Avengers Cast Reads New Thanos Children's Book

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The last Avengers movie 'Avengers: Infinity War' was surprisingly dramatic and while kids love superheroes we're not so sure how they feel about intergalactic genocide. So we wrote a version of the movie that's kid-friendly and we asked the Avengers themselves to read it. So go wake your young ones and gather them around the TV set for story time with the Avengers: Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Don Cheadle & Jeremy Renner.
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Avengers Cast Reads New Thanos Children's Book




9 Apr 2019

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1k subs with no videos
1k subs with no videos 2 saatler önce
"i mean they really shouldve just called me couldve got this done real quick" yea cause of ur fricking aimbot hands
Derpy Pigeon
Derpy Pigeon 3 saatler önce
*_“What a naughty boy.”_*
Danial Waseem
Danial Waseem 10 saatler önce
Chris Hemsworth he is the best
Theo Hoglund
Theo Hoglund 10 saatler önce
If you think about it, everyone is saying f thor and thor is saying f the avengers. But they really should be saying f starlord cause on titan they could've gotten the gauntlet.🤦‍♂️
Cracker 20 saatler önce
Good for little childrens
MelCCOUAT Gün önce
Cheadle just FURIOUS about Groot and Soot gets me every time
darth fury
darth fury Gün önce
Team the guy who almost hit Bela with a car
My heart cries when I see that Captain Marvel's girl is included in the Avenger's cast team and she is treated like she is an avenger for some reason 😭. She just does not go well with the set up
DJTails300 Gün önce
I remember watching the premiere of Infinity War, but after Thanks snapped, I slept and I missed the snap, so then I had to watch it again in Blue Ray
Jaedy 98
Jaedy 98 2 gün önce
How did I just see this lol I want that book but with all of their voices recorded to it. The best video I've seen on story time👏 😂 I love them all so much.
Everything Dibs
Everything Dibs 3 gün önce
War machine was in wakanda
star wars hour
star wars hour 3 gün önce
Please publish this book
Glyndora Rose
Glyndora Rose 3 gün önce
Chris H: F**king Avengers. LMAO
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 3 gün önce
Mark Ruffulo: What a naughty boy Dies of laughter
Qais Mian
Qais Mian 3 gün önce
Where’s Robert downy junior
mario obradovic
mario obradovic 3 gün önce
Jimmy: Gather your kids! Chris Evans: huehuehuehuehueh... *SAGGY NUTS*
Clark Walkup
Clark Walkup 3 gün önce
2:17 really your HAWKYE basically the worst superhero to the point that quicksilver is more powerfull
Bruces Banner
Bruces Banner 3 gün önce
Glad you got your relationship sorted. half the universe is dead rofl
ReaperZGaming 4 gün önce
Sorry to make everyone mad but the book is fake I checked
mya meddon is john lennon
mya meddon is john lennon
3:10 2nd best part
mya meddon is john lennon
2:45 best part
Listerville Organics
This is a children’s version for kids if Infinity War The cast: swears every other word😂
McLovin 4 gün önce
I love how everyone is being a potty mouth towards Thor and Scarlet Johansson was an angel
Yinabi Brakas
Yinabi Brakas 4 gün önce
where is Tom Holland?!?
Hudson Havron
Hudson Havron 4 gün önce
Where’s black pather
XxMoonlight StarsxX
XxMoonlight StarsxX 4 gün önce
cool thor
Troll486 4 gün önce
What I wanted to hear: *story* What I actually heard: *OOOOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAOOAOA*
Typical Blox
Typical Blox 4 gün önce
Family friendly Also avengers: *fu- you Thor*
Dale Hagel
Dale Hagel 5 gün önce
Then visiting thanos space farm with his face burned up than finally Thor went for the head than walked away sadly
Dale Hagel
Dale Hagel 5 gün önce
Where can I get the book
Cat on the Road
Cat on the Road 5 gün önce
I-I... I never knew I wanted this.
アベノmix 5 gün önce
Where are Spider-Man and Iron Man!? I wanna see them!!!
Leticia Sulejmani
Leticia Sulejmani 5 gün önce
At least Scarlett understands that this video is for kids😂
Alexander Kokkinoftas
Why was mark ruffalo (hulk) swearing at Thor for not going for the head at least like Chris said he got close enough to actually hurt Thanos. What the hell did Hulk do - landed a couple of punches on thanos and then got beaten up and then was too scared to come out for the entire movie.
Xi'an Vincent
Xi'an Vincent 6 gün önce
*flasback dead of iron man*
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 6 gün önce
Оксана Иващенко
