Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENES - Alternate Time Heist Revealed!

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Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes & Rejected Concepts Explained! How did the Endgame "Time Heist" and final Thanos battle almost play out very differently according to the directors and screenwriters? Erik Voss breaks down the alternate versions of the Avengers Endgame plot, and the secret Endgame alternate ending with Tony Stark meeting an adult Morgan Stark played by Katherine Langford. Why did the Avengers go to Asgard instead of the Collector's Vault, which contained both the Power Stone and the Reality Stone in 2014? Was Iron Man going to fight Heimdall, and Fat Thor fight 2013 Thor? Why did Black Widow die instead of Hawkeye? Did Avengers Endgame originally have a different title?
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23 May 2019

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Sergio David Luna Cruz
7:25 Should have been Yinsen saying "You didn't wasted your life Stark".
Pro Reaper0728
Pro Reaper0728 2 gün önce
Go to 4:39 why is one of the russo brothers wearing a fortnite shirt
Arkham Squire
Arkham Squire 3 gün önce
Tony: I did it, I defeated Thanos. I saved everyone. Morgan: You need to let go Dad. Tony: But, I want to see you grow up. Morgan: LET GO HELMET!
MoonBoots Gaming
MoonBoots Gaming 3 gün önce
I just wanna see Steve Returning the soul stone and meeting red skull again
MOHIT WADHWA 4 gün önce
Thor vs Thor over Cap vs Cap
Vincent Buonocore
Vincent Buonocore 5 gün önce
Thor vs Thor
Kirby Yu
Kirby Yu 6 gün önce
Russo is wearing a fortnote shirt
The G Mann
The G Mann 7 gün önce
They shouldve filmed them and put them in the bonus features for everyone to enjoy
Jordan Jaquette
Jordan Jaquette 8 gün önce
The snap
Growing up Vegas
Growing up Vegas 8 gün önce
Favorite character is captain America
SOLiD Niche
SOLiD Niche 8 gün önce
If it wasn’t for the rat that got Scott Lang out of the quantum machine then he wouldn’t have told the Avengers about time travel
Hiroe Waugh
Hiroe Waugh 8 gün önce
Lazar Lazar.
Owen Laserpants
Owen Laserpants 9 gün önce
Definitely Everything (top 3 are alternative End, Alternative Time heist, and Thor v thor
ShadowThief 961
ShadowThief 961 9 gün önce
I would have preferred the tony stark in the orange place would be cool.
Duchess DelaRue
Duchess DelaRue 10 gün önce
I was saddened that Groot didn’t have a bigger role in this movie. I definitely wanted to see more of him and more of the battle scene. I felt there were a lot of wasted time with the earlier scenes. The scene with Captain in the support group could have been taken out as I didn’t feel it added anything.
Asianeyes007 10 gün önce
I’m betting on Guardians+Thor vs Adam Warlocke in phase 4 💯 Ik they’ll make something work
Th3 D0C70R
Th3 D0C70R 11 gün önce
all of them, I want to see all of them.
zarka _321
zarka _321 12 gün önce
7:17 he’s got a Fortnite top on
Josephine Duque
Josephine Duque 13 gün önce
I laughed so much when you said Avengers no hope😂😂😂Asians!What happened?
Lord Shadowz
Lord Shadowz 14 gün önce
The sudden reveal of the hulk just didn’t work for me. Him being full of gamma radiation but the gamma radiation melts his arm? Come on!
azharhassan_ 14 gün önce
I just don't understand how Winter Soldier's metal arm disappear too when Thanos snapped his fingers.
