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Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator:

Astartes Channel

Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community


Download link for this edit:



2 Nis 2020




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TheChach Yıl önce
Edit: The original creator has been hired on by GW to continue the project and contribute to others. As such the originals are no longer available on TRvid, the project is now on Warhammer Community. Links have been updated. I'm not sure how this news will affect the future of the project, but I find myself feeling pessimistic. I hope I am wrong. Either way, this video will remain up as long as I am allowed to and I have added a mega link for this edit, sans the first intro text, at the bottom of this comment and the description. Edit2: GW in their infinite wisdom has decided the world needs yet another streaming platform, so any future projects will now only be available on Warhammer+. Needless to say, this is a disappointing turn of events. Putting the content exclusively on their own, much less popular, website was bad enough. This video itself has garnered nearly 300,000 additional views since that move. That's free publicity they would deny their artists in order to greedily sell exclusivity. To then put the content behind yet another barrier, this one now monetary and a recurring subscription, and expect anyone to sign up for it is foolish greed and I don't see many people doing it. If they do it will be in support of the artist, but I fear as always in the end they will be the ones to get the short end of the stick. Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator: Astartes Channel trvid.com/show-UCFMtdiQILuTZr22sKUeAOOAfeatured Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community www.warhammer-community.com/warhammer-animation-astartes/ www.patreon.com/astartesfilm www.paypal.me/astartesfilm instagram.com/astartesfilm/ Download link for this edit: mega.nz/file/z951AIwb#1ap2FzWfrGbjjNA7tNAuctc8LfVI0Uag8Ll-skTLTpk
Sebastian Monroe
Sebastian Monroe 2 saatler önce
$5.99 per month subscription to watch stuff like this on Warhammer+, or GW can keep their tendrils out of creative freedom and let their fans make this kind of stuff for the love of the universe. Sheep will bleat while they pull out their credit card info again. The smart individuals will always have a workaround.
JackTheRocky 16 saatler önce
Wish the HD ones were still around, eh.
Courier Six
Courier Six Gün önce
@Maximum Bacon It's not really an original work. It's a fanmade love note to an already established series that's owned by another entity in the first place. Technically, the supercut guy has as much of a right to cut that content as the original animator has to make it in the first place. Both are a grey area, and both can be taken down by GW at any time. Nobody owns anything. It's all 'pirated'.
B Ogden
B Ogden 3 gün önce
@TheChach why leave it on a cliffhanger? I need a sequel
Johan Ingeborg
Johan Ingeborg 3 gün önce
@MasterQuack14 You all just sounds like GW undercover trolls. Did you saw Astartes on GW community? No credit at all for creator, not a single link for anything related to him (Patreon? Forget it). TheChach is doing much more for him than GW.
Cy Lebeau
Cy Lebeau 21 dakika önce
I hope more comes out soon
dave akkerman
dave akkerman 3 saatler önce
Why does this look like fallout type shit
TheChach 3 saatler önce
WH40K is older than Fallout.
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith 5 saatler önce
I really like that the Space Marines NEVER talk in this. It makes them seem even more badass. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a Chapter Master or someone like that giving a pre-battle speech about glory and The EMPEROR and getting them all hyped - but then once they're on the mission, they're just so synced up and all know their roles so well that they don't have to say anything. They just kill shit.
Charles Saint
Charles Saint 11 saatler önce
One man with, no budget, almost no dialog, just passion. He did what, an entire team, a budget, and even John Hurt, could not.
Hazzz_Matt 12 saatler önce
"I've got Chills, they're multiplying. And I'm loooooosing control"
Borg Cube 100
Borg Cube 100 19 saatler önce
What Xenos/Daemons are they fighting?
蔡至賢 19 saatler önce
10:29This is a meme🤪🤪🤪
Brisingr Phoenix
Brisingr Phoenix 23 saatler önce
Warhammer question: What kind of psykers were they fighting?
Enomis V
Enomis V Gün önce
I have no knowledge of warhammer, who are the guys at 3:54?
The Grendel
The Grendel Gün önce
If GW have any sense they should give this guy whatever he needs with no restriction. I honestly believe he could make a film that could break GW into the mainstream. The 40K universe is by far the richest and most diverse, not to mention its scale and history. It makes star wars and star trek seem as simplistic as Peppa Pig.
