Basic Guide To Catching Big Catfish

Catfish Dave
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Discussing bait, gear, and fish habits, seasons, etc.




18 Nis 2019




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Zach Eddy
Zach Eddy 4 gün önce
so your saying fish live in water?? what kind of water do the live in??? do they perfer wet water or dry water? then you ned bait... fish eat? holy cow no way do fish eat that is like saying fish live in water.... no shit!! lol
TheReaperAnubis 5 gün önce
Been using abu 7000 series and I freaking love them. Never had a problem with big trophy cats. 52 lb flatty and a 43 lb flatty earlier this year and a a couple dozen blue between 35-60lbs. That was just this year and I have been using abu 7000 series for 3 years or so now. Not a single issue. Buddy of mine caught a 67 lb blue and a 43 lb flatty on an abu 6500 reel this year. But its whatever your price comfort level is and your personal preference.
FRANK CLARKE 7 gün önce
Thanks for info,Great video.
FRANK CLARKE 7 gün önce
That dad blasted fish with stripes on it is called a STRIPER, ITS another form of BASS, great for eating We fish for those in Texas lakes.
Catfsihnig 8 gün önce
This was a great video
Jay Sprayberry
Jay Sprayberry 16 gün önce
Still my favorite video 👍
Paul Roger Nilsson
Paul Roger Nilsson 28 gün önce
TThank You Dave ! i must have been a retard sitting here and "like what " its a tutorial . Without Yer kind with a Brain "TRvid" wouldnt be Alive !keep the Tips comin Man ! this shouldent be seen drunk !
rex noel
rex noel 29 gün önce
I like catfish Dave,love the blue grass music when he’s catching a fish,keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Aylar önce
Another great bait for catfish is your finger
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Aylar önce
Dave you are a great teacher
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 2 aylar önce
Nice fish 41.8
Mister lip ripper
Mister lip ripper 2 aylar önce
Are you just catching stripers and getting mad at them😭 I wish
chad Hinton
chad Hinton 3 aylar önce
Do u ever eat any of those blue cats out of ant of these lakes. Fort nasty,watts barr,tellico or Melton Hill or clinch
chad Hinton
chad Hinton 3 aylar önce
Hey Dave do u know a guy that fishes a bunch of catfish tournaments named Terry and he drives a gut truck around takes it from job to job during lunch?;
runebooke 3 aylar önce
Before he had a boat and was one of "Us."
JC Suddeth
JC Suddeth 4 aylar önce
thanks for doing great videos and making us laugh at the same time.
Lawrence Eichenlaub
Lawrence Eichenlaub 4 aylar önce
What a pleasure to hear a man say what he believes and believe what he says. I may have to try some of his ideas here in Montana in my pike water. Thanks very much!!!
Steven Gary
Steven Gary 5 aylar önce
Excellent show, enjoyed all the information. You always put on the best shows Dave. Thank you.
Austin Buring
Austin Buring 5 aylar önce
Instead of the little zebco dock demon,, I found the Zebco micro 33 to actually be one of the best bluegill rods I've ever used. They have a combo with an ultralight 5' rod, with the micro 33 reel with a button, cast like a normal spincast, and if you buy seperately, they have one with a trigger where the reel sits underneath the rod. I like the 33 specifically because it's has the very quick locking anti-reverse, unlike most spincasts, and the closed reel makes it so my son can use it too. There's also less on it to get caught it's like you said yours goes behind the seat of your truck, mine goes behind the seat of my car or in my trunk. Less parts toget snagged on a spincast. It's the only thing I like a spincast for, and as far as spincasts, the 33 is the only one I'll buy. I've also made two other bluegill rods, one is more of a vertical jigging rod with an ice reel and a light 7' rod, and the other is on a Shakespeare micro 4'6" ultralight with a little 500 series spinning reel. Which is actually another thing I would highly recommend, they are about $17 at Walmart and they called the Shakespeare micro series. They have a combo, one with a spincast and one with a spinning reel that you can buy but I don't think they're quite as high of quality. I got one for dog fishing once in the tip broke off. That's actually what I exchanged to get the first Zebco micro combo. The micro series rods are very light, excellent for panfish. They have a 4 ft 6-in ultralight and then a 5-ft light, I believe they also have a 5-ft 6-in light, then they have a 7-ft light. On the 7-foot I can catch any size crappie or shad or anything like that. So for a bait rod like your skipjack rod, a nice budget rod with good performance would be the 7 ft micro series by Shakespeare, paired with a 1000 size reel with 4 lb test in my opinion. Smaller fish I'll throw some tippet or 2lb on.
