Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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14 Şub 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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SmarterEveryDay Yıl önce
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere/ )
GhostMiner 9 gün önce
*M E A T*
carman sunnyboi
carman sunnyboi 24 gün önce
shane really needs support on his 3m subs channel and 19m view vid
King Smokey
King Smokey 25 gün önce
Is better support homeless or veterans.
Peter Panda
Peter Panda 3 aylar önce
No I'm not.
SvenGlueckspilz Yıl önce
If a team of twenty people did this, I would be impressed. But the fact that you could figure out all these different aspects of this complex problem by yourself is just crazy. You are a genius!
bagus dewantara
bagus dewantara Aylar önce
Don't forget wife contributed to exciting "wife mode"
SvenGlueckspilz Yıl önce
@Jason Quigley Ok I don't have an engineering degree, so I can't tell. Maybe this is all typical stuff that you learn as an engineer. Being a mathematician, this is hard to imagine for me. My math education was more like diving deep into a few topics and just mathematics and a little bit of physics. Nothing else. But engineering is naturally an interdisciplinary subject I guess, so with that in mind, it makes sense what you say.
SvenGlueckspilz Yıl önce
@Jevon Mao I think he just wanted to say that you need all that other stuff to solve engineering problems and it is sort of implied when you speak of engineering, that you have to do all this other stuff. However I had to list those to make the point that it is a broad variety of knowledge that you need.
Marcello Yıl önce
@Jevon Mao yes... thats what Im saying. "engineering" already entails everything else he listed. If I say im a mathematician, you wouldnt know if I know anything about chemistry or computers, but if I say im an engineer, then its a given that i understand physics to an extent etc.
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Yıl önce
@Dżarek haha I love that saying because it’s my company’s approach to every project and it’s always “late” 🙄 but honestly this could easily be parallelized for most of it and yeah I do think a 4-5 person team that can work well together would probably be the most efficient, so each person can break off each part and focus/test it (sw, ee, me, oe, and maybe an architect/integration engineer). Because if everyone knew at the start to design a projection system that also has a camera, the mechanical device he makes for the end and how they will control it (microcontroller) this project could definitely be broken into smaller sub modules and would likely be faster - but that preplanning is crucial and why an architect might help accelerate it. It seems like he does that stuff fast but when he says he spends weeks just doing the debug part, that’s where more people drastically decrease the time (plus planning the testing of each part would’ve caught this). That’s a ton of work for one person and I think it’s unrealistic to think one person can match the output of many more unless it is a super simple project (which this really isn’t). It’s not rocket science but it’s also a lot of just elbow grease to grind through all the work/man-hours to make this
zamira -
zamira - 19 gün önce
I feel like we all take for granted the way you keep your cool like it’s literally not frustrating every time you run into problems. Respect
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 aylar önce
"I want to be unencumbered.", as he drags the cables across the table. Seriously though, the engineering that went into it is amazing. I, being a (mediocre) pool player, learned a good deal from this.
dirtdude 6 aylar önce
i could really feel the pain when he says "Eventually you run out of stuff that can be wrong"
Stormfather 6 aylar önce
This is why big projects should always have each individual piece made and tested first, before putting them together. I say this as someone who never follows that advice, and I'm constantly kicking myself for it every time something breaks
Nahom 6 aylar önce
I love how he casually invented three or four groundbreaking things.. RESPECT!
Alexandre Chappel
Man your concept of "easy" is slightly different from most other people 😅 fantastic build, I really enjoyed watching ☺️
Aiden Barnes
Aiden Barnes 3 aylar önce
If you get confused then yes it’s “easy” lol
Valentine Taylor
Valentine Taylor 3 aylar önce
"It's easy. Just use linear algebra!"
TheTranq Yıl önce
Hey Alex!
𝙎𝙎𝙇 Ӽ Andy🔥.
Man I wish I could be like you some day to be able to combine programming, physics, engineering and sheer brain power to make something so cool, I'm learning coding right now, but I so wanna get to a level like you, it looks so appealing. Keep making these awesome vids, what you make is insane!!!
TheDolanar 25 gün önce
I would love to see something like this adapted for accessibility folks. Imagine having mobility issues but still being able to go to the pool hall with friends and participate in a game.
Grat Aylar önce
I would love to see a more technical video of you going through the code and the processes you used in order to code this algorithm. I want to build a similar project of identifying cups and locations for another robot to move them. I am an engineering college student at Alabama and I would absolutely love to learn more about your coding and how you learned to code so well.
