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hi LUVSSSSS! Hope you guys love this vlog of taking baby ehlani to disney for the 1st time!

Outfit i'm wearing from OOTDFash









See you guys in my next bideooo!



23 Eyl 2021




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Brooklyn Alexandra
Brooklyn Alexandra 10 saatler önce
I don’t know how I am just seeing this but the end made me cry my daughter is 5 now and when she turned 1 I went thru this having to share my baby it was the hardest thing I had to do now she just wants to stay with me and asks to come home just know with God all things are possible and it’s going to all turn out how it should it may take time but everything will work out you are amazing elsy 💗
Yayaa Htx
Yayaa Htx 12 saatler önce
You and Patty was having the time of yall life on that water ride while the lil kids were terrified 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michelle Quezada
Michelle Quezada 13 saatler önce
This video made me cry 😭😍 sending you nothing but positive vibes for you and babygirl… ❤️
Cynthia Arguello
Cynthia Arguello 18 saatler önce
STAY STRONG Elsy ....stay POSITIVE God's w/u always .....🙏💕😘💜
Leslie Vazquez
Leslie Vazquez 20 saatler önce
vanessa montez
vanessa montez Gün önce
I literally cried at the end because I know exactly what you’re going thru Elsy! Praying for you everyday babygirl
Mai Vo
Mai Vo Gün önce
Diana Cano-vega
Diana Cano-vega 2 gün önce
Carolyn Elizabeth
Carolyn Elizabeth 2 gün önce
Cutest baby ever omg
kulas camera roll
kulas camera roll 2 gün önce
your such a great mom like for real ❤️ im a mom of 6, is have mad respect for you! keep your head up because your doing a awesome job ❤️
Elizabeth trejo
Elizabeth trejo 2 gün önce
I really love how happy her baby is with her, i’m so proud of you elsy 💘
Nina Rivera
Nina Rivera 2 gün önce
Baby ehlani not being impressed w your jokes 😂😂 cutest baby ever 😍🤍
Irais Vargas Perez
Irais Vargas Perez 2 gün önce
The kids crying 😂😂😂😂
Miriam Macias
Miriam Macias 2 gün önce
Jcpenney has disney shops and they are actually pretty cute 🤩 stop by
Bernadette Vidal
Bernadette Vidal 3 gün önce
You and your babies mentally health is the most important thing. Most mother will stay because they think it better for there kids to stay with the father in a not so good relationship. They don’t know it will have long term affects when there child gets older and the mama mentally takes longer to heal after you realize and miss out of the happiness you should have and deserve. You have to be happy first.
Liz Prieto
Liz Prieto 3 gün önce
Ontario Mills Disney store is open I recently went.
Yanii C
Yanii C 3 gün önce
I am IN LOVE with your baby Elsy! 💖 She is too adorable 😍 From her little laughs, to her say hi to everyone 🥰 You are doing such a great job with her mommy! 👏
Andrea Lara
Andrea Lara 3 gün önce
Im dying with pattie laughing and jordan contemplating life lmaooo so much fun
Exactly Right
Exactly Right 3 gün önce
Elsy you're so FUNNY and your family is the sweetest bunch ever. So blessed!
Alejandra Ramos
Alejandra Ramos 3 gün önce
Damn you can see the hurt when she gives babygirl at the end . But Elsy you are doing a GREAT job and any man would be happy to have you ! I’m sorry things didn’t work out but I hope you find yourself happiness !! Because I can sure as hell see babygirl makes you happy and both you deserve that happiness . Being a single mom going through it ain’t easy but lemme tell you ur doing great ! Keep it up mama and I know you don’t know me , BUT IM HERE IF YOU EVER NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO !! Love you baby girls ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💛💚💖💖💖
Ahtziri Cardozo
Ahtziri Cardozo 4 gün önce
Since Baby E came into your life , you’ve done everything to make sure she’s safe and happy regardless, there’s not a lot moms like you, you’re so hardworking and strong for what you’re going through! I love your videos especially when Baby E is in it , good job mama 🤎🤎🤎!
