BASED Mom Goes FULL DRAG & Destroys Woke School Board 

Michael Knowles
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Months after an Iowa high school hosted a drag event featuring multiple performers who encouraged students to explore their gender identities, one mother - wearing the same outfit as one of the performers - blasted school board members over their alleged failure to address parental concerns. Why do the weird drag queen get to wear it, but a mother wearing it to make a point isn't?
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6 Eki 2022




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@MichaelKnowles Yıl önce
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@mananimal3644 Yıl önce
As a gay man, I love this woman. My husband and I both agree they need to live children the hell alone and let kids be kids. God speed Kimberly. My husband and I love you👍🏿💯👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
@fayeking5066 Yıl önce
Modern day Lady Godiva! ❤
@-myal-8691 Yıl önce
Is there a nice prize for the one millionth subscriber, just in case it was me?
@mystignite2060 Yıl önce
Congratulations, Michael!! Huge fan from North Carolina. Hope to see you live soon.
@colorfularty Yıl önce
Now on to a morbillion
@SL2797 Yıl önce
Wokesters will say she's a Karen. Personally, I fully support what she did!
@IUSTITA Yıl önce
Fuck what they say.
@stonefox9124 Yıl önce
Only a wokester can be a Karen...
@timtim818 Yıl önce
Nothing wrong with Karens if they use their powers to defeat evil. Respect to this heroic Karen.
@redwall1521 Yıl önce
@@timtim818 That's what Karens think, they think they're doing it for the greater good.
@ericwakeman6665 Yıl önce
I have no problem with vocal mama bears when they’re fighting for virtuous and good things. It’s when they’re throwing their weight around for self centered reasons that they become a “Karen.”
@Spiritx1992 Yıl önce
As a gay man, I’m so proud of her. The LGBT community is such as embarrassment to me, I promise we’re not all like that.
As someone who lost MANY dear friends in the 80-90's, I know this to be very true. Thank You for speaking up! It's getting more & more difficult for *ANYONE* to defend the Rights of gays & lesbians. I have NO answers. You're being used as political pawns & at the exact same time, thoroughly ignored. MY wish is that the G & L could simply be removed from "their" weaponization. But I don't feel it's my place to say anything. I'm here as a staunch ally as soon as a movement gets launched. Much Love!
@indygal6552 Yıl önce
As a gay woman I agree with you 100%. I'm so sick of these weirdos preying on kids. It's disgusting.
@pierrepiea3279 Yıl önce
Thank you. Reasonable people agree.
@ashiel035 Yıl önce
then don't be part of the LGBTQ just be you and be part the community of humanity.
@reharl4953 Yıl önce
We're aware not all gay people are attention seeking social maladaptates. We're adults.
My two closest friends are schoolteachers, and they both homeschool their own kids. Really gives you confidence in the public school system.
@kasban8672 Yıl önce
How are they able to do that if they have to work in the system during school hours?
@@kasban8672 Their wives are really doing most of the teaching.
@kurtsnyder4752 Yıl önce
" Really gives you confidence in the public school system" that the Republiturds have been trying to destroy for decades to make it a privatized system where they can exclude minorities.
@wokeisajoke6806 11 aylar önce
I know several teachers who send their children to private schools. Our system totally has lost the plot.
@jonathangullett3143 11 aylar önce
My wife teaches. We took our son out of public school.
@Eric.V. Yıl önce
Why would any man ever agree to dance like a stripper in front of children? That dude; and the adults who set it up should all be arrested.
@nengyang1895 11 aylar önce
Because it's a pedophile.
@moosehead1183 11 aylar önce
They would have been...not that long ago. And the parents would've lost their kids
@lil-al 11 aylar önce
Because they are pedo fetishers with absolutely no boundaries. And nobody is allowed to stop them. What a time to be alive!
@hornytim 10 aylar önce
The predators are always grooming their victims, and in this case the predator has literally put himself in front of his supply his victims the children, all legally according to the Gay laws Equality Act 2010 , or protected by the backwards politically correctness created in the rainbow 🌈 world
@RS54321 10 aylar önce
They live for the applause! Narcissism on display.
