BAD BATCH Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

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BAD BATCH Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. In this video, we're breaking down Episode 6 of The Bad Batch Season 2. In this video we meet up with Gungi and watch as Omega and The bad Batch return him to his Tribe on Kashyyyk.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul and it's the Return Of The Batch, once again. What better way to start your Wednesday than with a trip to a galaxy far far away. When the trailer for this season first dropped everyone was excited to see the return of Gungi and we finally get to meet back up with him properly in this episode. Throughout the video we're gonna be breaking down the easter eggs, hidden details and also everything you need to know about the young Wookie.

If you enjoy the video please hit the thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day. With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let's get into The Bad Batch.


Now the episode is called Tribe and this centers around getting Gungi back to his. Tribes also share common goals and the need to be one which we see throughout the episode.

We start off with the Bad Batch arriving on the Vanguard.

This isn't to be confused with the Vanguard Station which appeared during the reign of the Sith Empire. Instead this is very much a black market hotspot similar to what we saw in The Mandalorian season 1. The place is overrun by Axis droids and I can see flashes of L3-37 in their design even though this is their first time appearing in the saga.

The ship arrival also reminded me a lot of the one from Return Of The Jedi and the shots of it flying in and landing are similar to Darth Vader showing up in that movie.

They're there to sell some forged chain codes which are a type of ID used in the Star Wars universe. At this point in time several people were on the run from them and they needed to have fake IDs in order to bypass them. There's lots of metaphors for the second world war and during this time the Germans were hunting Jewish people much like how the Empire are hunting the Jedi. They made it mandatory to wear the Star Of David on their arm but some people refused to do this and they had fake IDs created so that they could slip around them and escape persecution.

We'll talk about these more in a bit but after Omega suspects something is off she sneaks into the bowels of the ship which is where she comes across Gungi.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Let us know your thoughts on the episode below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel trvid.com/show-UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ *Check out our BEST new videos below* *The Last Of Us Episode 3 Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-ZAePlZC0sfc.html *Scream 6 Trailer Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-FFJEakEBm24.html *Bad Batch Season S02E05 Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-7SvJmePGbSo.html *Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Trailer Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-Fqy--M58gFs.html *The Menu Ending Explained* - trvid.com/video/video-h2ISBcq7FKs.html *Glass Onion Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-Dty0LjtIltA.html
Bryan Heilman
Bryan Heilman Aylar önce
This was GREAT! I gave it a 9
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn Aylar önce
Damn, this whole episode was emotional. When they asked Gunji about his homeworld and he responded “only in my dreams” that hit me. Then only to see what happened and is happening there. The Wookiees have been through so much in this galaxy
Da-vid Cargill
Da-vid Cargill Aylar önce
Just like how obiwan remembered his birth family from his dreams and how leia remembered padme
LifeBricks Aylar önce
Major Season 7 deleted Kashyyyk ARC vibes, makes me wish we saw that finished even more now.
Texel76 Aylar önce
@Shawn Giver 8 seasons was the original intended plan, woth season 6 having 25 episodes and seasons 7 and 8 javing 20 each
Brad White
Brad White Aylar önce
They did mentioned they been on Kashyyyk before, they should bring back those arcs but as mini movies or such, I also want one where we see the Admirals slowly becoming the evil Imperial Officers in the shows and slowly see them transition into such, so yeah
TheFrostbite324 Aylar önce
@Shawn Giverhow yoda became friends with the Wookiees.
The Green Devil
The Green Devil Aylar önce
Bad Batch would of been working for Yoda. It would of explained how Yoda knew Chewbacca and Tarful.
The Kashyyyk ARC had Venomor as the bad guy too, but he would've worked for the CIS instead of the Empire.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
This And Episode 3 Are the best episodes of the season so far. Love seeing Gungi and hope to get him back in a future episode. Can't wait for the rest and hope to get Ahsoka Soon.