Garrett Uffelman
Garrett Uffelman 3 aylar önce
This was really cool, Shane! Thank you for inspiring me to keep improving as a developer.
Domia Abr Wyrda
Domia Abr Wyrda 3 aylar önce
This is like, one of the most complex diy stuff I have ever seen, well done!
System 2 Thinker
System 2 Thinker 5 aylar önce
We get so wrapped up in our work that the daily progress of our skills and accomplishments can seem insignificant if we don't take a step back. This was the first video of yours I've seen and I'm blown away. From coding to robotics to optics all from one guy, this was so incredibly impressive! I also enjoy your calm demeanor. Yelling and getting hyped up seems the norm, it's nice to see "problem solving mode." Keep up the brilliant work!
Alan Klenk
Alan Klenk 3 aylar önce
Hey, awesome! I've played pool for most of my life (40+ years). I look forward to seeing you apply english, top and draw. Just make sure you shape and roughern the tip of the cue (should be approximately the radius of a nickel). Also, be sure to chalk before your robot attempts to apply any of that spin; otherwise, you'll miscue. Although I know how to clear a table, there's NO WAY I could come up with a robot to do what you did - nice!!!!
Jengodji Gates
Jengodji Gates 3 aylar önce
As a pool player wanna see them updates for cue ball play
dcamron46 3 aylar önce
Amazing engineering skills and so true how many problems arise! I experience this all the time at work. Great video, great skills, great story!
JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles
I have no problem admitting this guy is much smarter than I.
DragonixXKai 21 gün önce
Brayden Klein
Brayden Klein 25 gün önce
Shlomo Friman
Shlomo Friman Aylar önce
What a genius
D.R. Recon242 ツ
D.R. Recon242 ツ Aylar önce
Same 😂
The Dank Dev
The Dank Dev 2 aylar önce
@Winston Smith So by your logic, steroids make you more intelligent?
Glitch Xero
Glitch Xero 3 aylar önce
I had envisioned an arm fastened to the ceiling joists that would take the shot without you having to hold the cue, but this way is probably not just cheaper and easier, but more fun as well.
Clarity Piano
Clarity Piano Aylar önce
Would be so cool if there were two tables built separate from each other. You could take it a step farther than online pool: make your shot at table 1 with your normal stick, table 2 robot stick replicates it. Then your opponent uses their normal cue on table 2 and your robot stick replicates it, etc. The challenge for the robot would not be winning the game, it would be accurately analyzing and replicating a human shot to achieve an identical ball placement. Or you could play against the AI with varying levels of difficulty.
Mark 3 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing the work and preservice you did to achieve everything. Great job on the video as well.
Russian Big Bird
Russian Big Bird 16 gün önce
10:19 As a programmer I'm so happy that he managed to sum up the entire programming/coding process in a span of less than 5 minutes, seriously we aren't smart, we're just really really stubborn and huge masochists
Calvin Poole
Calvin Poole Yıl önce
“This is probably the most complex project that I’ve ever done” seems like he says this every video. That’s probably why they’re so great.
Bleak5170 Yıl önce
I was going to say the same thing! Seems like he says it every time. Then I watched the video and I think this time I 100% agree with him.
Shawn White
Shawn White Yıl önce
@Beef4Dinner22 exactly. I would love to see more of what he is doing, I know I could learn a ton just by watching him work.
Vinícius de A Batista
He Will eventually solve world hunger, I swear da
aaron Bets
aaron Bets Yıl önce
I litterally read this comment as he was saying it.... He read your comment to me.
Light Watcher
Light Watcher 13 gün önce
Oh by the way from an avid pool player I can tell you that to make random kick shots like that at will for a human could take years of practice not months or weeks like this seemed to take. Practicing would definitely not be quicker so good job with the robot dude.
Billy Barton
Billy Barton 6 aylar önce
Absolutely astounded by your engineering skills.
Niels Andersen
Niels Andersen 7 aylar önce
I am impressed. How long did it take to build this? The combination of camera, projection, and software is genius. It show the power of these devices. A camera has millions of sensors and a projector has millions of "actuators". The robotic arm is impressive as well, but the camera/projector combination is the key invention.
UltraRex030609 4 aylar önce
Much respect for you buddy. Love watching this stuff.
On today’s episode of “can you believe people are this wildly intelligent” a man makes a thing that would’ve taken me several years in like a month or whatever
Lamarr Otems
Lamarr Otems Yıl önce
@Mo. Amine Damiri but he's wrong. It's a huge accomplishment and he wrote the code by hand. This isn't plug and play - otherwise everyone would do it. Not impossible at all, but a huge achievement
Hitler Senpai
Hitler Senpai Yıl önce
Big Draco
Big Draco Yıl önce
@Stay EZ My Friends if this isn’t something that’s hard to do then why don’t you do it and post a video about it??
