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Official Avengers 4: Endgame "Avengers Assemble" Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 26 Apr 2019 | More KinoCheck.com/film/ly4/avengers-4-2019
After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge.
Avengers 4: Endgame (2019) is the new action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
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20 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Justin Cuellar
Justin Cuellar 7 saatler önce
MCU Joining together to raid Sony Headquarters to hopefully get spider-man big
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud 8 saatler önce
0:49 -- I know this is small enough to just ignore, but in this part there is literally nothing above Spider-Man for him to swing off of XD
Captain America / Steve Rogers
0:03 marvel fans and spiderman fans around the world approaching to sony HQ for taking spiderman out of the mcu*
Poke Hype
Poke Hype 9 saatler önce
So you tell me that both sides waited for cap to say avengers assemble before everyone started to run at each other
TommyG97 1
TommyG97 1 10 saatler önce
MCU fans raiding the Sony HQ since spidey is no longer in the MCU
Jonn Green
Jonn Green 11 saatler önce
Just subbed
Mo Exel
Mo Exel 16 saatler önce
0:29 gets me every time
Mo Exel
Mo Exel 16 saatler önce
In an alternate universe avengers endgame sucked and Game of thrones season 8 was awesome
crystalRplaysOZ 18 saatler önce
Fake marvel Fans: -Captain America the first avenger- -The Incredible Hulk- -iron man- -Thor- *Endgame* ✅ What, and why the actual fRiC-
recep can
recep can 19 saatler önce
HH - 09MD - West Credit SS (2582)
BTW who else was shocked when Captain America can lift Thors Hammer
C Gollum
C Gollum 11 saatler önce
Hardly shocked... It's in the comics.
Sébastien Saloum
Sébastien Saloum 21 saatler önce
I love this moment
Mike ke
Mike ke 21 saatler önce
Do literally nothing if you liked dc and marvel Shut up if you hated Marvel or DC
ANOUNYMOSGAMER 21 saatler önce
0:46 ah Spidey, his webbing took cues from his PS1 debut I see (。・ω・。)
Foop 22 saatler önce
Thisgirl whodis
Thisgirl whodis 22 saatler önce
Was I the only one rooting for Thanos? He makes some good points.
madkim_ 7
madkim_ 7 Gün önce
Cap should then said "0 to 100 nigga real quick"
Caleb Benitez
Caleb Benitez Gün önce
Everyone asks why Cap whispered "Assemble" to himself. I honestly think he knew this was his final fight, even if he didn't die 🇺🇸
endgame poo poo
endgame poo poo Gün önce
So who else watching avengers endgme vs avatar?
swaggypcx Gün önce
Where’s nova?
Foop 22 saatler önce
Nova is here 2:48
Plague Produkshuns
0:30 me and the boys charging into battle on the McDonald's Playground
The Ghost of Winterfell
0:14. That look. It's short but you can see. It's fear. Thanos understands that now. He only succeeded before because he never faced enemies so united, determined and ready to sacrifice themselves for their world, but now, it's different. He's standing in front of the Earth's, no, the Universe's mightiest heroes. And they will fight with everything they have. Epic.
The Legend of A Warrior
Nova was in this battle!!
loli 96
loli 96 Gün önce
My reaction to KSC 2
Lorenzo Baku
Lorenzo Baku Gün önce
There was never a single inch of fucking panic in Thanos! The Avengers assembled and he was just like: “get ‘em 👉” never loved a supervillain before, this is weird.
Siddharth Pachori
Avengers 1: Iron man saves the earth alone. Avengers 2:- Thor saves the the earth alone. Avengers 3:- they both work alone and lose. Avengers 4:- Cap unites them all and they win.
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine Gün önce
TheWildJambo Gün önce
Alright we need to find Nova in this shot the Russos said he's in the background.
Matthew Murdock
Matthew Murdock Gün önce
TheWildJambo came here to do the exact same thing.
Grace Duff
Grace Duff Gün önce
So happy I saw this movie in the theater
Omega Shenron
Omega Shenron Gün önce
If this didn't make your throat swell then you ain't a fan
Hung Tuan
Hung Tuan Gün önce
Falcon: You have to open the port on his left. Strange: Is that important? Falcon: Of course!
Hot-blooded & Half-German
A 10-year buildup for this? Fuckin' worth it.
Weight Overload
Weight Overload Gün önce
Went from 9 people or 8 if you aren't counting nebula, to thousands of people
Stickerz 2 gün önce
Anyone else love it when (Gi)Ant-Man is running and he runs past the Avengers Logo. Still standing after all the destruction. 0:30
The Bogdan God
The Bogdan God 2 gün önce
Me: *trying to watch this scene at the cinema Everyone: screaming like retards Me: *can you please shut up?*
Aidan Gonzales
Aidan Gonzales 2 gün önce
How did ant man not step on any of the troops while they’re charging
Dylan Altamirano
Dylan Altamirano 2 gün önce
If you would have told me 11 years ago that there would be a movie where Spider-Man will be fighing alongside the entire Marvel Universe while keeping away the infinity gauntlet from Thanos while riding the mjolnir and a pegasus from Asgard... I would time heist myself to see it!