@kode4420 Yıl önce
People are sickening. I hope her husband was recording like damn she's a beautiful woman. Standing up for her kids is amazing. That's what feminists should inspire to be.
@lucasjones3338 Yıl önce
She was charged for domestic abuse of her husband. So no he wasnt.
@meixingprofit3753 11 aylar önce
Yes! Her husband has a strong, beautiful and smart wife! What a woman!
@HippiePixie 11 aylar önce
@@lucasjones3338 You have any proof she did that?
@KJ-lb4tj 10 aylar önce
You don't need to be a feminist to stand up for kids
@roboCL0WN 8 aylar önce
@@HippiePixie It's very hard to have evidence of abuse and SA.
@bluedawning22 Yıl önce
Omg I love this. One CANNOT argue against this mother’s point. It is perfect.
Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" Romans 5:8 "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 10:9 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."
@MrSmriley Yıl önce
Man dressed as a woman: "Yay, bring it on girlfriend!!!" Woman dressed as a woman: "You're disgusting, get out!!!"
@SinoLegionaire Yıl önce
I don’t think thats how a women should dress bud you are missing her point.
@biancaisidk Yıl önce
@@SinoLegionaire True that! Even she said she felt embarrassed dressing like that but she had a point to make.
Exactly. That school-board is ok with some “man” wearing it in front of youth but he freaks out when a woman wears it. Dude just outed his intention toward the youth without revealing his actual intentions.
@john goody I was being hyperbolic in my language about him “freaking out” sure but the point is he has a problem with a woman dressing a bit scandalous like that in front *adults* at a school board meeting but no problem with a man wearing the same outfit on stage in front of a bunch of kids. If you don’t see that then I can lob the same accusation against you about “seeing what you want to see.”
@foxymacadoo Yıl önce
@@SinoLegionaire I am a Woman and I think you totally missed the point she was making, not SMR.
@frythechip7930 11 aylar önce
My heart goes out to that Christian baker guy. The poor guy is just trying to run a business and live his life, but the LGBTQ people won't stop bothering him. Ironic how LGBTQ+ people are always saying " we're just trying to live our lives!" but then, you have the example of this sweet baker that is trying to live his life, but they refuse to leave him alone because of his different beliefs
@rapunzel4117 10 aylar önce
Where is the tolerance for the baker?
@brandivermillion3453 9 aylar önce
It’s a real life ‘Job’ story playing out right before our eyes. Stay strong baker man, stay strong.
@evolgenius1150 9 aylar önce
Right? Imagine being so narcissistic you want to force another human to betray their conscience and live through a moral dilemma with all the guilt and double mindedness and then trash them in court because you're so tollerant. It's a form of rape. Its mind boggling.
@gpk131 9 aylar önce
the LGBT community is full of bullies.
@davidhand312 9 aylar önce
Maybe he might quote $10,000 for the cake. Then if they are stupid enough to pay and he really won't bake it, buy it from somewhere else. and sell it on.
@mytube123tube8 Yıl önce
I salute this mom with full gratitude and respect! We need to much harder stand against this madness.
@teresaididntknowthat 10 aylar önce
The first time I heard of a bakery denying to bake a cake to "support gaye rights" happened here in Belfast Ireland in 2014 it took the owners of the bakery a 7 year fight in court to save their business. I'm really upset that owners are still going through this and worse now in 2022 its getting crazier everyday. I despair I really do.
@emmaxvibe1683 Yıl önce
What a great mom.. her kids should be lucky to have a mom like her...
@lucasjones3338 Yıl önce
They are NOT Kimberly Reicks was charged for domestic abuse of her husband. She was also charged and arrested with harassing and making false claims to the DHS against former business partner.
@mattr.1887 11 aylar önce
Lucas, if all of that is true, then she deserves to be called out on it. But that doesn't mean we need to have gay strippers in school.
@Just1American1966 10 aylar önce
@Lucas Jones Was she convicted, or otherwise adjudicated guilty?
@johnboylan3832 8 aylar önce
@@lucasjones3338 Lucas excuses abusing children by attacking the character of their moms.
Seeing all of those empty seats at that school board meeting is just sad.
@SimpleLifeAlways81 9 aylar önce
Parents can’t win so many are taking their child out and/or not attend meetings.
