Back at it with the hips 🤣 

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10 Eyl 2023




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@sc1788 Aylar önce
Today, I decided to wear nothing to the mall.
@SeahamV2 25 gün önce
Thats level 100 power armour.
@weslainesoul694 25 gün önce
@DontFuckWithTheOcean 24 gün önce
Beautiful ain’t she? 🤤
@nicholasmuro1742 24 gün önce
"Why are all these creepy guys staring at me"
@Rye___ 11 gün önce
Nah that dude killed that shit 🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥
@blb3bl45 8 gün önce
I love her😂 she knows how to be happpy!!
@merc9nine 4 gün önce
She's wearing a bikini at the mall.
@Kefka2010 3 gün önce
@jonathanbowen9003 2 aylar önce
Bikini at the mall. Strong
She can afford it. Definitely
@hugusgus 2 aylar önce
The worst thing it’s she wear bikini and boots at same time 😂😂😂
@gonnahavemesomefun 2 aylar önce
Boots too 🐺❤
@H1TZK0PF 2 aylar önce
This is normal in the South
@psychosk8er 11 gün önce
That transition front the escalator to the floor was so damn smooth.
@SociallyBrandedMedia 10 gün önce
Bikini with a wrap and combat boots in the mall is an absolute 🔥vibe! 😂
My God!!!
@Bobir-go2zs 4 gün önce
@Bobir-go2zs 4 gün önce
@DiegoMTzO 3 gün önce
E ainda continua muito bonita
@Ferch993 18 gün önce
That girl knows how to live in the moment.
@ethosterros9430 16 gün önce
3 people randomly standing together at the escalator dancing in front of a camera? How in the moment
@tysonrobles6835 15 gün önce
​@@ethosterros9430If you are the living example of a person who does not know how to enjoy the moment, I feel sorry for you, seek help, it is not good to be so bitter.
@ethosterros9430 15 gün önce
@@tysonrobles6835 why u so upset fam? Enjoy the moment.
I love people that don’t need a reason to have fun.
@47imagine 7 gün önce
I need a reason.
@maximini4923 18 saatler önce
isn't the reason to have fun?
@user-lu9hq6jv4v 12 gün önce
The Lady dancing in the combat boots rocks!
@knightmaremerc1794 28 gün önce
Bro unintentionally brought his own backup dancers 😂😂😂
@tcool4706 4 gün önce
Dancerrrrrr....1 😂
Esa mujer tiene todavía el estilo de los 70,80,90... Baila súper bien
@christysivley 10 gün önce
Girl was absolutely beautiful but she walked like she'd have beat his ass if provoked😄 Super cool video
@thesaint7380 Gün önce
exactly my thoughts, she walks like an amazon warrior 😄
@user-ml2pl8tc6q Gün önce
She wasn’t beautiful just naked
@dor-si9145 Aylar önce
The escalator dances are the best because the victims can't get away. 😂
@chasegoolsby9465 Aylar önce
@lannyandrade2188 Aylar önce
@coffeebleu6577 Aylar önce
You sound like you've never jumped off an escalator before
@ugoboss6898 Aylar önce
@alemartins3451 Aylar önce
@user-we2fl5uc1x 6 gün önce
Давайте побольше таких видосов. Приятно смотреть спасибо.
@Michael-ob5ly 6 gün önce
You just KNOW she's a lot of fun.
@damnright1766 19 gün önce
I love when people match the energy instead of just staring.😊 he killed it. But her support is everything.
@levimurnane9688 17 gün önce
The woman is in a mall in a bikini 👙 l was staring at that & thinking WTF!! People talk about when people be in the mall with bed clothes on. Yet a bikini is fine? 😅😅
@PudinTane-gc4dn 17 gün önce
@@levimurnane9688 bikini and boots! And she rocked them both!
@barfylane7815 16 gün önce
@algar6616 16 gün önce
It’s everything, absolutely everything. Oh sweet sweet woman if the essence of her support could be distilled throughout the world we would have peace, we would be free from suffering. Oh I swear it truly is everything and so much more. What a marvel this moment is.
