At Least She Never Dropped the Baton👏 

Lightweight Running
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30 Ağu 2023




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@ezekielwilliams7499 2 aylar önce
The young lady has Heart of a Lion, she should be proud.
@justinkeys523 2 aylar önce
Legs of a wart hog 😂
@darkodarko147 2 aylar önce
Proud? Glorifying defeat! She lost! 😅
@tax905972 2 aylar önce
My ass. They both worked for that. It took more heart to chase her down.
@tomrogerlilleby2890 2 aylar önce
To me it looks like the tall black one run too close and got in a clinch with her arms and caused the small one to stumble and fall right at the end.
@alig. 2 aylar önce
A heart of a chiwawa
@louisavant2960 21 gün önce
Smaller girl is just incredibly fast. She gave them all a run for their money. YOU go girl. Faster than alot of taller girl.
@DonnaChamberson 15 gün önce
Yeah the transgender girl just had more strength.
@BrDoga 15 gün önce
​@@DonnaChambersonnot a transgender girl. She's just better than the other girl.
@DonnaChamberson 15 gün önce
@@BrDoga Her name is Caster Semenya. She’s a transgender runner, originally born in South Africa and now runs for the Dutch team.
@yovanna4015 15 gün önce
@@DonnaChambersonwhat? That's definitely not fair…
@dicerice105 14 gün önce
@@DonnaChamberson she's inter sex, not trans
@Reality_TV 13 gün önce
I don't know if the one girl is super small or the taller girl is super big. LOL! Great race.
@user-oh2mk9jj7g 6 gün önce
Did anyone notice she was the only one wearing long sleeves? I think she planned to slide across the finish line if she was being chased down.
@littlebahubali2163 2 aylar önce
Despite her height being less, she fought like a warrior
@joelong8850 2 aylar önce
And still list😂😂
@VPX107 2 aylar önce
Being Short gives you a advantage and makes you faster
@tatban0910 2 aylar önce
Почему как воин? Бегунья есть бегунья... это её работа.
@lance8913 2 aylar önce
and still lost. it's fun to come in 2nd and still praised. Don't change anything
@VPX107 2 aylar önce
@@lance8913 no the hell it isn't coming 2nd is the worst place it means you aren't good enough I'm sick of these "she was happy she should of won"
@dreamboy-nd4tp 29 gün önce
I salute this little girl she has a golden heart
@codernux 17 gün önce
She's a grown woman bro😢
@freddy-sv9jo 17 gün önce
She small
@felishrodrigs2722 15 gün önce
How do you know she has a golden heart? Lol
@ramonajohnson7437 7 gün önce
golden heart? they all ram with Golden hearts , she’s nothing different, team full of girls running for the victory, and only one girl gets it ,
@user-oh2mk9jj7g 6 gün önce
The little had the heart of a cheater. She was the only one wearing long sleeves just increase she had to slide across the finish line.
@user-ys8xc1yv6g 13 gün önce
Can’t take nothing away from her she was still that damn good to make it in 2nd place with just 0.3seconds the difference I’m amazed at the same time impressed my heart goes out to her ❤❤ ❤
@hermitcard4494 10 gün önce
You're absolutely wrong. You don't know how THOSE races work. It's a team race, each member gives the baton to the next one until they all finish. Which means only the first participants have equal start, the next participants will start at different times. Which means the short girl started FIRST while the taller started LATER, and despite that disadvantage, the taller catched and passed her.
She got fetched and she lost
@imdani4997 2 aylar önce
The fact she could keep up despite having shorter legs is amazing Edit: I guess my comment was a bit confusing. She did lost but she did managed to keep up with her opponent even for a short while. Her determination is already admirable. Idk most of the time having longer legs are an advantage but ig anything is possible if you try hard enough
@PassRush49 2 aylar önce
Shorter legs aren't necessarily a disadvantage in sprinting.
@AcTiVeReLoAdZ 2 aylar önce
I mean.. did she catch up or get passed and beat all diff ending racers dude..
@AcTiVeReLoAdZ 2 aylar önce
From a spectators view both were end racers one was ahead due too her last passer of the botton but 5 seconds head start wasn't enough like Wana challenge my comment go ahead I stated fax
@chasecollins3263 2 aylar önce
@@PassRush49They are a direct disadvantage, and while possible to offset, will still act as a permanent limiter.
