Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENES - Alternate Time Heist Revealed!

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Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes & Rejected Concepts Explained! How did the Endgame "Time Heist" and final Thanos battle almost play out very differently according to the directors and screenwriters? Erik Voss breaks down the alternate versions of the Avengers Endgame plot, and the secret Endgame alternate ending with Tony Stark meeting an adult Morgan Stark played by Katherine Langford. Why did the Avengers go to Asgard instead of the Collector's Vault, which contained both the Power Stone and the Reality Stone in 2014? Was Iron Man going to fight Heimdall, and Fat Thor fight 2013 Thor? Why did Black Widow die instead of Hawkeye? Did Avengers Endgame originally have a different title?
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23 May 2019




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yep who cares
yep who cares 4 gün önce
Why not have thor tell thor to go for the head? Game over. Everyone has their own story progression and it just saves us 3 hours
Dancool 5 gün önce
Its 3000 minutes
andrew baillie
andrew baillie 9 gün önce
Oh yeah thor vs thor is amazing
Deborah Olugbenga
Deborah Olugbenga 10 gün önce
I would have wanted to see the hulk scene
Shalini Singal
Shalini Singal 10 gün önce
I would love to watch the longer foght sequence
Bob 12 gün önce
I liked getting to see (in another video, not this one) the bit where all the heroes kneeled after Tony's sacrifice, but agree that keeping it would have messed up pacing.
ChronoXShadow 12 gün önce
The one where Reed Richards walks in and offers to fix everything...
landon howard
landon howard 14 gün önce
Smart hulk was embarrassing to me
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls 18 gün önce
Easily would have wanted to see the heimdel and Tony scene
Benjamin Gillette
Benjamin Gillette 20 gün önce
3:27- the Russo kid looking into the camera wasn't what ruined Professor Hulk, the studio deciding the third act of the sneaky hidden Hulk movie was unnecessary is what ruined the reveal.
Kaung Myat Htet
Kaung Myat Htet 23 gün önce
Please don't put too much of your talking scenes in future. It'd be better.
Mr Idk
Mr Idk 25 gün önce
I would love to see Thor vs thor
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 26 gün önce
Wait how weird would it be if cap got peggies grand daughter pregnant. 🤯 baby cap😳
MI Chowdhury
MI Chowdhury Aylar önce
Honestly saying i would have enjoyed thor vs thor fight instead of captain america vs captain amaerica. I enjoyed that too but i think thor fighting with himself would be better.
JAYMIN baraiya
JAYMIN baraiya Aylar önce
Future Thor vs past Thor 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Iron Man
Iron Man Aylar önce
i just wish i wiould be born 15 years later so i could watch all the marvel movies one after other and not have to wait years and years for them to come out
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Aylar önce
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Aylar önce
♥️💙♥️👶 👶♥️💙💙
VM Grandeur
VM Grandeur Aylar önce
dummest vedio I have ever seen
Alfred Mercene
Alfred Mercene Aylar önce
4:38 one of them was waering a fortnite shirt
Blazin Aylar önce
Why is Anthony Russo wearing a Fortnite shirt at 4:39
Youtuber God
Youtuber God Aylar önce
Blazin cross over
toyin Awesome
toyin Awesome Aylar önce
if there is a house of m movie is Deadpool going to be in it?
Tom Siebert
Tom Siebert Aylar önce
I can’t believe Joe and Anthony Russo stole the idea of JL part 3.
DakingZone Aylar önce
Smart hulk.....reminds me of Amadeus Cho.
Game Empire
Game Empire Aylar önce
There is one more deleted scene from Avengers:Endgame,where thanos shows 2014's Captain America cut head to the Avengers after destroying the Avengers Compound.😱😵
Patrick Louie Cute Flores
See DC? this is how you make a great super hero movie universe... you just dont put anything you want on the movie just because its great in the comics... you need patience and dedication to have a successfully live adaptation of the comics... the directors and screen writers had so much idea for END GAME yet they discarded it for another movie ..thats how its done..
Manorama N
Manorama N Aylar önce
I have a few questions regarding time heist: 1) If Scott didnt get old in the quantum realm, how did pim's wife? 2) If time travel doesn't work like other movies, how will marvel explain x:men DOFP? 3) Why is Spidey's friend still in school?
Priyanshu Aylar önce
Fortnite shouldn't have released chapter2 so that endgame's fortnite scene could have been true
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar Aylar önce
Bla bla what the hack. We know that .
