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Today Alex Wellerstein, an historian of nuclear weaponry, breaks down the science behind Christopher Nolan’s 2023 film “Oppenheimer.” Which historical moments were drawn from as inspiration for what became the film-and how accurate are the depictions? Hear directly from an atomic expert how the science of "Oppenheimer" was translated onto the screen.
Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey
Director of Photography: Francis Bernal
Editor: Richard Trammell
Expert: Alex Wellerstein
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas, Kameryn Hamilton
Production Manager: Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
Camera Operator: Rahil Ashruff
Sound Mixer: Gabe Quiroga
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16 Tem 2023




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@applehead900 7 aylar önce
Wired’s guests have been killin it recently
@infiniteabundant1176 7 aylar önce
@isaacm1929 7 aylar önce
1945 isn't "recently"...
@dixonjavier 7 aylar önce
@5180TMZpotluck 7 aylar önce
I saw what you were doing Good one my man😂
Yes they have
@codycurnutte9778 7 aylar önce
The mix of science and history is the perfect combo for any movie
@ejmtv3 7 aylar önce
the history of medical science will become an instant horror movie
@penelopephelange 4 aylar önce
@@ejmtv3 just like your mom's verginyyyyyyy 😂
@ejmtv3 4 aylar önce
if you're attempting to post garbage comments, at least spell things right@@penelopephelange
@Xyria. 4 aylar önce
@georgehill3087 3 aylar önce
idk, love stories? Action movies like John Wick?
The person he's talking about at 6:13 who looked on purpose was, in fact, Richard Feynman who is the one in the movie who says that the cars windshield will block the UV rays. This actually happened and according to Feynman's autobiography, he immediately regretted, quickly dropping to the floor of the car and dazed by an afterimage immensely visible even with his eyes closed.
@makatron 7 aylar önce
This video was criminally short for how entertaining he was. Bring him back please Wired.
@Tentakulus. 7 aylar önce
The movie was amazing, although everyone knew it was gonna go "well" the tension was horrible I got goosebumps. The psychological horror Oppenheimer must have experienced was also portrayed beautifully
@militaryjunkie6207 7 aylar önce
Endgame is better movie, don’t understand why people even watch any other movie. Endgame was #1 rated and best selling
@tomatodestroyer5507 7 aylar önce
@@militaryjunkie6207 If you're talking about Avengers Endgame you just compared 2 entirely different genres. Congratulations on getting "Idiot of the year" title
@militaryjunkie6207 7 aylar önce
@@tomatodestroyer5507 Endgame best movie in the world, avengers endgame I would pay 1,500$ to go see in theaters, I would donate 1 million to the actors.
@tomatodestroyer5507 7 aylar önce
@militaryjunkie6207 doesn't change the fact that you compared 2 different movie genres. I agree endgame was good, but it you're still an idiot
@Svettanka 7 aylar önce
Endgame best movie
@MrsPandapanic 7 aylar önce
I loooove how informative the guest is! He is funny, witty and nerdy and so freaking smart and definitely love what he do 😊
@manfredneilmann4305 7 aylar önce
*... loves ... does
@minirock000 7 aylar önce
@e.p.s.9037 7 aylar önce
Does "nerdy" mean he sounds like he knows what he's talking about?
@jorgerivera8933 7 aylar önce
@alekcorradini 7 aylar önce
Alex Wellerstein was my Nuclear History professor in college. Absolutely phenomenal professor, and a true expert in the field. His lectures were some of my favorite in my years on campus. Glad to see him kill it here, too.
@jbbeats7786 7 aylar önce
I could totally see this guest teaching a class about nuclear physics and cinema.
@miguelaguirre8829 7 aylar önce
He taught my Introduction to science and technology class last year
@missstrangequark 7 aylar önce
He could hardly teach nuclear physics as he is a historian not a physicist. Not to say he is not a good at explaining and story telling, but he lacks knowledge
@phillipphil1615 7 aylar önce
​@@missstrangequark "and cinema".... Perhaps a new field .. not nuclear physics per se.
@Donut-fr7is 7 aylar önce
​@@missstrangequarkWhat do you when your time is limited? Let me think... Oh! You simplify!
@AnnaDabrowski-gv7lw 7 aylar önce
He is my professor! And I do research under him!
