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Hey love : ) let me pamper you with a tingly spa treatment, scalp massage, brow grooming/plucking, face massage, and soft makeup ft. lots of layered sounds ♡ Hope this helps you sleep, te quiero!

If u prefer something shorter, check out my last rp like this ☺: trvid.com/video/video-qleG3L_pzRM.html



00:00 - intro, comforting words
01:35 - incense lighting
04:52 - face inspecting/touching (softly layered)
06:56 - crinkles, water sounds, glass
07:58 - face cleansing (layered)
08:55 - lid sounds, tapping
09:49 - face cleansing (layered)
12:33 - face mask tapping, glass, brushes
15:11 - honey face mask application (layered)
16:55 - scalp massage, hand sounds (layered)
21:17 - lid sounds, lip scrub (layered)
23:50 - cleansing (layered)
25:54 - moisturizer/lid/brush sounds
28:12 - skincare face brushing (layered)
30:27 - glass dropper
32:02 - face patting (layered)
33:43 - sunscreen tapping
35:21 - sunscreen application (layered)
37:30 - face roller massage (layered)
40:50 - eyebrow grooming, spoolie nibbling (layered)
43:55 - lash serum pumping, application (layered)
47:47 - makeup bag triggers
48:48 - primer lid sounds, tapping
49:26 - sticky primer application (layered)
50:42 - foundation tapping
51:37 - foundation application & blending (layered)
53:36 - bronzer tapping & finger application (layered)
55:17 - brush sounds and face brushing (layered)
57:56 - concealer pumping & blending (layered)
1:00:56 - blush palette & brush sounds
1:01:33 - face brushing (layered)
1:04:00 - eyeshadow lid sounds, application (layered)
1:06:15 - eyeshadow brush blending (layered)
1:07:24 - pencil sharpener triggers
1:08:27 - eyeliner application (layered)
1:09:02 - mascara application (layered)
1:10:11 - eyebrow brushing & filling (layered)
1:11:33 - lip liner, balm, and gloss application
1:15:40 - setting spray sounds

P.S. my earrings are from ISLYNYC*: isly.nyc/?ref=2ycmm3-cgi91
(I think u can use code JOCIE for 10% off)

Sending so much love to 🦋 Shy F. Guy, Lili Miller, Shayna Womack, Kim Ireland, Casey, Nova Safire, Jennica, Whitley Sunday, Océanne, Margy Lopez, leya yang, Christina Hunsinger, carlee stoll, phoebe thompson, Kristen Gillette, Bonnie, Natalie Mills, Kaitlin Cantelme, Ashley, rscully9, Christine, Ally, Giulia Di Prospero, adia, madalyn oliver, Landice Anderson, Brittany Johnson, Heather Laird, Lauren Quinn, Sierra Humphries, Emily Kay, Megan Elliott, Lauren Etier, Kevin Frazelis, Sonny Witwicki, Ellen Stockley, Sarah Tudor, thenorseguy, Shea A Fitzmorris, Falon Williams, Adrianna, Culbreth, Trina Roth, Tara, KenzCrab, Sophie Harriss, Hannah Jane, Kat Henry, Bella, Shelby Dilday, Robert DeMonte, prettylace2020, availabant, Leni, BeanaBop, Andrea Pacheco, Sam, _nackjicholson, Nicole Ernest, Tiffany M Stephenson

And a special thanks to 🌼 Lauren, alyssa c., DOC W, Erin Noon, Ketura Worthen, scisney, Melanie Vasquez, loralei festi, Khyla Gryer, Christina Pacheco, Erika Morford, Carolyn Herrera, Megan McAuliffe, Katherine Perry, Kelli Crow, Teddie Taylor, Jackiee Aquino, Daanis Teeple, Gianna King, Emily Peterson, Rileigh Petermichel, Jack, Rebekah Potts, Suus, Reymundo Aguilar Jr., Robert Poor, Greg Florez & 🐦 Rebecca, Jennifer Edwards, Farhad Dalvi, ⑊_$⋀M_$∃Pᴉ_⃣_⌊ - ⋈▲Z


Thanks for watching!!
much love,

Hi! My name is Jocie, and I'm just a human happy to be creating ASMR videos : )

I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of:

New uploads every single week (6 - 8 PM EST)!

