AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Gag Reel Funny Bloopers Behind The Scenes + Trailer (2019) Superhero Movie HD

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AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Gag Reel Funny Bloopers Behind The Scenes + Trailer (2019) Superhero Movie HD
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24 Jul 2019

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Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 24 dakika önce
Yo! Nebula is fine. I don't no how it took me this long. i prollly never searched it up therefore damn
Pansho M
Pansho M 6 saatler önce
0:22 0:22 0:22 (Ignore me)
Royan Hasjim
Royan Hasjim 7 saatler önce
Avengers Assemble ! trvid.com/video/video-u2-9qIzE5rQ.html
andy ebani
andy ebani 7 saatler önce
Woooooow digoヽ(`д´;)/
Jason 8 saatler önce
I like how they're really trying to pretend like they didn't just turn Thor into the human embodiment of a fat joke.
Torque Jujitsu
Torque Jujitsu 8 saatler önce
When they start talking that women SJW bs instead of letting the work stand for itself, stopped clip. Moving on.
1000 subs with no vids Billy
Thor rocking that dad bod Read my name
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 9 saatler önce
thor: i love my new stormbreaker mjolnir: hold my weilder
Marc Jenkins
Marc Jenkins 11 saatler önce
This all female super hero charge was extremely cheesy and ruined the movie a bit for many. Many ways they could have done it, but that was like the moment Superman makes his reentrance in the Justice League movie, when he yells out "Is this guy bothering you". HORRIBLE line and script.
ExpleyFire 11 saatler önce
EL MASTODONTE 13 saatler önce
Sohail Sidd
Sohail Sidd 15 saatler önce
So done , with these super hero nonsense flicks , even the actors think its shit . This was the most boring lazy ass movie!
Обзор На Жизнь Overview Of Life
О блин. Лайков
Faylum1 17 saatler önce
Shaqro Mazanishvili
Shaqro Mazanishvili 19 saatler önce
Lazarus Synn
Lazarus Synn 22 saatler önce
Fun fact if you edit the movie, take out Captain Marvel and the cringe girl power scene. The movie get's 100 times better.
Zain Patel
Zain Patel 23 saatler önce
Where’s thanos
Miss Marvel
Miss Marvel Gün önce
I hate how there were a lot of people who didn't like it when the women came together in the end because black widow wasn't there. Yes it would been epic to have her there as well because she was the original marvel bitch and I will always love her but did anyone ever think that it could've been in memory of her? The first inspiring original woman avenger had to go it alone for a while and had to tough it out being an only girl in a bunch of boys and now there's a bunch if girls who don't have to go through that because black widow already did and the family grew and amazing marvel characters died but that doesn't mean that they will never be thought of again and forgotten in fact it pretty much means the opposite of you can think that hard.💜
Lamach Williams
Lamach Williams Gün önce
I need the women of marvel to make a movie
Vikas Shrivastav
Vikas Shrivastav Gün önce
thor is my favirout hero
Nicholai Cypress
Nicholai Cypress Gün önce
I choose nap
Nicholai Cypress
Nicholai Cypress Gün önce
Pizza and 1st was both
Fery etanta tarigan
that orange soda tho 😂
boomerhgt Gün önce
Superhero movies are a cancer on cinema they have crushed original ideas , they should have stayed in comics where they belonged .
Wolf Gün önce
Feminism is literally Cancer
Jim Hults
Jim Hults Gün önce
man I miss this movie, it like a heartbreaking moment for the characters from MCU films is was very sad, but Jim and Sandra QVC Adventure got the new Avengers hero except the Marvel Avengers, It the Jim and Sandra QVC Avengers: featuring the heroes like: Amanda play by Olivia Thirlby, Mikaela play by Megan Fox, Sam Witwicky play by Shia Labouff, Balian play by Orlando Bloom, Donald Wilts play by Chris Hemsworth I know he in The Marvel Avengers but I'm trying something new, Aleka play by Olivia Munn, Trina Cox The Blue Ninja Storm Ranger play by Kira Kosarin, Captain Marvel play by Brie Larson gonna join Jim and Sandra QVC Adventure Avengers like Marvel Avengers, and Lisa Deegol play by Gal Gadot.
Jim Hults
Jim Hults Gün önce
yike that silly.
Hangin with my gnomies
Why is the drink censored
DaRk Rusher
DaRk Rusher Gün önce
3:58 where do I find that meme
SantiagoProFx202 Gün önce
Silvia Licome
Silvia Licome Gün önce
No entiendo ni madre puto
Heitor baroni
Heitor baroni Gün önce
Arstotzkan reporter
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales Gün önce
ni hablo ingles pero lo miro
Emilie Ghazalian
Emilie Ghazalian Gün önce
I'm so sad Robert Downey, Jr. doesn't want a renual :( loved him as Iron Man
DK Stoney
DK Stoney Gün önce
Oh, this is selling the woke feminazi MCU.
