Atlético de Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | Group Stage-Match Day 3 | CBS Sports Golazo

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19 Eki 2021




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ezpz noob
ezpz noob 6 saatler önce
Entertaining game and deserved results for the reds
SP11CEY Gün önce
Really hate this team 😂😂
Fill@PieNo! 11 gün önce
kaziabir1 Aylar önce
Naby Keita's goal is like a reality check for me why they are professional and paid that much money and that I will never be that person or can do that with that level of perfection and accuracy.
Dan Pals
Dan Pals Aylar önce
I can't wait until they meet Bayern!
Lekter Aylar önce
Talk about lack of sportsmanship on Simeone's part at the very end of the game not shaking Klopp's hand. That's just wrong 👎😕
Aloha Aylar önce
Atleti will easily beat Liverpool. Sorry..
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz Aylar önce
1:49 - Last time I saw a leg go up that high was during a Russian ballet recital.
Brynne McHugh
Brynne McHugh Aylar önce
I love Atleticos coach🤣🤣
Starrynova Aylar önce
Liverpool loves playing in the Wanda metropolitano
Mazagaming7 Aylar önce
Wow Allison was so great this game
Raul Aguilar
Raul Aguilar Aylar önce
Por la razon O por la fuerza
Bs red card, bs overturned penalty, overall shouldve been 3-3
Nicky's Gaming
Nicky's Gaming Aylar önce
Bro Liverpool op rn
MoMo Nasri
MoMo Nasri Aylar önce
Joao Felix is absolutely fabulous player and I need him to be Arsenal player in the future.
Young Turk
Young Turk Aylar önce
Atlético was robbed of the penalty and the game. Ref seemed biased. I was pissed off watching the calls
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Aylar önce
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tigerbalm Aylar önce
Don't these defenders know wut a 1-2 is?
Joey Nelson
Joey Nelson Aylar önce
Suarez really wanted to eat that yellow card. Man those front teeth are like a fucking great white shark.
Joey Nelson
Joey Nelson Aylar önce
I'm no fan of Atletico and a big fan of Liverpool but that was a PK foul by Joter.
samuel markachew
samuel markachew Aylar önce
Mo Salah is Ethiopian because EGYPT depends on Ethiopian Nile river.🙄🙄
Rami S
Rami S Aylar önce
Liverpool get lucky when athleti get red card
Eyoh Otb
Eyoh Otb Aylar önce
why did athletico manager run away 😂😂
Leonardo Estrada
Leonardo Estrada Aylar önce
Is this normal speed? I must be super drunk cuz these plays are stuuupid quick 😂😂
Jokomo Aylar önce
I’ll stop watching if the English commentators keep being biased AF.
Wrangle McDangle
Wrangle McDangle Aylar önce
1:16 lmao van dijk in the back with his arms already up
KOKE Aylar önce
I like both managers
Haiti's Space Agency
simeone's antics are pathetic he cant just let his players celebrate a goal he always has to erupt on the sideline to make everything about him. truly disgusting human being.
toe camel
toe camel Aylar önce
Is that not a PK??! kidding me?
Pierresaint karlcedrick
Poor simeone he was so happy after the last 2nd goal But i love Salah Naby keita’s goal sheeeeeeesh
Forgiver SB
Forgiver SB Aylar önce
Liverpool can’t win any big team without playing against them in 10 players , Chelsea killed them in anfiled until referee helped again
Gerardo Luna
Gerardo Luna Aylar önce
Athletico must be more composed, and they could be champions 🏆. Great players Felix, Suarez, Griezman etc..
Aaron Vilchis
Aaron Vilchis Aylar önce
Why is Suarez benched .. he won them the league!
Jose Bonilla
Jose Bonilla Aylar önce
Not glorioso Liverpool campeón champions 2022
prodigiii712 Aylar önce
Wtf was that. Why was the pen disallowed?
sircaptainMO Aylar önce
Not a fan of either these teams but good for them for not awarding that penalty. Take flopping out of soccer!
Marvin Brando
Marvin Brando Aylar önce
I like the game as a neutral. Well, I am man United and I was with Atletico. The referees played well for Liverpool
megamindsports Aylar önce
Donovan Ramos
Donovan Ramos Aylar önce
Benzema is the best player in the world at the moment, but Mo Salah is undeniably the second. He's been a monster
Henry Obele
Henry Obele Aylar önce
Didn't have to respond if you didn't care
Donovan Ramos
Donovan Ramos Aylar önce
@Henry Obele yeah don’t really care bro, good day
Henry Obele
Henry Obele Aylar önce
Not true but go on
sab2020 Aylar önce
Only England national team fans are real liverpool fans..
