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After being stopped by Canelo in three rounds, We caught up Avni Yildirim right after his canelo vs yildirim stoppage as Yildirim is disappointed and sad by the result as he leaves miami gutted over his canelo yildirim fight
Canelo tarafından üç rauntta durdurulduktan sonra, Canelo Yıldırım'ı canelo yildirim dövüşü yüzünden miami'yi yaraladığı için Yıldırım'ın hayal kırıklığına uğraması ve üzülmesiyle Avni Yıldırım'ı canelo'ya karşı Yıldırım'ı durdurduktan hemen sonra yakaladık.
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27 Şub 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Fight Hub TV
Fight Hub TV Aylar önce
Гарик Бенгальский
I never seen a professional boxer from Turkey before.. honestly... now i have thanks 🤦‍♂️
Alayas Mahmood
Alayas Mahmood 28 gün önce
The walk back was longer than the fight 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
İsmail Demirci
İsmail Demirci Aylar önce
Kum cuvali avni
tvkiko video 4K
tvkiko video 4K Aylar önce
I made the same video this Canelo versus yildirim Come check out the video
tvkiko video 4K
tvkiko video 4K Aylar önce
I made a video about canal
Ariel Aylar önce
Yildirin is 💩💩💩💩💩💩 the bóxer jajajajaja
JO. Cartagena Rc's 4 Christ
Good job he did absolutely nothing came to eat leather 🤣
Jess Mendoza
Jess Mendoza Aylar önce
He was gutted like a deer.
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez Aylar önce
Without comments!!!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Aylar önce
No amount of money could justify that embarrassment
Tony Barrios
Tony Barrios Aylar önce
Not a good boxer at all. Hardley threw a punch!
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez Aylar önce
Joel said he seen how he looked after the fight and the he knows he will never want to fight again
Ysn Ylmz
Ysn Ylmz Aylar önce
Arnel Nopal
Arnel Nopal Aylar önce
His career is over after that performance!!
MrSirFluffy Aylar önce
People are always confused how people's offense disappear in high level fights. Guys like Canelo and Floyd make it a nightmare to be aggressive. They remove people's agression and if they choose to be agressive than they get beat up. Avni froze, because he couldn't approach Canelo as easily as he thought.
BIG CAMOTE Aylar önce
What a clown 🤡
Bobbie Limbu
Bobbie Limbu Aylar önce
Wtf good job man
alnagam athakup althakup
Not gutted at all, he just made more mony then most off his fights,
Shiroumx M
Shiroumx M Aylar önce
No muhammad prophet helped him LOL
Raul Gutierrez
Raul Gutierrez Aylar önce
Another one show time!!👎👎
strafer Aylar önce
He quit on the stool and you call that stopped? Whatever. I’ve seen guys fighter harder for 100 dollars and he’s making millions.
Feng Shui MMA
Feng Shui MMA Aylar önce
I was confused when I saw the gold medal. It feels like that would hurt twice as bad?
Mauricio Leyva
Mauricio Leyva Aylar önce
Eres una desepcion para Turquía ese le regalaste el cinturón al canelo no le costó arrevatartelo estás re pendejo
Rico 1k
Rico 1k Aylar önce
When’s he’s walking away in the beginning you can see how red his arms are from taking those punches to the guard
PoppaPlunge Aylar önce
Gutted but failed to go out on his shield. Did literally zero work, Canelo should of put a logo on him and added him to the heavy bag collection at the gym.
Human Being
Human Being Aylar önce
He must've made millions. Don't be upset bro, retire and enjoy the money! 💰
Fredrico Sanchez
Fredrico Sanchez Aylar önce
He looked gutted? Click bait much. Don't be like the rest of the boxing channels!!!
M TURAN Aylar önce
There are levels to be that fighter.....Avni doesnt have the tools now...maybe in the future. Stepping in that ring is an achievement by itself. Avni showed up, he could have done more. He just frooze and that aint good in this sport.
Tank Gain A Grip
Tank Gain A Grip Aylar önce
Pathetic asf
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez Aylar önce
Potato sack walking.
Manny Aylar önce
Some just don’t go it I guess
frank Aylar önce
Yeah crying all the way to the bank.
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez Aylar önce
Good Job? Fire this dude.
Brutha Benjamin
Brutha Benjamin Aylar önce
He shouldn’t have any gold around his neck .
Edward Morris
Edward Morris Aylar önce
That bum quit and Took a dive
Louie Drummond
Louie Drummond Aylar önce
Haha why’s he wearing a medal? 🤣
kevinyanpierre leblack
muy buenos para los negocios , gano cuando dejo que canelo peliara con smith y me imagino que le ofrecieron mas dinero en esta pelea , hizo un gran negocio.
Alexis Sandoval
Alexis Sandoval Aylar önce
Solamente gente estúpida ignorante k no sabe de boxeo puede imaginar k este turco podía ganar.perder tiempo y dinero en ver un combate k antes de k se firme la pelea ya se sabe Kien va a ganar.