Ashley G
Ashley G 4 gün önce
Happy belated birthday elsy. Your such a great mommy your baby will appreciate everything you do for her. Your baby is so sweet and such a happy baby. You are the best elsy!
Gabriella Fierro
Gabriella Fierro 5 gün önce
Omg the fucking Mickey Mouse part 😭🤣🥲
Michelle Huezo
Michelle Huezo 6 gün önce
Girl you’re so strong and you have no idea how much motivation you’re giving to all those moms out there that have babies and are doing it in their own. I just wish I was your friend and made sure I was there to help and support you the best way a friend can. 🤍 $Michellehuezo
Evelyn Chavez
Evelyn Chavez 9 gün önce
The picture in the end had me so emotional 🥺💜
Lucky 2020
Lucky 2020 9 gün önce
Elsy, I know you want your daughter to have a relationship with the dad . But he has two hands . He wants her he can cook , buy diapers etc if he can’t then you should go to court and be with baby full time . You shouldn’t worry if he doesn’t have something while his daughter is visiting . What you should do is go inside make sure she has bed , car seat, food , organic milk , diapers , creams , shampoo , extra cloths . If not then why have her there .
Kayla Marchbanks
Kayla Marchbanks 10 gün önce
Jordyn crying has me weak I’m so sorry 😂😂😂
Lucy C
Lucy C 10 gün önce
The only stores open are the ones in the outlets.
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 10 gün önce
You are an amazing mom, never forget that!! 🤎
Teresa Corona
Teresa Corona 10 gün önce
You had me tearing up, If he can provider for the baby while she is with him why is he taking her!! He does not deserve to be in baby Ehlani's life!! What a low life loser. My respect to you Elsy, much love!!!
Daisy Cruz Regalado
Daisy Cruz Regalado 10 gün önce
Yxvxb d.
Bianca Estrada
Bianca Estrada 10 gün önce
literally i am Jordan on the ride 🥲🥲🥲🥲
Melissa _j
Melissa _j 11 gün önce
elsy you have the cutest baby girl ! bless you both (:
Rose Gutierrez
Rose Gutierrez 11 gün önce
Omg girl your do pretty and I hope the winner will be me
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 11 gün önce
Elsy so kind hearted 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Genesis D
Genesis D 11 gün önce
Ppl need stop judging and jumping into conclusion 🥴 it’s call initiative #Bekind
Angelina P.
Angelina P. 11 gün önce
been followed your such a great mommy! I hope you had fun at Alondras surprise!! $ginabeanzzzzz 🥳🥳
Mayra G
Mayra G 11 gün önce
Poor baby Jordan lol he’ll be ok!! ☺️fun times
Pattie Ruiz
Pattie Ruiz 11 gün önce
Happy Belated birthday Elsy Milffff Mammma! Your so beautiful! You do it all for Baby E and God sees it all. Baby E will thank you so much when she’s older and understands it all.! Keep doing what your doing. ♥️👏🏽🙌🏽 #ELSYGUEVARA
Jennifer Contreras
Jennifer Contreras 11 gün önce
Ehlani is the cutest and silliest baby ever! 😍😍💕 you’re doing a great job raising her mama!
Hazel Marquez
Hazel Marquez 11 gün önce
Baby E really brings the best out of you!💕 You are a strong momma Elsy!! Baby E will soon realize what a great strong mommy she has!
Vbah45 11 gün önce
I love you and baby E so much! This video made me cry of happiness and it made me feel so so proud of you as a woman and mother, as if we were best friends...you are truly an amazing mommy and example to Ehlani!!!
