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29 Oca 2023




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Ben the Bloon
Ben the Bloon Yıl önce
I like how they removed a lot of point and click abilities for “more counterplay” and now we have yuumi
MooseCastle 3 aylar önce
@Lightning Was also an attack speed reduction on enemies lmao.
RainbowStray 5 aylar önce
@Louis Robitaille Vayne's E is point and click, you can't miss it. And her q isn't a skillshot, it's a dash
RainbowStray 5 aylar önce
@Ervo Her Q and Ult aren't either, you have to aim them
RainbowStray 5 aylar önce
@Neil LopeZ In Heroes of the Storm, you had Ana who you had to do a skillshot heal for. It got annoying when people dashed or slightly moved out of it lol.
Kaden Brown
Kaden Brown 7 aylar önce
@Neil LopeZ well it's not that hard to imagine bc we have a lux shield and renata shield. It would be similar to those abilities if it existed
Spencer Redding
Spencer Redding Yıl önce
I feel like Yasuo’s wind-wall was somewhat poorly thought through. He can literally just stand inside of it and be immune to projectiles from both sides because of how thick it is. Only one side should actually be catching projectiles, otherwise some really scummy situations occur.
tung le son
tung le son 4 gün önce
I don't know if this is still bad but hey: All projectile hitting wind wall deal "damage" to it. When Yasuo touch the wall, they take all the damage that the wall had taken. This will prevent Yasuo from dashing into his wall.
Raigen Arosa
Raigen Arosa Aylar önce
@panos TS A wrong cast does not exist on a champion who can get into an immobile champs face using their own minion wave in seconds. If you play this game remotely competently, you cannot missplace a wind wall with how large it is, just click yourself. You win.
Drip Knight
Drip Knight Aylar önce
the fact that it blocks projectiles that are made by ults is so stupid as well, i was in a 1v1 with my brother and he ulted me with caitlyin when i was almost dead but just one w press and it doesnt matter at all
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 5 aylar önce
Yasuo's Wind Wall needs an ultimate level cooldown of say 2 minutes (should be his ultimate imo as his current ulti can be used in just 30 seconds at max without items), for something that can literally alter the course of an entire fight and is usable in under 1 minute thats unacceptable.
El V. Harmony
El V. Harmony 6 aylar önce
Wind Wall is the one thing in Yasuo's kit that I will never accept as ok, Braum shield while similar at least lets some of the damage through and it still allows him to be cc'd and while Samira is stil bad at least it isn't as long.
Julian Kanzuki
Julian Kanzuki Yıl önce
Yasuo's ult is fine.. his wind wall however.... that thing is literally game breaking (it has broke the game a few times in the past, like deleteing malaphite for the rest of the game if he ults through it.)
Pedrita FPF
Pedrita FPF 3 aylar önce
do you have a video on this malphite bug?
Ayden Bonnet
Ayden Bonnet 5 aylar önce
@_Cracker while I genuinely dislike Samiras projectile block as well, a major difference between the two is that Yasuo can shield his entire team, and because it persists it doesn't just block a single projectile it can completely invalidate the enemy ADC for its whole duration which is cancer
RYRY 10 aylar önce
@Ninjer who's hurt? I'm laughing at the absurd comment he made lmao.
Ninjer 10 aylar önce
@RYRY hurt much?
Black 10 aylar önce
@Ailo Spjellok Or if you play AD twitch. His W counters Twitch's entire kit except for Q
Neri Lancioni
Neri Lancioni Yıl önce
Sona's R is really underpowered. Seraphine's R has longer range which can be extended, wider area, more base and %AP damage, enchants instead of stunning, and costs the same amount of mana
Ducky Momo
Ducky Momo 2 aylar önce
@David Kiknavelidze sona has to be in their faces to do anything
Ducky Momo
Ducky Momo 3 aylar önce
Depending on the condition, some melee champions and most ranged champions can ko soba before she Ike’s or despite her ulting Seraphim at least has a chance of hitting you with her ult
Ethan #BoycottLOOΠΔ
Ethan #BoycottLOOΠΔ 4 aylar önce
@H K ???
The dabbing Gamer
The dabbing Gamer 6 aylar önce
Again, Sona v2
H K 6 aylar önce
I started playing league 1 year ago when Seraphine was already in the game , played both Sona and Seraphine and first question I had was why would anyone play Sona anymore....Seraphine is basically Sona only stronger
Ce bon feykro
Ce bon feykro Yıl önce
The reason for master yi's Q being his old R and being op is its origine. It's a carbon copy of Dota 2's juggernaut's ultimate, which is why it was placed on the R slot originally and why it's fundamentally super strong. It's a fucking ult.
Madhav Manocha
Madhav Manocha 7 aylar önce
@Voil Velev This comment aged well.
Peter Fitzsimmons
Peter Fitzsimmons 7 aylar önce
Well, no. It's more like Ember Spirit's Sleight of Fist, which is stronger and has powerful synergy with a CC ability.
Mohammad Saddam
Mohammad Saddam 11 aylar önce
@Voil Velev aaaand now yi q proc onhit effect
Matthieu Leclerc-Dumont
@Kong Light 0
Matthieu Leclerc-Dumont
@Ivo Hirschmann q0⁰00000⁰0000
Akhilesh Yıl önce
Alpha Strike's only counterplay is running under turret, hoping yi isn't fed, and hoping that you don't die to fast for Yi to tank the turret shots. Or you could also just go untargetable, but that is just fighting fire with fire.
Degenerate With a side of tide pods
@Muizz Kazi And now you can’t/couldn’t even use his positioning weakness on Q, since he gets to choose now
Muizz Kazi
Muizz Kazi 10 aylar önce
@Tom Wanders you fail to understand. The counterplay to Yi as you say it is to wait out and then attack. Most people don't have a problem with Yi, it's that when he uses his Q, during that time there is literally nothing you can do to counter it. That is not a good mechanic.
Relevart 10 aylar önce
Going untargetable is the worst *counterplay* u could make in a game. Oh this ability is so busted and broken how do u counter it? Just don't exist bruh, just delete yourself from the game
Eric Lin
Eric Lin 11 aylar önce
Yi always appear behind the first target if it survives the Q. If you are playing champions like Ahri who has a cc skillshot, aim in the opposite direction of Yi before he vanishes and watch magic happens
Antoshka GameChanle
Or cc him. His only save is w and oh god he can be ccd while that. 2-1 cc to kill him. I am not yi main i just played him some time to time. It is easy champ but to make him work u need to know what u do.
Midas the Unwise
Midas the Unwise Yıl önce
5 Badly Designed Abilities for me would be (excluding ones in this video): Akshan W: The revive effect has too much variance and has the potential to completely swing a game. Pros voted against allowing it in both playoffs and worlds, and I expect next split we'll see its devastating effects in co-ordinated play if the champion is even remotely viable. Gwen W: If you're outside it you can't hurt her, and if you're inside it, she still out-trades you because of the bonus defenses. You cannot play around the ability besides waiting for it to end. Viego P: The possession mechanic is cool, but the huge heal and the long untargetability make it immensely powerful, to the point that one reset often means the teamfight is won. Zoe W: Another skill that adds too much variance due to the fact it drops from minions, meaning that some lanes can be won from good RNG alone. Yone E: A mini Zed ult that allows him to safely go on super deep dives with his Q and R movement. It can be punished, but good Yones won't cast it from a dangerous location.
y2k depression
y2k depression 8 gün önce
idk with zoe 90% of the time you get useless stuff from minions
B P 7 aylar önce
@Yiğit Just propose revamps for the skill.
Yiğit 7 aylar önce
@B P his old w was just a shield, and his new w just blocks attacks. What is this?
B P 10 aylar önce
Reading about Gwen's (W), I remember Shen's Spirit Refuge(W). For Shen(W): If Offensive Revamp:Still blocks physical damage and in addition, absorbs percentage damage (5%,10%,15%,20%,25%) +(5% per 100 AP) total from enemy champion attacks and return as a blast AOE damage.Still triggers Ki Barrier after the skill duration. If Defensive:Normal effect of skill. And heal allies inside the AOE with(1%,2%,3%,4%,5%) +(1% per 100AP) of ther Maximum health at within the skills duration.
nfzeta 11 aylar önce
@Midas the Unwise This. So much this. Basically it shows riot's design team has forgotten the basics of design and now everything is just a one up opportunity where it's just about making new and unique abilities, even if they break the flow and balance of the game.
Fidel Alvarez
Fidel Alvarez Yıl önce
I personally agree with untargetable abilities. It's so frustrating dealing with a yi Q or a fizz E with little to no outplay potential. It isn't healthy for the game and should at least include some risk of outplay. Yone E is pretty busted but if used poorly he can still get bursted and die.
V Ph
V Ph 2 aylar önce
Fizz needed E for his mobility and any other skill replacing his E would make him useless
Giulio Ranieri
Giulio Ranieri 6 aylar önce
I Think Fizz's E is much worse than Yi's Q, you dont need to auto attack to have a short cooldown on it, Plus' Yi's Q attaches to the opponent and you can get baited very easily, For instance, if Yi wants to dodge a stun he has to go into your face whixh might reault into instant death, Fizz just uses it and bounces away too
Juho Hella
Juho Hella Yıl önce
@Nova or then Fizz's E could have some delay like Shaco's ultimate. But I agree with you that if you just make it harder to utilize the untargetable ability they're fine and more enjoyable.
