Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0- Ninja Warrior Course 

Mark Rober
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Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)
Here is an explanation of the illusion dish thing!- demos.smu.ca/index.php/demos/...
Here is a link to the illusion dish (not sponsored :) www.amazon.com/dp/B0718XCG7F/...
I started a company called CrunchLabs where we build a toy together and then I teach you all the juicy physics for how it works. So if you want to learn to think like an engineer and have really fun time doing it, check out the current promotion where you get 2 FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com
You should also go subscribe to the CrunchLabs TRvid channel cause we’ve got some bangers in the pipeline- / crunchlabs
Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
Ponder - / @pondermusic
Laura Shigihara - @supershigi
Andrew Applepie - / andrewapplepie
Blue Wednesday - / bluewednesday
- Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
- Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday / bluewednesday
- Zambo - Devil in Disguise danijel-zambo.bandcamp.com/tr...
- Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday / bluewednesday
- J. Thompson - Real Quick Lovin' www.amazon.com/Real-Quick-Lov...
- New Shoes - Blue Wednesday / bluewednesday
- Chi- Ponder- www.prodbyponder.com/5-free-b...
- Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday / bluewednesday
- Josef Falkenskold - Tiny Tumble www.epidemicsound.com/artists...
- Nik- Ponder- www.prodbyponder.com/5-free-b...

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23 May 2020




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@MarkRober 3 yıl önce
Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal.
@MarcosAmparo 3 yıl önce
I love your channel so much!
@ghfg5205 3 yıl önce
@sorenstormo226 3 yıl önce
i love you sooo much, and i want to work at nasa when i grow up, like you did! you rock!
@showtimetroy3356 3 yıl önce
Wait.. How did you comment this 1 hour ago when the video came out 1 minute ago?!!??
@rakesh9163 3 yıl önce
good job mark
@oblivionunion 3 yıl önce
lets be honest, when we clicked on this video we never thought it would be this good.
@1osmit 3 yıl önce
i was worried he would hurt the squirrrels, nice video
@oraneisaacs1347 3 yıl önce
Honestly 😂😂😂
Its Mark Rober. Of course it would be
@0x926 3 yıl önce
Those squirrels exceeded my expectations along with the video.
@glad5409 3 yıl önce
Ive been subbed for a long time ik what im getting into This is my 2nd time watching already
@jollybee7836 7 aylar önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Phat Gus ( the pregnant female? ) Despite being pregnant, that squirrel is still jumping and running around all over the place like it’s nothing. That’s truly incredible.
@bobjohnson1587 6 aylar önce
Apparently there's no maternity leave for squirrels!
@renee2828 6 aylar önce
Maternity 😂 leave
@devolutionone 6 aylar önce
That's why she always rest flat, she's saving energy, so cute and smart.
@craigdavies2598 4 aylar önce
phanta gus
@@craigdavies2598 if u translate it it says pants until. PANTS UNTIL WHAT?
@cynthiacarr8965 11 aylar önce
This is probably one of the best TRvid videos I've ever seen. Great job
@GamingBren 11 aylar önce
I totally agree
@Dstain 10 aylar önce
Yh this is so amazing and impressive
@immie8210 10 aylar önce
@alexb7025 9 aylar önce
Naw this is not "one of the best"......this IS THE BEST.
@infxnxtedyliqht9654 8 aylar önce
@@alexb7025 absolotely
This was both educational and entertaining. Watching the brilliance of these squirrels was more than what I expected. Thank you for being so curious yourself!
@astridexplorer5096 11 aylar önce
After watching all three parts, Animal Planet or Nat Geo Kids should ABSOLUTELY hire Mark to create a show like this. It is brilliant, hilarious and heartwarming, plus encourages engineering/STEM. Kudos to you. Mark!
Nu uh
I just appreciate the fact that he uploads once a month and he always manages to make the content top notch in quality.
You are everywhere, try get a break once in a while...is Ytube and anime all you know?