sadgy nuts
Vidster Games
Vidster Games 6 gün önce
Lets play roulette every 5th 6th 8th Like gets the Thanos book and the 10 upcoming mcu movies early🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️🦹‍♀️👹👾👽
Scarlet Witch16
Scarlet Witch16 7 gün önce
I love that they are all court up on rhyming ‘soot’ and ‘groot’
Talking Doge
Talking Doge 7 gün önce
4:04 Mark Ruffalo: Fu%$ Thor... >:( Thor: (Lightning powers activate again!) *I thought I warned you this time... >:(* Mark Ruffalo: Umm, that was Chris Evans...? ;-; Thor: >:(
Talking Doge
Talking Doge 7 gün önce
2:02 Mark Ruffalo: Fu%$ Thor... >:( Thor: (Lightning powers activate!) Mark Ruffalo: Umm, I take it back? ;-;
casey lol
casey lol 7 gün önce
Kristin Topham Homze
Mark do you need meds
Chris, where is Mjnaruto?
They should include, Starlord was hit by a robot, when we was dancing like an idiot.
Gacha Hanaka 孩子氣
What if Thanos reads this (the actor)
Actual Oddball
Actual Oddball 7 gün önce
“They could’ve let the black people go....to where to black people were.”
shjekcen qogmabs
shjekcen qogmabs 8 gün önce
My child turned into dust when he read this book
AthenaOliveTrees 8 gün önce
Wow, I love how the cast members act in real life. Brunner: F*** Thor. Thor: Those pathetic little S**** Thor: F*** the Avengers 🤣
Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber 8 gün önce
Avengers endgame was in a laugh movie you idiot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Oh man we have so many movies coming so many movies
Nina Hemsworth
Nina Hemsworth 8 gün önce
Patrick McGill
Patrick McGill 8 gün önce
Scorpion [C]os]
Scorpion [C]os] 8 gün önce
Imagine Mark Ruffalo had introduced himself with the Bob Ross tone
Anonymous Hacker
Anonymous Hacker 8 gün önce
No my power
Cameron Sedlack
Cameron Sedlack 8 gün önce
if he was just sitting down thor would have gotten him
Brid Andrei Guiruela
*sAGgy nUts*
Kaiju Fox
Kaiju Fox 10 gün önce
0:14 its no fun to watch Spider-Man die... 3:00 Spider-Man dies Me: wth MARVEL WHY?!
RandomGaming 10 gün önce
If he did not killed all of his actual children... T T
brand media49
brand media49 10 gün önce
Bucky, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and groot suddenly began to kick the boot
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt 10 gün önce
Yeah, '@$+% the Avengers!" He's a king now, he's got a whole army at his disposal OH, WAIT.
Tanya Villegas
Tanya Villegas 10 gün önce
*crying* SPIDER-MAN!!!
ironwarmonger 10 gün önce
Thor shouldn't have not gone for the head, he should have gone for the ARM, how much better would it to have been for Thanos to have snapped his fingers, nothing happens, look at this left arms and seen only a bloody stump! Then tried to shake is left hand out of the gauntlet and try to put a left handed gauntlet on his right hand! Granted we would have gotten one less movie, but still.
JustinJusticeTV 10 gün önce
What're you talking about Jimmy? It was really fun to see Spider-Man die
the comik beek conosaur
Make this a real book
DAMIEN MILLS 11 gün önce
I guess Don Cheadle forgot he filmed several scenes that took place in Wakanda, he was even in the climactic battle and was around to see the aftermath...I guess he just forgot all that.
LordApollyon 11 gün önce
I'm pretty sure Jeremy said "He has glowing gallstones?"
Monacgcg vvBorre
Monacgcg vvBorre 11 gün önce
Crazyexplosion 233
Crazyexplosion 233 11 gün önce
Jokes on Thor at least star lord went for the head And what does he mean that no one left a scratch on thanos did he forget about iron man?
Gacha Rei
Gacha Rei 11 gün önce
Thanos *makes breakfast The avengers: *im gonna end this whole mans carrier*
HumaneChiken 800
HumaneChiken 800 11 gün önce
Don cheadol is just my favourite
Elijah Duong
Elijah Duong 11 gün önce
Where can i watch the one without applause
Doctor_ Draw
Doctor_ Draw 12 gün önce
Lol 😂
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 12 gün önce
diamondkid300 12 gün önce
How can you not just love Chris Hemsworth
Ultron_Nexus 12 gün önce
Lets all agree Chris Hemsworth is best actor
LPS Lover863
LPS Lover863 12 gün önce
3:12 I don’t blame quill, it all happened because Nebula decided to be a SNITCH
Mr.PerfectCell 12 gün önce
Don Cheadle: I didn’t get to go to WAKANDA Me: yes you did
MTRift 12 gün önce
2:03 I’m laughing way too hard at this
Ty—Sh —Co
Ty—Sh —Co 12 gün önce
*S A G G Y N U T S*
Owen Dillon
Owen Dillon 13 gün önce
Can u buy that book cause I really want it now
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