@braxtonmarshall1883 15 gün önce
I cant dance for shit but I'd be like uh yeah get it uh uh yeah say what? 😂
@mandyhouston9949 12 gün önce
The girl stole the show❤️❤️
@MattyAce15 2 gün önce
If I could dance as good as he does I’d be dancing everywhere I went too. And say what you want about her, she 100% passed the vibe check… and brightened a lot of guys days 😂
@billstewart4980 2 aylar önce
She understood the assignment. The song said, "Everybody".
@Carnivore.A.J 2 aylar önce
@shaunahuerta9597 2 aylar önce
Ok, the gal in the middle came in on queue! Why didn’t the last one? It could’ve been a great dance party on the fly!
@eddyjunqueira4286 2 aylar önce
the other girl didn't
@Rustam56reg 2 aylar önce
@keni203 Aylar önce
@thegurch7313 7 gün önce
she was the coolest, he was planned but her in the moment energy was totally spontaneous
@cristianfrazao5442 8 gün önce
@medleclaire870 2 aylar önce
Who saw the video more than 2 times 😂❤
@aboltyz 2 aylar önce
Шутишь раз 10 посмотрел)))
@iggymich 2 aylar önce
​@@aboltyzYou were looking at his hips or his slides down there and you love michael Jackson's's moves i can see that you miss him? 😉😉😉
@computercraig777 2 aylar önce
More than twice
@user-ys7fh8wi5y 2 aylar önce
Кто смотрел на сиськи, больше двух раз😂
@user-dranamarie 2 aylar önce
She was distracting me the first time! He was a good dancer
@kelvinj1544 2 gün önce
To be dancin down the escalator like that is Legend ✨🔥😎
@SociallyBrandedMedia 10 gün önce
Bros hips got🔥 Rizz for days!😂
@Set_Trip Aylar önce
The girl in the back telling her friend... "What is he doing?" Her friend: "I don't know but I'm gonna join him." 😂
@amandafly1580 27 gün önce
She already made a fool of herself wearing that in a mall. Mine as well add to that.
@Set_Trip 26 gün önce
@@amandafly1580 One thing you gotta know is that times have changed Amanda. Now a days people do things that might seem normal to other people.
@patyalvarado2928 24 gün önce
Es verdad..😂
@MrJazzuka 20 gün önce
​@@Set_Trip😊 вы я
@Drewz74 9 gün önce
She passed the vibe check lol
@vincannone6088 12 gün önce
Dude too into himself to even notice the hottie!!!!!
@jimplunkett2965 Aylar önce
Gotta love how she shrugged her shoulders at first and then the beat touched her soul.
U mean the beat that was put in there after editing ? On top of the fake ppl ? This is cringe to watch in a video i can not imagine the pain seeing this in public in complete silence. 😵😵
@r.b.6619 Aylar önce
​@@ponyslavestation4669the beat was probably put in after but i think the same came out of the box, otherwise it wouldnt be as synchron as it seems.
@michaelk4113 Aylar önce
He's holding a bluetooth speaker, playing it right there while he dances to it. Pay attention next time.
@@ponyslavestation4669He literally has a phone and speaker in his hand…do you have eyes?
@user-xe9pe4ih9f 8 gün önce
Деваха молодец,не растерялась,умничка😊
@FYMBAMF 3 gün önce
That man dancers so good that the lady's came prepared with half off ❤❤❤😂😂😂.....HAHAHA 🙌
@Bojeezy 24 gün önce
That chick thought she was at the beach. 😂
@narugs5179 11 gün önce
She was at the mall which has a pool...
@Aces_over_Kings 7 saatler önce
And ur mad about it?? As far as I'm concerned she can dress for the beach 24/7!!
@georgeandre3114 13 gün önce
The girl killed it
@user-ig5oh2cw5z 4 gün önce
The world would be a better place if we just have fun and dance ❤🎉🎉
@ashleyschraub3755 2 aylar önce
That girls passed the vibe check 🎉
@sjzjr1158 2 aylar önce
Only Once Her Friend Told Her He Was Makin A Video
@auwei 2 aylar önce
her cloth?
@djbxandsbr451 2 aylar önce
@seandiggins1838 15 gün önce
I would have took her home and taught her that dance!