TheGozman100 5 aylar önce
Very enjoyable!
Following Flinn
Following Flinn 5 aylar önce
If Vice Grip Garage had a fishing channel....
Arthur Alvarez
Arthur Alvarez 5 aylar önce
Jasus i been out here fishing ok my neighbors grass no wonder i aint catching shit
William Cumbee
William Cumbee 5 aylar önce
U go dave wished I new what u forgot
Eddeville303 6 aylar önce
I love catching catfish but I would not mind catching a striper that big. Great video, thank you for all your fishing advice
fishing with Johnny boy
I have the same Plato box
Nate Rogers
Nate Rogers 6 aylar önce
You say you fishing in the Tennessee River what state?
Nate Rogers
Nate Rogers 6 aylar önce
Im in Florence ala and fish on the Tennessee River. Thats why i ask
Theyon Greyjoy
Theyon Greyjoy 6 aylar önce
will a catfish come back and hookup again after being hooked in the same hour?
Catfish Dave
Catfish Dave 6 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure I have hooked the same fish a couple times within 15 minutes of releasing it
Want2BOutdoors 6 aylar önce
I'm sorry but what rod is that at 10:21 sir?
kurt shinn
kurt shinn 7 aylar önce
lmao ouch !!!!!! ouch!!!!! ooooouch!!!!!!!!!! he dont like me lol
kurt shinn
kurt shinn 7 aylar önce
Time on the water and alot of experiments
Matthew Rupp
Matthew Rupp 7 aylar önce
LOL @8:00 lays the fish on rocks and he flops around for a long time. Guess he'll have PTSD/stress sickness...
Neal Scoggins
Neal Scoggins 7 aylar önce
Catfish are good eating and fun to catch don’t get me wrong, but I’d take them hard fighting Stripers anyday of the week! And they’re better eating to me. Especially fresh caught! Oh and I really enjoy your channel! You are without a doubt one of the most entertaining people doing this!
Kenny Strange
Kenny Strange 7 aylar önce
Now that I know when are we going fishing? 🎣🐟Lol.. but you look like me I take everything but the kitchen sink!! Go Dave good job.....
Bullish BearTrader
Bullish BearTrader 7 aylar önce
After your Sunday catfish video. Went to this one I already liked. Watched it again hell ya.
Larry Rickey
Larry Rickey 7 aylar önce
This guy reminds me of mike leach
Pat Colston
Pat Colston 7 aylar önce
Watched this when it come out !! Bought cheap !! Lost some good fish. If you fish often buy Quality. Learned more today,excellent video.
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan 7 aylar önce
ha so I'm the last three people to comment. Just back watching again and enjoying you running up the bank... Thanks.
Kelly Walker
Kelly Walker 7 aylar önce
Thanks man. This is down home fishing.
greg wajda
greg wajda 7 aylar önce
That was a beautiful striper you caught, stop bad mouthing a beautiful big fish you caught. you are first and foremost a FISHERMAN
guru guy
guru guy 8 aylar önce
Why is it that people near the bank cast out into the middle but those in the boat cast close to the bank..... And do you tend to find bigger cats closer to the bank or in the middle of the big ponds..
Danny Eaton
Danny Eaton 8 aylar önce
Great video buddy
yard pimps
yard pimps 8 aylar önce
Me and my buddies in highschool 3 of us convinced our other friend in the group that catfish actually come out on the banks to hunt at night kinda a bummer you adressed that right away
Roger Wharton
Roger Wharton 8 aylar önce
That was a striped bass. Good sized..wow.
Arthur McCorkle
Arthur McCorkle 8 aylar önce
What's up Dave..? Quick question Have you ever fished with pop-eyed mullet as bait. The first has a layer of sweet fat in the cavity lining. Just wondering.
