BAD BATCH S2 Episode 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

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BAD BATCH S2 Episode 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed. In this video, we're breaking down Episode 4 of The Bad Batch Season 2. This entry shows us Riot Racing and we Tech, Omega and Wrecker helping out Cid. We discuss the cool Star Wars callbacks and give our theories on what's going on with the other characters.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and if you having clone problems I feel bad for you son I got clone force 99 problems and a batch aint one. The fourth episode is now out and throughout this video we're gonna be going through the latest entry, unpacking all the easter eggs in it and also giving our thoughts on what they could be teasing at with Cid.

Now the entry itself is called Faster and this entire episode is based around Riot Racing. This seems like it's the more chaotic version of Podracing which we of course saw all the way back in the Phantom Menace. That movie spawned numerous games including Podracer for the N64 which I don't mean to brag about but I was basically the Sebulba in my house. My dad couldn't beat me, my sister, no chance and my mum couldn't even get the engine started, what a chump.


Now the track itself has noticeable nods to the one from Mos Eisley. There's a starting position with the upper seats that look similar to how it was laid out there. There's the ramps as well and these very much replace the sand ones that we had on the planet.

The racers are also in the same vein as the Podracing ones and we'll get into these characters later in the video.

However, journey back to my youth with me once more and I actually think that this also takes inspiration from another playstation classic.

All the way back in 1997 there was a futuristic racing game called Wipeout 2097 that too had tracks like this across the galaxy. These were lit up with neon scenes and metallic tracks that bent round planets like what we have here. Might be a reach but do me a favour and reach for that thumbs up button if you enjoy the video. Make sure you subscribe for breakdowns Jango Fett for a King and with that out the way, let's get into the video.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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Charlie Hepp
Charlie Hepp 2 aylar önce
sabine need it for nightsister to wear the Saber to get it okay
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet 2 aylar önce
It's pronounced Twileks, not Twileks. I hope that's cleared everything up! lol
ROTHSSHVILI 2 aylar önce
FUN yet filler episode, shame on you Filoni ;p
Joser Maiz
Joser Maiz 2 aylar önce
So safa tama is a legends planet and cid backstory look very interesting
John Greaves III
John Greaves III 2 aylar önce
This episode showed that Tech has enhanced reflexes and processing power not just enhanced intelligence. Loved that Omega didn’t turn out to be a secre riot racing pilot. Great seeing how awkward Tech felt about being the “jock” for once. This season we’ve seen Tech in a more physical role in two episodes so far compared to none I can remember from Season 1.
The OUTLAW KING 2 aylar önce
@Jeffrey Carman Well, except for Crosshair, he's good at one thing and one thing only, which is why he chose to stay with the empire.
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman 2 aylar önce
Clearly we can see that, although The Bad Batch is among the best at taking on battle droids, but they also have a lot of marketable skills that would allow them to live a “normal” life, if they wanted to.
aboutdic 2 aylar önce
@John Greaves III Yeah but considering how basically Tech got an entire episode of him riot racing I want to see Echo have a starring role of the same screentime or around that of what Tech got.
John Greaves III
John Greaves III 2 aylar önce
@aboutdic I feel like Echo has been unpacked a lot in the last season of Clone Wars plus Episode 2 of this season of Bad Batch. Would love to see more though.
aboutdic 2 aylar önce
Yeah, can wait for Echo’s specific ‘break out’ episode. Hopefully it’s the next one
roloughlin212 2 aylar önce
Great episode. Massive character development for Cid and Tech. Tech is moving into the leadership role, gaining more confidence and seeing the Cid situation for what it is.
Ajay Rulezzz
Ajay Rulezzz 2 aylar önce
You gotta admit Tech did his homework very well studying the track being one step ahead of everyone
Steven Schnurman
Steven Schnurman 2 aylar önce
Great episode. Tech winning the race might have put the Batch at risk of being exposed that they’re all still alive. Tech is on video with the crowd shouting his name. Maybe Tarkin or someone else in the Empire is a racing fan and saw this?
Kato 2 aylar önce
Your on to something here my man
HungTheHeroLuu 2 aylar önce
@Battle Droid I agree. Or should I say: "Roger Roger."