Edwin Aylar önce
Damn they gave him the walk of shame exit too? 😂😂😂 I bet Canelo didn’t take this exit
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia Aylar önce
This guy said good job to yaldimir when he dint even trow a 🥊 punch Jajajaja 😂😂😂😂
McDanky Aylar önce
That lame ass D level fighter didnt even deserve to be in there with Canelo lol
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Aylar önce
What waste off time
Raul Ching Garcia
Raul Ching Garcia Aylar önce
Boxeador nefasto junto con su patrón el canelo, circo maroma y teatro !!!!!
Thomas O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill Aylar önce
I don’t get it. Avni knew he wasn’t likely to win so why not go guns blazing ? Even if you still get knocked out after a few rounds, going all out would be your best chance of hurting Canelo and the fans would be praising you for at least trying against the one of the best boxers to date. Better to be remembered as the guy who gave Canelo hell for a round or two instead of a joke. Need watch the fight again can’t even remember if he even used his right hand in the fight.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Aylar önce
Haven't heard from big month Joel Días 🤔
Danny Diaz
Danny Diaz Aylar önce
That is a perfect example of no heart in the ring sometimes I just don't understand a boxer how they made it that far and to give a performance like that I'm sure glad I didn't pay for the fight can afford it anyways best of luck everyone
Azemracso Aylar önce
I'd be embarrassed to sport those Avni Yiridrim suits.
D Lee
D Lee Aylar önce
he said it! its "showtimeI and he delivered, everyone saw a show! not a boxing match! 🤣
ryan tait
ryan tait Aylar önce
Very unturkish
Haters Have Opinion
Came For A Check
Mike Metalheart
Mike Metalheart Aylar önce
Take of the Medal 😤😤😤
Ip Man
Ip Man Aylar önce
dodgervision1 Aylar önce
This why I watch the boxing no mo. I stick to UFC/MMA. Boxing is bullshillick! Greeting from the Motherland.
Kong Yang
Kong Yang Aylar önce
He came for a big pay check lol
Lorenzo Corleone
Lorenzo Corleone Aylar önce
Most of you probably never been In a fight!! Dude probably felt the hits and didn't stand a chance and quit......ain't nothing wrong with knowing you're opponent and admitting he's better. There will be other opportunities. He got a good paycheck and free of unnecessary injuries........
Juan Gonzales
Juan Gonzales Aylar önce
@Bartek Miśko well said. Yildirim was WBC mandatory since 2019 before Canelo had the WBC title. The reason Mandatories exists is to give the less known fighters a chance. Some show up & others freeze under the Big Stage.
Bartek Miśko
Bartek Miśko Aylar önce
Partly that's right, but on the other hand, I think there's some responsibility of being fair to all the fans that paid to see the fight, to the country you represent. I bet it's hard to think about that sitting on that stool and having to fight such a great opponent, but boxing is full of incredible stories of underdogs who gave all they had in the ring. Even tho they knew they didn't stand a chance. And I think it's determined by heart and will to fight no matter what. Maybe it isn't the smartest approach considering a fighter's health, but, in my opinion, that's what separates legends from boxers who will never be remembered. Look at different mismatch: Canelo vs. Alfredo Angulo. Angulo was getting washed but showed a lot of heart despite being a way worse fighter. Look how disappointed he was when referee stopped the fight cause of the punishment he was taking. That shows he didn't fight for the money, but to win. Also, there's the unbelievable fight between Tim Bradley and Ruslan Provotnikov. Those two are beyond belief. You can tell both of them were ready to die that night and that's why boxing is such an incredible and beautiful sport. Because some fighters are not in it for the money but for the glory.
mandiola2010 Aylar önce
Now he will retire with a good bank account.
Marcus mcintyre
Marcus mcintyre Aylar önce
training for several weeks for the biggest fight of your career then quitting on your stool after 3 rounds, what a shame.
BigTex 123
BigTex 123 Aylar önce
Most of yah bashing avni. Yet yall all knew he was no were near ready. Joel Diaz needs to stop trying to show other fighters the Mexican style of boxing. Non mexican fighters don't have it in them. They fight different. It's been proved time and time again.
Feliciano Talamantes
How tf is this guy even a boxer? Why would canelo even accept a fight vs a dude like this? Its embarrassing in my opinion . pathetic
Feliciano Talamantes
How tf is this guy even a boxer? Why would canelo even accept a fight vs a dude like this? Its embarrassing in my opinion . pathetic
Julian Villanueva
Julian Villanueva Aylar önce
Yildirim arms are all red! They must be hurting right now!
Ulas Sezer
Ulas Sezer Aylar önce
a disgrace for turkish people.. we were dreaming of our glory and he was dreaming about his check..
Romano barros
Romano barros Aylar önce
Rest up avni, hopefully my Uber comes on time tomorrow 🙏🏽
Melvin A.