@siggysue1968 9 aylar önce
Despite all the empty seats, this mom's bravery made it that, so many people saw the meeting then seats available.
What do drag shows have to do with education? Answer: Nothing. Love this mom’s bravery!
Supposedly it is to normalize alternate lifestyles. It is to show that there is nothing wrong with being different.
Remember - they can't reproduce, they can only recruit. Protect your children!
@@thorinpalladino2826 has nothing to do with education
@@Quartzteamrealty Socialization, especially with different types of people, is one of the primary goals of our education system.
@@thorinpalladino2826 socialization skills with peers is the majority of it what does that have to do with adults trying to indoctrinate kids into their ideology? By that case should we let any group who wants to come in and talk to kids to make them more “socially diverse” how about pro nazi group comes and speak? How about pedophiles? How about swingers? How about groups that think the earth is flat? How about a terrorist organization? Shouldn’t they all get equal opportunity to express themselves to kids ?
@mysteryman2124 Yıl önce
Wow. I have a lot of respect for that woman's bravery. She dressed inappropriately and felt embarrassed in the process all to make such a great point to protect the kids. This has my highest praise and respect. I wish I could thank her in person.
@hexagon918 6 aylar önce
Yes, she risked her own dignity for a greater good. I can't even imagine my mother in her place. A brave mom.
@kellylorang6845 Yıl önce
I truly believe that the reason these people are so adamant about making their lifestyle not just accepted but glorified is because deep down they know that there is something wrong with the way they think and act. They are unsure of themselves and need everyone else to say they are 'ok'. Those people that are completely self assured do not care about what other people think of them.
@thekinghash 10 aylar önce
If I was the cake guy I would simply say “sorry, i’m all booked up and busy” “how long” “forever. there’s an eternal waiting list”
@carltrano1325 Yıl önce
So glad my kids are out of school. Thank you to all the moms that have taken a stand against Insanity.
@janicebeare8127 10 aylar önce
It's mind boggling that school authorities need to be schooled on inappropriate behavior. How can you not look at that man's performance and not be horrified?! Heads should be rolling over this!!
At first the gays told us that "All they wanted was to be openly gay, and they would never, ever try to force their lifestyle on people who don't want it." A grown man dressed up in drag and dancing at a grade school is way out of line.
@toasteee252 Yıl önce
Dont forget when they said they would never go into the schools.
“The gays” are not a monolith. Certain sick perverts simply want to piggyback off of a movement that the majority of which only want our acceptance as fellow human beings. Of course, you wouldn’t know it, because the woke mob works day and night to silence dissenting voices among the identity groups they pander to. As someone who is 30% gay according to a quiz from buzzfeed, I should be _appalled_ by your lack of empathy for my people. But I’m not, because who gives a shit what buzzfeed says.
@veryrealhidden Yıl önce
I see a pattern. A concerning pattern. Everything they promise not to do... Is the next thing they'll try to impose on us.
Quite some gays are appalled by this insanity and speak out against it. They know it’s hurting them. LGB is a sexual preference, all the other letters are delusional.
@vladivanov5500 Yıl önce
​@@veryrealhidden And everytime, what happened? 'Slippery slope! Wild conspiracy!' Each time people at large turned the other way and dismissed those sounding the alarm. Now everyone suddenly finds themselves asking 'when did it get this bad??' When you were all being told it was about to get this bad.
So sad to hear about the sweet baker! My prayers go out to him for a another win with this craziness.
@F3mal3Titan Yıl önce
She is a BOSS for this. What that school allowed is disgusting and they should give answers.
@Nodux359 10 aylar önce
Nothing but respect for that woman. She has the heart of a warrior.
Thank you for reporting this. I will be praying for this poor baker and all parents!!!
@emilioa.v7179 Yıl önce
That mother deserves a novel price as mother of the year 👏👏👏👏
The school board can't handle a mom dressed like that but expects students to handle seeing a drag queen dressed like that ....I'm so glad my kids are homeschooled.
Absolutely! Right on!
I wish my grandchildren were home schooled! Good job, you are a great parent.
