Avengers: Age Of Ultron | Behind the scenes

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20 Oct 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Cherie Nieto
Cherie Nieto 12 gün önce
b a m b u s
b a m b u s 18 gün önce
"Here we are in Robert's trailer..." I can't pahahaha
Elvira Åhlberg
Elvira Åhlberg 19 gün önce
Car kill count: error
Elvira Åhlberg
Elvira Åhlberg 19 gün önce
It just dawned on me that someone has to write and paint all the things on the screens in the avengers tower...
Thanos Character Drawing trvid.com/video/video-yXNO5kLDNmU.html
OdileOdile19 Aylar önce
1:48 That’s why they did civil war to separate the characters to help the writing for infinity war and endgame which is why I love age of ultron cause all the characters are together
Vyom Sharma
Vyom Sharma 2 aylar önce
I discovered the MCU in 2018 after watching Infinity War for the first time as the only MCU movie I'd seen at that point, apart from the Homecoming and the Guardians movies, which I thought were stand-alone films, only watched Guardians because I love space. Also, I only watched Infinity War because it had Chris Pratt in the poster. I remember sometime in 2012/13 a friend of mine in school told me I should watch the Avengers movie, I didn't used to like unrealistic fiction back then, I was more into true to life physics scifi movies. But 6 years later after discovering the masterpiece that was Infinity War, I got hooked. I went on to watch every MCU movie starting with Iron Man, I skipped Hulk for obvious reasons. The writing in IW was so incredibly beautiful, I just had to watch everything. And then I bought the tickets to Captain Marvel, Endgame and Far from Home myself for the first time in my life. I'd pirated everything up until that point lol...cause you know third world shitholes freaking suck!
CriveBOi 2 aylar önce
Hahahahaha, this movie fucking sucked
jablkova strudla
jablkova strudla 2 aylar önce
this is my least favourite of all avengers movies. they are fighting evil which they created. everything bad happening here is their fault so it is very hard to sympathise with them at all. civil war was bad as well. just them fighting against each other.. hard to watch..
mercy joy comullob
mercy joy comullob 2 aylar önce
Sofi C
Sofi C 2 aylar önce
Now think of endgame. Like DAMN.
Ema Storaro
Ema Storaro 3 aylar önce
ti si skamer
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
They shouldn't have killed Quick Silver. He was pretty cool.
Mia Graham
Mia Graham 3 aylar önce
knowing that scarlet was pregnant while shooting this makes me love her character even more for some reason
Dogg meee
Dogg meee 3 aylar önce
RIP Stan Lee😞😞
Dapjen Rigia
Dapjen Rigia 3 aylar önce
where is antman....!!
Thomas oc
Thomas oc 3 aylar önce
Haha age of ultron was bad
_.aaanna_ -
_.aaanna_ - 3 aylar önce
1:58 Tony is actually to small to sit on a normal chair
foxyLegend12 yt
foxyLegend12 yt 3 aylar önce
I nice to to see them after endgame
mss_wdw 4 aylar önce
mark ruffalo is so sweet. he is my spirit animal
andrea s.
andrea s. 4 aylar önce
honestly, watching the behind the scenes is as magical as the actual movie, it's so hard to imagine that the behind footage are actually real. it's mindblowing and these people are beyond amazing for doing what they do.
Mary Robles
Mary Robles 4 aylar önce
why hawkeye got a bleed on his arm? weird.
AAFTAB SHAIKH 4 aylar önce
Thank you Joss Whedon! He is the one who gave top 2 highest grossing superhero ensemble movies until INFINITY WAR came out. Snyder bots cry that he ruined already doomed JL. I guess he was the one who made it more watchable despite of the fact he was given just 3-4 months for it. Superman was clearly better. But No Hack Snyder is God for those idiots.
DODI VINES 4 aylar önce
i want to meet you cris evans. yesterday your dream was come. 😊
Sleepless 4 aylar önce
The real question is: how much cars did they destroyed?
Ariana Razo
Ariana Razo 4 aylar önce
I don’t like watching behind the scenes lol makes me feels stupid 😂
The Good Meme Man
The Good Meme Man 4 aylar önce
The hulk in this movie could easy beat thanos
Koko B
Koko B 4 aylar önce
Me rewatching all these videos over and over because endgame ruined my emotions
FIRTINA 01 4 aylar önce
Very bad technology
Hailey Villatoro
Hailey Villatoro 4 aylar önce
When I saw James spader I automatically thought of the office 😂 anyone else or was that just me
Subash king
Subash king 4 aylar önce
Tabitha 4 aylar önce
The avengers base in Age Of Ultron is on my brothers old university campus. It’s an art café thing called ‘The Sainsbury Centre'
DODI VINES 4 aylar önce
i love you chris evans i have made your sheild her sister. 😍😍😍😘😘😘 i want to meet you 😭😭😭.
Shelly Sierra
Shelly Sierra 4 aylar önce
I’m so mad that Joss wasn’t able to do Avengers IW or Endgame
FlmKrp 4 aylar önce
If they did that, then IW and Endgame would not have been so good because it might have been too similar to the other movies
Anxii shootah
Anxii shootah 5 aylar önce
Somebodies gotta say it, Imma say it. Marvel has THE BEST CGI special effect that anyome can see really. I mean basically the whole movie is CGI. Like cmon growing up I always thought that ironman suites were real. Or they had manequins flying around but its jus good CGI.
Manuel Lozano
Manuel Lozano 5 aylar önce
Can I be in avengers
ElectricSkarf37 5 aylar önce
Help! I can't stop crying!!!
Jaime Bratcher
Jaime Bratcher 5 aylar önce
good work
ZOP-Zahran Rafif
ZOP-Zahran Rafif 5 aylar önce
Everywhere I go I see his face
yuosef syr
yuosef syr 5 aylar önce
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