Battle Droid
Battle Droid 2 aylar önce
I imagine Vader being the empire’s biggest racing fan maybe he would tell Tarkin
Music by Ksyusha
Music by Ksyusha 2 aylar önce
Yessss. I hope that has consequences. Like maybe, rampart or Crosshair can be shown watching this, and action can be taken.
Sergio Mendoza
Sergio Mendoza 2 aylar önce
Since he didn’t mention this, Tey-0 was voiced by Ben Schwartz who voiced Sonic. And like he always says, IT’S ALL CONNECTED. Sort of.
rodrign007 2 aylar önce
I knew he I recognized him from somewhere!
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker 2 aylar önce
This episode was entertaining. I love how Tech thought outside the box. No combat, just defense and strategy.
Ajay Rulezzz
Ajay Rulezzz 2 aylar önce
1:52 You could be right about Sid selling out the Bad Batch because the rival warned them to watch their backs, and I actually had me thinking about it
Bobby Wan Kenobi
Bobby Wan Kenobi 2 aylar önce
Great to see that they didn’t make Omega the winner. Having Tech win made complete sense.
Docta Helghast
Docta Helghast 2 aylar önce
I lowkey wish we saw more of the Battle Droid in the race. The one with the protocol droid has a story to it that dave filoni has yet to capitalize on. otherwise, really cool episode
Butter_Warrior99 2 aylar önce
Tay-0 is voiced by Ben Schwartz, aka the voice of Sonic from the recent Sonic movies. Actually clever casting.
legothoron1 2 aylar önce
thought he sounded familiar
ErinWeyrin 2 aylar önce
I honestly heard him as Leonardo from rise of the TMNT
Gommodore64 2 aylar önce
Fitting considering he's a cocky racer here
Nuggetmcnugget7 2 aylar önce
all i could hear was jean-ralphio
Jungoguy 2 aylar önce
Very clever. I could hear a lot of his Dewey Duck in Tay-0, though
Jessica Jacob Leite
Jessica Jacob Leite 2 aylar önce
This episode shows that the clones from the bad batch with their freedom are now able to explore and try out new things allowing them to figure who they are and want to be instead of just being what they were made for.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin 2 aylar önce
Honestly, I don't care what anyone says, I loved this episode! It had all the "Saturday morning cartoons" vibe that I love about the Bad Batch, and many of the Star Wars animated shows. This was just a fun episode, with a really fun pairing. Come on, Tech and Wrecker are hilarious together! That needs to happen more often. I would literally watch a spinoff show with just those two characters, they bounce off each other really well. The looks from Tech alone in this episode were priceless. I loved the announcer too! Great touch. His incredulity about Tech's name got me a couple of times. Tay-0 was also a great character (I wonder if they were referencing Tayo the Friendly Bus, which is a Korean kid's show, this Tay-0 was basically the opposite of that Tayo, who is timid and unsure), the way he got taken out was perfect.
Ove08 2 aylar önce
I actually thought they'd make Omega do it so happy it was Tech. Fun episode for sure
Moon 2 aylar önce
The atmosphere was amazing this episode 🤩
Moon 2 aylar önce
@Evan~ ok Evan take breather :))
Evan~ 2 aylar önce
@Moon it was just bad. No point to this episode whatsoever
Moon 2 aylar önce
@Zach Seabass what does it has to do with atmosphere and environment design?
Zach Seabass
Zach Seabass 2 aylar önce
@Moon Coz it's a filler episode with no significance to the plot. It's not like this show has a hundred-episode seasons to spend freely on such fillers
E M 2 aylar önce
I think Tech and the Batch are more exposed after he wins and acknowledges the crowd praising him.
Justin Emord
Justin Emord 2 aylar önce
Venim was the same species as Clegg Holdfast who was one of the original racers from Phantom Menace
Jeno the Mississippian of Mandalore
Yep I was hoping it would actually be him. That would be a dope cameo.