@nvalles2565 Yıl önce
@Kailiria Yıl önce
A MAN dressed like that
@timesup6302 Yıl önce
Yeah I couldn't wear a hat in school but a guy can go full gay
What a lot of people don't realize about the cake thing, is that multi-tier wedding cakes are usually delivered on-site, and often have last-minute assembly there too. It's absolutely not just a bake and hand off situation.
I am so happy that there are mother's in the world like that❤️
@OverlandOne Yıl önce
What a great Mother! Good for her. It did not appear that the school board understood the excellent point she was making, it went right over their heads which was not surprising. We need more Mothers just like this lady.
God Bless her for speaking truth and fighting for the kids!
@chris1638 Yıl önce
Amen!! What a win for that baker…to a degree. You know that man’s been tormented and spent a lot of his money to protect his business
@markcroydon3195 Yıl önce
That lady's actions at the school board meeting are ACTUALLY STUNNING AND BRAVE! 👏👏👏👏👏
The school board failed their "lesson"! They should all be fired immediately!
@svengangert2683 Yıl önce
it isn't.
@CaptSodium Yıl önce
@@svengangert2683 so a fruit loop is allowed to dress that way in front of children, but she can’t dress that way in front of adults?
@clmuseum4412 Yıl önce
@UCAacNiZlMLzqtFbUR72azeA its grossly accurate.
@@svengangert2683 - No, it really is. She was embarrassed to wear that outfit and that takes courage. She's fighting for decency for our children and that's damn noble.
@potatohole8170 Yıl önce
Talking about that cake thing, I used to work part time as a cake decorator at Sam's Club. They had a book of various themes and one of them was a "Pride" rainbow theme. Typically, I would always work with another decorator during my shift to help get the orders done on time. We would take out one of the orders for the hour and start working on it. I happened to take one of the orders that wanted to do the "Pride" theme. I politely asked the other decorator if she could do that one and we could just switch (happened before where she wanted to switch orders with me because she didn't like doing one that was difficult for her). She asked why and I simply said I didn't feel comfortable. She got really angry with me and told our team lead. Both her and the team lead had blue hair, I'll just leave it at that.
If you can't do your job, you don't need it...
@@AlexHernandez-ee5hd keep that in mind the next time you are asked to do something at work you are not comfortable with.
@@candycottrell6469 The only thing I'm not comfortable with is germs. They ask me to clean the bathroom and I'll quit. But that's why I only apply to jobs that pay six figures and don't require janitorial work.
@PhotoJeticPoet Yıl önce
@@AlexHernandez-ee5hd lmao if you made 6 figures you wouldn't be out here presenting yourself like an incel in youtube comments.
@PhotoJeticPoet Yıl önce
Sad they couldn't just respect that you don't want to be involved. In Islam it's ok to do things like this when something is Haram, so long as you decline respectfully and with no judgment. Even if it's your parents who ask you can respectfully decline to take part or support whatever it is because it is Haram.
@powerbychevy Yıl önce
She’s got nothing to be embarrassed by.
@kimj5037 Yıl önce
That lady has all my respect!
@Rastarunt Yıl önce
Her passion and bravery made me literally tear up. Go momma bear!
It’s exactly as you say, Michael, they want us to bow down before their “ delusion”! They cannot except that we do not agree with our beliefs…
@seandelap8587 Yıl önce
Great on that mother she sure as hell trolled them and exposed them for the lunatics they are.
@jongoffinet8511 Yıl önce
She is a true hero!
@suzanna6 Yıl önce
She was awesome! Right in their faces!
@pattyo4703 Yıl önce
The alphabet soup mob won't stop until they have full access to all kids everywhere.
@Cafeallday222 Yıl önce
She should get a whole crew of them together! All in that outfit 🤣
@tonyste12 Yıl önce
you mean Hypocrites?
This is awesome. Props to the mother. She represents me as a concerned parent.
@maryr7800 Yıl önce
Kudos to that Momma Bear ! Her family and friends should be proud of her. Jack Phillips...I don't understand how these cases against him even get to court. It would be different if his bakery was the only one in town, but these people had a choice and for the courts to take this seriously is ridiculous.