Максиман Хацкевич
астатес! бесстрашные войны! таких нет на этой планете
Aleksa Marković
Aleksa Marković Gün önce
What I personally love about this project is how the artist finally shifted the scale of the standard portrayal of Astartes as Space Crusaders into highly lethal Special Forces. It is very easy to lose the sight of just how overpowered Astartes are in comparison with ordinary humans when they are constantly fighting other Astartes and forces of eldrich daemonic realm which is made out of literal nightmares and emotions. In such cases, Astartes are either reduced to standard military sci-fi protagonists or just a bunch of redshirts slaughtered on a daily basis to show just how powerful the enemy. This particular project shifts the perspective and shows us the true power of an Astartes fireteam, how they effortlessly slaughter an entire base of highly trained rebels and defeat high-Gamma/low-Delta psykers in combat, with only so much as few dents in their power armor and a single cracked optic lens. No matter what humans bring, they have virtually no chance of stopping a single Astartes, much less kill all of them. Astartes are literally angels of death, sent by the God-Emperor to visit His wrath and judgement against those who defy His commandments.
Xexomaru Gün önce
PEOPLE, THERE IS A DOWNLOAD LINK! DOWNLOAD IT BEFORE Games Workshop makes the person delete this!
ohSeabass Gün önce
how do you make something like this?
omar power
omar power Gün önce
Its like if wolfenstein and starwars had a child
Maahes Gün önce
What I love is that the Astartes do actually take time to consider their actions but they're on an almost instinctive level. When they encounter the ambush gunners the first marine runs past, the second determines the caliber by sound and angles his shoulder plate to deflect it as he passes and the third marine holds the position until the fourth can flank the gunners and take them out. The marine in the corridor cross-section also shows awareness by sound as he hears the lone suicide bomber running up behind him, or more precisely he hears the krak charge that he was holding (most people miss it and assume it to be a helmet that the rebel drops, it's more akin to a limpet mine) before smoothly knifing him. The marine that faces the multi-laser does this as well, he understands he has reasonable protection against it's fire (another reason why the rebel infantry was just running away, they know that their lasguns can't do enough damage to the space marine's power armor to down him before he kills them all so they were simply running for their lives) but realizes that his bolter will not penetrate the weapon's armor plate so he ducks back into cover as his armor start to take minor damage, pops a flash grenade and then takes it out with a precise application of a plasma weapon. That's the kind of tactical awareness you rarely see in any media that portrays the marines, and Astartes gets it perfectly.
nneryfjii sdfgyyk
This was very cool my type of action
Mr Copycat
Mr Copycat 2 gün önce
So what did the bois find? Some C'tan bullshit? Because I don't recognize anything
Adrienne Bernabei
Adrienne Bernabei 2 gün önce
We need a high budget group to make WarHammer content with a serious atmosphere. It could be legendary gold and they'd profit guaranteed.
KoOkiEzRoCkz 2 gün önce
I wasnt even a WH40K fan when I stumbled on to this but it still amazes me how well Syama captured the essence of the WH40K universe. I hope GW doesn't mess it up with him.
Chase Boling
Chase Boling 2 gün önce
The innocent nail consecutively repair because butter collaterally spray throughout a whispering leopard. rude, tenuous staircase
Ali Orkun Ozkan
Ali Orkun Ozkan 2 gün önce
Absolutely S tier Makes me cry
Владимир Сухинин
Starting at 12:25 there are four one frame blinks on distant pillars showing arrival of four other Space Marines. So, all of them survive.
mynameejeff 2 gün önce
At 1:39 is how I like to imagine nerf wars to be
kaoxie X
kaoxie X 3 gün önce
los anti-furrys
RED 3 gün önce
Red is the best color, and the Astartes are professionals at painting with it.
TviruZ 3 gün önce
holy shit that was good
Hitler - Senpai
Hitler - Senpai 3 gün önce
10:29 i love how smooth they work
Gavin Leonard
Gavin Leonard 3 gün önce
This is the only good version left. GW changed the sound effects and it honestly feels like the quality is worse. In all honesty, I’m glad you uploaded all of the parts together, because it actually feels like how the super cut should’ve been on GW, but it wasn’t this way.
