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Official Avengers 4: Endgame "Avengers Assemble" Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 26 Apr 2019 | More KinoCheck.com/film/ly4/avengers-4-2019
After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge.
Avengers 4: Endgame (2019) is the new action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
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20 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile 17 saatler önce
My theater screamed at this scene. YEAHH!!!! HELLL YEAH!!! WOOO!!
John Striker
John Striker 2 gün önce
And that my friends,..... is the EPITOME of fan service!
Marcus G
Marcus G 2 gün önce
anyone see Hawkeye anywhere ?
Seth  Bryant
Seth Bryant 4 gün önce
@ 0:13 It was at this moment Thanos knew that he F*
Trailer Indo
Trailer Indo 4 gün önce
0:19 Cap: *summons Mjolnir* Tony: _wait, that's illegal_
Learners Own Academy
youtube rewind 2019 is shit
I Slay Goblins
I Slay Goblins 5 gün önce
I don't think another movie will ever reach the amount of hype and excitement I felt for this movie and franchise. Makes me sad.
Golden Reborn
Golden Reborn 5 gün önce
It was Thor’s war cry that initiated the battle
Cheng Xiong
Cheng Xiong 5 gün önce
It was at this point where Past Thanos asked himself "WTF DID MY FUTURE SELF DO!!"
Bad Trigger
Bad Trigger 7 gün önce
On that day, the mad Titan fell to Gods, Wizards, Soldiers, and a man of Iron
SasukeUchiha 2002
SasukeUchiha 2002 8 gün önce
Girls locker room: DID YOU STEAL MY MAKE UP?! Boys locker room: 0:24-0:34
Obed Gonzalez
Obed Gonzalez 8 gün önce
This was the moment when Asgardians,Witches,Wakanda,Etc Became Avengers 😍
Nicole J.
Nicole J. 8 gün önce
I’ll never understand why Captain Marvel didn’t just use the gauntlet to get rid of Thanos’ army...
rishabh sethi
rishabh sethi 8 gün önce
Aqimi United
Aqimi United 8 gün önce
I think thanos doesn't know them so that means he's coloured blind!
Todd Kerby
Todd Kerby 9 gün önce
I legit screamed when Cap said "Assemble." SUCH a good movie.
Sriram r
Sriram r 10 gün önce
I_Georgie Quest_I
I_Georgie Quest_I 11 gün önce
I screamed so loud and everyone was cool with it
AlexcraftedRD 11 gün önce
0:24 Area 51 Raid
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar 12 gün önce
Estevan Garcia
Estevan Garcia 12 gün önce
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario 12 gün önce
Greatest "fuck yeah" scene of all time
AK 13 gün önce
Thor: woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Carlos Atausupa
Carlos Atausupa 13 gün önce
0:16 *Avengers.........Assemble* 0:44 OMG!!. 🤩😱😭😨 This is the epic moments for Avengers:EndGame. (MCU)
Bimal Karki
Bimal Karki 13 gün önce
Does no one ever appreciate the fact the antman destroyed the chitauri ship wid a single punch???
Mr.KaasKots 13 gün önce
Girls: boys vs girls dodgeball is not fair! Boys: 0:16
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 14 gün önce
Daniel McDermott
Daniel McDermott 15 gün önce
When Cap yelled “ Avengers Assemble” Everyone in the theatre became Avengers too.
Jonathan Fan
Jonathan Fan 15 gün önce
Notice that the difference between Thanos and Cap is that Cap lead the charge while Thanos leisurely strolled forward. That’s the difference between a leader and a ruler
XtremeGamer69 16 gün önce
Teacher: Ok we will have boys vs girls dodgeball match. Girls: Omg that's so unfair. Boys: 0:22
hygor bohm Hubner
hygor bohm Hubner 16 gün önce
0:25 TRvidrs and fans charging against COPPA
Blurghat 17 gün önce
Grade schoolers vs the highschool school kids in a nutshell.
Stephani Bertho Rodriguez
End Game > DCU Avengers > Joker (Phoenix)
Akina Hachi Roku
Akina Hachi Roku 14 gün önce
@Captain Cybertron 0:16
Captain Cybertron
Captain Cybertron 17 gün önce
I think u just started a war
PutuRiky11 17 gün önce
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 18 gün önce
0:17 everyone one become avengers
C a k e xo
C a k e xo 19 gün önce
Post depression 😭
Naomi 20 gün önce
I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but even though I LOVE this scene (I mean of course!) Everytime I get to the the avengers assemble line, I'm jerked out. I get the dropped quiet "assemble" is unexpected and dramatic, but it never fits. Each time I watch this movie/scene I find myself wishing he had said assemble in the tried and true battle roar (ya know, like, "Avengers! asSEMBLE!!!!!") Maybe it is cliche but it's also: 1. Practical. How could anyone have heard that whisper? 2. Organic. Like a solo leading into a chorus of voices, caps cry could have melded into one unifying roar, instead of a quiet one liner followed by a few cries throughout. The point of a battle cry is to rally troops, signal a charge, and ramp up everyone's adrenaline/courage to face a conflict, and a whisper could not get that kind of visceral response. 3. It woild have been Epic. Overdone? Or tried and true? I feel it would have fit the epic scale and drama of this scene and the climax to an 11 year franchise! I still love this scene just like everyone! Chills every time, but I will always wish that one line were different.
comics-movie studios
comics-movie studios 17 gün önce
Everyone had earphones
Mohammed mb
Mohammed mb 20 gün önce
dicky satria
dicky satria 20 gün önce
0:39 best bad guys don't run.... They walk casually......
Dogboi76 21 gün önce
Rookies Welcome to 2 minutes of greatness
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