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In this #ASMR video, we do a special 1 hour sound assortment in the QUIETEST room in the world; the anechoic chamber with the illusive B&K HATS 5128C mic. This might just be my greatest sound assortment and video for sleep! Please consider liking the video if you enjoy!
Feel free to use this video for tingles and sleep!

A huge thanks to the University Of Sydney and Jonothan for this opportunity!

0:00 Intro
6:45 Ear Tapping & Mouth Sounds
7:20 Gummy Worms
11:03 Dolphins
16:20 Stream Deck
21:37 Witches Fingers
28:24 Cardboard Tube
33:00 Gloves
38:23 Spoolie
41:49 Brushes
43:24 Caterpillar
44:45 Countdown From 50
49:56 Nintendo DS
51:41 Aluminium Sponges
53:10 Outro

Instagram: instagram.com/jojo_asmr_/

Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:

This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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26 Mar 2023




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lori •【 路利 】
this is literally peak asmr. The highest sound quality you can get for asmr, this video is part of asmr history now.
neeursa Gün önce
@Absolutely Strange Fella yes
《Kokoro》 10 gün önce
​@Absolutely Strange Fella Yes.
Absolutely Strange Fella
@💗 Avery 💗 WHAT
Luckycatz 15 gün önce
Noice use of wording
💗 Avery 💗
💗 Avery 💗 15 gün önce
​@Absolutely Strange Fella yes
Sgodekili 2 aylar önce
Nothing like listening to an asmr video in a soundless chamber just to then be utterly annihilated by a mattress commercial 💀
Biglego_brain1427 5 gün önce
Especially when you are trying to listen to it max volume in a house full of sleepless family members 😂
• Drugo •
• Drugo • 5 gün önce
skyl the cheesy
skyl the cheesy 6 gün önce
Mine was a skate commercial
Starwberry stars
Starwberry stars 8 gün önce
The first time I watched this vid I got the Tampax one
ASMR Miss Mi
ASMR Miss Mi Aylar önce
This is absolutely crazy! LOVE this! 😍
Johnnie Harvey
Johnnie Harvey 5 gün önce
I love your videos
Hi Miss Mi!!!
WarLab Aylar önce
i know right
yung fard
yung fard Aylar önce
@Daniel_C0527 I noticed your username I thought I'd help your welcome
DragonSlayer Aylar önce
@You're best friend I haven’t commented until now
Daniel Boelke
Daniel Boelke Aylar önce
This is what I've been waiting for literally years, this is perfection. No background noise, no radio interference, no accidentally bumping the desk or something into the mic, just ASMR in its purest form.
Wydnethlynn 4 gün önce
@Prénom NomNo it’s supposed to relax and be good☮️✌️🕊️
Wydnethlynn 4 gün önce
@Pilotofthe6-4I have that and oml it doesn’t let me hear anything related to asmr all I hear is “piiiiiiiip”😭☠️
Prénom Nom
Prénom Nom 22 gün önce
asmr in its purest form is literally noise..... suppressing as much noise as possible like background noises becomes the opposite of asmr
Pilotofthe6-4 Aylar önce
Tinnitus: *Allow me to introduce myself*
Who?Who?Who? Aylar önce
The self control you have to not sneeze, stomach gargle, have a throat frog, pass gas, cough, or have to clear your throat….impeccable. Also my jaw and lower face tingles with this video
Ari Bo
Ari Bo 2 gün önce
My butt tingles😭
♡-Nyan DS-♡
♡-Nyan DS-♡ 16 gün önce
i rarely do these
The one who cared and asked
they edit them out or just retake the video
SnowFlurries Aylar önce
The amount of trust between Jojo and us is insane. He's in the quietest room in Australia with a $60K mic, and we all likely have our volume up high. One scream and we'd all be deaf, but Jojo is so careful with his sounds, even his breathing and natural stomach grumbles 😂
Josefine s
Josefine s Aylar önce
-screams in tinnitus- I haven’t heard such crisp sounds in years this gave me my tingles back 🥹🥹🥹
Levi Octavian
Levi Octavian 10 gün önce
I have tinnitus as well, the sound quality difference is there even with the constant ringing. Definitely some of the best asmr ever.