Ashley Roberts
Ashley Roberts 14 gün önce
I think it would have been great to have had the Barton farm scene as the post credits scene of infinity war but still love what they did
Piper Holland
Piper Holland 16 gün önce
Power stone was brought to collector but did not remain there after his assistant tried to harness the power. It was given to Xandar after the battle w Ronan
Humanoid 17
Humanoid 17 16 gün önce
Let’s all not forget the most scary deleted scene... *headless cap*
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear 17 gün önce
SumTi ngWong
SumTi ngWong 17 gün önce
which scene would you want to see me:.... :ALL OF THEM
jakob turlington
jakob turlington 18 gün önce
Thor v Thor would have been dope
chief2airborne 18 gün önce
I just want to know how captain marvel knew where tony and nebula were
Tod Robinson
Tod Robinson 19 gün önce
Should of put them all in it. I would of sat for 5 hours for that movie !
Solar Robot Mustache Robot
Why didn’t they just go to thanos’s garden before he broke the stones. THEY WERE 6 STONES AND THOR KNOWS WHERE TO AIM SO
Bryan Boyer
Bryan Boyer 14 gün önce
They didn't know where he was until they saw the gamma radiation signature that was put off when Thanos snapped again to destroy the stones. There was no way they could've gotten there before then.
backround Character
backround Character 21 gün önce
I would have piked to see thor v thor knowing that thor in 2013 was not even using his powers to the fullest and to see himself become so powerful even without his hammer would maybe have opened his eyes a little
Chaøs Galaxy
Chaøs Galaxy 21 gün önce
How about all of them... 😭
Eli the dabber
Eli the dabber 21 gün önce
i just want to see the huge extended cut of the fight someday.
STH 22 gün önce
The image of Steve telling Sharon to cosplay as Peggy is just as disturbing as I thought it'd be.
XxChrisTheGod85xX 22 gün önce
Pause at 4:39 he is a devil he has a fortnite shirt
Binod Gurung
Binod Gurung 22 gün önce
Never noticed that kid looking at the camera in the diner, but what I remember most is during Tony's funeral, when the camera is panning around and gets to Hawkeye's family, the little kid that plays their youngest son Nathaniel? He was staring at the camera the whole time...
theloganreese 22 gün önce
This virgin gets wood over his own commentary
Bubbles 44
Bubbles 44 22 gün önce
Hawkeye die not black widow
Bad Boys Channel
Bad Boys Channel 22 gün önce
Thor vs thor would have been good
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos 24 gün önce
I wanted so bad to see a version of world breaker hulk
Mini Spec
Mini Spec 25 gün önce
7:56 maybe that is a young wade wilson and in a few years he will become deasdpool and this was the first time he broke the 4th wall
Jonah Medina
Jonah Medina 25 gün önce
I’d like to see Tony talk to his daughter. That would’ve been nice.
MagicCardboardBox 25 gün önce
They tabled house of M?! HOUSE OF M IS GONNA HAPPEN?!
RANDOM FANGIRL 26 gün önce
The adult Morgan scene, although that would have made me cry even harder
Supreme music And disstrack l
Thor vs thor
HozenZealot 29 gün önce
Tony goes to soul realm, speaks with Natasha (as another commented) and then yes, I would have loved to see Tony get some closure by seeing his daughter older. I feel he would have really been willing to "rest" then.
Rip torn
Rip torn 29 gün önce
Yeah this thing is insane mike alone abc tv shpw wild still around for mike mike love him despitetyrate wild is good baby is good this thing is good popular hour this thing is insane want him to be good but popular hour yeah wild fellowes hoir is apart of mike world showers are really far inbetween really miss them.
Dilnawazkhan Khan
Dilnawazkhan Khan Aylar önce
when ironman die and where he was go , vomit
Dilnawazkhan Khan
Dilnawazkhan Khan Aylar önce
sorry vormir
SideSwiper Aylar önce
My favorite deleted scene is Ricardo Milos gets the mjolnir and gets the infinity gauntlet and the infinity stones and ends it with butt slap
Ying Aylar önce
Hope they release hulk vs cull obsidian deleted scene
tydfil Aylar önce
An extended version on bluray would be worth it. Including the soul realm
Frost H
Frost H Aylar önce
I would enjoy seeing ironman fight
Shadow Ashe
Shadow Ashe Aylar önce
Thor v thor. Dark world thor would wreck endgame thor so bad he would have to rethink everything and maybe he would have become useful again, sounds harsh but the way he had nearly his entire powerbase kicked out from under him and nerfed to all hecc, I feel like his usefulness was low outside of being a warm body
Don Dubem Ezepue
Don Dubem Ezepue Aylar önce
I would have love to see Ironman and good daughter
Elmellio Music Group
All of it. Especially Tony/Morgan’s Soul World Scene.