@lauvzane 7 aylar önce
My dad was stationed near the atomic bomb test site in Kazakhstan in the 80s. He had skin cancer 20 years later. I don't think that the creation of atomic weapons is something the humanity must be necessary proud of..
@notaspeck6104 7 aylar önce
Sorry to hear that about your dad but did you even watch the movie? It’s never stated to be something to be proud of. Just watch the ending alone and you’ll see that.
@alderChristianHarten 7 aylar önce
The nuclear bomb is a scientific achievement.
@tofucourier 7 aylar önce
Slight spoiler!!!, He says in the movie that after creating the bomb they started a chain reaction to end the world. They aint proud.
@samsan4644 6 aylar önce
I agree. Just because you can doesn't mean you should
@sonicobsessions947 6 aylar önce
The quirky thing ive noticed while watching the movie is that (spoiler alert) the detonation was delayed because of the rain, u see cillian and matt's character are talking about how loud the explosion will be while on the control shed. Cillian line was "we will hear it at exactly one hour and 58 mins". In the run time of the movie, the explosion was heard at the 1 hour 58 minute of the film.
@hylianchriss 6 aylar önce
You are wrong. They were talking about atmospheric ignition. Matt Damon wonders about the scientists joking about the bomb accidentally destroying the entire world. To which Openheimer says the chances are "near zero", but they can't be 100% sure with "theory alone". So he says, "[either way], we'll know in exactly 1 hour and 58 minutes". Pretty sure no one in the entire movie even mentions how loud the explosion will be. And I'd bet your time stamp is also wrong. Although close. Most versions I've seen has the Trinity test explosion around the 1 hour 52 minute mark. I guess the only variation would be the opening studio logos that could slide that time stamp around a bit.
@atlifreysi 7 aylar önce
can we also get a barbie expert to explain barbie outfit scenes
@livshanahan9051 4 aylar önce
I took multiple classes with Dr. Wellerstein during college and you should know he is as fun and knowledgeable as he seems in this video! Plus, he always wants students to do well so I’m happy to see him in this spot, getting the recognition he should have.
@dannymartial7997 7 aylar önce
The “atmospheric ignition” discussion was the scariest part of the movie. Just imagining it gave me chills.
@TheMonicaAlison 7 aylar önce
I took two of Prof. Wellerstein’s classes in college, super knowledgeable and I’m happy to see him getting a wired interview!
@soegrassairsoft5016 6 aylar önce
does he really master the nuclear weapon? i mean, he really making those bomb right?
@livshanahan9051 4 aylar önce
Funny seeing you here! Was just commenting the same thing.
@FabledGentleman 7 aylar önce
The third core, that wasn't used, is called the demon core. It also caused casualties in a controlled test about a year after the bombing of Japan.
@Cariad1709 7 aylar önce
If I am correct, at 1:50 is a photo of Louis Slotin, who is one of the said casualties of the demon core
@savant7288 7 aylar önce
@@Cariad1709 where were they gonna drop the third core?
@mamorumiyagawa 7 aylar önce
@@savant7288 As far as I know it would be Japan, as well. But since japanese surrendered, they decided to keep it and do "some testing" because they "couldn't waste it"
@DuckYou69 7 aylar önce
“Tickling the dragon’s tail”
@FabledGentleman 7 aylar önce
@@DuckYou69 Yeah you should probably not tickle dragon's tails, it can have various interesting side effects.
@effiethefey 7 aylar önce
so great to see the technical background behind what no doubt will be an amazing movie!
@ericaltenburg 6 aylar önce
Man I was waiting for his take on this. I took one of his classes back in college and absolutely loved every moment of it.
@adamJKpunk 7 aylar önce
Great explainer video! I saw Oppenheimer at the event last week and let me tell you it’s a great movie but it’s frightening and nightmarish.
@fogoskip8272 7 aylar önce
exactly what I wanted it to be
@nmang0407 7 aylar önce
Can I ask you a few questions about it?
@savant7288 7 aylar önce
@@nmang0407 avoid spoilers my guy
@RonPaul42069 7 aylar önce
@@savant7288 The bomb explodes.
@savageone8931 7 aylar önce
@within360 7 aylar önce
Just saw this in 70mm. Incredible. One of the most beautiful films. We can only hope for many biopic imitators. Amazing performances, Cillian is almost perfect in this role. Matt Damon plays a general, he's great, but it is Matt Damon playing a general.
@within360 7 aylar önce
@@markusnaum It is pretty good. It is long, but I was surprised how seldom I noticed.