Brian janssens
Brian janssens 23 gün önce
​​@Leslie Olea Santibáñez well aside from your own body it truly is complete silence. It cant get any better than that.
Leslie Olea Santibáñez
Lmao yes! I think even in that place I couldn't feel complete silence. Freakin tinnitus 🤣😭
DennisASMR 2 aylar önce
This is so sick
Tcn Logg
Tcn Logg 11 gün önce
@Jojo's ASMR
Ziedmac Aylar önce
@Ace he has they have collaborated before
emily Aylar önce
Damn, hope ya'll get well soon ✊️😔
Not_KaiOfficial Aylar önce
@Ace yes, he has.
jayjay Aylar önce
No matter how old this video gets I will keep going back to watch it, it has to be not just the best video you have ever made, but just the greatest ASMR video of all time. Thank you Jojo.
jayjay Aylar önce
@Heather Harsha ya
jayjay Aylar önce
@Rug Cleaning samyar bet
Heather Harsha
Heather Harsha Aylar önce
@callumlikesoldeenglish they mean they are gonna use it in the future
jayjay Aylar önce
@callumlikesoldeenglish NAH REALLY I THOUGHT IT WAS FROM 50 YEARS AGO 😱😱😱
CasainQ Aylar önce
Jo is the kinda guy who just does stuff because it sounds fun, and that's amazing. This video is a work of art.
Person Aylar önce
Yeah, like how he said that he'd go to Ohio for just ASMR and nothing else in one of his live streams
Roszy Aylar önce
Had to force myself to not fall asleep because I wanted to hear ALL the tingles. They are just immaculate
Levi Octavian
Levi Octavian 10 gün önce
Even with Tinnitus (ringing in my ears) I can still hear the sound quality difference. I can't even imagine how silent that room must be in person. I have a lot of respect for jojo or anyone who is willing to spend an hour in there. My anxiety would be setting in after 5 minutes. Too quiet and too much to think about about.
Lo Father Kungler
Lo Father Kungler Aylar önce
This is by far one of the best ASMR videos that i've seen hands down! A really advanced microphone, a quiet anechoic chamber and a skilled elite asmrtist combine to create this mastercraft of a video that gave everybody tingles! we all would consider trying to do more videos in this room as the sounds are legendary. Perhaps in the future you could get one of these custom built for you. If you manage to do that then it may pay off!
DEALUX 24 gün önce
This is a head and torso simulator used for audio research. It costs $50,000.
plcatalano 2 aylar önce
The amount. Of effort. This dude does for these videos. Is incomprehensible. You’re amazing, JoJo. 😮
Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!
Homonculi 11 gün önce
this is the first time in years since watching asmr that i actually got tingles again
Judine H.
Judine H. 3 gün önce
This by far is the best ASMR video out there. I closed my eyes and it felt like you were right there in my room. Your smile is so great. You can tell how much you love doing this. I can just listen to your whispering. That's what gives me the tingles. My right side kept tingling and I didn't get through the whole video because I keep falling asleep. Jojo you are the king of ASMR. Unbelievable and yes I heard your chest pop. Don't ever stop. You deserve an award. Amazing!!❤
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi Aylar önce
26:14 is my favorite part, but the entire video is super relaxing. I actually fell asleep listening to it.
ainaank 2 aylar önce
as someone who hates background noise, this is sooooo perfect
All Around Disaster
Logan Cap
Logan Cap Aylar önce
@Sssatisfying Sounds ASMR People who have taste.
Jessabella Productions
@Sssatisfying Sounds ASMR ok, if you’d like me to stop you need but ask. I am at your call, goodbye.