Liam Ashworth
Liam Ashworth 3 gün önce
“Brother the check list” “Yes Brother” “Holy Book Of Bros” “Check” “Holy Book On How to Purge Heresy An Xeno’s” “Check” “The Flamer” “Check Brother” “The Heavy Flamer” “…Check” “ALL RIGHT BROTHER LETS DO THIS, SAY IT WITH ME” “FOR THE EMPEROR” yelled the space marines with such pride and purpose as one, they then headed off all at once out of the room, an to the hanger to get on the transport that would take them on there current mission, to Purge the heretic controlled ship just on the other side of the astroid field in the EMPEROR’S name. “FOR THE EMPEROR”
D F 3 gün önce
Так себе! Но графика проработана неплохо! Но много мрака, на 3+
Green Witch Inc.
Green Witch Inc. 4 gün önce
GW get's this talented dude to stop giving them free PR. So now everyone just watches supercuts on other channels. Great move neckbeards. Very business savvy of you. Also I've downloaded all this content. If it gets pulled I'll upload it a hundred times to a hundred anonymous channels. Bwahahahaaaa! Glory to the Emprahhh!
Green Witch Inc.
Green Witch Inc. Gün önce
@The Grendel aw shucks... *Ahem!* I mean, only in death does duty end.;)
The Grendel
The Grendel Gün önce
You are the hero we all need.
InsertNameHere 4 gün önce
This video gave my asshair asshair
Tomas Kotva
Tomas Kotva 4 gün önce
i dont know what game is this about, but i want to know everything about it now
St4p ps
St4p ps 3 gün önce
It's warhammer and it's mainly a very complicated tabletop game but it's mostly known for its off the wall batshit glorious world building. Just look up the Orks it's a amazing.
Ludi Licanin
Ludi Licanin 4 gün önce
Who are those 2 big dudes they fight?
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 2 gün önce
constructs controlled by the orbs their an original creation but the description is similar to yu'vath
Chris Carson
Chris Carson 4 gün önce
Surprised GW hasn't taken this down yet
zmiykam91 4 gün önce
Господи Иисусе, как же это охуенно! Браво!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jeremy Bellows
Jeremy Bellows 4 gün önce
Praise to the Emperor! The archeotech must be preserved.
Chrishun Jackson
Chrishun Jackson 5 gün önce
Bad Ass
Xandar the Barbaric
Xandar the Barbaric 5 gün önce
im so very confused
Cody Harrison
Cody Harrison 5 gün önce
The last street considerably suit because century considerably force of a spiffy bow. dramatic, savory hospital
FotY 5 gün önce
What ever you did, its much easier to understand what is beeing said
Timmie persson
Timmie persson 5 gün önce
i dont recon the chapter who are they ?
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 2 gün önce
original The retributers successors of the imperial fists
Elmir Demirov
Elmir Demirov 5 gün önce
zero eye
Elmir Demirov
Elmir Demirov 5 gün önce
dam Illumunati and its damn one eye
Harambe's LilBro
Harambe's LilBro 5 gün önce
anybody know the name of the song where the space marine is confused at the place he gets teleported to?
@Harambe's LilBro Np 👍
Harambe's LilBro
Harambe's LilBro 4 gün önce
@TYBEROS THE RED WAKE thank you for real =)
Pilot priest- future is gone
ayy lmao
ayy lmao 5 gün önce
can anyone explain who the two in white were
ayy lmao
ayy lmao 3 gün önce
@TYBEROS THE RED WAKE ooooh gotcha, never realized it was two different orbs. sad to hear this was the last in the chapter
@UCNb9K3UG9QN5yl_DvQ-tXgQ no, when those 6 marines stabbed it or secured it, the inquisitor then used it psychic powers to see what the 2 orbs were up to and their purpose if listen closely they are talking then one them says take them, the inquisitor let his guard down to warn the veterans and then one of the regular marines goes off to warn the 6 marines but then right after that the inquisitor then gets killed because of daemonic possession of the orb while the others got sucked in by the other one so it kinda happened at the same time
@ayy lmao if you look in minute 5:51 you’ll see they’re seeing what the squad is looking at from another ship after securing and eliminating all threats in the ship they go to where the inquisitor and yes he sees visions in the end of the future fate of those marines before killed but that’s what chaos or warp fuckery can do, show false visions and corrupt you
ayy lmao
ayy lmao 5 gün önce
@TYBEROS THE RED WAKE so is that going on before or after what astartes is doing? It looks like the same relic , but is the inquisitor seeing, the future or the past in those visions?