@user-rb9lx5pf2h 11 gün önce
Девчонка хороша,позитив это сила 👍👍👍
@baxlawl 2 aylar önce
That girl clearly understood the assignment!
@merncat3384 2 aylar önce
Of course, she was in on it
@djbxandsbr451 2 aylar önce
@fyfyi6053 2 aylar önce
lol That's basically what every guy here cares about I bet non of u even watched the dancer doing his routine.
😍😍😍😍💃💃💃💃👍👏👏👏👏👏 ❤❤❤ achei que ela fosse dançar junto com ele 😅😅😅😅😅
@ramonbriones4487 2 aylar önce
Issa skit
La actitud de la mujer es simplemente fantástica 😊👌👏
@MissBibi2000 12 gün önce
Noo!! I miss the running man! 😂😂
@Dansrgurl 2 aylar önce
The girl behind him understood the assignment! Well done!! Very cute!!
@scappel Aylar önce
Probably because she’s in on it……
@zinoamine5540 Aylar önce
@hawaiipeach8847 4 gün önce
People can never just let the dancer di their thing. Always doing the most
@kenyonhoward9495 6 gün önce
That's the longest escalator ride I've seen 😂
@veranozombie2317 24 gün önce
She passed the vibe check
@omgitzthunderlol4598 16 gün önce
She saw the rhythm then knew what to do
@SAUNITRIES 3 gün önce
Her energy is everything. 😂
@angelgargola 12 gün önce
i love the girl dancing behind him :D 🧡
@leviqueen1504 19 gün önce
Girl 1 passed the vibe check.
@kdmc40 8 gün önce
Quick, call an ambulance. Guy is having a fit!😂
@aalishas8438 4 saatler önce
I watched the video twice: to see the dude's dance and then to watch inovative dance of rhe girl!
@rozchristopherson648 2 aylar önce
I love how the girl behind him decided to join the party. ❤❤❤
@diegoholder5467 2 aylar önce
Love a fake video 😅😂
@isabelflores8644 2 aylar önce
​@@diegoholder5467tal vez falso sea, pero de q te atrapa el ritmo, ya estuvo y si tienes buena actitud y eres feliz, lo sigues tambien, di q no?? 😃😃
@robgore3881 2 aylar önce
No joke, I thought it was planned at first.
@seheyt 2 aylar önce
@@robgore3881 go with your first instinct, then
@craigpatterson6225 2 aylar önce
She had some Nice but simple moves ! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
@oreocookies7831 10 gün önce
Girl's all in for the fun! Me, I'm the other girl and just when I get nerve to dance... rides over 😂😂😂
@deivysmiranda1304 16 gün önce
Divinas esas mujeres sin prejuicios solo se llenaron de energía y gozaron
@mikkelnyhuus9173 Aylar önce
Girl passed the vibe check with flying colors.
@codyracine5639 Aylar önce
She was a plant obviously who goes to mall in a two piece? (Besides your mom)
@daedalus7102 Aylar önce
And flying nips
@Let-Me-Cook69 Aylar önce
She did but why she got boots with a bathing suit on? No drip 😂😂😂
@devonstrachan3658 15 saatler önce
He started dancing to distract from his "excitement"😂
@eluv7284 2 aylar önce
I can safely say NOBODY was lookin at ol' boi in this clip 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cómo no, está haciendo el 99% del show .
@tomvalveede6808 2 aylar önce
✓ the Dudes Bouncing Pkg.! 😮
@googleuser-one 2 aylar önce
It’s in your face-no one could’ve missed it.
@renato9905 2 aylar önce
@philcampbell8887 2 aylar önce
In 2023? 🤣🤣🤣
@versaleyang 14 gün önce
Pop n lock? You don't see this anymore nowadays. Awesome!
@user-gu6ce7vq3v 11 gün önce
Que lindo el video .. la buena onda que te trasmite 😊 y la chica es genial . . Muy bueno 👌
@jakubabaz3982 2 aylar önce
The girl in the back passed the vibe test perfectly 🥰
@overlordp.3758 2 aylar önce
That's all I was looking at😅
@scotthearts9634 5 gün önce
Definitely passed the vibe check! 😅
@user-yp1id3xd7h 15 gün önce
He move good in the stairs.❤
@jimbyrdiii1503 2 aylar önce
I've been saying this for years... DANCING is therapeutic! 🕺
@fatalwreck9254 Aylar önce
Music in general.