This all comes down to Article VII of the civil rights act; the same article that Barry Goldwater once warned would be used for this very purpose. It created a justification for the federal government to be granted the power to nullify freedom of association, by forcing business owners to accommodate customers that claim to have been refused service because of their "protected attributes". The original intent was to fight discrimination (with more discrimination, of course), but we all know what they say about good intentions and the road to hell.
@karenpowell4626 10 aylar önce
I think Greg should direct them to a Muslim bakery, see how well their request goes over there.
@bachdeanOnline 11 aylar önce
The fact that you have to ask the question "why" to the obvious answer..tells a lot how the public consciousness is messed up.
@yaffa2099 Yıl önce
Michael is #30 on trending! And he reached 1M!!! Congrats! 🎉
@carldietz9767 9 aylar önce
Kudos for a mother to point out the filthy hypocrisy of the moronic school boards bullshit.
@douglastaylor43 Yıl önce
That Mom has more balls than anyone on the school board
She should be on the school board !
@sethlester1659 Yıl önce
she has more balls than the drag queen whose wardrobe she was copying too.
@ninjabobbob8090 Yıl önce
The drag queen also has balls
Brass ovaries for sure 👍🏻
But not more than the queen. He has a set of ....
Thank you for bringing light to this!
She's a role model in this capacity!
@timallen643 Yıl önce
This is the first time that I've listened to someone who has the same views as I do. Thank you and keep us well informed.
@toniberman6079 Yıl önce
She gave it all for the greater good!!! I'm impressed!
@kevin6293 Yıl önce
I really don’t understand why anyone would be interested in watching a drag show. I mean I seriously don’t get it at all.
@garyandtricia1 Yıl önce
Same reason you go to a circus. To laugh at the weirdos.
@miguelperez9906 Yıl önce
@vashmatrix5769 Yıl önce
Depraved minds
@RanMouri82 Yıl önce
The main, direct appeal is for men attracted to men who find drag shows arousing. It's male-for-male burlesque. The secondary appeal is for ideologues who want to indoctrinate children, hence why school drag shows and drag story hours are popping up across the country.
@kensmaman Yıl önce
You’re right, Michael! There is no way to negotiate with these woke cultists. We need to stand up for our Christian values. It takes a lot of courage beca things can get nasty so easily.
@trenellharris59 Yıl önce
Thank you, Keep speaking truth to life
@rexwallace9477 9 aylar önce
More power and strength to you Kimberley Reicks for doing what I feel hit the nail so hard that you drove it through the board.A courageous mama bear having to parade around in that inappropriate outfit to prove a powerful and righteous point.
I love your view point my dude. Your very well spoken and the world needs your voice. Keep spreading good word 😉
@MrThetruthhurts 9 aylar önce
The child abusers that let drag queen in the school should be in prison.
@toddbishop1139 Yıl önce
This woman has the courage of a lion. She stated that she was embarrassed to wear the outfit that she rocked. Yet, she had the courage to overcome her personal embarrassment to make a loud statement on behalf of ALL children and grandchildren. We all need to have the courage that this woman has. Fight fire with fire. With one outfit she lit up the whole room. It was louder than any speech, or cussword could ever be.
@aburden8580 Yıl önce
Lioness. The least you could do is spell correctly and accurately. Actor, actress. Hero, heroine. Lion, lioness. How would you describe "rocked" and why is that relevant? Loud does not equal effective. Unfortunately, she was only 1 voice.
@cojoh9385 Yıl önce
@@aburden8580I agree it's unfortunate that ALL of us are not making time to show up at a school board mtg to support parents like that "mama bear". However, I think it's more effective if we're sincerely trying to fight a well funded woke agenda that's destroying lives, to do all we can to be united. We will be more effective if we avoid "majoring on the minors" (aka, nit pick grammar etc) with like minded ppl, because it only detracts from todd bishop's actual point. I think her example was very effective because she presented stark, & clear "evidence" that the school was allowing pornographic sexual shows (& acts?) to be shown to minors. By her "wearing the evidence" in front of everyone at the mtg the board couldn't just turn off her mic to shut up her 1st amendment rights to speak about the harmfulness to children, & present testimonies & evidence from being given... as they've done to many trying to speak. By displaying her point & evidence that this was pornographic attire for them publicly, any rebuttals would be exposed to be purely their political support for an agenda that is offensive & harmful for both adults & children.