Veteran marines, experienced and higher ranks of the Retributors they’re the ones conducting the operation along with the inquisitor
ZaCkD1eB0hNe 5 gün önce
one of the best 40k fanmovies ever!
dabest around
dabest around 5 gün önce
This is super cool I hardly know anything about Warhammer though a bit about the demons and the orcs and the space Marines That's pretty much it
Tym Frey
Tym Frey 5 gün önce
I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this entire thing
hach258 5 gün önce
For someone who is just getting into 40K, this is awesome!!
zerohour20XX 6 gün önce
So for someone that recently got into the hobby and games…would someone help a fellow brother in understanding what I just saw? What sort of chaos spawn was that that affected the Mechanicus and then acted like a portal into the warp?
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 2 gün önce
that wasn't a mechanicus member, just a psyker of the inquisition but your mostly correct, they're an original creation
Genesis Tumbis
Genesis Tumbis 6 gün önce
This is now an STC-level material in terms of rarity. 😁☺️😁☺️
Mitendra Gupta
Mitendra Gupta 6 gün önce
What a fighting spirit... No fear.. Like it
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor 6 gün önce
I have no idea what just happened. But I love it
MainMan Magellan
MainMan Magellan 6 gün önce
So why did GW hire this guy but not my boi Erasmus Bordeaux over at "The Lord Inquisitor"? Both great animators. Makes no sense to me lol.
Jeff The Mercenary
@El Tio Asmodai nah he just stopped doing lord inquisitor for his own animation
El Tio Asmodai
El Tio Asmodai 3 gün önce
Didn't Erasmus just, like vanish from the surface of the internet? Haven't heard from him in a long time.
John Eagle
John Eagle 6 gün önce
12:20 whats the song?
Dragosh 6 gün önce
Please someone tell me what does he say at 10:12 someone has done it before but it was on the original astartes vid
jake merchant
jake merchant 7 gün önce
3:35 your new desktop background.
Foorson 7 gün önce
dope stuff breeh
Braedon Childers
Braedon Childers 7 gün önce
I kinda wish this was a game. If it is please tell me the name so I can play it.
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 6 gün önce
its just an animation based off of warhammer 40k there are games set in warhammer 40k not many r good space marine mechanicus etc
Lord Drakkon 7367
Lord Drakkon 7367 7 gün önce
We need the Blood Ravens to come secure this video in the name of the Chapter
rustam makashev
rustam makashev 7 gün önce
Что дальше
Ghost 7 gün önce
I Dont want to start another war but I dont understand people who are complaining about his re-upload, hes the only source left on the platform right now, his video is not monitized and he has linked the original creator in every way he could, he's not stealing anyone's work, on top of that im just glad to have the original up on youtube
dog_on_chair YT
dog_on_chair YT 7 gün önce
11:53 fallout power armor?? lol
Jeff The Mercenary
@dog_on_chair YT yea but how is that guy suppose to know? By the looks of it he probably never played Fallout
dog_on_chair YT
dog_on_chair YT Gün önce
@Jeff The Mercenary because i felt there was no need, if i was refering to the armor itself i wouldve put a time stamp at like 1:45 or something smh
Jeff The Mercenary
@dog_on_chair YT technically hes not wrong you never mention or specifically said it was the sound effects you just said it was fallout power armor
dog_on_chair YT
dog_on_chair YT 7 gün önce
@Time Navigator Jesus christ I am talking about the sound affects. Get a grip fanboy. They used the sound assets from Fallout power armor and it's very noticeable.