Troy Johnson
Troy Johnson Yıl önce
yi q has more counterplay potential than yi has meaningful options if you just learn the timing. fizz e though? yeah, that one's bull
Nova Yıl önce
Dunno what you think about this concept but I personally believe that untargetable abilities should be far more skill based making Yi have to aim his Q dashes and making Fizz e have incredibly short untargetability. Dunno about you but adding skill and difficulty to untargetability not only makes it more fair but more entertaining and awesome. If fizz e was hard to dodge an ability with because of the small window imagine the fucking awesome highlights of people narrowly dodging things with that would make really cool clips and make it feel awesome to play as when you get good at it and still feel decent to play against because there is counter play to the ability as it’s only a short window. Same with Yi if you had to aim his Q there would be some epic moments where Yi bursts down targets aiming his dashes and watching him do some really interesting movement heck we could even see him get played at pro level if he had something like that. Keep the untargetability but add skill and difficulty to it which also makes it so that you can counter it. Removes power, adds power but also adds a cool factor. Personally I’d love to see it
José González
José González 11 aylar önce
To make yuumi more "interactive" with the enemy, his abilities when she's dismounted should be better than the mounted ones. For example turn yuumi's Q into a hard CC if she's not in her W. Make yuumi's E don't consume 15% of her max mana and make it more similar to soraka's W, make her decide which ally she wants to heal when she's out. R could be stronger in damage or make it stun instead of root if 4 pages are hitted when she's dismounted (all the pages should be hitted dismounted). And W is a dash so you actually can't make it better.
chompchompmaster 4 aylar önce
Dogshit idea
José González
José González 10 aylar önce
@🌺Vixey The Vixen🌺 you could make an internal cooldown until her spell effects change for the strong ones. That way she has to decide more when to mount.
🌺Vixey The Vixen🌺
lol this would only make her very broken, like a lulu but overpowered and untargetable when she wants
Tom Jenrich
Tom Jenrich Yıl önce
“Karthus ult is badly designed because there is almost nothing enemies can do against it” Zeus:*sweats nervously*
Tom Jenrich
Tom Jenrich Yıl önce
@Neno imagine having 3 seconds to prepare
Neno Yıl önce
I thought the same thing, if he thinks Karthus Ult is bad than he would have a heart attack seeing Zeus Ult.
Flame of Mage
Flame of Mage Yıl önce
I personally enjoy playing Trundle into Morde. He ults me and steals my stats, I steal them back.
V Ph
V Ph 2 aylar önce
@WakkaSeta what happens if Sylas steals Morde's ult, Morde ults.him and Sylas ults.him after?
ANormalUser 10 aylar önce
Literal troll
André Pinho
André Pinho 11 aylar önce
You fkin genius
This is however a two way street (but still Trundle favored)
Manol Georgiev
Manol Georgiev Yıl önce
TiMe To tRoLL !!!1!
Stelyar Yıl önce
Yi's Alpha Strike always reminds me of Fiora's old ultimate, which was removed for being unfair and uninteractive (among other reasons). Main differences from what I remember are that Fiora would proc on hits with it (which were arguably a lot weaker back then), but she at least had it locked to her ult with no cooldown resets/reductions on it.
Awesome Fuzz
Awesome Fuzz 9 aylar önce
Yi's Alpha Strike doesn't apply on-hits, except for when Rito decided it should definitely be able to, including his E.
CarlSW 10 aylar önce
Yi does on-hits with his Q now btw :)
Marko Pusic
Marko Pusic 11 aylar önce
@Yui desu 7 times? I recall 10 which is even more ridiculous
Yui desu
Yui desu Yıl önce
The main reason they deleted it was because she could stack Tiamats and deal >100% damage to everyone around the main target so anytime the enemies grouped she killed all of them except MAYBE the main target. Then they added moon boi and had to nerf him 7 times in a row...
MANDRO Yıl önce
Yi's alpha strike and Karthus' requiem are hardly surprising, they're DotA abilities without DotA counterplay
blue of 6
blue of 6 Aylar önce
@Sailor Hat Guy im really curious about what you stated, according to what i researched on internet, bkb and ghost scepter are basically zhonya and the cleanse item but on steroid right ? so theres the counterplay
Sailor Hat Guy
Sailor Hat Guy Yıl önce
@MANDRO Yah know at least in Dota you can buy BKB and Ghost Scepter if you found those two abilities annoying I'm pretty sure you can't do much with a Yi Q and a Karthus ult
MANDRO Yıl önce
@Junior Juniorr you can at least kill gankplank before he ults, a zombie state requiem has literally zero counterplay
M0nniKala Yıl önce
@Aaron Galve More like Olaf ult on steroids spell immunity that only few abilities can bypass
Junior Juniorr
Junior Juniorr Yıl önce
i am not sure if i agree, karthus ult is really easy to deal with, gangplank on the other hand can win fights
Tetra Yıl önce
As someone who has played a ludicrous amount of Mordekaiser, the idea of his ultimate being polarizing is an understatement. On one hand, it's got to be one of the COOLEST abilities in the entire game. I'm sorry, you said this was a team game? No, no it's not. It's a 1v1 deathmatch now, and you're stuck in here with ME. But that's not how it goes. Death realm is either ridiculously good, or completely flat useless. And when it's useless, it feels SO BAD. Because of how simple and..juggernaut-y(?) he is, once you take his ult he falls very flat in a lot of scenarios. All of this to say, that while I absolutely adore death realm as a concept, I would honestly take a different ultimate. There's just no way that would fix it to make it fair and fun for everyone involved, and if that means I'd have to have a less cool but much more useable ult I'd take it. Because as cool as it is, it can't be cool if it doesn't work. Which if the enemy team has any semblance of sentience, it probably won't.
very mad guy
very mad guy 6 aylar önce
@flame life people always talk about ghost dragon. as someone who plays ARAM, i drew a lot of satisfaction from ghost yi
flame life
flame life 6 aylar önce
Honestly his old ult let him have ghost dragons and I would be fully happy to see him get that back in a little bit of a modified form like an ability he can cast after a certain amount of time of a dead dragon from either team killing it even if it requires being nearby. Its not even bad cause it increases how strong he is at split pushing.
Manofthunderbolts65 10 aylar önce
I feel like his ult could be balanced if it was sorta like a Camille R but with a bigger arena where projectiles can go through I still agree with your post tho. He's an amazing champ in terms of visuals, lore and design but until they hotfix his R he will never be as good as other juggernauts. His kit is garbage and full of dodgeable skillshots, his itemization sucks, many people can duel him late game and he's nowhere near as tanky as the other juggernauts. As someone who plays him I'd gladly give up his R if it meant he could become a less dogshit champ.
Ya, it feels so bad when you take someone to the realm of death and they get out cuz they have a cool bandana or have half the map to walk around in your r, I almost 1 trick him but I'm forced to play other Champs even if I do t want to
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes Yıl önce
Agree 100%. I really liked his ghost ultimate better. I understand his old kit was quite overloaded, but this rework completely dumbed down the champ with a super linear kit that dont feel quite as fun for me.
Greyser Yıl önce
I love morde's new ultimate even though it's basically a 50/50 depending if the enemy spends the 1300g but ALL I ask for is for the ult to give true sight while being activated so that it wouldn't cancel if someone goes into a bush.
King Boopa
King Boopa Yıl önce
@Raven I've read this thread multiple times now and I am severely confused as to which "bomb" you're talking about. And there's pretty much nothing that follows into the death realm, not even auto attacks do that for some reason. The only thing I've found that follows into the death realm is Akali's W.
Alexandre Reynaud
I would like to add it should erase the bushes cause you know, DEATH realm ^^
omicron43 Yıl önce
It should true sight throughout the cast and duration of Death Realm, I dont want to have Gwen just leap over a wall and then force me to trudge over said wall (if it even is possible to do so based on where you ult)
Ridley Prime
Ridley Prime Yıl önce
I could write a paper on death realm. But the other huge part of it is that it separates you from your team as well. Morde has a presence, a scary aoe and big shield. He occupies and creates space for his team... until he R's. There's no information for either team or for either player in the death realm, and even the positional lights bug out and no one is where their lights were when it ends. It lets morde play like an idiot and no thought perma push in lane phase. He spends all his resources to kill someone in death realm, comes out, and has no CDs and has to Zhonyas. Such a weird ability.
suilles 6 aylar önce
but there is also no point to gank him after level 6 since you gank then he ults one and the 2nd player stands there like uh ok right i guess il farm?
Psalmuel Yvan
Psalmuel Yvan Yıl önce
Soraka's passive not badly designed but badly 'placed'. It should've been just her W's passive since it's the only ability that benefits from that. She should have a different passive.
V Ph
V Ph 2 aylar önce
Maybe they should make it like if u healed a champ, u gain movespeed for 3 secs
Greg Partridge
Greg Partridge Yıl önce
@TOKYO SLIME Perhaps health regen scaling with missing health
Alainey Yıl önce
@Stephen Brown yikes
Eojin564 Yıl önce
@Stephen Brown please
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Yıl önce
She should be removed from the game tbh
Christopher Walters
Christopher Walters 4 aylar önce
14:10 this is actually a major flaw with Mordekaiser's *visual* design. Despite the fact that Mordekaiser's lore has fuck-all to do with the Shadow Isles, he is still designed with the black and teal that the region is known for, instead of the black and red of Noxus, which is a little funny considering he basically founded the empire.