@aburden8580 Yıl önce
@@cojoh9385 As much as I generally agree with your message, I reject your conclusion. Who the Hell are you to challenge me for correcting language errors? You react like most when I correct: you're doubling down on dumb & attacking me rather than agreeing that wrong is wrong. Error. Either in spelling, grammar or punctuation. Write in paragraphs as I do & this format promotes. 4 lines. Like this. You are either so lazy, don't care or don't know how to write. Spelling and good presentation is a direct correlation to intelligence and clarity of thought. You disrespect yourself and by extension me, with your sloppy writing. This is at the very core of education. Nitpick? Do you want your lawyer to nitpick? I hope so. Do you accept a sloppy pilot, cop, dentist & engineer? I hope not! Mtg=meeting. Ppl=people. Todd Bishop is a name=proper noun, capital letters. That's disrespectful. Too many "&." And too much repetition about wearing the evidence. OK, I get the point. Don't nag. Left side will keep winning because they don't care. They move goalposts, attack. Attract freaks & keep growing. The right will lose because they generally want to be left alone, therefore don't participate. I leave you with: 'Ferguson Effect' vs 'Broken Windows' theory. You say nitpick? I say fix the windows. You just lost my support. Dumb down indeed.
@verindictus3639 Yıl önce
@@aburden8580, grammar Nazi. Also, she's one voice speaking for many who wish to say exactly what she did; why do you think Michael Knowles and all of us in the comment section are singing her praises and saying "ACTUALLY brave and stunning!"
@Haley497 Yıl önce
She rocked it alright! Real female body, XX all the way and with real female hormonal rage and mama bear instinct. Haters will hate her because they can't come close to her realness.
@pammymehay-hydes4438 10 aylar önce
So much respect for this mother! Protect the children from this madness😢
@jonnyspi Yıl önce
I helped start the GSA at my high school back in the day. I'm ashamed of what I did. I didn't know what it would become
@PTruth-md6xx 9 aylar önce
No, don't comply to this bs. I hope that man is getting support from people in this fight.
@davidmata4786 Yıl önce
BOSS LEVEL..!!! This woman is someone doing something about the mess our school boards have been creating.
@noelasandstrom9761 10 aylar önce
All the best Phillips - you're allowed to protect your skills and beliefs. Most of us are behind you!
@wombatsgalore Yıl önce
The lady is a HERO, on multiple levels. Her family ought to be proud of her!
@jihigh482 Yıl önce
No she's not. I totally approve her actions but she's not a "hero" in any way, shape or form. Stop ruining words
@@jihigh482 Ji,Ji, Ji . Have you misplaced your binky ....
@jimijefferson82 Yıl önce
@@jihigh482 < Thinks the drag Queen is a hero, let he she it have its fantasy.
@alexanderhanksx Yıl önce
@@jihigh482 She is though. You've got to look at things in perspective. I doubt that school will ever expose those kids to drag shows or any form of adult dressed in skimpy outfits ever again. That's a lot of kids who will have a better chance at NOT being brainwashed into violent freaks.
@T.R.R.Jolkien Yıl önce
@@jihigh482 someone needs their safe space? You need a hug. This is a strong women we just witnessed
@robcape Yıl önce
I’m not sure how but the TRvid overlords let Michael on the trending page and I love it.
@jeannicholson8389 11 aylar önce
Keep on Michael! This is so right. I give credit to that mom!👍
@vectorm4 Yıl önce
Who was involved with inviting the performer to the school? If it was an adult, they should be appropriately punished = kept OUT of all school related activity. If it was students - then that is why children are not allowed to make decisions.
I thought that when you have a business you have the right to decline services or provide goods? It goes against his religion.
@echochamber4420 Yıl önce
This is why homeschooling is skyrocketing…you don’t have to put up with any of these school board lunatics.
@jrg4094 Yıl önce
I have a theory that the government will somehow force that to end and say that homeschooling does not meet x criteria. Or woke college's won't accept a homeschooling education.
Homeschooling isn't enough, by itself. Our children will have to grow up and work and live and lead or be led with the psycho kids who weren't homeschooled or raised by based conservatives. We have to fight to protect all children.