Jonathan McCarrick
Jonathan McCarrick 13 gün önce
In addition to spin and ball placement for future shots, there is also a concept called a defense where there are no good shots available for you but there is a shot that will leave the ball in the least useful position for the opponent. If the percentage for a defense is significantly higher than your best attempt on your own ball, it should be considered.
Carlos Miguel
Carlos Miguel Aylar önce
I really apreciate the way you edit the video showing your aproach to solve sistematicly the problems and not just the final results. Great video, great project and great engineer.
T 3 aylar önce
Amazing mix of engineering, programming and tons of patience! Also enough experience with loosing
Todd Thompson
Todd Thompson 3 aylar önce
At first i kinda thought this guy was just going to be a big tool. But he has really impressed me and i feel like he deserves the attention hes getting. Keep it up man youve slready taught me a lot!
Bryant Jordan
Bryant Jordan Yıl önce
I don’t think we fully understand how inexpressibly difficult this is, and the brainpower it requires. This man is an actual genius.
philo cleandes
philo cleandes 11 aylar önce
This is crazy fucking genius.
James Harnett
James Harnett 11 aylar önce
@NovusIgnis Robots may be better at a bunch of bullshit, but they will never be truly superior to man.
Adam J
Adam J 11 aylar önce
@MarredCheese i agree, also the fact that even if the project does fail it would still make entertaining youtube vid. Takes the pressure off and lets him go with the flow of his creativity
HemlockTea • 69d ago
HemlockTea • 69d ago 11 aylar önce
@NovusIgnis of course there are plenty of post stating that this isn't that hard to do. there are also plenty of posts claiming the World is Flat or we didn't actually go to the Moon. Anyone can say whatever they want that doesn't mean it's accurate. Do you just believe random things you read? However there have been quite a few engineers, you know people who would actually have experience, saying this is hard to recreate. So you're just going to believe random people who also don't have experience because it matches up with what you believe instead of believing people who you know are actually engineers and would be able to know if this is hard or not
Cameron Hill
Cameron Hill 11 aylar önce
@NovusIgnis I can tell you don't understand basic coding or mathematics because there is so much involved in this that it would take an entire team of experts and lots of funding to just to make the stick know where the ball is and move the end in the wright place.
Jorge Ramon Ramirez Saenz
very impressed! great engineering skills mate!
Mike Nodine
Mike Nodine 5 aylar önce
I'm stunned, amazed, and knocked out cold by this video! Your intelligence and mastery of engineering and technology my friend, is the equivalent of a heavyweight boxer, a Jack Johnson, Muhmmed Ali, or Mike Tyson in their prime! This is the first video of yours that I have seen, but you definitely earned a like and subscribe from me! I have shopped at Mircocenter since around the late 1980's I think, when they first opened a store near Atlanta. I'll use your links from now on when I shop there.
abhyudit gupta
abhyudit gupta Aylar önce
My respect for mechatronics has increased significantly now. Amazing. Proud to be a engineer.
Tulakian 3 aylar önce
This is by far my favourite video you've made. Awesome work
Iffy50 Yıl önce
I'm a mechanical engineer and I think I'm pretty good at figuring out stuff like this. You are light years ahead of me. I can follow what you are doing, but if I had to do it all myself I would be completely overwhelmed even with all the concepts thrown at my feet. You are a complete genius. You must be in the top 0.001% of people to do things like this. It's an honor just to watch.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Yıl önce
@Agustin Repetto just because alot more people are capable of figuring it out if they studied doesn't mean you get to include them in saying they are just as smart. If you told everyone to design what he just did then I guarentee you only .001% would of done it.
Rumperdumper Yıl önce
@OTOPHILA squadsquadsquadsquadsquad
Im dumb.
Greg Grimes
Greg Grimes Yıl önce
Totally. I’m also a mechanical engineer with another year of CS on top of that and this dude is brilliant. As well as brilliant he has the determination to beat these problems to death until he solves each of the actual solutions until it’s refined to a working model. Props man!
Pabmyster Yıl önce
@Agustin Repetto if you're argument is that people can be as smart or smarter than he is, sure. Everyone has potential to develop their skills and intellectual enrichment is most often related to how hard someone works to achieve such. But the claim was that he is just a cut above the rest at was his abilities allow him to do currently. Does someone else have the potential to do similar things? Sure. But nobody else is currently doing things to this scale on their own, or else we would see it.