Inq. Zeketer
Inq. Zeketer Yıl önce
In deactivated moba Dawngate there was a shaper (champion) called Mina, who implemented the same mechanic as Yuumi W few years earlier. She took 40% damage her host did, but on leaving she would dash, shield herself, damage and fear surrounding enemies. As far as I remember, I think this was somewhat healthier approach to constructing untargetable champion.
Lories Lori
Lories Lori Yıl önce
I’m a Karthus player and I have to admit, his R is pure bullshit but it’s very funny bullshit
B P 10 aylar önce
@kabalan20 Zeus's ThunderGods Wrath(R) is instant. If LoL did include an item that will modify a skill simillar to Dota's Aghanim's Scepter, Karthus ult will be like: Option1:Reduces Cooldown, Casttime and increase damage Option 2:Same Cast Time Duration,for every champion kill gains a "fragment" which increase ult damage by a percentage(1% of Total AP per enemy champion kill). Option 3:Instant Cast Time, Reduce cooldown for successful enemy champions killed(Max 40%)
Relevart 10 aylar önce
@Darkwind Tempest "good map awareness" to press R from spawn lmao
Kaio Santos
Kaio Santos Yıl önce
I've been playing Karthus support just because of how bullshit he can be. I don't even pick flash, I straight up pick exhaust and ignite, I always die on engages, but I always take someone with me, and if the games goes long enough, I will ALWAYS be the one who deal the most damage, despite being the one who died the most. It's just straight up stupid.
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille Yıl önce
@CandyCaneKnight I mean, Azir's R is pretty "Ultimate"-like too in his kit, it gives him the ability to insec more than one person. Lee can knock back people from inside of a wall, Yasuo can keep up to 5 people mid-air, aren't those "Ultimate" enough for you?
CandyCaneKnight Yıl önce
i believe its one of the best global burst ults in the game. We need devastating R s more. Thats what you can call an ''Ultimate''.
Nir4s Yıl önce
Akshan's W have more words than Nasus entire kit or the fact that his W could've been split into couple champs. I miss simpler new champions like Sett.
A Terrible Pun
A Terrible Pun Yıl önce
@Phonytail Shyvana's kit has around 520~ words in it, Akshan's kit has over 650 words BEFORE the ultimate, and around 800~ when including everything. Nasus's kit has around 210~, so Akshan beats both of them combined.
Phonytail Yıl önce
Shyvana has more text in her kit than both. Please stop repeating these dogshit reddit takes. More or less words in a kit has no meaning. Aphelios E has 0 words! Super balanced champ, never problematic.
João Lucas
João Lucas Aylar önce
You have forgoted kinded's ultimate
RoseColoredIris Yıl önce
Idea for Morde ult: When he ults he doesn't steal your stats, it's just a fair 1v1, but if he kills you in death realm he then he gets your stats. Also remove QSS cleanse. Even if Morde doesn't kill you, one of my favorite things about Morde ult is that it takes someone out of the fight. If you are trying to get drake, you can ult the jungler. If there is a really fed hyper carry you can ult them and Zhonyas to take them out of the fight. If you get caught out by 3 people you can ult one and at least take someone with you. There is so much you can do with it.
Michiel witteveen
Michiel witteveen 7 aylar önce
@Manofthunderbolts65 morde should get his old ult back
Manofthunderbolts65 10 aylar önce
If Morde couldn't steal stats he'd be stupidly underpowered, as his base resistances are ridiculously low for juggernaut standards And removing QSS cleanse would make him prio pick in pro play just because of how stupid broken it would be to remove the main carry from the fight They just need to remove the fucking ult and make him less reliant on skillshots. Why on Earth is Nasus allowed to have a point and click Q that does just as much dmg as Morde's while having lower cd and being a whole lot tankier overall is beyond me.
Allan ARENA 11 aylar önce
the only reason some morde are doing smth in your games (you in general) is because people dont know how to play vs him or what to build, and in some rare cases its just good matchups for morde and he snowballs of that.
Allan ARENA 11 aylar önce
Well if you're that worried about an ability thats already gets countered by 3 items and a bunch of abilities, one day i was fed on mordekaiser, smth like 10/3, i went to a kogmaw that ws lik 3/7. I E Q him, he flashes it, then stops, press w and starts imitating a turret. Even with my R i still died to him. He right clicked on me i did the same + R and i got destroyed. Now imagine with all the items and spells that counters morde abilities and the champion is actually weak past the laning phase.
Ailo Spjellok
Ailo Spjellok Yıl önce
i mean he literally has voice lines for killing people, discarding their bodies and taking their souls or something like that to make himself stronger. this would actually make his ultimate a constant factor instead of hit or miss
Adrian Bunea
Adrian Bunea Yıl önce
You forgot Vex R. Everything that makes Vex viable is tied to her R, all her abilities are overshadowed and become afterthoughts when compared to her R, all counterplay goes out the window when her R is used, it flips her whole design of hating and countering dashing champions by becoming a champion that dashes all over the map and kills immobile squishies. Her R is just another case of Riot being unable to abstain from using their favorite spice, gratuitous mobility. It shows that Riot created an environment where mobility is mandatory and they cannot balance the game so immobile champions can exist, also shows that you cannot really counter mobility.
Call me AndoRu
Call me AndoRu Yıl önce
One thing I suggest Riot does with alpha strike is to clearly indicate which target Yi chooses. The annoyance I have against this ability is not knowing where he will be to use countermeasures.
Lester! Yıl önce
In terms of bad interactions, I think Unbreakable is badly designed. Like yes it blocks everything similar to Aegis Assault and Windwall but man he shouldn't be hooked or CC'd while his unbreakable is up and the ranged CC is towards Braum's shield.
Cooper Yıl önce
I have a hard time knocking harthus R when that ability has been in every moba I’ve played. Dota, hon, and smite all have that ability. It’s not the most interactive but it’s strength lies in map awareness early to finish off low health enemies. Which is great. The real reason it’s busted is karthus can cast it after he is dead. So even if you team focuses him to avoid the massive team damage he can still get it off. That means that no matter what he can do a huge portion of damage to your team during a fight.
gec2gec2 Yıl önce
I don't know how alone I am on this, but this is one of the first Vars videos that I actually disagree with. Morde's death realm is balanced and makes Morde feel playable, I don't think it removes his counterplay or is anywhere near as unfun as some of the other things in the game (Yone E, Fiora P, Veigar R, Syndra R, etc). I also don't think hes a stat checker, because he can only kill SQUISHIES with NO MOBILITY by autoing them to death, for anyone else you HAVE to land one of your 2 skillshot's or they just wont die and you will. I also think Master Yi's Q is fine because of the counterplay that is brought by lack of counterplay. I agree that its unfun, but I don't think its unbalanced and I certainly don't think its unfair. In the current state of league, the window of time you have inbetween his Qs is HUGE and PLENTY of time to kill him, unless he has a massive lead. Unnerfed lethality Yi changed this, though, which I'm glad that its not that good anymore, because it removed any of the counterplay by just killing you in the Q instead of using the Q as a dash+some damage. Another thing about this ability, is that you know EXACTLY what the Yi wants to do, and it doesn't take much brain power to actively figure that out, which is why I think the ability and champ design is fine and entertaing to fight in the grand scheme of things. To sum up my rambling, I agree that the abilities mentioned in the video are UNFUN, but they are not UNFAIR or UNBALANCED or BADLY DESIGNED. Am I alone in this thinking?
Manuel Lenglet García
Manuel Lenglet García 11 aylar önce
@gec2gec2 It makes your ultimate useless agaisnt said target, the qss issue is not the biggest one but the bugginess it creates on terrain and sometimes it gets so clunky to land it with fog of war like on the tyler1 clip, try it yourself.
gec2gec2 11 aylar önce
@Manuel Lenglet García Forcing your opponents to build qss whether youre behind or ahead is a good thing though, thats 1300g they dont have to spend on a real item.
Manuel Lenglet García
Manuel Lenglet García 11 aylar önce
It is badly design because when Morde is ahead you can ult almost anyone and although missing everything he will tear you just by autos and his pasive, yet when hes behind the ability is useless and negated by qss a 1300g item, also has many poor interactions like people walking out of it or sometimes it creates corners that enemies with dashes can access, believe it has many issues even I like Mordekaiser, I main the champion since season 5 and I peaked last season d2
Synocra Yıl önce
I like how in the last 20 seconds irelia dashes like 50 times casually
Relevart 10 aylar önce
Sounds like yasuo
Manol Georgiev
Manol Georgiev Yıl önce
Irelia's Q is perfectly balanced, guys! She is from Ionia after all - the land of balance!
Pedo Bart
Pedo Bart Yıl önce
@Herr Doktor but irelia 4 stacks heal all 1/4 hp back with a single aa 🤣🤣🤣 broken
Ahmed Magdy
Ahmed Magdy Yıl önce
how about a yasuo dashing from his turret to the enemy turret in 1 second casually
Synocra Yıl önce
@reiKo no, but i know you, youre a random 😂😂😐
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Yıl önce
i remember one game all my team hard fed, we were behind like crazy, the enemy got herald, baron, dragon soul, etc. in the elder fight i used mordekaiser ult on their jungler, my jungler got elder buff, we won the game.