Sssatisfying Sounds ASMR
Dander 2 aylar önce
You might not see this, but your face and smile while doing your performance its so cute and happy. You really love and give effort for you job. Rooting for you! Great vídeo.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Aylar önce
Bro I swear to God I can feel the silence, I've never heard a video with literally 0 background noise, this was so good. That's huge dedication right there 👑👑
pjcbat Aylar önce
If you close your eyes it literally sounds like he is inside your head. This is amazing holy crap
Oceanic Blue
Oceanic Blue Aylar önce
I admire your ability to stay in an anechoic chamber for over an hour and not go completely insane. I would not last 20 minutes in there-
Manatee ASMR
Manatee ASMR 2 aylar önce
This is not just an asmr video... this is THE asmr video.
OuttaThyme Aylar önce
The asmr video of all time
Roland Benedict Umali
Did Jojo just beaten the world record for staying in the QUIETEST ROOM for more than 45 minutes!? Salute to you!
Agriyanto Emilio
Agriyanto Emilio 2 aylar önce
The fact that jojo always checking the corner everytime to make sure there is no ghost in there make it more quite
BTS World Domination
If you're ever still allowed to use the room can you also do a 1st person pov with the cam and audio for a more immersive experience? 😍
Silent Night
Silent Night Aylar önce
Lulu Green
Lulu Green 2 aylar önce
Damm the tingles I’m getting from this video is the most I’ve ever had. Thank you for making this video, hope you didn’t go insane 😂
vantori Aylar önce
Really great video! Though I do wonder what it was like to leave that room and suddenly be surrounded by so much noise again.
the coolrobm
the coolrobm 2 aylar önce
Dude the best part of this video was not the sounds it was how happy jojo was man
DRvince07 2 aylar önce
Asmr and Jojo asmr specifically has been a big part of my sleeping routine so much that I cannot totally sleep without listening to them and him🫠
Anarky 25
Anarky 25 2 aylar önce
I have been really stressed about my job applications. But this video from JOJO is so relaxing and amazing!! ❤
L1dya animation
L1dya animation 17 gün önce
I can’t get past this video without falling asleep 😭😭
Calenderz 2 aylar önce
There's nothing better than laying down and listening to jojo's asmr after a hard day
WinterGuard4Eva Aylar önce
@S7ORM huh-?
S7ORM Aylar önce
@WinterGuard4Eva ccm cc
Alex MSM
Alex MSM Aylar önce
That is fax
A E Aylar önce
@Jonathan Perez🤨🤨
onyx 🫃
onyx 🫃 2 aylar önce
@1sa amor fym? why you gotta make it weird?
bbycryptic Aylar önce
the tapping of the witch fingers was INCREDIBLE ( 22:48 )
dakota🫡 Aylar önce
this is so crazy oml. ive been watching asmr for a couple of years now and good gosh this is just asmr at its finest😂❤ no background noise, no bumping into a table or the mic or no ruining it by screaming or laughing just pure asmr and i gotta tell you, i have never heard anything like this. bless you jojo for creating this masterpiece!!🙏💓
Monsieur la détente
Omg I feel like I can hear the silence 😳 Great video as always 👌
Camryn Jade
Camryn Jade 21 gün önce
I need these everyday . Asmr really relieves my stress after a long day of nonsense !!! This one is top tier
Jordane _
Jordane _ Aylar önce
Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 6:45 Ear Tapping & Mouth Sounds 7:20 Gummy Worms 11:03 Dolphins 16:20 Stream Deck 21:37 Witches Fingers 28:24 Cardboard Tube 33:00 Gloves 38:23 Spoolie 41:49 Brushes 43:24 Caterpillar 44:45 Countdown From 50 49:56 Nintendo DS 51:41 Aluminium Sponges 53:10 Outro
WarLab Aylar önce
@EJOOO exactly
EJOOO Aylar önce
@WarLab she knows
WarLab Aylar önce
you know what im gonna say check the description before you write them
EJOOO Aylar önce
@Lym1n0s she knows
Lym1n0s Aylar önce
There literally are timestamps in the video
Simanta Saha
Simanta Saha 2 aylar önce
This was insanity. Literally every word you say was giving me tingles, I thought I had attained tingle immunity due to excess consumption of ASMR content recently, but damn, was I proved wrong! Stefan(This mic) is an absolute beast!!