Randy Ram
Randy Ram 2 aylar önce
This episode was so much fun! From seeing a unique form of racing, to all sorts of alien species, even setting up Cid's shady background there was a lot to love from this episode
galaxyeffect98 OF
galaxyeffect98 OF 2 aylar önce
This episode was pretty different than the rest but like George Lucas said "It rhymes"
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn 2 aylar önce
Fastest. It felt like a filler episode but we learned a little about Cid
Evan~ 2 aylar önce
@BT-7274 shh
BT-7274 2 aylar önce
@Evan~ if thats your best argument all the time, then theres no point in replying to you
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn 2 aylar önce
@Richie Tribe oh it was a fun episode, Tech is getting more and more recognition. He’s always been my favorite
Evan~ 2 aylar önce
@BT-7274 okay child
Zach Seabass
Zach Seabass 2 aylar önce
@Moon exactly it has ONLY 12 left - it's pretty limited.
reconsoldier135 2 aylar önce
It was cool to see Tech be the hero for once. Also nicely done slipping a sorta Sid Vicious reference in there
Andrew Reyes
Andrew Reyes 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed seeing Tech shine for a bit. My favorite clone of the batch
Touro Leite
Touro Leite 2 aylar önce
Really cool episode, and Dee Bradley Baker is so talented he really does great a job
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet 2 aylar önce
Where did you find that yinyang symbol for your avi?
Kayone73 2 aylar önce
Solitary Clone was a masterpiece but after such a heavy grim story, this neo pod racing story was a fun, bright palette cleanser before we get back to the main story. Also props to giving Tech the main spotlight once again 👍🏼
Ajay Rulezzz
Ajay Rulezzz 2 aylar önce
I actually knew the episode would be about the race just like in the Trailer and I knew Tec was the one to be in it.
Jonathan M. Conway
Jonathan M. Conway 2 aylar önce
This was probaly the most fun this season so far. I had to explain to the wife way it was so similet to Ep 1 (ended up showing the pod race scene) but over a great and light hearted entry. Now lets hope things get a bit darking for the gang and we go back to kicking some ass
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 2 aylar önce
Never stops to amaze me how fast this got made
J M 2 aylar önce
I found the racing scene to be pretty intense. I enjoyed it.
RussianJackal 2 aylar önce
I was fairly certain that the racing champion was Clegg Holdfast from “Phantom Menace”, but he was called out as someone else. However, same species and profession.
FWR 2 aylar önce
I love this series and would be down for some other clone wars spinoffs as long as Dave Filoni is tied to them!
RaynSKattey 2 aylar önce
Ya legend 👌🏻 I just caught up with this series because I’m currently watching all Star Wars chronologically and I just finished the clone wars and I’m glad I’m caught up and can watch these video now 👍🏻
Andy Skibba
Andy Skibba 2 aylar önce
Great episode. Fun to see Tech get to be the star.
chervilant 2 aylar önce
Great content, excellent follow-up to each episode. Thanks!
Michael Willey
Michael Willey 2 aylar önce
Brilliant breakdown, in perpetuity 👍🏼
mark morris
mark morris 2 aylar önce
All I want is for them to make a live action of this and have Sylvester Stallone as an older version of the main guy I forgot his name
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal Aylar önce
2:41 That’s actually the same explanation Ryan Arey uses on ScreenCrush. 8:02 There’s also a Snivvian next to him drinking from a purple bottle.
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman 2 aylar önce
9:29 while the Empire should be (and probably will be) hunting them, right now Admiral Rampart is covering up the fact that The Bad Batch survived Kamino.
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 2 aylar önce
Tayo’s/Echo’s racer looked similar to Rey’s land speeder in TFA.
Abraham Morrison
Abraham Morrison 2 aylar önce
Pod racing was an ode to the iconic chariot racing from Ben-Hur.
Josh Karian
Josh Karian 2 aylar önce
Although I liked the episode, I feel the show is stronger when the episodes tie into a wider plot
BTB 2 aylar önce
Tech’s name & talent is now somewhat public knowledge and he can be traced to Sid.
SithCareBear 2 aylar önce
“A Jango Fett for a King…” No Paul… Bad Paul… 🤣😂🤣 Seriously though, you totally pronounced it correctly… Twi’lek😃👍 Thank you for another excellent breakdown, mate! Cheers!👊😎
Disney knights padilla
I have first I thought Omega was going to be the racer for this episode just like how Anakin did it during his childhood but I guess not.
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker 2 aylar önce
This whole episode is definitively a WipeOut reference, they even play 90s dance music during the end race and have an announcer SAY THE WORD when Tay-0 gets flattened in the pit lane!
Jungoguy 2 aylar önce
Man, I love racing! Pod-Racing was the reason why I got into Star Wars! It was just so awesome!