Eric Vaughn
Eric Vaughn 6 aylar önce
Pool player here and have to say that build is super cool! For working on what shots to make next, and get into position for them, I would recommend doing that for the game of 9 ball first. In 9 ball the balls must be pocketed in numerical order-ish. You could hit the 3 into the 5 and make it and then make the 3 and then 4 if needed/desired. If you build it to plan for 9 ball, then tweaking it to plan for any ball of the same type (solid or striped like in 8 ball) should be easier I'm guessing. Pattern play would be worth building into it as well for the game of 8 ball. Lots of options to ponder, but slick to see how much goes into what pool players seem to do naturally and mechanically. Finesse is definitely part of the equation too of course.
Woven Scrolls
Woven Scrolls 28 gün önce
9:39 This seems very similar to how a person needs to adjust the Z-Steps on a 3d printer (the stepper motor on a 3d printer's filament extruder needs to be adjusted to make sure that when the program tells it to extrude a certain amount of filament, it matches how much is actually extruded).
Joshua Wallace
Joshua Wallace 20 gün önce
I love all your videos, and am absolutely in awe of your masterpiece of a workshop. But as a HVACR professional I would really like that flex octopus fixed I can feel your airflow being restricted from here
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 15 gün önce
This chap is smarter than most people on our planet. That's definite. Plus, his take on code and programming is great - I was a Chief Engineer on an offshore drilling rig that was shutdown for about 4 weeks (at a day-rate of USD $500,000/day) because some programmers left several lines of old and redundant code in an 'upgrade' for a control system for the BOP. Oh dear, never mind, how sad!
Kyle A.
Kyle A. Yıl önce
"This suggests I'm an idiot" *Me with half a pizza slice in my mouth*: "yeah how could you not see that issue, bro"
TheVoitel Yıl önce
@Marco Grubert Nah, the problem here is not Python but lazyness. The nice way to do such things would be to modularize all of the parts and using a nice interface to specialize it instead of just copying and modifying code.
Charlie Wax
Charlie Wax Yıl önce
San 79
San 79 Yıl önce
Toucan •
Toucan • Yıl önce
youths on pitch
youths on pitch Aylar önce
Hats off to you and your dedication..... truely inspired. Love from Nepal
Andre Sant65
Andre Sant65 Aylar önce
Actually works in practice! Ideas like this usually only work on paper. Excellent work!
Moto154 6 aylar önce
Could we get more info on the physics simulation aspect? How did you account for various spins on the ball and how that relates to the q ball's spin and where the q ball impacts the other balls? Additionally, how were slipping and determining how far the ball rolls determined?
Anesio Henrique
Anesio Henrique 4 aylar önce
You have to create a teacher table, with the same algorithms that will project on the table where your stick needs to be to hit the ball. So actually you do everything but, it points where you have to hit the other ball.
Trumpatier Yıl önce
This man did hundreds of hours of engineering and programming, make a whole freaking WEBSITE, and has masterful editing and animations in this video??? This is absolute top-notch quality and dedication sir. This channel will be at 10 million subs in no time!!!
Trumpatier Yıl önce
@Tyler B Seriously? Wow... I'm even more in awe!
Tyler B
Tyler B Yıl önce
Don't forget about the full-time job as an Site lead, Engineer, and software engineer.
Leigh C
Leigh C Yıl önce
@Josen No yeah
Leigh C
Leigh C Yıl önce
@Josen No yep
Leigh C
Leigh C Yıl önce
@Josen No yes
Sleev 5 aylar önce
Amazing. Honestly my favorite part is just the projector over the pool table though 😹
C. Enrique
C. Enrique 6 aylar önce
Man you’re great :’) Thanks for sharing all your ideas !!
Aidy Madd
Aidy Madd Aylar önce
The next level for this has to be an Auto Robot that can move around the table independently and position the cue where it needs to be for the optimum shot. Take the human out of the equation altogether, just an idea......
Vlad Aylar önce
Amazing work, just discovered your channel and it’s awesome, keep going)
techydiy Yıl önce
That was 42 minutes 36 seconds of my life well spent (I watched it twice)
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson Yıl önce
He learned math in only two watchings of this video! (21:18 x 2) Absolutely astonishing!
Yo Pappy
Yo Pappy Yıl önce
Honestly if this were a tv show it would’ve been two episodes and in the end they would’ve failed. It’s actually pretty cool he crammed this project into a 22min video.