@reginaldkuebrich5903 2 aylar önce
Then why is Hill so fast? Who told you that bs?
@LarryDWilmore79 11 gün önce
To close the gap from that distance is incredible even from someone as tall as her.
@thomasarussellsr 25 gün önce
She literally gave it all she had.❤
@johnewilliamsjr7819 2 aylar önce
That's just pure heart and determination no matter the stature of a person.
@bradsmith4962 2 aylar önce
You guys are talking about shorter height like it matters in sprinting. Sha Carri Richardson is short and she's the fastest woman in the world. There's nothing amazing here about the shorter sprinter.
@billnyesenberg 2 aylar önce
@@bradsmith4962yes it absolutely matters if your stride rate is practically the same the shorter runner will always lose bc they have a shorter stride so when it comes to the highest level of competition yes it matters Usain Bolt’s speed is literally attributed to his height
@bradsmith4962 2 aylar önce
@@billnyesenberg Damn, you sure are ignorant on sprinting.
@suhackett 18 gün önce
Never give up!!! Congratulations to the winner!!!
@faith9224 17 gün önce
Congratulations to the winner! ❤
@KNOWAfrica68 7 gün önce
Incredible little girl, what a good run
@user-yv1jy4er9s 2 aylar önce
That girl needs a recognition I swear wherever she comes from
@nelialerios8222 2 aylar önce
From Switzerland!
@2livenoob 2 aylar önce
For what? She lost a huge anchor lead?
@zilsys 2 aylar önce
​@2livenoob she was playing against a trans. I put my money on the dude. But ya, she should get runner up for what she did.
@flashygammer1 2 aylar önce
@@zilsysno wonder I was wondering why she was built like that
@lets-be-real7919 14 gün önce
Dutch girl came from behind and still won. That is someone who understands mind over matter which equals determination.
@user-oh2mk9jj7g 6 gün önce
Did anyone notice that she was the only one wearing long sleeves? She did that to avoid getting scuffed up if she had to slide across the finish line.
@aaidelbessraoui2650 22 gün önce
She is a machine.even when she lost. You could See the amount of Force she brings
@umutyucel606 13 gün önce
This must be a foul and the tall contestant should be disqualified👎👎👎👎👎🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
@KenWhite-is5du 12 gün önce
She did wonderful Outstanding!❤❤❤
@jasonlock2203 2 aylar önce
Smaller framed woman had to work 2× as hard and still didn't give up at the end. Much respect to her!!!!
@redheart3014 2 aylar önce
She also had less weight and mass to carry.
@ashtheviking5007 2 aylar önce
Both valid points. Being smaller and lighter helps in the begining, having the longer stride helps once you get going.
@tdjakes121 2 aylar önce
@@redheart3014 And had a big lead.
@marchelleminor5840 2 aylar önce
Large franed runners are more apt to be clumsy I'm surprized she wasnt the one 2 become "WOBBLY" and fall like the short runner did? YOU GO BROWN GIRL ! STRONG
@redheart3014 2 aylar önce
@@marchelleminor5840 I guess you don't see how racist your comment was?
@surfingshewolf 19 gün önce
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog!! ❤
@Eskiejet 2 aylar önce
Sometimes you give everything you got and it's still not enough. Great race to both ladies!
@larriebryan6724 Aylar önce
so true, like i love my wife with all i got yet she rather go somewhere else smh
​@@larriebryan6724haha, sorry
@erniecosby2981 Aylar önce
​@@larriebryan6724been there 😂😂
@glenneric1 24 gün önce
She definitely crossed into her air space; if there is such a rule.
@ivangim1 16 gün önce
Watch carefully to the end of the video. That did not happen or else the Dutch girl would be disqualified of her win. The Sui girl buckled from a strained overstretched thigh muscle very near to the finishing line.
@glenneric1 16 gün önce
@@ivangim1 Well freeze it at 19 seconds, her arm is WAY over the line. But I don't know the rules.
@jeff6294 14 gün önce
​@@glenneric1you look at it carefully the smaller girls arms were swinging the bigger girls lane also. She gave it her all yet she lost fair and square. The Dutch girl was just better and she came from behind.
@SakijanArip-bj9ie 3 gün önce
@glenneric1 2 gün önce
@@ivangim1 And if you look at the taller girl's left arm at the moment they are side by side you see it jerk and she pulls it in. They definitely collided and it was definitely in the smaller girl's lane.
