ASMR Good Sounds Only (All New Triggers)

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Only good sounds allowed here. Enjoy the tapping, whispers, liquid shaking and more. All brand new items to the channel. One hour of awesome sounds for relaxation and sleep. Enjoy :)

You can find me on the zees app!
Listen to me on spotify: spoti.fi/2o6ZO7O
Reach out on twitter: @RaffyTaphyASMR
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9 Haz 2020




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TheFatCow V2.0
TheFatCow V2.0 Yıl önce
The Intro makes good sounds - 0:00 (Extra): W E H A V E S O M E B A L L S - 3:04 Good sounds with "Baseball glove" - 5:23 Good sounds with "Salmon eggs" - 13:16 Good sounds with "Hand sounds" - 21:53 Good sounds with "Ping-Pong balls" - 22:56 Good sounds with "Ping-Pong paddle" - 29:40 Good sounds with "Slimy sand" - 35:04 Good sounds with more "Hand sounds" - 41:43 Good sounds with "Gooba ball/Puffer ball" - 43:30 Good sounds with "Abacus?" - 50:18 Good sounds with "Rubber mat" - 56:50 The Outro/Raffy's Rambling makes good sounds - 59:49 Let me know if any changes need to be made :)
DeadInside 2 aylar önce
CLASS ANGLO 2 aylar önce
Naomi :D
Naomi :D 3 aylar önce
hope ur charger works from any angle hope ur yogurt top thing peels off in one piece hope all of your ads are skippable
Naomi :D
Naomi :D 3 aylar önce
hope ur entire bed is cold but not too cold
FETCH! 3 aylar önce
Sufficient Whispers
The striped shirt and pink bandana is a look that can be pulled off only by a man with a fluffy beard who makes Good Sounds Only
Shermarke 19 gün önce
Passed the bitch like Stockton
pedro 😀
pedro 😀 3 aylar önce
Dragon60hz 6 aylar önce
@Cloak I got options
Cloak 7 aylar önce
@Confused Moon Brand new whip, just hopped in
Lndn 7 aylar önce
You are correct
Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu Yıl önce
close your eyes at 46:46 and listen to the lulling sound of a nice train ride edit: love how at 27:27 he dictates where he's making the sounds, it's so Virtual Barbershop - esque. Like, I could close my eyes and get complete mental imagery of a scalp massage. Classic ASMR ❤️
BopBunny 7 aylar önce
Mora 8 aylar önce
Riel Bignell
Riel Bignell 9 aylar önce
@RA9 Ares It was a joke
RA9 Ares
RA9 Ares 9 aylar önce
@Riel Bignell that makes no sense broski
Riel Bignell
Riel Bignell 9 aylar önce
@RA9 Ares Allow me to be your first wow man you’re going to take his V card that’s gay
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton Yıl önce
Why do I feel like he’s just the nicest dude in the world
Triangle 25 gün önce
@Levek it’s 2022 now
ßuelry frashagon 😶
浦岡将太 Aylar önce
Itoji Kawasaki
Itoji Kawasaki 2 aylar önce
Me too
VideoGamerGuy 92
VideoGamerGuy 92 2 aylar önce
You do get that feeling he is a nice dude, but I also get the feeling if ya said something wrong, he'd go all woke on your ass.
stopped Drake
stopped Drake Yıl önce
14:30 this man started droppin the mario theme with them fish eggs, now this....THIS is amazing
• F Ī R E F R Ī N Ø N Ø •
Its a old Mario music one of the most knew
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 3 aylar önce
Wow nice catch!
Asherrrr 7 aylar önce
Bruhv I can hear it💀🤣
Trashpandy702 7 aylar önce
thank god you hear it. i thought i was a crazy person.
hwxsa 8 aylar önce
@Valentin Stoianov finally heard it ong
brt1050 Yıl önce
Raffy, I've been watching you since the very beginning, and I gotta say that 18:51 - 21:52 gave me the most intense recurring tingles out of all the hundreds of triggers you've shown on your channel (the case that makes good sounds & little bird's pillow are close behind). That was an EARGASM, and more importantly, a lesson on your masterful technique: the establishing and breaking of patterns, the 360-degree mic coverage, tempo and rhythm variation....just, amazing. Thank you, Raffy.
Marik Alias
Marik Alias 4 aylar önce
Definitely the best part of the whole video…. I prefer the softer liquid sound to the hard tapping on other firm objects..