@user-ll3gf1vb9o Aylar önce
exactly, i danced may way to 90 lbs weight loss in high impact airobics
@user-nh9ws4be8e Aylar önce
И заразительны одновременно 😅
@user-nh9ws4be8e Aylar önce
И заразительны одновременно 😅
@CassidyYarzagaray 9 gün önce
The hip movement 🤣🤣
@saltbjorn 4 gün önce
He was REALLY happy about being followed down the escalator
@yahoo888 2 aylar önce
Guy definitely can dance and the girls got moves...nice!!!
@Astro-J 2 aylar önce
What a generic comment 😂
@rodrigo.barbieri 2 aylar önce
What guy?
@user-ob2cm9ot7n 2 aylar önce
Такие резкие движения вывихнет поясницу
@minakazakhstan3712 2 aylar önce
Хорошо сказано
@onolicious9147 4 gün önce
Giving back the same energy is cool.
@BigDaddyPapSmear69 9 gün önce
The rizz is strong with young Obi Funk-tobi.
@thomasbowers1210 2 aylar önce
I love how the first woman got into it but her friend was embarrassed.
@Jstultz100 2 aylar önce
It was probably just as embarrassing with her friends outfit at the mall, like that isn't enough attention for her, then she had to do whatever that was that she did. 🤣🤣
@thomascaramela9699 2 aylar önce
That outfit is perfectly acceptable for the mall since the Beach was only 100+ miles away lol
@user-rus327 2 aylar önce
Is this where women dress like this?😮
@MSK_trucker 2 aylar önce
Она видимо увидела что снимают на видео
@edwardhurley8959 4 gün önce
Why this man just start killing it on the escalator though 😂😅
@ashleydunham6957 15 gün önce
fancy footwork at the end there. A+ for the girl joining in a bit. Very fun!
@barakados 2 aylar önce
God bless the 90s.What a rhythm!!
@user-qu9uq4zp3s 2 aylar önce
@NativeAm1 2 aylar önce
The best decade ever...
@JViello 2 aylar önce
@@NativeAm1 100 million percent!
You are right minus the God Bless Part because that would mean this music actually has any kind of quality...👎👎👎
@josephschmidt1751 3 gün önce
She's a boss for that. And with the boots too
@taniablaauw2726 2 saatler önce
His got the moves 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Tania Tissong Blaauw South Africa
@user-kw8np9kf1t 2 aylar önce
Lol best elevator prank so far. No touching strangers or staged stuff. Just a dance routine on an elevator and some candid reactions. Lol gold
@andybovee827 9 gün önce
What I imagined myself looking like, going into the mall on Saturday in the 90s😂
@waltercepeda712 4 gün önce
😂😂😂😂😂 se re copo la chica una genia
Her heart grew three times that day. Goes to prove that music tames even the most ferocious and savage beast.
@Feerlyss Aylar önce
If you took my blood pressure you'd have to subtract 8...i didn't even see him
@Mr.Helper. Aylar önce
Did she die ? She ok now ?
@SunnyLovetts 29 gün önce
Why do you think she could hear the music it was put on after the video he could be dancing in silence lol
@dartanialgarcia7179 29 gün önce
@@SunnyLovetts because he is carrying a JBL speaker in his left hand.
@paulvarano5675 28 gün önce
@@Feerlyss norm!!!
@richardbrown986 8 gün önce
The elevator ones are the best , you have them locked in . They either get into it or realize they are about to be in a vid
@dwayneroberts6616 10 gün önce
I do believe this man found a dance partner she's awesome for realizing the positive energy this young man was exuding and stepping into to it.😊
@XxKotaX 2 aylar önce
Ive never seen anyone pass a vibe check so cleanly
@ernesttrosman 2 aylar önce
Remember when celebrities pretended they had cv19 and pretended they took the you know what? Then all y’all followed like sheep
@RickyAnderson-fk7pv 26 gün önce
Real clean
@eduardohernandes7955 10 gün önce
Muito show esse vídeo, isso encina que temos que aproveitar a vida e o momento 😊
@heloisacardoso1497 16 gün önce
@charlywested6465 2 aylar önce
If that girl was not in on it and she just did that spontaneously…. She’s a keeper
@93N13 2 aylar önce
Bikini + boots? She's a keeper even if only for that!