@josebonifacio226 19 gün önce
❤ I love that little girl. She got it all. She is a winner 100%
@mickymaxwell992 Aylar önce
She definitely gave it all. There was nothing left and nothing to be ashamed of.❤
@goodgirlsfromSiberia 29 gün önce
Она сбила девушку с ног.. На такой скорости
@lamontemagnifico7149 28 gün önce
@user-wl9fm4df1f 28 gün önce
​@@goodgirlsfromSiberiaRegarde bien les ralentis, elle ne l'a fait pas tomber, elle ne la touche même pas
@user-mc4un8no7e 27 gün önce
@SisterT2.0 23 gün önce
Congratulations to the girl that won. She fought really hard to finish first🎉
@kennethsimon9540 21 gün önce
EXACTLY ‼️😁 🙏👏✌️👌👍❤️💯
@dawitkbethel5849 20 gün önce
@ProperFitness123 17 gün önce
Is it a girl though? 🤐
@kennethsimon9540 17 gün önce
@@ProperFitness123 STOP HATING 🛑‼️😁
@ProperFitness123 17 gün önce
@@kennethsimon9540 and you are who?
@scottcook7148 22 gün önce
You might not have 1st place but you have winner written all over you. Little girl for your determination and strength you have 1st place in all our hearts😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
@mbords01 5 gün önce
In my book , the less tall girl won !
@Brandon-gp1wt 2 aylar önce
Win or no win, that athlete just showed the world what 110% looks like. Amazing heart.
@aidil8614 2 aylar önce
@michaelthompson2970 2 aylar önce
So much heart she couldn’t even maintain the gap her teammates gave her…
@alexmulaku7530 28 gün önce
The Dutch girl was swinging her arms into her competitor's lane. If that's not an offence, it should be.
@johnkoh1820 19 gün önce
It's a simple dumb or blind linesman/judge (cameras never lie).
@suzanne26slinger 19 gün önce
that small girl almost let the tall 1 also fall.
@MarinaWinters-ye5qq 18 gün önce
@billwindsor4224 17 gün önce
@alexmulaku7530 I agree!
@skinflaver 29 gün önce
Awe I love seeing competitive ppl with heart and determination.
@MarkBaron_01 2 aylar önce
Unbelievable. Never saw a woman of that height running so amazingly fast.
@bujangambyar5234 2 aylar önce
Kakinya aja cetah...
@ayntchytius 2 aylar önce
Short women are dominating the world in sprinting. Shelly Ann Fraser is 4'11 and Sha'carri Richardson is 5'1 best in the world.
@MarkBaron_01 2 aylar önce
@@ayntchytius Good to know!
@Prd64twl 18 gün önce
'Catching a runner' from behind is always more motivational for the runner who's doing the chasing. They have a goal to reach for.
@DonnaChamberson 15 gün önce
The winner is Ned Ballimá. She is a transgender runner, so she has more agility.
@Prd64twl 15 gün önce
@DonnaChamberson Good Morning Donna...thank you. I didn't know that she is transgender.
@francoruiz2658 14 gün önce
Tiene MAs hormona. Masculina. LARGO😂
@hiruki8 14 gün önce
​@@DonnaChambersonthis is a lie, no such person exists. The Dutch runner who passed the Swiss runner is Tasa Jiya, a ciswoman, who literally gave birth to a child from her uterus.
@hiruki8 14 gün önce
​@@Prd64twldon't take people's words at face value, see the prior comment, do your own independent research. The Ned on her front is just the letters for Nederlands
@TheAcarch2 2 aylar önce
She's not small, she's concentrated. Such POWER!
@alig. 2 aylar önce
Like the VARTA batterie
She’s small
@yolondamorris4208 2 aylar önce
@lunarhornet8225 2 aylar önce
But also still small
@JuanRamos-rt2fj 2 aylar önce
She's not small? Really ok she's a giants 😅😅
@deletethisaccountnow 23 gün önce
The taller one deliberately went to the white line and tossed the balance
@ricardoemc2462 16 gün önce
I agree.....
@quicksmilenathan103 15 gün önce
No you can clearly see that she falls over her own legs
@thomasaryee3959 15 gün önce
Actually, you are WRONG! The camera shot that faces them ACTUALLY shows the short girl deliberately veering to her right (LEGALLY) ; tricks of the trade. It just wasn't her day. The smoke was too strong for her and that's why she crumbled.
