Auburn Hires Bryan Harsin - Rapid Reaction (Late Kick Cut)

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Auburn has named Bryan Harsin as head coach ending a coaching search that seemed to include many twists and turns. Josh Pate reacted to everything we've heard leading up to the announcement along with the hire itself. How will Bryan Harsin fare at Auburn? Will the Tigers see an upgrade in performance and production from what they experienced under Gus Malzahn? And was this truly Auburn's first choice? Let us know what you think in the comments below and remember to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you 3 live shows per week!

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23 Ara 2020




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247Sports 11 aylar önce
Thanks for watching guys. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you 3 live shows per week. And FOLLOW JOSH on Twitter: twitter.com/LateKickJosh
Firghtening Truth
Firghtening Truth 11 aylar önce
@Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM bullcrap. Maybe for d/c... Hes a terrible ceo.
Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM
76-24 in the Mountain West compared to 64-37 in the SEC...... Gus more impressive
Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM
Will Muschamp would’ve been a better hire I know that sounds crazy but at least he can recruit this area
Sunset Jaden
Sunset Jaden 11 aylar önce
@Firghtening Truth If they Georgia and Bama I’m on board
Firghtening Truth
Firghtening Truth 11 aylar önce
Man...I like your takes, bruh... But this take is meh. Harsin is GOOD. The SEC is goin to the spread...and hes REALLY good at confusing spread teams defenses. He can accentuate mediocre talent...obviously...but he does it with purpose. How will it affect the TEAM? Not just this one player. Also, hes been a head coach...there was talk of him perhaps becoming the Texas HC at some point. I think he got tired of waiting...and not even being a full oc. Recruiting? Meh. Its the ess ee cee. You are for SURE gonna see at least 1 trick play a game, and it works at a pretty high percentage. I really like this hire...and he was one of the guys in the back of my head for the Texas job, actually. Im sure he knows a good dc or two to help him out on that side. This is...this is way less of a gamble than you are making it out to be...and tbh, i think he and leach are gonna give saban nightmares for the next 5 years. My humble 2c
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 8 aylar önce
Hey when Boise State pulled the shocker and beat OK in the Fiesta Bowl Bryan Harsin was the oc. And who on here remembers that game? The guy who called the game winning statue of liberty play was Bryan Harsin. Just sayin
Wacky Films
Wacky Films 3 aylar önce
Different era.
A.R. T. ll
A.R. T. ll 8 aylar önce
He has a good pedigree.... Hope he brings it to Auburn....WDEWDEWDEWDEWDEWDE!!!!!!!!
Josh knox
Josh knox 10 aylar önce
If Auburn doesn't keep T-Will as our OLB coach I think we're going to make a huge mistake.. His recruiting successes speaks for itself
Porter Osbourne, Jr.
Porter Osbourne, Jr. 11 aylar önce
Urban was/is a great coach but if he can’t bring in elite talent he can’t win. See 2010 once all of the Tebows and Percy Harvins cycled out. If this guy is a great coach but can’t bring in elite talent he will not win. It all comes down to recruiting.
G Style
G Style 11 aylar önce
I hope he can recruit well. If he can, we're good, if not we're in trouble
G Style
G Style 11 aylar önce
One of my favorite subscriptions!! Great job!! Really good perspective
Ben Milner
Ben Milner 11 aylar önce
JABA. Just Auburn Being Auburn. We love being average
Buz Hayes
Buz Hayes 11 aylar önce
May God bless him and Auburn👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Orange Blue
Orange Blue 11 aylar önce
hell with him.. what about the Defensive coordinator stabbing the Head Coach in the back? You'd think the AD would have run Steeles ass off first.
Isaac Norman
Isaac Norman 11 aylar önce
Auburn went and got an experienced head coach with a history of success. I wish Tennessee would take some notes. Pretty decent hire I think.
Archiver 10 aylar önce
Looks like Tennessee is heading in the right direction.
Tony Crabtree
Tony Crabtree 11 aylar önce
Value hire because of the 21 million buyout.
Eddie Whalen
Eddie Whalen 11 aylar önce
We love the hire!! War Eagle
Mikevdog 11 aylar önce
Regardless of the coach, they are still the Barn.
