Baking My Palette into a Cake

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to live my childhood fantasy by baking a real-life FULLY EDIBLE CAKE version of the James Charles x Morphe palette!!! Happy Birthday Jack! Enjoy and don't forget get to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
Thanks to my friends Drew and Gabriel for helping me out:
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




22 Jan 2019

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Melly MSP
Melly MSP 54 dakika önce
James do a egg makeover
Θοδωρής Μυλωνίδης
can i get a heart plzzz i bought 19 of your palletes cause is the best gift ever slay sis ❤️
Konrad Olejarz
Konrad Olejarz 54 dakika önce
Mar A
Mar A 55 dakika önce
4:14 i didn’t expect that chief
Oreonutterbutter Squad
Oreonutterbutter Squad 55 dakika önce
Drew “I LOvE tHiS PROcESS oF tHIs”! 😂
Nadia Alva
Nadia Alva 55 dakika önce
I think you would be a good vlogger😏 but idk if you have time for that cause you're always so busy😏
Dawn Holman
Dawn Holman 55 dakika önce
Do Minnie (or) Mickey Mouse! For makeup ofc...
Shayesta Barati
Shayesta Barati 55 dakika önce
You should do the mixed up makeup challenge that would be amazing!! Btw I love james😭😭💖💖💖💕💕💕😍😍😍😍💍💍❤️❤️❤️💖💖💕👑👑👑👑
morgannn graceee
morgannn graceee 55 dakika önce
can you do a bunch of natural makeup looks with your palette? i would LOVE it!!!
Georgia Humphrey
Georgia Humphrey 55 dakika önce
Just kidding
daani banani
daani banani 55 dakika önce
damn when can we get that hoodie in the story I LOVE IT ❤️😱
Rielle Contour
Rielle Contour 55 dakika önce
Congrats for number one on trending
Karely Contreras
Karely Contreras 55 dakika önce
You go girl you sing
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez 55 dakika önce
you’re singing is sooo gooodd
Tamara Hollegger
Tamara Hollegger 55 dakika önce
am i the only one who thinks it’s sad that they kinda ignore gabe all the time?
mikeysslice 55 dakika önce
When you clapped it went to an ad
sienna meadows
sienna meadows 55 dakika önce
Well now I’m sister sad
Katerina X
Katerina X 55 dakika önce
Content suggestion-- start a series working with people with various skin tones and types and 'problems' as guests; help people who have trouble shade matching themselves, or who have skin problems like rosacea, flaky skin, combo skin, acne, hyper/hypo-pigmentation, scars, aging skin; work with people with different eye shapes and sizes; with different face shapes; people who have trouble with foundation; do foundation-free looks with people with sensitive skin who have to be careful of what they put on their faces; work with humans; play with makeup with other people; *embrace* the individuality of the human condition. Share your craft. Not just with other creators, but with everyone.
Joy Rebresh
Joy Rebresh 55 dakika önce
Why did the cake boss guy get arrested? How have I not heard about this?
The Lacy  Family
The Lacy Family 55 dakika önce
was anybody else hoping he would do an cake asmr video at the end...
Maya Hamilton
Maya Hamilton 55 dakika önce
The egg 🥚 got bars for Real now😂😂 Sister James watch out 😂😂
sassy sisters
sassy sisters 55 dakika önce
content idea- do a collab with JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!
katiesuwus 55 dakika önce
*break it down bitch* the best part of the video
Nickel Penn
Nickel Penn 55 dakika önce
Omg collab with Rosanna Pansino!
Briana Walker
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You should do a makeup tutorial ASMR with your palette
Savannah Ward
Savannah Ward 55 dakika önce
I love you James! but take a break.. you work so hard and long to get where you are. I know for a fact that your followers and subscribers won't get mad if you don't post for a week. its your decision. Stop being selfless and be selfish, please for once in your life take care of your self then being on time for updates or videos. ITS not Healthy!