Kronosaur417 Aylar önce
Those spider creatures are(or were) called kynrath and first appeared in Knights of the Old Republic as enemies on kashyyyk
Ava Scharmen
Ava Scharmen Aylar önce
if you turn on subtitles they get called kynraths
Kronosaur417 Aylar önce
@Seryth definitely
Seryth Aylar önce
They were such a pain
LoneHowler Aylar önce
I think this episode gave us a few more subtle hits that Omega is force sensitive
LoneHowler Aylar önce
@Astro_Mickey hence why I'm saying "force sensitive" rather that "potential Jedi" not everyone that's force sensitive would be strong enough in the force to be a jedi
Astro_Mickey Aylar önce
​@LoneHowler Star Wars has shown that some people are more attuned to the force than others. I don't see here force choking anyone anytime soon for example, but we will see
LoneHowler Aylar önce
She had a bad feeling about the traders post, and seemed to react to Gengi's presence before we could really hear his cries for help, she went to his aid without question. When they were fighting on the wookie Homeworld she and Genji were able to work in synchronization without being able to communicate. In real life you either have to work with someone for years to achieve that, or have extremely good intuition, in their case force sensitivity takes the place of intuition. If you don't have it, you end up tripping over each other instead of trusting your partner to know where to be. Older episodes have shown that her intuition is beyond normal, she seems to know who to trust or not, where to look for something. But the show is keeping it super subtle to keep us guessing. Is it just extremely good intuition? Or is it force sensitivity?,
Memes&Coffee Aylar önce
@Robo i dont want her to be tbh its too cliche i prefer if she had a secret enchancement like tbe batch
Astro_Mickey Aylar önce
How so?
Mickle Bickle
Mickle Bickle Aylar önce
Lucas said the final battle of Return of the Jedi was supposed to be wookees but they were too costly so they went with Ewoks instead
Bob Bob bob
Bob Bob bob Aylar önce
Really didn't know that think that would of made alot more sense since they where the one that built the second death star as slave
Mickle Bickle
Mickle Bickle Aylar önce
Plus, it was hard to find dozens of 7ft tall people at the time. I think that was the main reason
Rodolfo Federico
Rodolfo Federico Aylar önce
Omega is force sensitive! She can sense gungis force right before he pulls the saber and feels the distress of him in the beginning of the episode
elite_echo Aylar önce
I dont think so. She literally just sees him stick his hands out and shes curious what he’s doing😂
Alioda L
Alioda L Aylar önce
Ok that episode was so good but yet so sad. Poor Gungi, I swear when I saw him trying to scare Echo away from him, I was SO sad for him.
polski husarz
polski husarz Aylar önce
You didn't mension that wrecker said: we haven't been to kashyyk for a long time which is reference to deleted clone wars arcs where bad batch is on kashyyk with yoda. Tarful would speak to the trees like wookies in this episodes . Kinrath and this creature that they ride would apear too
polski husarz
polski husarz Aylar önce
@Thomas Smart yes at first i was thinking that first episode of season 1which i 76 minutes long would be flashback. In this arc croshair would still be on the team so i think it can play out like this: We see croshair alone and he thinks is following orders worth loosing friends (bad batch) and then the flashback starts. (Chewbaca was supposed to be in that episodes too)
Thomas Smart
Thomas Smart Aylar önce
100% flashback episode one-off would be welcomed
Previn Naidu
Previn Naidu Aylar önce
This was a great episode. Definitely feel like they are building to something much more connected
VioletPink Aylar önce
The spiders in this episode really remind me of some of the enemies on Kashyyyk from the KOTOR games
TheRealAlpha2 Aylar önce
I thought it was a nice touch that when the Wookies speak, you can see Tech pull down his visor for a translation.
Adam VanGesen
Adam VanGesen Aylar önce
I'm really digging the adventure of the week format. Last week and this week's episode were a lot of fun. I still think Omega is force sensitive but maybe I'm just a chump. ✌️
Jeff S
Jeff S Aylar önce
I'd almost prefer having an over arcing plot for the season. They can do different missions like this if it all connected for one reason.
MK Saber
MK Saber Aylar önce
I'm just excited to see Gungi again! Like Mandalorians, there's very few force sensitive Wookies so I loved seeing him.❤️ And I enjoyed him and Omega bonding and the talk of the importance of family. 😊
SithCareBear Aylar önce
I thought this was a very good episode. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed season two and the series as a whole. I do t know why it isn’t appreciated more. Thank you for another great breakdown, Paul! Cheers!