Brian Dixon
Brian Dixon 11 aylar önce
Appreciate the balanced take. Very informative.
anondescriptobserver 11 aylar önce
My knowledge of cfb drops off dramatically west of Boulder, CO so I would be lying if I said I was familiar with what Harsin did after he left Texas. I like that he stayed at Boise State long enough to fully cycle his own players in, though. Many P5 programs (the one I support included) tend to pick guys after having one breakout season.
Ken D
Ken D 11 aylar önce
...the guy reminds me too much of Peter Strzok...
RLT 11 aylar önce
I wasn't in favor of firing Malzahn and paying those buyouts. That said, we are where we are and I am pleased that Allen Greene made this hire at this point. We should all throw our support behind Harsin 100% and go forward with our best efforts. Time will tell, but he should get all the support he is due.
Donald Willis
Donald Willis 11 aylar önce
You literally said “I don’t know” about 40 times in this video. Message received. Let me help you. How many coaches with 79% winning % are out there available? 1 - Bryan Harsin. In 6 full seasons he’s won 3 conference titles in a conference that was a step up in competition than the WAC. Auburn’s problem under Gus was QB development. Who is the best QB developer in the country? Bryan Harsin. Why? Name me one other coordinator in college football history that won a conference title with his 3rd string QB like Harsin did in 2019. I’ll listen. The whole CEO thing is way overrated. Win games and nothing else matters. The CEO is the athletic director’s job. The Head Coach is a department manager in the real world. What else would you like to know?
247Sports 11 aylar önce
Just off the top of my head Tom Herman won a conference title and national championship with his 3rd string QB in 2014 - - - same one barely keeping his head above water at Texas. Thanks for (trying) to teach me though! - JP
C K 11 aylar önce
3 years then get fired because can’t beat ALA three in a row!
Tom Blount
Tom Blount 11 aylar önce
Time will tell but this is a terrible decision. Auburn just fell off the cliff.
heartof dasouth205
heartof dasouth205 11 aylar önce
Saban killer mark my words.. .
ellie the human cat
ellie the human cat 11 aylar önce
I bet you were near Jessup Georgia.
Mike Reddy
Mike Reddy 11 aylar önce
I feel like he can do well in his first 2-3 years but will soon fall off because he will struggle to recruit
Justin Dillard
Justin Dillard 11 aylar önce
This guy plays Hawaii and Wyoming every year you really think he’s turning around Auburn? Lmaooo your kidding yourself
247Sports 11 aylar önce
Who he plays annually really gives zero clues to whether he'll succeed or not. Who did Urban Meyer play at Utah? If he's good enough he'll thrive, if he's not the job will swallow him up. - JP
Louis Papp
Louis Papp 11 aylar önce
so Auburn replaces a 8-4 coach with a 8-4 coach makes sense....NOT!
Brady Rush
Brady Rush 11 aylar önce
Except for that he's literally not
Shane O'Mack
Shane O'Mack 11 aylar önce
I don’t I’ve ever said this before but the cow college made a good hire. Dude has a lot of work to do right now to get “that college down south” caught up with the rest of the west.....
Charles Bartlett
Charles Bartlett 11 aylar önce
Who knows?
Timothy Price
Timothy Price 11 aylar önce
It's an interesting hire to me. I'm an Alabama fan and I'm interested to see what he can do. It was surprising, and I want to see how he does in a full recruiting year.
label1877 11 aylar önce
Texas A&M’s rise to the top gave Auburn no choice on a coaching change.
label1877 11 aylar önce
@Larry Uptain There are 130 FBS teams. A 4 team playoff is ridiculous... only 3% make it. Making the 4 team playoff should not be the only criteria to determine a top team.
Larry Uptain
Larry Uptain 11 aylar önce
label1877 I like a& m and know Fisher well as he is a local hero here in Bham. My point is A & M is an improved team, but not a top program, case in point, your not in playoffs Love A & M and the great tradition, you're not there yet!
label1877 11 aylar önce
@Larry Uptain When did Texas A&M get to the top? They are there now. 8 and 1 in the brutal SEC West is championship caliber, top tier, big dog.
Larry Uptain
Larry Uptain 11 aylar önce
label1877 when did a & m get to the top? They had a decent year but their not in the top tier!
ohtaylor5 11 aylar önce
I'm a Gamecock. We hired Shane Beamer. He knows the south but he's never been a head coach. Auburn has hired a head coach that doesn't know the south. I'm part of the Beam Team now, but I'd feel much better if we had hired a head coach with a proven track record regardless of his knowledge of the south. I view this as a solid hire. Go Gamecocks!
