BAD BATCH S2 Episode 3 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

Heavy Spoilers
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BAD BATCH S2 Episode 3 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed. In this video, we're breaking down Episode 3 of The Bad Batch Season 2. This entry puts Crosshair in the Crosshair and we watch him carrying out imperial missions for the Empire. Crosshair has always been a fascinating character to me and he's basically the evil twin...well clone to the rest of the Bad Batch. We take a look into Cody and his apparent change of heart and we cover all the easter eggs and things you missed throughout this episode, lots to get through so let's get into it!

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Welcome back to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and this video we're breaking down Episode 3 of The Bad Batch Season 2. This entry puts Crosshair in the Crosshair and we watch him carrying out imperial missions for the Empire. Crosshair has always been a fascinating character to me and he's basically the evil twin...well clone to the rest of the Bad Batch. In season 1 there was a lot of back and forth over the chips in the troopers heads that activated Order 66. It was thought for a while that Crosshair was simply...following orders...because his had activated whereas the rest had malfunctioned in these highly altered clones. Wrecker even went in full attack mode at one point and it was only upon this being removed that he finally came back to the light.

It was suspect Crosshair still had his chip in his head but he revealed in the two part finale that he'd had it removed a while back.

Obviously the idea of the Empire would be attractive to some and though we tend to side with the jedi and rebels, some people obviously saw the allure of it. They promised peace and prosperity in a Galaxy overrun with gangster and the black market and the Resistance didn't really fix things that much either when they got in charge.

Now this video is sponsored by the Empire where I'm allowing you guys to sign up today.

Nah kinda sound like that but I like that the series is basically your mate from Uni who's basically like 'well I can see things from both sides. Now the episode is titled The Solitary Clone which you initially think might be a reference to Crosshair. This is definitely possible too and the episode even ends with him walking towards the camera in the opposite direction to the clones showing how their mentalities are moving in opposite directions.

However I see this more as being a nod to the one he teams up with aka ya boy Commander Cody.

Cody was known as CC-2224 and he's quite a big character in the Star Wars lore.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Let us know your thoughts on the episode below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel trvid.com/show-UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Bad Batch Season S02E03 Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-MGu1ltsb2EY.html *Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Trailer Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-Fqy--M58gFs.html *The Menu Ending Explained* - trvid.com/video/video-h2ISBcq7FKs.html *Glass Onion Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-Dty0LjtIltA.html *Alice In Borderland S2 Ending Explained* - trvid.com/video/video-u4pNunHR5Ko.html *Everything Everywhere All At Once Breakdown* - trvid.com/video/video-1CE7iGrNj3Y.html
Joe Easter
Joe Easter 2 aylar önce
Didn't Crosshair get lied to, when Tarkin in season one told the scientist to increase the chip efficientness to max??
DarthVader DaGreat
DarthVader DaGreat 2 aylar önce
How did u miss inserting the "Ah Ha" meme cartoon? After saying putting crosshairs in the crosshairs? Ah ha.
Matthew A
Matthew A 2 aylar önce
don't mention the sequels
Juan Figueroa
Juan Figueroa 2 aylar önce
Great episode
Erika_Itsumi 2 aylar önce
That's clearly Couracaunt and one of the old Republic Clone Bases/Prison from when Ahsoka was locked up during the temple bombing ark.
Kai 2 aylar önce
This was probably some of the best clone action we’ve seen in all of Star Wars (including the clonewars)! Super excited for this season
Felix Santos
Felix Santos 2 aylar önce
Agreed. Was one of the best animated episodes ever, top 5. Easily best Bad Batch episode.
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 2 aylar önce
​@goddard Josh Yeah I think your right. Bad Batch is all about the clones in general. Not really about the Bad Batch group. But now that you think about it. The Term Bad Batch pretty much means all the clones that are dropping from the empire. Not necessarily the group of 6 clones.
J.Mic-Gaming 2 aylar önce
Loved the slow moving,methodical,military strategy they showed.Watching clones clear rooms in a urban setting is amazing
RoSe_CiTy-86O 2 aylar önce
@goddard Josh That’s what I’ve been waiting for. There’s one in legends and canon I believe.
TheQuestionable 2 aylar önce
You know the empire ain’t great when I’m rooting for the droids 😂
Derrick Tan
Derrick Tan 2 aylar önce
Damn, Cody went AWOL so quickly, honestly was expecting it to occur mid-season or near the finale. Hope he meets up with Rex and the Bad Batch!
Simmy tan
Simmy tan 2 aylar önce
He's gonna meet Rex. Killing Cody would be stupid.
Derrick Tan
Derrick Tan 2 aylar önce
@darrell glover You could be right about that too, Rampart seems like the type to try and cover up any loose ends (poor Wilco) to uphold his status. I guess we'll see where this mention of Cody goes in the episodes to come.