Breet Aylar önce
Fucking weak penalties given every day that shouldn't be given and that one was actually perfectly reasonable to give. Fuck me
nathanial merwin
nathanial merwin Aylar önce
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stevengerrrard Aylar önce
You guys should make "all the goals of matchday #__" videos. I'm happy to watch a 10+ minute clip for my team, but not for every single game.
Iwara Iwara
Iwara Iwara Aylar önce
Let GOD be your ultimate passion in life there is no amount of football passion you have without acepting Jesus christ as your personal Lord and savior life will be miserable in hell and I am sure you don't want to go there Heaven is our final destination so seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you .
Ahmed Elnewishy
Ahmed Elnewishy Aylar önce
Salah terrorize the defense!
Serigne Mbengue
Serigne Mbengue Aylar önce
I love seeing Mané win a game
Luis G
Luis G Aylar önce
This was a racist referee. Normally when say liverpool plays home referees give them little advantage on fouls offsides and card (as to let them do their game) then when they go visit it goes to the home team. Nothing weird there. But with racist referees they govisitors and they wistle as if they were home (even more sided) when Atletico go visit Liverpool the referee will be slightly on their side and in this game (home ) It was too on their side. Never with racist people. For the one of us to keep history registers. Atletico eliminated reining champion on Anfield (since they are racist) they have to 1 have a revenge game (thin that would not have happened viceversa) 2 They believe to be better so had to take it back. German referee for German coach (white both of them). Imagine the US playing in souhamerican COMMEBOL and one time a COlombin, Othe a Peruvian and so the judgement would have been tilt to the latinamerican teams.... SO is this ..... referees tend to tild racistly their judgements to white peoples. Italian ,portuguese referees dont do that they whistle little for the home evenly (regarless main race). Germans and brits want the spanish, portugues and italian team ALWAYS TO LOOS. Also the Arba ones (as turkey). Believe to be that good you have to win yourselves with no referee making offsides and showing red cars (when they are yellow). Remeber Spaim/ Hollanf final in the world cup not a red card for Dutch but yes one for Griezmann (he is playing for the spanish). This could also be a case of corruption inside UEFA leading the wins to their fellow friends
Jason Chui
Jason Chui Aylar önce
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Proud American
Proud American Aylar önce
What the heck is wrong with Madrid's coach?
Mr. Blake
Mr. Blake Aylar önce
I'm an Atleti fan and as much as I want them to win, Liverpool's penalty was on point. Hermosa was fully aware of Jota and even looked at him before pushing him without even going for the ball. On the other hand Atleti's penalty wasn't one because the force behind the push wasn't enough to make Gimenez go down
Weifang Wu
Weifang Wu Aylar önce
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Eric Shyne
Eric Shyne Aylar önce
Athletico was robbed
Rebecca Stone
Rebecca Stone Aylar önce
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Kim Kardashian Big Ass
Shouldn’t of been a red. I know he his him with the bottom of his cleat but he didn’t see him
J4SONX_ 10
J4SONX_ 10 Aylar önce
What was griezman thinking 😭😭
Luis Shalabi
Luis Shalabi Aylar önce
Ayooo, this game was nuts
Terry Tong
Terry Tong Aylar önce
Atletico clearly the better team here. They lost just because of retardation
Gregorio Sevilla
Gregorio Sevilla Aylar önce
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Siavash Javdan
Siavash Javdan Aylar önce
4:44 unbelievable play maker!
Mireya Hackett
Mireya Hackett Aylar önce
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Khawat Subba
Khawat Subba Aylar önce
Well played A.Madrid
Steph Roman
Steph Roman Aylar önce
Saleh is GOAT!
Balbino Ramos
Balbino Ramos Aylar önce
Salah he is the best.💪👍
Ed Garcia
Ed Garcia Aylar önce
Atletico were so salty lmao. Just trying to get someone from Liverpool sent off or get a pen
The Dutch Master
The Dutch Master Aylar önce
Griezmann doesn't deserve that red, he scored two goals!
Dany Phantom
Dany Phantom Aylar önce
Oblak overrated
Buggie Tech
Buggie Tech Aylar önce
Buggie Tech
Buggie Tech Aylar önce
First time I've seen super objective and clear vision judgment!!!! Bravo👏👏👏👏
Jay Bodz
Jay Bodz Aylar önce
Atletico's first goal was offside.
AlbaOriental Music
AlbaOriental Music Aylar önce
Manager running away like a p...y
W.C. J.