Bloody Jacket
Bloody Jacket Aylar önce
You didnt have? Well good job my guy... Now you officialy have THE tingle imunity cause after you overconsume this video you wont ever tingle again😂😂😂
A. 456
A. 456 Aylar önce
Don't overindulge yourself. Too much pleasure and dopamine without effort is a problem. Always take a break for a better life experience.
M S-D Aylar önce
@MasterZiggyCat i didn't mean it like that
M S-D Aylar önce
@ria capitalisation also works lol, here in the UK we normally use s not z but both work
Nameless Person
Nameless Person Aylar önce
Tysm for this video!! I was so scared i wouldn’t be able to fall asleep last night cuz i had something important to do today and this video really helped! I couldn’t even get through half of it lol Thank you for always helping me fall asleep :D Also idk if it’s the mic or the room but damn the sound quality is ISANE :0✨
🌍Akito🌍 6 gün önce
It is so quiet that when I close my eyes I feel like your next to my bed! So cool!
Kencchi 14 gün önce
30 seconds in, already broke my tingle-immunity for the past few months Amazing work, thank you
*.•Stella•.* 2 aylar önce
Seriously this was the most calming tingly asmr video I have ever watched it’s so peaceful and juste perfect appreciate your channel a lot 💗💤😊
some guy on youtube
it blows my mind how a room can be THIS quiet
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays 2 aylar önce
These types of rooms are actually crazy. Idk if it’s the same level but there’s one in the uk and someone spent 4 or 5 hours in there and you can hear your blood flowing through your body and start to hallucinate and feel sick so the dedication here is insane
Keron 22
Keron 22 Aylar önce
I think it's called sensor deprivation
AntronArza Aylar önce
what if you js started talking or singing to yourself
melonman Aylar önce
@Vikrant quitest rooms have like spikes in the walls to trap sound (not sharp spikes)
Thomas Schubeck-Industries
@Keith Lukens oh
Hawk Clan
Hawk Clan 2 aylar önce
@Vikrant that's totally different and irrelevant
Coffee Aylar önce
This is so relaxing I would love to see a part 2 of this video
Original Aylar önce
Your countdown from 50 trigger is amazing! It reminds me of the anticipatory triggers from heatherfrather ASMR, really some of the best triggers you have brought out since I have watched you!
Boekkk? Aylar önce
Este es uno de los mejores vídeos de ASMR que hay en TRvid ❤
lily 2 aylar önce
the effort and passion u put into ur videeos is insane. so cool
holly 5 gün önce
the sound is so crisp i love it
Sessi 2 aylar önce
Nothing is better than jojo’s asmr videos after a long day
1sa amor
1sa amor 2 aylar önce
some fetish indeed
DRvince07 2 aylar önce
That’s actually true
Raegan Masters
Raegan Masters 2 aylar önce
Sessi 2 aylar önce
@bernardo almeida fr same
mally norwood
mally norwood 2 aylar önce
This just gave me the crispest tingle ever ❤️
sofialemura 2 aylar önce
This was an absolutely amazing asmr experience! thank you so much! You made me love spiders on my back 😨
mar pp
mar pp Aylar önce
i am watching this with full volume on earphones, i was shocked when i felt like someone touched my elbow, this mic is rlly something else
TJStapleton15 2 aylar önce
This will forever truly be one of the asmr videos ever filmed
we don't care
we don't care Aylar önce
The amount of dedication this guy have to be the greatest asmr is insane he literally buy the best asmr microphone to get a better asmr vid and now he would go to the quiet room in the world. I respect your grind and hardwork jojo
franzdotcom 2 aylar önce
It’s so quiet I can hear the slight buzz in my headphones this is wild. First time I’ve continuously gotten tingles too this is a godsend
Idfk anymore
Idfk anymore 16 gün önce
@dumpster fire I (think) I have tinnitus and heard no buzzing from this video lol
Liv fr
Liv fr Aylar önce
@Millie Turvey that’s totally fair! I love jojos videos and this was in no way a hate comment. I’m glad you liked the video tho!