Blobfish Man
Blobfish Man 10 aylar önce
6:22 "Remember, ALL other hard-cc or suppression ultimate has something attached to it: Damage" Warwick cries in wolf, since not only does quick-silver remove stops him dealing damage and healing, he also used to get get locked in place for the entire duration of his ult.
Tobi Dobidu
Tobi Dobidu Yıl önce
Fioras W also deserves a spot on the list. I am fine that she becomes invulnerable and can stun me if she blocks cc with it. That alone makes it a strong ability already and she needs atleast some kind of defensive tool. I get that. But the fact that she reduces my attackspeed AND slows by 50% for 2 whole seconds even if she didn't block anything removes so much of the counterplay. You can't trade anymore with that attackspeed, and she can just walk around you freely to trigger the vitals since you are slowed. Especially in the early levels, Riposte is not really a defensive tool, but an all-rounder ability that she can use both offensively AND defensively. It just gives her way too much utility for a single spell.
pedro henrique
pedro henrique 11 aylar önce
Its a skill shot that anyone can dodge and has a 24 seconds cooldown, so theres a huge penalty if you miss it. In many matchups if fiora miss uses W she literally dies on the spot.
Yes Hai Am OwO
Yes Hai Am OwO Aylar önce
yone and yasuo havng 100% crit at 2 items is just dumb, like why play any other champ that u build crit on when yas and yone will simply do it better
Vars Yıl önce
Correction: Camille does %max health true damage with divine sunderer =_= Also extra correction: Morde DOES keep the stat steal even after QSS, though that changes nothing about what I say about Death Realm.
Clément Delamarre
​@Al Ezzeldin Pls do not lecture me about my experience with Fiora. I barely ever meet her in ranked (I'm Gold). I'm just making an observation. Her gameplay is a bit too onesided in my opinion, but there are worst exemples such as Rengar : he is an assassin and it's only "teamplay" tool is his bolas. If he doesn't get fed, he'll probably be useless in most situation, perhaps good for drake/nachor stealing?. Kha zix on the other hand always deal insane dmg to squichies even when behind (I otp him), and W upgrade is nice for zoning. He is strong and has some use in tf, but can be easily countered by coordinated teams. Also, he can go bruiser and have more presence iin tf, so it's not onesided. Anyway, the point of the video is more about the dumb true dmg based on health that makes any resistence/hp stacking useless, which is weird.
Al Ezzeldin
Al Ezzeldin Yıl önce
@Clément Delamarre then you never really understood the why fiora Is difficult She is difficult for that reason she is literally made to 1v1 every champion in the game that's her entire fucking theme and idea and fantasy Just like fucking khazix is made around being an assassin in the jungle that hunts people and kills them and ambushes them its entire his entire theme with rengar but guess what he is not that super amazing in teamfights either he has no hard cc or any good engage and his passive is useless in teamfights your logic basically says just go with tanks because you just seem to be tilted by fiora being able to do that champ cannot teamfight BUT IS MADE TO SPLIT PUSH which if done correctly IS AS IMPACTFUL OR NOT MORE And it's not just fiora btw Trynda Trundle Camille Yorick Jax All have this quality Incredibly difficult to take down And rely on split pushing to carry and pressure the game why are they also not super terrible then ? They're made for 1v1 too maybe not like fiora is but they do fuck anyone up in side lanes and they sure provide nothing for teamfights (except Camille)
Clément Delamarre
@Al Ezzeldin I think that it's a bit of the problem here. LoL is a team game, why would you ever create a character which sole purpose is to solo kill people? To the author of the video, and to me, the balance is off : because she has no big use in tf (beyond mass heal and counter cc), they made her too strong in 1v1 with a ridiculous movement speed. This can be frustrating to play against her, but also to play with her because she haq no big incentive to group in anyway. It's a team game, wtf.
Kong Light
Kong Light Yıl önce
You missed the mark on Karthus, his Ult (and Soraka's) are completely fine m8
Hiếu Vũ
Hiếu Vũ Yıl önce
@T Raine true. But who want to build a bad item like triforce, when u could buy DS and become a god :)
Thiago Proença
Thiago Proença 10 aylar önce
I think Karthus ult is so iconic that reworking it would be basically removing part of his identity, his ultimate is literally one of a kind and has sunch a long CD, it's not game breaking or anything.
amitaish Yıl önce
I honestly never agreed with the taric one. As a taric main I mever felt like he was underpowered outaide of his ult, and he is still fun and feel good to play as. Q and passive alone give him a good enough play outaide out side of it
suilles 6 aylar önce
the fact is that you see the ult coming so you choose to delete him or you back off till it run out to fight. also a knock back can mess up that ult since he wont die but wont be able to do anything with it.
Jay Bayer
Jay Bayer Yıl önce
A lot of the times when I'm playing yuumi, her w feels like a negative more than a positive. It's really hard to explain without putting tons of games on her, but there are a ton of times where I wish I was just playing soraka instead when playing her. But I won't deny there are situations where her w is op for sure. But her w restricts her so much, I eventually had to stop maining her for other enchanters where I have control of my own positioning. What I don't understand though, is why won't riot at least try out different alternatives for her? At least on pbr. Why aren't they trying to fix the problem?
Lily Yıl önce
I think that's what makes her not as bad as people think, knowing who to attach to and when, keeping track of cc to proc the clutch shield in fights, it's all a very unique skill to her that you don't really realize is here if you don't play her a lot. Ultimately you're also very restricted by your teammates, it's why she's a bigger issue in pro than on ladder, ofc you're going to have more of an impact when you're attached to faker than to a random silver master yi about to try to 1v5
Strilter as
Strilter as Yıl önce
because the problem is the core champion design.
Tsuki Yıl önce
Another problem of Yi's Alpha Strike is its terrible visual clarity. On a 5v5 it's too difficult to spot who Yi targetted with his Q and so almost impossible to control him right at the end of his invulnerability (except for instant controls which are rare).
Feathered Theropod
I think Kai'sa's shield is useless especially in lategame. It protects you from half an ability and then you just die.
Ducky Momo
Ducky Momo 3 aylar önce
The shield is really a bonus The mobility is too good at its own right
Krzycki Yıl önce
I think that alpha strike would be okay if it was dash with 4 more powerful, faster auto attacks with damage reduction instead of disappering for almost 1,5 sec
Peach Paree
Peach Paree 11 aylar önce
Good vid, now I need to go watch the other one so I can hear more about how 1 Seraphine bonus Q can do 2k dmg to a tank alone and still be able to cast giant team wide shields, movement speed and unnecessary range extending ultimate
Weeb Dawe
Weeb Dawe Yıl önce
Hey Vars- Amazing video as always- I would have a recommendation for some future vidoes. It's the same as this one and the overpowered abilities, but with passives. Now I know old champoins can have like- 50 characters in them and the new ones are like Akshan, but I would love to see these videos
Yes, I'm a balloon
Jhin's fifth shot is the worst designed ultimate. Change my mind.
lmahu 4 aylar önce
@Ahmed Magdy Imagine thinking Jhin is unbalanced just because his difficult-to-land R can slow enemies.
B P 10 aylar önce
Jhins W Revamp Idea: Hitting minions:Normal Damage,Goes through enemy minions Champions:Does Critical Damage on Enemy Champion when they are below 50 Percent of their maximum health provided that they are marked by his W's Passive.
A Tree
A Tree 11 aylar önce
@Skyler Graham it's all fun and games until jhin's ult shoots 10 bullets per second
Ahmed Magdy
Ahmed Magdy Yıl önce
@Martin ok so u telling me that riot makes unbalanced champion just for sack of realistically
Johnny Tsunami's son
@Ahmed Magdy because it makes the ult useful at long range. All things considered, jhin's ult needs multiple hits to kill you (most of the time). If it didn't slow, you could be hit by one bullet and still come of alive, but the idea is that if you your first shot on someone, that person gets increasingly easier to kill. It also offsets the low fire rate his ultimate has. Miss fortune does continuous damage in a set area, whereas jhins ult is four skillshots with a pretty slow fire rate. If the ult didn't slow, it would be useless at long range. The counterplay against this is buying movement items and staying out of vision. Jhin only gets you if you let him hit you. It
Lucas Hanson
Lucas Hanson Yıl önce
HARD disagree on Fiora. You might have a point on the Vayne comparison if Fiora was a ranged champ with a stealth dash and a displace that can double as a stun, but Fiora is a melee champ who trades away teamfight presence and utility for dueling prowess. In your Morde section, you say that he's basically invalidated by a 1300g item; well, Fiora without %health true damage would be fully invalidated by bramble vest, an 800g item with no active cd. As for a 20% vitals, that takes about 300 bonus ad (about 5 items,); I don't care what giga tank you're playing, Fiora should be able to 1v1 any champ in the game at 5 items.
Freddie T. Rowlet
Any ability where you just click on the enemy and it does damage with no or very little extra utility is boring. Think Master Yi and Shyvana's double strike abilities, Jax W, Wukong Q, Cho'Gath E, Elise Q in both forms, Fiora E... you get the picture. Also, they do have utility, but that makes Teemo and Malphite Qs so much more annoying because it's a point and click blind/crippling slow that is ranged and follows you while also doing damage. I personally think Teemo blind should be in a small circle around him to cement his role as an anti-melee-auto-attacker. On Malphite Q: I think the movement speed theft is fine to let tank Malphite get on top of you without ult, but the fact he can buy doran's ring and take comet and do 1/4 of your health with an un-dodgeable ability is bad.