Barb Arcangel
Barb Arcangel 8 aylar önce
were supposed to be writting an essay today 🤨
GriefSheaf 9 aylar önce
Bro chill it is a trigger not a college level thesis- (Jk I agree tho)
Nezuko :)
Nezuko :) Yıl önce
@JoJo X lol
JoJo X
JoJo X Yıl önce
Big brain
LauraLemurex ASMR
The puffer ball was so effective. It was tingly, but also the low frequency was surprisingly calming
NinjaCool4263 Plays
NinjaCool4263 Plays 10 aylar önce
@SwazyDanZ now you learn something new
SwazyDanZ Yıl önce
How are you verified I was not even known to your existence
Robert Nicho
Robert Nicho Yıl önce
Raffy: "ugh, I don't like that smell" Also Raffy: *smells it again*
Commando 3 gün önce
@•Teaa• that is a common thing
•Teaa• Yıl önce
Why is that sooo me🤪😂
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin Yıl önce
You seem like such a chill guy to hangout with, I can literally feel all the positive vibes from you just through this video. I love your aura😌
Celice Yıl önce
21:21 why is this entire pattern thing so relaxing, damn
Jack Butcher
Jack Butcher 8 aylar önce
earth ben
earth ben 9 aylar önce
I love that focused look he gets when he's *really* focusing on bringing us ✨Good Sounds✨
Kaden Lags
Kaden Lags Yıl önce
i don’t care what anyone says raffy is THE king of asmr period.
SKRIDDLE 🍳🍳 9 aylar önce
@GolfKid u know who is a underated one? Hopeful asmr. I just discovered her and omg... So amazing
It’s now Ok
It’s now Ok Yıl önce
Check out Asmr Zeitgeist, Raffy is great but, Zeitgeist is just something
starvedfrogs Yıl önce
Zeitgeist is king
Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
What about Jojo's ASMR
dazzaburger Yıl önce
Zeitgeist for me but Raphy is a close second
Swampass The hero
I really appreciate this guy Like would I spend an hour slowly orbiting a microphone tapping and shaking things? No But thank GOD this guys doing it
Alana Marine
Alana Marine Yıl önce
This is probably super stupid but I have ocd and hearing you say things in increments of 3 is so calming. Like I’m living for this 🙌🙌🙌
Dead Ron
Dead Ron Yıl önce
Me and the boys when we tell the teacher that the class is boring: 3:04
Daniel Yeung
Daniel Yeung 2 aylar önce
A lot of. Not just ‘some’ 😆
lego gun guy
lego gun guy 7 aylar önce
@Cloudy Dreams lol
MrSlidemen 8 aylar önce
MrSlidemen 9 aylar önce
True 😂😂😂
Mia Bdinkova
Mia Bdinkova 9 aylar önce
Austin Bludau
Austin Bludau Yıl önce
Me: exited for some bad sounds Raffy: we are looking for good sounds only. Me: shoot!
Hal Phillips
Hal Phillips Yıl önce
why do raffy’s hands sound so much better than everybody else’s
Damage Productions
Damage Productions 9 gün önce
still thinking the same thing
Kuru 12 gün önce
I really like trigger happens hand sounds, he has somw rough hands
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Yıl önce
Everett M
Everett M Yıl önce
Kyle you comment is so random But true 🤣🤣🤣😂
little timmy
little timmy Yıl önce
@Miguel Ok 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brado Sanz
Brado Sanz Yıl önce
The bass in this video is so satisfying. Thank you for not being like other youtubers and rolling off your bass. Its one of the most intense and soothing parts of ASMR for me.
Brado Sanz
Brado Sanz 2 aylar önce
@Donna Brooks it means cutting off the lower frequency spectrum of the microphone.
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks 2 aylar önce
What does "rolling off your bass" mean? Why would anyone do that? Do you have some examples?
Isabel Rose
Isabel Rose Yıl önce
Love the great vibes, you're energy is so positive I love this sleep timeee😴
Eric Davis
Eric Davis Yıl önce
You're the best Bro. Never knew what ASMR was 4 months ago. Now I can't imagine going without it. Stay safe
Webhead Boi
Webhead Boi Yıl önce
I love how sometimes his beard hits the mic. It’s actually really relaxing.
Dragos D
Dragos D Yıl önce
When the world needed him the most, he came back!