Lluvia Hernandez
Lluvia Hernandez 11 gün önce
$uviigrz I love watching your videos and how much your grown up and becoming such a great mother and such a role model 🤍🥰
Juanita Romo
Juanita Romo 11 gün önce
All I have to say is that your nothing but the best mom to baby E and I see that your a strong women and that’s what matters ♥️
Susy Contreras
Susy Contreras 11 gün önce
I have been following since day 1 😭 You are such a great mother . Baby E is so lucky to have you as her mother ❤️ stay strong Momma your amazing 😍
Jasmine R
Jasmine R 12 gün önce
She’s so adorable! I love baby E’s and Elsy’s relationship
Jasmine R
Jasmine R 12 gün önce
Theresa Jimenez
Theresa Jimenez 12 gün önce
ElSY I LOVE YOU ❤️ 🥲 and thank you
Brianna Alvarado
Brianna Alvarado 12 gün önce
I know it must not be easy but you are so strong and should be so proud of yourself 💖happy birthday 👑$briannaxbeautyy
Adri Padilla
Adri Padilla 12 gün önce
The little faces looks like shes trying to roll her eyes 😂
Asma Human
Asma Human 12 gün önce
Asma Human
Asma Human 12 gün önce
Asma Human
Asma Human 12 gün önce
Asma Human
Asma Human 12 gün önce
roxanita 12 gün önce
She is so cute and such a happy baby!
Leelee Mles
Leelee Mles 12 gün önce
Give her some time. This is too fresh for her and she seems to be doing everything she can for her piece of mind. I’m going through the same and I use to pack everything until I had enough and realized he should provide everything at his home so I simply stopped packing anything. I just send her off with her blanket and toys she likes to drag along lol God bless you Elsy! And every momma who is going or has gone through this 🥰
Crystal Jara
Crystal Jara 12 gün önce
i love you momma!!
Irma Urias
Irma Urias 13 gün önce
I can just feel the bond between you guys ❤️ stay strong Elsy, Ehlani will thank you for the rest of her life 💕💕
SweetVanniG 13 gün önce
She’s so beautiful 😍
Millianney Armendariz
Millianney Armendariz 13 gün önce
Best mommy award goes to you elsy your a great mom 😍😍
Julia Gom
Julia Gom 13 gün önce
Not shaming the dad in any way because we don’t know exactly how everything went down and even tho the dad may or may not have the means to provide for the baby I always used to pack my kids everything that’ I wanted them to have or eat just because being a mother you feel you have to and know what’s best for the kids so you just do it even tho the other parent may not use the necessities it’s there so they won’t go without just incase,that’s being a true parent, mother that loves her baby
Dyanara Berrocal
Dyanara Berrocal 13 gün önce
Baby E literally glows around Elsy. This is the cutest thing ever. She will know all the things her strong momma did ❤️
Cinthya Espino
Cinthya Espino 13 gün önce
Awww I love how you spend your day with your daughter ♥️♥️ $cinthyaMK
Cristalina Torres
Cristalina Torres 13 gün önce
Happy birthday love , you killin that single momma role . ❤ baby girl appreciates you so much .
Cristalina Torres
Cristalina Torres 13 gün önce
Omg she's going to enjoy it, I took my baby and she loved it
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez 13 gün önce
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia 13 gün önce
I know how it fell
Claudette Biller
Claudette Biller 13 gün önce
So glad you're looking so much happier Elsy! I just lost my fiancee of 17 years a month ago so life is absolutely miserable for me so I appreciate your video with Ehlani making me smile some. Thank you . She's so beautiful!! $CBiller80
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi 13 gün önce
when Elsy turned the camera around and screamed😂
Patricia Sanchez
Patricia Sanchez 13 gün önce
I just subscribed after watching this video!! You are a very strong independent young mom that made it! I remember watching you when you had a channel with alo & now you are successful & all you need is peace and happiness for you and your baby girl!!! You encourage others
princess clarissa
princess clarissa 13 gün önce
My dream
Destiny Lazcano
Destiny Lazcano 13 gün önce
Happy belated birthday
maritza barajas
maritza barajas 13 gün önce
Why is no one speaking of the fact that she has to pack everything for her even milk ! Like shouldn’t the dad already have those things for her , he should know what to cook her she shouldn’t have to be doing all that
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez 14 gün önce
I lost it when Mickey said “well I’m waiting for your fucking response” 🤣🤣 she’s definitely Elsie’s daughter, so calm, and smiley just like mama
chela genie
chela genie 14 gün önce
When my baby daddy and I first separated and he started taking my girls on his days, I noticed he would never have anything for them. I started running my mouth calling him a fucking deadbeat and I shouldn’t have to continue packing things for him and he should have everything at his house. He would come thru with these thick gold chains and gold watches and I would throw it in his face like you can buy that but you can’t buy diapers, wipes, etc??? You expect me, the one who’s financially struggling while you the one with allegedly 90k in savings to provide for you? Now he’s on his shit but DAMN…..