Keith Harth
Keith Harth Yıl önce
As an Akshan main, I don't like his W. The revive mechanic is absurdly powerful and gamechanging, but that's the only real good part of it. The active camouflage is like a combo of Twitch's Q and WW's W, but the enemy can see you from much further away, making it super annoying to actually ambush foes.
ratspew Yıl önce
Thanks for acknowledging that enchanters are harder to play than tank supps in some instances, I main Lulu and Leona and tbh I prefer the latter because of how easy it is to feed on Lulu. As Leona I won't die unless I make a bad engage or my ADC ignores my engage, but as Lulu, oh boy, there are so many mistakes I can make to die before the fight even starts and be useless. I find enchanters similar to ADCs, yeah their kits are more or less simple but you have to learn to stay alive to right click.
kamifoltek Yıl önce
Recently i played neeko support versus a yi and everytime he alpha striked someone, that person came to me and i prepped the ulti safely, stunned him right after he got targetable again and then we easily rooted and killed him. Never felt better tbh since this ability is so garbage and unfun
Giulio Ranieri
Giulio Ranieri 6 aylar önce
That's why i think Yi's Q is not as badly designes as it looks, Its very easily counterable, Fizz's E however is not
LoK Yıl önce
Nocturne's E is so damn satisfying against yi.
Hunter Super
Hunter Super Yıl önce
@Chaosbeing My analysis was correct lol.
Chaosbeing Yıl önce
@Hunter Super jokes on you I'm silver
Hunter Super
Hunter Super Yıl önce
@Chaosbeing Thank you, finally someone with a brain. You have to think about the fact that most people are silver-gold which coincidentally is also where Yi's winrate is around peak. The lower elo you go the better Yi typically does because people have 0 clue how to use cc or layer cc. Yi's alpha strike is incredibly telegraphed and so all you have to do is wait for him to pop out of it or kill him while he tries to bait you into using your cc so he can dodge it. Yi is a "noob stomper" for a reason. The amount of times you see "Yi is op, 0 counterplay" from the silver morgana who uses her bind every time she sees him and refuses to think about how she should use the ability instead is insane lol. He's typically a super squishy hyper carry who gets shut down by cc harder then most champions because of how his kit works. His q is far from poorly designed.
Mikael Okty
Mikael Okty Yıl önce
I think Karthus's R would be balance if you had to land abilities before, somewhat similar to lilia's R.
Gabriel St
Gabriel St Yıl önce
I honestly think Vayne is more unfair than fiora tbh. Remember she has the lowest BAT (basic attack time) that scales the heaviest with attack speed, she gets so much naturally that you practically need 1 item and berserk boots to have very decent damage, her ult gives her the obnoxiousness of akali shroud while also giving her a free item in terms of damage. Yi also has the same problem cause he gets all what he needs on his kit. He doesn't need to buy items to be good, he is already good. On karthus end, I think the problem is as always the balance team, in dota, Zeus (the karthus of that game with that ultimate but instant) requires a lot of damage to start doing the numbers. You can easily get in a situation you don't have mana for ultimate, so it's gated by mana, In league mana is a small fry, only 4 characters in the game have mana issues (playing optimally) and the rest have a fest of ability spam with no problems at all.
Everything's Alright
I cast my vote on Samira's ultimate. It's not enough that it does pretty high damage, it also procs lifesteal. Even with that reduced effectiveness from lifesteal on her ultimate, even with grievous wounds, she will just melt you while staying alive. Then on TOP of that, it can be used whenever she gets max passive stacks, which once she starts snowballing in a fight, is hilariously easy for her to do. THEN ON TOP OF FRIGGIN' THAT, she can continue to move around during her ultimate which makes her even harder to get away from because even a flash won't save you from that ult's range, not when she can follow you. And if she kills someone with it? Her dash cooldown resets so she just sticks to you even better. Honestly, while I think her whole kit is a problem, from extending CC to a circular windwall that does damage to a super fast dash that resets on cooldown to bonus damage while close up...her ultimate is really the biggest issue I think. But I guess shieldbow and collector also just make her stupid unfun to play against... My honorable mentions are probably Annie ult because it's outdated point and click stun + nuke, and Teemo shrooms, because turning the game into minefield simulator isn't fun at all. The damage and slow can be bad enough, but your team basically has to all buy sweepers if they don't want to lose half their health just walking around.
FelwraithGaming Yıl önce
There was recently a somewhat small discussion where the idea of Yuumi being forced to detach when her anchor is feared, which is a CC that only exists in 8 champions: Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Urgot, Hecarim, Nocturne, Warwick, Vex, and Aatrox. This number is technically increased to 10 when you count Sylas w/ Urgot, Hecarim, Shaco, or Aatrox R, or Viego when possessing Fiddlesticks, Vex, Shaco, Warwick, or Nocturne. It would provide counterplay to Yuumi while keeping the ability relatively unchanged.
Lucas nada mas
Lucas nada mas Yıl önce
I love how for fiora you basically didn't even critisise a single ability, you pointed out how completely ridiculous and how much of a joke that character is to balance design as a whole
bau Yıl önce
@[SZ_B_ZS] Technix you see that's the poblem here, "i consider it a passive" which means you are literally making your own definitions. 1. Its an ability regardless if its passive or active 2. passive means you dont need a keybind to activate it, it just happens while you input other commands.
[SZ_B_ZS] Technix
@SappinYourSentry as it has a same way of applying like tf and vi....both needing a surtain non player activated component like 3 hits, or a number of aa-s delivered on target to trigger. I may be biasd in defending my arguement, but for someone to play around something they can only use a specific way, or have a bonus tied to a condition (jax hitting faster, jhin's and graves' special aa-s, and anivia's egg), that is what i'd consider a passive, or a passive component. If it needs activation, or can be chosen to be activated, like with azir and zyllian, i consider it an active, even if it sould be a passive.
[SZ_B_ZS] Technix
@Andrea that depends if you go for the effigies as his passive, or the passive on terrify, that grants him an instant fear if he jumpscares, azir i wohn't argue as he is a specialist, and the sun disc has little to do or be commanded after it is put down...but i will admit, it feels more like an active then a passive. And zyl can only activate his when it is both OFF cooldown, AND it has enough stored exp. I consider a passive when there is no chosen activation, aside from when the player meets the requirement. Fiddle needs to be out of sight, azir needs a broken tower (tho i still count the sundiscs as an active, tho only personally) and zyl needs a teammate nearby, the amount of exp, and for it to be off cooldown, so i'd say it's the same story as with Azir...i prefer to think of it more as an active then a passive.
Cherno Yıl önce
@elijah wilson so vayne W is always active but it's still an ability
SappinYourSentry Yıl önce
@[SZ_B_ZS] Technix Vayne W is 100% passive. It is not an ability either?
Luke Okonsky
Luke Okonsky Yıl önce
I love how at 41 seconds in he legit starts to just list Jax enters Evasion for 2 seconds: a defensive stance that causes him to Jax Counter Strike.png dodge all incoming non- Turret icon.png turret basic attacks and take 25% Damage reduction icon.png reduced damage from all area of effect abilities sourced from Champion icon.png champions. Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second, and does so automatically after the duration. Recast: Jax deals physical damage to nearby enemies, increased by 20% for each attack dodged up to a 100% increase, and Stun icon.png stuns them for 1 second. Minimum Physical Damage: 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+ 50% bonus AD) Maximum Physical Damage: 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 / 310 (+ 100% bonus AD)
Emanuele Vigo
Emanuele Vigo Yıl önce
I like you're videos since even if I don't personally agree, I have to admit that all you are saying comes from logical thinking and actually good objective points. It's kind of refreshing to ear someone that only tells true stuff that everyone can understand even if they don't PERSONALLY Agree.
Travis Vinay
Travis Vinay Yıl önce
Something you need to remember about morde ult; when you play him you miss all your moves and they get out easily every time.
Bloody3321 Yıl önce
Best take on my main morde I have seen ever. Give back the movespeed on his passive and tweak his statcheck. Oooo i just got a good idea that the more stacks you have on your passive the more movespeed you have so once you start to lose your grip in a fight you basically stop going as fast too.
Dadidl Yıl önce
My contender for a badly designed ability is Illaoi's E-Test of Spirit. It's not overpowered, just badly designed. Her passive spawns tentacles. Her Q slams a tentacle, her w makes spawned tentacles slam. Her E creates a spirit that mirrors damage to its owner. Like her passive, her E also makes tentacles spawn if the spirit is killed. One tentacle every five seconds (at level 1). That's four times faster than her passive. Like her W, her E also makes spawned tentacles slam. At highest level, her E can make tentacles slam faster than her w. If the E Spirit is hit with her ult, she spawns an extra tentacle. And of course, all of her tentacles created in her ult slam autonomously if she hit her e. But E is a slow, high-cooldown skillshot that gets blocked by minions. If she doesn't hit it, she most of the times can't do anything, not even the champions and classes she as a juggernaut should be strong against. Her e just holds too much power for all of her other abilities and is too easy to miss. Just a badly designed ability.