For someone who struggles to slow down & be kind to themselves, I find ASMR gives us a chance for pause, encouraging us to take time for self care and to prioritize our mental health. I hope we can all use this channel to practice self love, laugh a little, and relax ♡ SUBSCRIBE and join in on the tingles!

*This lil star is for affiliate links, which help me receive a small commission from your purchase. Know that there's no pressure whatsoever to buy anything. Thank you for the support : )



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Jocie B ASMR 6 aylar önce
Hoping u get lots of tingles!! 🙈💗 Definitely tried my best on this one, filming lots of hours and editing lots more so im pretty proud of that 💪 Still, throughout the creative process i found myself stressing over the little things - how my glasses were reflecting the camera the whole time; how red my lil infected fingers look (currently treating them); how some of the layered sounds didn't come out just right, etc. It took some conscious effort & some deep breathes to remind myself that I'm only human ☺ That we all deserve grace & to speak kind words to ourselves. Hope this serves as a reminder to take it easy on yourself, you're doing your best, & that's enough. Love u all! ✧ MY LOVELY PATRONS ✧ A special thanks to 🌼 Lauren, alyssa c., DOC W, Erin Noon, Ketura Worthen, scisney, Melanie Vasquez, loralei festi, Khyla Gryer, Christina Pacheco, Erika Morford, Carolyn Herrera, Megan McAuliffe, Katherine Perry, Kelli Crow, Teddie Taylor, Jackiee Aquino, Daanis Teeple, Gianna King, Emily Peterson, Rileigh Petermichel, Jack, Rebekah Potts, Suus, Reymundo Aguilar Jr., Robert Poor, Greg Florez & 🐦 Rebecca, Jennifer Edwards, Farhad Dalvi, ⑊_$⋀M_$∃Pᴉ_⃣_⌊ - ⋈▲Z Thanks for watching!! much love, Jocie
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I just made me so relaxed that I fell asleep on my couch🥺🥰
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This woman is so caring, wholesome, and just plain beautiful inside and and out and makes me feel so loved and she doesn't even know me 😩 I swear I love this girl and her videos. Keep doing what you do cause you are literally just so nice. Also the heart shaped leaf and the cute little cat just make this a little more wholesome and sweet :) The cats name is Mauru right? I don't know how to spell it :( but its a rlly cute name for a cat ❤️
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Nothing to do with the video, I apologize
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Everyone did idiot
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Jocie’s voice is just so soothing and i fall right asleep this helps because I have trouble falling asleep
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fxxth._. xoxo 2 gün önce
I fell asleep while watching this last night aha
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If me and my friends did this we would be peeing ourselves laughing. Thank you for making me fell wanted and special Joice 🥰
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if you are recording what are you using?
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Wow, first time I came across you Jocie, I usually don’t fall asleep to ASMR, but I def fell asleep half way through. Def coming back again. Thank you so much. I would also pay so much money for this in real life Lol. 🤍☺️
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Your glasses and cloud earrings like G O R G E O U S ON YOUU
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Jesus loves u!!
Tell him I'm a minor
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2:55 *f i r e*
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You look like rose byrne
pckravi 2 gün önce