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy 11 aylar önce
Step one is getting a staff together. Muschamp as DC, Dell McGee Co-OC. Craig WR/QB coach. Harsin sells himself. He is a winnner. Slap that 76-24 record on the table and say if I have you I can do it in the SEC. transfer market is loaded. Let’s get it Harsin.
KVR 11 aylar önce
Lol in the mountain division. Let’s see if that going to convert over in the tough Power 5 ie SEC West....
{{ B }}
{{ B }} 11 aylar önce
Harsin may turn out to be a good coach but this was a panic hire at Auburn. Auburn trustees and boosters are a clown show. Most of the coaches on their list turned them down. LOL
Timothy Farner
Timothy Farner 11 aylar önce
Did the 'Yeller Feller' approve this?
Sambino X
Sambino X 11 aylar önce
Thanks for the video. You kinda described how I feel about it. As far as I'm concerned it does feel kind of fresh. I'm interested in who he hires staff-wise...Good thing is he's not inheriting a bad team.
Mike Bridges
Mike Bridges 11 aylar önce
His first hire as HC should be Kellen Moore as his OC. Moore would/does run an exciting Offense.....much like what he had when he was the BSU QB. Harsin, whichever way he goes in hiring, will bring a much better Offense. As shown now, by the way Alabama and Florida have gone, the Offense at Auburn had better start scoring a lot.....which is why Moore at OC makes a lot of sense, not too mention he's a young, bright Coach. 1 thing about Coaches....HCs.....at BSU, they have always been able to find good QBs AND RBs. Auburn fans can expect the style of Offense in that Program to completely change. Coach Saban even came to the realization that Offense on his team had to change, so he found OCs that could deliver it.
Successful_Manager 11 aylar önce
There are so many rumors but the facts are that some coaches contacted auburn and some coaches didn’t get an offer at all but was reported differently and that auburns AD stood up to these power boosters along with the president and they made an executive decision to move away from Kevin steele who was all but hired after Guss was fired. The optics at auburn are awful and embarrassing and these boosters need to know there role. Everyone has a job and a role both on and off the field. Do your job and allow others to do there’s. This has always been what has held auburn back from potentially being a top 10 program consistently and it appears Auburn’s Athletic Department took a massive step in the right direction in doing what was right. Congratulations and let’s go Harsin! WDE!
Andre Segui
Andre Segui 11 aylar önce
I dont know if i would gone to auburn from boise state honestly
Trent Cooper
Trent Cooper 11 aylar önce
He can hire a recruiter
Lord Monkey Boy
Lord Monkey Boy 11 aylar önce
Tom Brady wasn’t anyone’s first choice.....or second....or third....or fourth.....or fifth....or sixth....or seventh and so on and so on.......and he is the greatest of all time.....let it play out and then decide how Harsin can coach.
Cody Hayes
Cody Hayes 11 aylar önce
Napier is a hot name is coaching, he will go where the program gives him the keys. Harsin wasn’t a guy everyone was dying to hire, he got a promotion early by dealing with the bullshit. Auburn won’t succeed until the idiots with the money give up their ego and let professionals run the program
Drew Hopper
Drew Hopper 11 aylar önce
Everyone is worried and focused on the wrong thing. While recruiting is key development and winning is more important. Malzahn couldn’t coach an elite team and he always ended up with top 15 top 10 classes. If harsin comes in and recruits elite offensive lineman Auburn will be fine
Aron Sanchez
Aron Sanchez 11 aylar önce
Exactly! Look at Texas and USC.
Trey Hereford
Trey Hereford 11 aylar önce
Who knows. It may be great I’m pretty sure. It many people knew much much about pat dye when they hired him from Wyoming I think it was Turned out to be one auburn best hires
James Taylor Studios
James Taylor Studios 11 aylar önce
You still know less than my cat, and this whole episode proves it beyond a doubt.
Big dee
Big dee 11 aylar önce
If Bo nix stays two years it will I think help this coach right off much like urban needed Tim tebow to help recruit Florida.