W.C. J. Aylar önce
careless foul for PK lol hes regretting that
Alex Ferrao
Alex Ferrao Aylar önce
Griezmann playing fifa
Chewbacca Aylar önce
That is more a penalty than the one against mbappe. And VVD on the red let the ref call the match. Those things are a bit annoying. Why not say good job once he issues the red since you were asking for it
Rapperinthecrapper Aylar önce
that was a penalty for atletico clear as day. bad reffing
deji 2g
deji 2g Aylar önce
never hated a club as much as i hate liverpool
C Stein
C Stein Aylar önce
Felix is such a joy to watch
Alejandro Gil
Alejandro Gil Aylar önce
Atlético threw this game away with 2 messy tackles
Gavin Holt
Gavin Holt Aylar önce
Iisa Cruz
Iisa Cruz Aylar önce
This Chelsea fan believes Mo Salah is the epitome of CLASS both on and off the pitch. I believe Chelsea, Liverpool and Man. City all have a good chance to win it all.
simon wang
simon wang Aylar önce
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iiDrxa Aylar önce
Keita is a god at volleys of long shot
manzanaresantonio Aylar önce
Atletico Madrid is a team that can perfectly attack as seen here, but by Simeone's mediocricy He prefers to give the home advantage away and pray for a miracle on counter attack! Someone was one of my favorite players ever and a role model, but as a manager He is pitiful! Same way it was against Porto this year, sit back and pray for a miracle, when as the home team you have the responsibility to go out and look for a result with your fans behind you!
rezzo Aylar önce
Cj Manza
Cj Manza Aylar önce
AtMad play as if they wish for a yellow card, but then immediately surround the ref screaming denying the obvious. Dirty players, minus Trippier, but a perfect place for the once beloved Luis Suarez.
Josh Mackey
Josh Mackey Aylar önce
someone explain the point of having VAR if they can replay "possible" penalties, & then show the whole WORLD a better look at the obvious penalty & THEN somehow call it fair play! Im no fan of either team but athleti was clearly robbed & absolutely deserved that penalty especially with the penalty that liverpool got. butttt of coarse because athleti is hated in EU & only considered good because of how aggressive or how "dirty" they play the foul gets reversed, but whatever the reason, either they both were pens. or neither of them were. & P.S. TO UEFA, USE VAR FOR REAL FAIR PLAY PURPOSES OR DONT USE IT AT ALL! ITS CLEAR WHEN YOU SHOW CLOSE UP REPLAYS & STILL END UP MAKING THE WRONG CALL THAT VAR IS POINTLESS & THE PEOPLE AT THE HIGHEST DECISION MAKING LEVELS ARE STILL ACTUALLY IN CHARGE & JUST USING VAR AS A MASK TO HIDE BEHIND AS IF THERES NOT REALLYYY ANYONE "BEHIND THE SO CALLED CURTAIN" PULLING THE STRINGS. FIX IT BEFORE THE MASSES REALIZE CUZ THERE WILL BE NO COMING BACK FROM THAT MA DUDES! lol sorry to rant but the end of that game was just cringy. it would have been one of the best matches of the year if that last pen. was called. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed...
BonezBilly Aylar önce
Even tho atleti lost good to see griezmann back in prime form
Big Bone
Big Bone Aylar önce
A haircut effect 🔥🔥
IdenOfficial Aylar önce
atleti got cheated. that last jota pen was guaranteeed. he was literally getting revenge for the earlier pentalty but some powers that be wanted liverpool to win this game. that was so obvious and same players involved in previous penalty. smh. sorry atleti fans
IdenOfficial Aylar önce
That first salah strike just like a messi, kane, or ronaldo move. cutting deep into the middle from the side with side to side leg movements before taking the shot. super confident move.
PhēnØm Aylar önce
Atletico Madrid get karma for Ac Milan red card 😝
B Duff
B Duff Aylar önce
Alisson kept them in the game.
Okyere Panyin
Okyere Panyin Aylar önce
Is a penalty
1234444rbi Aylar önce
Why wasn't milner credited with the first goal? he clearly meant it and it was obvious lol.
Mikey Shudoma
Mikey Shudoma Aylar önce
I’m so curious to know what Milly was saying when got subbed off. He was irate!
Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner
Wtf did Hermosa think was gonna happen?
Gg Aylar önce
Always liked Simeone but lol what a sore loser, at least show some respect
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Aylar önce
F*ck Patético de Madrid lol
Dumb Info
Dumb Info Aylar önce
Homie, greizmann, where have you been when you at Barca, well okie, pop off ig
this Grizmen guy!! You hit Firminio's head man and you are smiling? How would like it if someone does that to you? I never had any good encounter with a French person. I know they are out there and hopefully, I will meet a nice French person. I just hate to feel like French are sneaky and not very kind. Its not fair on my part to generalize. I am sure plenty of good French people out there.
Natasha J
Natasha J Aylar önce
I think it was more of a wry smile for getting a red. It’s not shown in the highlights but he did check up on firmino. It was purely accidental, had his eyes on the ball.
Malik Quest
Malik Quest Aylar önce
Dumbest tackle from ATM defender
Éder Militão is an absolute BEAST
The Mansour Bahrami Trick Serve 🪄
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