Christian Vannucci
Christian Vannucci 11 aylar önce
@Raven Victoria I believe her E isn't as weak as you make it seem. Fighting Illaoi on top of E, getting hit twice by tentacles and Q, it can be very rough depending on who you are. BUT it's unhealthy. If she lands, the best approach is to not even approach, just walk away, that's toxic gameplay. If she fails, it's over for her. It's too polarizing, too unfun and not very interactive
Stephen Krahling
Stephen Krahling Yıl önce
more importantly it's a secondary way for her to command her tentacles to attack... it's also more skill based than her W. I personally like her E and if they were to change it they'd have to give her another way to control her tentacles.... Because 90% of the time you survive mid ult only because the tentacles that spawn are already attacking because of her E, you genuinely don't have enough time to W most of the time in bigger teamfights after you ult unless you hit your E
Stanton Seigel
Stanton Seigel Yıl önce
One good way I could think off to make her viable is make her charge forward before leaping to slam down the idol and producing tentacles, and having those tentacles slam towards her. It will help her be able to easily partake on teamfights and it’ll give her a good chance to chase down targets. Also, by doing this, we can lessen the power on her 3rd by removing the 1 free slams of the tentacle.
bau Yıl önce
@Andrea but in ahris case its not really a problem because she is balanced around that.You get rewarded for hitting a skillshot with more damage on your other spells, she gets movespeed from W and She can reposition with R to hit it better
Andrea Yıl önce
ahri has the same problem too,her E hold most of her damage and only CC,but it has a short range and small hitbox so it's really hard to consistently hit people
Job van der Meer
Job van der Meer Yıl önce
They should make it with yuumi that if you layer two hard cc abilities on the person she is attached to she gets bummed off, so you have counter play, yuumi can counter that by just moving to another ally before the second cc ability hits
A Rob
A Rob Yıl önce
I feel like Morde’s ult could be saved if they change the 10% stat thing. Make it more similar to Trundle’s ult
B P 10 aylar önce
@A Rob Revisiting the wiki about him,If what I suggested is applied for his ult: Duration:7Secs Passive Damage(Assume Lv18): 15.2 +30%AP+5% of Targets Max Health Damage Per Second Let (A) Proposed one: A x (Lvl as Percent) Damage per second . Meaning,while the enemy is inside the realm, they take the passives damage but in reduced amount base on level (Only 18% for Lvl 18 for example) per second.
A Rob
A Rob 10 aylar önce
@B P oh…oh my. It might as well be an instant kill button. His passive is my biggest nightmare about him lol
B P 10 aylar önce
If its me, I advise they add the passives effect when the enemy champion is inside the zone,for continuous damage.
Nibla02 Gamer
Nibla02 Gamer Yıl önce
Ahh the good old ap. That was more fun to play against. Thats why they changed it. I personally think that his W or E is more annoying if you are a tank or assassin. The true dmg an dmg reduction is insane
Katsui Shima
Katsui Shima Yıl önce
I think Karthus' Ultimate should be changed to be similar to lillia's ultimate, any champion he has damaged or hit with his W in the last 3-5 seconds is marked and can be hit with his ultimate, it would make sense given the way karthus tends to play and when his ultimate ends up cast alot of the time outside of sniping kills. When in his passive his e would mark anyone close to his death site and allow him to get major damage off, in exchange they could either increase the damage of his ult or shorten the channel time
The Wreckoning
The Wreckoning Yıl önce
Seeing morde and yuumi right after each other gave me a crazy idea. Would mordekaiser make a good support against a bot lane that has Yuumi? Early levels you just fish with your pull and try to poke, but at level 6 imorde ults the adc, and yuumi is just free gold for mordes adc. Morde just has to survive his time in the realm, and then it's a 2v1, but I could see a world where he wins against the enemy adc as well Also, I want to say that you *can* itemize against %health true damage, and that's with shields. I think it's still a crazy mechanic, but having access to shields is the counter to %true damage.
ZGWarp Yıl önce
yes I played morde sup and lets just say some people aren’t use to a 1v1
siropCraete Yıl önce
I think that yummi should be changed around her w. She should have a really big insantive to be detached, so if she is attached she can't be hurt but she cannot preform to her best. So you will need to strategically use it in the right times instead of it being her defolt (and better state)
Riot needs to understand that "untargetable" means you can't TARGET the character. It doesn't mean INVULNERABLE. Yuumi really should take damage from area effects while attached.
thall thall
thall thall Yıl önce
no that's dumb lol
Greg Partridge
Greg Partridge Yıl önce
Area effects still need to 'target' what they hit, by calculating which targets' hitboxes intersect their area of effect. The way 'untargetable' is defined is that the champion doesn't have a hitbox. She's not totally invulnerable, she still takes damage from DOT effects that applied before she went untargetable. I do agree with the previous comment that she should take harm when her host is hit, I like the idea of CC applying to her as well, and maybe also a percentage of the damage taken.
Petur CH.
Petur CH. Yıl önce
Or make Yummi and the person she is on to count as 1 champion. If you stun or silence the person with Yuumi, it applies to both of them.
Wasting Sun
Wasting Sun Yıl önce
I would go into listing ones but I have a class, and I will say this Sylas' W is the laziest good ability I have ever seen. Even through nerfs, that ability is the single thing carrying his kit, and its so depressing for such an interesting lore character.
vCrypt Yıl önce
I don't know much about karthus lore but swapping his ult with mord's old one may be nice, since he already itemizes for tick damage. Though I'd say with the new items like demonic embrace the damage would need some fat nerfs
Budkendall Yıl önce
I find Pantheon's e a poorly designed ability because it takes a good chunk of his balance budget without that much pay of it works better against ranged champions than melee which hinders his solo laning in top lane and mid lane slightly and has some wonky interactions with it being directional. Also it is just way too easy to move around him to prevent his damage invul. But this is my opinion and am fine hearing other opinions on it.
Vereki Yıl önce
There is one way to kind-of itemize against %max-health true damage: shields and healing. Steraks/Shieldbow, and gargoyle stoneplate gives you temporary health that doesn't increase the damage she deals to you. Healing items like goredrinker also work, since they restore your missing health rather than increasing your max. I still hate fiora, and there aren't very many items to choose from to go against %max health true damage but they still exist
ANormalUser 10 aylar önce
Something they could do with the Mordekaiser R (if they remove the 10% stats thing) is that he can choose to stay out of boundaries or get inside of it, but the enemy cannot, then he can 1v1 someone he thinks he can beat, or just stay out of it if the enemy is too fed and keep both out of the fight for a while. I think it would make it more useful in a lot of cases, without being too OP.
Josephine DuVal
Josephine DuVal 5 aylar önce
As a karthus player imma have to disagree with this one for once. It takes an immaculate amount of vision and understanding when to ult plus you are not given the opportunity to use it a lot. It has one of the longest cd ults in the game. It’s the biggest thing in his kit besides his passive. Also it takes a long time channel and can be interrupted or it can be zhonyas.
Bad Dog
Bad Dog Yıl önce
I agree with all except Karth ult. Enough power has been shaved off of it to where I think its fair.
Soondun Yıl önce
According to your good design video i think you misplaced morde ult. It has some of the most interesting choices to offer. I can still choose to ult a target i cannot stat check so sacrifice myself to let my team win a teamfight 4v4. I can use it on a low damage tanky target early in a fight to stack my passive and conq without risk. I can use it to catch my lane opponent for my jungler to gank. and on top of it all it looks cool.
OccuredJakub12 Grefkowicz
I wish Karthus's R was made into a dodgable AOE skillshot that homed in on the enemies until the last second where they could dash to dodge it. And, maybe, Karthus could delay it for just a second to be able to juke out an enemy's dodge and still manage to strike them.
Phsycres Conquest
Can I point out that Master Ti’s Alpha Strike is directly inspired by Ember Spirit’s Sleight of Fist and Juggernaut’s Omnislash. The problem Yi has is that those two abilities are from a game that operates completely differently in terms of pacing. And in terms of juggernaut it’s his Ultimate and has a set run time and the amount of strikes is based upon his attack speed. The difference is that once he has used it it is on cool down for 70 seconds or so. Karthus Ultimate is based upon Zeus of DotA as well, in terms of ultimate. Karthus has a channel time but Zeus just zaps you instantly, but the mana cost is very steep, 700 mana or so. They also don’t have AP as a stat that you can build exorbitant amounts of. They instead has Spell Amp which is hard to get and hard to stack. As well as an item that makes you immune to magic and stuns for 9 seconds at maximum charges. The design philosophy in DotA is also very different. They have managed to make a game where things released 20 odd years ago are able to compete with the stuff released more recently.
pedro henrique
pedro henrique 11 aylar önce
Fiora passive is honestly very good design for me, she was meant to be a duelist, so giving her a way to eventually outbeat anyone as long as she keeps fighting is great both thematically and design wise. And just like vayne, her passive is pretty much single target since she doesn't have reliable aoe dmg (with goredrinker/stridebreaker) to keep using it on multiple people. Its useless if she gets bursted down and its not good on teamfights since she is squishy and can easily get focused if she tries to prock vitals too deep. Not to mention its position is telegraphed so the opponent can move in a way that makes it difficult for her to hit the vitals.
kurooaisu Yıl önce
My top five badly designed abilities (other than the ones in this video): 1. Tryndamere's ult. He just doesn't die. 2. Gwen's W. A mini Xin Zhao ultimate, nuff said. 3. Yone's E. Combined with his whole kit it's just crazy. 4. Vladimir's W. More annoying than Fizz. On a manaless champion, even. 5. Nautilus Q. The hitbox.