Matthew 2 aylar önce
@darrell glover no chance man, dave filoni will not let down fans onthis one
Damandarin 2 aylar önce
@darrell glover he went AWOL. I’ll come back here when you’re wrong 😂
darrell glover
darrell glover 2 aylar önce
@Matthew I think it's purposely left ambiguous. We know Cody technically disobeyed. We know Rampart do when any clonetrooper disobey an order. And I wouldn't believe Rampart to be someone who willing to tell the truth when the previous episode he was willing to LIE on the report about the Bad Batch still being alive. With everything that was revealed, it is just as fair to say he lied to Crosshair about Cody. If Cody were to go AWOL, Cody would've been easily caught because he's a clone in Couresaunt. Where would he go? I do not believe he really went AWOL.
MichaelCasanovaMusic 2 aylar önce
I knew my boy Cody would come to his senses. Seems he's really torn up about turning on Obi Wan without directly saying it. "You know what makes us different than battle droids? We make our own decisions, our own choices. And.... we've gotta live with them, too."
Alex 2 aylar önce
Favorite line in the episode
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
Cody seems to have absorbed Obi Wans idealism and honor, in the same way Rex learned to break rules and act on instinct from Anakin. The more he sees the more he realizes the nightmare they are all in. The mission that never ends.
MichaelCasanovaMusic 2 aylar önce
@dancingvalkyrie Lmfao, Filoni isn't the supervising director of the show and didn't write this episode.
Skywalker 26
Skywalker 26 2 aylar önce
Yup you can see when crosshairs said traitors like the Jedi. Cody kind of put his eyes down and thought about what he did
dancingvalkyrie 2 aylar önce
A redemption arc without the actual character arc, lazy filoni writing
Chris Laurent
Chris Laurent 2 aylar önce
For me, this episode reminded me of one of the reasons why the Empire fell; fear. Fear can only get you so far. Yeah, your people will fall in line for a bit but the moment your back is turned, they will attempt to end your reign when they have the chance. Afterall, just because you’re feared doesn’t mean you’re respected
The OUTLAW KING 2 aylar önce
True, also just because someone's afraid, doesn't mean they won't fight back. Which means fear never works in the long run.
RS Dillbot
RS Dillbot 2 aylar önce
Power doesn't panic
Demi-femme 2 aylar önce
Machiavelli said that you should be feared AND loved.
PereMarquette1223 2 aylar önce
Interesting to see the battle droids in action. Shows how effective they were without Jedi around, and this squad seems really effective and disciplined.
The OUTLAW KING 2 aylar önce
@PereMarquette1223 Again, bad writing, since they sre many episodes where skilled clones such Rex, 5s, Jesse etc. are overunned and need backup. Are droids as skilled as Clones, no but the fact that they're machines and don't feel pain, fear, sympathy or tiredness makes an undeniable threat. And then with all their assests, they're way cheaper than clones to make and purchase, they are a clear asset and the reason the separatists relied on them so much.
PereMarquette1223 2 aylar önce
@The OUTLAW KING bad writing? Ummm no, I strongly disagree. Look at how clones could single handedly take out an entire battalion of droids. Gregor for example was a one man wrecking machine despite the fact D-Squad was totally outnumbered. As skilled soldiers the clones were well worth what they lacked for in numbers. Plus let’s face it, Jedi Vs a standard battle droid isn’t even a contest. If the CIS was strictly made up of more advanced models such as IG series droids and commando droids the war would’ve been a lot more of a stalemate. The last thing Palpatine wanted however was for anybody to win his war, especially the CIS.
The OUTLAW KING 2 aylar önce
@PereMarquette1223 Nope, that was just bad writing, look how effective they are in this episode, the episode without any Jedis. Face it, those episodes where they were portrayed as incompetent were done just to make the jedis look good.
Harold Cruz
Harold Cruz 2 aylar önce
The battle droids here are too few compared in the clone wars where the clones with their Jedi Generals are severely outnumbered and out gunned.
PereMarquette1223 2 aylar önce
@Reicrow I don’t believe that. A clone trooper is superior to a droid in almost every way. Notice once they took out the tactical droid they were useless? If a clone commander goes down the next rank assumes control of the squad and keeps on going. Assuming you can apply this logic to the entire CIS droid army all you have to do at every battle is knock out the droid commander, then you can overwhelm the droids.
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn 2 aylar önce
Such a gritty episode. I don’t think it’s only the cost that the Empire’s phasing them out. I’m sure it’s said befits but you’re having soldiers, based off a legendary bounty hunter that’s survived nothing but war. If a group like that cannot be controlled, they’ll decimate the TKs. However many they have left, clearly they will be a threat. You can see how effective they still are. With Cody AWOL, I wonder if he will find Rex. Ultimately I wonder what will happen to the other clones. We saw one in Obi Wan on the streets, such a sad arc
Ultra Brian
Ultra Brian 2 aylar önce
@Gary from Brooklyn not all of em are gone tho, they’re imperial clone loyalists that stayed as 501st & stormtrooper corps.
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn 2 aylar önce
**correction - I’m sure it’s been said before .. And yeah, they’re starting to feel it and rebel, Filoni may give a definitive fate of all the clones, since they are mostly all gone except for Rex (and that was retconned) by the Fall of the Empire.
MichaelCasanovaMusic 2 aylar önce
It really is starting to hit the Clones I think. The troopers in the mess hall were nervous about it, but I think Cody really saw the writing all the wall with all of the TK troopers coming out of the Nu Class shuttles.