Fluffy999874 2 aylar önce
Fun fact the racing droid is actually voiced by Ben Schwartz
Lanwarder 2 aylar önce
As far as I'm concerned, I'd say that this week's episode felt like an okay B story in a regular episode....It simply wasn't enough to make the episode interesting. Yes we can see in advance that there will come a point when Cid will probably betray the bad batch....We don't know how serious of a betrayal it'll be, we don't know if that'll be the end of the relationship with "Clone Force 99", maybe it'll be big, maybe it won't. The point is, that the little comment about Cid not being loyal is pretty much the only element that appeared to advance the overall story...
Walker Lamebrain
Walker Lamebrain 2 aylar önce
I thought Tech was just my favorite bad batcher. But after this episode I realized I'm actually in love with an animated character😖😫🤭🤣🤣🤣 Tall, highly intelligent nerd, can shoot, an excellent pilot, wins a death race the 1st time he participates & most importantly has healing powers almost like wolverine ~ unless there's at least 2-3mos time jump between ep2 & 4, a leg fractured by 300+ pounds of weight healing in 2wks is impossible (my spouse fractured his wrist & was in a cast for 2mos, 1mo brace + physical therapy)... OR they have secret access to a bacteria tank😆😆😆 It's a nice, fun episode after last week's dark takeover of Desix & a conflicted, murderous Crosshair.
Mamoke Akaunu
Mamoke Akaunu 2 aylar önce
That rap was legendary 😂
Disney knights padilla
I’m guessing there were a few ex Jedis or Separatist ministers,who witnessed it And felt like they can inspired Making a battle droid head protocol.
Hope Mullinax
Hope Mullinax 2 aylar önce
Ben Schwartz completing his four horseman of playing blue sassy characters with TAY-0, Dewey Duck from DuckTales, Sonic from the live action movies, and Leo from Rise of the TMNT
Jacob Gillispie
Jacob Gillispie 2 aylar önce
I feel like tech is going to Die this season he nearly dies in the first two episodes a couple of times now he's taking risks this episode and I feel like the alien reaching for the blaster at the end is foreshadowing something. My only other evidence is that in the first episode he mentions that Omega she's doing a good job and he taught her well ( something along those lines at least)
Music by Ksyusha
Music by Ksyusha 2 aylar önce
I know… I feel like they’re putting special attention to him, so that we care for him for, and then, when they kill him, it would be more emotional and dramatic
arie 2 aylar önce
the ninth sister is also the same species as Grummgar from the Force Awakens :)
Disney knights padilla
Pod racing brings back childhood memory scenes.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 2 aylar önce
May be a stretch, but Milegi could be a reference to Mitch Pileggi (Skinner in The X-Files, plus other shows)
Jesse Anthony Jr Catahay
Loved this episode!
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 2 aylar önce
I love the battle droids in the episode very funny.😂
JP The WicKid Ninja
JP The WicKid Ninja 2 aylar önce
Best intro since season 1's "Batches ain't shit but clones and kids"
General Grevious
General Grevious Aylar önce
Also the reptile man from clone wars when he and his people were hunting ahoska and the other jedi padawans was there too what surprised me
Favian 2 aylar önce
Usually you can never tell what’s going to happen in a clone wars or the bad batch episode but this felt so predictable like I knew tech was going to be the one racing was not too bad of a episode but wish it wasn’t predictable but also interesting that sid is a shady person
Yar Yemtsow
Yar Yemtsow Aylar önce
2:02 Sid's Vicious past, see what you did there 🧷
cd5sircoupe 2 aylar önce
Wipeout is such a great series.
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker 2 aylar önce
I feel like this entire episode was an excuse to make WipeOut references. I'm okay with that, I've watched this twice now hahaha
Andrei Cirstea
Andrei Cirstea 2 aylar önce
Honestly expected more after the last episode
Evan~ 2 aylar önce
@FrozenJedi cry about it child
ARandomDuck 2 aylar önce
@Evan~ here's an opposing argument and immediately calls them kid. Who really is the kid here?
jonathan Stafford
jonathan Stafford 2 aylar önce
When you know the history of trandosians and Wookiees and you know a certain Wookiee padawaan is teased
Terry Glover
Terry Glover 2 aylar önce
One of the cockpits looked like a Jedi fighter from Revenge of the Sith.
supremecheese82 2 aylar önce
I can't wait for the Mandlorian S3 and Ahsoka
hothmandon 2 aylar önce
Where's Hunter and Echo? They walked off without saying anything. Is the next episode going to be what they were up to?
hothmandon 2 aylar önce
What if Cid decided she wanted Omega so she attempted to get Hunter out of the picture, and now she's thinking, and now for Muscles, Goggles won't be a problem.
hothmandon 2 aylar önce
@Music by Ksyusha perhaps something goes wrong, perhaps Cid already sent them to their betrayal.
