BART's Opening Day Cars: 1972 - 2022 

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The cars of BART's Opening Day, on September 11th, 1972, are still in service almost 50 years later. This narrated video explores the cars and their story.
"BART Opens Today' (1972), KPIX-5 video, via SFSU Diva. diva.sfsu.edu/collections/sfb...
WRM Rapid Transit History Center: www.wrm.org/fundraising-campa...
More on the legacy fleet: bartcars.weebly.com/
Nonprofit educational and research video, fair use for KPIX video.

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10 Ağu 2022




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Scott Hillhouse
Scott Hillhouse 9 aylar önce
Thanks man, this is awesome! Love all your unique BART videos and info - it’s really hard to find stuff online especially compared to systems like the CTA, MTA, etc.
ATP Transit
ATP Transit 9 aylar önce
Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’ve been very fortunate to have started getting into transit with BART, right before the old cars started to go to the scrapper. It’s a troubled system in many different ways, but it was designed to be something different, a representation of a whole new era of public transit. Underneath the grime and dust there is a nice system.
Bonnie 8 aylar önce
Robert Townley
Robert Townley 2 aylar önce
I was a BART engineer on that day and reminder it well. All of my files were donated to the Western Ry Museum, In that collection were a set of operation reports that listed. Car numbers for each day, Thanks for your great video. Bob Townley
ATP Transit
ATP Transit 2 aylar önce
Hi Bob - Amazing to hear from you! I've been reading through your work at WRM. If you'd have chance, please let me know where to find it - I was recently going through the Fremont Flyer and appreciate all the detail you've kept on it and the rest of BART’s early history.
Cage Wilson Bass guy
Cage Wilson Bass guy 9 aylar önce
When I was at the Muni heritage day event I spoke with someone who worked at the western railway museum and he told me that it’s confirmed that they got some Bart cars.
ATP Transit
ATP Transit 9 aylar önce
Yes, we are working with BART to get cars, and they are very supportive of the effort, but there are no full BART cars on WRM property at the moment. In time, yes, there will be some BART cars at WRM.
Jeff Gün önce
I stood a few feet away from San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto on September 11, 1972 when he cut the ribbon at the BART ceremony. I filmed color movies of and rode the first train. Afterwards, I filmed the first day train operation and crowds. At the ceremony, it was announced that BART was the first automated rapid transit system. I blurted out loud enough to be heard, "What about PATCO". PATCO runs from Philadelphia to the Southern New Jersey suburbs and was automated. I was the first passenger on PATCO, which opened shortly before BART. I sat in the first seat on the first PATCO train. The officials at the BART ceremony were highly embarrassed and exclaimed "shhhh" in unison !! They didn't expect anybody from Southern New Jersey to be standing there.
Marcus Arline
Marcus Arline 10 gün önce
My mom and my oldest brother remember that. I wasn't born yet.
chromebomb 8 aylar önce
THis is great!
San Leandro Garbage Man
why september 11?? guess they never new it was gonna happpen
San Leandro Garbage Man
wow, ppl were liek WOW! now we're like I hope I get out alive
San Leandro Garbage Man
hey I've been to the western railway museum
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