@exhamakanoa7932 7 gün önce
Bigger is better 🎉
@gangstalker47 7 gün önce
The fastest dude I've ever seen in person was 5'4" dude from Wisconsin. At basic training, he ran a 8 minute 2 mile. The record rn is 7:54.
@arslansohail3026 2 aylar önce
Huge respect for her, she is short but too sharp. 👍🏻👍🏻
@samuelis6028 Aylar önce
She lost ,but indeed very sharp like sausage..
@wade4787 2 gün önce
At least she gave it her all she definitely has a lot of heart
@dreammr64lynn24 27 gün önce
That little person was really running! She reminds me of my mother who could out run anyone you put next to her but alas every dog has his day and every cat has his night(mom would say this) No one cheated the swiss girl lost fair and square but she is formidable and had she not lost her footing who knows how this would have ended🤷🏼 but she did and the Dutch girl won and she deserves her first place 🥇! Great race ladies!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Keep up the good work! Next time the little lady may just win. Peace.
@skylarmccloud4080 2 aylar önce
She kicked those little to max capacity. So much respect for this young lady. Dust off and take a bow. You got 2nd place but a champion's Heart. Salute.
@gamingbytay4673 2 aylar önce
She should’ve got first
@henryrojas897 2 aylar önce
Ella ganó el primer lugar
@armandopazo5902 2 aylar önce
Quien ganaría? Tengo mis dudas?
@erindvogli9112 2 aylar önce
​@@armandopazo5902Which physically touches the finish line first
@yagodaghendrik9664 2 aylar önce
​@@gamingbytay4673 technically did, once you bring into consideration gene/racial bonuses Africans. Have with running
@ameliaadams6380 17 gün önce
Wow! The "lil Swiss miss" had to pump those legs 3× as fast!!! Just the fact she attained this level of competition is awesome! I hope her tummy/chest is ok.😮
@hadassahada3357 22 gün önce
La muchacha que se cayó es la ganadora por que la otra ganó por su estatura y eso es una gran desventaja por lo tanto la ganadora es la de estatura pequeña porque ella llegó a la meta sin tener esas largas piernas y llegaron prácticamente al mismo tiempo 😊😊
@_MR.FACELESS_ Aylar önce
A wise man once said , Sometimes even if you make no mistakes you lose, its not weakness,its life .
@andersonlima6346 Aylar önce
Muito bom!
@benafrikatrip9575 Aylar önce
Very true and thank you for that statement you encouraged me, after I lost a parliamentary seat when I had given everything.
@alastairgreen2077 Aylar önce
@user-jx7xt4ex6r Aylar önce
@irenildereis4374 Aylar önce
A grandona foi desclassificada por derrubar a pequena de propósito com intenção de vencer a qualquer preço?
@jessicashih6235 2 saatler önce
Hat out to this athlete.❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@BlackMoridin 12 gün önce
So as a dutch guy... i'm proud of our dutch sprinters... All class acts. Super nice people and really talented... I have to recognize this Swinoss girl's heart and fighting spirit. She gave it all she had....
@aforeignchinese1385 3 aylar önce
She ran with her life … a true champion 💪🏼💪🏼
@LucaBrasi0 3 aylar önce
How you run without your life?
@rohosafi8435 3 aylar önce
@giovannisocci8793 3 aylar önce
​@@LucaBrasi0As if her life depended on it,that s the phrase.
@Carl-jm2yw 3 aylar önce
@@LucaBrasi0Wow. I will explain… That statement, ”She ran **for her life.” Isn’t literal.
@Stay_Neverland_Blink 26 gün önce
I'm Swiss and I was so proud of her!
Small girl with a big heart ❤️
@dancolon684 2 aylar önce
That's putting it all on the table. Mad respect for her.
@geni412 2 aylar önce
She was booking with her little small self. I think she killed it even though she fell because I’d still be laying there months later
The difference between a beautiful European woman and an African woman is very evident. One is a beast and twice as big 😢
@investigator6203 2 aylar önce
That was a very tight race,, did that tall girl win that race
@funglau3276 2 aylar önce
他冇犯規係個黑人女子勝嘅 係囉外國女子呢跑到近曬人哋欄道👍👍👍👍👍
@kianabest2486 22 gün önce
He little self was running so so so fast!! I’m proud of you ❤ this made me cry like a baby lol
@user-ys1ln7ox6v 13 gün önce
She’s a beast!! 🎉❤
@VivoPorElFut 2 aylar önce
she even took the skin burn to prove she put her heart on the track to win. great job young lady!