Randy Kent
Randy Kent 11 aylar önce
He's going to have to face Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M and Georgia every year and all 4 of those programs are not slowing down. In order for him to elevate Auburn to a higher standard than Gus was able to he must recruit top 5 classes for 3-5 straight years. Otherwise he's a wash, best case scenario.
fecaltimebomb 11 aylar önce
the sunburn googans on the plants will never demonstrate the need for wayside noggen
michael stallings
michael stallings 11 aylar önce
my thoughts are can he recruit at an sec level, it's fine to recruit 3 and 2 stars,and maybe an occasional 4,maybe a 5 star,to boise, and build a power house in a conference like the mountain west..can he keep up with bama,georgia,lsu, a&m,florida, i think he will be recruiting more against the likes of kiffen,leach, prewitt,and stoops, at first
CB 11 aylar önce
Auburn hired a coach that does not give out alot of info on anything. Keeps it tight. NOT going to do things just for the boosters or administration, he will do things his way. He should do pretty well.
Aron Sanchez
Aron Sanchez 11 aylar önce
As it should! I remember when Chip Kelly came to Eugene and he was all hushed and put fences all over the practice fields people flipped out, but it kept unwanted people and distractions out of football.
Rhett Hanks
Rhett Hanks 11 aylar önce
Josh. Stop repeating the rumors. Your sources told you nothing about Harsin.
247Sports 11 aylar önce
Uhh where exactly did I say they did? - JP
Kelley Whitehurst
Kelley Whitehurst 11 aylar önce
They should have taken the crazy train Mike Leach. He is only making $5 Million at MSU. No matter where Leach goes, he's going to get good players- especially in SEC country at a big name program.
Donald Sherer
Donald Sherer 11 aylar önce
I just hope Bryan Harsin knows what he is getting onto at Auburn.
7700Purplexity 11 aylar önce
A few alumni and "boosters" run the Auburn football program.
Hollywood 11 aylar önce
I think who ever made choice to fire Gus just put Auburn program way back on par wit MissSt , South Carliona u better hope he can recruite is azz off ..head scrathcer on this guy but then again who was out there to get ask Texas.
Justa Hunch
Justa Hunch 11 aylar önce
I didn't even know Boise had a football team... ;)
KVR 11 aylar önce
Yeah they in some conference called the Mountain conference.. never really heard of them
Metcraft 11 aylar önce
I havent trusted Myer since he left Florida because of heart issues then turned around and took Ohio HC job. If I was an Auburn fan why would i want a coach like that? I think you need to stop idolizing the guy and wipe the brown off ya nose. The SEC doesnt want an Urban Myers type coach.
KVR 11 aylar önce
Don’t want a proven winner huh because you are all up in your emotions. Smh
James Saibot
James Saibot 11 aylar önce
If the Gamecocks had waited they could have had Gus Malzon
SlimmDusty 11 aylar önce
I like the hire, I think He’s a great coach and is proven. Again only concern is recruiting but he can learn that and build a good staff for it or he may come in and go nuts in recruiting. I’ve also heard and read from others it’s rumored he actually does have control and will be making decisions.
Jerry BOESE 11 aylar önce
Auburn got its 19th choice lol
BigBank New York
BigBank New York 8 aylar önce
who did they really want?
The Old Man
The Old Man 11 aylar önce
If you can coach, then it don't matter where you are. I love the hire.
Ryan C
Ryan C 11 aylar önce
Great coach
Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM
Yeah because he knows so much about recruiting in the state I’ve coached high school football the relationship college coaches have with each high school’s coach is very important he has a zero in this area and definitely not in Georgia or Florida which is a hotbed for Auburn also
MountainVisions 11 aylar önce
Nah, you need to recruit.
Z71Ranger 11 aylar önce
LOL the SEC is going to eat this coach alive in Recruiting...
Mulaa5 11 aylar önce
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 11 aylar önce
I use to go to booster meetings when Gus was 1st hired,after the 3 one I was done with him because he said the exact same thing the 3rd time as he did the 1st time!!! It felt robotic to me and I ask myself why should I drop money to hear something over and over!!! And what got Gus fired is he stopped using the offense that got him hired!!!