Hello to whoever reading this! ❤️ I am in a positive mood today and I wanted to share some of it to you! Even though it may not be much 🌱 I hope your doing well. I hope your happy I hope you healthy I hope your not lonely I love you I care about you If no one is there for you, I am I hope you are drinking enough 💧 water I hope you are eating well I hope you aren’t harming yourself I hope you are getting enough sleep I hope you are not stressed. Checklist: If your seeing this after waking up in the morning! The following checklist is for you: Have you made your bed? (It can wait if you haven’t lol 😝) Have you brushed your teeth 🦷? Have you watered your plants 🌱 (if you have any 💜) Have you opened your windows so there’s sunlight coming in ☀️ Have you took a shower? 🚿 Have you ate your breakfast? 🥘 Have you said good morning to love ones? 🧺 Have you fed your pet 🐶 If you are watching this at night, then this checklist if for you: Have you prayed? Have you closed/locked all doors Have you ate your dinner Have you finished your homework? (If your too tired to do it. It’s fine! Health is more important than your marks) Have you brushed your teeth Did you do you skincare? Said goodnight to loved ones? Got in a comfy position? Lit up your candles? Turned on a night light? Took your meds? Removed your makeup? Got into pj’s? Have you meditated? Aaaand that’s about it :) hope you have a great day ahead! Ly ❤️
Kassandra Ortega
Kassandra Ortega 2 gün önce
I’m so sry if you take offense soooo sry
Kassandra Ortega
Kassandra Ortega 2 gün önce
I’m not trying to tell you how to be you but what is that pole in the back??👁👄👁
JK_DramaGirlz 2 gün önce
I love how calming and relaxing she is
Aᴍʙᴇʀ_ Pʟᴀʏᴢ
This was the best! I fell asleep while watching this because it was night and ai woke up by watching your videos that was in your playlist , I loved this so much I had the best sleep ever!
Why did u stop uploading?♡
Itzalya😝 3 gün önce
Ur so beautiful
Itzalya😝 3 gün önce
Ur glasess matches u so good!
Syafiq Akmal
Syafiq Akmal 3 gün önce
stupid.mff<3 3 gün önce
Your neighbors watching you pet the air like:what is she doing😰
Nabi 3 gün önce
|for the people that need friends🌸| •I like kpop (blackpink, bts, aespa, got7, even tho they are solos now🥀, p1harmony, txt, twice, etc;) •I like asmr (obvi) •Favorite local youtubers: Mr. Beast, SSSniperwolf, Danny Gonzales, ZHC, coryxkenshin, etc; •Favorite snacks: Chicken Nuggets😎, Hawaiian pizza, mexican rice🔪, and mac n cheese🙃 •Hobbies: Editing, school work😋, playing video games😩, eating (i’m 150 pounds😃✋🏼), and ofc....sleeping •Favorite emojis: 💀😎✋🏼😍🥰🥸🐰🙃🔪🤺😩😃🌸😋🥀👽🐢🚶🏻‍♀️🤡👹🙊😙😟😭🤰(i’m innocent😇😇) •Dream occupation: nothing, ya girl is too lazy to think about that rn. but if I were to choose rn??? a water bottle *insert jungkook’s past water bottles* •Few things about me: I’m tall-ish, I play basketball, but if i’m not doing that, i’m sleeping😎 •Another thing: I’m the funniest person you’ll ever meet😩 OKAY THATS IT- I LOVE YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE❤️❤️❤️❤️
kai garcia
kai garcia 3 gün önce
Where are the glasses from? 🥰
jennifer Zoll
jennifer Zoll 3 gün önce
Oh btw u r flawless
jennifer Zoll
jennifer Zoll 3 gün önce
She is beautiful and I listen to her every night I wish I knew her in real life
Mackenzie Cooke
Mackenzie Cooke 3 gün önce
Oh my gosh I miss you jocie!!! I hope your doing well😊
Im Lame
Im Lame 3 gün önce
Your videos always give me so much comfort, thank you so much for making these
Artlover 200
Artlover 200 3 gün önce
It’s an asme vsco gurl, jK!! Love ur vids so much
Hinal Patel
Hinal Patel 3 gün önce
♡Līlļý həařť♡
OMG SOMEONE SEE THAT? ok the first the that I saw was the black room an da heart leaf
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