Baking a Cake with TEA (no nail polish)

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The real tea is that I now have a discount code for TEA! Use my affiliate code SIMPLY at bit.ly/ShopDavidsTea for 20% off🍵🍵🍵 Thank you David for such a great birthday present, and thank you guys for supporting me and my tea habit by using my code so I can buy more tea 🤡
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19 Oct 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Liisa Lepmets
Liisa Lepmets Saatler önce
I’m so glad you got over Starbucks. David’s tea is way better!!!
IMTSUKI 4 saatler önce
When I wanna try also davidstea but you live in somewhere in asia :( canada and usa only huhu.
Riley Adler
Riley Adler 5 saatler önce
At 4:55 Simply is acting like a child when after their parents get mad at them they go into the next room and get mad
Kitten420 5 saatler önce
I'm painting my toenails while watching this 😂
Albee Nettles
Albee Nettles 5 saatler önce
Me sick in bed drinking tea binging simply
Marieky Van Kerckhove
Marieky Van Kerckhove 9 saatler önce
When you're a 70-year old and embarrass your grandchildren with the mooovezzz, but don't care cuz you wanna live your life 4:25
Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird 12 saatler önce
Who thinks that BEEEYYYYYNNNNN should open a cake shop?!
T14 123
T14 123 14 saatler önce
Happy birthday Cristine xx
moni23me 17 saatler önce
Omg the cake does look soooo good!
Karen C.
Karen C. 18 saatler önce
this was so wholesome and sweeet
Rushna Begum Lucky
Now we know when her birthday is btw happy birthday to you Cristine
pakki Gün önce
Cristine: tries to touch the cakes like a cat Ben: *vacuum says bad kitty*
Melissa Moonfire
Melissa Moonfire Gün önce
My 6 year old daughter & I have been watching you and Ben with your fur babies for two years now. My daughter loves you & wanted to say Happy birthday girl hope you had a great one and STILL are! Much love always your way with big warm hugs
Peter’s Channel
Can you burn a liquid?
Peter’s Channel
Can you burn a liquid?
CloudChaser 250
CloudChaser 250 Gün önce
Ok I know I’m late I’m sorry...☹️ But for Beyyynnnns Birthday you should make him a banana cake 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Kitten Vlogger
Kitten Vlogger Gün önce
I love baking
Paige Gün önce
Has anyone noticed that her intro is a shameless self promo. At the bottom it has the link to her nail polish.
Naomi Payan
Naomi Payan Gün önce
ben is bald
Jomara Ramos
Jomara Ramos Gün önce
When he said “hey, how are ya ?” 💀 I diedd
Clemency Wilson
Clemency Wilson Gün önce
Soraya Hassani
Soraya Hassani Gün önce
🎤🎶Bonne fete a toi , bonne fete a toi , bonne fete a Christine , bonne fete a toi . Quel âge as-tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? En es-tu un , es-tu duex , es-tu tois🎤🎶 ..... happy birthday from Me in Hamilton . I love you so much your the funniest and most creative TRvidr ever in my opinion have a wonder ful birth day 💞💞😂
Soraya Hassani
Soraya Hassani Gün önce
CRISTINE ** sorry
Dannaleigh Walsh
Dannaleigh Walsh Gün önce
What is a bag of milk?🧐🧐
jess Kitteh
jess Kitteh Gün önce
You use Fahrenheit in Canada?
so won
so won Gün önce
does anyone goes : what am I watching here they're silly ... then hits the like button an continue to watch ?! or is it just me?!
Brier Ray
Brier Ray Gün önce
When she starts singing ice ice baby Me:you are a disgrace to Freddie!😡
Isha Pawar
Isha Pawar Gün önce
Dang that Jeffree star reference from Ben tho
Janina Nowatzky
Janina Nowatzky Gün önce
Ben is the best humanbeeing ever!!
RedShoes29 Gün önce
Christine is my spirit animal especially with regards to the whole not leaving the house and seeing people thing
Molly Harrison
Molly Harrison 2 gün önce
I figured this would be a good enough place to ask this question: I just bought my first tea to try it out (a cinnamon apple spice tea) and noticed it makes me mouth and lips tingle for like 30 seconds after I take sips. The bigger the sip, the harsher the tingle, and it’s not exactly pleasant. Never experienced this with apples or cinnamon before. Any advice?