@OverStrive2008 3 yıl önce
I think you are a building with 64 minotors
@glonkwfuggler6790 3 yıl önce
Michael C Grigori oof
@maryagyemang9870 3 yıl önce
Well we meet again
@dankbean9345 3 yıl önce
This has been the most enjoyable 20 min's I've ever spent on TRvid, ever. Hats off to the fun! And I'm a squirrel lover too! Thank you so much for your video!!!
@easy2late 5 aylar önce
Five stars Fantastic job in your filming, narrator, layout, execution, & ...your film shows all the many talents it takes to create such entertainment, really fun to watch Thank you
@user-nx1dt8ri6w 24 gün önce
You and your obstacle course, and your video are hysterical and in genius! You’re also very adorable. Your wife is a lucky lady.🎉
@Shiroiokami947 8 aylar önce
This has to be my third time around watching this video; it is just so amazing to watch these four legged critters go thru your " amusement park." They probably had more fun doing this than jumping through their trees since it was so new to them.
@svoboda24 2 aylar önce
Однозначный лайк! Белки правят миром!❤❤❤
@samanthavaldes3745 3 yıl önce
I would literally watch a whole season of Squirrel Wipeout.
@gung8747 3 yıl önce
Your on to something here
@briancows8368 3 yıl önce
Woah woah wash he’s gotta point there
@Livlocalmartian 3 yıl önce
I'd watch that on discovery channel fo sho
Oooohhh... Interesting
@vasudevraghav2109 3 yıl önce
What we need : 1.Squirrels 2.Miniature Ninja Warrior sets 3.Some cameras 4.Walnuts......lot of them
@emiliyarenegar4960 10 aylar önce
This video is absolutely hilarious! I never had so much fun and was laughing so hard while I was watching it. Mark, you are probably working somewhere as an engineer. If not, you definitely have to find the position that suits your abilities and creativity. Thank you for sharing it with us.
@suuu1113 4 aylar önce
This is an absolutely amazing video! Thanks for being such an animal lover and showing how awesome they are. Magical!! ❤
@gilbertayala6694 12 gün önce
This was by far, my most favorite video you have created. The cowboy hat had me rolling!!!! How many projects do you work on at a time? And if it’s more that 1, is it hard juggling each project?
@cynthiac5655 9 aylar önce
This was sooooo wicked!!!!! I loved the squirrel course, I loved the picture booth and like a cherry on top, I absolutely loved the mini picnic table!!!! Everything was off tha hook Mark!!!
@JazzLowrider 3 aylar önce
This one is the best video about squirrels, I'm always amazed watching them in my back yard climbing and jumping from one tree to another, but your setup is just out of this world, you just let us know and see the squirrel world ❤ great job.
@SaintMaus 3 yıl önce
Neighbor: The squirrels are really becoming a problem. Mark: Yeah, I've been training them with a special obstacle course.
@TheOnlyWoda 3 yıl önce
@lax4359 3 yıl önce
LMAO i also loved how he said paint me like one of your french squirrels
@thomasbuddingh2885 3 yıl önce
Neighbor: The WHAT
@ToreDL87 3 yıl önce
Another TRvidr whose area is flooded with squirrels solves that problem by using air rifles on the critters, incredibly effective. But I have a feeling that won't come across very well on this channel! xD xD
@FunSuperTime 3 yıl önce
Best comment
@lucasvitullo8258 11 aylar önce
normally i would click off a video like this immediately, but for some reason i was hooked the second i started watching! absolutely fantastic video! we all love our backyard friends❤
@pavatirock3106 Aylar önce
This was so wholesome like everything you do! So inspired by you!
@mickehaglund4119 5 aylar önce
This was genius! Well constructed. And amazing to see what amazing skills squirrels has!
@davidwilcox5173 5 aylar önce
Great videos!!!! It made me gain som respect for these little guys!!!
@Lambui3933 Aylar önce
That's great, you've done things that I've never been able to do with squirrels even though I'm a squirrel breeder.