Sandi Jasmine
Sandi Jasmine 14 gün önce
Brooo I was dying at the boat ride & worried at the same time 😭
Sandi Jasmine
Sandi Jasmine 14 gün önce
LMFAOOOOOO 3:02 she’s like mom you’re not funny 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂
DeAdrionna Hannah
DeAdrionna Hannah 14 gün önce
linda medina
linda medina 14 gün önce
Your an amazing mom 👩 ❤ 💕
Ilaisaane Mahe
Ilaisaane Mahe 14 gün önce
Baby E is so precious, what a blessing you have elsy, just like you are to her. Happy belated bday many blessings to you and baby E.
Kim Ortega
Kim Ortega 14 gün önce
Just stay strong for the baby sakes as long as you guys aren't fighting and putting the baby in the middle of everything im going through the situation your in going through now for 11 years with my 11 year old oldest son trust me it will get better later on in the future he's engaged with someone and me and her is texting each other for my oldest sake and ive moved on and i had another kid with someone and now we are married IT WILL GET BETTER IN THE FUTURE LEAVE IT IN GODS HANDS YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB YOUR A GOOD MOMMY.
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose 14 gün önce
You two are so cute .. such a great mother daughter relationship
Eve Kennedy
Eve Kennedy 15 gün önce
Love the Mickey Mouse edit 🤣🤣
Eve Kennedy
Eve Kennedy 15 gün önce
She really did expose them boxers girl 🤣 I would wear sim but I live with my mom rn 🤣
Samanta C
Samanta C 15 gün önce
Elsy is such a great mom. You can really tell she needed Ehlani in her life🥺💗
Destiney Josephine
Destiney Josephine 15 gün önce
The way baby Ehlani looks at you @17:45. She adores you 🥺🤍
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole 15 gün önce
This made em so happy, you’re such a good mom in making sure she experiences everything. She always gonna know you as a super mom who does everything for her💕
Danielle Bernal
Danielle Bernal 15 gün önce
Aww the ending made me tear up and the picture top it off your a beautiful person Elsy and you’ll find someone just as beautiful for you and your beautiful baby E. By the way she’s so cuuuuuttteee.
nini 555
nini 555 15 gün önce
Cutest baby’s ever 🌸
Julia Filak
Julia Filak 15 gün önce
She’s literally the cutest thing 😩😩 melts my heart watching this. Your a good momma Elsy
Brenda B.
Brenda B. 15 gün önce
Been loving this mom side of you! I truly enjoy watching your videos love the fact that you made sure she has all she needs to bring you peace, even if he does provide all that at his home cause we don't know exactly. Things will get better I promise you keep praying God will hear you.
Francheskamaria 15 gün önce
My eyes started tearing one baby E had to go to her dad’s, you’re so strong. Baby E looked like she had so much fun at Disneyland
Jessica Prouty
Jessica Prouty 15 gün önce
Happy late Birthday and may the good lord continue to bless you guide be with you at all times enjoy your beautiful day 💜❤omg your baby is so beautiful love ya 🥳💜🎆🎊🎉🎈🎂🍻
Liliana Rodriguez
Liliana Rodriguez 15 gün önce
Merry Jane
Merry Jane 15 gün önce
Hahahaha!!! The way baby girl was waving her lil' hand so fast at Mickey Mouse had me🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
pig the pug
pig the pug 15 gün önce
Is it me or is that baby always away with the dad
Selina Moreno
Selina Moreno 15 gün önce
I cried in the last part I fully understand it and I’m soo soo soo proud of you elsy! You’re such an understanding and loving mother 💞
May Gee
May Gee 15 gün önce
I’m sorry elsy but you should not be packing up diapers & food etc. he should provide that for her when she’s over her dads place.
Diana’s Day
Diana’s Day 15 gün önce
Your edits had me rollingg 🤣🤣. Happy Belated Birthday beautiful 💖✨
Santii Andre
Santii Andre 15 gün önce
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