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Charlie Bwr
Charlie Bwr 7 saatler önce
Nice work but its a little sloppy Paige ;) Jk i love it and you
Jessie The Panda
Jessie The Panda 22 gün önce
ruthvika shivali
ruthvika shivali Aylar önce
One of those few videos where josh doesn't quote "DAVID DOBRIK" in the title
Frank Vincent Tolores Gesmundo
10:20 illuminati cake
Arianna Gabrielle
Arianna Gabrielle Aylar önce
josh's nicknames to everyone/ everything is so CUTE
Molly Jensen
Molly Jensen Aylar önce
Fricking goals omfg
Maryammx Aylar önce
I love that Paige and David have a cute little relationship, he's already like their child 😂
Christina Auer
Christina Auer 2 aylar önce
LOVE this video! Super entertaining. /did anyone else notice that this video is 12 minutes and 34 seconds long? As in, 12:34. As in, 1,2,3,4. 1234!
Christina Auer
Christina Auer 2 aylar önce
Yea...me neither. lol
Robyn Daniels
Robyn Daniels 2 aylar önce
David straight in 😂😂 saw that cake and pretty much transported to Infront of it 😂
Robyn Daniels
Robyn Daniels 2 aylar önce
As a Slytherin I feel personally attacked 😂😉
Guadalupe cruz
Guadalupe cruz 2 aylar önce
Currently 4 months pregnant and I need a bite of the cake
gia bleh
gia bleh 2 aylar önce
Im a Gryffindor
Philomina Palathingal
Philomina Palathingal 3 aylar önce
Didn't josh bake the cake? He should be getting the credit for the taste of the cake. Paige did a great job decorating the cake, she should be getting credit for how pretty it looks. But Josh being that supportive hubby let her have the spotlight.
sooshaw1 3 aylar önce
She's kind of a bitch to him
Azizah S. Amri
Azizah S. Amri 3 aylar önce
liza koshy and david dobrik who? we stan this married couple forever
Valerie Glenn
Valerie Glenn 4 aylar önce
I loved being pregnant with my daughter Bella ❤️ it is an amazing feeling
fernanda lepe
fernanda lepe 4 aylar önce
Josh you are hubby goals tho. Love u guys.
GIRISH K 4 aylar önce
He hypes his wife soo fucking much always praising her always acknowledging sometimes feels like he does a little too over bt he genuinely hypes her so much and that very rare men do I hope Paige doesn't cheat on him or hurt him
Emily Holzgang
Emily Holzgang 4 aylar önce
Can’t stand my fiancé chewing either
max plays
max plays 4 aylar önce
i was writing down all the beast from newts book while watching this
E 4 aylar önce
We never found out what house Cameron thought the baby would be put in, yet alone what the parents houses are.
Emily Glaze
Emily Glaze 4 aylar önce
I love how Josh is just like I'm over here and my beautiful wife and she's just like "I'm so done with you rn..."
Elisabeth Bloom
Elisabeth Bloom 4 aylar önce
Damn his wife is being kinda... bitchy? I get it, she’s pregnant but.... come on it’s just rude. Colleen was never rude in her videos and she made them every day!!!
Amy Frazier
Amy Frazier 4 aylar önce
I love josh’s video intro
Annie Stauff
Annie Stauff 4 aylar önce
Baby names Girl: Annie Boy: Christopher
Samantha Louise
Samantha Louise 4 aylar önce
Girl: Lydia Boy: Sam
Love Heart
Love Heart 4 aylar önce
Isosceles triangle
Elizabeth RBLX
Elizabeth RBLX 4 aylar önce
Adrianna SM
Adrianna SM 5 aylar önce
Did no one else notice the hole in the armpit of Cameron’s shirt?