Potato Chip Gaming
Potato Chip Gaming Aylar önce
If they had just traveled back to a couple days before and gotten all six stones from the garden before thanos destroyed them, they would have been fine
『 chris hemsworth's arse 』
So we really could have some of the best scenes but they cut it out?? Wooooww I honestly wish they can put these scenes in the extras when the DVD movie comes out
Jussblaze Chin
Jussblaze Chin Aylar önce
Where would we see the alternative and extra scenes at?
Spartan The Protogen
When you see an HD scene of Avengers EndGame Impossible
AR717 Aylar önce
I was hoping Stark would have left something to Quill as a gift at the end. Starting a few scenes of Stark looking into Quill’s belongings at the beginning of the movie. If he was alive or left a video of Stark’s Will, he could have said to Quill to “never forget where we come from and who we fight for”. Quill opens the gift in tears. His WALKMAN all patched up with a little help from Jarvis. Maybe a few scenes of Peter Quill meeting Nick Fury who presents him to surviving relatives if there were still alive.
young wolf
young wolf Aylar önce
ALL OF EM!! ALLLLLL OF THEM!!! Idc I sat thru Quentin Tarantino: deathproof and Grindhouse which was a 4 hour movie and then some....send it....SEND IT ALLLLL! LOL
Aidan Gomez
Aidan Gomez Aylar önce
One of the scenes I wanna see is stealth Ironman vs heimdall
Kyle Aylar önce
4:37 did anyone Else see that fortnite shirt
KingJhase Aylar önce
Pedro Morales
Pedro Morales Aylar önce
I would have liked to see Tony in Vorimir talking to his daughter also the part when they gathered to re-strategize would have been really good.
Ricardo Cano
Ricardo Cano Aylar önce
Could you tell them to insert some type of Hulk fight scene that was nonexistent? Please and thank you.
Detour Gamer
Detour Gamer Aylar önce
4:39 The shirt
Rouge Liniage Stuff Idk Hi
True Extremely true.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Aylar önce
grand neice
PollAll Aylar önce
I heard that Tony was originally going to say “ F*ck you Thanos “, and if they had a take for that, I would spend every penny I have to see It...
Arnold Horton
Arnold Horton Aylar önce
I wanted to see Thor redeem himself a little more but I understand how that would have over shadowed the direction of Tony and caps victory. They could’ve at least showed him keeping up with thanos in combat using the Odin force a little
Looney Llama
Looney Llama Aylar önce
Why not just kill baby thanos
마언 Aylar önce
Avengers:Infinity war, 2018 Doctor Strange: We are in the Endgame After some stupid translator translated in Korean Doctor Strange: We have no hope Also the same translator Nick Fury: Motherfu- -> Nick Fury: Mom
Musical assassin ASSASSIN
actually most of these scene they directors left
Musical assassin ASSASSIN
they actually left this scene
Dilan D
Dilan D Aylar önce
More of the Battle and Peter and Tony reunion ! 😔❤️
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton Aylar önce
7:17, anyone else notice Joe/Anthony Russo (Idk which one is which) was wearing a fortnite shirt
jordan chua
jordan chua Aylar önce
The one wearing the Fortinite shirt is the one on the right, and is Anthony.
Aakriti Daksh
Aakriti Daksh Aylar önce
Endgame is already perfect. Handsdown .. best parts were kept for good
Ibrahim Bin Imran
Ibrahim Bin Imran Aylar önce
They should have had a fitness montage for the Thor
Zachary Kritzer SNS
Or the avengers could have gone to a time when all the stones were in the same place, a.k.a. When thanos had all of them
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