DRACU Yıl önce
Kung-fu panda
Deni Ariyanto
Deni Ariyanto Yıl önce
Paul Lee
Paul Lee Yıl önce
No vanishing here
Ben Zubrzycki
Ben Zubrzycki Yıl önce
Hes not the hero we deserve, but hes the hero we needed :)
Elagantly_gacha Yıl önce
Hey raffy, just discovered your channel and i love ypur energy, keep up the videos 🙏
This is definitely one of the greatest asmrtists
Sai Divine
Sai Divine 4 aylar önce
When I first saw raffy’s content, I though it was too aggressive, but now it seems like her really grew into his craft, it’s so relaxing and it’s progressed a lot
Siah Yıl önce
I just watched this vid and its my first time and I love him like I love family his vibes I can't express how much I love this dude XD
Sophie Su
Sophie Su Yıl önce
I can't verbally express how much I love this man
Omex 2705
Omex 2705 Yıl önce
Hes happily marrief
Harrison Green
Harrison Green Yıl önce
but YoU cAN nUmErIcALlY 100/10
Alexander ✔️
Alexander ✔️ Yıl önce
Merry him
Kagamine Len
Kagamine Len Yıl önce
C'est ineffable.
Daily day angel
Daily day angel Yıl önce
@Brandon Stine 👁👄👁
ṑṑṑ ṑṑṑ
That's a really good sound!I happened to find it while watching TRvid, and I was surprised because the sound was so good!I don't know much about Mike, but it's great to see him delivering the sound as it is!I'll press like and subscribe!Be happy and healthy.^-^
Alondra Co
Alondra Co Yıl önce
i used this when i had a bunch of missing work and with just hearing him talk and the triggers i got it all done!
Blasky 8 aylar önce
Best ASMR voice, it's natural, deep and relaxing. Enhorabuena Raphy, que sé que hablas español también
Farouq Kareem
Farouq Kareem 7 aylar önce
I get really positive vibes from this dude
Pollyanna Yıl önce
it's so weirdly satisfying when he surrounds the mic with his hands but doesnt actually make any sounds
@Escalope fluo ; I think you mean psychotic but no, you wouldn’t be that either... these non-sound energies are great.😉
I agree... it’s like I can feel him holding or pushing the energy... I’ve never seen anyone do that & it was definitely effective... 👍
Hunter Rohda
Hunter Rohda Yıl önce
87 9 99
j2swizzy Yıl önce
Pollyanna Yıl önce
this comment blew up and i didnt even notice until a week later. cool
Emrah Yıl önce
If you look closely you can see that he enjoys doing his job. Made my day!
Zoernina 444
Zoernina 444 Yıl önce
This was my first video from your channel and it was the MOST tingles I have ever gotten watching an ASMR video!! (I am also somewhat immune to tingles so me getting tingles is rare!)
Tommy Metzger
Tommy Metzger Yıl önce
I love closing my eyes and just listening to this its so relaxing
errol crasta
errol crasta Yıl önce
Im just so glad that you have this rhythmic tapping vibe going throughout all your videos. Its addictive and you cant find that shit on any other channel
Benjamin Franklin
check out ghettoasmr
Jonathan Geert Haugaard Reichenbach
I keep returning to this video. I suffer from terrible insomnia and whilst ingesting a lot of sleeping medication I often need external input in order to fall asleep or calm my mind from overflowing with thoughts. Thank you for making these videos and I would also like to add that you seem like an incredibly nice and approachable guy. Best regards from Denmark.
•Teaa• Yıl önce
0:00 isn’t it ALWAYS time for good sounds😂🌸🌙
Juppy Beats
Juppy Beats 22 gün önce
my parents at 3am:
V G Yıl önce
The way you wave your hands and those sounds you wake with your fingers brought me to a new level of tingles
ASMRislife Yıl önce
I'm sure tons of people have already asked but. Can you get this one on spotify?
Florent D
Florent D Yıl önce
Hey Raffy! Thanks for your amazing ASMR videos. You have great and original sounds which I like a lot compared to others. Also, I must say that hearing you talk French was surprising (in a positive way): it seems like you had a good level at school after 3 years only :o)
Seasoned Potatos
Seasoned Potatos Aylar önce
Wow I found my self coming back to this masterpiece of a video. I wish we could have a part 2 of good sounds only :(
Der Dude
Der Dude Yıl önce
the tapping on the slime was AMAZING - would love to see that trigger more frequently in the future :)
silly goose
silly goose Yıl önce
When are we getting an “ASMR bad sounds only”
Aud Jektvik
Aud Jektvik 10 aylar önce
*gestures widely at the world*
Deez_Noodles_ Yıl önce
* eating noises intensify *
Wood Lol
Wood Lol Yıl önce
The people wanna know
Tiimmyy_ Yıl önce
@briley kick That strategy would be deadly.