Yo Pappy
Yo Pappy Yıl önce
@Great Lakes Logger 😂
Great Lakes Logger
I'm just waiting for that one guy to challenge your math
Lavander Eisly
Lavander Eisly 22 gün önce
I would love to see a two player version of the online thing where both players are connected and you're just taking the shots for them.
Mitchi Bell
Mitchi Bell 18 gün önce
be like the GPU of someone elses game... dude that's badass
Blue 3 aylar önce
When you have the skill to make a solution for any problem you make, that is impressive.
Dan Ogden
Dan Ogden 5 aylar önce
Great build. While adding that forward-looking "chess engine", maybe include one that takes into account combination shots, maybe even trick shots?
Mantas Aylar önce
I would just love projecting lines real time on my pool table! I have a couple projectors even! Where could I get some open source version of this? :D
Go Experimental
Go Experimental Yıl önce
The smartest guy on TRvid. Facts!
Brother Khrayn
Brother Khrayn 11 aylar önce
Dude, Michael Reeeeeeeee
Elias LAURENT 11 aylar önce
@bungalo50 Rober was a fucking NASA engineer
Fernando Camacho
Fernando Camacho 11 aylar önce
What about Vsauce?
Lucas Pelegrino
Lucas Pelegrino 11 aylar önce
Watch the interview with the guy that hacked Google and how he did it. Google paid him 130k dollars for it. Another kind of genius.
Egors Deimos
Egors Deimos 11 aylar önce
Mark rober, all I have to say.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 2 aylar önce
Watching you struggle to figure out why it wasn’t working is a perfect demonstration of why I wait until my wife is out of the house before I work on any project. I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ll just show her the final result rather than have her ask why I can’t figure it out. Impressive job!
FED FED 24 gün önce
It's nice that you explain the whole process behind it, great vid
rezinatebasshead Aylar önce
recently started watching your channel, you're nothing short of a genius man.
Tanner Maple
Tanner Maple 6 aylar önce
I love you and your wife’s dynamics with you being the giga science lord and your wife being very good at many different sports and other athletic hobbies like archery and pool.
John Frigo
John Frigo Yıl önce
we dont deserve the amount of effort this man puts into his videos
2MJZ Yıl önce
@ManOpeace that was very cheesy
CJmk3supra Yıl önce
@2MJZ omg I’m weak 😭🤣🤣
Rob Belv
Rob Belv Yıl önce
@Tommy2cats and this guy does EVERYTHING himself.
Boxed Fender
Boxed Fender 3 aylar önce
I'm sure it's been done but a tv network that broadcasts billiards could use this to show people at home the possible shots. there's actually a ton of possible ways of selling different ingredients of this system to different markets. this is true of most of his videos. I'm sure the mothods he uses are known in most industries tho
Jason Xie
Jason Xie Aylar önce
This guy is doing what several specialized team of software and hardware engineers would be doing.
Mistao Wickkuh
Mistao Wickkuh Aylar önce
5:10 is too perfect! I love this energy!
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson 5 aylar önce
This is amazing and your videos are awesome. Did you ever end up doing more work re: looking ahead and trying to control cue spin?
NoobPilot831 10 aylar önce
As an engineer I am amazed by how many disciplines this spans. You truly are doing work that a company would take months to do.
Bernd Jendrissek
Bernd Jendrissek 4 aylar önce
Months because besides the actually necessary engineering, there will be meetings upon meetings upon meetings that are just rehashes of what had already been decides and/or is obvious to anyone actually producing anything (besides meeting reports and Gantt charts). And often too, even the people actually producing the product will be coasting or goofing off. You just don't work as hard when it's someone else's project.
SirPogsalot 5 aylar önce
@Hisoka Amorou hahahahaha "cheap" "diy" "real products"
SirPogsalot 5 aylar önce
ikr, if he designed a flying car I would be the first to test drive it
Görkem Öçmen
Görkem Öçmen 5 aylar önce
That's why this dude is a one person company xD
이종현 16 gün önce
7:18 Builds auto-aim robot cue stick. Definitely how it was meant to be played.
Steve Cresswell
Steve Cresswell Aylar önce
This is incredibly cool and my hat is sincerely doffed to you young sir. However, as a league pool player I don't think you have enough of a bridge on that cue to escape any kind of touching ball scenario. I think a really good human player would show your amazing work up as a toy and not a credible match winning tool. That said the engineering side of things is out of this world !!
MrElPoderozo1 6 aylar önce
Youngman you can consider yourself a genius for real. Great work👍🏽
Bub Dawg's What do you think?