@LeStephanie69 2 aylar önce
Still lost 😂
@jorgeruizortega6077 2 aylar önce
Keep buying bingo 😂 Next time. Good luck 😂
@patootie3529 2 aylar önce
​@@LeStephanie69 and?
@LeStephanie69 2 aylar önce
@@patootie3529 so she didn’t do a great job if she lost deal with it
@sosonono5637 2 aylar önce
​@@LeStephanie69could you tell please 🙏🏻 who is the winner at the end ??
@dawn220 23 gün önce
All runners should be commended! The work they put in is crazy. Just look at their physiques….
@msmsdee1009 2 aylar önce
Her little legs was working overtime. She's still a winner 🏆
@gentrixmutirila1351 2 aylar önce
That's funny 😂😂
@shanemabennett9762 2 aylar önce
No she ain’t she lost
@msmsdee1009 2 aylar önce
@@shanemabennett9762 We know she lost. She's still a winner in the hearts of many for efforts 👌 She may have won if she didn't fall.
@omotolaniolagoke5569 18 gün önce
She's so wonderful I love her courage
@user-ix2cc5ll8o 23 gün önce
Pathetic of how people miss the opportunity to congratulate the taller participant. Her speed is incredible ❤
@sully0001 3 aylar önce
That is what Heart is. She didn't quit up to the end.
@joemtnman 3 aylar önce
Too bad she had to cheat
@REDCOAT-jk9qs 3 aylar önce
That’s what the world hates
@thirdgen377 3 aylar önce
​@@REDCOAT-jk9qsSo? The world is stupid and devoid of heart, so why value the world's opinion unless you wish to surrender and think like a defeatist?
@carolwingate9133 3 aylar önce
​@@joemtnmanWHO cheated?
@REDCOAT-jk9qs 3 aylar önce
@@thirdgen377 wow, do you respond like that to all things you may or may not agree with, not that I have to explain myself to you or anyone else for that matter, the girls got heart, that’s my point, and me stating that isn’t an issue, however, now we’re on the subject of “ defeatists attitude” I strongly surest you paw over your last knee jerk reaction and come from another angle of attack, if that is your choice of corse, I wouldn’t want you thinking I’m telling you what to do, that would make me a bully wouldn’t it. Maybe you should think twice before picking on people you’re never going to meet, who knows, you may just meet someone.
@davvydivine 11 gün önce
Wow the Ned is fast here...Great!!🎉
@curtishughes5430 10 gün önce
Hell of a effort she did her best with those short legs. Respect.
@Tall-Cool-Drink 2 aylar önce
Proof that you don't have to win to be admired.
@cleanonheigh5832 2 aylar önce
Так она лицом первая пересекла линию)
@kuldipmaan1858 2 aylar önce
It's seems I agree with on it
@Nandezaron 2 aylar önce
you just have to faceplant
@lance8913 2 aylar önce
admired by who? don't ya get tired of kissing P1G tail
@Tall-Cool-Drink 2 aylar önce
@@lance8913 How's your life, "Lance". Things okay with you?
@Kimberly-bx7dg 21 gün önce
The baton girl should be disqualified for knocking that girl down
@KING-rj5co 17 gün önce
She fell on her own ma'am.
@lissetteescorcia8374 16 gün önce
@@KING-rj5conope this is other girl wants to all’s us , pretending seems,
@freepro 16 gün önce
She never touched her. Y'all just make things up in your heads or are truly blind. There are plenty or videos showing a slowed down version and different angles showing she never touched her. So yeah, that part.
@SYPH0TIC 15 gün önce
@@lissetteescorcia8374her legs gave out
@lumie7987 12 gün önce
Why it's not her fault if she fall down
@Noex63 27 gün önce
They both veered towards each other....
@calvarado1520 2 aylar önce
Much respect to that little lady because she gave it all she had and left everything she had on that track. ✊👏👏👏👏
@reginaldjames5793 2 aylar önce
No she didn't she took that loss with her ❤
@kylecoleman1846 2 aylar önce
So did the other one.