Yeah but you have yo put up with your own kids lol scary
@user-zf3mb2rh9n Yıl önce
Doesn’t homeschool have a certain curriculum to stick to tho
@Daergarz Yıl önce
Sure, except schooling is much more than pure learning. You socialize and form connections, good and bad, for the future. Not much beat personal connections and some light form of street smarts when it comes to being hired. Who you, your family and friends know is such a massive leg up in the job market that I'm not sure it can be overrated. My point being is that instead of homeschooling, parents have to actually fight these school board lunatics and get them removed, not let them ruin the school system. Nothing is beyond repair, it just takes effort to save.
@djo3704 Yıl önce
Brave woman, braves mom 🥺❤
@kdp9122 9 aylar önce
Dang momma, you go!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@woodrowboudreaux9951 10 aylar önce
I’m pleading with SOMEBODY out there !! Stop asking- stop begging this evil to stop. You have to use force ! Nothing else works ! You have to hurt these demons !!
Michael you are awesome thank you for telling the truth of the insanity going on today. God bless.
This nonsense needs to stop. That should NOT be in the schools period.
@xEvilNeverDiesx Yıl önce
This reminds me of the mom who tried to read a book that was been read to her child, or her child had to do a report on it I think, but as she read it out loud to the panel they told her to stop because it was to crude and disgusting. So they couldn't hear it but our kids can!? This world is sick.
@davisjames8484 Yıl önce
That same scene happens all across America. I've literally seen it happen in Spotsylvania, VA while I was at a school board meeting. Just a mom reading what was sent home/in the library at their child's school.
@yeahnah6763 Yıl önce
Not sure if it’s the same incident but a mother read a page from 50 shades of grey because it was in the middle school library and they told her it was inappropriate because kids were listening….
@@yeahnah6763 no, it's not the same indecent. The one the commenter refers to is one where a teacher made students recite different lines. In one of them one individual asked the other to bang them with their p***s with disturbing detail and description, and it was a gay or trans relationship I believe.
@pammers5588 Yıl önce
Some of the people in the world right now are definitely not right in the head, specifically those on the far left
Freedomtoons made a fantastic video about that: trvid.com/video/video-2Fk0Y2viGkQ.html
@Harassed247 Yıl önce
Well done to this lady.. All mothers need to do this at school board meetings, including the UK.
@user-ho2mx9nz7s 9 aylar önce
You are sharp Michael!!! Keep up the good work, and thank you.
@saraadam5000 Yıl önce
Thank you, you hit the nail on the head.....CONFUSED MEN!!!
@lavanya_s_art Yıl önce
A round of applause for this brave lady 👏👏
This is NEVER gonna be okay!!!
Embarassing outfit, but a righteous anger sustained her!! God bless you, Mom!!!
Beautifully worded. 🙏🇺🇸
@ZeroOmega-vg8nq Yıl önce
Eh its actually pretty tame compared to other stuff ive seen but for her to make her point very effective.
@@ZeroOmega-vg8nq Tame for you, but that's not the point. Is it appropriate for anyone to wear that type of outfit presented in a school program?
@ZeroOmega-vg8nq Yıl önce
@@annarodriguez9868 i already answered you question "but to make her point very effective"
@@ZeroOmega-vg8nq some people just don't get it. I agree with you 100%..
I just saw this woman on FB. She was kind enough to take time to respond to a comment I posted. I watched the entire thing on her page. It makes soooo much sense. People are so mad that this attractive mother wore the same thing as a man. It's disgusting how her feminine look is seen as inappropriate. But this young guy can dress up the same and it's "stunning and brave." It really is gross how these schools have been acting the last 10 to 20 years.
@frugalmum7943 Yıl önce
Full respect to that Mother. Bless her. I'm frequently asking why 'drag queen storytime' participants are frequently dressed like they are going to a nightclub.
@crisl9079 Yıl önce
Well said Michael, your points are spot on.
@thunderbolts2438 10 aylar önce
So frustrating... I can't believe he has to make a cake for these people. This is harassment.