@SlickArmor 2 aylar önce
Come on man. Is anything spontaneous anymore?
@Bahrta_sai 2 aylar önce
That's quite a coincidence if it wasn't staged. Most likely it was staged. I was worried it was going to end in a cheesy HSM flash mob. Regardless he's an amazing dancer.
@TheOneAndOnlyVaYnE 2 aylar önce
Bikini in a fucking mall "shes a keeper man i tell ya" so happy must be loyal i tell ya! LOL
@kenshiro100 2 aylar önce
parece natural,,,,,expontaneo ,,,no parece estar involucrada
@aldorhythm3286 11 gün önce
This guy is the meaning of SWAG
@victorrosario4231 6 gün önce
I want some of what he had for lunch.😅
His back up dancer stole the show ❤
@_PHISK_ Aylar önce
@shonbitchez Aylar önce
There was a backup dancer?
@derekwilliams3093 Aylar önce
not in the least😂.. she really didn't have that much rhythm..
@zolero7055 Aylar önce
She's hot indeed, but couldn't stole the show. She hasn't his moves by far.
@MadDog-1961 Aylar önce
Nope! She tried but realized she couldn't keep up. Her finger shake was dude you got some moves!! (respect)
@ansisa_ru9480 15 dakika önce
Девочка молодец, поддержала парнишку )))
@shantosman 11 gün önce
😂l can't stop laughing 😅 this guy is so funny 😁
@martinahouse1390 17 gün önce
I love the girls' energy. Carefree and happy. 🎉❤
@verywired1 7 gün önce
With those moves, he's lucky the tennis ball didn't fall down his pantleg.
@user-gs9xw4ob5h 5 gün önce
I love women so much!!! 😂😂😂
@vanguard7553 2 aylar önce
Love the girl behind him. She's the life of the party 😂
@ForHonorClips420 2 aylar önce
maybe she can buy proper cloths
@vanguard7553 2 aylar önce
@@ForHonorClips420 Nah, she looks great as she is!
@DBLCreations 2 aylar önce
@@vanguard7553 Agreed! There are really some prude people man! I even think she is more beautiful the fact that she has a kind of humor and dancing a long! I found that even more attractive!
@laifiru9358 2 aylar önce
​@@DBLCreationsbro just put some damm clothes you are not at the faking beach, have some respect for Jesús christ
@darrellhodges7086 2 gün önce
She was badass 💯💯💯
@jacobhentschel2111 12 gün önce
Man got skills, and prolly got those numbers, both of em
@mzshorty2382 2 aylar önce
Love it how she didn't judge and started dancing❤❤😊
@lana-jg8tk 2 aylar önce
Я бы сделала тоже самое,честное слово))) обожаю танцевать, ещё такой хит,никто не устоит наверное)
@dacrib5350 2 aylar önce
Because it's fake
@TheHadMatters 2 aylar önce
@@dacrib5350Nah, just knows what to expect. You can see her look around for the camera. Staircases are officially TikTok stages at this point.
@lola_lol3656 6 gün önce
Habe es ohne Ton gesehen und wusste sofort zu welchem Lied diese Bewegungen gehören!
@mrdog4262 13 gün önce
I love those boots she had on. And that was just about all she did have on! Interesting way to go to the mall
@salmakadiri2349 2 aylar önce
She got more humor than clothes on.
Well better👍😊
@kickassgoat 16 gün önce
that girl just stole the show 😂
@JYPSYEYE 9 saatler önce
Escalator exhibitionist extraordinaire levels, rarely matched......
@omarestrada7483 2 aylar önce
I ain't going to lie this girl definitely passed the real vibe check 🕺
@michaelcaldwell3265 2 aylar önce
Right she was all about it!
@user-tw3og7zp2p 2 aylar önce
And 304 check
She ACED the vibe check
Kardeşlerim 106. Bölüm @atvturkiye
“Taş Devri” (SEZON FİNALİ)