Grass Yıl önce
b) Whispers really quietly but the volume steadily rises so listeners don't get damaged ears but still feel the loudness a) Whisper really quietly
Lewis Yıl önce
I've never seen someone who looks so friendly
laveenr Yıl önce
A Hollywood friend who doesn't get a girl.
J G Yıl önce
@DingleDangle 🤣🤣
chlo Yıl önce
watch some vids of binaural eats asmr
Lidoman Yıl önce
And cute
ricky bear
ricky bear Yıl önce
I know he looks like hes got a good stash of bandaids, and could fix your computer
Paityn Lange
Paityn Lange 9 aylar önce
Hey there! I really like your ASMR I loved this video! You are very creative with the video you came up with! When I turned on this vid your ASMR is so good that I fell asleep so quickly it gave me so many tingles! Have a good night and I will be sure watching more of you vids!
killplayerjr jr
killplayerjr jr Yıl önce
I just want to tell you that your videos are the only thing that takes away my insomnia
James Stickler
James Stickler Yıl önce
Wow. I can’t even stay awake for the end of it. Keep it up!
Just found this channel and really appreciate it. Really good quality and dedication. I'm hoping you stay on for awhile. Cheers and thank you. 🍻
leetchy2002 2 aylar önce
It was almost perfect when you were counting in french. 6 is six (pronounced like sis from the word "sister") and 7 is sept (pronounced like "set", the p is silent). It's a very relaxing video!
Selena Barros
Selena Barros Yıl önce
The whole video is absolutely perfect!!!! Thank you again Raffy 😊☺️
XxZero_MoneyxX 42
Thanksnso much I’m doing school work and listening to this made the work less stressful your a god asmr
ScorpioStar ASMR
ScorpioStar ASMR Yıl önce
Omg, I have that same microphone! 10th edition blue its so gorgeous :) Love your video I literally felt SO relaxed!!
Michael Yıl önce
Haven’t listened to ASMR in 3 weeks. Just checked randomly today. New Raffy. It was meant to be.
Dre Wilkinson
Dre Wilkinson Yıl önce
Hella relatable
boiled milksteak to go
3 fookin weeks mate tf
Heidi Lefebvre
Heidi Lefebvre Yıl önce
3 weeks of no ASMR...... were you in prison? A coma?
simplegirl ASMR
simplegirl ASMR Yıl önce
I love his head bandana. It gives him a different look 🥰.
FynalZ0ne Yıl önce
@Dylan price wtf its true
Karen Yıl önce
Just by looking at this guy for the first time he looks really nice and wholesome
Whos Buu ASMR
Whos Buu ASMR Yıl önce
Hiii, another amazing video, i love it! you were one of the reasons i created one channel as well! keep going, im already waiting for the next one eheheh
Hueclouds 7 aylar önce
Your vibes are immaculate! 🌈☁️🥰 also there's people who just have the asmr touch and you got it my dude ! 👌 I got tingles by just you talking and that never happens to me or very rarely ever
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks 2 aylar önce
I love that intro! I watch the opening with the hand sounds (up until he starts introducing the baseball glove) dozens of times a week. It's my go-to for pleasant sensations. I will play just the first 2: 03 minutes of this & when he transitions to the items, I'll stop it & hit 0 on my keyboard (or the back key several times) to go back to the beginning. Question for those knowledgeable about baseball.... Are "mitt" and "glove" synonymous or is a mitt a special kind of baseball glove? Because my computer's dictionary says a mitt is worn by the catcher & first baseman. [Edited to separate the numbers in the timestamp to avoid confusion, since it marks the end of a segment & not the beginning.]
Matty Tingles
Matty Tingles Yıl önce
LOL the beginning!! "Would you look at that" HA!
