün önce
1,1 Mio Likes... This Is Battlefield!
Fabian Sanchez
Fabian Sanchez Gün önce
South Africa🇿🇦
Magic-Miller99 Gün önce
I still think this is the most epic trailer I’ve ever watched
Splash Gün önce
Just canceled my pre-order........
Rach 22 saatler önce
I wise man said: "Never pre-order, wait until sales or real reviews are out"
qo1o4262UYA Gün önce
I’m just upset they didn’t use the iconic battlefield theme song like they do in all the others 😭😭😭
BasicHaddock4 Gün önce
And it’s delayed smh
Asscred Gün önce
Perfect game needs time, take your time DICE. But please remember I still want to play 1 week earlier :)
Babidiboopy Gün önce
This is really the umpteenth delay in the game industry. All with the excuse that unforeseen events have happened due to the pandemic. When you proudly presented this 3 months ago, there was no pandemic? Sadly, this is going to be another mediocre Battlefield game.
Jay-S 7 saatler önce
Babidiboopy no.
Babidiboopy 21 saatler önce
@Jay-S You must be new to reading comments. I'm not saying anywhere that the release should go ahead on 22th October. If the game is in bad state, it should be postponed. But they should have known that 3 months ago when the announcement was made. In 3 months the situation around the pandemic has not deteriorated, so that will not be the real reason for delay. They just haven't been honest about the state of the developments. Because of this I fear for a mediocre battlefield game again.
Jay-S Gün önce
You must be new to gaming, this is a great thing that they have done. Considering there was a lockdown that lasted almost two years, meaning they couldn’t make it to the office every day. Imagine they released an unfinished game like Cyberpunk, we would be hating on them, I’m glad they delayed it, at least we’re gonna get a more complete and good game from them.
hamza 2000
hamza 2000 Gün önce
ReiiZ Gün önce
zéro recoil dans le jeu tu straffe tu fais tous ce que tu veut tu fais mouche a coup sur tous pour les casus et vendre en masse en plus il y a deja des cheater sur l alpha c'est vraiment pas sérieux ça me donne vraiment pas envie du tous clairement dessue
UnPibeReNoobXD Gün önce
Tito Oswaldo Briceño Nieto
ojala no lo dejen morir como el 5
Jaiden Azazel
Jaiden Azazel Gün önce
Games delayed until 2022
Hercules Gün önce
3:16 man that scene is just ultra next level
Lily Furley
Lily Furley Gün önce
Was I correct that I saw two bf3 maps in this trailer? The first being the map where you can base jump from a cliff and obviously the tower collapse being Caspian border
Boltpoke Gün önce
That’s a cliff one is a different map. And I don’t see Caspian border in this trailer. It’s in the portal trailer
T J Gün önce
I can't wait to play Destructible 2042
Billy Glass
Billy Glass Gün önce
Can you release it earlier?? I’m tired of war zone…
Boltpoke Gün önce
It’s delayed.
Aiden caldwell
Aiden caldwell Gün önce
Delay rumours are all over twitter right now but i doubt it because if it was they would have told like last month and nit almost a month before launch
Jay C
Jay C Gün önce
Its getting delayed bro lmaoo
Jungjun Kim
Jungjun Kim 2 gün önce
I live in songdo...
Galih Tri Haryadi
Galih Tri Haryadi 2 gün önce
SubRex 2 gün önce
pp hard good stuff
mrszmjchr 2 gün önce
North Wolf
North Wolf 2 gün önce
Motley Crue, wow, nice
Fimi Fathi
Fimi Fathi 2 gün önce
Im from vanguard
Boy Boy
Boy Boy 2 gün önce
Nobody talking about how perfectly 2WEI's music fits
priyam bora
priyam bora 2 gün önce
when the school ends and there is holiday after it everyone: 3:29
Drupi 78
Drupi 78 2 gün önce
Omg! Siempre que lo veo me emociona, me hacelera el corazón ❤ :'D
The Bath
The Bath 2 gün önce
finally, a comeback from battlefield 5. maybe they can fix their mistakes.
Kt Tan
Kt Tan 2 gün önce
F-35 pilot ejected and shoot the Su-57 with a rocket launcher that scene is epic
Anisoftar 2 gün önce
To my heart the battlefield games have a very special place and will always be one of the best shooters there is
Alejandro cardenas
Alejandro cardenas 2 gün önce
Amo Batlefield 2042 ❤️
walid 2 gün önce
20 million views let's gooooooooo
James 2 gün önce
Definition of what a next gen game is suppose to look like
Tom Honey
Tom Honey 2 gün önce
Shut up and take my money. 💰
Vicente Lima Lemes
Vicente Lima Lemes 2 gün önce
Chills, literal chills.
Forfono 2 gün önce
2:58 rendezook time stamp
Kirito Kun
Kirito Kun 2 gün önce
the real battlefield ended with part three
Noah 2 gün önce
I am back again, the fourth time now🥲i am so hyped
Gaza683 2 gün önce
Why is BF4 crashing all the time on PS5?
Paniflex 2 gün önce
We actually want BF3/4 remasterd.
ND Gün önce
Do we?
Gaz Da Lad
Gaz Da Lad Gün önce
Yes and no lol
Liouliou Iee
Liouliou Iee 2 gün önce
bonamin 3 gün önce
I don't know what drives me more crazy. This, or the new Matrix trailer ! :D
Alok T
Alok T 3 gün önce
kya chutiapa hai !! Plane bhai chala rha hoga !!