En estos por favor
@azamatsarsenbaev5612 2 aylar önce
Girl in red is smart
@klerkan 10 gün önce
I love runners like this
@user-ok4eq7il2i 5 gün önce
One of the best last leg battle. Swiss wonder was just wonderful👏👍
True CHAMP NEVER gives up 💯 RESPECT to this young woman
@skip1860 2 aylar önce
Lmfao sure ok but she lost
@scottrafidi7629 2 aylar önce
Little gal won ... definitely a foul
@skip1860 2 aylar önce
@@scottrafidi7629 lmfao 🤣 yea a foul that she tripped on her own feet
@CreativeBigL 2 aylar önce
Scott Are you blind or a liar?
@John14-6. 2 aylar önce
And who is old?
@tbiwesthq 22 gün önce
One of the greatest finishing performances ever. Kiss to both of you ❤
@melissaapril20 3 gün önce
Little one got heart of a lion! She win regardless
@Anthonyisac1 2 aylar önce
She should be proud. She pushed herself beyond her abilities. It's a win for short people all around the world. Congratulations to the winner because catching her wasn't easy.
@ritavarg8997 2 aylar önce
No la atrapó ..ni la venció justamente ...le dió con el palo
@leodwinak 2 aylar önce
​@@ritavarg8997I watched it again and you're right the big one's arm comes down on top of the smaller ones arm.
@Weldor123 2 aylar önce
Yeah and she failed miserably. How embarrassing
@willisnot7640 2 aylar önce
​@@ritavarg8997 I didn't know the taller one is a guy 😂
@MrYuripina 2 aylar önce
Me da la misma impresión 🙈🙊
@carylagerard5808 10 gün önce
I salute and applaud the winner a beautiful elegant runner with long and even pace.. she is my kind of queen👑and she's dutch ..like me❣️
@ArturoAndres-fu1dd 5 gün önce
You are the ultimate "small people's hero!
@angelabroman18 Aylar önce
I sure hope the little one wasn't injured, great race for the both of them!🎉🎉 EDIT: Lets give some grace once and awhile my brothers and sisters... and just for the record there is no such thing as 'race' among us humans, ethnicity differences yes, but we all bleed red. ❤
@lue4724 Aylar önce
If you look at it real close- the Black girl didn't even touch her- I think she lost her balance & fell. But she gave it her all!😊🎉
@606daw606 Aylar önce
It's quite weird how the second women moved like she touched the first one.
@Constantine-sh5nh Aylar önce
@@lue4724 Funny the Swiss girl goes down right when the Dutch girl was beside her. Also, the Dutch girl's baton arm is clearly in the lane of the Swiss girl. If you look at real close, you can see there was contact.
@YemayaIndigo 19 gün önce
"Twice the size of the little squid" 😂😂😂
@jessedorsettii9988 15 gün önce
So Howard Cosell gets blasted for saying, "Look at that little monkey go" but the white girl you can call a little squid. Got it.
@keisha6056 14 gün önce
Sounds like he’s saying little Swiss to me… (Switzerland)
@MorrisKellyMoky 8 gün önce
She is really a dazzling rocket ❤️👍🙏. I salute her...
@dauthuc8807 2 aylar önce
Sometimes your heart moves faster than your body
@josefabian-be9eo 2 aylar önce
Es la estatura
@samshim3149 2 aylar önce
That can't be healthy
@joneill8619 2 aylar önce
That's the best way to describe it. Physics and genetics gave the advantage to the large black woman. But the small girl with #5 on her leg clearly had a bigger heart and more drive than anyone in the race.
@uglywalt 2 aylar önce
The mind and heart have to combine as one....like I did in French commando school, on that 50 mile road march...
@uglywalt 2 aylar önce
​@@joneill8619it takes heart, to kick ass..and take names....
@yasinmaaka9596 12 gün önce
She deserves a golden medal
@TalmageL-pn2pv 25 gün önce
that dude ran into her on purpose.
@user-jp7rk1uf2n 2 aylar önce
She gave it all she had. She's still a winner.
@blackgross6372 2 aylar önce
She lost
@arthurjoseph4750 16 gün önce
She planned it. Notice how she’s holding her baton at the base rather than the center? She came with a very brave strategy and it paid off - bravo 👏🏼
@exhamakanoa7932 7 gün önce
I salute the big girl lol She's got a big engine
@michaelmccleery3105 2 aylar önce
That's a perfect example of the heart of a champion, never give up and give it everything you got .
@Junior0yExXe 2 aylar önce
Derrubou a baixinha de propósito.. basta ver a posição dela entre as linhas. A baixinha estava bem no meio, tava certo, a alta totalmente errada.