Ultra Brian
Ultra Brian 2 aylar önce
I think they’re gonna be clones that stay as stormtroopers, some are gonna leave or rebel.
Dominic Gill
Dominic Gill 2 aylar önce
Episode 3 was, in my opinion, thr best episode of the Bad Batch to date. Totally invested in the episode and the internal struggle for Cody.
m.t 2 aylar önce
This episode reminded me of the clones wars at its best. I think without having omega they were free to once again do more mature content. Actual deaths and knife attacks, not just stun guns that are used when omega is in the scene.
FeatGorgon3 2 aylar önce
not going to lie I seriously thought Cody was gonna die on that stairwell but I’m happy he lived to come to his senses and go AWOL
Skywalker 26
Skywalker 26 2 aylar önce
Nah I knew Cody wasn’t gonna go out like that 🤣🤣
Same!! I was so worried😭
Heimir Josefsson
Heimir Josefsson 2 aylar önce
Such a wonderful episode! Poor Crosshair can't have breakfast in peace...
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
He'll never get to that biscuit.
darkhope97 2 aylar önce
Also noted that the man only wanted hes starwars chicken leg
Jessica 2 aylar önce
Especially after being stranded and starved on Kamino for like a month
ýəəţüş řəəťûş ĐƏƏŁƏŢÜŞ
I love the fact that the droid forces are actually pretty formidable here
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Probably because Palpatine purposely nerfed the droids and their commanders to make the Republic look more formidable in combat seeing as the GAR would be converted into the Empire.
War.Helmets 2 aylar önce
While I was really hoping Cody would stay with the Emprie, the way they handled him and his defection from the empire in this episode was awesome.
Gadget-Walkmen 2 aylar önce
@rainblood it's fine, man.
rainblood 2 aylar önce
@Gadget-Walkmen I thought you replied to me my bad
Gadget-Walkmen 2 aylar önce
@rainblood uhhhh What? I wasn't commenting towards you at all. I was referring to the OP comment. What are you even talking"
Gadget-Walkmen 2 aylar önce
LOL why would you want cody to stay with the empire at all? The episode was AWESOME and GREAT but what you're saying doesn't make any sense by wanting that for him.
rainblood 2 aylar önce
@Mike the Hunter I’m just finding this out now 😂
Jake lol
Jake lol 2 aylar önce
Cody gone missing means there's a HIGH chance he's gonna knock into Rex! OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT! To see these 2 fighting side by side is gonna be epic!
D♡NI 2 aylar önce
@America oh what I meant was why would they kill him offscreen...especially cuz we saw a brand new clone get killed onscreen. What u said is true though Edit: sorry if I sound rude...not trying to be 🩷
America 2 aylar önce
@D♡NI well, he doesn’t fit in any other one of the shows or ever mentioned apart from that one time in rebels. Legends Cody fits in everything. This new Cody doesn’t
D♡NI 2 aylar önce
@America why would they do that tho? it would just upset ppl since he's a super loved character and like the only named clone in the actual movies
Jake lol
Jake lol 2 aylar önce
@Shido8 Honestly Gregor should of been Cody since Gregor died in that 1 episode... but disney forgot all about Cody before that happened sadly. I don't know why it took years to bring Cody back.
Shido8 2 aylar önce
they should have put him alongside rex, gregor and wolffe but that would alter the timeline now
OnomatoPrinting 2 aylar önce
Are they ever going to let Crosshair finish a meal? No wonder he's so gaunt.
Alioda L
Alioda L 2 aylar önce
Poor Cody. When he said " We have to live with them too " referencing to their choices as clones... Well it's just too sad man.
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
A lot of clones are gonna be like, mentally broken if they get out from under the chip. Rex got off lucky. Cody would recall, without hesitation, ordering the death of a close friend who has saved his life countless times.
Patrick Ragland
Patrick Ragland 2 aylar önce
The Clones were not immediately phased out. I don't know why anyone thought that. There were Phase 2 Clones on Ferrix in 14 BBY that killed Cassian Andor's foster father. The 1st season, and so far, the 2nd season, of Bad Batch, occur in 19 BBY. There are still a few years left for the Clone Army working for the Empire.
RecoveryHacker 2 aylar önce
@Patrick Ragland You are wrong. And very rude.
Jessica 2 aylar önce
@likeluptid there's no need to be unnecessarily rude. You can go and rewatch the episodes I mentioned, I can even give you a timestamp for where they mentioned these details if you like. All of the dates and ages I have given are based off of what is specifically stated in the show. I don't wish to engage in this further. If you want the timestamps, I can find them, but otherwise, I won't continue to respond.
Patrick Ragland
Patrick Ragland 2 aylar önce
@Jessica Did I forget to mention 10 BBY?
Patrick Ragland
Patrick Ragland 2 aylar önce
@Jessica Cassian fought there in 10 BBY. You're confused. The Mimban Campaign was in 10 BBY. Anywhere you look, it says 10 BBY. If you Google Galactic Timeline of Events 10 BBY. If you can't get your stuff straight, keep quiet. 10 BBY.