Millie Turvey
Millie Turvey Aylar önce
@Liv fr I have tinnitus too and I had to have a break from this beautiful masterpiece
vainilla. ‹3
vainilla. ‹3 Aylar önce
@Anya Melissa 💀
Natalia D. Santos
Natalia D. Santos Aylar önce
this man’s asmr is on another level
Rexeazl 29 gün önce
Holy this vid is so good every move and every thing he does makes me tingle and I haven't tingled in months this sound quality I'd amazing
William Hanson
William Hanson Aylar önce
Dolphins litterly made me drop to the ground in shivers of tingles.
Malou Pastolero
Malou Pastolero 2 aylar önce
100% so soothing HD quality ASMR, thank you, Jojo! 🙏😍😴
steve jobless
steve jobless Aylar önce
this is utter perfection in terms of asmr. like, unrivaled. zero, and i mean ZERO background noise. crisp, clean, unobstructed audio. this is, for lack of better wording, peak asmr.
Cayla Stubler
Cayla Stubler 2 aylar önce
Wow…I’m speechless. THIS is absolutely out of those frickin WORLD. I don’t know how you continue to outdo yourself time and time again, yet here you are. Thank you SO much for enduring the painful silence…literally can’t imagine how that must’ve felt
Aquatpushcalock. Aylar önce
@Absolute you have to spend some time in there to hallucinate, less than an hour must feel strange but not unhealthy I think...
Absolute 2 aylar önce
I'd imagine jojo was alright since he was making a type of noise but if he wasnt he would hallucinate
Matt brayans
Matt brayans Aylar önce
The sound is so good it feels like you’re right next to me
madison skripka
madison skripka Aylar önce
this was the most tingles i’ve gotten
Billy Michael
Billy Michael Aylar önce
First time I have ever had tingle and I have been watching ASMR for years.
Rebel Aylar önce
i can't consciously hear any difference between this and your previous videos, but i can definitely say that I got tingles for the first time after watching hundreds of asmr videos
PapPapuga Papuga
PapPapuga Papuga Aylar önce
I love how carefully and slow you touch.... If you could make longer sounds without stop, it would be amazing...
Simonas 2 aylar önce
"Nothing is quiter than a room at 3am"💀 Thank you Jojo for this asmr video, love you
Tweek Aylar önce
@Hawk Clan love you to
YourLostSon Aylar önce
@Hawk Clan you started love 😩✨
SuperGacha Studios
SuperGacha Studios Aylar önce
@Hawk Clan a cult
Hawk Clan
Hawk Clan Aylar önce
Bruh what have I started 💀
SuperGacha Studios
SuperGacha Studios Aylar önce
@Hawk Clan I love you too!
HeiQQ MTB 2 aylar önce
We have one of these rooms in our school too and even stepping in with the door open felt really spectacular and really weird at the same time. Thank you for this video and the outstanding quality of all the things you do 😊
Levi Cleanerman
Levi Cleanerman Aylar önce
His asmrs are usually too quiet for my liking but bro this..... this is heavenly
fu 4ll
fu 4ll Aylar önce
Oh man I can't even remember the last time I got tingles but that tapping into the head, gooosh this mic is something else
Noah Jensen
Noah Jensen Aylar önce
Please do this another time, but with Steven. He is just such a great microphone and it would sound insane in this room! ;P
Pilar vc
Pilar vc Aylar önce
I love how at like 17:40 he starts making popping sounds with his mouth and just keeps desperately looking off trying to hear something else 😭🤣
archivariouss 2 aylar önce
It’s like a performance artistry at this point you’re unbeatable
Pixelated Perfection
Pixelated Perfection 2 aylar önce
I loved the part where he said “It’s tinglin’ time!”, and tingled all over the room
prluša;) 2 aylar önce
I really hope this mic is his now this is the best asmr video I have ever watched. 😍
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Aylar önce
I can make any room the quietest in the world by talking about something I care about
Taylor Bleu Seals
Taylor Bleu Seals Aylar önce
Oh please show more clips of those witch fingers and brushing in this room ❤❤ it was heavenly I almost fell asleep
Floki Aylar önce
Wow, my spine started tingling immediately. Absolutely insane
Fxlken 2 aylar önce
I love how he looks so happy while doing this
Melanie Futtrup
Melanie Futtrup 2 aylar önce
It was so tingly that it started hurting my ears.. no joke 😅 still amazinggggg ❤
Emily Mayberry
Emily Mayberry Aylar önce
I just wanted to say thank you for being so respectful to sleep and I’m also thankful for that you care so much about our sleep thank you
Gabriel Biel
Gabriel Biel Aylar önce
Cara esse asmr do Jojo e de uma qualidade incrível ❤️❤️❤️ parabéns você e muito bom ❤️❤️🙏🙏
Game Dev Impressions
Game Dev Impressions 2 aylar önce
Apparently I've had costochondritis for most of my life and I never knew it had a name! I appreciate the relaxing sounds, dealing with covid right now and it's much appreciated.