Lexus Lfa Jonas
Lexus Lfa Jonas Aylar önce
Nice to see a familiar face. The moment I saw him I was like "Is this actually Gunji?" The music is also really cool, sounding like a tribal alarm of some sorts.
alex zee
alex zee Aylar önce
We all loved the episode! It's what we've been waiting for and expecting from the show!
Bo & Debbie Mulder (OWFG)
Though this episode didn't advance The Bad Batch's storyline that deals with the Empire on a larger scale, I was delighted that this "filler" episode had an important purpose. Also great action and pacing. Was great to see a Jedi again. And Gungi was adorable. My 2nd most favorite episode on SE2 so far!
Thomas Holley
Thomas Holley Aylar önce
@MikaGrof Exactky that. The clone connection will always come back
MikaGrof Aylar önce
@Thomas Holley I mean they liturally fought the empire in this episode, I think it will rekindle the empires desire to hunt them down even more now. and considering next two episodes are gonna release together shits about to go down.
Thomas Holley
Thomas Holley Aylar önce
I think it does advance. Agree with what you are saying but it certainly does show the scale of the imperial operation. The fact that they seem to be targeting Jedi children seems to have sparked hunter up so that the next 10 episodes will be bb vs empire
Kayone73 Aylar önce
I'm just so happy to see Gungi had survived Order 66 and scrapped his way back to his homeworld
Hai Ya Doin
Hai Ya Doin Aylar önce
Clones and Jedi fighting side-by-side, good times.
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis Aylar önce
Episode was great! Seeing Gungi again was amazing
CDN Norse Dog Dad
CDN Norse Dog Dad Aylar önce
In the last three Star Wars Movie and in Solo, I got the impression Chewbacca was Force Sensitive. He been hiding it Episode 4, 5 & 6, because Yoda taught him how to hide it so he would not get captured by the Sith.
ᑌᗩTᑌ Aylar önce
That little fang was brilliant marketing, it almost approached Grogu-level squee.
Rudy Clarke Johnson
This was a great and emotional episode!
Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez Aylar önce
The spider creatures are Kinrath originally from Knights of the Old Republic. So cool they brought them back
JB’s Brick Kiln
JB’s Brick Kiln Aylar önce
More Kashyyyk is good! They never have quite nailed the animation for wookiees in my opinion, though.
ABHISHEK KUMAR SINGH #flyhighsimplymarvelous
Omega,Gungi and Grogu would the best of friend
ABHISHEK KUMAR SINGH #flyhighsimplymarvelous
@El Goose Silly me. How did i forget the designer/investor of my fav unique lightsaber
El Goose
El Goose Aylar önce
Ezra Bridger too.
L.J. Fineman
L.J. Fineman Aylar önce
This is the second episode that I got Avatar vibes if you will. Glad someone thinks the same about at least one of the two.
Isaac Rebellion
Isaac Rebellion Aylar önce
It's disappointed that there no Sev and Crys in this episode, I thought magizine say that 212th went to Kashyyyk, including Boil, wooley and barlex, i guess we don't know what happened to crys, maybe he freed by Cody in coruscant as they go to AWOL or he with Rex, It probably Barlex become new commander with Crosshair in next episode.
Zagoreni02A Aylar önce
Very good episode. I really like it. Hope that Gungi survive Imperial age. What it even more sad is that this is early imperial age which means Empire will came in force to enslave wookies. A galaxy far from war, in our real world i would say world without war, only dream. It is also good to see a jedi padawan that we saw in SW: The Clone Wars again. Rest of the padawans probably died during the purge but i am glad at least that Gungi manage to survive. Hope to see him more in Bad batch.
Hecho en Tenochtitlan
I would love a Gungi series Also if they have mentioned Yoda from the unfinished Kashyyyk arc of the Clone Wars to make it canon it would have been so cool
Brian Aquila
Brian Aquila Aylar önce
I want a Gungi and Grogu story 100 years in the future.
james finendale
james finendale Aylar önce
I think gungi was teaching omega how to listen to the trees
JP Aylar önce
You can tell Omega is 1000% force sensitive.
