Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)

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Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ( Xavi, Pedro, David Villa*2, Jeffren)

Real Madrid were humiliated in the El Clasico on November 29, 2010 as Barcelona thrashed them 5-0 at the Nou Camp. The Spanish Prime Minister had predicted a 4-2 for Barcelona, but the Catalans did even better as they thrashed Los Blancos 5-0.

It was billed as a Messi vs Ronaldo game, and Messi clearly won this one.

Sergio Ramos also got sent off for Real Madrid.



14 Eki 2016




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Sandhya Patil
Sandhya Patil 8 saatler önce
Messi 10
Sandhya Patil
Sandhya Patil 8 saatler önce
Messi is best
Sandhya Patil
Sandhya Patil 8 saatler önce
My fev... player 10 messi
Sandhya Patil
Sandhya Patil 8 saatler önce
I love you messi
Joy Biswas
Joy Biswas 10 saatler önce
Ah! The team was fcb
Avinash Kumar Singh
Avinash Kumar Singh 13 saatler önce
11:40 best walk of all time
kbayrory 13 saatler önce
The third goal was offside though
Jerde Ashley
Jerde Ashley 13 saatler önce
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Morgan Pope
Morgan Pope 19 saatler önce
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* TRvid: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .
Hemanth Hemanya
Hemanth Hemanya 19 saatler önce
39K Dislikes from rm fans
Ashif Shifu
Ashif Shifu 22 saatler önce
Any malayaleeees undo
Narendra Kumar Sahu
Rm players always cry.....😆😆😆😆😆
Muhsin Erkinov
Muhsin Erkinov Gün önce
Barsa no1
Space Gün önce
Foxclem_ Gün önce
Lakshya fix
Lakshya fix Gün önce
Puyol pique go to fight with Ramos 😂😂😂
Lakshya fix
Lakshya fix Gün önce
This day is not for real madrid
Gagan Bajwa
Gagan Bajwa Gün önce
They should play like a sport. If you are loosing today you gonna win someday. Oh wait you can't win it's MESSI😂😂😂😂
Aayush Karki
Aayush Karki Gün önce
Who here from that tiktok 😂
DEEPAK 2 gün önce
Hey what 0.5 what muraad doing there 😢
Pancracio 2 gün önce
Games and videos
Games and videos 2 gün önce
Messi vs Ronaldo who's the best
이때가진짜 꿀잼이였는데ㅎㅎ
Дмитрий Корнев
when even the referee doesn't help. when power and rudeness don't help. when a brilliant team gets a lesson from the GODS of THE GAME --- когда не помогает даже арбитр. когда не помогает мощь и грубость. тогда, когда блестящая команда получает урок от БОГОВ ИГРЫ
LE DARK FF 2 gün önce
Namde coachine okke thott kalicha adich anakil vanam thiriki kettum makle😈⚡🤣 Barca lou❤️😘
Plug in
Plug in 2 gün önce
finally 2021 history never lies.
Chunthanlung Pamei
Chunthanlung Pamei 2 gün önce
One of the most viewed among football content on TRvid i have seen
Arjun Baniya
Arjun Baniya 2 gün önce
The plyers in real madrid have shown uncivilixed sports
COVID-19 Ultra Pro Max
No more UFC, only Barca Vs RM.
tom nutreal
tom nutreal 2 gün önce
i dunno how to forget this one lol
Jay Rebel
Jay Rebel 2 gün önce
They almost killed messi 😞
Palak Kumari
Palak Kumari 3 gün önce
Messi is the best player in footboll
Pandiyan Shankar
Pandiyan Shankar 3 gün önce
Behind all the beautiful goal....the man is Messi
Mohammed Raees
Mohammed Raees 3 gün önce
Am a real Madrid fan...but the way RMA approached FCB is very bad.....kicking&punching is not the way,,,if u have that much anger,defeat them with leg,not hand
ElMayerx1011 3 gün önce
Lakshya Kaushik
Lakshya Kaushik 3 gün önce
11:38 chanting Messi Messi Messi....
Hercules 3 gün önce
Don't forget about 8-2 how horrible it was but still respect to Barcelona it's a good team
Raj Uniyal
Raj Uniyal 3 gün önce
Ronaldo is a diver... he dives at the slightest of touch ... Messy keep going on even if some1 is pullong him.... thats the biggest difference between them....
Ayan Chaki
Ayan Chaki 3 gün önce
And then comes the copa del rey final
Gerson Lima
Gerson Lima 3 gün önce
ronaldo always been a little bitch 😂😂 no respect for him
Steppenwolf We
Steppenwolf We 3 gün önce
5:10 Messi's reaction :stoic and cool
Nerz The Pineapple
Nerz The Pineapple 3 gün önce
I miss villa
Soumaïla Coulibaly
Soumaïla Coulibaly 4 gün önce
Sazzad Hossain
Sazzad Hossain 4 gün önce
Messi always legend 🙌
Kamran Ansari
Kamran Ansari 4 gün önce
King always king 👑 LM10 😈😈leo messiiii ❤️🔥
Mayur 4 gün önce
And to get this in a recommendation the day Ramos leaves Real Madrid ! Thank you TRvid 😂
simrandeep singh
simrandeep singh 4 gün önce
7:27 Football game over Embarrassment game starts
Vee Vaan
Vee Vaan 4 gün önce
I'm watching more than 10 times dis video ❤😆😆
NIMO Ali Ibrahim
NIMO Ali Ibrahim 4 gün önce
Anyone after romes left real madrid
Muhammad Hamsah