Grace Ortiz
Grace Ortiz 3 aylar önce
@Juppy Beats 💀
Juppy Beats
Juppy Beats 4 aylar önce
we need a fat people asmr collab
Cloudy Dreams
Cloudy Dreams 9 aylar önce
@g but it’s okay he’s raffy the time looker without a watch-er
Cloudy Dreams
Cloudy Dreams 9 aylar önce
@g right 💀
kequiz Yıl önce
YT_Unfortunate_ Ace
YT_Unfortunate_ Ace 3 aylar önce
This is my first vid watching you and I’m already considering subscribing you are just the nicest guy in the world keep up the great work👍
Ally Vlogs
Ally Vlogs Yıl önce
Your voice is so relaxing! ❤️
Canários de Fibra
Quando você fala a palavra good sounds, é a parte que mais sinto asmr 😴
Sabrina Yıl önce
My gosh the sounds of a new microphone are amazing helped me 😴 good job
Fantabulous Yıl önce
~B E S T S O U N D S~ (out of the triggers) Baseball Glove🧤 5:31 6:41 10:00 11:39 12:45 Salmon Eggs 🥚 14:27 16:47 17:56 19:13 19:37 20:26 Ping Pong Balls + Racket🏓 23:21 24:00 30:02 Slimy Sand 🏝 36:57 39:14 40:46 Gooba Ball 🎾 45:30 46:05 49:22 Abacus 🧮 50:21 (the way raffy says this sentence is so relaxing) 51:17 51:22 51:32 Rubber Mat ❤️ 57:30 57:47 I thought this would be a good idea for people who want the best of the best sounds. It would be appreciated if y’all could give me a like as this took awhile, thanks:) Sleep well, everyone x edit 1: tysm for the likes, this is probably the most i’ve ever got :D also at 14:27, that tune sounds familiar...xD edit 2: tysm for 500+ likes! (this is the most i’ve ever got:D)
Fantabulous Yıl önce
@Lewis Williamson haha yes it is! np :D
Lewis Williamson
Lewis Williamson Yıl önce
The tune is super mario. Thanks for the timestamps btw :)
Fantabulous Yıl önce
Sean O Connor i’m anonymous on yt sorry
Fantabulous Yıl önce
Audrey Outland you’re welcome :) glad you liked it :D
ur mom
ur mom Yıl önce
Okay thank you sm I love the way this was organized it made me very happy along with all the ✨good sounds✨
RJ Hoernlen
RJ Hoernlen Yıl önce
Just found your channel! It’s awesome. Thank you for your work!
Natalia Paola Cortés Bracero
I love it when he just goes like: 42:25 *silent* and those hand movements 😍
Jay Nails
Jay Nails 5 aylar önce
Your nails are excellent for tapping and other sounds. Thank you for the videos!
Tayler Bowers
Tayler Bowers Yıl önce
i got good vibes immediately, and (i've never seen this man in my life, but) I'd die for this man :)
Fatima Yıl önce
When I searched “asmr” this was the top video and said why not try someone new and wow I am so glad I clicked :)
Royal Highness
Royal Highness Yıl önce
Im glad you get to hear the case that makes good sounds
Brett Walinski
Brett Walinski Yıl önce
who did you watch before
chlo Yıl önce
best choice you have done in you life lmao
ilsu Yıl önce
Yo but for real who even asked
jandê Yıl önce
yeah me too!
SpoilThatSong Yıl önce
Ironically this is keeping me awake due to the awesome sounds. But it is definitely is making me feel more relaxed.
Charlie_is_a_kid Lol
I think we have difo definitions of ‘good’ THIS WAS ‘awesome’ MY MAN
Aspect_12 4 aylar önce
When he did the base ball glove I got tingles and I haven’t got tingles in a while he’s an amazing asmr channel
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe Yıl önce
Great sounds man. Also I may sound crazy when I say this but who you are as a person ( body size / hand size ) makes you perfect for Asmr. Great job man. Love watching your videos. You make the world a better place 😄👍
Bayley Waddingham
I’ve been watching raffy for a good year now and when I’ve watched over ASMR TRvidrs I’ve wondered what they do for a job but I feel like raffy would be a good salesman, he could just sell anything easily
billy palmer
billy palmer Yıl önce
You know when your laying there falling asleep within 5 mins of the video but want to stay awake to see what the next trigger is and what it’s like 😂
Silja Roager
Silja Roager 7 aylar önce
I relax so much when im watching your asmr videos! They are relly good😊😇
Katie Frazer
Katie Frazer Yıl önce
REALLLLY enjoyed 😻💘💗 Raffy’s *good sounds* from the: fast tapping 🤏 and palm pressing ✋ on the ping pong paddle 🏓
RATS Yıl önce
He makes me feel safe. His vibes are immaculate, we stan
Duuckie Yıl önce
I love your good sounds! Only suggestion is to consider getting a filter to block the harsher breathey sounds :)
Lilia Clark
Lilia Clark Yıl önce
This is so wholesome and helpful love this
Dom Dunberg
Dom Dunberg 9 aylar önce
I've always had problems sleeping but especially lately made the move from New York to Florida big culture shock and my sleeping habits have become worse since moving you have really helped me get to sleep I need I also see that picture in the background I see you must be from Florida LOL
Foxeythepizza Gaming
Foxeythepizza Gaming 6 aylar önce
Your one of the best asmr I’ve ever seen !