Northstar98 2 aylar önce
Nah the clones on Ferrix happened about 6months to a year after the Clone War ended. Clones were phased out ~99% by year 3 of the Empires reign
Naythun Kaprisun
Naythun Kaprisun 2 aylar önce
This episode was amazing. Even if you put aside the awesome character development for Cody, the majority of the episode was an action packed clone mission fighting droids, reminiscent of the original clone wars series except this time… you’re kind of rooting for both the clones AND the battle droids. Not to mention the emotional conflict you see within Crosshair and finally CODY IS GOOD AGAIN!!! 20/10 🔥
chainedByThresh 2 aylar önce
What i think is insane is how loyal Crosshair is, i saw this when he was commander nothing stopped him. When he was commanded by cody he lissend to him when cody told him to standdown, as soon as the officer was free the offiser was in command he shot the woman. I did feel like he was thinking twice because of cody but he followed orders again. Realy want to know where this story will go !
Danny 2 aylar önce
I'm hyped at the end, Cody going AWOL could mean him meeting up with Rex or the Bad Batch, Cody potentially fighting side by side with Rex again, or joining the rebellion would be great to see
Danny 2 aylar önce
@Simmy tan I guess once the chips start wearing off, they start to think about what they done & why, I hope we don't see a clone revolution though, that's only going to end one way
Simmy tan
Simmy tan 2 aylar önce
How can Cody know what happened? All them clones were screwed. Order 66 was devastating 😢😣
Danny 2 aylar önce
@Mike Moore that would be heartbreaking, could tell from the last episode he's regretting order 66
Mike Moore
Mike Moore 2 aylar önce
I hope he goes to tatooine and finds Obi won and apologizes
Matthew Cast
Matthew Cast 2 aylar önce
Such a great episode honestly, with Cody AWOL situation. I’d like to see Wolffe if he has the same situation as Cody I also want to see Comm Bly and other clones
Kadarious Daniels
Kadarious Daniels 2 aylar önce
This episode was crazy! I find it amazing how the creator left us literally not knowing what side to cheer for.. the clones are for the empire now who are commanding the clones to do sinister things so naturally you know the clones aren’t the good guys but this episode gave off that old school clones vs droids vibe and i found myself smiling seeing crosshair and cody wreck some clankers
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
@Kristopher Prime I feel this is a decent follow up to finale of the Clone Wars. A sort of parting glass. It's showing that despite whatever we wish, we can't go back to the past, it won't feel the same. Times change and we have to change as well...Crosshair is stuck wishing everything could go back to the way it was, he's rejecting maturity as a person, because he's afraid of who he might change into-so he lets others define him. It's a question of if he accepts that before it's too late.
Skywalker 26
Skywalker 26 2 aylar önce
Felt the same way
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime 2 aylar önce
that is the beauty of this episode. at moments, it feels like a classic clone wars episode: "evil" seperatist leader/general took a critical ally hostage, so our "heroes" swoop in to save the day and we get awesome clone vs droid action! but what really stings is the reality of the episode: our usually heroic clones, crosshair and cody, are essentially acting as tools of an oppressive government. the separatist leader is simply wanting to ensure her people's independence from the empire she disagrees with. the usually evil battle droids (whom we usually enjoy the "deaths" of) are practically the good guys in the moment. the VIP they rescue, ultimately orders the execution of the defeated leader. the locals are afraid of our heroes that would normally be liberating them. and finally, the enemy leader was actually one of the "good" separatists, one of the bonteri supporters who saw through the labels of good or evil to try and achieve piece during the clone wars.
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter 2 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this episode, I think we often forget that crosshairs too is apart of the bad batch. It’s also really interesting because it feels like the clone wars until you remember who Cody and Crosshairs are actually fighting for. It also got me questioning whether Cody still has his chip in, the way he reacted to Crosshair calling the Jedi trainers was one more of shock then agreement. It’s possible overtime with his higher intelligence he was able to subvert the order and maintain independent thought were he came to understand how the Jedi weren’t traitors. I’m not sure but I’m glad they’re resolving Cody’s storyark!
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
Rex is no doubt spreading knowledge of the inhibitor chips on the sly. Clones are removing them, I think. At least Cody seemed to have regained his personality rather than the 'Blast em' mentality. Like Wilco, though he might have just always been that way. But Jessie was the same way under the chip-ruthless and clearly agitated by something he couldn't understand.
John Kim
John Kim 2 aylar önce
Nice subtle touch on showing how empty the clone mess hall reflecting the dwindling brothers without any replacements.
Derrick Tan
Derrick Tan 2 aylar önce
Wow first time we’ve seen a clone pilot in a while. Lately, we’ve just seen regular clones or TK troopers piloting ships.
Ilyas Basuki
Ilyas Basuki 2 aylar önce
I find it interesting that even though the clones were genetically engineered to be loyal and obedient, their experiences during the Clone Wars made them honorable and more moral than the average stormtrooper. Meanwhile Crosshair, the one Imperial clone who took out his inhibitor chip, is one of the most obedient (for now).
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
@Sixmixxed "Do what needs to be done" seems a lot like "good soldiers follow orders". It's something he repeats when his program (literal or metaphorical) clashes with his morality, or lack thereof.
