BART passengers stuck on stalled train in Transbay Tube for hours 

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BART officials said a power substation failure Friday morning stranded a train in the Transbay Tube, causing a major delay in the system between the East Bay and San Francisco.
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22 Eyl 2022




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Janet Foster
Janet Foster 8 aylar önce
That's awful. Based on the gentleman's description, there seems to be no plan in place for any issues that occur in the transbay tube. I lived in the Bay Area 14 years ago and it seems that the quality of service and type of employee excellence has gone down dramatically. Some heads should be rolling because taxpayer dollars are being wasted and folks must just be hiring their friends and not real qualified people.
diego rivera
diego rivera 8 aylar önce
I had a tutor that used to work for bart. He told me nepotism is key. To get hired.
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover 8 aylar önce
Gotta wear a knockoff Bart Simpson shirt to your interview duh
Mark Plott
Mark Plott 8 aylar önce
JANET - the OLD plan used to be , BART would send a RESCUE train on the OTHER side and Passangers would have to leave the Train , walk the escape narrow sidewalk , use the Emergency cross passage doors ( marked by Blue lights) and cross over to other side to await a Recue train. since BART trains only have ONE operator , they would not be alaliable to HELP everyone , RIDERS would be expected to SELF RESCUE or help the Disabled or Elderly.
Graham Cann
Graham Cann 8 aylar önce
Several decades ago I was part of a group that "tested" an evacuation of a Bart train in the midst of the under bay tunnel. We literally walked out. However my friends and I didn't think much of the "test" as we were nearly outnumbered by "guides" in safety vests holding lights, and giving us directions with megaphones. And the tunnels are damp. So it IS (technically) possible to walk out, there is (was) a plan, but... My sympathies to those who were stuck.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 8 aylar önce
This is a generation of fruit cups and many pronouns
Mayhem Jr.
Mayhem Jr. 8 aylar önce
That happened to me years ago stuck under Market Street on MUNI. It was horrible. We sat there for hours and NOBODY said anything. Finally MUNI opened the doors and let us out IN THE TUNNEL and scolding us ' well we're really not supposed to be doing this" well what's the alternative, let us suffocate on the train?. I was pissed. I lived in San Francisco at that time and it took me 5 hours to get home.
Ellie E
Ellie E 8 aylar önce
Might be the same incident for me as well, stuck under Market Street, conductor opened the doors, I had a mini flashlight that the conductor wanted WHILE I was helping a pregnant woman walk out of the tunnel. I didn't give it to him, I was trying to help her not fall in the holes. I remember her saying "my maternity leave starts today." Horrible.
Bob Bobsin
Bob Bobsin 8 aylar önce
Could of simply pulled emergency door release and got off train🤔
Solar Yellow IS300
Solar Yellow IS300 8 aylar önce
@Bob Bobsin a lot of times they asl to wait for a employee unless immediate risk of danger.
Raul Maldonado
Raul Maldonado 8 aylar önce
Tough day, hopefully everyone is doing well (both passengers & BART itself)
iseeflowers 8 aylar önce
This is scary especially at this time. For two hour under the bay tube? They should compensate them.
Mercedes Ha
Mercedes Ha 8 aylar önce
And BART is not ashamed of having us to pay full fare with this kind of service. I was stuck to wait for the train for 1.5 hrs and late to work!
KooShnoo 8 aylar önce
well technically all fares are 50% off this month... but the handling of this situation was truly sad. they should have had a clear contingency plan for such a predictable situation.
Lotanto 8 aylar önce
A lady in my workplace from Antioch said she waited 45 minutes for her train, had to get off at West Oakland. Her entire commute was 2 hours that day.
Chin Heat
Chin Heat 8 aylar önce
Way to go BART💩, nice job celebrating your 50 years anniversary recently
Jay Judah
Jay Judah 8 aylar önce
I knew someone would say it. 👏
George W. Kush
George W. Kush 8 aylar önce
Omg this is my worst nightmare and I'd probably freak tf out. I think about it every time I'm on a train that stops in the tube.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott 8 aylar önce
the LA metro and the NY subway stops ALL the time while underground unexpectially.
Virginia Coleman
Virginia Coleman 8 aylar önce
Bart is becoming more inconsistent in it's daily service. This has happened twice now, in less than ago week!
Evelin Ericksson
Evelin Ericksson 8 aylar önce
they are more consistently having issues recently.
Dommskii23 8 aylar önce
Bart has issues every weekend where you have to get off in Hayward to take a bus just to get to San Jose
John Mackintosh
John Mackintosh 4 aylar önce
This just happened again last week !!
longbeach225 8 aylar önce
City officials and companies wonder why people want to work remotely. This is BS.