Melvin A. Aylar önce
Enjoy that check you got you never going get another payday like that every again you fukking bum
Goat Mania
Goat Mania Aylar önce
With that Paycheck he can eat Shawarma for the rest of his life
Lulu Christian Cahyadi
chris eubank jr more dangerous for avni!
Her Telden
Her Telden Aylar önce
Avni yıldırım kenardan arkadan geliyo Ahmet Öner önden ortadan gidiyo sebep ne ?????
Vier Fäüste für ein Hallelujah
Fuck thus people make the great Sport broken
Shameless man..😡😡😡😡
Ludovic Weekers
Ludovic Weekers Aylar önce
What a farce worst canelo opponent I have ever seen absolute awful
The Silent Krissy
The Silent Krissy Aylar önce
He half assed that and went on his ass man.
Brandon Uwanawich
Brandon Uwanawich Aylar önce
Canelo making these men look like boys he’s on a different level
Fredrico Sanchez
Fredrico Sanchez Aylar önce
,21w 2 loss 12 kos He didn't belong in the ring with "CLEANELO" SMH😁
Brandon Uwanawich
Brandon Uwanawich Aylar önce
What a disgrace boxing became you would never see may weather del la hoa Tyson holyfield Frazier etc quit like this
RC BEGINNER jeff Aylar önce
Wait for heroes welcome boy
RC BEGINNER jeff Aylar önce
Go home boy punching bag Yildirim lol!
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Aylar önce
This dude belongs with wilder.. yall are not boxers. Retire !
Waynzig Nordics
Waynzig Nordics Aylar önce
There's one thing boxing fans hate more than anything else: Quitting on the stool. You've gotta go back out there and let the ref or corner stop it. They know how bad the situation is and will not hesitate to stop the fight. Just stand up and cover up.
S Gonzales
S Gonzales Aylar önce
Take that goddamn medal off your neck 😂
Efren Escobar
Efren Escobar Aylar önce
Adrien broner trained this guy
Sergio Morales
Sergio Morales Aylar önce
Dude made 2.5 million for 9 minutes of work.
C. N.
C. N. Aylar önce
Not even work. A failed attempt to stay in guard.
Jose Vigil
Jose Vigil Aylar önce
With no coffee breaks .
ThreeBears Sandoval
Turkish Country partied way to early..lol..
ThreeBears Sandoval
does anyone have the video clip where Avni shocked the Whole World ? lol..I missed that part..
E. M
E. M Aylar önce
Being Stopped? He quit 😂
Birmingham city football club
He should of just tuck the money not show up what a joke of a fighter he letting him sit on the power shots that's why he was pull out of the fight he never wanted it from the bell the man a joke to the sport I give anything to be able to share the ring with him due to not getting boxing licence I never fight pro the Turkish man should of Throw is hands he got the goat in front of him is life could change but he was like fanboy standing there hoping bjs give him a fight dont turn into theses payday fighters that only there for the L bjs said he could not look is boys in the eye if he done that so hopefully he turn up and hits him on angles mite Get shocker again
Domonique Montoya
Domonique Montoya Aylar önce
Probably got a bonus to throw it in the 3rd
Z. Idheileh
Z. Idheileh Aylar önce
Straight Bum!!
ZeroCool Aylar önce
Bum, didn't even try
I like my own comments to get the ball rolling
Can someone please fix boxing? This sport is a joke, fuck this WBC bullshit
Antonio Sarmiento Luna
Im beginning to think theyre all bought off.... Fuck it face it .. Canelo is a monster. !!!
Fly Ty Blizzy
Fly Ty Blizzy Aylar önce
Luis Fong
Luis Fong Aylar önce
Somebody can tell Yildirin he suck he is the worst opponent he not deserve be a boxing he is a shame for boxing
Ronald Maguiña
Ronald Maguiña Aylar önce
Ahi va la VERGÜENZA DEL BOXEO 🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓
Very Cold
Very Cold Aylar önce
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez Aylar önce
Que buen costal le buscaron y luego dicen q porque uno no queda convencido cuando como yo estoy acostumbrado a buenos boxeadores aztecas ahora no es lo mismo
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Aylar önce
My respects for turkish people. Really cool, good ppl. I think you guys deserved better last night. Greetings from mexico.
probably Aylar önce
yeah we deserved but...🤷‍♂️ gracias.
Digo Nada
Digo Nada Aylar önce
Gracias hermano
Chad Perez
Chad Perez Aylar önce
brenda munoz
brenda munoz Aylar önce
Over 1 million to get humiliated in public 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Cris oregon
Cris oregon Aylar önce
and canelo got $ 35 million for 3 rounds and barely getting hit once lol what a legend
Adil Choudhury
Adil Choudhury Aylar önce
I will take that any day! Offering 2.5 mil?
Abdulmuttalib Güngör
Mert Aylar önce
disgrace of turkey . ı hope he wont come turkey again
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