Sixmixxed 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure he still has his chip it's just more enhanced than the others
J Society49
J Society49 2 aylar önce
Hopefully Cody managed to go awol without being killed this is proof he was never bad at all
Gabe Lozano
Gabe Lozano 2 aylar önce
I think eventually crosshair is going to come to his senses and realize he is the only clone left
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
It strikes me Crosshair is the most immature of the Bad Batch and I mean that literally. Emotionally many of the clones are very young, really, even if they are intellectually adults. Bad Batch has Omega as a literal example of maturity vs the comfort of childhood, but this goes for all the Clones too. Crosshair is still playing games. He doesn't want to grow up, to decide who he wants to be. He just wants to be told what to do. He's afraid of who he might become if he had to choose. So he's trapped letting others define him... afraid of maturity. The rest of CF99 is struggling with the same thing, but they are trying to figure out who they are, who they want to be.
Kadarious Daniels
Kadarious Daniels 2 aylar önce
@Ultra Brian that comment went over your head. Only clone left meaning he is the last of the traditional clone.. the last of the clones who will follow any order without a second thought or question… the rest of the clones have developed their own opinions and feelings about the war…. Thats why it seems Crosshair is the only one who isn’t worried about the empire… even if they dont think they are evil and corrupt the clones are still aware that they are being slowly fazed out
Thanks Kanye
Thanks Kanye 2 aylar önce
Even around the time of A new hope there were still some clones serving, either as instructors or stormtroopers. So no, he will not be the only clone left
Gabe Lozano
Gabe Lozano 2 aylar önce
@Ultra Brian true but eventually when the empire fully phases out all clones
Ultra Brian
Ultra Brian 2 aylar önce
He isn’t the only clone tho, they’re still other loyal clone stormtroopers.
Cynthia Padilla
Cynthia Padilla 2 aylar önce
I like how it didn’t take long at all for Cody to go AWOL. I was worried about him given his seemingly mindless compliance with Order 66, but i guess the chip did it’s job… At least initially. Cody of all clones going AWOL makes me think the chips effect are wearing off.
Adam VanGesen
Adam VanGesen 2 aylar önce
This show seems to get better every episode. The levels of storyline and the gorgeous backgrounds just give you a complete emersion into the Star Wars universe. The folks that skip out on the animation are really missing out. Great video as ever ya chump. 🖖✌️🐐
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick 2 aylar önce
Man I love this episode so much! I hope this is indicative of the trajectory of the series. Dark ,and complex yet fun ,and awesome. My favorite scenes were the tank scene ,and the stand off scene. It's also fun to see Cody again.
E M 2 aylar önce
You didn't mention that Hunter in S1 tells Crosshair the same thing as what Cody said at the end of this episode, the difference is they have a choice.
ASPE_Demon 2 aylar önce
In this episode it felt like the droids had more personality than the clones, unlike the clone wars where you would constantly hear clones and their reaction
The Cobalt Emperor
The Cobalt Emperor 2 aylar önce
A really cool scene was when Cody was getting back on the shuttle to coruscant. His clone squad is leaving and the early stormtroopers are coming in a new transport, showing the replacement.
Moonlight Pictures
Moonlight Pictures 2 aylar önce
This episode was so great. Crazy how the best episodes and elements of the show are the ones not centered around the Bad Batch themselves. Hopefully they can strike the right balance this season and make the Batch as interesting as the world around them is.
Dave's Autism
Dave's Autism 2 aylar önce
I think the bad batch will get more interesting this season. Episodes 1 & 2 gave Echo and Tech more development than whole season 1.
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal 2 aylar önce
8:51 If I’m not mistaken, Crosshair actually started wearing this helmet in Season 1. 11:23 She was also the mother of Lux Bonteri, who was Ahsoka’s sort of love interest.
Tristan Kawatsuma
Tristan Kawatsuma 2 aylar önce
A couple of things to note: Seeing TK Troopers be brought in as occupiers while the clones are meant for combat really shows the difference between the Republic and Imperial Militaries. The first had to be designed quickly to take the war against the Separatist Alliance. The latter though is basically a galaxy-wide police force. And now seeing TK Troopers all over the place just kind of makes it click that it’s really the end. Granted, seeing the fall of Tipoca City was the same, but man did it hit hard. The fact the Separatist governor didn’t mention anything about the terror attack on Coruscant that happened during the whole peace treaty thing just reinforces the fact that Dooku really censored the war from the CIS citizens and politicians. I would not want to be in the shoes of a Separatist who made the peace treaty if they ever found out why the Republic refused to sign it. That is not a fun fact to learn. It would be like the Jedi Order learning the truth behind the occupation of Geonosis, that being the construction of a superweapon that was in the planning phase under the Separatists, but is built by the Republic. I guess we can pretty much say what we see in the episode basically played out in the third year of the Clone Wars. For the first two years the Separatists made successful invasions which eventually stalled, leaving the war in a sort of stalemate for the first two years. But then in the third year the Republic really started to push back the Separatists and by the Outer Rim Sieges, they were invading the heartland of the Separatists. The only difference honestly would be the execution of the governor, which the Jedi wouldn’t order. However it was during this final year of the Clone Wars that a lot of Imperial policy was passed such as the military governors. Maybe the Jedi Order and Republic Senate allowed planets to vote for new leaders in the first two years of the war, but with the creation of the military governors, that lenient policy must have come to an end. You know what’s one thing I see the clone troopers and battle droids not do that I’m sure stormtroopers do? Rounding up potential enemies and executing them as examples of what happens to dissenters. Granted I can see the Republic and Separatists making orders for mass arrests of potential enemies, but the Empire really shows how it’s far more brutal than both of these democracies.