@beegest_yoshi 7 aylar önce
​@@markusnaumyes it is. absolutely amazing filmmaking across the board
@beegest_yoshi 7 aylar önce
also robert downey literally just playing tony stark again
@dexterwestin3747 7 aylar önce
Great comment - Matt Damon has played Matt Damon in every movie he's been in.
@bobweiss8682 7 aylar önce
The Nixie tube countdown timer is NOT "period appropriate". Nixie tubes weren't introduced until 1955, a decade after the Trinity test. The Signal Corps BC-348 receiver it was shown sitting on top of was spot on, however
@cypher1333 7 aylar önce
This is true.
@hubbsllc Aylar önce
Arggh! Why couldn't they get that right? I figure there may have at least been incandescent lamp projector digit displays by 1945.
@mcbure1 7 aylar önce
In the end, Oppenheimer's dream has come true, atomic weapons brought longlasting peace. No one wants to be hit by such bomb, so all big wars are chased away. What was left then? Endless amount of small wars with nations who doesn't have such weapon...
@richardemerson8075 7 aylar önce
*so far*
@mcbure1 7 aylar önce
@@richardemerson8075 and for further long time ... Until elites has children. When elites becomes childless, then atomic bomb can be used. Don't forget it. That is why I don't like such elites going up on ladder...
@Unknown-jt1jo 7 aylar önce
The jury's still out. Nuclear proliferation is slowly happening--North Korea has the bomb, Iran probably will in the next 10 years. Eventually some dumbass politician will probably decide to use it.
@neerajcherukuri4052 7 aylar önce
Yep,as Teller said it in the movie,until they build a bigger bomb. That applies even after his creation of hydrogen bomb.
@windrose5988 7 aylar önce
@@AJ-fo2pl In any other scenario in human history the Soviet Union and United Sates would have gone to war, MAD stopped them.
@ARusso1192 7 aylar önce
This guys enthusiasm is awesome! Loved his Intel So excited to see the movie
@IsYitzach 7 aylar önce
Oppenheimer and the Manhattan project really was the mantra "Peace through superior firepower." Oppenheimer broke with that idea after the war due to the effectiveness of nuclear weapons.
@buckhorncortez 7 aylar önce
Sure...he was lobbying for the development of tactical fission weapons instead of fusion weapons...so, let's not give him a complete pass on totally reforming his point of view...
@donaldasayers 7 aylar önce
5:28. Those are not the X-Unit. That shows one of the 32 twin exploding bridgewire detonators. The X-Unit was a large assembly of high voltage capacitors to fire the exploding bridgewire detonators, along with the cascade of discharge tubes to fire the capacitors and the associated charging equipment to charge the capacitors. The X-Unit is to the far right, not completely in shot.
@Ustaleone 7 aylar önce
You used the word 'capacitors' three times in a single sentence. It was funny and informative to read at the same time 😂.
@Bloblom 7 aylar önce
He's also wrong when he talks about the "big red button" to detonate the bomb. The entire process was automated, the button (which in reality was a knife switch) was used to abort the test in case something went wrong.
@tonyburzio4107 7 aylar önce
The most important part of the project was the very ancient lines of the narrow gauge Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. They had burrowed through the Rockies to find silver in an earlier era, and it turns out there's uranium down there too. Perfect security, no spy would go looking in Durango for advanced weapons research.
@Bmxbandit261 7 aylar önce
The ending of Oppenheimer was great. When they finally showed what He n Einstein were talking about, how they were worried before they tested the atom bomb that if the reaction didn't stop and it burned the atmosphere destroying the world, and then Oppenheimer said I'm afraid we did destroy the world referencing the fact that creating the bombs in the first place gave man the means to destroy themselves and the world!!!
@Esandeech2 7 aylar önce
And Strauss thinking everything is about him. The irony.
@Tonysopranoyafinook 5 aylar önce
RDJ played that role perfect
@jorgepeterbarton 7 aylar önce
9:54 that's the demon core. Its got a whole other story about a particularly famous (careless) nuclear accident and claimed some lives without being detonated.
@mohamedazab8904 7 aylar önce
Louis slotin was experimenting on the demon core with a screwdriver
@dmanstarr 6 aylar önce
…after being told by Fermi or some other genius that if he kept using the screwdriver method, he was going to end up dead. 🤦🏻‍♂️
@davelewinsky9852 7 aylar önce
Professor Wellerstein taught at my school and he's an awesome dude
@buckhorncortez 7 aylar önce
Nixie tubes are not "period appropriate." The nixie tube was patented in the early 1950s and did not become readily available until 1955.