@kathe992ilo6 Yıl önce
I respect this courageous woman. I hope her children are proud of her. This took guts
@MNDashcam Yıl önce
Being a trans woman requires balls
@KalonOrdona2 Yıl önce
@@MNDashcam I would agree but they're clearly non-functioning, balls in name only :p
@pavogani Yıl önce
Yes. She isn't the only one. just the only one around with more balls than them.
@jakdrpr2106 Yıl önce
Mama bear really pissed!!!
@RTU130 Yıl önce
@tech4life884 Yıl önce
Ole moma bear shouldn't be ashamed of wearing that outfit. She looks amazing in it.
Why is that? Because we live in a confused and toxic society. 🤯 You proved the point. Thanks for speaking up for the kids worldwide. I am pro-love and a very tolerant person. But one who knows the limits.
@kentstone319 9 aylar önce
Makes humans embarrassed. School board comes out of the closet? Send them your kids? For child abuse and endangerment?
@pammers5588 Yıl önce
Great to hear that this mom stood up to the Board. She made such great points. Wake up people and see what is really going on
@purplepoppyz 10 aylar önce
The cake thing happened here in Northern Ireland too. They purposely went to a Christian bakery to order a cake with the slogan ‘support gay marriage’ and also the logo of the campaign group Queerspace’ with the characters from Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie. They tried to destroy the bakery when they refused because the slogan contravened their Christian beliefs. The gay man took his case backed by our so called equality commission ( discrimination based on his sexual orientation) to the UK courts and won and also won on appeal in the lower courts but the UK Supreme Court and then the European court of human rights found in favour of the bakery. This was one small Christian family business against Queerspace and other gay groups and all the funding that goes with that, plus the calls to boycott the bakery. Happily the bakery survived.
@takearight. 9 aylar önce
Wow. deliberately being Obtuse.They need the wood shed..Not millions for “hurting” their fee fees
“Ma’am please, that right dress isn’t allowed here. It’s only reserved for the men that dress up and dance in front of our children.”
@Jinx07 Yıl önce
As a clown?Even clowns are better if you ask me. I am never sending my children to school in future.Imma teach them farming and they will do it
"Your" children
@moosehead1183 11 aylar önce
@@simonegiannotti7066 are you Ok with that?
@simonegiannotti7066 11 aylar önce
@@moosehead1183 there are many more who will go and will be abused. All children should be protected.
@moosehead1183 11 aylar önce
@@simonegiannotti7066 right you are..when mushroom said our instead of your... that's what was meant
Bravo to the Concerned Mother, she made a direct point, and those absurd people dare say to her that what she was wearing infrint of THEM was inappropriate?!! Either they smarten up or resign!
@francissantos4463 9 aylar önce
The cake issue was a bait! Somebody already knew that he doesn't wanna participate and they put a target on his back.
It must be horrible to be so sick that you are discussed by your own existence to the point of self mutilation. 😕
@davidm1149 Yıl önce
Probably speaking for many women in Iowa. This is truly a societal problem that must be addressed in any way possible. I think most young people would welcome a truly loving, brave adult to show them an alternative to this damn mess.
@lavonneyounan2660 11 aylar önce
Bravo for her ! I support her completely!
@timdane6132 11 aylar önce
thats a true queen right there. must be embarrassing asf to go down and do that jjst to prove a point to them. hope this will go viral
@marias5088 Yıl önce
I went to church this past Saturday, 5 o'clock service. It was a new church for me and it is located in downtown St. Paul. They have a church member there who lets people in because they do NOT feel safe keeping the doors unlocked. Instead of blaming everyone else for this new reality, we must examine our own faults: we are not strong, brave or resilient enough to stand against evil. We are too divided even as Christians and too afraid. There is nothing Christian about being submissive to those who want to destroy our children and our future. Time to make that change within ourselves. We must fight for our children and we must win this fight.
@jameswill9323 10 aylar önce
Mr Phillips should be allowed to counter sue for damages.
@MsDormy 11 aylar önce
Kimberly, to quote Seinfeld, ‘you are the queen of confrontation’. 👍
@CookieObsession 10 aylar önce
Praying for Mr. Phillips
Hell yeah mama bear. We need more parents like her
@Ddkrew1 Yıl önce
@rayharvey1330 Yıl önce
Sorry Jeff...most moms aren't as HOT as her.
No, we need ALL parents to BE like her!
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