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime 2 aylar önce
that is definitely not something the droids or clones would do, at lest not without direct orders. the droids don't usually care about right or wrong, so they rarely commit atrocities on their own decisions. and the clones had enough good values from the jedi not to do so on a whim. stormtroopers likely knew the empire would approve of such actions and so might have far more often taken such matters into their own hands and executed dissenters.
darkhope97 2 aylar önce
Agree completely with you mate Also this chapter showed us how would clones handled themselves if there weren't any jedis sending them on frontal charges Also really loved that part where cody took of his helmet to talk to the sea governor
KratMosTang 2 aylar önce
Who else had goosebumps seeing the clankers in action again!
Eleanor Berton
Eleanor Berton 2 aylar önce
For pure creative and unique action value.. right up there with oats studios and love death + robots. So special! Such a brilliant blend of the emotional relationships between complex characters and heart-stopping action. Absolutely INCREDIBLE EPISODE.
William Reid
William Reid 2 aylar önce
Maybe at the end when he wakes up there’s a hidden secret, he wakes up and the light is shining on him, contrast to the beginning when he was in the darkness. Possibly crosshair is starting to see the “light”
A1 M
A1 M 2 aylar önce
This was a dope episode I loved the action and the subtle details like when the other clones did not want to sit with him. Ultimately I’m happy Cody went AWOL because even he became woke and realised what the Empire is about.
James Wilhite
James Wilhite 2 aylar önce
Crosshair needed his own Randy Newman styled piano theme music in this episode.
Dani Thomas
Dani Thomas 2 aylar önce
Speaking of music, I really did think the music was spot-on in this episode. Fit the tone perfectly.
Chau Quansheng Namchoom
It felt wierd rooting for the droids.
Miguel Vizuete Cano
Miguel Vizuete Cano 2 aylar önce
I think they traded the kamino clone rebellion to a real rebellion from clones... I think they will die being loyal soldiers to the republic and that would be the main reason why clones were no longer used; most of them were killed by the empire
KevZ 247
KevZ 247 2 aylar önce
Season 2 has been pretty damn good so far.
Matthew Cuerdon
Matthew Cuerdon 2 aylar önce
The spiral stairs were going up in the wrong direction. If you go back to the days of castles, you defended your castle from the top down. You had the advantage of using your right-hand with your sword as you go down and as most people are right-handed, helped them against raiders.
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
Castle might not even have been human built. But this is a cool fun fact.
Josh G. Russom
Josh G. Russom 2 aylar önce
Another fantastic episode, season 2 really came out of the gate running!
SithCareBear 2 aylar önce
I thought this was an amazingly dark and grim episode for the series and I love seeing the further transition from Republic to Empire. I think the season is off to a very strong start so far and the overall tone will darken considerably from season one. Excellent Breakdown Paul. Cheers!
Randy Ram
Randy Ram 2 aylar önce
This is easily one of my favorite episodes of Star Wars animation. Awesome callbacks to the Clone Wars as well as running with a different tone made for a gripping episode.
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 2 aylar önce
The Term Bad Batch is now starting to Broaden. The Term Bad Batch no longer means the Group of 6 clones. Its starting to mean pretty much all the clones that left the Empire. I definitely feel this show will eventually represent all the clones to unite against the empire. Possibly there will be a Bad Batch Clone Army. Its nice to see a mature star wars show that represent all the clones in general.
D♡NI 2 aylar önce
When Cody said the "and we've got to live them too" line he looked at Crosshair so I wonder if he was talking about his choice of picking crosshair for the mission since he killed the governor
Skully? 2 aylar önce
This episode really shows us how skilled you have to be to survive a fight with droids, and droidekas at that. So imagine the skill gap. Storm troopers could never.
Samurai Jedi16
Samurai Jedi16 2 aylar önce
Episode 3 was a really, really great episode! My fav part was Crosshair nailing TWO 🎯 shots with precision was just insane. However "individuality" of those two droids in this one: The one saying "Mmmmh Hmmm" and the other "Nice shot" while high-fiving the tank droid driving was just hilarious! XD Cant wait for next weeks episode. 10/10
EPICsShadesmaster - animations and more !!
The episode was awesome , very brutal at times and loved the many droids seen and clone tactics along side commander Cody
Matt Art
Matt Art 2 aylar önce
Would have loved to see Darth in the background ordering food at the canteen and arguing over using a tray
Maltec 2 aylar önce
Qui gon Jin and Obiwon where actually there on an diplomatic mission to end the blockage, it was only after they where attacked that the sabers came out
Edward Buckner
Edward Buckner 2 aylar önce
This was by far the best episode of both seasons so far.