Doink 3 gün önce
Real life footage of my parents going to school:
Nicholas .EXE. has stopped working .
Players can use any cars to escape the tornado .
J0001H! 3 gün önce
free next gen upgrade?
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 2 gün önce
no, you have to pay for it unless you buy the gold or ultimate edition
iitz hawa
iitz hawa 3 gün önce
3:13 what a scene 🔥
Jayrin Rhode
Jayrin Rhode 3 gün önce
Stunts here more realistic than f9
Orfeas prountzos
Orfeas prountzos 3 gün önce
Watched this first, then watched Vanguard. So i'm back here to watch this a second time so i could clean my eyes from the filth than vanguard looks like
Exclusive-V 3 gün önce
Omg das wird krank
DulcisUltio 3 gün önce
Bruh! That the Devs and makers of this game have immortalised Loop-Zook, Stun-Gravy and Canmen_NS is absolutely phuqing EPIC! Had a tear in my eye at that! Mad props BF2042 Team, mad props! I WILL be buying this game, just for that!
Sebastian Sromek
Sebastian Sromek 3 gün önce
okay we're mid way into September can we just get a dam date for the beta - yeah 22nd I saw the leaks but what about the general public that would be interested in knowing - I'm sure letting there be time to spread the word would be beneficial...
Meikitaki 3 gün önce
It’s September… I WANT THE DANG BETA
KrocketOnBoost 3 gün önce
Will the game support fidelity FX?
LOT Rogers
LOT Rogers 4 gün önce
prob will get in it pc this year
Norbert Bułdin
Norbert Bułdin 4 gün önce
Grafika battlefielda w 2040 roku i innych gier będzie wyglądać bardziej realnie niz realne zycie XDDD
James Shaw
James Shaw 4 gün önce
I feel like it needs a bit more creativity to go along with the theme of "the future". BF4 seems to already have most of the things in this trailer. The maps look good though.
Judy Alvarez
Judy Alvarez 4 gün önce
Hello Welcome Back
Xter Gaming
Xter Gaming 4 gün önce
Still waiting for Bad Company 3 This game is so dead since BC2
Cep_Tv 4 gün önce
can we skip to 22 Oct pls ?
Orxan Qehremanli
Orxan Qehremanli 4 gün önce
I regret that they made such a bad game. The map is so big, you run for minutes to kill an enemy. Battlefield 5 was better than that.
Russian Boi
Russian Boi Gün önce
@ND he probably plays PUBG mobile and throws his phone whenever he falls through the map
ND Gün önce
Bro you played arma?Squad?Eft?holdfast?
Russian Boi
Russian Boi 4 gün önce
Bro saying Battlefield 5 was better than anything immediately voids your opinion
Cynical Sayonara
Cynical Sayonara 4 gün önce
No trans-gender, paraplegic, 1/2 Japanese - 1/2 Indian, little person in the trailer? I'm coming back DICE. Thank You.
hixel pixel
hixel pixel 4 gün önce
gtx 1050ti
gtx 1050ti Gün önce
@hixel pixel it doesn't even have a strory🤦‍♂️, and it doesn't even have a campaign
hixel pixel
hixel pixel Gün önce
And is unreal
hixel pixel
hixel pixel Gün önce
Story is trash
gtx 1050ti
gtx 1050ti Gün önce
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 2 gün önce
Evan Fitzsimmons
Evan Fitzsimmons 4 gün önce
Pure action. This is what FPS games should be.
Moth_man96 4 gün önce
Looks like they learned their lesson from BFV won't tell the fans "If you don't like it don't buy it"
75Aragonite 4 gün önce
Too funny, big nonsense, the scene of the guy who ejects from the plane to shoot with a rocket launcher is to die for laughing ... worse and worse ...
Russian Boi
Russian Boi 4 gün önce
@Boltpoke I think he just learned English so he might not understand us
Boltpoke 4 gün önce
Dude. Have u ever played a battlefield game before.
Russian Boi
Russian Boi 4 gün önce
Found someone who’s never played battlefield
MILIFAN 4 gün önce
Lucas Montero
Lucas Montero 5 gün önce
Nas G.
Nas G. 5 gün önce
I love you dice.
No Name
No Name 5 gün önce
I built a gaming pc with rtx 3080 for this very moment... maybe I pick up 5800x
MG42 5 gün önce
Is there a way to check how many times you rewatch a video on YT? Because I think that I'm exaggerating
Klapp Stuhl
Klapp Stuhl 5 gün önce
RIP Micheal K. Williams aka Irish from Battlefield 4 and 2042
Ashton Moore
Ashton Moore 5 gün önce
There should be a Battlefield about the middle ages.
Evan Fitzsimmons
Evan Fitzsimmons 4 gün önce
That would be really bad
Ashton Moore
Ashton Moore 4 gün önce
@Jan Prokeš Yes it is.
Jan Prokeš
Jan Prokeš 4 gün önce
This is a joke, right?
Dr Cool
Dr Cool 5 gün önce
Man🤩🤩 wat an awesome trailer
Jesse Richards
Jesse Richards 5 gün önce
3:22 this would be a epic game achievment pulling this off Also the gliding around a tornado at the end totally has me sold for this game if its possible to experience in game
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