Fake Lonk
Fake Lonk Aylar önce
I love how this ties into the Trandoshian Wookiee enslavement in Republic Commando
Mikson Aylar önce
those "spider-mantis creatures" also were in Kotor, when the're looking for the star map on Kashyyyk
Jeff S
Jeff S Aylar önce
I'm still hoping this season starts having an over arcing plot. So far, it's just been episodic getting a different "mission" from Cid for each one.
Josh G. Russom
Josh G. Russom Aylar önce
Good to see Gunji again!
James Wilhite
James Wilhite Aylar önce
How you remember all the droid number names is impressive to me.
Cisco Duncan
Cisco Duncan Aylar önce
They need another clone to join them. Add to their ranks. Not crosshair. Another ARC trooper or something. Not a big Omega fan but she is the star of the show. Love when they do eps like this. Bringing in other characters. Need to do more. Thank you for the video.
Matthew K Kwan
Matthew K Kwan Aylar önce
Hopefully Gungi can reunited with his friends
QZX Productions
QZX Productions Aylar önce
@XXXBILLYBOBSWAG Be nice if the episode would have actually told us if they were or not
Nah they all dead
Kionne Sensei
Kionne Sensei Aylar önce
Lucas Animation just doesn't miss for me. Rebels, Clone Wars, Bad Batch, all amazing shows. I just need to give Resistance a chance lol
Bobby Wan Kenobi
Bobby Wan Kenobi Aylar önce
This was a great episode! Hated how they burned everything! Definitely tied Fallen Order to the series now!
Edward Bloecher
Edward Bloecher Aylar önce
Gunji is pronounced same way in The Clone Wars too. I don't get the confusion. His lightsaber has always been green as well per The Clone Wars.
Mr fett
Mr fett Aylar önce
Definitely the best episode besides episode 3
Samurai Jedi16
Samurai Jedi16 Aylar önce
Wrecker: 99% Wookie, 1% clone!
highlander723 Aylar önce
"All that's required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Mr. Tres- Bien
Mr. Tres- Bien Aylar önce
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Chewbacca indebted to Han after being rescued? If that's cultural, wouldn't Gunji then join the Bad Batch? or am I wrong...or maybe there's more to it
Kziila024 Aylar önce
It could be different between different Wookie tribes.
Ben Swolo
Ben Swolo Aylar önce
Bk didn't get taken he volunteered to join he wanted to fight in the arena and had inhansments in his hands
THE Christian Rash
THE Christian Rash Aylar önce
I wish they would get to some sort of plot for this season
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed Aylar önce
It was a brilliant episode.
emoo Aylar önce
"I love seeing what the empire has done to the galaxy" 💀
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Aylar önce
Finally, the Bad Batch gets back to what they do best. Let's hope they keep the ball rolling and get a semblance of a story going. Thanks for the excellent breakdown, as usual, Paul.
FWR Aylar önce
Any story with a wookie is going to be a good one!
Yougottabe Kiddingme
Gunji growls and roars were sad in the beginning of the episode
James hewitt
James hewitt Aylar önce
That Acklay looking creature is called a Kinrath, their from the KOTOR games, I love call backs to them games, they need to do something with it, its a money pit their choosing to avoid it makes no sense 😅
Howard Martinez
Howard Martinez Aylar önce
good episode, nice revisiting Kashyyyk
TheFrostbite324 Aylar önce
Wrecker is an honorary Wookie
jus_mo Aylar önce
Hunter is an Independence Day fan, “Welcome to Kashyyyk!”
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker Aylar önce
This gave me Rebels Lira San vibes and Tales of the Jedi Ahsoka vibes.
Mark Novak
Mark Novak Aylar önce
In Star Wars, I am always confused why are we mining rare life supporting planets when mining grade minerals are far more easily available on lifeless astetiods?
R. L.
R. L. Aylar önce
loved this episode
Rev. Jeremy Hall
Rev. Jeremy Hall Aylar önce
did anyone else think the space station at the begining of s2e6 looked like something from the Hapes Consortium?