Catfish Dave
Catfish Dave 8 aylar önce
I've used regular standard every day mullet. Works great and stays in the hook
Papa Ray Fishing
Papa Ray Fishing 8 aylar önce
Great all around information video. Covered a ton of information. Thank you Dave
Kembre Jacobs
Kembre Jacobs 8 aylar önce
Very informative thanks
Zetta B
Zetta B 9 aylar önce
It is a video, there was a fish in the video, that makes it a fishing video.. 😂
John Smart
John Smart 9 aylar önce
New to catfishing. This was really informative. You speak fisherman language and dumb language.
Wired4grouse 10 aylar önce
One of the best instructional videos ever made !!!!!
Tyrone Crutcher
Tyrone Crutcher 11 aylar önce
Catfish Dave, are you a guide? I would pay to fish with you. The best informative fishing video on the internet. Down to earth, my level
Ryan Richards
Ryan Richards 11 aylar önce
I caught that fish cause i can cast 6 miles!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryan Richards
Ryan Richards 11 aylar önce
Hey cayfish Dave shout out to ya bro love ur vids and learn so much from ya man im a NC boy been bass fishing but gettin into catfishing and truely found my love for them keep the vids comming and god bless ya!
CancerWarrior 11 aylar önce
Nice you share your knowledge
CancerWarrior 11 aylar önce
A real classic!!!! #TheREELcatfishDave
Pay-laker's hook set 😂
Go To
Go To Yıl önce
I'm fishing the Hudson River
Go To
Go To Yıl önce
Should I get live bait
6bange6 Yıl önce
What Do you do for a Living?
Just Surf
Just Surf Yıl önce
Thank you catfish Dave. I live in Minnesota, and have enjoyed fishing for catfish since I started fishing. I'm 62 years old now, and still get "grief" from others that only fish for walleye. While I do fish for everything in the water, catching catfish has been so much fun.
Steve Thornburg
Steve Thornburg Yıl önce
Hey Dave, I feel like you're getting exciting about what you do . As long as you have been video fishing burn out is real. Thanks for staying with it!
Jerry Earley
Jerry Earley Yıl önce
Which is a better bait. Blue gill or white perch?
Catfish Dave
Catfish Dave Yıl önce
We don't have white perch here. If you have them were you are I would go with perch if it is cut bait. Live one is probably good as the other
Sierra Eldridge
Sierra Eldridge Yıl önce
Found your videos love them got ya a new subscriber 😁 love fishing but really would like to catch some big ones here in knoxville tn!
Texan Football Houston
Nice the good life
Jimmy Jacuzzi
Jimmy Jacuzzi Yıl önce
Great video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Wilson Yıl önce
Now I don’t like braided line! Ha
Greg Trent
Greg Trent Yıl önce
Great info, I’ve changed my whole gear and style since watching your videos, bigger rods, reels, hooks, bait. My catching has dropped, but I guess I’ve cut the small fish out. Looking for that one big one. Thanks for sharing.
ComicBookBunker Yıl önce
I really enjoyed your video. I recently got back into fishing in retirement mode. Thank you.
ed perkins
ed perkins Yıl önce
Went fishing about a week ago in the Ohio River I use 65lb braided with a 5 o hook hooked in to a fish 10 times fight was around 30 mins to a hours each time but he was straighten out my hooks so switched to a 10o hook an two 60 lb steal leaders ended up straightened out my hook or broke my line all 10 times it's bull shit lol
Mitchal Green
Mitchal Green Yıl önce
Great vid' man. Subscribed👍
Trey Hayes
Trey Hayes Yıl önce
That’s called a striper not fish with strip
True You
True You Yıl önce
"I caught that fish Cuz I can cast 6 miles."
Steven Kimbrell
Steven Kimbrell Yıl önce
Well I am loyal I have learned quite a bit from just you talk to your own TRvid and explaining about the bait the hooks the line everything everything like that I have learned some things that I did not know and it's not to say that I never knew it but I didn't know about you know you use behavior lines and you smell the hook usually a Palomar knot or there's there's another name for another not I have forgotten it it's it's pretty good night. It will sometimes it will straighten the hook out if it's hung before it will break the line but you covered some information that I myself I didn't know and I'm 56 years old hi like the old saying says you can teach an old dog new tricks well I learned some new things by listening to your video thank you very much have a great and blessed day
susu Burns
susu Burns Yıl önce
Thanks cat fish Dave love the vidios took alot of notes
Steven Kimbrell
Steven Kimbrell Yıl önce
Will catfish Dave you know watching this video on the gear God I did not know about the level wines that you were using I thought they had what you called the worm guide in there but I didn't know that you did not have one on there it was the open so that's self-explanatory on that there so that's I didn't know thank you for telling me that I've always had the ones with the level wind guide and that's understandable thank you for that information
Jimmy Crainer
Jimmy Crainer Yıl önce
can you tell us about your rods?