I've been watching your channel for a while and I really like to know what your parents thought of you and you were a kid growing up I'm sure you were quite normal but a very smart not everybody can have this many skills and be that good at it... it's not normal I'm a CNC programmer and a machinist and I've trained 40 people to do the job of machining on Haas machines maybe five of them turned out to be very good The rest sort of good You're a little different also get your computer off the floor.
Golum Yıl önce
Man, don't you ever sleep? That sounds like the kind of project you could pull off in a 5 man team over the course of a year, yet you do it on your own in a couple of weeks! That's incredible
The Arrow
The Arrow Yıl önce
I wouldn't say it would take a year for 5 graduate engineers to make this. It is definitely hard but he also puts almost all of his time throughout the day to make these robots.
Horochov Yıl önce
"5 man team over the course of a year" - well yes, but actually no. Nine women can give birth to a child in a month, can't they? A lot depends on the team.
this was commented
@DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC you already said that a different comment is the best So wich is it?!
BerzerkaDurk Yıl önce
@Stuff Made Here - "I don't need sleep; I need answers."
hehe best comment
Questwalker 6 aylar önce
Imagine replacing the projector with some augmented reality goggles. You can bring some friends over and play a game using a normal stick and they'd be none the wiser!
Chance 2 aylar önce
10:00 I never expected words spoken about a robotic, 100% accuracy pool-stick would hit me so deep..
Tork man70
Tork man70 Aylar önce
Man, you're my tech making stuff idol dude now! Just blows me away.
LIVIN# Kir 3 aylar önce
Your awesome , and really smart man!! Keep up the great work
Xaybas Yıl önce
This dude knows math, coding, electronics, engineering, forging, filming, editing, pool, at least I'm almost 27 and I can't figure out how to move out of my mom's house This is the kind of effort that makes technology progress
paul couto
paul couto Yıl önce
@Guilherme Caiado its a joke, based off of the high level common law audio in the TRvid link i included. ooooh pa, Do I have to hold your hand for everything, considering you and your poor litterary context unfortunately lead me on a misconstrued dynamic of incorrect usage in = misunderstanding out, whos on first, larry, larry who you mean, no larry on first then, right who, who? yes.....no... who's. Once again you and most dismiss in light of i am Azorean or Portuguese and I never met a Brazilian yet who considers me or other Portuguese people as a brother. I don't know why that is, I never liked Brazilians because of that and its them who seemed to not like me first or not care or is blind to the fact that any Brazilian who looks Portuguese IS PORTUGUESE, ITS CALLED POINT OF ORIGIN AND OBVIOUSLY, Portuguese is the native language in Brazil that doesn't mean everyone there is Portuguese either by blood and of course not every white person there is Portuguese even though they may speak it because they have a town there that every year they celebrate the civil war in America because they are remnants of the southern white people that fled America after it went full communist in the late 1800s and built a new home in Brazil and from what I understand that town or community I forgot what it's called, has remained ethnically intact. I'm not sure if English is a derivative of the Germanic language although I know some is but English is mostly from the latin side or post latin romance side. ohhhhh you wanna talk the lat'in......ohhhhh and you wanna talk the french and come in the comment section and talk about a bunch of shit on skype, dude you are a NOBODY dude....you are a CLOWNEY WOWNEY.
Guilherme Caiado
Guilherme Caiado Yıl önce
@paul couto What country are you from? Right answer: Im from Brazil. Whats your nationality? Im brazilian. Those are two diferent questions with two diferent answers that have the same meaning. What do You MEAN? My native language is portuguese, as a latin laguage, its quite close to spanish and italian, and even tho im speaking an germanic laguage like english. So you are trying to argue about someone's innability to speak while you have even less skills on that matter.