1:13 OH NO! HE BROKE IT :,) f to fix it
An Internet user that could be anyone
I like how Robert downey jr is completely the same person as Iron Man
Jennifer Vera
Jennifer Vera Gün önce
Brahim Gün önce
Captain marvel is so pretty
Alicia Egan
Alicia Egan Gün önce
Me to I love sugar
Marci Haught
Marci Haught Gün önce
Seen it 5 times now and still cried every single time.
bellabana Gün önce
I hate the fact Marvel turned Thor into a punchline, just a joke & a clown with making him ‘fat Thor’ it demeaned & diminished the whole character. And even worse now Thor will become a woman played by the dull & boring Natalie Portman as Jane. It seems Marvel’s intent is to ruin the character of Thor all together!
Imogen Grant
Imogen Grant Gün önce
Agreed, not to mention they ruined hulk as well
Orange Raccoon
Orange Raccoon Gün önce
i can’t wait till this come to netflix
Luxotic Channel
Luxotic Channel Gün önce
I'm starting to miss the main avengers team. What a great series
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Gün önce
HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I gain an extra 20-30 lbs I'm hideous
Mckayla Mancini
Mckayla Mancini Gün önce
When captain America crashed into the ice and was frozen, my heart broke.
Nathan Voon
Nathan Voon Gün önce
Dam Thor u eat a lot
Mayra singh
Mayra singh Gün önce
The more i see thor like this... The more i cry.... He was my fav. character 😞😞😔😔
Mohammad Salih Sabiri
jo olive
jo olive Gün önce
2:21 That scene when all the girls came up to Peter was sphhhhkphhhhff
The True Indian
The True Indian Gün önce
Sorry, but you are NOT special. We all are. India is the Best. FUK avengers capitalist
xamurai00 Gün önce
The part where paltrow says how inspiring it would be for girls to see all the superhero women together fighting isnt the best advice you should give to kids.. Better advice would have been to show how men and women could fight alongside one another as a team with No divide and highlighting and benefiting from one another s difference.
xamurai00 Gün önce
Thor BigLebowski 'Mjolnir really brought his powers together'.
Christo Roppolo
Christo Roppolo 2 gün önce
Righteous roll. Peace Christo 👽🐕🎶🛸☮️
Matt Nice
Matt Nice 2 gün önce
That fat suit was legit.
박성원박재원 2 gün önce
fluffyknight Player
fluffyknight Player 2 gün önce
I wish I could just take off my fat suit
jonny5777 2 gün önce
That "don't worry she's got help" feminism party scene made me literally laugh out loud in the cinema. Hollywood, what a set of clowns. Awesome film apart from that bit though
Todd Rainer
Todd Rainer 2 gün önce
Danina Gurira is so beautiful she makes me tear up.
Todd Rainer
Todd Rainer 2 gün önce
Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez 2 gün önce
Thats not Thor it's ''THE DUDE" from The Big Lebowski !!!
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 2 gün önce
I'll never forgive them for the way they lampooned Thor in this film.
BrUh MomEnt
BrUh MomEnt 2 gün önce
3:57 when you and your friends find a kid with a bag of talkis
xiuyun liu
xiuyun liu 2 gün önce
dfddsf 今天
SKINTOXIC 2 gün önce
sister hood no one want a leso flick
Alli Mansfield
Alli Mansfield 2 gün önce
When she said we're all in this together I thought of high school musical
Vapouchino 2 gün önce
HAMBURGERS *weird face* why is that so much funny ?
Bruno Bernier
Bruno Bernier 2 gün önce
of course. portray the man has a fat joke and then virtue signal with the girl scouts. Yipee! Go Marvel !
45amunique 2 gün önce
Thor looked like melting ice cream
Torin 2 gün önce
who's the women on the right at 2:52 red and blue suit ?
InfamousRouge 2 gün önce
avengers? like from fortnite?
Unknown One
Unknown One 2 gün önce
Fat Thor = Realistic Thor
Kevin Boyle
Kevin Boyle 2 gün önce
0:18 is so cute
Lois Zoccoli 17
Lois Zoccoli 17 2 gün önce
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo 2 gün önce
Hay algo mas molesto que el anuncio de simply piano?
Anneliese Koch
Anneliese Koch 2 gün önce
rocket- are you crying thor- no ... yes 😂
anthony olander
anthony olander 2 gün önce
thor is hella dad now
петр петрович
Россия рулит..
Anthony 2 gün önce
Bre Larsen runs so weird XD
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