Molly Harrison
Molly Harrison 5 saatler önce
hoshihoshihoshi aiaiai it’s not just spicy, I eat spicy foods. It feels different
hoshihoshihoshi aiaiai
hoshihoshihoshi aiaiai 6 saatler önce
Probably the spice? I mean... It's spice lol
ElizabethCagle4 2 gün önce
From the very start of the video, I've loved how their outfits are almost matching.
Antoni Kruft
Antoni Kruft 2 gün önce
Me in every occasion
Kiona Varela
Kiona Varela 2 gün önce
Cristine needs to be wearing her leisure suit
Yogi Han
Yogi Han 2 gün önce
Your code still works. ;). But it doesn’t show it on the receipt? Weird.
CaSandra WM
CaSandra WM 2 gün önce
I want this to be my boyfriend and me when I am older
• iiPxnda_Gurlii •
why is nobody talking about ben falling over ;-;
Izzy T.V.
Izzy T.V. 2 gün önce
I was watching this and my mom comes in and says "do you want tea". It was so weird.
Hoof Paw
Hoof Paw 2 gün önce
Christine being Christine Later... Ben: “It’s not like a bag of milk.” Me: “Wait wut.”
RaeRae Is A Cat
RaeRae Is A Cat 2 gün önce
i wanna move to canada when i’m older
Gracie Bear
Gracie Bear 2 gün önce
Hello everyone this her cristine again! Thy should get married
Cookiez Mouster
Cookiez Mouster 2 gün önce
Christine: Nice racks Ben: ...
Kate Lesniewski
Kate Lesniewski 2 gün önce
hehe my birthday is on October 19th
LittleRed RiotHood
LittleRed RiotHood 2 gün önce
whatabouthedroidattackonthewookies ?
Ben knows he's so fucked and he's not entirely sure if he's mad bout it
Radical Dame
Radical Dame 2 gün önce
Not a classic tea cake, but looks good.
Gacha Croissant
Gacha Croissant 2 gün önce
Why does Ben dance like Phil? I mean when he is making the icing
Sarah Ascoli
Sarah Ascoli 2 gün önce
Ben about Cristine on her birthday “she doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything” Jenna a ~ 33 yEaR oLd LaDy~ about her birthday “I don’t want to go anywhere I don’t want to see anyone I want to do nothing” Cristine is becoming Jenna and this is the internet I signed up for! 😍
hacked gaming
hacked gaming 2 gün önce
Me and my sister made a lavender tea cake with a honey simple syrup it was really good
• A r i e l •
• A r i e l • 2 gün önce
*-nail art channel-*
royallyartsy 2 gün önce
taemanliness lee
taemanliness lee 2 gün önce
ben honestly looks like he opens a bakery channel on youtube
Sonali M
Sonali M 2 gün önce
Ben's "hey how are yaa" sounds oddly familiar with Jeffree Star's intro......
Allison C.
Allison C. 2 gün önce
Gray 3 gün önce
Catnip cake-
Alexis Robinson
Alexis Robinson 3 gün önce
Christine: " It the American dream" me: " Too bad you're in fucking CANADA!"
Abigail 3 gün önce
American version of the egg thing (it's on your back instead): Line, line, number nine Spiders crawling up your spine Dot, dot, electric shock At least this is what I did growing up but this is how you do it: *Line, line*- basically make the number 11 with your finger on someone's back *number 9*- do the same thing but draw a 9 *spiders crawling up your spine*- take your fingers and do a spider crawling motion from the bottom of someone's back to their shoulders *dot, dot*- poke the person's back twice, once on each side *electric shock*- pinch the person's sides
Katarina Aguilar
Katarina Aguilar 3 gün önce
Sometimes I'm Ben, sometimes I'm Cristine 😂 and as a cake decorator I'm so proud of Ben 💜 good job
Moon light Stars 58
Moon light Stars 58 3 gün önce
I like that she held the Knife when she said that
Adam Black
Adam Black 3 gün önce
happy birthday☺☺☺
LolaR Morgana
LolaR Morgana 3 gün önce
I hope you don't take offense to this, I just thought it was a cool fact.......my mom is 8 months older than you.....just a cool fact...
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