@chuck_duck 3 yıl önce
I like how he talks about the squirrels like they’re speedrunners. “A solid run” “A time under 40 seconds” “A near perfect run by Frank”
@Minimize501 3 yıl önce
Mark robers obstacle course any%
@dragoned7685 3 yıl önce
(No major glitches) Spliced
@Tettymanurung123 3 yıl önce
@Minimize501 3 yıl önce
@@Tettymanurung123 it is thank you
@FleckySama 3 yıl önce
they cheat they do TAS speedrun
@Cahangir 8 aylar önce
This is my personal favorite on this channel, thank you a lot for putting this much effort into this video. Entertainment at its best!
@patriciawaters2036 6 aylar önce
Absolutely loved your video.. So ingenious!!! Squirrels are adorable. Thank you for making me spend 20 minutes of pure joy 👏🏻
@Crafty8211 6 aylar önce
All of your videos are so fun it takes an idea and gives it the power of engineering also phantastic Gus is amazing
I can’t believe our steam teacher, let us watch this It’s a masterpiece
@lorettadebourbon1783 4 aylar önce
This absolutely awesome! Somehow I lived vicariously through you in these moments! Squirrels are amazing, glad you appreciate & interact w/ them. Thanks for sharing their unique talents & superpowers. Also, very cool of you to design this awesome course! Best Wishes to you & the family 🌰🐿 ☺
@azerdraco3146 3 yıl önce
Moral of the video: Squirrels are smarter than the average package thief.
@PlanetComputer 3 yıl önce
@Plazmasoldier 3 yıl önce
I don't think those things qualify as smart. Edit: (I meant Package thieves)
@8ball708 3 yıl önce
Spence C. They’re definitely clever
@cartoonez 3 yıl önce
there big brain
@pompeii1275 3 yıl önce
@@Plazmasoldier You're right... theyre genius.
@allac3630 9 aylar önce
I laughed, I gasped, I couldn't take my eyea off the screen, I learned something. I experienced a lot of great entertainment here...yet there was no violence or perversion. I wish all more things online were like this.
@cutestfrog1442 7 gün önce
I watched this so many times and STILL enjoy it. Please do another squirrel video❤
@shellybelly35 2 aylar önce
This is a brilliant gem of a video thank you Mark ❤❤
@kalis5060 11 aylar önce
Yes, yes, yes..numero uno on my all-time favorite squirrel video..my daughter immediately sent it to me. I wish we had an update on the new squirrel babies. They should've been born in your backyard..what better place to be?!🥰😘
@just___iz2477 4 aylar önce
I was introduced to this series in Art class it was on the TV I'm so excited to re-watch it! I didn't exepect to lauph and smile so much haven't seen content like this in a while incredible job thankyou for all work put in and sharing it!
@traciekling2662 Aylar önce
How fun! You're not only a bird 🦜 watcher, but a squirrel 🐿️ watcher 👀 LOVE THIS! I want one for myself😂 hee hee
@user-vc5rp7nf8f 2 yıl önce
"I'm going to build a squirrel-proof feeder" Builds a 50-part navy seal training course
@cougarpackyt1386 2 yıl önce
@cougarpackyt1386 2 yıl önce
I just realized that
@salmonella6018 2 yıl önce
Cougar Pack YT same
@sicaltus 2 yıl önce
Navy Squirrel
@ericwang1036 2 yıl önce
😂😂😂that's the best
@NolaNorton 13 gün önce
I just LOVE watching Mark's videos! They really entertain me!!
@shennashepard6750 Aylar önce
Absolutely loved this video! So cute and fascinating! Thank you!
@ahmadnassar8356 5 aylar önce
This is the best video I’ve seen in a long time. I love it!
@ststarlling190 2 aylar önce
Это такое потрясающее видео❤❤❤❤ в конце я плакала❤❤❤❤
@blackbirdb9372 5 aylar önce
I love this!! I wanna do the same, I love squirrels, they're so cute 🥰
Funny, how he can entertain both squirrels and humans at the same time.
@noobeh2394 3 yıl önce
Hrishikesh Purohit how does this have 427 likes and like no replies
@@noobeh2394 interesting, eh?!