Cloud Nein
Cloud Nein Aylar önce
The wookie that got oneshotted instantly 🤣
TheSharperCoder Blog
“I guess the trees knew what they were doing!”
the wolf 01x
the wolf 01x Aylar önce
Now this was a good episode
Evan Berger
Evan Berger Aylar önce
Wrecker has to be part Wookiee
Thomas Smart
Thomas Smart Aylar önce
Kimoans '...now add a dash of wookie'
Jimmy Natividad
Jimmy Natividad Aylar önce
Could always use a lil more wook in my bad batch 👍 👌
No Data Stored
No Data Stored Aylar önce
Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 8 had a huge Darth Plagueis Easter egg... Huge
Martín Aylar önce
Return of the Jedi was supposed to end on Kashyyyk. The Ewoks were made because they wanted to sell toys so we went to a similar planet with similar creatures but smaller cuz toys. Ruined the movie but I love the references to Wookie culture and lifestyles. This episode really moved me and made me wonder how the movie might be different if George Lucas held his ground.
Joesph Louis
Joesph Louis Aylar önce
I bet we see the Gungi in jedi survivor!!
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris Aylar önce
Best episode this season
Das Zuber Revisits
Das Zuber Revisits Aylar önce
Star Trek: Vanguard! Lol random reference there but man that was a great series!
Nicholas s
Nicholas s Aylar önce
They're supposed to be kinrath; they even had a cancelled clone wars episode with force 99 on kashyyyk with them
Abraham Morrison
Abraham Morrison Aylar önce
Gungi is the 2023 Wookie of the Year.
Josh Eisenmann
Josh Eisenmann Aylar önce
Was really hoping for sev
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney Aylar önce
I always like to see Wookiees.
joelm33 Aylar önce
Ep 3 is still the best
Sapkowska Aylar önce
I see a Wookie... I'm happy :D
Whatever With Alex
Whatever With Alex Aylar önce
Someone definitely read or watched the Hobbit and The LOTR before writing this season lol. First the heart of the mountain and now giant spiders and asking the trees for help.
Spitfire442 Aylar önce
I feel like sev from republic commando should have shown up I felt like it was teased with the trando slavers and scorch appeared last season but oh well
That's what's up
That's what's up Aylar önce
I just had an epiphany watching this weeks bad batch episode I just realized that we have already seen a mega in Jedi fallen order. When you are on because chic at one point you talk to her but I think you can actually choose not to talk to her but I do believe you see her. Prediction she's in Jedi survivor.
Tammy Gordin
Tammy Gordin Aylar önce
For those of us who believe that Omega is force-sensitive, this is the first time she has encountered a Jedi. She also learn to talk to the trees. I see this is highly significant.
Stefan Alexandru Cojocaru
The smugglers say that Gangi was to be send to someone
Rob 2704
Rob 2704 Aylar önce
Ok so what the show does well is fan service by including known and loved, sometimes also underrated/-developed characters + showing new places or old ones from a new perspective, but what's pretty mediocre, sometimes even boring, is the plot & story, which is a pitty, they could have already done so much more with this interesting era of the timeline...
OUTSIDER40 Aylar önce
May the force be with you
Marc A
Marc A Aylar önce
Paul! You're back! 💚🇬🇧🌱 Thank God! I've avoided your channel since you handed over presenting to that yank... May resubscribe if you're covering the last of us?
Barteg exe
Barteg exe Aylar önce
Dear god finally not a god damn filler, very good episode, 10/10, liked it very much, progressed the story, showed Kashyyk, and the Wookies as they are now
Nelson Aylar önce
They didn’t find Seth 😢
Matthew A
Matthew A Aylar önce
All of this was cut content from The Clone Wars arc on Kashyyyk.
Masato Tanaka
Masato Tanaka Aylar önce
I hope Katooni and Jett didn’t become inquisitors
megsam4077 Aylar önce
i love how you cut off the video "somehow palpa-" haha!
Brian Davidson
Brian Davidson Aylar önce
1st time they've gone live wit their blasters on organics since sometime in season 1.
lorenzo1701 Aylar önce
This is like Avatar 3 - The Way of Wookies
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