@cristiansilva1837 2 aylar önce
@carmenjimenez4955 2 aylar önce
@sylvainguinepain5624 11 gün önce
The difference in stride length is amazing! Fun race
@yamindapage1963 5 gün önce
DO NOT PLAY WITH US! YESSSS👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥
@speedwayfreight8515 2 aylar önce
I salute the little sister.
@julreyvillanueva4037 14 gün önce
Wow.small lady I salute you.congratulations. you really did a good job.❤👍
@opulentgoddess 9 gün önce
Wow what a woman, both of them ❤
@PerryCarrington 2 aylar önce
That was an awesome sprint, she's got heart and legs.
@javier-qe6ut 2 aylar önce
Quien ganó?
@Mossybrain101 2 aylar önce
Short legs.
@starfire18 2 aylar önce
It's a trans
@bloodbabe.2226 2 aylar önce
@@starfire18Tasa Jiya isn’t trans. She’s just fit.
@tarascan7542 8 gün önce
That my friends is a woman we are proud of.
@enriquetanunez3301 5 gün önce
Para mi la ganadora fue la pequeña, tiene más atributos que la alta. La pequeña es la ganadora.!!!! ❤
@nishantsingh3017 2 aylar önce
Wat a great lady I love her despite her short height she ran like a lion Respect for her
Она бегала как суслик, она прыгала как бобр. Этот опоссум отгрыз свои пирожки
@leahbullard2056 2 aylar önce
The other lady meant to go trip her down
@carlleowalker7059 5 gün önce
A giant "WELL DONE" to the blonde girl for such a valiant effort ! BE PROUD OF YOURSELF 🌹
It looks like the winner hit the other girl w her left hand at the last 2 steps - loook at it again especially the last slow motion part 😯
@dedesharon9999 18 gün önce
That broke her stride and she fell because of it!‼️
@miroo09 18 gün önce
Yes, you're right. The dutch runner hit the swiss's girl back with her baton
@ScreamingEagle-xl3tw 16 gün önce
OMG SHE DID HIT HER! I didn't see that at 1st.
@adamrahman1314 8 gün önce
Excellent and brilliant finishing line
@thotunewstildont5348 2 aylar önce
She came from behind and that push from both at the end was incredible. ❤ great job ladies 🏆🏆
She came from behind and that push from both at the end was incredible.
@ajjamal8348 19 gün önce
Such a respect to her 👌👌
@TheMargo09 7 gün önce
I noticed that he doesn't need his legs to run faster except for this short compulsion in his legs to move faster
@DannyNoel-wn7py 3 aylar önce
She's got heart!!
@user-xj3vb6jr4k 3 aylar önce
And cake😂
@Chrisroanld 3 aylar önce
Because she is alive
@LimaImsong-qv2cu 3 aylar önce
Every organ perfectly packed and beautiful 😍❤
@emmanuelenyinwa1443 3 aylar önce
Which one?
@aliciajames8038 15 gün önce
Glad you enjoyed your trip to America, but you picked the 3 most expensive cities to visit( NYC, LA & San Francisco) Vegas can be both expensive and affordable. The National Parks probably was the best part of your trip. I hope on your next visit you can do some Southern states!
@danem7300 12 gün önce
In Australia we call them pocket rockets especially on pay day
@jamesbaker9957 3 aylar önce
That fall hurt hope she's OK. She was giving her everything 100% very athletic young woman.
@bobbydookhie7297 3 aylar önce
Who won? Someone tell me?
@lazaromolina8665 2 aylar önce
​@@bobbydookhie7297la grande ganó , pero la héroe es la pequeña 👍
@eddiereyna2998 2 aylar önce
Did the tall lady bump into her arm , causing her to fall?
@luzberruecos5978 20 gün önce
She is a champion in my eyes
@maximojaballa2451 20 gün önce
She crossed the line first, so no wonder she's the winner after all
@tmac2798 2 aylar önce
When your heart out runs your body. Unbelievable effort
@misteranu_speak 2 aylar önce
@sherriebenson3643 6 gün önce
Swiss girl was pumping those legs and feet so fast she tripped herself,but, still a winner 🏆 in my book!
@emmy8883 10 gün önce
God ; I just can't stop it over ...really like are determination she got it 🎉
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I Challenged a World no. 1 (Xu Xin)
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