Catriona Jack
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James Charles collab with how to cake it
Coco and Bax
Coco and Bax 55 dakika önce
Do a nail video with christen @simplynaillogical
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Afreen K
Afreen K 55 dakika önce
Do something with David Dobrik!!!! And the Vlog Squad!!
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Go to Disney and have the Characters pick your makeup!!
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube 55 dakika önce
Girl you are lifted
Asiya Fleischmann
Asiya Fleischmann 55 dakika önce
How he left his friends do the hard work for him had me dead 😂😂💔
Queen S
Queen S 55 dakika önce
Tasty who ?
Abby Mount
Abby Mount 55 dakika önce
Rosanna pansino? Collab? I think so
Hollie Jane
Hollie Jane 55 dakika önce
Conspiracy makeup with Shane Dawson. dunno how that would work but it would.
Leah Guthrie
Leah Guthrie 55 dakika önce
try bhad bhabies makeup line
Hanna Martin
Hanna Martin 55 dakika önce
A video idea is 48 hours without saying, good, fresh and...sisters.
Olivia Ruiz
Olivia Ruiz 55 dakika önce
I think you deserve a break sister James
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 55 dakika önce
OMG Loved The Video!! It was such a good idea! you should do more challenges bs I love them so much. I also really want to see you collar with LaurDiy! I've wanted to see it for so long. Love You!!
JustJuliaDiamond 55 dakika önce
Funfetti. If there was ever a Jeffree Star collab video, it should have been this one.
Cait Smith
Cait Smith 55 dakika önce
James try doing FX makeup like Mykie!! xxxxxxx
Georgia Humphrey
Georgia Humphrey 55 dakika önce
Love u James and who’s been laying u
jxck. bryxnt
jxck. bryxnt 55 dakika önce
You should do a biggest fears/phobias makeup look 💘
Abby Smithson
Abby Smithson 55 dakika önce
Devina lopez
Devina lopez 55 dakika önce
4:13 oh shiiittt 😂😂😂❤️
Hambre92 55 dakika önce
Captions on. 1:42 😂
Mini Vazquez
Mini Vazquez 55 dakika önce
The wig reminded me of the girl from lazytown
Frost Oh yeah yeah
Frost Oh yeah yeah 56 dakika önce
Oh yeah yeah
Laisha Gonzalez
Laisha Gonzalez 56 dakika önce
Prank someone
Aleks T
Aleks T 56 dakika önce
It would be fun to see you do a full body painting!
Hanna Kronfeld
Hanna Kronfeld 56 dakika önce
Try to do the most naturalist makeup look you can do-content idea
Eva Smith
Eva Smith 56 dakika önce
"Never got to be a cake decorater" *plays sad music* Becomes a household name and millionaire instead 😂😂
Random Videos
Random Videos 56 dakika önce
I accidentally deleted my comment that had 173 like 😭😭 James you should do a no thumbs full face plz like if you agree
Brynne Vlogs
Brynne Vlogs 56 dakika önce
My poor brother has even doing TRvid for 2 years and he has 8 subs 😂😂 I feel so bad for him
joli marie
joli marie 56 dakika önce
for a sister squad collab you could do something where They choose your makeup out of a hat or spin a wheel or something
amazing you
amazing you 56 dakika önce
bella skye
bella skye 56 dakika önce
vlog a day in your life
carlos candelaria
carlos candelaria 56 dakika önce
React to your youngest fann pllease oh and a little sister twist it has to be on tiktok
Arianna Stroppa
Arianna Stroppa 56 dakika önce
fav youtube vid! hands down!! love youuu❤️💓💞💞💕💋
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 56 dakika önce
Honestly though, how is he sooooo good at sooooo many things ?!?!? 😆😆😆😆😆
Cynical_ Acorn
Cynical_ Acorn 56 dakika önce
omg James needs to make covers big changing the lyrics to do with cakes
heyyy321 123
heyyy321 123 56 dakika önce
Good Job Sister James on making it to #1 on the trending List
The Chablo
The Chablo 56 dakika önce
One cannot bake without tasting the batter first. Oh yeah yeah!