Dre Knight
Dre Knight 2 gün önce
That Avengers assemble was nice.... but that blade raise Thanos did was just cold asf it shows the dominion he has over his force didn’t have to say a word at all they all knew what it was
Jake McNulty
Jake McNulty 2 gün önce
I can’t believe I never noticed this until now! If you pause it right at 0:50, and look closely, you can see the a Skrull running right beside Mantis, it might even be Talos!
William Hayward - Painter
0:45 This confrontation is amazing. This mass hero shot says to me, "We're going to save the universe"
Gunnar Pitz
Gunnar Pitz 2 gün önce
I can watc this a million times and still get goosebumbs
Elijah Shinn
Elijah Shinn 2 gün önce
No one: Not even a single soul; Thor: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 2 gün önce
0:51 Was waiting for the nuke from Fury and the Council to drop just before they clash.
Oscar Johnson
Oscar Johnson 2 gün önce
0:23 Black Panther's hand is up 0:24 Black Panther's hand is down
JoyCon God
JoyCon God 2 gün önce
Thanos: ha!! This will be easy hes just one guy 0:09 Cap: YOU DON FUCKED UP
aziz aziz
aziz aziz 2 gün önce
Ermac97 2 gün önce
I love this scene more than any other media I've ever seen, but can someone explain to me something; at 0:50, Spider-Man has swung to the very front of the lineup, but what the hell is his web sticking to?!?! There's nothing but air! When I first saw it in theaters, I thought maybe he was clinging onto War Machine and Iron Man, but no, he's somehow swinging through the air without the need to hold on to anything! WTF?!?!
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine Gün önce
He went from ant mans hand to the flying horse aka pegasus
Ducky Dread
Ducky Dread 2 gün önce
If you look closely, he is hanging from Antman's hand
Lyrics Era
Lyrics Era 2 gün önce
Imagine if Some hasnt watched Endame till now and suddenly someone show him assemble scene??????
Agent Ginger
Agent Ginger 2 gün önce
No doubt the best moment in the mcu
Devesh Bhomia
Devesh Bhomia 2 gün önce
Cull obsidian 2018- Burned to death. Cull obsidian 2014(23)- Crushed like an insect.
A-Might Gün önce
Exactly, guy got clobbered three times in this scene alone. Hahaha.
Griffin Gower
Griffin Gower Gün önce
Big guy just can't catch a break
Bunta Fugiwara
Bunta Fugiwara 3 gün önce
I think thanose has a case of De ja vu in endgame. And it 's weird to see him and his army get killed a lover again
Joseph Terry
Joseph Terry 3 gün önce
The 1500 hundred people who disliked this video are just trolls
Maki 3 gün önce
ItzSynergy 3 gün önce
Girls : "P.E sucks, I hate P.E" Boys locker room:
Jack Hook
Jack Hook 3 gün önce
Anyone else notice mantis hauling ass close to black panther? 0:48
Peyton Mazzoni
Peyton Mazzoni 3 gün önce
1:08 hey Morgan, what do your parents do for a living?
Bastian Vergara González
¡Avengers asemmblee!
Gabriel Avalos
Gabriel Avalos 3 gün önce
0:14 it was at this moment Thanos knew, he fucked up
Lps Tv
Lps Tv 3 gün önce
İmagine cap taking off the mask his eyes and mouth would be black and other parts white
Lps Tv
Lps Tv 3 gün önce
AmaN 3 gün önce
Imagine noobmaster69 in the battle
HH - 09MD - West Credit SS (2582)
Lol if Thanos was alone he would be screwed
Mr. Leopard Gecko
Mr. Leopard Gecko 3 gün önce
Antman is so amazing in this
Beniz Random
Beniz Random 3 gün önce
why does no-one talk about 0:53-1:25 all being done in 1 shot
Jhencire playz
Jhencire playz 4 gün önce
the best movie ever i watch
Aidan Dunne
Aidan Dunne 4 gün önce
When you see another school on a field trip:
Anton P
Anton P 4 gün önce
I get chills every damn time
Iker Gorostidi Baptista
I literally cried in excitement when I first saw this in the theater.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 4 gün önce
Guys watch the ending of infinity war and then watch this scene, you’re going to get some fucking chills
Excalibur01 4 gün önce
Is that everyone? Meanwhile in Hell's Kitchen
Sean Lin
Sean Lin 4 gün önce
this gives me chills
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero 4 gün önce
Anyone else notice how black panther is next to Scarlett witch and iron man at 0:21, then all of a sudden he’s charging with all of wakanda only ?
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos 4 gün önce
0:14 Thanos realizar that he fuck off
Zak Scott G
Zak Scott G 4 gün önce
This will always be the most epic scene of all time.
Sabahat Kashif
Sabahat Kashif 4 gün önce
*Who's fed up of tik tok ads??* 😑😑
Ravi Shankar Mukherjee
I don't know why, but I'm crying while watching this.
Josh Rae
Josh Rae 4 gün önce
Imagine coming out the cinema after seeing Iron man in 2008 and someone telling you in 11 years time, in the same universe Spider-Man would’ve been in iron spider armour ridding a Pegasus while webbing onto mjolnir thrown by captain America and holding all 6 infinity stones
Xerruy 4 gün önce
2015: the city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense. 2023: ...
Shaikh Mohammad Oais
0:22 assemble Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🔥
Shaikh Mohammad Oais
Full MCU together 🔥🔥
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