Ashton Goodwin Is hella gay
Ngl Thor v Thor would be better
李胤彥 Aylar önce
1 Russo is wearing fortnite shirt
adfasano Aylar önce
I would have loved too see the longer final battle
ABHISHEK S. N Aylar önce
Thor fanzz from kerala india
Simon Sweeney
Simon Sweeney Aylar önce
i'm from the future
InstiL Aylar önce
Dorsi shield dialectical document electrostatic
heytop27 Aylar önce
Thor and Thor
K Aylar önce
Fan from Tamil..ive cried of natasha and my luv stark
KALEB Wooton
KALEB Wooton Aylar önce
I wish they had done a double thor scene
Sindhu Varathra
Sindhu Varathra Aylar önce
Thor : I am one of the few people to lift the Hammer Cap : Hold my beer Thor : KK thnx cap 😉
Moonqui Aylar önce
Jayanthi Midde
Jayanthi Midde Aylar önce
fox king 10
fox king 10 Aylar önce
Does none look after the animated credits because in infinity war nick fury sent the coodanaites to captain marvel like come on they are really important for the plot of the next movie .......................I'm just saying
Satan Aylar önce
2:26 I heard Natasha Blowing off Steve 😂😂
cesc ms cesc
cesc ms cesc Aylar önce
Captain Marvel suck's
Leyton Jay
Leyton Jay 2 aylar önce
The idea of Tony meeting ab older version of Morgan is weird and needless, so glad it was removed.
Indu Pinyowit
Indu Pinyowit 2 aylar önce
pajimacas 2 aylar önce
I know! They'll reuse all these deleted footage in DR STRANGE: MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS!!! Budget cut solved!
Cayden Young
Cayden Young 2 aylar önce
I would like to see Thor (2023) vs Thor (2013)
Allen Kings
Allen Kings 2 aylar önce
4:39 is Anthony wearing a fortnite shirt
SGG AMAN SGG 2 aylar önce
Thor vs thor
EpicBloxBoy - Gaming
EpicBloxBoy - Gaming 2 aylar önce
how come vision and scarlet witch are suppose to be the "strongest avengers" yet they are always getting their asses beaten, like WTF
Big Hoss RC
Big Hoss RC 2 aylar önce
2 things missing from this movie make me sad....no Coulson and no Hulk / Thanos hardcore battle
MrNyceGuy 2 aylar önce
4:39 traitors!
Soørâj Rejìmøn
Soørâj Rejìmøn 2 aylar önce
Maybe the howse of M events could take place in the next doctor strange film.......I mean there is a multiverse
Trevor Hare
Trevor Hare 2 aylar önce
4:38 one of the people has a fortnite shirt on
raghu raamm
raghu raamm 2 aylar önce
Thor v thor would have been funny
PandaPlayz 2 aylar önce
Me: god give me a sign for my crush Avengers: no hope
DeclanHugo RS
DeclanHugo RS 2 aylar önce
Yo it would've been so much better if they moved nearly everything from Endgame up to the "5 years later" part to Infinity War, so then after hell broke loose in Infinity War, it would be at least slightly concluded with Thanos' death, especially it would've been more easily referred to when Thor claims to have "gone for the head"
GHOST 2 aylar önce
4:39 Anthony Russo is wearing a Fortnite t-shirt
Joe Mauceri II
Joe Mauceri II 2 aylar önce
They chose wisely with everything they did in Infinity War and End Game. Wouldn’t change a change. Nothing that interesting enough.
Jelly Jelly 51
Jelly Jelly 51 2 aylar önce
Thor vs Thor that would have been AMAZING
Tony please
JOHN LAM 2 aylar önce
DH H 2 aylar önce
I am Korean and I am still angry about that translation...!! 한국인인데 번역 땜에 아직도 빡칩니다...
Kadyn Carris
Kadyn Carris 2 aylar önce
Anthony russo wears a fortnite shirt directs an avengers movie definition of boomer
Manish Dhungel
Manish Dhungel 2 aylar önce
Damian Lau
Damian Lau 2 aylar önce
Oh god, Anthony Russo is wearing a fortnite shirt. 4:40
TheAstral 39
TheAstral 39 2 aylar önce
thor v thor heell yeeesssss i would payed double to see that
GELC 2 aylar önce
Wanda's work
Shrek 2 aylar önce
7:02 probably going to be doctor strange 2
Powercraft Gaming
Powercraft Gaming 2 aylar önce
I would've liked to see old avengers mostly thor,Tony and hulk see their younger selves and have a fight for the stones like cap did
urbestfox 2 aylar önce
Disney should take a page from Peter Jackson and release the extended editions
Jupiter Wickes
Jupiter Wickes 2 aylar önce
There were also talks of having 2012 Thanos (while waiting for Nebula to transport the ship) killing 2012 Avengers, and when getting to the final battle tossing Captain America's 2012 head to the feet of present Thor, Ironman, and Cap
damn 2 aylar önce
Theo Young
Theo Young 2 aylar önce
Pinkie 2 aylar önce
Thor vs Thor 😍
Low Quality Content
Low Quality Content 2 aylar önce
Umm, I would like to see all the alternate scenes.
password 12
password 12 3 aylar önce
Now that I think about it,avengers 3 should have been named Avengers:no hope cuz they lost. & avengers 4 should have been named Avengers:infinity war cuz it looked like a war.
Carmen Betts-Jones
Carmen Betts-Jones 3 aylar önce
All of them
Mrfreshasian ?
Mrfreshasian ? 3 aylar önce
Is it me or do the kids who wanted to take a picture with hulk look like hawk eyes kids
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