Ainsley Recker
Ainsley Recker 56 dakika önce
You should collab with Rosanna Pansino
Kierston Jones
Kierston Jones 56 dakika önce
Love it
robert flores
robert flores 56 dakika önce
How about help bring a broken womans spirit up with a makeover or of the sort
Chill_LAX 56 dakika önce
More sister squad videos plzzz btw love ya sister ❤️❤️
Emma Decker
Emma Decker 56 dakika önce
Hi omg I love your make up ur r soo cool pls notice me
Rave Classics
Rave Classics 56 dakika önce
If you see this comment listen to Xavier White - Distance 💕💕💕
TheTallGirlWTattoos 56 dakika önce
Tea 56 dakika önce
Buying makeup blind folded and love your content
Łöwkëy_ marley
Łöwkëy_ marley 56 dakika önce
We need another sister squad video
kaitlyn sainz
kaitlyn sainz 56 dakika önce
try making a cake of a face full of makeup
Dolly Domer
Dolly Domer 56 dakika önce
james finna snap soon
АЛУА Накен
АЛУА Накен 56 dakika önce
Alina Bebelina
Alina Bebelina 57 dakika önce
James is good at make-up,is good at drawing,good at singing, is beautiful, has awesome friends, is smart, is famous, has a big house, and good at baking uwu
Carly Honerlaw
Carly Honerlaw 57 dakika önce
Another haunted house video with the sister squad😇😇😇😇
Peter Clark
Peter Clark 57 dakika önce
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah SISTER
LOWKEY NATION 57 dakika önce
All who was hating on James, guess what he’s trending with 4.5 mil views. Hope y’all still laughing wen he had 27 view and 14k likes. Teamjames ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘🥰🥰
Lebed Girl
Lebed Girl 57 dakika önce
hi James, I think you should do a baking show with other youtubers like each week do a different item
Anna Winters
Anna Winters 57 dakika önce
when you taught the sister squad makeup, what about like your friendship group you did a video with a few weeks ago or even a q&a- can’t go wrong with one of those xx
#animalsforeversquad Warren
How are you so good at everything!!! Your amazing love ur channel!! 💖💖
Rosie Kemp
Rosie Kemp 57 dakika önce
HAHA 😂 Love 💗 the captions!!! 🤪🤪
Kemi Mosongo
Kemi Mosongo 57 dakika önce
James got more subs than Jeff... hehe
Anaya Tellado
Anaya Tellado 57 dakika önce
#1 on trending !!!! Congrats
Angel Deluca
Angel Deluca 57 dakika önce
Hey James so I am not sure but I am asking did you do a I phone x give away because it said I won and I want to make sure it was real
StickyIcePop 57 dakika önce
1st on trending wow =-O😝
Kenzie Mccostlin
Kenzie Mccostlin 57 dakika önce
is the next video going to be something other about your palette?
billie’s corner
billie’s corner 57 dakika önce
aw what happened to the first captions?
Alaysia Brown-smith
Alaysia Brown-smith 57 dakika önce
Braedan Fredericks
Braedan Fredericks 57 dakika önce
I love you soooooo much ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Stacey Gashi
Stacey Gashi 57 dakika önce
One day after posting and already #1 on trending. You are doing sooooo well sister James. Love you.
Oh sí sí
Oh sí sí 57 dakika önce
Oh yass yass
NotAMaster 57 dakika önce
Woman or man I’m too confused
Autumn Swan
Autumn Swan 57 dakika önce
Have fans or other TRvidrs mail you a box of makeup and a outfit for the day this would be a cool video and or series
Nyan-plays Roblox
Nyan-plays Roblox 57 dakika önce
👌🏾hi sisters
- N e v e r L a st i n g -
sister shook
Nobody 57 dakika önce
I feel like we got a lot of random singing in this video. No complaints tho
Zainab Abidi
Zainab Abidi 57 dakika önce
What actually told me was when James was like “yuck” to kissing a girl
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