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 11 aylar önce
Nobody adapted to stop it, Gus stopped it!!! The bubble gum offense got us to 2 title games, the pass 60 times offense got us to no title games!!! The SEC is known for running the ball, Gus original offense ran it better than any SEC team ever!!!
ellie the human cat
ellie the human cat 11 aylar önce
He was fired because defenses have adapted to stop the Malzahn high school bubble gum offense. Secondly, Malzahn has no idea how to develop players. V
Sloan Champion
Sloan Champion 11 aylar önce
He was the only one to take the job
SuttyJay 11 aylar önce
They didnt hire Harsin; they SETTLED for Harsin after being shot down by everyone else. I dont think they expect anything more out of him than getting blown out by Saban and Co every year until Saban retires. Once Saban retires, the AU job will look alot better, then they can hire a coach. Having said that....im loving me some Allen Greene right now. I love the fact that he stood his ground, telling the Lowders and all the other boosters to go get cucked.
Bill L
Bill L 11 aylar önce
Boise State has a great program, a great culture. Unfortunately being in a G5 conference Boise State will never get any national respect. Harsin figured he could do another 20 years in Boise or he could challenge himself.
P Walls
P Walls 11 aylar önce
So long as he does not have to retain Chad Morris as OC, he will be fine. Welcome aboard Coach Harsin. It’s morning again in Auburn. WDE
Britton Thompson
Britton Thompson 11 aylar önce
Why do you guys always reach for the Urban Meyer comparisons rightaway every time a coach with no SEC experience is hired? Why does no one ever point out the higher likelihood of failure by reminding fans of Mike Leach, Joe Moorhead, Gene Chizik, Dennis Franchione, Butch Jones, Derek Mason, Mike Price, or Bret Bielema? Everyone said they would be in over their heads in the SEC too. Guess what? They were right.
Ben Herrington
Ben Herrington 11 aylar önce
Nick Saban?
DomJX 11 aylar önce
Auburn paid 20.5 mil to be Tennessee of the West.
JC23 11 aylar önce
I love the hire. AU has relied far to long on the good ol boy network. ADAG let the certain individuals leak all the BS they wanted about the other “candidates” while he worked on thinking outside the box and getting this done. I don’t believe that he was 1st choice just like I don’t believe all those candidates turned AU down. It’s real easy for them to say that. I do think he was close to ADAG’s 1st though. I like this hire. Nothing is guaranteed. When LSU pulled Saban from Mich St there were no guarantees either. We’ll see how it plays out but thank the lord it’s not Bill Clark.
Rhett Hanks
Rhett Hanks 11 aylar önce
Well said. Thank you. The media is still pushing the anti-Auburn narrative.
Humble SOUL
Humble SOUL 11 aylar önce
I’m getting 50/50 war eagle.....let’s see who he hired for his staff
Leon Jefferson
Leon Jefferson 11 aylar önce
This was strictly a analytical hire. In today’s world numbers matter. At the end of the day the numbers usually don’t lie. Now that I’ve thought about it it’s a great hire. Hopefully Urban like.
blkcrowe999 11 aylar önce
Amazing hire. Think we hit a big one here
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 11 aylar önce
Maybe I am in the minority of Auburn fans that actually knew who Harsin was before yesterday but that’s just because I am a college football junkie. I am excited. Very excited. Sure, nothing is a guarantee in life and especially not in this beautiful, dumb, sport that we love. Harbaugh was a “sure bet” at Michigan, Herman was a “sure bet” at Texas, how are those going? On the flip side, people openly laughed when Herm was hired at ASU and Drinkwitz was hired at Mizzou, both are trending upwards. Maybe he wasn’t our first or even second choice but I think outside of Cristobal, he might be the best “culture” fit at Auburn. I might not know much, but I think I know Auburn and he will fit right in with the “family” ethos. I’m ready to get this ball rolling and I can’t wait for the official introduction. War Eagle.
OG James
OG James 11 aylar önce
@Gaming Dreams lol i get your point
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams 11 aylar önce
@OG James a real spread not the Gus one with linemen standing on top of each other.
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams 11 aylar önce
@OG James spread and 4-2-5 with some 3-3-5.
OG James
OG James 11 aylar önce
do you know what kind of scheme he runs on offense and defense as well?
Sean Norris
Sean Norris 11 aylar önce
I am out of the loop but I wouldn't be happy if my schopl was making a decision based around the DC. I mean hes a good coach but he aint THAT good and if he is why not just make him coach? On the surface I like the hire though
John Holder
John Holder 11 aylar önce
Gotta beat Bama 2 out of 3 and Georgia too.Or you're cryin' all the way to the bank.