Moonlight Pictures
Moonlight Pictures 2 aylar önce
I hope we get to see Cody and Rex together at least one more time. Fingers crossed!
Kishan Harripersad
Kishan Harripersad 2 aylar önce
A dark gritty and realistic War story with top tier action and absolutely stunning animation. The Bad Batch is really A+ Star Wars
the short kid 2007
the short kid 2007 2 aylar önce
This episode was insane. I absolutely loved it!
Wreck - It Ralph Reuss
Hey Paul, a couple things… Firstly, you corrected yourself on screen with Commander Cody ‘s designation. You were correct the first time in the video …it is CC2224… The term CT refers to clone trooper, and that is a designation for any clone trooper. However, if a clone trooper gets promoted to say, the rank of captain like captain Rex, he still retains his CT designation. Some troopers, however, were created and bred for command, and, those troopers have a CC designation, which refers to clone commander, which Cody is. So his correct designation is CC2224. Regarding this episode, while sad how it ended, with the death of that governor, I didn’t love watching this, as it was taste or nostalgia for the clone wars missions of gold. Watching Cody and his platoon of troops assault the compound park in back to the days of the clone wars, and how effective and creative of thought the clowns actually were in combat… man, the rebels should have really utilized them more. :-)
Das Zuber Revisits
Das Zuber Revisits 2 aylar önce
Not sure tittle is about Cody. Other clones have been disillusioned and deserted the Empire but no other clone that I can remember has been so alone than Crosshair. And he did it to himself, with his devotion to the Imperial Army
Quentin 2 aylar önce
It seems that the mission and the words of Cody affected him, at the beginning of the episode he don't hesitate when he his dissimissed but in the ending he waits a few seconds.
Emmdoz 2 aylar önce
It says in the episode Cody’s designation is CC-2224 not CT, so you were initially correct. Also pretty sure the place we first see Crosshair is the Coruscant barracks with the war memorial, the one we saw ahsoka escape from when she was framed.
Kayone73 2 aylar önce
Yeah, Crosshair feels like being a soldier for the Empire is the only thing that gives him value, and he sees his brothers in Force 99 as being lost and directionless as well as abandoning him. Also he knows all the atrocities he's now committed fighting for the empire and in his mind he had to constantly double down on his duty to the Empire, otherwise every evil act he's committed can no longer be justified in his own mind.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 2 aylar önce
LOVED this episode! IMO the best Bas Batch episode of both seasons so far.
CrossFire34 2 aylar önce
This was a great episode. hope the rest of the season is this good.
Hugo Ribó Lorente
Hugo Ribó Lorente 2 aylar önce
I hope we get to see more of Cody this season
lil Amari
lil Amari 2 aylar önce
I want to mention, Crosshair waking up and basically repeating the same crap everyday resembles to Callus in Rebels just before he turns to the Rebels. I think this can be a start of a turning point as well for Crosshair, but it’s probably too early for that.
SunburntBulb43 2 aylar önce
Cody has always been my… ye actually me favourite character in Star Wars, I absolutely love the element they’ve given too him in this episode
VitalApe 2 aylar önce
Seeing Cody again was just plain awesome! 👌🏻
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman 2 aylar önce
This was a great episode! Thank you for the breakdown.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 aylar önce
The animation was outstanding and movement was soo smooth and realistic. No clunkieness
m.t 2 aylar önce
This episode reminded me of the clones wars at its best. I think without having omega they were free to once again do more mature content. Actual deaths and knife attacks, not just stun guns that are used when omega is in the scene.
GamingWith Joseph
GamingWith Joseph 2 aylar önce
I really loved this episode I hope we get to see more of Cody this season though hid AWOL is kinda rushed though
darkhope97 2 aylar önce
Well seeing how the episode started him at the memorial really goes to show that defection was already on his mind for a while
Michael Barquet
Michael Barquet 2 aylar önce
This was a very good video. But there was one key detail you missed. In the end of the episode once the mission is complete they send only tk-troopers. This goes more to show that the empire completely wanted to do away with the clones. They send the clones on the hard mission. Where some die although the mission was completed. And then you see the tk-troopers be sent in once the fighting was over just to control the situation meanwhile the remaining clones limp away back to their ship. This was meant to represent the transition.
Valas 2 aylar önce
I think after he experiences the how little care the empire care for him he will go on his own and maybe an episode when he saves his own squad but refuses to swallow his own pride that they were right and goes on his own. It will make sense if he meets up with the Bad batch because he was the one who originally introduced them to Rex in the clone wars. Even maybe crosshair walks past a lab where they are experiementing with making Series-0 Dark troopers who were actually made from clones troopers enhanced with Robotics to try and use make a hybrid clone battledroid.