大崎ナナ Yıl önce
I feel raffy’s voice is the best sound beyond these sounds
Joseph Vander Linde
Joseph Vander Linde 10 aylar önce
The shock of when you hit the mics is my favorite part of pretty much every video Raffy
I haven't watched you in ages and as soon as I clicked on this video, the first noise you made gave me tingles
already falling asleep at 3 minutes in
Noah Lani
Noah Lani Yıl önce
Honestly you make me feel to happy to fall asleep lol
Love Mutty
Love Mutty Yıl önce
It’s so nice that he cares about how you’re feeling. Example: when he said he did not want to startle people who were sleeping. Btw thank you so much for not putting ads in your vids.
elia Yıl önce
i usually never get tingles from ASMR, but I actually got a lot from this one. This has been the only one that worked so far
Damien. Yıl önce
Ha noob
UnitedDocter Yıl önce
Same it really work
CUAC Yıl önce
You just haven't found the sound you liked until now .
Elia Haapakoski
Elia Haapakoski Yıl önce
im elia too
elia Yıl önce
@Carson07_ oh no....
Selbin Guerra
Selbin Guerra Aylar önce
I search up good sounds and I look at this this is very good sound thank you so much🙂🦋🌸
Arts ✧ Priestess
Phew, I'm so relieved it's only the GOOD sounds
Arts ✧ Priestess
Btw, I'm from 2021. Humanity is still kicking it somehow.
leticia serpa
leticia serpa 9 aylar önce
Ele me parece tão simpático que eu nem venho aqui pelos sons, eu venho pq eu me sinto acolhida, sabe? Tão fofo
gustavomelo06 _
gustavomelo06 _ 4 aylar önce
As vibes dele são muito boas, sempre com um sorriso no rosto!
Farouq Kareem
Farouq Kareem 7 aylar önce
I get really positive vibes from this dude
Rock Yıl önce
Does anybody else think that he looks like a really good person irl.
Hypersonic 23
Hypersonic 23 Yıl önce
Rionnation hE ProBaBlY ISs
Rionnation Yıl önce
I am ur 700th like
fishy jell
fishy jell Yıl önce
fishy jell
fishy jell Yıl önce
He probably is
v i e w e r
v i e w e r Yıl önce
si ylbaborp eH
MC CHUANG 4 aylar önce
Wonderful keep it up. I should go to sleep because I just watch your ASMR and now I am99.99 want to 😴
Khaoula BENZIANE Yıl önce
Thank you, you always give me tingles. Can you please try scratching only videos ? Hugs
camila 10 aylar önce
I woke up with my phone at 1% headphone marks in my back thats the first time asmr actually made me fall asleep good job 👏🏽
Sorbet Panda
Sorbet Panda Yıl önce
Your hands have a very unique, full and bass-like sound when you do things like finger flutters and such. I like it a lot :)
Monica Hemingway
Monica Hemingway Yıl önce
Me to me: Hmmm what kind of sounds for tonight....? Raffy: GOOD SOUNDS ONLY
Nezuko :)
Nezuko :) Yıl önce
McLovin Yıl önce
The energy he serves is immaculate and unmatched.
From Android To Man
Kuru Yıl önce
some people might look at asme videos, and think it's just random noises and tapping on objects and come to the conclusion that it is easy to make. but i can say that making GOOD asmr does take skill, and raffy taphy is a master of his craft. thanks for relaxing us for many years!
Catherine_art_b72 9 aylar önce
Thank you RaffyTaphy. I watched your video while on my lunch. I didn't want to go back as super relaxed. X
ASMR gentle sounds for sleep
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ASMR LO-FI WEBCAM (New Sounds) (1 Hour)
ASMR s words are the best words
görünümler 4 400 000
ASMR Liquid Sounds (Sound Assortment)
ASMR setting and breaking the pattern
ASMR virtual haircut
görünümler 349 000
ASMR All New Trigger Sounds (new items)
ASMR 2 hours of sounds for instant sleep
Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı 16. Bölüm