700th like
@Ezeldeen ismail I'd like to thank my parents, my teachers, all my likers and of course, my sense of humour. It's an honour!
@loscarfaggio621 3 yıl önce
Impressive, i would say
@andreavogel6586 6 aylar önce
You are now my favorite person!! This is fantastic 🎉
@viniexplain 2 aylar önce
I can't resist laughter. Seeing Mark with his noble attitude and yet trying not to hate the squirrels. OMG
@marilynwjlson6792 4 aylar önce
I enjoyed your creativity and narrative very much! And aren't these little ones adorable and so smart.
@chelseysudduth3109 2 aylar önce
This was such a heartwarming video. Never thought I’d like squirrel watching so much ❤
@woodskip 5 aylar önce
I sure admire your tenacity! I like the bottle on the pole concept. Perhaps a glass bottle and hose clamps t9 make it work?
@Techience 3 yıl önce
I cant believe it worked so well, this was probably one of the most entertaining things I've ever watched.
@albertalways4059 3 yıl önce
@x1v160 3 yıl önce
Danes, if this didn't entertain you immensely you are a sad sad individual.
@PAA-ne3pc 3 yıl önce
@@x1v160 or he is a physicist
@oriontigley5089 3 yıl önce
@@danesstang9307 who hurt you...? 😢
@jaimiegrundy 10 aylar önce
Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how time he puts into this just to entertain us
@TSUNAMI-MAMI 10 aylar önce
2 minutes in and I’m hooked and cracking up!!! Smart little buggers! With great core muscles 😂
@user-vs7ge5wq9d 5 aylar önce
Wow. You, sir, are amazing. Thanks for the great video.
@nilarene2088 9 aylar önce
I always thoroughly enjoy your videos, courses and hard lessons! Don't stop,..it's very entertaining! Thank you!
@davest.claire9355 6 aylar önce
Truly remarkable. Both the ingenuity of the course, and skill of the squirrels.
@AirCommandRockets 3 yıl önce
Meanwhile ... 17 squirrels learned to raid Mark's fridge between 6am and 10am while he was being distracted by 4 of their mates.
@FloatingOer 3 yıl önce
It's like a heist movie, showing only the four distracting squirrels until the end where there is a big squirrel reveal on how the real heist was actually the fridge and a montage of how they pulled it off
@ZombiEDDudE 3 yıl önce
over the hedge anyone?
@Sohail6o4 3 yıl önce
600th like
@exploitpatrol4739 3 yıl önce
This isn’t ratatouille
Omg that is so funny
@SanWongY 9 aylar önce
17:00 "Predictive maths" by the squirrels ! Love your finding and sharing with us 🙏
@user-kn2if4no9i 2 aylar önce
Классное видео. Хотя сразу и возникала доля сомнения и опасения чтоб белкам не нашкодили, но по итогу - приятно удивлена. Хотел стать орнитологом, а стал ценителем дикой природы)
@mikaelacash3791 4 aylar önce
Dude went from bird watcher to squirrel olympics organizer so quick 😂
@sia_verandi 2 aylar önce
Боже мой! Это САМОЕ очаровательное, что я видела! Улыбка просто не сходит с лица, такая это прелесть!
@googleherbtv1797 2 aylar önce
@angrypear9846 3 yıl önce
That shot of gus chillin on the picnic table was probably the best thing ive seen in my life
@themadhatter7416 3 yıl önce
Aka my brother at 5:00 am
@victorcapote7376 3 yıl önce
The shot of the squirrel’s butt is hilarious and I thought he was doing it on purpose.
@musicheadjesse 3 yıl önce
@ollielightbody7694 3 yıl önce
Same haha I was actually laughing out loud at every joke mark made of gus
@jaco9286 3 yıl önce
@DoubleA3463 6 aylar önce
Mark you never cease to inspire me.