TripleHEX O.G.
TripleHEX O.G. Yıl önce
Guys, you gotta have water around to catch fish. Remember that.
Alvin Curry
Alvin Curry Yıl önce
Level wind reels do not burn up! Have 50 yr old level winds and have never had one burn up!
T Yıl önce
by far the best video on catfishing i learned more from this than 100 other videos..ive been fishing a pond where every1 pays 25 and biggest fish of night takes it..prolly 50 bobbers floating every 5 yards..i use creek chubs and crawdads..thats the 1 bait i didnt hear ur opinion on..crawdads..im just trying to stick out from every1 with hot dogs..after watching this video i feel more confident..who knows mayb i will win 500-600 this sat..fyi u gotta use there hooks and its 3pm to midnight if u have anymore tips
Fishing Koop
Fishing Koop Yıl önce
The catfish
lou lattarulo
lou lattarulo Yıl önce
I think you like the strippers
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Yıl önce
I go striper fishing and get mad when I catch a catfish. This guy got the opposite thing going.. lol (I'm in Northern California)
Kegonomic Yıl önce
I enjoy your videos. You keep the demos fluid in nature and you’re easy to listen to.
Gene Burrell
Gene Burrell Yıl önce
"You want to catch big catfish? You gotta use other fish" the best piece of advice ever given. Absolutely true crawdads work real well for lunker's my pb channel 22lbs on a crawdad
1PandaArmy4777 Yıl önce
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Yıl önce
Water ? You need water?
Fabian Rönck
Fabian Rönck Yıl önce
why let catfish struggle in flat water-it ll get hurt. i think this is stress for fish. thanks for handle striper correct. good down to earth fishing-thumbs up
Gus Yıl önce
Good info Dave....goin catfish fishin here in southern Ca..... doesnt compare to your areas. Thx sir. ✌🙏🇺🇲
This helped me a lot. I've been a fisherman my whole life and always loved catching catfish. I've never started actually targeting them until recently though. This video has all the info I've been looking for all over the place. Thanks man 👍
Chris Bergeron
Chris Bergeron Yıl önce
On a river, which area do you target. Do you fish inside or outside of a bend, a flat or the deepest part of the river?
Catfish Dave
Catfish Dave Yıl önce
That is a loaded question . All are good at certain times. Inside bends are usually best in very high current. Outside Bends would be better in normal to slow current. Big fish like to hide deep unless there is oxygen problems during summer heat. Flats can be great places when they are feeding or can be fishless depending on the day.
Doctoor Dan
Doctoor Dan Yıl önce
I know this is an older video but I still wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with us. Education + entertainment = Pleasure to watch. 👍
Jonny 1876
Jonny 1876 Yıl önce
I'd gladly trade you some mullet for some skipjack! Great video man.
Master Baits
Master Baits Yıl önce
dont do meth kids
Meghan Knox
Meghan Knox Yıl önce
“But anyways...” *The blue cat in the background*👁👄👁
Lowell Wells
Lowell Wells Yıl önce
I Enjoyed Fishing With You...You Got It Down Pat And Enjoyed How You Explained Everything I Learned A lot ...Thanks For Sharing !!!
G R Dray
G R Dray Yıl önce
How far downstream from the dam/locks do you fish? Do you try for the smoother water? Thanks for showing.
Sox4Life Yıl önce
If yer gonna fish fer catfish...ya gotta have water...LOLOLOLOLOLOLO
Lucky Logan
Lucky Logan Yıl önce
Now I agree it's pretty goofy to say you need water and bait to catch fish. But this video is geared towards someone who has never fished before, a video for completely green beginners. Give the man a break. He's just trying to cover all bases for a beginner
WH Balistics
WH Balistics Yıl önce
the first minute of this video was funny asf to me😂
Don Summers
Don Summers Yıl önce
Thanks man. I should have just looked back for skip tips!
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Yıl önce
Nice blue!
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