David Lang
David Lang 8 aylar önce
BART is so poorly managed! And it’s been this way for decades. When is there going to be a solution. BART is a valuable community resource and needs protection.
aero mtb
aero mtb 6 aylar önce
an audit of their safety protocols should be done.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 8 aylar önce
It’s good to see my man Andre Senior after all these years good to know he is okay and hopefully Gasia too.
Steve 8 aylar önce
- All the old trains should not be in operation - Build another tube that realizes past plans to cover more of the bay, Alameda, and Marin - Bart should be 24 hours like NY
BEVERLY LACRONE 8 aylar önce
I commuted to San Fran for 2 years.Biggest fear was an earthquake and the tube flooding
ThreeHeavensHealing 8 aylar önce
Bart seriously doesn’t have a legit plan for this??? The govt thinks we should have our shit together but they can’t even provide basic services…
David Moore
David Moore 7 aylar önce
Rider: "Hey there is a stalled train with no power, and it's hot and there is oxygen deficiency." BART Police: "W E B S I T E" 👍 Rider: 😐
Sadangel73 8 aylar önce
Damn. I remember years ago my friend and I was on Bart. We were seated behind the train operator. We were just talking and laughing and she was like “ bitch the train operator is asleep” I turned around and looked, got up, and started beating on his door and telling him that he better wake his ass up. That was some of scary s***. Never rode the train after that and I moved away from the town when my baby was little and haven’t looked back. I know that anything can happen anywhere at anytime but nonetheless I’m glad that I moved my baby and I away. 😊
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit 8 aylar önce
She's a union member. Just taking her mandated break.
diego rivera
diego rivera 8 aylar önce
I call bullshit
KooShnoo 8 aylar önce
idk those trains basically drive themselves. also don't they have to operate the doors manually? seems like an operator wouldn't be able to sleep if they have to wake up for the doors evry few minutes. I think trains in other countries are nicer.
yeethers 7 aylar önce
The trains basically drive themselves. Only thing operators do is close the doors and make announcements.
Cloudkirb 5 aylar önce
They aren't even driving the train so it's not rlly a big deal
Michael Crz
Michael Crz 8 aylar önce
Base on what the guy said, “no support from bart”. I smell a lawsuit coming up.
The M Files
The M Files 8 aylar önce
Being stuck in a tube, under the Bay, with crackheads and wackos ain't fun. Happens all the time on bart unfortunately. Not for this long of course but pretty damn frequent
Geo All
Geo All 8 aylar önce
Awesome to see that Tom vacar is alive and well :)
AffordableWebsite Rescue
Oh sheezz! That's one of my worst nightmares! Third time's a charm hope the earthquake doesn't hit during that!
YOUAREHERE 8 aylar önce
The worst nightmare is to have "Jason Voorhees" on board.
Ashmew 8 aylar önce
You’re probably best off in the tube vs outside because during the Loma Prieta earthquake the train inside the tunnel didn’t even feel it
Cloudkirb 5 aylar önce
Ur good in the transbay tube, you prob won't feel it
Sherisse 8 aylar önce
Biggest fear growing up in the bay was THIS
chutoro y moi
chutoro y moi 8 aylar önce
this is literally my nightmare
Khalil King
Khalil King 8 aylar önce
Bart too damn expensive for this to happen. where is the money going?
A Ng
A Ng 8 aylar önce
The public funding for transportation is not enough to make up for it and that’s why they are increasing the fare
O Francisco
O Francisco 8 aylar önce
@A Ng bullshit couple years back they had a 30million surplus and still went up on fare
Ingii 6 aylar önce
this is why i always cary certain essentials on me at all times when riding Muni/Bart. Whiskey, flaslight, and a Battery charger
jaquan powell
jaquan powell 8 aylar önce
Besides terrifying, this made me late by 2 hours and Bart has the audacity to charhe double smh
Robb Spinosa
Robb Spinosa 8 aylar önce
🚨 This is an emergency wake up call for BART engineer's. In an E Q scenario administrator s need to know what say and do for the G.P . , or get out of the way of not knowing....🤔
Terri Kennedy
Terri Kennedy 8 aylar önce
My worst nightmare.
noazucar 8 aylar önce
Tokyo's rail system is way older than BART yet they are on time, have modern trains, and impeccable service. Here? What service? Refer to the website. Safety? Not really trying. Infrastructure? For some reason, is stuck with an aged system. :P
Pbkk 8 aylar önce
Bart management has been deteriorating for years. Bart stations are now full of crime & poor maintenance. It is what happen when the bureaucrats in the government system is getting too large, too corrupted and inefficient.
J 8 aylar önce
Should have fixed it all up during covid instead of patch work. Just go single lines and replaces lines and smooth it all out. its 2022 in japan the trains are on time and smooth.