@teaaddictwondere7328 7 aylar önce
There's always one scumbag like you
@jameshoopes6467 5 gün önce
Thank you for the explaining the rope trick. I had *always* wondered about that when I saw that video.
@Nicola69420 7 aylar önce
Amazing how that explosion was 100 percent real. No cgi! Imagine the sight for those actors!
@malanis 7 aylar önce
Wellerstein is awesome. Thanks for bringing him on to talk a little bit about the movie.
@allangibson8494 7 aylar önce
The US was manufacturing components for 1.6 nuclear weapons per month in July 1945. The plan was for five to be dropped on Japan for “demonstration” purposes and another twelve in November 1945 during the actual invasion. With the end of hostilities in September 1945 only nine more were built by the end of 1945 (based on an audit in 1946). The fourth bomb casing was on Tinian on the 15th of August when Japan surrendered with its “pit” in San Francisco on route to Tinian for use on August 19th.
@tickledtoffee 7 aylar önce
I usually avoid vids about all the ways humans destroy each other, but the first 20 seconds of this actually caught my interest enough that I kept watching despite the topic. Mr Wellerstein's descriptions and explanations are so interesting. And the last thing he said has given me new insight into the way some people view war. Great guest and video, thank you
@romeojuliet3268 7 aylar önce
@6Xyzzy 7 aylar önce
Me too
That's because you're weak, pathetic, and useless.
@garywhite2050 7 aylar önce
Excellent production 🎉
@mad0scientist 7 aylar önce
Went and saw Oppenheimer two days ago, my only complaint is with the time line. The movie jumps back and forth so much, it is hard to follow. The acting and filming are fantastically realistic.
@ZimtraX 7 aylar önce
No, if you just pay attention to the movie it really isnt hard to follow.
That's just Nolan's style, he loves to complicate the screenplay. But that what makes them so cool (except tenet which was too complicated). Like we are watching the movie and thinking wtf is happening at the same time!
@mikecy5507 7 aylar önce
Good comment. Nolan is in love with non-linearity. He uses too much of it in all his movies. I didn't find the jumping around in time and perspective hard to follow, but rather jarring and momentum-draining. If you have a compelling story to tell, which this most definitely is, then for the love of science, just freakin' tell it! I would be very interested in seeing this movie edited in a chronologically-linear fashion. My guess is it would have been even better...
@internetdinosaur8810 7 aylar önce
It wasn't hard to follow at all. Context clues
@manxman8008 7 aylar önce
Great explanations and video. Top Class!
@Hi-11109 Aylar önce
Haven’t watched a good video like this in a while, anywhere on TRvid. Make more like these!
@JoshuaGold1 7 aylar önce
His enthusiasm and knowledge makes this a pleasure to watch!
@arsonfireuk 7 aylar önce
Absolutely nailed it. What a great vid.
@reemeruxd 7 aylar önce
i could have easily watched 20 more minutes of this guy
@achwidadi676 7 aylar önce
This is the video I was looking for, thank you
@miguelaguirre8829 7 aylar önce
One of my favorite professors
@5ohh3 7 aylar önce
I didn’t know Paul Rudd knew so much about bombs.
@francisllaguno2794 7 aylar önce
Watching Oppenheimer on July 19, 12 pm (Philippine Standard Time). Can't wait!
@wesmorton1247 7 aylar önce
Just watched this movie, awesome recap of the tech involved!
@killyourtvnotme 7 aylar önce
Kinda wish the laws of physics would have made such a thing impossible, but here we are
@cockatoo010 7 aylar önce
1:49 The man in that picture is Louis Slotin. He was killed by the demon core's 2nd criticality accident
Specifically it's the one at 9:33, the 4th core
@josephburns9819 7 aylar önce
“ I have become death, the destroyer of worlds” never a more appropriate quote has been chosen for anything before or after this…..
@user-wi9pu1kr7u 7 aylar önce
I find the science behind nuclear weapons fascinating.. Wired’s guests have been killin it recently.
@Luka2000_ 7 aylar önce
This is by far the most interesting video in a while! Really informative too
@salsanchez2114 7 aylar önce
Excellent review. Thank you.