Redwizard985 Aylar önce
What is costoschonaristisists mean?
glommy !!
glommy !! Aylar önce
wow i can literally hear my own heartbeat over the sound of this video!!
edafoxx ASMR
edafoxx ASMR 2 aylar önce
This is next level ASMR 🖤
Gavin 15 gün önce
@Jojo's ASMR rizz
Spider_Haven🖤 19 gün önce
You AND MissMi?! Wow I didn't know you guys watched Jojo. But hey, love to you, MissMi, and Jojo from California. Btw I bet if you get a mic like this, you can use it for your back scratching vids.
MillieNotHere 24 gün önce
Hey eda I agree with you but you content is amazing yoo
plcatalano 2 aylar önce
Yo, eda is here! Hey, eda!
Jojo's ASMR
Jojo's ASMR 2 aylar önce
Not as next level as you!! 😤😤😤
Official._.blitzo Aylar önce
You got my tingles back after a YEAR!!thank you😭😭!!
Influx Aylar önce
This was an amazing experience i slept so well
Lukekul 2 aylar önce
The asmr was so realistic I felt it coming inside of me
emily Aylar önce
I just laughed so loud that my dog got scared and barked at me 😂
Ramen & OJ
Ramen & OJ Aylar önce
Average Michael Storen fan
Taco Aylar önce
Pocket Dynamite
Pocket Dynamite Aylar önce
Watching this video feels like butterflies in my brain! Thank you Jojo for the best tingles ever!!
;;Mirae 2 aylar önce
Jojo has literally reached a whole new level, probably the highest existing. It's a very unique opportunity, and I'm very happy that Jojo has been able to give this awesome video to us
Cooper Miller
Cooper Miller Aylar önce
This is amazing great work jojo this is really the next level of asmr never seen anything like this in the 5ish years I've been watching asmr
FORG 17 gün önce
Geez how much did this cost?! This is some of the greatest asmr I’ve ever heard
Kay ⚠︎
Kay ⚠︎ Aylar önce
I’ve been watching ASMR for a good 4 years now and hadn’t felt tingles since the first time I watched it…but this brought them all back. AFTER 4 YEARS…THIS CURED MY TINGLE IMMUNITY
🥀GoofyGrace🥀 2 aylar önce
wow. that’s all I have to say. these sounds are so out in your ears i love this video!!
Diamond 💎
Diamond 💎 Aylar önce
you always go above and beyond to create content for us, its so appreciated, you’re the best, i always fall asleep to your ASMR 😂🫶🏽
dylan 2 aylar önce
I wonder what a $1 mic would sound like in this room, since there's no white noise
Pog Sauce
Pog Sauce Aylar önce
There still would be some white noise. Not from the environment but the mic itself
Koichi Hirose
Koichi Hirose 2 aylar önce
@Hanging with Steph I can’t sleep
Lovekittys123 2 aylar önce
I'm assuming very good
cassidymav Aylar önce
This was one of the tingliest experiences of my life, my brain just melted 💚, thank you! I hope we get to meet Stephan again some day, pretty please 🙈💚
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