Alpha 80's Style
Alpha 80's Style 11 aylar önce
Harsin is a good coach (as an Oregon fan, I should know -- he kept intact Petersen's Boise State win streak against the Ducks). But your 3rd possibility seems most likely. Maybe he was chosen because he'd keep Steele as associate HC and because he didn't demand the autonomy that Clark, Sark, or Napier would. This seems like the only real reason for pessimism: boosters will still be trying to act like Jerry Jones.
Electrical Wizard
Electrical Wizard 11 aylar önce
Please let him pick his own staff.Please release him to do what he needs to win.
KVR 11 aylar önce
Sorry, but not gonna happen!
Maleek Whiting
Maleek Whiting 11 aylar önce
Unfortunately they haven't given him full control yet
Alex Dwyer
Alex Dwyer 11 aylar önce
Auburn will always be the Little Tigers of college football. Heck, Memphis Tigers are better. Do I have to say it? ....UCF ......Minnesota
Alex Esteve
Alex Esteve 11 aylar önce
I'm so happy Napier didn't leave ULL. I would have been heartbroken 😭 Go cajuns!
Lachronic 11 aylar önce
Lol Auburn is transfer U.
KVR 11 aylar önce
ROFL lol
pabrod2001 11 aylar önce
No comparison to Urban Meyer. Urban went to the SEC before Saban arrived. Urban won most of his games prior to Saban. By Saban's second year and beyond, he had Urban's number at UF. If u r going to Auburn, u have to beat Bama. I have serious doubts that this guy will beat Bama.
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell 11 aylar önce
Who has more power at Auburn? Jimmy Rane (CEO of Great Southern Wood) or the AD?
David Odom
David Odom 11 aylar önce
I love it! If I had known he was in the mix he would've been in my top 2-3
Bobby Pierson
Bobby Pierson 11 aylar önce
KVR 11 aylar önce
True statement
Chiefs 11 aylar önce
I respect the hire and believe it could play out really well. You really have to watch how he does within 2-3 years to tell judge him RIGHT NOW. merry Christmas to all:)
JoeyDDayCare 11 aylar önce
Welcome Coach Harsin!! I hope first thing you do is get rid of Kevin Steele 👍👍
ABK 81
ABK 81 11 aylar önce
Robert Herzog
Robert Herzog 11 aylar önce
what a rotten little child, 69 and 19 over 7 years, how pathetic
Bobby Pierson
Bobby Pierson 11 aylar önce
Nickky G
Nickky G 11 aylar önce
Why fire the only active coach with 3 wins over a saban led alabama? Sure he had more opportunities than most, but that has to count for something. They were probably 2 or 3 key injuries away from competing in that 2017 SEC championship and potentially winning, and thats a UGA fan saying that. This smells like a shotgun decision more than a planned, coordinated, deliberate one. I mean, if he recruits well, he might do fine. I just don't know if the ROI will end up being worth.
Ethan Parker
Ethan Parker 11 aylar önce
because Auburn fans are tired of being 0-12 @ away games vs our rivals , winning the IB is nice but its irrelevant when we are just planning on keeping Bama out of the playoffs
StarScreamr Gaming
StarScreamr Gaming 11 aylar önce
Excited for this, seems hard nose and I like it. No Mandy pansy bull crap. If he can take our high caliber sec recruits and do what he has done as Boise then we are in good shape. Good news for our offense, numbers speak volumes. Seems like he can coach up players and actually build them up. PROGRESS! Let’s go !!!!
Bulletproof Bubbles
Bulletproof Bubbles 11 aylar önce
It's likely that Kevin Greene had Bryan Harsin in his back pocket the whole time. For him I believe it was a chess match. I'm sure he was well aware of how the boosters and trustees operate at Auburn. He could have let them hang themselves knowing it wasn't likely they couldn't land the guy they wanted under the conditions they provided. Once their list was exhausted he went down the path he set out to go down knowing Harsin would be much more willing, ready, and obtainable than anyone the PTB had in mind. I'm gonna call it a "sneaky good hire" giving the president and the AD all the credit while the boosters kick, scream, and whine cause they aren't the PTB that they once were. I'm sure they are wishing coach the best 🤭
Turner Mant
Turner Mant 11 aylar önce
Well if recent former Arkansas State to SEC coaching hires is telling, then hes either going to be exactly like malzahn or get into the burner phone business and end up coaching at liberty after beating bama a couple times. Either way, still the craziest coaching search since the Tennessee and greg schaino ordeal. As an ole miss fan, will be interesting to see if they keep up the consistent 8-10 win seasons that they mostly had under malzahn, or fall into irrelevance for 3-4 years before doing this whole thing again.
