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Hi y'all... Asa and I got married! We posted our wedding vlog last week, and y’all have been very patiently waiting for our full OFFICIAL WEDDING VIDEO, so here you go! I still can't believe this day happened, and I teared up all over again watching it just now! Enjoy! What is your favorite part of this video? COMMENT BELOW!

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This day was absolutely perfect! The first shot shows you just how incredible the venue was! We held the event at Knotting Hill (link below) just outside of Denton, TX. The morning began early with hair & makeup at around 7am with my sisters and the moms. Once I was fully dressed, then we filmed a First Look with my dad and Asa! Both of them cried (and so did I).🥺 I was so sad that Jack Jack, my puppy, wasn’t going to be there on the wedding day... but my good friend Megan (from SweetToothFairy link below) and my family surprised me and brought him to say hi after the First Looks! It is so cute how he knows we are his people!

The wedding ceremony was magical, with Asa's cousin John Luke Robertson officiating and he did an amazingly beautiful job blending our Christian faiths together! I always told Grant Knoche (link below) that he had to sing at my wedding... so Grant flew in and sang as I walked down the aisle, which of course made me cry! During the ceremony, Asa and I read our vows, the entire family prayed over us, we did the wedding braid, and then said “I do”! This ceremony, the venue, the flowers, the loved ones... all of it couldn't have been more perfect!

Finally- THE RECEPTION! Asa and I wanted it to be a huge party, with dancing from beginning to end, and we got one! The band, Emerald City (link below), was INCREDIBLE and kept everyone hyped up and engaged the entire night! Lastly, we were TOTALLY SURPRISED at the end of the night with an incredible helicopter exit to our hotel! We were supposed to leave in our car, trashed by the groomsmen, but our family wanted to do something different. Thanks mom & dad... what a dream!

Huge thank you to our friends Ty & Abba (link below) for filming and editing this beautiful video so we could enjoy the day! Special thanks also to the following amazing people for making the my wedding absolutely BREATHTAKING:

* Wedding Dress - Aleena Leena ( instagram.com/alenaleena )
* Wedding Shoes - Jimmy Choo via Brynn at "Like A Bandit" ( instagram.com/likeabandit )
* Wedding Ring - James Allen ( instagram.com/jamesallenrings )
* Wedding Bands - Tristen Ikaika ( instagram.com/tristenikaika )
* Wedding Makeup - Sly Beauty Makeup ( instagram.com/slybeautymakeup )
* Video/Photography - Ty & Abba ( instagram.com/tyandabba )
* Wedding Cake/Cookies - Sweet Tooth Fairy ( instagram.com/sweettoothfairy )
* Cupcakes - Jenny Kusgen ( instagram.com/jennyshowmecute )
* Ceremony Music - Grant Knoche ( instagram.com/grantknoche )
* Reception Music - Emerald City Band ( instagram.com/emeraldcityband )
* Reception LED Shoes - Dad
* Wedding Venue - Knotting Hill Place ( instagram.com/knotting_hill_place )
* Wedding Planner - Julie at Keeli Thorne Events ( instagram.com/keely.thorne.events )

❤️'s - Bailey


💿🎶 Music Track: No Name (unreleased title)
Artist: Lizzy McAlpine
Website: 👉🏻 lizzymcalpine.com/

This is an unreleased rendition of Lizzy's beautiful song "Andrew", that was rearranged specifically for Bailey & Asa's proposal video. This track is as the end of Andrew. You can find all of Lizzy's music, including Andrew, on her website (link above)!

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Brooklyn & Bailey have run their own TRvid channel since March 2013, and appeared on their mom's CuteGirlsHairstyles channel since early 2008. So, B&B have pretty much grown up on TRvid! Both graduated from Baylor University in 2020, with a degree in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation. If you love all things twins, then be sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel!
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