Misha Luna
Misha Luna 2 aylar önce
This episode just shows how much better this season is going to be
Lance Van Ooteghem
Lance Van Ooteghem 2 aylar önce
Lovely video! Nice fast paced and focused on the info. No bs. I'll definitely check out more of your stuff 👍
IAmALemon 2 aylar önce
The first two episodes were okay, but not my favourite. But, this THIS is everything I wanted. All Crosshair, and he’s actually talking and we get to see his face more, having Cody back, seeing them work together, so well and then having Cody hesitate to follow orders, while Crosshair follows through. And then we find that Cody has gone AWOL. That’ll be fun. I’m interested to know why Crosshair and the rest of TBB like him so much, given he’s a reg. I feel like that’s a story, there. It was also nice to see the battle droids, again, lol. And I liked Governor Ames. All she wanted was what was best for her planet and was killed for it, just like Mina Bonteri. It’s funny, tho, how she said Dooku was right, all along. They still have no idea how deep it really went. Dooku didn’t even fully realize until it was too late. Loved the episode, overall, excited to see where Crosshair goes next. Interesting that Rampart didn’t mention Clone Force 99 being alive, unless the events on Dexis predate the battle on Serenno. That would make more sense, given that Hunter said I’m the premiere that they had stayed off of Imperial radar for months and Crosshair had been stuck on Kamino for only one. I can’t imagine his recovery time would have taken that long, so maybe. Either way, it’s gonna come back to bite both of them. I can tell.
jonathan Stafford
jonathan Stafford 2 aylar önce
Did not expect to have this episode to have such gravitas… absolutely love it
Dtris 2 aylar önce
What if their organic chips are just degrading? And they have more trouble as time goes on because of the degradation of the chips. I also think "The Solitary Clone" refers to BOTH Cody AND Crosshair!
Rudy Clarke Johnson
Rudy Clarke Johnson 2 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this episode and it was great to see these characters again!
Dillon Tripodi
Dillon Tripodi 2 aylar önce
This was the best episode of the entire show. And better then most clone wars episodes
Brennan Barnes
Brennan Barnes 2 aylar önce
I kinda think the opposite of you regarding Crosshair, I could totally see one of the last shots of the series being Crosshair putting on his standard Stormtrooper helmet and just blend into a crowd of Stormtroopers. He's getting colder if anything, I can't see him ever rejoining his brothers & sister.
Michael Graham
Michael Graham 2 aylar önce
Best of the three entries in this short season. Just waiting for Crosshair to realize what he's fighting for, snap and go down firing to save his former CF99 brothers and sister.
Carlos Minetti
Carlos Minetti 2 aylar önce
The building is the same base Ahsoka is imprisoned in during season 5 of the Clone Wars
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 aylar önce
The amount of call backs to clone wars season 1 was awesome. Even the music was the same
Markgraf zu Brandenburg
My biggest fear was that Cody will be killed by Rex in combat and we'll see the scene which is similar to Fives death but even more tragic. But now Cody is AWOL, so there's no need for them to confront each other. It's such a relief! Now even if Cody dies in the final of season 2 it will be a heroic sacrifice, not a tragedy between two brothers. Of course I love Cody and he deserves better, but his death is unfortunately quite logical due to his absence in the Rebels...
Katsarelas 2 aylar önce
Crosshair can’t finish one damn breakfast
Sam P
Sam P 2 aylar önce
This was the most creative episode for the bad batch so far, loved seeing the clones tactics with a Jedi. Feel so sorry for Crosshair, dudes so loyal to the Empire/ Republic he can’t even see what he’s fighting for when someone says it straight to his face. I was not surprised they’ve retconned Cody’s death though, still want Vader to be the one to kill the AWOL clones though but I feel that’s going to be Crosshairs job
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 2 aylar önce
It's not loyalty, I think. He believes in the Empire no more than he did the Republic. What it is, is fear. Fear of self definition. He's like a kid who can't grow up, so he continues to let his parents control his life, and he can still 'play'. And that's not a metaphor considering the clones are very young emotionally.
Mathieu Bordeleau
Mathieu Bordeleau 2 aylar önce
The last scene in Crosshair's quarters cell reminded me of the scene in Agent Kallus quarters just before he defected. Somethings tell me this is intentional.
Jay the Kid
Jay the Kid 2 aylar önce
I honestly was under the impression that Rex would end up reluctantly killing Cody at some point. Doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
Z Golamnobee
Z Golamnobee 2 aylar önce
i agree, i had thought the same but maybe if rex meets cody again he might not trust him
Stanley Dodds
Stanley Dodds 2 aylar önce
there are some odd corrections here... CC was "corrected" to CT twice, even though cody and the other commander are both definitely CC.
Joe Goudeau
Joe Goudeau 2 aylar önce
This episode surprised the hell outta me. Very Damn good.
Alex Rowson-Brown
Alex Rowson-Brown 2 aylar önce
Cody was meant to be super loyal to the empire, this retcon is personally nice as Cody was always my favourite and I hated he was never questioning order66
The Duke
The Duke 2 aylar önce
My theory: the inhibitor chips were one time use: think how tups broke down after activation. As time went on their ability to override the clones waned until now where clones are now reflecting upon what they have done and are confused. “Why did I kill General Jedi? We fought together for years…and…I didn’t hesitate? Why? I should have…but I didn’t? What happened why would I do that?” Because of this clones are overriding their control snd well you can see the results
Corey Simpson
Corey Simpson 2 aylar önce
I think either the next episode or the one after that will feature Rex calling the Bad Batch to help and they will need to go rescue Cody with Rex. Or Rex and Cody meet and then get trapped and need help and that’s when he calls TBB.
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