Chandler Sisk
Chandler Sisk 11 aylar önce
He’s a winner and that’s what auburn needs. As an auburn student we’re done with mediocrity 4 loss seasons every year
Brian W
Brian W 11 aylar önce
Auburn has always been mediocre yall should be use to it by now
Big T’ s Shack festival
That’s what au football is d bag What’s the big deal ?? Au has only had 2 back 2 back ten win seasons ever. Beat bama , every few yrs, and hope for a cam Newton type miracle again. Those only happen about twice every hundred yrs though. Au plays Bama , LSU , UGA , and Tex Am every yr so they are gonna have 3 to 4 losses a yr, especially as far ahead as those other programs are right now. U can hope to win one of those or maybe split em but until they get rid of the good ole boy system , like sabe did when he got to bama, they will always have probs finding ,and more importantly, retaining great coaches. Roll Tide and have fun watching bama in the play offs again. They could of had Napier but wouldn’t give him total control lol , such an au move.
Archiver 11 aylar önce
*3 loss
The Thinking Mans Game
The Thinking Mans Game 11 aylar önce
Well I'm not sure he can stop the 4 loss seasons
Robert Herzog
Robert Herzog 11 aylar önce
AUBURN YOU ARE WELCOME, coming from a huge bsu fan.
Jodie Tingle
Jodie Tingle 11 aylar önce
Blake Freeman
Blake Freeman 11 aylar önce
@Z71Ranger currently there is a lot of talent at Auburn...
Z71Ranger 11 aylar önce
@Blake Freeman LMFAO... auburn in 41 in the nation in recruiting this year... 12th In the SEC...
Blake Freeman
Blake Freeman 11 aylar önce
We’ll see in next 2 years! He’s coming into a talented team
RedSkaal 11 aylar önce
Harsin is a good coach and good fit for Auburn. Auburn needs some changes.
Stan from Cleveland
Stan from Cleveland 11 aylar önce
Remember Sabin came from Michigan state
KVR 11 aylar önce
@Syd Marsh Saban is Michigan daddy now, he proved that last year lol... all these statements are dumb. How long ago was that? Can Saban compete now?
Syd Marsh
Syd Marsh 11 aylar önce
Sabin left Michigan’s state because he couldn’t compete with Michigan in the recruiting wars. He could work his tail off all Michigan had to do is show interest that prospect would be headed to Ann Arbour. What forced his move to LSU he couldn’t compete on a level field with the monster Michigan truly is. If Sabin were at Michigan he never left Midwest being a Midwest guy. Opportunity be opportunity he was getting buried in recruiting wars against Michigan simple reason why Sabin actually left Michigan State. For those interested beyond the coaching spin you’re constantly fed.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 11 aylar önce
Championships came i see were you going with this
Mark 11 aylar önce
Auburn fixing to be the goods.
Richard O'Neal
Richard O'Neal 11 aylar önce
Harsin was ready to leave Boise. There's issues at Boise with the MWC and Harsin was vocal about trying to get Boise to leave the MWC.
Richard O'Neal
Richard O'Neal 11 aylar önce
@Bill L oh, he's trying grow. Now I understand. Idiot!
Bill L
Bill L 11 aylar önce
Harsin realized last year that being 10-2 with a bowl win every year was not going to help him grow. He's only in his early 40s.
Jaymes Moseley
Jaymes Moseley 11 aylar önce
I can buy that Auburn offered Venables and got turned down. I don't buy that the ULL coach turned them down. When a coach at one of these trash tier schools "turns down" a major program, it is almost always the case that they went a different direction. And boom, what do you know, Auburn made the announcement the next day. I'm even more certain of this given that Harsin has a much stronger resume than Napier.
Rhett Hanks
Rhett Hanks 11 aylar önce
Agree 100%
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