Music by Ksyusha
Music by Ksyusha 2 aylar önce
they were busy delivering uber eats
J Tac
J Tac 2 aylar önce
- The crunch move in the tunnel had me thinking of the "shake and bake" move from Talladega Nights.
esporev 2 aylar önce
Wipeout was great! That’s a classic I haven’t thought of in years… that was my last favorite racer…. Yaaah I’m old
S-N7 2 aylar önce
Twee'lek, Twy'lek doesn't matter which ones. Its basically like Potatoe, Poetahtoe. Tomatoe, Toemahtoe.
Kevin Rouillion
Kevin Rouillion 2 aylar önce
The puns are getting better on every video.
Ricardo 2 aylar önce
This episode could be called as a f-zero fron snes homage, and a Phantom menace's too, course!
Ricashbringer 2 aylar önce
I don't think Rampart cares about the Batch at this point, as he reported them as dead. So long as they stay out of the way of the Empire, Rampart won't take interest. We will just have to see what happens with that.
Jerry Beichner
Jerry Beichner 2 aylar önce
This episode was just set up for when Cid betrays them later in the season. The writing made it painfully obvious at the end of the episode when the ganster dude tells them not to trust Cid. Cid is going to betray them, have a change of heart, and end up helping/sacrificing herself for them at the end of the season.
Alioda L
Alioda L 2 aylar önce
Paul I need the return of the " Return of the mack " intro for this series I swear
Greybush 2 aylar önce
The Boonta Eve Classic was held just a hair outside Mos Espa.
Erika Gholston
Erika Gholston 2 aylar önce
I liked learning more about Tech.
John Kim
John Kim 2 aylar önce
Heavy Spoilers’ videos are faster than Tech’s race.
Rudy Clarke Johnson
Rudy Clarke Johnson 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed the episode!
Benny Lewis
Benny Lewis 2 aylar önce
I believe cid would betray the bad batch but with her trusting them so much this season would earn her sacrificing her life
chainedByThresh 2 aylar önce
I find it strange the the clones, in this case clone force 99 dont have any problems with the commando droid. I mean those are the things the where fighting for years and now they forgot about them ?
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker 2 aylar önce
It has clearly been reprogrammed and customised
Rashad Jones
Rashad Jones 2 aylar önce
1:13 Wipeout was on the demo disc with the PS1!
Thomas Hulks
Thomas Hulks 2 aylar önce
IG 88s head is a part of the engine used in Britains first jet fighter the gloster meteor
Patrick dePoortere
Patrick dePoortere 2 aylar önce
There's a point that "easter eggs" become derivative crutches, and this is far beyond "cyber-legs", it's a cloned episode.
Iwillone 2 aylar önce
There's a Metal Sonic joke to be made with the voice of Ben Schwartz as a racing droid in Star Wars in this episode.
The Crispy Chip
The Crispy Chip 2 aylar önce
Love that Tay was voiced by Sonic xD Ben Schwartz voices sonic!
G.P. 2 aylar önce
I wonder how many people got the "Sid Vicious" reference
narutoX0000000000001 2 aylar önce
I always like watching these
Demian V
Demian V 2 aylar önce
Lmfao the intro 😂
Chup Smith
Chup Smith 2 aylar önce
I love the fact that they have shown so many droids having found a purpose outside of the one they were created/programmed for: War. The fact that they can choose to be different proves that they are truly sentient beings, not just 'turing machines' mimicking intelligence as some kind of Psy Op against Jedi (who may have been reluctant to 'kill' a droid verbally admitted it was afraid of 'death'....not that that worked). Eventually the Star Wars Universe should address this problem of treating sentient beings as property, before we get a 'Skynet' uprising.
william francis Collett
A decent filler episode. I'm glad they're back to the BATCH. I agree - no, not a kiss up here - I think Cid may sell them out. She's not a team or Family player. I didn't like her when I first saw her in episode 5, Rampage..
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