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Kane Pixels
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Includes animations created using the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II - rokoko.co/36TqjUI

Additional Motion Graphics - Trendwatch: trvid.com/u-trendwatch2016




24 Haz 2022




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Kane Pixels
cer spence
I love how subtly Kane expands on this lore. Presentation is a cool way of using subtext to paint a bigger picture.
Primacia 21 gün önce
My heart sunk when the blueprints included "residential" - imagine people living in this... and it seems like A-Sync just shrugged off the "incident" from earlier and sealed it off, because the project has too much going for it. This series has gone from scary to downright existentially terrifying... and I love it.
I like that the company isn't being played off as evil or greedy, just far too ambitious with their vision. The Backrooms could certainly help with storage problems, but to put residential areas and even a tram system seems a bit too excessive considering what lives in there.
Blokketdude101 14 gün önce
ASYNC seriously discovered this abnormal space filled with monsters and unnerving areas and thought "this is the perfect spot for a dollar general"
wet socks
wet socks 28 gün önce
Honestly such a human solution. Endless hellscape filled with incomprehensible horrors? Just turn it into a warehouse
Oru Karm
Oru Karm 21 gün önce
Anyone else notice that after the threshold was opened in that one test that almost failed, it was never closed afterwards? The only way they “close” it is by closing the shutter on it, that means the thing is always on and possibly why people keep going missing in the series, opening and closing the thing in the original way is a hassle. It also means the only thing separating earth from the entities in the backrooms is a metal door.
A perfect way to end the day, thanks Kane.
Solophent II
Solophent II 28 gün önce
The Backrooms are not
machew durbin
machew durbin 28 gün önce
It’s like a combination of Doom, Half-life, Portal and the endless backdoor hallway in the Matrix Reloaded. Best online video content since Marble Hornets. Well done Kane.
Lucho De Lio
Lucho De Lio 14 gün önce
Rob Buchanan
Kane Pixels has me acting like a feckin crazy cult member trying to force my friends to watch his videos. He's just got the perfect balance of mystery/style/liminal dread that makes you go on wild eyed rants explaining his stuff. Pure class
Star Wars Kid
Star Wars Kid 21 gün önce
Kane, idk how you do it but if you are creating such masterpieces when you’re only 16 years old, which is younger than me, I promise you are going to be VERY successful in life
Axiom Ape
⚠️ The thought of actual offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, apartments and houses in the Backrooms is terrifying.
Aidan Pysher
I feel like ASYNC is like a far more realistic and less sinister version of Aperture Science, and the opening of the Backrooms earlier felt like a more controlled and far less catastrophic experiment than what Black Mesa would do that lead to the Resonance Cascade in Half-Life.
Everything about this is mind blowingly well done. The nostalgic details, the sound design, the score, the graphics. I don’t know how many people are involved in this, the budget, the man hours involved, but it’s an absolute triumph
Connor Emerick
Connor Emerick 12 saatler önce
Just rewatched pitfalls and there was a reference to the fact they’re not going over an expansion request until after “the presentation” and that the tour of the facilities would be ending on the 10th
pupcaz 21 gün önce
I like how the Presentation doesn't have glitches and stuff. It's nice to see something in this theme being normal for once.
NICKPOOL 14 gün önce
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