@JackDogSteve-jr9js 6 aylar önce
That course was Incredible! Thanks
@axellavediot2039 2 aylar önce
Je ne comprend pas le nombres de vues... Certaines vidéos bien moins travaillé et intéressante en France font le double ou le triple... Quel travail incroyable tu as fait et quel plaisir de regarder cette vidéo !! bien joué!!
@MUNCHYman66 3 aylar önce
3:00 if you are new to this channel and this is the first video you see on this channel, this is the moment you see how magnificent this guy can be
@qigong_for_brain 2 aylar önce
Bravo! Мы в восторге от этого видео) спасибо за любовь к животным и инженерному искусству Love from Moscow 🇷🇺🙏🙏🙏
@stellaa5384 3 yıl önce
Imagine having squirrels in your backyard waiting on a picnic table for some walnuts
@mythicanimations 3 yıl önce
We shall now open a squirrel restaurant
@angelomabalay2735 3 yıl önce
We don't have squirrels in my place ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯
@Melody-ys8df 3 yıl önce
I'm the 666th like, you're welcome.
@eamonn1159 3 yıl önce
*Me, who’s allergic to walnuts:* 👁 🐽 👁 👄
@dansloan4242 4 aylar önce
Dude you're a genius! I've seen so many of your videos, but this is probably my favorite!!! Thanks for making me laugh!
@calculatedKillers 11 aylar önce
Great stuff, never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I did. Loved how you broke down when they they we're launched, and showed how smart those little brains are. Enjoyed you're Prater match as well. Prayers for #3 Hamlin
@user-xw1zs7ed2w 2 gün önce
This is one of my favourite videos on TRvid. Since my first time watching this video, I have moved to another country and started bird watching & bird feeding in the backyard. Since then the battle has been real - at least 2 bird feeders were destroyed, and much suet and seeds went to these indomitable, genius creatures. I now fully believe that squirrels can take over the world if they really wanted to.
@nancyjones6780 6 aylar önce
I have resigned myself to accept that the squirrels are part of my bird feeding. I always make sure there's plenty of seeds on the ground so they don't assault the feeder! It's fun when the babies come!
@LiL-kvarTz 19 gün önce
Oh my goodness, I was so interested, thank you for the experience!😆
@chadcrenshaw6281 3 yıl önce
Every other squirrel: does course normally Phantastic Gus: Hold my walnuts
@5iris743 3 yıl önce
Yol Riin Lask bro come one man don’t be a buzzkill
@LEGEND-ob7ur 3 yıl önce
@@5iris743 more like a guskill
@5iris743 3 yıl önce
LEGEND 333 noice
@iamtrustworthy2885 3 yıl önce
Let’s be honest gus ain’t letting anyone get his walnuts
@MillionX157 2 yıl önce
Phantasic Gus: Lemme eat my walnuts- i feel like his would fit more but still its a great comment-
@unexpectedTrajectory 10 gün önce
Really enjoyed sharing this with the kids :)
@audrapowell8841 Aylar önce
This was amazing I honestly thought this would be partially boring but this is amazing and so sweet!
@harryalvarez5538 4 aylar önce
This has been very entertaining to watch thank you
@ondrejkovacic-jr9tv 6 aylar önce
So.. And that's the way, how bird watchers forget about birds and become squirrel lovers. Great job with that obstacle course...😊
@SWAROOPSKNAIR 7 aylar önce
That was really enjoyable to watch. Well and truly entertained.
@m.s6289 3 yıl önce
Me: 'Let's see what fun video Mark has for us this month!" Mark: **yeets a squirrel**
@Elizabeth142418 3 yıl önce
wdym "this month"? he uploads every 2-3 months
@leroy5005 3 yıl önce
Tiger Rose what do you mean, count the videos he does 12 a year and he tries to do 1 every month. But sometimes there is more time between videos and sometimes less.
@elp4196 3 yıl önce
@mutt8828 3 yıl önce
Tiger Rose that’s not the point
@catkeys6911 2 aylar önce
As a retired designer, I applaud this very impressive feat of engineering, done just for the fun of it.