Charley Delano
Charley Delano 8 aylar önce
Factor in my dad told me Japan had great trains in 1959
Bach3lor_Alpha 8 aylar önce
they fix the canopys in downtown sf 😂
Jay O
Jay O 8 aylar önce
@Bach3lor_Alpha lmao
Francisco A
Francisco A 8 aylar önce
Bart needs a revamp from leadership all the way to infrastructure.
Roberto Aleman
Roberto Aleman 8 aylar önce
Y que es de las personas que son claustrofóbicos esto es un terror!
Joe smith
Joe smith 11 gün önce
The last time I was on the Bart one of the windows was open, lol!
jack train
jack train 8 aylar önce
BART: We need more training.
milo san
milo san 8 aylar önce
Good thing I don't take BART anymore. But I don't get how they can still charge so much for a ticket and still give a shitty product.
Titus 3-9
Titus 3-9 8 aylar önce
"Correction!" They were testing what the rats would do in such situations. Then they fed them a little cheese.
Teresa Holmes
Teresa Holmes 8 aylar önce
All that damn money they charge And they treat you like 🤬
Teddy L
Teddy L 17 gün önce
So if someone had gone crazy from stress and started hurting other passengers, would the authorities said it wasn't their problem? If that had happened how many hours would it take for emergency respondents to respond? This is a bad policy. Even if it was a couple of officers, someone should have been dispatched. I understand that you don't put emergency responders in harm's way, but this screams of a lack of contingency planning. SF is messed up.
Miles Mayhem
Miles Mayhem 8 aylar önce
The smell must’ve been wonderful.
Ramily 8 aylar önce
Me: wakes up and says “has the world ended yet?” And turns head to look left and right then goes back to sleep.
Freedom Woods
Freedom Woods 8 aylar önce
Ong lmao
Issaq Al-Ahmed
Issaq Al-Ahmed 8 aylar önce
Bart has been, and continues to be, hot garbage. That isn't to put blame on the individuals working on the front lines, but the heads of Bart are provably incapable of their positions. Having a monopoly on transit is no excuse to provide the bare minimum of service. It's shameful.
Cameron Morrison
Cameron Morrison 8 aylar önce
Worst nightmare right here.
Uams Samu
Uams Samu 8 aylar önce
I wonder if this has to do with equity in science and engineering. Giving out degrees and certifications for low iq participants. Positions filled so feelings don’t get hurt. Diversity it our greatest strength.
Brian Willis
Brian Willis 8 aylar önce
BART is just really that inept. You don't need to do a deep dive on this one.
jaquan powell
jaquan powell 8 aylar önce
youtubename 8 aylar önce
Why do racists always feel the need to stretch so much? Is yoga too brown for them, so they do this instead?
The Beast
The Beast 8 aylar önce
And CA continues to sink. I’m done.
Gregory Garcia
Gregory Garcia 8 aylar önce
Buck Fart!!! That would be SO SCARY!!! Shame on them!
Suckmychuckz 8 aylar önce
imagine an earthquake hits while in the transbay tube
Brian Willis
Brian Willis 8 aylar önce
It happened in 1989 and the tube was okay. They did some work on it a few years ago because they said it wouldn't survive a 2nd one.
WholeWheat KittyFeet
WholeWheat KittyFeet 8 aylar önce
I hope the bart admins get sued and end up on the streets! The actual problem wasnt that bad. It was the intentional inflicting of emotional distress by being a smart ass and playing games with people who thought they might die. Thats the big crime they need to go to court over!
youtubename 8 aylar önce
Sounds like typical bart and caltrain service. So sick of this.
timothy ponder
timothy ponder 8 aylar önce
I mean that is what you supposed to do in an emergency if they tell you to
didnt realize this happened
MM Mountain
MM Mountain 8 aylar önce
id probably just die of fear
Lillian Grace
Lillian Grace 8 aylar önce
Why don’t they just say exactly what it is it’s union contract negotiation time. Those of us that have lived in the city we know what time of year this is where the union hose passengers hostage inflict pain Horrible terror until the city gives them the exact dollar amount they want free us from this
whyamiheredlb 8 aylar önce
Funny thing is for these union workers… this is the kind of stuff that drives ridership down, at least the ones who can pay. If people cannot depend on public transportation to get to work on time, then you stop using it and union workers no longer have a job. Chop your nose off to spite your face 🤷‍♀️
DHumphrey_AMP 8 aylar önce
so you're saying it was planned? smh
SpongeGlock AK47Pants
SpongeGlock AK47Pants 8 aylar önce
No wonder the youngsters and some others don't pay for Bart thru just hop the toll gate and now I know why 🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🙎🏿‍♂️
Espurrrxd 8 aylar önce
They should implant oxygen masks like in airplanes and dont they have emergency exit in the train?