Ethan Wong
Ethan Wong Yıl önce
When I still played a year ago I was a naut main and I can wholeheartedly say that that statement is completely true. Sometimes I threw my hook and it felt like they did get away then a second later I’m balls deep. It’s stupid broken xD
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian Yıl önce
@Weird Things ok, immortal shieldbow does not exist apparently
DocumentoSecreto Yıl önce
Tryndmere is trash. O used to cry so much to him before but now i realized He only have his AA his ult is acceptable If you think that He Can easily be cced and killed. Never Lost to a trynda again
Storm Yıl önce
Biggest bs is that tryndamere can ALWAYS ult. I thought it had some sort of counterplay but nope, he ults through stuns, suppression, airborne, everything. Can’t lock that guy down at all and his only counterplay is „don’t fight him when he ults“ yea fucking thank you that seems fine…
Weird Things
Weird Things Yıl önce
Yone being so squishy late game that if he gets cced once he dies
Thescott16 Yıl önce
Couple things about Mordekaiser; 1) I am amazed that they haven't just let Mord keep the stats he steals for the duration even if his ult get's QSSed. QSS/cleanse could remove the arena, but shouldn't remove _everything..._ As it is currently it even goes against the written description of QSS, "remove CROWD CONTROL"; stat-stealing isn't crowd control or you'd be able to QSS Trundle's ult too. 2) He's not from Shadow Isles anymore (I noticed you grouped him in with Karthus). When they reworked him they changed him from one of the Ruined King's generals into the driving force behind the founding of Noxus; the guy who built the Immortal Bastion (you know in pictures of Noxus; that giant pyramidal fortress with spires at the top? That's not the entire city of Noxus, that's the Immortal Bastion). Basically, he was a ruthless warlord in life and when he died and went to the afterlife, he noticed there wasn't _anything_ in the afterlife; just an endless empty foggy plane with the occasional lost soul. Feeling betrayed by the gods, he maintained his soul through sheer willpower and anger. He started to whisper across the planes of existence and tricked a group of sorcerers into summoning him back to the mortal plane, got them to bind his spirit to a set of black metal armor, and promptly killed them (using their very souls to forge his mace) before conquering most of the continent as the Iron Revenant over the course of several generations. While doing all that, he built the Immortal Bastion on the planes of Nox to use as the seat of his power. Later, the many tribes of the Noxi banded together to fight him and he was also betrayed by the Black Rose organization (which includes characters like LeBlanc and Vladimir); his spirit was sent back into the death realm and his armor sealed inside the Immortal Bastion. But... That was all according to his plan. He knew what LeBlanc was doing and let it happen so that he could become the ruler of the realm of death. He used the souls of the dead from his generations of conquest to fashion a "proper" afterlife instead of the empty plane that it was. Through his willpower and knowledge of dark arts he used the souls of the weak to build a massive fortress, and turned the stronger souls into his army of the dead. Now he waits for the opportunity to come back and reconquer the world.
Skyler Graham
Skyler Graham Yıl önce
Everyone: Agreeing with Vars Me: "Holy shit that Jayce is cracked"
Kyezie131 Yıl önce
Bro I literally said the same thing while I was watching lmfao
JasonWolf Yıl önce
I stand by Morde's ult should retain a percentage of the stats he steals (it doesn't keep reducing the enemy stats, he just keeps some points). Just a little bit, so he's getting just another bit of stats here and there.
Jesse Paul
Jesse Paul Yıl önce
As someone else said, many problematic abilities in League came from DOTA. For instance, Yuumi’s linking ability is very similar to Io’s tether, but Io is still able to be attacked! Master Yi is heavily based on Juggernaut, and surprise surprise, Juggernaut’s untargetable slash attack is on his ultimate.
Ido Sherman
Ido Sherman Yıl önce
I genuinely think Yuumi could be made to be balanced. Make her take like 10% of the damage taken by the ally she's attached to. Then, while she's still attached, prevent her E from healing her - instead make it heal only her attached ally. Along with that, make her passive heal her instead of giving her a shield. Now Yuumi has to take some risky decisions, somewhat like Soraka. How long can she stay on her ally without dying? When can she pop out for a safe auto attack, and who should she attach to?
Pau Yıl önce
I pretty much agree with everything said on the video except for the vayne w part. Shes not checked in by anything. She's legit immune to melee champions. The only reason she isn't played as much its because she's an adc with a full anti melee kit, thats why she isn't as good as adc and will never be. How is roll or condenm any good against the enemy adc. The other dude has range so after q he can still auto u anyway, and ur e is pretty much useless bc any adc likes to play around walls. Many melees need to wait in brushes to ambush, but adcs don't need to do so, since u know, they have range. I would say vayne is actually worse than fiora because at least fiora is killable plus she's melee, fiora still terrible design, but she gets blasted in teamfights since u can't just focus one single enemy.
Adam Yıl önce
Never thought I'd hear someone call Requim overpowered. Lazy? By modern standards yes, but keep in mind that the ability was straight up ported over from DOTA (Along with a lot of other abilities ranging from Summon Tibbers to Jax's old counterstrike) . At this point, its an iconic portion of the champion and the champion remains popular enough and iconic enough that a gameplay rework isn't warranted. In regards to it being overpowered, I disagree heavily. Is it a powerful ability? Yes. Are there quite literally a myriad of options available to help mitigate its power for every single role ranging from Zhonya to Banshee's Veil/ Edge of Night? Also yes. In a world where mid laners either have the mobility of an assassin or twice the range of the average ADC, I think its fine to give a guy who literally needs to be within spitting distance to do anything a global nuke.
Vinícius Yıl önce
I don't know if it was already featured on another video but I think *Illaoi's E* is one of the most bs abilities in the game. It breaks the juggernaut rule of having to reach you and, just like Death Realm, the champion relies so heavenly on a single ability that without it the whole champion falls apart. I don't know how it feels to be "Oh she landed her E so there goes 40% of my health then I gotta dance for a feel secon- oh she landed it again" because I'm usually the guy landing it but sometimes I feel sorry for my opponents.
Alkinur Dotran
Alkinur Dotran Yıl önce
for yuumi, make it so she can only stay 7 seconds inside, then she has to be outside for at least 2 seconds
Timmy Nordin
Timmy Nordin Yıl önce
Perhaps make it so that autos reduce cooldown of W and hitting a champ with Q add time to the duration u can stay on an ally if already on an ally
Maroje Miljan
Maroje Miljan Yıl önce
Since so many champs have dashes now my favourite ability to annoy them is Poppy W. I've heard so many times how "unfair it is", but I find it quite fun. It's also a niche support pick against dash supports like Rakan, Leona, Pyke etc
Aeroano Supremo
Aeroano Supremo Yıl önce
@Greg Partridge even as a Warwick main i support this, i can't fucking outrun those fuckers that have dashes without ulting
5 Volt
5 Volt Yıl önce
Lee Sin lands Q on Poppy. Poppy: Do it. Lee Sin: 😔
nico freiler
nico freiler Yıl önce
I think poppy W is very fair due to its high cooldown and the fact that you have to use it preemptively
Greg Partridge
Greg Partridge Yıl önce
As an ADC main, I support anything that opposes league's movement creep.
Mikhael Gribkov
Mikhael Gribkov Yıl önce
Poppy is a quenn of punish, now if she blocked Master Y Q she would be must have.
Bard Yıl önce
Death Realm: I wouldn't say the spell itself is badly designed as much as Morde is badly designed as a whole. If Morde wasn't such a bland mess of a stat check, forcing a 1v1 would be a cool concept, but his P/Q/W/E are simply not interesting enough for that to be a thing. Yuumi: Should not exist. Alpha: Genuinely a good design. It provides the squishy AF Yi with some much needed I-frames while forcing him to go in and giving enemies a moment to prepare for his burst damage, rather than him just appearing on top of you instantly and popping you like newer releases. If you lack burst or CC he's going to kill you, but if you have those at the ready you can not only lock him down out of Alpha, but in doing so you prevent him from doing it again and being safe. Duelist Dance: There is genuinely nothing wrong with % HP true damage. Yes, it bypasses tank stats, but *that's the point*. Fiora's entire schtick is that if you send somebody to 1v1 her she's going to shred them. The only problem with this ability is how it plays out in the laning phase; if you get a forward-facing vital you cannot approach the creep wave as a melee. Requiem: This ability is perfect. A spell does not need a million fancy mechanics to be cool, and it doesn't need to be a skillshot to have meaningful counterplay. There are so many ways of surviving this spell (items, summoner spells, and just regular abilities) and it has enough weaknesses that it's absolutely fair to go against while still being powerful. It's a long CD with ample warning and pretty moderate damage, so it's only useful with good timing and awareness, meaning you need to plan your deaths carefully to get this off in a teamfight unless you want that Fizz to slip away again.
gamewatcher2712 Yıl önce
Probably a totally different type of baad design. Bards r. Because of the delay, the versatility and the high impact this ability often feels like a(unless it's used to freeze a turret for a dive). I just feel the ability is way too unpredictable and the impact is way too big for that
HeavensBane53 11 aylar önce
Part of the issue with yi's alpha strike is that its largely a copy of the dota hero he was based on, juggernaut's, ultimate except turned into a basic ability. On top of that dota has way more ways of dealing with omnislash, in a few cases through lower cost defensive items, than league does for alpha strike.