Tora Blåberg
Tora Blåberg 5 aylar önce
Umm the cake was a little soggy
maira roche
maira roche 5 aylar önce
Julian as a name David’s middle name 😎
Saige Bergstrom
Saige Bergstrom 5 aylar önce
Josh should do a video with Jenna marbles
Emily louise
Emily louise 5 aylar önce
Boy: Nate Girl- Amelia
Eames Fasis
Eames Fasis 5 aylar önce
Girl: Josh Boy: Paige
loadedangel8 5 aylar önce
Lizbeth Carrillo
Lizbeth Carrillo 5 aylar önce
Anyone else notice how David was the first to approach the cake 😂
Brook-Lynn Gleason
Brook-Lynn Gleason 5 aylar önce
For a boy I really like the name Drayton and for a girl I like Emma
Analysia Baeza
Analysia Baeza 5 aylar önce
Love Harry Potter. PS love your videos Josh .
Panda_Hype 452
Panda_Hype 452 5 aylar önce
Ok if it’s a boy then how about the name Gage
Danielle Bryan
Danielle Bryan 5 aylar önce
This really is goals 😍 ugh every pregnant woman needs a Josh Peck
Starr Carter
Starr Carter 5 aylar önce
Every time I see the intro i can hear him say it 😂💀
Angela Haneline
Angela Haneline 5 aylar önce
You should name the baby grayson
Happy Brooke
Happy Brooke 5 aylar önce
I love my parents 😭😍
Chaz Shipley
Chaz Shipley 5 aylar önce
Boy : Chaz
Payton Anderson
Payton Anderson 5 aylar önce
I'm a gryffindor 🦁
Payton Anderson
Payton Anderson 5 aylar önce
Omg name it Payton! 😂
queen jay
queen jay 5 aylar önce
I like how he is eating everything he sees in the video😂😂
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 5 aylar önce
Dog Hurley
Dog Hurley 5 aylar önce
All of the bad guys are from slytherin but not all slytherins are bad guys
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles 5 aylar önce
Josh is so sweet intelligent & hilarious !!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lauren Koen
Lauren Koen 5 aylar önce
I fall asleep to harry potter every night as well. I have my favorite part of each book and I always start there.
Rock Strongo
Rock Strongo 5 aylar önce
victoria poisant
victoria poisant 5 aylar önce
First off great video 👍🏻 but where did Paige get her sweater ?! 😍
MortonBeastHade 5 aylar önce
At 10:25 just look at Josh’s face 🤣
amanda bridges
amanda bridges 5 aylar önce
Girl names: Penelope Peck Eve Peck Blake Peck Gabriella Peck Boy Names: Brandon Peck Steven Peck Tyler Peck Hamilton Peck
Nuha Adams 14
Nuha Adams 14 5 aylar önce
I love Paige😂❤️❤️❤️
Gia Paul
Gia Paul 5 aylar önce
name it taylor
Salma Maher
Salma Maher 5 aylar önce
Drake David Dobrik Koshy Peck im screaminggg
Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves 5 aylar önce
Zak New
Zak New 5 aylar önce
7 is not the best book
Mahaila Joe
Mahaila Joe 5 aylar önce
Omg... how much josh shows his love for his wife is iconic
Sarah Rose Wilkinson
Sarah Rose Wilkinson 5 aylar önce
"I'm just going to move this over so I don't inadvertently ruin everything." Meeee
Hannah Valdez
Hannah Valdez 5 aylar önce
name the baby Meghan
Sam K
Sam K 5 aylar önce
This is so wholesome
Daniela Nevarez
Daniela Nevarez 5 aylar önce
he loves her so much it MELTS me
Kaylea Stenz
Kaylea Stenz 5 aylar önce
Cameron is an off bran Garrett watts ... no offence
Pineapples Delight
Pineapples Delight 5 aylar önce
So, just saying but Harry Potter actually turned 21 this year so the book series can now legally drink
Dominic Tammaro
Dominic Tammaro 5 aylar önce
My fav movie u were in was red dawn
Kylan 5 aylar önce
Some, but most say Prisoner of Azkaban is the best, including me!
Frederike Pamperin
Frederike Pamperin 5 aylar önce
i want a boyfriend who listens to harry potter every night!