Shanika White
Shanika White 8 aylar önce
Just trifling
pete5668 8 aylar önce
Don't ever fart, when riding BART.
Mayhem Jr.
Mayhem Jr. 8 aylar önce
CarlosMacMartin 8 aylar önce
michaelsmiley15 7 aylar önce
Thats not safe at all They could use the emergency door lever to try and get air Fix the problum
enroute 3 aylar önce
LoL the motor man had to get up and do a job.
West Coast Cultured
West Coast Cultured 8 aylar önce
Fk Bart can you imagine being stuck on an LA Metrotrain? Things can be much worse LOL
Jay O
Jay O 8 aylar önce
The transbay tube is 100+ feet under the water
erich84502ify 8 aylar önce
What if you are a woman or girl and a weirdo is is next to you when you when you turn your light?
Ryan Young
Ryan Young 8 aylar önce
How is this city such a MESS ?
Thomaz Florez
Thomaz Florez 8 aylar önce
Bart is the problem
JG 8 aylar önce
Was it east bound or west bound?
Jack Pop
Jack Pop 8 aylar önce
should be east bound.. 2:09
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 8 aylar önce
celebrate 50th years served
Muffin Harris
Muffin Harris 8 aylar önce
I work in union square that's my issue claustrophobic
Bach3lor_Alpha 8 aylar önce
bart Main focus are Installing Canopy 😂😂😂 Instead of putting money in maintenance and security 🤦‍♂️
Pillo Ramirez
Pillo Ramirez 8 aylar önce
Sue them
The Poetry of MandyCore
Oh, no... not the place where Oscar Grant was shot!!
NOVATRULIFE 8 aylar önce
Bart Worst service , and following after that is Muni ✅
Sigmund Groth
Sigmund Groth 8 aylar önce
Same Banana Republic service as Muni. Corruption, cronyism, inefficiency, cynicism... and Bart Police nowhere to be found, correction, at the nearest Starbucks. I will go back to driving and stop using Bart.
Glo Green
Glo Green 8 aylar önce
Imagine a bum bugging out
Samuel l danzig
Samuel l danzig 8 aylar önce
Random overpopulated world ideas
what protections for earthquakes are there in that tube!!!?? and where the hell is ELON with his tube business??? what ever happened to that?
Random overpopulated world ideas
it also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is stuck in the train and is screaming in her head.... 😆😆😆
Ali Hakimi
Ali Hakimi 8 aylar önce
This is pathetic.
SFB 415
SFB 415 7 aylar önce
Take those $3 fee on those clipper cards not worth it
propblast82nd 8 aylar önce
I’d rather swim across the bay than ride BART 😮
Dru Jackson
Dru Jackson 8 aylar önce
yeah good luck with that
Ramon Pablo Pérez
Ramon Pablo Pérez 8 aylar önce
I want my money 💲 back 😑
Freedom Woods
Freedom Woods 8 aylar önce
Average BART commute
Plussizemoni 8 aylar önce
Steven S
Steven S 5 aylar önce
Bro, imagine you need to piss
s 8 aylar önce
Lol damn
EZmemories 8 aylar önce
Oh hell nah
American Born Patriot.
Ain't taking BART ever.
Brian Willis
Brian Willis 8 aylar önce
Real Americans play a Gibson.
American Born Patriot.
@Brian Willis You goofy.
john a.
john a. 8 aylar önce
Lousy reporting. Why don't they say it like it is -the BART employees' union is corrupt, incompetent, overpaid and could care less about its passengers. A big thumbs down vote for this YT video.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott 8 aylar önce
BART was State of the Art in 1972 when it opened. in 2022 the BART system is too OLD & Delapidated. the 3rd rail TRACK and Mechanical systems are the OLDEST and BART is still running some OLDER refurbished Trains from the 1970's .
Danny Ho
Danny Ho 8 aylar önce
welcome 2 new amerika, everything is broken and busted and everyone is high with blue green hair and staring at theyre i-phones !! FUN !!
James1:2 8 aylar önce
People are angry anyway today -- unless. Praise Jesus Christ.
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover 8 aylar önce
No no no no no no no oh mama Mia mama miaaaa mama Mia figarooooooooo i just a Bart ride no body love me He just a Bart ride from a broke down family easy come easy to disfila NO
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious 8 aylar önce
1st world problems
youtubename 8 aylar önce
Literally no, many second and third world countries have better public transpo than America.
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki 8 aylar önce
Dr. marvelous
Dr. marvelous 8 aylar önce
Sounds democratic
Rain person one hundred
Luis Canela
Luis Canela 8 aylar önce
Funny, gave up on using Bart and just drove due to their horrible service. I used it today to get from the east side to SF with no issue and now getting back to the East Bay is now difficult. Bart huh 🫤, the system is 50 yrs old.