Time Navigator
Time Navigator 7 gün önce
Fuck no dude... Warhammer 40k has literally been around for decades now. If anything, fallout copied 40k
dog_on_chair YT
dog_on_chair YT 7 gün önce
10:30 trvid.com/video/video-y9Uel-cRcpE.html
Xander Hebert
Xander Hebert 8 gün önce
7:55, literally said “shut up” to the magic orb.
nerowolf1234 8 gün önce
It’s so good Every year I watch it if not more This is one gem Of a lifetime
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup 8 gün önce
based on a true story
Ильдар Кос
Ильдар Кос 8 gün önce
Reperto K
Reperto K 8 gün önce
it was soooo f**** goood.... damn.
Rodrigo Melotto
Rodrigo Melotto 9 gün önce
This is the best animation Ive seen so far for 40k. Not only 40k, but generally speaking I think is the most trilling, with the perfect sound effects, story, visuals and everything... Watching it again and again, hope we can have more of this level in the future
Irregularr 9 gün önce
Too OP, the only reasonable course would be to surrender. Lmao
Time Navigator
Time Navigator 7 gün önce
And even if they did they would still be slaughtered lol
Alexey Kamenev
Alexey Kamenev 9 gün önce
Только вёрсты полосаты попадаются одне!
Арыстан Конырбаев
слава гончаров
Очень классная анимация видно посторался
Felix Shynder A. Adame
Felix Shynder A. Adame
Felix Shynder A. Adame
snarst 10 gün önce
I just noticed the inquisitor is at 0:25
Bonnie_ Sumers_
Bonnie_ Sumers_ 10 gün önce
anyone know what chapter they are?
Isaiah Valdez
Isaiah Valdez 10 gün önce
Retributors, I believe they were made by the guy who made this animation. He went on to sign on a project with GW and other people like him (which Is maybe under radio silence for whatever reason)
Seth Houser
Seth Houser 10 gün önce
What is the orb at the end?
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 9 gün önce
no one knows
Haril 54
Haril 54 10 gün önce
Abcde Fghij
Abcde Fghij 10 gün önce
Better than anime
Silvio Schröter
Silvio Schröter 10 gün önce
Want more this is so magnificent .
Work Man
Work Man 10 gün önce
Hollywood would spend 100 million dollars to produce animations and story not even half as good as this. Amazing work. Wow.
Kee K
Kee K 10 gün önce
I don’t understand what’s going on and who’s on the good side and which one is on the bad side
El Tio Asmodai
El Tio Asmodai 3 gün önce
Welcome to 40k, where the only thing close to good guys are space communist fish that live under a dictatorial regime. And where War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity are just a Tuesday.
Kee K
Kee K 9 gün önce
@The Cryptic Cryptek oh
The Cryptic Cryptek
The Cryptic Cryptek 9 gün önce
there are no good guys
Wang Hei Cheung
Wang Hei Cheung 10 gün önce
10:29 this is what you looking for!
Brahim Bachir
Brahim Bachir 10 gün önce
5:19 i can't believe their pain resistance it's just unbelievable, one minute ago he was being crushed and now..
Sid Venji
Sid Venji 10 gün önce
8:11 "Sha, shaka-laka, sha" ..facepalm...
Dragolorian 10 gün önce
that vegan teacher: I put my dog on a vegan diet everyone: 10:28
Richard Tapales
Richard Tapales 10 gün önce
You're late...but still valid 😁
TinkyWinkyGaming 11 gün önce
ayo bruh where he ended up with all those massibe skeletons?
viski norbert
viski norbert 11 gün önce
Two Alpha lvl psyker?
awesomesauce980 11 gün önce
For those afraid GW might take this down, download it to your computer
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia 12 gün önce
Dank Buds
Dank Buds 12 gün önce
Ever wonder why GW wont let you comment on any of THERE VIDEOS ???
Phøenix 12 gün önce
Trying to get into warhammer but what is happening
Devil Kazuya
Devil Kazuya 11 gün önce
watch some of the bigger lore channels. Channels like Majorkill, luetin09, grimdark narrator and more. They have some starter vids
Server Meta
Server Meta 12 gün önce
i just realized that the same thing (atleast i think its the same thing) that the space marines are hunting can control shadows so it can make blades
Esquar Swagmen
Esquar Swagmen 12 gün önce
Cringe corpse worshipper propaganda.
pronz72 Gh
pronz72 Gh 12 gün önce
Mega is asking for a Magenta Level Inquisitorial code to start the exload!
The only thing they fear is Astartes
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