Virginia Howard
Virginia Howard 5 aylar önce
New TRvid would love if you checked me out!! trvid.com/video/video-6HXGcBwQ-tU.html
joe movies
joe movies 5 aylar önce
Yo good shit maybe good shit page foreal
Planet Boy
Planet Boy 5 aylar önce
Joshes laugh after he said 2003 is the reason why angles should be intimidated 4:18
sarah zorn
sarah zorn 5 aylar önce
Josh just sitting there eating cake while she frosts
missy Martinez
missy Martinez 5 aylar önce
I like river or Daniel or Randal
mona sameh
mona sameh 5 aylar önce
Slytherin is not evil!!!
Cecilia Williams
Cecilia Williams 5 aylar önce
Cecilia Williams
Cecilia Williams 5 aylar önce
Carter for a girl is my dream name Im just sayin
Farrah Farmer
Farrah Farmer 5 aylar önce
Lol anyone else think it was going to be Garrett Watts?
Alexa Serafino
Alexa Serafino 5 aylar önce
baby names Girl: Avery Boy: Dominic
Ashley Belot
Ashley Belot 5 aylar önce
Ok is 6:08 a reference to "this is how i fight my battles!" ????
Natalie Lopez
Natalie Lopez 5 aylar önce
I LOVE JONAHS FAMILY! And when you all are over at his moms house 😍. JOSH, JASON, DAVID DO MORE VIDEOS WITH JONAH AND HIS FAMILY PLEASE!!! I will watch every single omg of them! ❤️😂
Cathrine d
Cathrine d 5 aylar önce
Love it
Ashley Luna
Ashley Luna 5 aylar önce
Anybody else feel attacked as a Slytherin. Like they're were bad people from Gryffindor *Cough cough, the person and the reason lily and James potter are dead* Peter Pettigrew ya'know
Dixie White
Dixie White 5 aylar önce
As a Slytherin I'm highly offended
KingEbs 5 aylar önce
bridgit mendler who?
Zoey Monroe
Zoey Monroe 5 aylar önce
Slytherins are judged so quickly. While Voldemort and most of his followers were in Slytherin, not all of them were from Slytherin!!! Peter Pettigrew was in Gryffindor and Quirrell was in Ravenclaw. In addition there were many Slytherins that were on Harry's side. Horace Slughorn was in Slytherin, Regulus Black was in Slytherin, Merlin was in slytherin, and many more. Idk why Slytherins are always hated on.
Lindsay Y
Lindsay Y 5 aylar önce
So much slytherin hate lol. Btw Peter pettigrew was gryffindor and quarrel was ravenclaw. Just to name a couple bad guys
k d
k d 5 aylar önce
I always wonder if Jonahs house smells? like you know how houses have a smell..
miranda a
miranda a 5 aylar önce
um not to be a smart ass or anything but peter pettigrew was a wholeass traitor and he was in gryffindor so u wrong cameron
Kimberly Guzman
Kimberly Guzman 5 aylar önce
Just Me Pauline B
Just Me Pauline B 5 aylar önce
The queen we all need
John Cordova
John Cordova 5 aylar önce
Proof some people should never be allowed to breed.
Anushka Siva
Anushka Siva 5 aylar önce
paige being done with josh's shit is a whole mood but i also felt kinda sorry for him
Kayla Church
Kayla Church 5 aylar önce
get you a hype man like josh
totesm8 5 aylar önce
There are wizards o it side of slytherin who went bad!! Peter Petigrew to name one!
Sydney Sewell
Sydney Sewell 5 aylar önce
name it david and you can get money
Hannah Card
Hannah Card 5 aylar önce
girl: cassava boy: jasper
Hunta_ 09
Hunta_ 09 5 aylar önce
I thought that was Morgan Adams in the thumbnail
Keila Cardona
Keila Cardona 5 aylar önce
I love how David was the first one up to eat the cake lol adorable. Tubby custard, tubby tubby custard ❤
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