@ejmtv3 7 aylar önce
perfect man for the job in making this video
@1969cmp 7 aylar önce
It's very interesting to look into the difference between the Hiroshima uranium 'rifle' type and the Nagasaki plutonium compression type. And then there are the thermonuclear weapons using a compression atomic device as the trigger for the thermonuclear reaction. Astounding.
@sehwagali 7 aylar önce
Great quality content! Keep it up!
@comusrules1244 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much for posting this. The science behind atomic power fascinates me but still leaves to other questions. Here you’ve answered some. ❤👍🏽
@rancosteel 7 aylar önce
I recommend everyone watch Trinity and Beyond The Atomic Bomb Movie. It was epic. The 36 megaton atomic cannon was insane. Award winning documentary with an interesting history.
@isaacyap9207 7 aylar önce
the movie isnt even out lmao and there's breakdowns. going to be a movie to remember.
@Ildarioon 7 aylar önce
The high explosive was mainly RDX not TNT. Later designs used the much more expensive HMX I believe.
@SportfanisCOD 7 aylar önce
I just saw the movie and just wow. Very good and intense. Thank you for this video.
@MissCherry007 7 aylar önce
Where I live is where the plutonium reactors were (Hanford) and I’m looking forward to watching Oppenheimer as I never really took an interest in the history due to the all that was affected afterwards. Thank you for your easy to understand explanation and what it all truly entailed to create these world destroyers.
@GigiLirail 7 aylar önce
Lol. He looks so excited when he explains how you could turn the Earth into a sun.
@olafzijnbuis 6 aylar önce
At 07:50 I do not see any holes to insert the EBW detonators in the explosive segments. Later, at 03:03, I can see at least one hole.
@MichaelNgTzeWei 6 aylar önce
Loved hearing him inform what hollywood got right or wrong.
@BroAnarchy 7 aylar önce
"he wants peace... through war." ... that's got to be a little weight on someone's shoulders...
@trashboat163 7 aylar önce
I was hoping a video like this would come out haha
@the_njf 7 aylar önce
This was a great video to accompany a fantastic movie.
@Motumatai3 7 aylar önce
Raw TNT is indeed peach in colour, that's why those that actually saw the explosive lenses would have said they were peach/orange in colour
@okcomputer0101 7 aylar önce
Thanks, I learned a bunch. I feel significantly smarter today after viewing this! Thanks Wired!
@user-jo6us5ew2o 6 aylar önce
Great video, really informative.
@smokeylovesfire1589 7 aylar önce
Very informative!
@awmperry 7 aylar önce
Yes, Nixie tubes *look* period-appropriate. But they actually weren’t available until 1955.
@EddieDubs 7 aylar önce
Similar clocks had existed since the 30s.
@allangibson8494 7 aylar önce
Mechanical clocks were displayed on the original film.
@awmperry 7 aylar önce
@@EddieDubs Yes. But not these tubes; they're chosen to evoke a period rather than replicate it.
@MeetFluence 7 aylar önce
Just saw the movie in Imax. Amazing movie and Nolan's killed it with his filming imagination. The way he showcased this complex character of Oppenheimer is just amazing. Everything about the movie is perfect. Full of dialogues and still beats most of the action packed films i have seen. A 10 out of 10 movie. Definitely worth watching.
@ComixsYT 7 aylar önce
❤ Prof. Wellerstein
@lindseybrown7941 7 aylar önce
The trinity test scene gives me anxiety worse than a stranded salmon caught in the claws of a grizzly bear in Alaska 😮
@Crushinkof 7 aylar önce
Nice information
@jcriley7695 6 aylar önce
That’s is how you promote confidence immediately upon learning to surf! Amazing
@goodsoul6675 7 aylar önce
Good job Wired.
@rolyars 7 aylar önce
Something like the Manhattan Project shows we can push 20 years of progress in one year if we really want it. Imagine what we could achieve if we used similar projects for the betterment of humankind and the planet.
@Toy1er 7 aylar önce
Who would pay for that and why? Capitalists have no incentive to invest in development.
@rolyars 7 aylar önce
@@Toy1er Well that's the elephant in the room you're not supposed to talk about of course.. The biggest inventions in the so-called capitalist countries usually don't come out of the market at all.
@robbie_ 6 aylar önce
Great video. Very accessible. Very interesting.
@farheenfathima1930 7 aylar önce
Pretty sure there was a lot explained between 4:43-4:45 but it appears edited.