Daily Llama
Daily Llama Yıl önce
@paul couto Nice try but you’re going to need a lot more to satisfy your theory. Why are colors of people even part of the formula? Why does a formula on the basis of existence need to include melanin, a chemical that poses no real difference other than a level of skin protection. It makes no sense. Now here’s my interpretation of existence and where to place God in our lives. There is a movement called “Quantum Activism”. It was developed by Amit Goswami, a theoretical physics professor at the University of Washington. He posits that matter essentially thinks. The idea is thought came before matter and because of that, thought exists in everything. We don’t understand how to communicate with all matter yet but we continually advance that every single day. Think of existence as a cartoon strip. Look specifically at the clouded bubbles 💭 that communicate to the reader what is said in those comic strips? This is what transpires when we learn how to communicate with matter. He ether is actually a cell of “Communal Consciousness”. Essentially a big invisible bubble that collects all knowledge from all matter. As we live our lives, the ledger or communal consciousness cloud, documents all of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. We transmit these individual experiences to the bubble. It collects data from EVERY SINGLE piece of matter in the universe, it reorganizes it and transmits our new reality back to us through shared communal responses. Some of this data is static like a rock communicating its location to the bubble (One way transmission of data) and some is dynamic (two way communication) like your thought I don’t know what I’m talking about. That communicates the level of consciousness to the bubble and it then has the data and positioning to transit back to the individual and aid in creating individual realities out of our shared communal experiences. This is how the universe allows us free will while still controlling the possibilities of outcome. Karma: Think of Karma in reverse. Instead of your actions creating your future what really happens is we transmit our actions to the communal bubble and that bubble compares the data from other individual sources of matter. When you hear someone say “Karma doesn’t exist because I’m a good person and nothing good happens to me” they are dismissing the aspect of community. The real reason why they aren’t living their true life is because the other people in the comic strip creating the dialogue have a preconceived notion about who you are. If they and the others within that sub-bubble (I’ll explain later) have a perspective of you that is not in line with reality, they transmit that data to the BIG BUBBLE of communal consciousness. Think of a man sitting in a restaurant. There are 100 other diners with their own perspective about who you are. Let’s say you know 60 of these people and don’t know any others. The data collected form the 60% will override the data collected from the entire room/bubble. In this scenario, Karma will get the data collected, reconcile the data and spit out a response at the speed of thought to all parties involved in that bubble and it will likely be accurate. Now if you stand up in the room and start pointing at a guy at the other side of the room in a forceful manner, a lot of those people might change their perspective about you and transmit that data a back. To add, what if only the people nearest you can hear you while you’re pointing and being perceived as being violent but you’re actually praising that guy and saying forcefully, “he’s the best person I’ve ever known”. This again will change your Communal Karma and not for the better because half the room sends accurate data and half the room sends false data because they can’t hear you and think you’re being a jerk. This creates a rift and the big bubble can misinterpret our shared reality. It sends back a false signal and this creates consternation within our shared reality and we have to loop back to find our communal reality. Now because of the incorrect data, let’s say 70% think you’re a jerk & 30% realize you’re praising him. Karma thinks you’re a jerk because 70% got it wrong. If Karma was all knowing, Gandhi wouldn’t have had to go on a hunger strike and he could’ve bought a lottery ticket every day and won every day. It’s not. Karma is the communication to and from the ether or communal bubble. When we communicate false data, a karma screws up and we have to loop back to find our center of reality. Currently science would say schools of fish are in sync because of ripples in the water but what if we delved deeper. At the moment of altered motion, the first fish moving sends a signal to the big bubble telling it the fishes position and it’s future intended movement. In the speed of thought the big bubble collect this data and transmits it to every other fish in the school. Now they know where the lead fish is even if they are in the back of the school and they under his future intentions. Because of this data dissemination they can all move as one unit. Now how does God fit in. You seem to love the God of Shiva and I would whole heartedly agree chaos is necessary but what is misunderstood is this mechanism reigns in chaos and we have controlled chaos. There is a range of possibilities within infinity when looking at reality so chaos has to be controlled, if not, nothing would form. Chaos is a preconceived notion of variation and uncertainty. It was planned by the thought that existed before matter so it is controlled by communal consciousness to a degree. That control is GOD, we just need to redefine God and our communal consciousness will create that reality. If we get it wrong, we will loop back (not in time) and we will try again. So what does that mean. It means we are God because we are thought and our communal communication creates reality so currently we are creating God
Nick Foged
Nick Foged 18 gün önce
I'm here rewatching for probably the third time 😃 I've always wondered about your wife's crazy mojo ! It's just brilliant
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 25 gün önce
The thrill of the game keeps me playing. Geometry and physics with strategy and poise. Great video. Thank you.
__ 2 aylar önce
I'm only ~5 min in but man. The way this thing moves is uncanny as hell and so damn cool.
Check my about section link
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content
Brian Whitney
Brian Whitney Yıl önce
This is some of the best engineering, data science, fabrication combo I’ve ever seen. There’s probably only a handful of people in the world that could do this. Major props to you!
Biggmakk Official
Im actually impressed lol
Milaan Patel
Milaan Patel Yıl önce
@Eliot Mansfield and that to at such a young age
Eliot Mansfield
Eliot Mansfield Yıl önce
yeh i’m blown away with what he’s done here
袁远 5 aylar önce
Very interesting! I like this video. You can take a further step on choosing the hitting point on the cue ball.