Jake Terpening
Jake Terpening Yıl önce
Pretty much disagree on all of this. It would be one thing if fiora could always hit the marks, but you can stand next to a wall to block them. Additionally, shields and healing, which you can itemize for with goredrinker steraks and stoneplate, all counteract %hp true damage. Alpha Strike is one of the best designed abilities. Sure there are a few champs that can't really do much about it, but having a long cooldown if he fails to get resets allows him to be able to have that high potential which feels good for the player, while being able to be shut down which feels good for the enemy. Most of the time Yi is running over a team, it's because he managed to run against a team with very little reliable CC. There are so many ADCs that will stat check a fed mordekaiser. He's a tank buster, and wants to be stealing tank stats anyway. It's fine if he is forcing a tanks and low income supports to buy QSS. He can still fight without ult, particularly if the enemy team throws a couple thousand gold into stopping his ult. Either way, it is also a dream ult for split pushers to be able to get a 1v1 no matter how many people they send at you in the side lane, and the game could use more love for split pushers. Karthus ult gives you time to lifesteal if you are an adc, use hourglass if you are a mage, or pop stoneplate if you are a tank. Early game before you can buy these items, it does peanuts for damage and has a 3 minute cd. I can agree with Yuumi ruining the enchanter dynamic. She is supposed to be balanced by a shit laning phase, but even if your adc gets dunked, you just hop on someone else.
omgodification Yıl önce
One way I think Yone's Soul Unbound could be modified to be balanced is to have it be easy to interrupt. Have it so when Yone gets CC'd, the ability automatically gets canceled and Yone remains on the same spot instead of going all the way back to his soul. So, instead of teleporting back to the original location of his body, have his body instantly teleport back to him. That way, you can have some form of counterplay while still allowing Yone to play safe by recasting before getting CC'd. (edit) yikes, okay yone mains i get it, don't touch the E jeez
the LightBringer
the LightBringer 10 aylar önce
@Just another commenter with an opinion as you are responding to a 3 month old comment, u should probably know lethal tempo wasnt meta yet, and also sinergizes and is always taken isnt the same. also high elo yone/yas players take fleet sometimes, but i cant expect people who know 1 build and 1 downloaded rune page to understand that. yasuo has poke..... every 3 abilities he has a poke that does 100 damage. u want to argue yasuo has a poke that can compare to syndra anivia tf zed ryze or any other poke champ? but yes yone is just an idiot proof champ that doesnt require hp or mana menagement and has no cd's and more effects than any champ should have, but we also got akshan aphel and whatever came after them that just outlclass him in the bullshitery department
Just another commenter with an opinion
@the LightBringer 1 yas does have poke and if you take fleet on yone you've got some questionable decision making but other than that yeh yone is dumb and way to much reward from what you have to do
the LightBringer
the LightBringer Yıl önce
@CandyCaneKnight hes not weak early, he has a 1100 gold power spike that mages get at 3.2k, and he cant get poked by yasuo since yasuo has no poke, and yone sinergises with fleet so he can also heal.
CandyCaneKnight Yıl önce
Yone is extremely weak early game and that makes him very hard to play and champions like Yasuo can easily poke harass and kill him. Doing that would nerf him even further so he could never even reach late game.
bitbat9 Yıl önce
No just take the move speed off of his E
Axi Yıl önce
I agree on the points on mordekaiser R, but I think you didn't mention an effective use that is pretty smart and that i find was well thought, it is practical to escape/1v2 ganks, and I fell that Mordekaiser being the juggernaut without mobility he is, without his ultimate would have a nightmare laning phase against ganks
Josue Yıl önce
As a Fiora main, I try in custom to see every évolution of fiora duelist dance That scale with Ad so to do 20% HP TD per Vital as you said you must have over 350 AD wich is 1 not worth ( u need item) Or that means u were overfeed so you build AD Normaly in late game with the meat Items that deal 13-14% TD per Vital I know that a lot but for a comparaison Vayne can do that at lvl 9 !
Nikolai Thomas
Nikolai Thomas Yıl önce
Yeah but as a fiora you are extremly tanky have a whole kit and cant get cced as a vayne you are really squishy and have 1 less ability
Gordon Trinh
Gordon Trinh Yıl önce
Definitely agree with the yuumi selection. Think the champ has poor design in general tbh. Big fan of the unique editing style!
Thekingofprotoss Yıl önce
in my opinion after maining the guy since his rework, technically before that but old mord isnt much like new mord. the way i think to fix his ultimate is to make it so that you cannot qss it, but he has to damage you with his passive for at least 1-2 seconds. every mord wants to have passive up before they cast their ult so thateven if the enemy dodges your q and e, you can still have constant DPS on them for the full 7 seconds so long as they remain in your passive and you can basic attack them. so its not really a far-fetched idea, yeah it would mean still he can just focus you and then ult you but he would have to put much more time and attention to doing so as opposed to just point and click ulting you. the health bar of an enemy who is ult-able can flash small blue flames indicating mord can ult them. the terrain issue would still be there but nothing can really be done for that short of having mords ult remove any non structure terrain.
The Android Next Door
Personally, I find Sett W to be the most obnoxious non ultimate ability to deal with. Giant Cone of damage with true damage in the middle makes it so even if you dodge the middle, you still take a fuckton of damage. AND he gains a shield the size of a planet that makes the ability essentially function as an instant "I win" button. The ability lets Sett make all the mistakes in the word with no possibility of punishment. I don't have a problem with the rest of his kit bit that ability makes fighting him a giant pain in the ass that I don't want to deal with most of the time.
Doby Dimov
Doby Dimov Yıl önce
Teemo Q, especially after the buffs, makes any champion that relys even remotely on auto attacks (which is like 75% of top lane champs) completely useless without jungle help, even then his q is on such a disgustingly low cooldown that a gank could mean that he gets a double.
Danial Humayun
Danial Humayun Yıl önce
Hello Vars! I have a video idea. Could you in future rework old or existing champions ability or abilities. Would be interesting to see potential solutions. Me, being a Mordekaiser main would be interested in how potential rework of his kit could look like. Amazing Video by the way. Very well thought out!
G6 Liara
G6 Liara 9 aylar önce
I have been playing with that thought myself, but for Katarina. In my idea I shifted her kit to deal physical damage. She does use metal daggers after all. I took some ideas from a character in the Dragon Age universe, which both looks and plays a lot like Katarina, and so I blended them both into one character (though Isabela would fit a Bilgewater theme better). New resource: Stamina - 120 (level 1), 180 (max level). Passive - Katarina regains stamina by basic attacking. Noxian Kiss: Critical strikes shortens the cooldowns on all abilities by 0.25 seconds, as well as granting an additional 5 stamina per hit. All of Katarina's abilities can critically strike, but only deals 125% instead of 140%, though 140% can be achieved with Infinity Edge). Q (toggle): Bolt - Cost: 10 stamina per attack. Katarina switches stance, activating her wrist-mounted crossbow and gains ranged attacks (550 units). Critical strikes does refund half the stamina cost. Targets hit with Bolt are marked with Vendetta for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds. Vendetta is consumed by other abilities, and have to be re-applied by Bolt (8 second cooldown after consumed). Attacking with Bolt deals 90% of a normal basic attack's damage. Applies on-hit damage from items. W: Flashing Steel (very similar to her old W) - Cost 50 stamina - Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 Damage: 90/130/170/210/250 (+125% bonus AD) Radius: 225 Spins in place, dealing damage to nearby enemies within the radius, and if the targets are marked with Vendetta, Katarina gains a shield based on the amount of Vendetta stacks gained from Flashing Steel (5 maximum). Shield Amount (per stack) 35/60/85/110/135 - Maximum shield strength: 175/300/425/550/675 Shield Duration: 3.5 seconds at all ranks E: Hook and Tackle - Cost: 70 stamina - Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 Damage: 110/140/170/200/230 (+160% bonus AD) Range: 700, width: 60 Projectile speed: 1750 (takes 0.33 seconds to reach max range) Katarina throws out a grappling chain, and pulling herself to the target (in essence a skillshot version of Shunpo). This chain ignores wall collision, and can attach to any champion, minion, monster or ward. Additionally, if the target is marked with Vendetta, it will also be rooted for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds If a target champion is killed within 4 seconds of landing this ability, the cooldown is refunded. R: Death Lotus - Cost: 50/75/100 stamina - Cooldown: 120/105/90 Damage (per blade): 5/12.5/20 (+20% total AD), Maximum damage: 150/375/600 (+600% total AD) Radius: 550 Duration: 3 seconds Becomes a flurry of blades, spinning rapidly and hits 10 blades per second to any enemy caught in the area. Applies 60% Grievous Wounds. Targets that are marked with Vendetta also takes 1% maximum health damage as true damage per blade hit (up to 30% for the full duration). Vendetta stacks are re-applied to champions previously marked, until the last blade hits.
Jordan Herrera
Jordan Herrera Yıl önce
I haven't seen anybody mention it but the little visual flair that Vars gave the abilities when he says them is so nice to look at!
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