@MARATSHAF Aylar önce
Amazing work😂👏 I love squirrel too❤ I've moved from Russia to USA, and I'm so happy that I can touch nature. I'm give to squirrel nuts, some foods, they are so cute 😊
@johannamacdonald1975 5 aylar önce
Rivating ... so much more engaging than I thought possible ... Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!
@jhonatamatias8586 11 gün önce
caraca mano, que massa esse video kkk aqui no BR nao temos muito contato com esquilos em casa, mas parece ser legal
@evandrosouza3238 3 aylar önce
HAHAahAHaHAHAH, nossa, descobri seu canal agora e estou surpreso pela sua dinâmica de fazer os vídeos e o grande editor tb. Mas os esquilos é um animal a parte. Quem será mais esperto em desvendar desafios para conseguir comida, um corvo ou um esquilo? Karamba, que bichinho inteligente para superar desafios por comida (recompensa) 😂😂😂
@sunmoulin1240 3 yıl önce
normal people: il just buy more bird seeds Mark Rober: let me build a squirrel version of wipeout
@philipuy5647 3 yıl önce
yeah lol
@asciiguy6815 3 yıl önce
@@michiworkz4560 Ahh yes the American way
@sunmoulin1240 3 yıl önce
also eat your cereal
@galaxylightsaber Aylar önce
"We have 5 pets and 1 child, the child was the only one I had a say in" gets me every time
I am so glad this video has more than 100 million views. It is fun, innovative, skillful, impressive, and joyful. I had a blast!
@user-yi5hu8qw4s 4 aylar önce
The squirrel picnic table is awesome, so cute! . I would literally watch a whole season of Squirrel Wipeout..
@wirzarirbosfp 2 aylar önce
cara esse vídeo é muito bom!!! amo todas as partes deles!!! simplesmente incrível!!! melhor vídeo que ja vi!!!
@hankenson 5 aylar önce
Life with you would never be boring.
@sammas2611 3 yıl önce
Imagine Mark's son in the future asking him for ideas for the science fair
Marks son or daughter will win EVERY science fair.... EVER
@isaacakhigbe5677 3 yıl önce
Underrated comment😂
@scirvy 3 yıl önce
@@melissapeterson1298 Already has a son
@generalcyanide3602 3 yıl önce
Ya heard of a Nuclear Reactors?
@RaphBJ 3 yıl önce
He already has a whole video on science fair ideas
@roxysteinberg Gün önce
This is my favorite thing I've ever seen on TRvid. Thank you for this!
@Juke582 2 aylar önce
Totally hilarious!!! Great narration too dude! Loved it ❤️
@manusiiilva 2 aylar önce
Simplesmente apaixonada por esses vídeos ❤
⚠️Realmente un excelente video, no imaginé que fuera tan fascinante una calidad única en todos los sentidos!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 No hay nada que envidiar a los vídeos de National Geographic.
@shereemodica9909 6 aylar önce
This is the best video ever. Round of applause for not only your ingenious obstacle course skills, but your love of the animal. Great narration. Again. The best video ever.
@Phillip2423A 3 yıl önce
A squirrel sitting at a tiny picnic table is the cutest thing I've seen.
@dduelion_lilyy 3 yıl önce
Not when they push your friend's birthday cupcakes off the picnic table and on the dirt floor. Lol but they are cute not doing anything.
@LUCAS420BLZ 3 yıl önce
@@dduelion_lilyy who hurt you Was it the squirrel
@frnzklmmrll1012 3 yıl önce
DC has dem super rare hairless tail squirrels
@teja.redden 3 yıl önce
Tatiana Saravia I mean ur not wrong but jeez who did hurt u 😂
@haharroop2923 3 yıl önce
Phillip2423A until fantastic guss comes along
@juliasilvrants9556 2 aylar önce
You gotta admit Squirrels are very talented and I love watching them. I can just see them watching you build your obstacle course and laughing. So glad you are concerned with the safety of the squirrels
@bugler6447 6 aylar önce
great video, squirrels are so persistent in that if food is involved they don't give up. Its all fun and games until some one gets launched then it is hilarious.
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