@foglias 7 aylar önce
Yeah, we need the extended cut of this video!!!
@JoeyBoBoey 2 aylar önce
This guy sounds like one of the Green (Vlog) bros, not just the jump cuts but the pacing/inflection/everything.
@pkiskool 7 aylar önce
Best explanation of the movie than any film/artist geek.
@rajeepthapa5426 7 aylar önce
Amazing guest
@TroyRubert 7 aylar önce
I always heard it was X-rays going down the tower cables that caused that effect.
@jhonbus 7 aylar önce
I believe that's correct. The way this video is cut makes it confusing, he starts the sentence talking about the rope trick and then ends it talking about the shockwave interacting with the ground, but it's two separate things haphazardly mashed together.
@hi_im_angelatrainor 7 aylar önce
I remember that i keep getting on a watch list for looking AT THE EQUATIONS and devices
@finariumtv8740 7 aylar önce
I always wondered what would happen if a meteor strikes directly into a dense natural uranium deposit. And whether or not that would be enough to trigger a reaction.
@robertbridges517 7 aylar önce
In Africa ... there were natural reactors... a long time ago.
@zeross39 7 aylar önce
if you mean a nuclear explosion not really. the material would be vaporized before it went supercritical.
@billcook4768 7 aylar önce
Natural uranium today doesn’t have enough of the explody uranium to go boom if hit by a meteor. Earlier in earth’s history there was more of the explody stuff and we know of places where there were natural nuclear reactors, though it’s unclear if they ever exploded.
@DripDripDrip69 7 aylar önce
Concentration of U235 in uranium ore these days is not high enough for chain reaction, that's why you need to enrich it. Way back billions of years ago when the concentration of U235 was higher you could have natural reactors if the conditions are right like that one in Gabon. If a meteor was to strike such place it wouldn't explode, an implosion type bomb need to be detonated just right to compress the fissile material a meteor can't do that.
@buckhorncortez 7 aylar önce
No. Natural uranium is 99.3% U238 and 0.7% U235. U235 is the fissile portion that causes the chain reaction. While a U238 tamper can be made to absorb neutrons and react during an atomic explosion it does not contribute additional neutrons to the chain reaction.
@BeckVMH Aylar önce
Excellent guest for this format! Dr. Alex Wellerstein has an engaging demeanor and knows and presents the topic extremely well. Be sure to check his bio which is impressive. Thanks for posting.
@cocosloan3748 6 aylar önce
Amazing video 👍 TY !
@Chigozie_ 3 aylar önce
I love this guest so much 😭😭❤️
@dirtbikerplay11 7 aylar önce
I just screamed IS THAT JOSH PECK! Didn’t realize he was in the movie 😅
@helgaaa99 7 aylar önce
The movie hasn't even come out yet the hype is crazyyyy can't wait to see it tomorrow
@IHJello 7 aylar önce
This guy pulled me in till the very end
@curtpiazza1688 6 aylar önce
Loved the movie! Thanx for the informative video!
@johnwatson3948 7 aylar önce
2:10 - pics show both tamper plug insertion in the movie and in real life. Why did the movie switch to showing men doing it by hand and not like it was really done with a chain hoist? In any case, the tamper plug weighed 105 pounds and would be impossible to insert by hand as shown in the movie.
@dmanstarr 6 aylar önce
I mean, it’s a movie. The doing it by hand is probably more interesting and tense to watch.
@johnwatson3948 6 aylar önce
I agree it wouldn’t matter much if they were just changing how stuff was moved around - but they’re also changing the physical properties of the materials used, changing the weight of uranium and explosives to a fraction of what they are. They could still have had two men realistically lower the hundred pound plug by having them stand directly above and using all four arms.
@ZeacorZeppelin 7 aylar önce
Great video
@ajney6756 7 aylar önce
This video was explosive!
@Douglas_Props 7 aylar önce
This guest really blew it up! Great job.
@kosmosyche 7 aylar önce
He went nuclear on our asses.
@gyeoehr23 13 gün önce
Science and a Christopher noland directed movie is my favorite genre
@BoredFish1605 7 aylar önce
Doesnt this atomic expert are the creator of nukemap?,still using it until today and i didnt know that wired actually invite him as a guest for explaining the bomb scene in Oppenheimer
@Zeraphor 7 aylar önce
Did your intern do the subtitles?
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