Check my about section link
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content
KitCat Aylar önce
I love how he says that he wants to play pool the way it was meant to be played while he's making a pool robot
Upload 5 aylar önce
you should put backspin in the system. moving down on a ball and hopping it over enemy balls would be awesome!
slim Large
slim Large 8 aylar önce
As a legal professional in a large tech company I work with many engineers. You guys are a different breed. Tons of admiration.
Zayashi Kyuu
Zayashi Kyuu 16 gün önce
@Wrong Frequency atleast he has someone who love him
Wrong Frequency
Wrong Frequency 23 gün önce
@Dann Morris ok sorry
Dann Morris
Dann Morris 23 gün önce
@Wrong Frequency he is in no need of seduction....his wife is awesome
David Mueller
David Mueller Aylar önce
@ShyGuy3101 it’s possible Rey Chen is an engineer. They can be socially awkward & often cannot differentiate literal & figurative language. A good friend of mine is an engineer & I call him Literal Larry! His actual name is Paul.
dot 2 aylar önce
@Wrong Frequency come on dude
L W 3 aylar önce
note to myself: If I would ever build an automatic pool stick, invest in a good pool table
Lucas Matas
Lucas Matas 10 gün önce
Man I've seen many you tube channels with very talented people. But dude you are out of this world. I always wanted to have such a machine shop like yours. I'm steel saving for a lathe. Greetings!
Zozo Dagon
Zozo Dagon 4 aylar önce
12:35 you basically made a virtual billiards coach. I'd love to see a full fledged version of that. I got some ideas if you wanna talk shop
Petey D
Petey D 26 gün önce
This project was remarkable!! I'm literally lost for words... Nothing short of amazing!!
D G Yıl önce
me in college: when am I ever going to use this? this guy: uses all of college in one video
ManOpeace Yıl önce
@Jose Daniel V P I'm sure you're smart at something. You just haven't found it yet.
ĐøğBŕęåđ Yıl önce
Please tell me what app he is using
V Surya
V Surya Yıl önce
No truer words have been said, lmfao
flashpeter625 Yıl önce
That is the worst - I understand the vast majority of the individual aspects of what he's doing, but can't imagine being able to put this together or solve any unexpected issues :D
Jacob Bergholtz
Jacob Bergholtz Yıl önce
Biggest problem with schooling. My appreciation for mathematics went up insanely when I started getting into programming. The ability to logic your way through anything, using science past humans discovered, it’s an awesome thing.
Christopher Hope
Christopher Hope Aylar önce
I'd like to be able to project the angles on to my table like that for practice. You could develop a kit we could use to retrofit our tables
Fesh Am
Fesh Am 4 aylar önce
Great software! I see bright future in the software for the game. In teaching beginners and also in developing more advance computer game, with VR or even AR. Not so much on the cue though, as such tool would render all biomechanical skilled game useless.
Scott Young
Scott Young 6 aylar önce
You’re awesome. Destin is awesome. You and Destin together is more awesome. Destin calling you a meat servo is the awesomest.
Alvaro Diaz-Flores
Alvaro Diaz-Flores 5 aylar önce
You could sell the algorithm to professional players so they can train against a worthy opponent, in case you haven´t done so. If the pool stick were mounted on a robotic arm, it could play without a person having to carry it. A way I can think of doing it is by drawing a colored line around the table so the robot would know what path to follow. Thank you for sharing this videos. It is very encouraging and insightful. I hope one day I can dedicate myself to something similar.
Niels Cremer
Niels Cremer Yıl önce
I don't think we can ever fully appreciate this man's genius. Seriously. You inspire me man
Front Row at the Shit Show
That is beyond proof of concept, that is a PRODUCT! Can't wait to see the final version!
Hedwin Bonnavaud
Hedwin Bonnavaud 5 aylar önce
Nice video, I think you should definitelly learn reinforcement learning or monte carlo tree search, this can solve a lot of your problems and can be a good way to choose the best shot from a set of pre-calculated available shots
funny person
funny person 28 gün önce
I hope you inspire people to learn complex engineering and solving problems and they put their powers to solving the most important problems of our time! Keep it up!
Pawel Kowalski
Pawel Kowalski 3 aylar önce
How did you work through image distortion? I got camera looking at projection from different angles and I'm tring to find the best way to convert the displayed screen into X,Y coordinates. I can display a chess board over the screen, and try to convert it that way to some rectangle. I noticed that you have written your own math, but any usefull libraries/sources you based this on?
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