Muhammad Hamsah 4 gün önce
Top Messi
Muhammad Hamsah
Muhammad Hamsah 4 gün önce
Top Barca
Muhammad Hamsah
Muhammad Hamsah 4 gün önce
Hadi p. p Ase
Hadi p. p Ase 4 gün önce
alone boy
alone boy 5 gün önce
Arka Narayan
Arka Narayan 5 gün önce
el classico hits different without ramos.
Born 2 Defeat B2D
Born 2 Defeat B2D 5 gün önce
Is 1 hand of Ramos is enough?
Grayel _
Grayel _ 5 gün önce
all talking about Messi, but nobody about this amazing Xavi's goal 1:20? That was incredible to see... miss this Barcelona!
Dev 5 gün önce
why did messi get booked? man got elbowed lol
Gun Thích Game
Gun Thích Game 5 gün önce
Real noob chơi bẩn thua là phải kakaka
Sree_thu_l IP
Sree_thu_l IP 5 gün önce
Lio messsi,
Kibar Pratama
Kibar Pratama 6 gün önce
Elclasico yang sesungguhnya
yadav_gaming 6 gün önce
Legends watching in 2021
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
Back when Barca was at the top of football with no sign of potential bankruptcy and mismanagement
Vanessinha 05
Vanessinha 05 7 gün önce
O time mais perfeito da história
Mario Grez
Mario Grez 8 gün önce
Ronaldo is literally crying 🤣🤣🤣
Behemoth 8 gün önce
Proud to say I watched this match live x))
Ahmad Hamdani
Ahmad Hamdani 8 gün önce
Kalau kalah ya kalah aja 😂😂😂
😏 looks like someone's angry 🤣
Shahriar Mahi
Shahriar Mahi 8 gün önce
Messi love from Bangladesh
mukti .w
mukti .w 8 gün önce
Real Madrid fans will definitely dislike
Eka Wirayoga
Eka Wirayoga 9 gün önce
Back then when classico was bigger than any competitions, in my country we watched the match together on big screen in Kfc.
Alessandro Usai
Alessandro Usai 4 gün önce
يحيى مشعل
يحيى مشعل 9 gün önce
تحكيم خرا
Sunve - Official
Sunve - Official 9 gün önce
all goals assist by messi king 👑
Liga Bao
Liga Bao 9 gün önce
Merci de votre bal
Desa Tonggolobibi
Desa Tonggolobibi 9 gün önce
Gwendolyn Burke
Gwendolyn Burke 9 gün önce
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE DATEUS.UNO TRvid: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .
Lan Nguyễn van
Lan Nguyễn van 9 gün önce
Nhìn những bản mặc chơi xấu thua cho đáng thua chơi xấu z dơ lm
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 10 gün önce
This is a highlited clip!
Prashant Temalay
Prashant Temalay 10 gün önce
Barcelona was like this so sad I'm Madrid fan but I miss this barca
Md Asif Imam
Md Asif Imam 10 gün önce
Xavi,Ineasta gone Barcelona gone
Rajat Choudhary
Rajat Choudhary 10 gün önce
Look like a war zone
Matias Di Fiori
Matias Di Fiori 11 gün önce
Peñarol 5 , Nacional 0 (de montevideo por el que no lo conoce)
eduardo gevara
eduardo gevara 11 gün önce
11:50 La gente gritando MESSI...MESSI...MESSI y Mourinho pergeñando los partidos que siguen contra el Barcelona. QUEBRAR O MATAR A MESSI en el primer minuto de partido si fuera posible. Desde este partido, le pagaron codazos (Marcelo, le partio la nariz en una, en otra los labios, en otra le piso la ingle), patadones de RAMOS en infinidad de veces. Mourinho dirigiendo Chelsea, mando al 3 Horno a quebrar a MESSI j(ver en trvid.com/video/video-kA-mkpczUXU.html, minuto 2:15 del video, minuto 35:00 del partido). Mourinho como persona HORRIBLE. En vez de enseñarles a jugar, enseñaba a patear, de alli NACE RAMOS, PEPE, MARCELO y otros... que pasa entonces?. SIMPRE VEN LA ROJA, y asi, esos años BARCELONA GANO TODO. Pobre MOURINHO nunca pudo superar A MESSI.
Ukiylan Jurina
Ukiylan Jurina 11 gün önce
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Hossain Ali
Hossain Ali 11 gün önce
Steve Arias
Steve Arias 11 gün önce
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Steve Arias
Steve Arias 11 gün önce
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millad murwat
millad murwat 11 gün önce
Big fan of Barca from afg❤️🇦🇫
Joel 12 gün önce
This era of barcelona was elite!! David Villa is underrated.. he was very effective at what he did.. not a flashy player , but very effwctive
Henry Jeremy Bajaña Ronquillo
like si hablas español
Pramod XDR
Pramod XDR 12 gün önce
रियल मैड्रिड वाले WWE रेसलिंग खेल रहे थे 😂😂😂
ByGone Football
ByGone Football 13 gün önce
Abdullah Scarlett
Abdullah Scarlett 13 gün önce
We need back pep!!
Hope & Love
Hope & Love 13 gün önce
Talk about confidence, when you are confident you make the impossible things possible
Amar Marandi
Amar Marandi 13 gün önce
Nelly Garcia
Nelly Garcia 13 gün önce
Do I miss Villa and Messi or what!! Omg! I love watching this!
Anvar 13 gün önce
Frustrated penaldo😂😂😂
Anvar 13 gün önce
Adrian Munteanu
Adrian Munteanu 13 gün önce
Barca nr.1 love and respect Romania 🇷🇴
If you challenge Messi, you will regret it
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